Pop The Cork! Hecuba's Returning

Posted Sunday, June 30, 2002 10:21:57 PM
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Pop The Cork! Hecuba's Returning

Robin Strasser (Hecuba) will return to her wickedly delicious role as Passions' Hecuba later this summer.

Strasser, who has been away from daytime television for the past six months, agreed to return to Passions when the show presented her with a flexible schedule that would allow her to work and have time to herself.

At present, no time schedule for Strasser's return has been announced. The actress reveals that her return is for "an indefinite period of time." The return will also have Strasser of a recurring basis. "It's a limited engagement," shares Strasser.

Recent rumors had Strasser up for a role on CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful as the wife of Joseph Mascolo's Massimo Marone. Other chatter had the actress reprising her role of Dorian Lord on ABC's One Life to Live. Both rumors, Strasser confirms, were unfounded.

However, Strasser did phone One Life to Live execs to inform them that she'd be returning to Passions. An insider reveals that One Life to Live had no immediate plans to bring back Dorian.

Strasser hit the studios for taping in August. Her first return airdate is (appropriately enough) Friday, September 13th.

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