The Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden dishes on Victor, Adam relationship

Posted Tuesday, May 25, 2021 4:31:53 AM

Eric Braeden shares his thoughts on the "fraught" relationship between The Young and the Restless' father/son pair Victor and Adam.

Some fans would call The Young and the Restless' Victor and Adam a dynamic duo, others would call them the most dysfunctional father and son pair in daytime. As for Eric Braeden, who has played Victor since 1980, he says his alter ego's relationship with his wayward son makes for some of the most nuanced material in daytime.

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Braeden opens up about the complicated relationship that Victor and Adam have developed, and he reveals that the magic fans see between the father and son is due in large part to the actors who have played Adam over the years.

"Obviously, it's a very fraught relationship, but it creates interesting conflict, interesting drama," Braeden says of what makes the Victor and Adam storylines work. "Almost all the actors who have played the role have been damn good. That includes Michael Muhney [who played Adam from 2009 to 2014], who is very good."

He continues, "Mark Grossman, when he came onto the show [in 2019], they burdened him with so much damn dialogue that I read the script and I said, 'How the hell can they do that to someone who comes on new to the show?' And he did a fantastic job, fantastic job. He handled it, every day, like an absolute pro, which [he is]. He is very good. He has an edge to him. Again, very lucky to have him."

Fans were recently treated to a stand-alone episode highlighting the tenuous bond that Victor has with his younger son, which Braeden enjoyed watching.

"[That episode] is one of those things you need to see when it's completed to appreciate it," he says.

For more from Braeden about Victor and Adam's relationship and memories from the actor's early days in the genre, check out SOD's full interview here.

What do you think about the way Eric Braeden views the relationship between Y&R's Victor and Adam? How do you feel about the father/son pair? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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