Reeves tapes final Y&R scenes

Posted Friday, October 26, 2001 5:26:36 PM
Reeves tapes final Y&R scenes

As previously reported by Soap Central in September, long-time Y&R star Scott Reeves (Ryan McNeil) has now departed the show. He will remain in on-screen appearances through most of the November Sweeps period.

The Emmy nominated Reeves joined that cast of Y&R in May of 1991. The actor states that he was informed in early September that his role would be coming to an eventual end. The departure was "storyline dictated."

During his ten-year run in the fictional town of Genoa City, Reeves was awarded a 1993 Soap Opera Award as Outstanding Younger Actor. In 1997 and 1998, Reeves earned Daytime Emmy nominations in the Best Supporting Actor category. Most recently, in 1999, Reeves was nominated for a Soap Opera Award in the Best Supporting Actor field.

Several of Reeves' Y&R co-stars, including Heather Tom (Victoria Newman), David Tom (Billy Abbott), and Reeves' real-life wife, Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton, Days of our Lives) threw him a special party at the conclusion of his final day with Y&R.

Reeves taped his final scenes on October 10. His character, however, will make his exit during the final week of November.

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