Hearst released as Matt Clark

Posted Sunday, April 08, 2001 5:40:33 PM
Hearst released as Matt Clark

It may be fun to watch the bad guys (and the bad girls) on the soaps, but being a troublemaker usually comes with one big caveat - you can only be so bad for so long. When it comes to villains and villainesses on soap operas, there usually are only a few ways to go - a character goes through a really tough time and comes out as one of the good guys or the character goes to jail or sometimes a the character ends up the victim of a major whodunit.

So is the case with The Young and the Restless' Matt Clark, played by Rick Hearst.

Hearst has been let go from the show for "storyline reasons" according to a show insider. Hearst will tape his final scenes for Y&R next week, reportedly on April 16th.

CBS has been tightlipped about Hearst's release and will not reveal when the actor will make his final on-air appearance. Since shows are taped about three weeks before they actually air, Hearst's exit would seemingly come during the May Sweeps period.

Hearst apparently had no idea that his days with Y&R were numbered, but there are already reports that other soaps are interested in bringing the actor aboard.

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