Y&R's Eric Braeden says one "hell of a storyline" is on the horizon for Victor's return

Posted Wednesday, October 24, 2018 8:12:07 AM

Viewers of The Young and the Restless will only have to wait a little bit longer for Victor's return to the canvas, but portrayer Eric Braeden promises the wait will be worth it.

Many fans of The Young and the Restless are chomping at the bit for Eric Braeden to finally return to the screen, seeing as how the actor's extended vacation has led to several long weeks without Victor Newman. Some of the comments on social media have taken aim at the powers that be for the character's absence, but Braeden says the blame is all his.

"I was on a vacation, didn't tell them I'd be back until last minute and am now very excited about new storyline!" he tweeted of why fans will have to continue waiting to see his alter ego back in Genoa City. "No one else's fault but mine!!"

As Soap Central previously reported, the actor took a long vacation earlier this summer to his hometown in the north of Germany. Not only was he able to visit family, but he also celebrated the 60th anniversary of his German Youth Championship soccer win.

While the trip was relaxing for Braeden, it caused a bit of stress for viewers, who worried the sabbatical meant the actor was leaving the CBS soap opera.

"I will tell you all one last time, I AM NOT LEAVING THE SHOW!" Braeden chose to tweet to calm the waters. "I am simply on vacation!"

Now that the Daytime Emmy winner is back in the States and back to work, the actor is once again quelling questions about his Y&R status. And what he says should put most viewers at ease.

"Be patient a little longer!" he asks of fans, adding that Victor's return is "a hell of a storyline!!"

UPDATE (December 4, 2018): Eric Braeden took to Twitter to finally reveal when fans will see him again on-screen in something more than a Skype chat. Mark your calendars and set a reminder on your smart phones: It's Friday, December 21.

UPDATE (December 5, 2018): Due to a preemption for George H.W. Bush's funeral, Braeden will now return on Monday, December 24.

What do you think about Braeden's latest tweet regarding his Y&R status? What are you hoping the powers that be have written for Victor's impending return? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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