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Cutter Wentworth
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Actor History
Other Names

Butter (nickname from his mother)


Manager of Shelter nightclub

Con artist


Previously a A prison in Anchorage, KY

Previously Minute Man Motel, Llanview, PA

Previously Buchanan mansion, Llanview, PA

Previously the Palace Hotel, Llanview, PA

Previously Europe

Marital Status

Single/Annulment from Jessica Brennan [Married: May 4, 2011; annulled: Jun 17, 2011]

Past Marriages

Jessica Brennan [Married: May 4, 2011; annulled: Jun 17, 2011]


Billy Joe Wentworth, Jr. (father; deceased)

Alex Olanov (mother)

Billy Joe Wentworth, Sr. (paternal grandfather)

Nat Olanov (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Kimberly Andrews (sister)



Flings & Affairs

Aubrey Wentworth (dated; pre-November 2010 to June 2011)

Kelly Cramer (kissed, 2011)

Dorian Lord (flirtation, 2011)

Jessica Brennan [as Tess] (romance, 2011; never consummated)

Gigi Morasco (kissed, 2011)

Nikki, a bartender at Shelter (multi-night stand/ongoing fling)

Briana Marland (one-night stand; deceased)

Natalie Buchanan (dated, June 2013 to present)

Crimes Committed

Con artist who works with Aubrey to bilk wealthy men out of their money

Blackmailed Clint into giving him $1 million and the deed to the Buchanan mansion in exchange for having his marriage to Tess annulled [Jun 2011]

Killed a man with an accidental drug overdose at the Spotted Pony in Anchorage, KY (pre-2010; eventually arrested for the crime in Dec 2011)

Framed his sister for the Spotted Pony death [Oct 2011]

Blackmailed Kim into handing over Buchanan assets in exchange for keeping quiet about the Gigi lookalike [Oct 2011]

Attempted to blackmail Clint but was foiled when Clint learned the document Cutter had was a fake [Oct 2011]

Intercepted a letter from Kim to Clint and then faked letters to Clint and Kim making them believe that they were no longer interested in each other [Oct 2011]

Attempted to blackmail Rex with proof that Gigi was alive [Oct 2011]

Kept truth of Gigi's true identity from her once he learned she wasn't Stacy Morasco [Dec 2011]

Allowed drugs to be sold at Shelter [May 2013 to present]

Health and Vitals


Brief Character History

Cutter showed up at Aubrey's door on New Year's Eve 2010 and promptly took her into a passionate embrace. It was then revealed that Cutter and Aubrey were more than love partners - they were partners in crime who planned to bilk Joey Buchanan out of his family fortune. The plan was for Aubrey to gain access to Joey's financial records and pass the information on to Cutter, who would drain the accounts. Things got complicated when Joey proposed to Aubrey after only knowing her for a few weeks, and Aubrey was forced to say yes to keep the con going. Their plan was nearly blown when Joey found a picture of the two of them in a compromising embrace in a French magazine, taken after Joey and Aubrey had met. But Cutter introduced himself to Joey as Aubrey's brother, a lie that allowed him to stay close to Aubrey as they continued their con job.

Cutter met Kelly Cramer and took an instant liking to her. When Cutter felt Aubrey was getting too close to Joey, he suggested that they turn their sites on Kelly instead since she also came from a wealthy family. But Aubrey insisted that they go through with the plan to raid the Buchanan fortune. The pair caught a lucky break when Cutter intercepted from Dorian's house a yearbook from the Paris boarding school Aubrey supposedly attended that proved she was not who she claimed to be. Cutter switched out the page containing the real Aubrey Wentworth's photo before sneaking it back into LaBoulaie, ensuring that Dorian and Kelly wouldn't learn that Aubrey was actually an imposter.

Aubrey herself caught a lucky break when she ran into an old friend, Rama Patel, and learned that Rama's husband Vimal was working at Buchanan Enterprises. Rama confided in Aubrey that Vimal had done criminal things for Clint, and Aubrey used the information Rama provided her to blackmail Clint into allowing her to marry Joey without signing a prenuptial agreement. Clint turned the tables on Aubrey, however, when he had cameras installed in her hotel room and caught Aubrey and Cutter having sex and talking about their plans to con Joey. Cutter learned about the cameras only after they had been removed, but he and Aubrey staged a scene in which Aubrey professed her love for Joey. On the day of Jessica and Natalie's double wedding, Vimal exposed Clint's manipulations of the DNA tests involving Rex and Jessica. After he was arrested, Kelly showed Joey a flash drive that Cutter and Aubrey recognized as the one that had been in the hotel room. A quick-thinking Cutter offered to play the flash drive on his laptop and switched out the flash drive, showing Joey the bogus footage. Before Kelly could interject, Aubrey suggested that she and Joey marry right then. With Cutter standing by, Joey and Aubrey tied the knot. The next day, Aubrey paid Clint a visit and promised to make the charges against him go away if he didn't expose her as a fraud. When Rama told Aubrey and Cutter that Vimal was prepared to implicate Clint in everything in exchange for immunity, they convinced Rama that BE would crumble and Vimal would be out of a job if Clint was prosecuted. If Vimal "took one for the team," then Aubrey would make sure that Rama was well compensated.

Cutter continued to woo Dorian in an attempt to come up with a Plan B in case Aubrey couldn't close the deal with Joey. Cutter convinced Dorian to let David go and was about to make love to Dorian when David appeared, newly freed from a Moroccan jail cell, and convinced Dorian to take him back. A dejected Cutter went to Capricorn, where he caught the eye of Jessica Brennan's horny alternate personality, Tess. Cutter took Tess back to his motel room and was about to make love to her when Jessica reemerged, unaware of what had transpired. Cutter soon got a call from Tess, explaining that she was back in charge and interested in picking up where they left off. Cutter and Tess were making out in the steam room at the gym when Aubrey barged in and began kissing Cutter, not realizing Tess was there. Tess quickly realized that the two were con artists out to bilk the Buchanans out of their fortune, and she demanded a large piece of the action in exchange for her silence.

Cutter was stunned to learn that Aubrey had persuaded the judge to award her and Joey custody of Ryder. Cutter questioned whether Aubrey was even interested in him anymore and accused her of wanting to have a real relationship with Joey. A frantic Tess showed up at Cutter's motel room, afraid that Ford was going to send her to St. Anne's. Cutter convinced Tess to have her marriage to Ford annulled and to marry him instead. To get back at Aubrey, Cutter told Joey that he was scamming the family all along and would deliver Tess to them in exchange for a bundle of cash. When Brody learned that Cutter and Tess were married, he tried to force Jessica to come out by kissing Tess. The plan backfired when another alter emerged: Wes, who was patterned after Brody's late Navy SEAL buddy. Cutter couldn't believe that he was married to a woman who thought she was a man. Cutter tried to get Tess to reemerge by making out with Wes, but Wes rejected Cutter's advances. After Brody tried to pressure Wes to turn back into Jessica, Tess reemerged to Cutter's delight.

Cutter turned the tables on Tess by striking a deal with Clint whereby Cutter agreed to have Tess committed in exchange for $1 million and the deed to the Buchanan mansion. A gleeful Cutter marched over to the mansion and admitted to a stunned Joey and horrified Aubrey that he was a con man who was after the Buchanan fortune all along. Cutter then ordered Joey and Aubrey to pack their bags and move out. Cutter also told Rama to get lost, but she blackmailed him by threatening to reveal a secret that not even Aubrey knew about. Robert Ford demanded that Cutter end his marriage to Tess, and Cutter agreed after Rama threatened to reveal his secret. After Joey learned that Aubrey was a schemer from the start, Aubrey went to Cutter but he refused to let her stay at the mansion. Cutter enjoyed his moment in the sun only briefly, however. Clint had included a clause in the contract that allowed him to regain ownership of the home at any time. When Rex demanded everything Clint owned - including the house - in exchange for receiving Gigi's heart, Clint signed the papers and Nigel threw Cutter out. Cutter showed up at Aubrey's room at the Minute Man Motel, where he tried to convince her to join forces again and go after a new mark.

Cutter convinced Aubrey to go after a newly widowed and wealthy Rex. Rex paid no attention to Aubrey's advances, however, since he was too busy researching a cryptic clue from psychic Madame Delphina about a "spotted pony" that was connected to visions of Gigi that he kept seeing. A dejected Aubrey told Cutter about the clue, and Cutter realized that the clue referred to the Spotted Pony strip club in Anchorage, Kentucky, which was related to Cutter's secret from his past. Cutter accused Rama of divulging his secret to Rex, but Rama assured Cutter that she had told no one about what happened at the Spotted Pony. Cutter arrived back at the motel room to find Aubrey packing her belongings. Cutter stopped Aubrey from walking out the door by calling her by her real name: Christine Carr. Cutter reminded Aubrey about the time they met across a crowded room. A lifelong grifter, Cutter convinced Aubrey to change her name and pose as his sister so they could pull a scam on a rich person and help Aubrey get out of debt. One scam turned into many, however, as Aubrey and Cutter enjoyed all the luxuries they were able to buy. After the walk down memory lane, Aubrey decided to stay with Cutter until she could get back on her feet.

Cutter and Aubrey were stunned when they found a gun inside a stuffed porcupine Cutter had purchased from Roxy Balsom. They realized that the gun may have been the one that was used to kill Victor Lord Jr. Aubrey convinced a reluctant Cutter to hand over the gun to the police. However, before he could turn in the gun, Cutter was stunned by the appearance of his real sister, who turned out to be Clint's ex-wife Kim Andrews. Kim stole the gun so she could use it as leverage to get Clint's fortune back from Rex Balsom. When Aubrey learned that Cutter hadn't turned in the gun, she dumped him and threw him out of the motel.

Cutter followed his sister to a hospital room in Anchorage, Kentucky, where he was stunned to see a woman in a hospital bed that looked exactly like Rex's dead fiancé Gigi Morasco. Kim explained that the woman in the bed was actually Gigi's sister Stacy Morasco, who had survived a fall into a frozen lake more than a year ago and launched a plan to win back Rex by switching places with Gigi. Stacy had plastic surgery to look exactly like Gigi and intended to switch places with Gigi on her wedding day, but fell victim to the same carbon monoxide leak that killed Gigi. Kim rescued Stacy and took her to Kentucky, where she remained in a coma. Cutter threatened to reveal Stacy's whereabouts if Kim didn't hand over the document she had obtained which transferred all of the Buchanan assets back to Clint. Cutter tried to use the document to blackmail Clint, but Clint knew the document was a fake so Cutter was out of luck.

Seeking retribution against Kim, Cutter worked with Rama to set up Kim for a crime Cutter had committed at the Spotted Pony. Cutter had accidentally given a lethal drug overdose to a man that he and Kim were trying to scam. Rama had showed up, looking for Kim, and took a picture of Cutter crouched over the dead man. Cutter doctored the photo to make it appear that it was Kim crouched over the body and took the evidence to the police, who arrested Kim in front of Cutter and Rama.

Cutter returned to the hospital and was shocked to learn that Stacy had woken from her coma but had no memory of who she was. Cutter brought Stacy back to Llanview and planned to pass her off as Gigi so he could blackmail Rex for money. But after Stacy objected, Cutter told Stacy who she was and agreed to leave Rex alone. Cutter accompanied Stacy to Brazil, where Stacy wanted to have plastic surgery to restore her original face. On the plane, Cutter opened up to Stacy about his childhood and how his mother Alexandra had left home when Cutter and his sister were young. Their father died and they wound up in foster care and began doing cons to get by. Cutter couldn't believe it when they showed up at the surgeon's office and he came face to face with his mother, who as it turned out was Asa's ex-wife Alex Olanov. Cutter nearly strangled Alex before Gigi pulled him off of her. When Rex and Aubrey showed up, trying to track down Cutter and the woman he had tried to pass off as Gigi, Alex helped throw them off the track. Later, the doctor told Cutter that the woman he had brought in had never had plastic surgery, and Cutter realized that the woman was in fact Gigi Morasco.

Cutter, who by this time had developed a physical attraction to the woman, let Gigi continue to believe that she was Stacy. Gigi spun a globe to see where they should go next and her finger landed on Paris, Texas. They arrived at the Bon Jour Café, and Gigi told Cutter that the place felt familiar to her. Gigi took a waitressing job there while Cutter started washing dishes. But when Rex and Viki arrived, Cutter whisked Gigi away and told her they needed to move on. Gigi spied Rex and Shane talking in the hallway and had a flashback of herself with a much younger Shane. Gigi snuck out on Cutter and showed up at the diner on Christmas Eve, where she came face to face with Rex. Rex believed she was Stacy, having learned about Stacy's plot from Kim. Cutter showed up and told Rex and Gigi the truth, but they didn't believe him. The cops then arrested Cutter for the outstanding murder charge in Kentucky and hauled him away.

From a jail cell, Cutter called Aubrey but she hung up on him. Cutter later phoned Kim and told her that Stacy was in fact dead. Cutter told Kim that he had located their mother and that she was really wealthy. Cutter begged Kim to break him out of jail so they could scam their mother for all her money, but Kim refused and hung up on him. Cutter then called Alex, hoping she would bail him out of jail.

Cutter resurfaced in Llanview again as the manager of Blair Cramer's new nightclub Shelter. As Cutter worked to make Shelter a success, he hired Rama and a popular bartender named Nikki. He flirted with both of the women in addition to Shelter's occasional patron Natalie Buchanan. Cutter's time for romantic pursuits was limited after a series of negative events including a drug overdose and a blackout plagued Shelter. The problems related to the club continued after Briana Marland, a woman Cutter had slept with, was murdered. Briana had spent time at Shelter prior to her death which brought extra police attention to the club while Cutter worked to keep the illegal drug sales within the club hidden.

On a few occasions, Cutter found time to get away from Shelter and he starting dating Natalie. They became lovers and he escorted Natalie to the "Man of the Year" gala but she ended their date after Nikki revealed that she had been sleeping with Cutter for months. Natalie refused to speak to him and stormed away. Afterwards, Cutter questioned Nikki's behavior but he decided to put their business together ahead of his feelings.

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