Robert Gant hired for role as Y&R lawyer

Posted Monday, August 19, 2013 8:23:57 PM
Robert Gant hired for role as Y&R lawyer

Actor Robert Gant has been hired to play the role of a lawyer with ties to a character already on the canvas. Gant is known for his role on Queer as Folk.

Actor Robert Gant has been hired for the role of David Sherman, the son of Katherine's lawyer, Mitchell Sherman.

Like his father, David is also a lawyer. He will appear at a gathering of Kay's loved ones to discuss very important matters.

Despite his impressive acting skills, Gant won't have to do too much acting to make his role as a lawyer believable -- Gant is a former lawyer. He attended law school at Georgetown University, and worked for the Los Angeles office of the Chicago-based law firm Baker & McKenzie. When the firm closed the L.A. office, Gant opted to focus on his acting career.

As an actor, Gant is best known for his role as Ben on the former Showtime soap, Queer As Folk.

Gant will air on September 11.

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