Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop
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Actor History

Liza Huber (July 5, 1999 to November 8, 2000; October 16, 2002)

Natalie Zea (November 15, 2000 to October 3, 2002)


Choate Rosemary Hall Boarding School (from 1989 to 1993)

Rutland Women's College (member of the Alpha Alpha Alpha sorority)



Chairwoman of the Ladies Club

Resides At

Crane Mansion (14 Raven Hill Road)

Marital Status

Married to an Elvis impersonator [Married: Jul 23, 2007]

Past Marriages

Ethan Winthrop (Dec 19, 2002 to Jul 20, 2007; divorced)


Jonathan Hotchkiss (father)

Rebecca Hotchkiss (mother)

Gwen is an only child


Sarah Winthrop (daughter; with Ethan; stillborn; Oct 7, 2003)

Unnamed child (son; medical abortion; 2004)

Jonathan Winthrop (son; with Ethan)

Flings & Affairs

None (Ethan is the only man she has ever been with)

Crimes Committed

Lit a fire on Dune Point with Ethan Winthrop (then Crane).

Trashed the Lopez-Fitzgerald home after learning of Theresa's deceptions and attacked Theresa.

Told the tabloids that Theresa sent Ivy's letter to them (it was her mother).

Attacked Theresa in L.A. after catching Theresa in numerous lies and Theresa blasted her family.

Attacked Theresa with a bedpan after Sarah's death when she overheard Theresa's plans to 'get' Ethan.

Attacked Theresa after the judge ruled that Gwen and Ethan would have to allow Theresa to carry their child.

Attacked Theresa in the hospital after learning that Theresa had raped Ethan and was the baby's biological mother.

Stabbed Theresa with a scalpel in the hospital (as the result of a drug interaction).

Took baby Ashley/Jane from the hospital and left Harmony (as the result of a drug interaction).

Attempted to kill Theresa at the Crane compound (as the result of a drug interaction). Schemes and Misdemeanors

Locked Pilar in a closet the eve of her and Ethan's wedding.

Went along with her mother's plan to send the information on Ethan's paternity to the tabloids to expose Theresa.

Plotted to expose the truth about Theresa's scheming.

Went along with her mother's plot to adopt Theresa's son after Sarah's death. Miscellaneous Tidbits

Speaks six languages. Brief Character History (from the character's point of view)

Gwen is the only child of Jonathan and Rebecca Hotchkiss from a small town outside Harmony, and has spent her entire life fighting to prove she is just as good as the son her father never had. She met Ethan Crane when they were twelve and their boarding schools had a joint mixer. The two became fast friends, and soon much more. They later went to a co-ed high-school together before heading off to separate universities. Although Gwen was always faithful to Ethan, she knew of his many indiscretions (refered to by Gwen when she and Ethan were together in bed at the Crane mansion in the early months of the show), but forgave him, because she loved him. After Ethan graduated high-school, she convinced him that they should spend some time in Harmony, where his family lived. She wanted Ethan to get to know the citizens of Harmony, since they would one day live there and raise their own family. Things started going wrong the moment they got to town, because a mysterious young woman kept spilling things on Ethan's head. Ethan was convinced that she was a stalker, but Gwen tried to convince him it was probably just a young girl with a crush on the Crane heir. Then she had to defend the girl again when Ethan called her a gold-digger. They soon realized that the girl in question was none other than Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, but a heart-felt speech from her friend Whitney convinced Ethan not to press charges.

Gwen and Ethan soon began a tentative friendship with Theresa, but Gwen begin to wonder about Theresa's interest in Ethan. Theresa always seemed to turn up, and Gwen caught the two of them in compromising situations more than once. It wasn't long before Gwen became convinced that Theresa was after Ethan. Even Theresa's insistence that she had a boyfriend didn't dissuade wasn't until she met Chuck that she admitted she had been suspicious for no reason. Gwen and Ethan then welcomed Theresa into their circle of friends. Gwen was thrilled when Theresa told her that she and Chuck were engaged to be married, and full of righteous indignation when Theresa told them Chuck had broken things off with her because she was from the wrong kind of family. In an effort to get Theresa's mind off what was going on and also to help her future career in fashion, Gwen and Ethan hired Theresa to plan their wedding. Because she was trying to finish up a lot of business before the marriage, Gwen was frequently out of town, but she trusted her friend and her fiancÚ to plan the perfect wedding.

Gwen's mother showed up in Harmony a few weeks before the wedding, and immediately began playing on Gwen's insecurities about Ethan's history, telling Gwen that Theresa was a liar, and a gold-digger. Gwen kept defending Theresa to her mother, but she couldn't forget Ethan's past, or her original suspicions about Theresa. She rushed out to the prom boat to confront the two, but when she asked Theresa if she was in love with Ethan, Theresa denied it. Gwen apologized for over-reacting, and they all went back to planning the wedding. When Sheridan couldn't be in the wedding party because of the attempts on her life, Gwen asked Theresa to be her maid of honor. Gwen was looking forward to a new life with the man she loved, and they planned a huge engagement party at the Hotchkiss mansion, with all of their family and friends in attendance. That night, Ethan told Gwen that he had been cheating on her with Theresa, and he wanted to postpone the wedding. Gwen was furious. Not only was Ethan cheating on her again, but it was with her friend Theresa! Gwen suddenly realized that her suspicions about Theresa had been right all along, and went to confront her. When Theresa opened the door and let her in, Gwen went crazy. She began swinging a bat around, furious at how she was betrayed. Pilar came into the room and tried to stop her, but Gwen locked Pilar in a closet, realising that Pilar had to know the truth, yet had continued to treat Gwen like a daughter. When Theresa and Gwen ended up in Theresa's room, Gwen was shocked to see that Theresa had created a shrine in there to Ethan, and realized that Theresa had been after Ethan since long before they ever came to Harmony. Ethan soon showed up, but he didn't believe Gwen when she told him what she had found out.

When Ethan approached Gwen to break off the engagement so he could explore his feelings for Theresa, Gwen had a suggestion...that he date both of them. Gwen believed it was only a matter of time before Ethan got tired of Theresa and came back to her, and she loved him too much to let him go. Ethan agreed to the idea, and had one date each with Gwen and Theresa. Then Sheridan died. Gwen was there for Ethan when her best friend died. Theresa had come to the house to see Ethan, but Gwen was still angry at Theresa for what she had done, and still convinced that Theresa was only in it for the money, so she told Ethan Theresa was never there. On Christmas Eve, Ethan asked Gwen to accompany him to Church. Gwen was happy, because she thought this meant he was ready to commit to her. But at the Church, Ethan proposed to Theresa, which devastated Gwen. The next day, she went to the Crane mansion, where she broke off their engagement, and wished him well. She was ready to move on with her life when her mother dropped a bombshell on her...Ethan Crane was really Sam Bennett's son! Rebecca had found the information on Theresa's laptop, and learned it had been there for months. Gwen was more convinced than ever that it was money that motivated Theresa and not love. Gwen was consumed with a desire to get revenge on Theresa, and Rebecca suggested e-mailing the information to the tabloids and blaming it on Theresa. Gwen refused, but Rebecca convinced her that Theresa would be exposed as the liar she is, and that she [Rebecca] would make sure Ethan didn't suffer, because she would have Julian adopt him after the truth was exposed. Gwen reluctantly agreed; it was the only way she could see to expose Theresa.

Gwen regretted agreeing to her mother's plan immediately after, but by then, there was nothing she could do. Rebecca continued to remind Gwen that it was the only way they could expose Theresa. While Gwen wanted to expose Theresa more than anything, she was realistic...she told her mother that she knew Ethan might still choose Theresa even after he learned the truth. But Gwen was more than willing to accept it if he did. She wanted Ethan to be happy, but she wanted him to know the truth. The night that the truth came out, Gwen was devastated. She saw how much pain Ethan was in, and she would have done anything to take it away. Her guilt kept eating away at her. Theresa continued to remind Gwen that she had won Ethan, which infuriated Gwen. She called the tabloid, demanding that they publish the fact that the information came from Theresa's computer. They finally did, on the day Theresa was set to marry Ethan. But the plan backfired, when Ethan made it clear that he didn't believe Theresa was involved in any way, and he still planned to marry her. Gwen accepted that she and Ethan were over, and decided that if she couldn't have the man she loved as her husband, she could have him as her friend. She went to him to confess the truth about what she had done, but he stopped her, telling her that what was in the past was over and done with.

Gwen was absolutely shocked to learn that Theresa had married Julian in Bermuda after her aborted marriage to Ethan. But she was even more shocked when it was revealed that Theresa was pregnant with Julian's child, and that the annulment papers she signed were not valid. Rebecca and Ivy frequently schemed against Theresa and tried to enlist Gwen's help, but Gwen had enough of that. She told them she wasn't going to be like Theresa, and went to Ethan, telling him of the schemes the two women were hatching against Theresa. Gwen was there to comfort Ethan (who by this time had broken things off with Theresa), and it wasn't long before their old passion was rekindled. When Ethan helped Theresa escape from jail, Gwen went to the cabin to meet him, and the two shared a passionate goodbye...Ethan knew that his future was over when he helped his client escape death row. She was willing to give up everything to be with him, but Ethan said he just couldn't let her. Then, when Theresa went into labor, Gwen was there to deliver the baby, but was stabbed in the back by a pre-eclamptic Theresa. When Theresa was executed for murdering Julian, Ethan and Gwen knew that chapter of their lives was over, and they could get back to their futures together. Gwen was as shocked as anyone when Theresa returned from the dead, especially when she realized that Theresa was more determined than ever to come between her and Ethan. When she realized Theresa was using her newborn son to manipulate Ethan into spending time with her, she exposed her immediately.

Gwen and Ethan were ready to get engaged when, once again, Ethan began sneaking around with Theresa. Gwen finally decided she had enough, she just couldn't take it anymore. She accepted a job in New York, and was planning to leave Harmony when she discovered she was pregnant. Rebecca tried to convince her to use the baby to hold on to Ethan, but Gwen refused. She had never schemed to hold on to Ethan, and she wasn't about to start now. She still hadn't forgiven herself for the role in the tabloid scheme that had cause so many problems. When Ethan learned she was pregnant, he immediately proposed...but Gwen turned him down. She didn't want to be a pity wife. It took some doing, but Ethan was finally able to convince Gwen that he truly loved her, not just the baby. They made plans to marry, but it almost didn't happen. On the day of the wedding, Gwen learned that Ethan had taken a job at Crane Industries, and she slapped him at the Church in front of everyone! Gwen soon realized that Theresa was directly involved, and decided she had wasted enough of her life on Theresa. She married the man she loved in front of assorted friends and family.

Unfortunately, she still fears that she will one day lose Ethan to Theresa, as none of the plans to expose her ever worked. Lately she has been trying to support Sheridan, who is pregnant and torn between two men. Luis' ex-girlfriend Beth is reminding her a lot of Theresa, and she is trying to warn Sheridan against her. Soon she began having problems with her pregnancy, and her mother told her that Theresa would never stop trying to break up her and Ethan, and if she lost that baby, Ethan would fall for Theresa again. They went to L.A. to get away from Theresa and to see a specialist, not realising Theresa had also gone there. After learning that Theresa was out to get Ethan again, Gwen's stress level increased, and during a confrontation with Theresa, Gwen launched herself at Theresa after Theresa made it clear she would take Ethan from Gwen and the baby, and as a result of the altercation, Gwen landed in the hospital, and the baby died at birth. A distraught Gwen decided she wanted nothing to do with Ethan or Theresa. Ethan finally convinced her that he would be faithful to her, and she asked him to promise her that he would never go running to Theresa again. When she learned that Rebecca planned to take Little Ethan from Theresa, rather than being shocked and disgusted as she would have been in the past, Gwen agreed with her, saying it was about time Theresa face the consequences of her actions.

Gwen vowed to put Theresa in the past and get on with her marriage with Ethan, and the two planned to start their family again, but suddenly Gwen began to be suspicious of Beth Wallace. She believed that Beth was doing the same things to Sheridan that Theresa had done to her, and became convinced that Beth had been lying about being pregnant, and that Sheridan was right about Beth's baby being hers. While investigating Beth, there were two attempts on Gwen's life, both of which had convenient explanations. Gwen finally got her meeting with Dr. Culver, but instead of exposing Beth, he informed her that due to the fight with Theresa in L.A., she could never have children. A devastated Ethan and Gwen returned to the mansion, where they learned that only moments earlier, Theresa had been wishing that they would never have a family.

Gwen encountered Theresa trespassing on the grounds and told her to leave, but Theresa refused. She insisted on apologizing to Gwen. Knowing she was in no state to deal with Theresa, Gwen continually asked her to leave, warning her that if she continued to badger her she would physically make her stop. When Theresa followed Gwen into the bedroom and told her that it was her fault that Sarah was dead because God took away her daughter to punish her for marrying Ethan, Gwen lost it. She tried to physically force Theresa to leave the room, but Theresa wasn't done. In a replay of the L.A. scene, Gwen and Theresa's struggle ended up with Theresa flying out the window. Gwen was shocked at the tragedy, but experience a moment of disappointment that the accidental fall hadn't hurt Theresa in any way. After reassuring Rebecca that Theresa wouldn't try to lie and claim that Gwen pushed her, Gwen told Rebecca to go ahead with her plans to have Ethan and Gwen adopt Little Ethan, who Gwen had come to care deeply for.

Gwen and Ethan had decided to use a surrogate to have a child, but were shocked to learn that Theresa had drugged and kidnapped the surrogate, locking her in a closet to have herself implanted so that she could threaten Gwen and Ethan if they did not give her Little Ethan, whom the courts had taken away from her because she was deemed unfit. Gwen agreed to return Little Ethan to Theresa once she gave them their child, until she and Ethan overheard Theresa tell Pilar that she planned to not only keep Ethan and Gwen's child, but to take Little Ethan from them as well! Gwen was heartbroken and furious to think that Theresa would once again betray her and Ethan and keep their child. Right up until the moment the baby was born the two were in conflict, and after the birth of the little girl (the boy Theresa was carrying was aborted to save the little girl's life), was shocked to find out that Theresa had been with Ethan and there was a chance that the little girl might belong to Theresa.

When the baby girl was proven to be Theresa's biological daughter, Gwen lost touch with reality. In a move reminiscent to Theresa's attack on Gwen and Ethan during her labor with Little Ethan, Gwen stabbed Theresa after the younger woman again taunted her about her (Gwen's) inability to have children. Gwen was taken to jail, where it soon became clear she had suffered a mental break. Ethan and Rebecca were heartbroken to realize that in her break with reality Gwen did not realize that Sarah and Nathan (the name given to the baby boy Theresa had aborted because her body could not handle two pregnancies) were dead, or that Ashley (the name Ethan and Gwen chose for their daughter) was dead. When she learned Theresa had taken 'her' baby to the hospital, she faked a suicide attempt, and walked out with the baby. Her sanity soon returned, as did the rememberence that Theresa had signed legal documents stating that the baby she was carrying would be turned over to Gwen and Ethan. When she snuck onto the Crane jet, she and Katherine were taken together to the Crane compound, and although Katherine tried to convince her to return to Harmony, Gwen reminded her that Theresa had signed away her legal rights, so the baby belonged to her.

Gwen finally decided that she needed to return to Harmony because she couldn't subject Jane to a life on the run, but things went from bad to worse after Ethan and Fox saved her and Katherine and they returned to Harmony. Although Theresa had agreed to end the war between them and not press charges, she reneged as soon as they returned to Harmony and attempted to have Gwen convicted of kidnapping. It was proven that Gwen was not responsible for her actions due to an interaction with her medications, and she and Ethan were also granted temporary custody of Jane, which seems to have become permanent as Theresa no longer has any rights where her daughter is concerned. Gwen was terrified when Theresa caught up with tabloid editor J.T. Cornell in Rome because she believed that the secret she had been keeping for so long, that it was her and Rebecca that had clued the tabloids off to Ethan's true paternity, would finally come out, but luckily Ethan refused to believe Theresa's claims.

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