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Evans dishes out acting reality in TV series

by Dan J Kroll
Posted Friday, March 14, 2008 10:46:46 PM
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Evans dishes out acting reality in TV series

Passions and One Life to Live star Andrea Evans trades in her soap opera fantasy world for a little reality -- reality television. The Emmy-nominated actress will appear on a new reality series about kids trying to get their big break in show business.

Andrea Evans (Rebecca Hotchkiss, Passions; ex-Tina Lord, One Life to Live) will guest star on the new VH1 reality series I Know My Kid's A Star.

 Andrea Evans
Evans will act in scenes with young talents whose performances will be judged and critiqued by former child star Danny Bonaduce, and Hollywood casting director and manager, Marki Costello. Bonaduce is also the executive producer of this series. Together the judging panel will be looking for one great, aspiring, triple-threat stage-hungry kid who they are seeking to identify as a potential star, as well as training their parents to deal with the difficulties of show business.

Eight one-hour episodes of I Know My Kid's A Star will be produced. The series will focus on 10 parent/child teams living in a house in Los Angeles, willing to do whatever it takes to make it big in Hollywood. Not only will the children have tasks to perform, but the parents will also have their own set of tasks each week.

In the end, one team will emerge as the winner and receive $50,000 in cash as well as having the child given a one year contract for representation by Marki Costello.

I Know My Kid's A Star airs at 1000pm on VH1. Check your local listings for the channel in your area. Andrea Evans's guest appearance premieres April 24th.

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