Damian making a return to Y&R

Posted Thursday, October 23, 2003 8:25:59 PM
Damian making a return to Y&R

Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) will return to The Young and the Restless following a two-year absence. Fans of the actor, however, may be slightly miffed to know that the actor's return will only be on a recurring basis.

"We're really excited to have Michael return to the show," said Executive Producer David Shaughnessy. "He was enormously popular with viewers when he previously portrayed Danny Romalotti from 1981-1998 and for one episode in September 2002."

The length of Damian's return engagement in Genoa City has not been revealed by the show. There is, according to one show insider, the potential to extend Damian's stay to a more permanent one.

"We are going to see how it goes and how the audience responds," Damian states of his return. "It's all good stuff."

Damian recently moved back to The United States after an extended stay in Paris. While overseas, Damian worked on a television series called "Red Eye," on which he also worked as director.

Damian began taping at Y&R on October 8. He makes her first on-screen appearance on November 14.

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