Talent agency fires back, countersues Christel Khalil

Posted Tuesday, August 20, 2013 1:49:17 PM
Talent agency files countersuit against Christel Khalil

The talent agency sued by Christel Khalil earlier this month has responded to Khalil's allegations with a lawsuit of its own. Mavrick Artist Agency says Khalil has tarnished their reputation with "spurious" claims.

Two weeks after Emmy winner Christel Khalil (Lily Winters) filed a breach of contract suit against her talent representation, Mavrick Artists Agency, the agency has fired back with a countersuit.

Mavrick Artists Agency's attorney, Max Sprecher, reached out to industry website, The Wrap, which first broke the news of Khalil's last suit, to blast Khalil's claims as "all blue smoke and mirrors."

In a suit filed in California Superior Court earlier this month, Khalil accused Mavrick of only sending her out for two auditions during pilot season and for withholding a payment for a guest appearance she made on CBS's Two Broke Girls. Khalil also alleged that Mavrick sent her to an audition for a role on The Young and the Restless while she was still under contract with the CBS soap.

"[T]he allegations in Ms. Khalil's lawsuit have been reported by the media. The allegations constitute a meritless and misguided attack on the reputation of the agency and our dedicated employees," Mavrick said in a statement.

In its rebuttal, Mavrick noted that it receives compensation when one of its clients books work, so the company would only stand to profit by helping Khalil land auditions and, hopefully, work. Mavrick does admit that Khalil's name was submitted for the Y&R audition but blamed it on a computer error and denies that Khalil was ever sent on an audition. Khalil reportedly spotted the oversight herself, and, according to Mavrick, "expressed no distress of any nature" at that time.

Mavrick goes on to say that Khalil only brought her concerns to light when she announced that she wanted to terminate her contract with the company early. According to Mavrick, Khalil is obligated under contract with her union (AFTRA) to submit to arbitration in the event that a management contact is disputed.

Sprecher estimated that Khalil owes Mavrick "in the ballpark of $20,000 in additional commission."

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