Tabloid Says Evans Demanding $1,000,000

Posted Sunday, January 06, 2002 7:32:34 PM
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Tabloid Says Evans Demanding $1,000,000

On Passions, Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy) plays a doll - but a tabloid magazine has accused the actor of being anything but a doll in real life.

Tabloid magazines - you either read the articles for amusement, steer clear of them all together or take what they say as gospel. There's really no fourth option. The same could probably be said for stories seen on the Internet.

The December 11th edition of Star reports that Evans is threatening to leave Passions unless he's given a substantial raise. According to the report, the soon-to-be-20-years-old Evans has demanded a total pay of $1,000,000 per year.

Evan's manager, Mark Roberts, denied the magazine's story - even before the issue went to print.

"Your information is completely false," said Roberts in a letter to Star. "Josh has not threatened to leave the show, has not asked to renegotiate his contract and has not asked for a raise."

Roberts went on to say that reports that NBC wanted to renegotiate Evans' contract were also untrue.

"There are not contract negotiations taking place at this time nor would we expect any in the immediate future."

Evans, who received an Emmy nomination last year in the Outstanding Younger Actor category, is the only Passions performer to have received an Emmy nomination to date. Evans is also wildly popular among fans, having garnered numerous nominations in Soap Opera Central's Dankies Awards.

A spokesperson for Passions declined to comment on the Star report or on Roberts' repudiation of the magazine article. "We do not comment on contracts or stars' salaries," stated the spokeperson.

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