Adrienne Leon surprised by Y&R firing, recast

Posted Tuesday, June 19, 2007 12:51:06 PM
Updated Thursday, June 28, 2007 11:38:04 PM
Adrienne Leon surprised by Y&R firing, recast

Emmy-nominated Adrienne Leon has been let go from The Young and the Restless. The actress, who previously appeared on General Hospital, has already taped her final scenes. The role of Colleen has been recast, with the new actress taking the reins in July.

In a move that blindsided the actress, Adrienne Leon (Colleen Carlton) learned last week that she had been released from her contract with CBS's The Young and the Restless. The actress explains that she was not told of her firing until after she left the studio. The sudden dismissal also prevented the actress from taking part in Emmy festivities.

"I was notified today that I will no longer be part of the cast of Y&R and that [Friday, June 15th] was actually my last day there," Leon said on her personal blog site. "I wish I would have known that then... and had taken the opportunity to let everyone know just how much I enjoyed working with them in addition to how greatly they will be missed."

Leon joined the cast of The Young and the Restless in December 2005, first airing in January 2006. The addition of the Emmy-nominated actress was surprisingly low-key.

"It has been an honor to work with yet again, an award winning cast and crew (not to mention loving, supportive, professional....a wonderful second family)...and to have been part of not only an amazing show but the number one daytime drama," Leon continued. "I hold only fond memories (well minus this one) and wish the show all the best especially with their future Colleen plans. She's a wonderful character and has so much potential."

Should Y&R recast the role of Colleen now that Leon has been fired?
 I'm glad Colleen is out. I've never cared for the character.   22% 
 Yes. Recasting will let the show take Colleen in a new direction.   19% 
 I don't really care what the show decides to do with Colleen at this point.   17% 
 No. I think that the show needs a break from Colleen at the moment.   15% 
 Other   14% 
 Eventually, but not now. Recast later when a new storyline has been created   13% 
 I think Y&R needs to apologize to Leon and ask her to return to the show.   0% 

Prior to joining the cast of the top-rated CBS soap, Leon was a member of the General Hospital family for nearly two years. Leon joined GH in May 2004 and remained with the show through January 17, 2006. She had her first Y&R airdate the very next day.

Leon earned a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2005 for her work on General Hospital.

"Adrianne Leon is a terrific actress, a good partner to work with, and a beautiful young woman. I wish her all the success in her future career and I'm sure she'll succeed in whatever she sinks her teeth into," said Leon's now-former co-star Eyal Podell (Adrian Korbel)."

Y&R has tapped Tammin Sursok as the new Colleen. Sursok is a native of South Africa, but was raised in Australia. The actress is a veteran of the Australian soap "Home and Away," for which she won a Logie Award for "best new female talent" in 2001. Sursok left the Aussie soap in 2004 and has been working in feature films since that time. Her most recent credit is 2006's "Aquamarine."

"[T]he new Colleen, Tammin Sursok, is a pleasure to work with," Podell added. "We've only had a couple days together but I think we can light up the screen and continue to bring life to the "Colleen and Adrian" fans out there. So stay tuned to see what fireworks are in store."

Sursok tapes her first scenes in June 26th. Those scenes are slated to hit the airwaves on July 30th.

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