The Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden joins thousands forced to evacuate their homes due to California fires

Posted Wednesday, October 30, 2019 7:05:46 AM

The Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) has been forced to evacuate his home as fires rage in California. The news triggers thoughts about Tracey Bregman (Lauren Fenmore), who lost her home in the California fires of 2018.

Thousands of Los Angeles residents have been told to evacuate because of a fast-moving wildfire that began in the early hours of Monday morning, and The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) reveals that he and his family are part of that group.

The daytime veteran took to social media late Tuesday evening with the message, "Have evacuated our home! Kind of sad, because we don't know if it'll be around in a few days! Love you all! Be safe!"

California's governor has declared a state-wide emergency as wildfires rage in many parts of the Los Angeles area as well as Northern California. The massive blazes have spurred power companies to move forward with precautionary blackouts meant to reduce the fires and prevent damaged cables from triggering new fires; these blackouts have left millions of people without electricity.

Other celebrities who have been forced to flee their homes due to the fires include NBA star Lebron James and actor/former California state governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"If you are in an evacuation zone, don't screw around," Schwarzenegger tweeted. "Get out."

Y&R star Tracey Bregman (Lauren Fenmore) lost her home in the California fires that raged in the Malibu area in 2018. She was able to get a few personal effects out of her home, including some family photos and her Daytime Emmy. Everything else, however, was destroyed.

"I woke up actually thinking, 'I don't have anything from my past.' I have no notes or cards," Bregman lamented before noting that her children and animals did make it safely out of the house. "When you think of everything that could have happened, I just feel so grateful."

In the wake of Bregman's tragedy, CBS shared a list of organizations and charities that support relief workers and victims of the California fires. Though the page is from 2018, the links (excluding Airbnb) are still valid, and the organizations are currently accepting donations to help those affected by the 2019 fires.

UPDATE (November 1, 2019): Braeden took to social media on Thursday evening to share that he and his family are safely back in their home after being forced to evacuate due to the California fires earlier this week. "Thankfully we are back in our house! Thank you for all your good wishes and prayers!" he shared. "Means a lot!"

Would you like to leave good thoughts for Braeden and all of the other people affected by California's fires? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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