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The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, November 26, 2021
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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

by Nel

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless will not air on Thursday, November 25, or Friday, November 26. You can use this opportunity to get caught up on all of the Y&R action with our Daily Recaps Archive, featuring daily Y&R summaries dating all the way back to the first episode of The Young and the Restless in 1973.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Phyllis she was getting things organized for the annual tradition of feeding the homeless and the lonely on Thanksgiving. Phyllis offered to help. Nick arrived. He told Sharon he would send a couple of vans to the coffeehouse, with seniors from New Hope, who didn't have families to spend the holidays with. Sharon said that no one should be alone on Thanksgiving.

Nick told Sharon that Noah, Faith, and Christian were on their way to help. He said Christian was taking his role as a volunteer very seriously. Nick hoped it would become a family tradition with him. Sharon was delighted.

After Phyllis saw how easily Nick and Sharon communicated, Nick and Phyllis wished each other a happy Thanksgiving. Phyllis said there was a problem at the hotel only she could fix, and she left. On her way out, Phyllis bumped into Billy. She assumed Billy would be spending his day fixing the mess he'd made at ChancComm. Phyllis said she'd read the article about Ashland and the embarrassing retraction. Billy admitted it had been a rough week; however, all the chaos and drama had to take a backseat, because it was Thanksgiving, and it was all about Lily and the kids.

Phyllis said she could only imagine how Billy's negotiations about the kids had gone with Ashland and Victoria. Billy admitted it hadn't been stress-free, but everyone was trying to be fair. He and Lily were making sure the kids weren't affected by what had happened. They deserved as much love and family vibe as they could get; everyone did. He wished Phyllis a happy Thanksgiving and left.

When Phyllis arrived at the Grand Phoenix, she grimaced when Gloria greeted her. Gloria said it was a glorious day, and she felt as if she was glowing after her time at the spa. She felt absolutely transformed, like a golden goddess. Gloria gloated that JCV was doing phenomenally well under her charge.

Phyllis told Gloria she was paying her staff extra for working on a holiday, and they would leave early to spend time with their families. Phyllis asked if Gloria would be spending Thanksgiving with Lauren and Michael. Gloria said she would be spending it with Kevin and Chloe, since Michael and Lauren wanted to spend the time with Fenn. Gloria asked if Phyllis would be alone. Phyllis claimed she wouldn't be because she was working.

Phyllis went through the day, wishing her patrons a happy Thanksgiving and reminding them that family was what they were all about at the Grand Phoenix.

In her suite, Phyllis grabbed a bag of potato chips. She called Summer to wish her, Kyle, and Harrison a happy Thanksgiving, and then she called Daniel, and told him she would see him and Lucy soon. She told Daniel she was doing great and that she loved him.

After Phyllis ended her call, she went to bed. She fell asleep. There was a pounding on her door. Gloria burst into the suite, wearing a golden hat and glasses, and a black and gold feather boa. She told Phyllis to call her "Golden Glo." She told Phyllis to get dressed because Phyllis had places to be. Phyllis stated she wasn't going anywhere with Gloria, but Gloria said if Phyllis wanted to turn her Thanksgiving around, Phyllis was leaving.

Phyllis told Gloria she had plans, but Gloria found the remote. Phyllis had been watching true crime stories. Gloria said it was hardly the way to usher in the holiday season. Phyllis told Gloria to leave, or she would wind up being a victim of a true crime. Gloria threatened to choose something for Phyllis to wear if Phyllis didn't get dressed. Phyllis asked where they were going. Gloria claimed she was offering Phyllis a do-over.

Gloria clapped her hands twice, and Phyllis was suddenly at the coffeehouse, dressed in a pumpkin-colored blouse and leather skirt. The coffeehouse appeared empty. Sharon walked in grumbling that they could have used Phyllis' help earlier. Sharon wondered if Phyllis thought that Sharon had bought Phyllis' excuse. Phyllis told Sharon she wanted to help, but Sharon appeared to ignore Phyllis.

Phyllis realized it was her dream, and people would say and do anything she wanted them to do.

Sharon turned and sweetly said she was happy Phyllis had returned. She claimed that Phyllis was one of the people she was most grateful for that year. Phyllis asked why Sharon was grateful for her.

Sharon told Phyllis she hadn't forgotten Phyllis' support and kindness during Sharon's cancer treatments. She said it had been bigger than any other issues they'd had in the past. Sharon said Phyllis had taken all the responsibility for all their warring in the past. Sharon admitted she'd been responsible for all their missteps, not Phyllis.

Phyllis asked if Sharon really believed that. Sharon readily admitted she did. Sharon said she'd been rude the previous day. She'd been out of line, probing Phyllis about her breakup with Nick and her relationship with Jack. Sharon stated it wasn't time for her to be honest.

Sharon knew that Phyllis had a million other places she needed to be, but she asked if Phyllis could spare a little time to feed the hungry, since Thanksgiving was about giving. Sharon felt that she and Phyllis might settle a few old wounds during that time. Phyllis agreed to help.

Phyllis stood behind the counter and filled plates as the homeless passed through. She offered up second helpings to those who were there. The guests applauded, and Phyllis claimed she felt the love. Gloria appeared and said, "Next stop." Phyllis told Gloria to buzz off because she was enjoying feeding the homeless, but Gloria transported Phyllis again.

Dressed in a sequined silver dress, Phyllis landed at the Newmans'. She asked why she was in the belly of the beast. Nikki and Victor entered. They each held a carving knife and fork. They told Phyllis they had been waiting for her. Phyllis stated she hadn't arrived there of her own volition. They didn't care how she'd gotten there; they were happy she'd arrived in time to carve the turkey.

Victor and Nikki put down the carving utensils and said Phyllis had the honor of carving the turkey. Nick arrived. He was happy that Phyllis had finally arrived. Phyllis said it made no sense that everyone was being nice to her, since she despised all of them, and they despised her. Phyllis was about to leave, but Victor and Nikki said they wanted her to stay.

Nick told Phyllis that even though they weren't a couple anymore, they were Summer's parents, and they were friends. Nick said he owed Phyllis a huge thank-you, and Thanksgiving was the perfect time to do that. Phyllis asked why Nick was thanking her. Nick said he'd taken her advice about staying out of his family's drama. Since he'd taken her advice, some amazing things had happened -- Adam had finally left town, Victoria had forgiven him, he and Victoria were closer than ever, and Victor had finally accepted him for who he was and the choices he made. Victor crowed that he was "so proud" of Nick.

Nick told Phyllis he should have listened to her from the beginning. Nikki said they were all grateful to Phyllis for putting up with their family for all those years and for always being the voice of reason when they had stubbornly refused to listen. Phyllis suggested they carve the turkey and celebrate.

With wine in hand, Phyllis regaled the Newmans with funny stories. Phyllis claimed it had been the best Thanksgiving she'd ever spent with them and said it was nice to have that peace among them. Phyllis asked why it had taken them so long to get there. Nikki claimed there was no need to get into that because there were times when they had been less pleased with Phyllis. Nikki mentioned the many times Phyllis had broken Nick's heart and the time that Phyllis had turned on her and Victoria during the J.T. murder investigation. Phyllis claimed they didn't have to go there. Nikki agreed.

Nikki told Phyllis they were grateful for the guidance Phyllis had given Nick because it had saved their family. They were finally united and happy. They had Phyllis and her sage wisdom to thank for that. Nikki said she and Victor had stopped meddling, and everything was copacetic with the Newmans. Victor proposed a toast to Phyllis. Phyllis said, "Three cheers for Phyllis." Everyone cheered.

Suddenly, Phyllis had been transported again. She appeared at Society, wearing a sequined, deep red dress, and she stood in the foyer. She heard Traci say that they were "so happy" for Jack, because he'd been lonely for some time. Ashley said his love life had taken some hard lefts lately. Traci claimed Jack had found love again, but she wondered who would have thought it would have been with "her." Jack claimed no one was more surprised than he. He admitted he'd never been happier.

Ashley claimed that the past could become the present when one reunited with a former lover. It could be magical. Jack claimed it had been magical, and it would continue. Jack claimed that she was spontaneous, exciting, and unpredictable. Ashley said she was worth it.

Phyllis appeared confused. She muttered that they were talking about her, but she and Jack hadn't reunited. She also knew that if they had, Jack's sisters wouldn't be that happy about it. Phyllis heard Jack say that she'd never been Ashley and Traci's favorite, but he thanked them for their kindness and generosity. He believed it would work "this time." Traci said they wanted that for him. Ashley asked where "she" was. Jack claimed she was there. Phyllis watched in shock as Jack lovingly embraced Gloria.

Phyllis heard Ashley say that that incredible woman had put a smile back on Jack's face. Traci claimed anyone who made Jack happy also made her and Ashley happy. Jack claimed that Gloria had given him a whole new appreciation for life, and he was grateful she'd been willing to take him back. Gloria saw Phyllis beckon to her. Gloria excused herself and joined Phyllis in the foyer.

Phyllis protested that Gloria had turned out to be quite the godmother. Phyllis called her the "Golden Ghoul." Gloria claimed it was Phyllis' fault that Jack was with her. Phyllis' subconscious told Phyllis that she was intimidated by Gloria because, deep down, Phyllis knew Gloria held the key to Jack's heart. Gloria was happy she didn't have to live inside Phyllis' head on a full-time basis.

Phyllis told Gloria that her dream was a mash-up of irrational incidents, like the Abbotts having Thanksgiving dinner at Society instead of their home, and Jack being in love with Gloria while his sisters supported it. That would never happen. Gloria reminded Phyllis it was happening right before her eyes. Phyllis claimed she would put a stop to it.

Phyllis marched to the Abbott table and announced that when they'd spoken of Jack's great love of his life returning, they had been talking about her, not Gloria. Phyllis tried to sit down, but everyone rebelled. Ashley said there was no room at the table for Phyllis. Jack suggested that it was Thanksgiving, and maybe they could find room for Phyllis at the table. Ashley stated that Phyllis shouldn't be there. She asked if Jack had forgotten how many times Phyllis had broken his heart. Traci reminded Jack that Phyllis had cheated on him with his brother, Billy.

Phyllis claimed that had been a mistake. She asked if they wanted Gloria with Jack rather than her. Ashley and Traci agreed they preferred Gloria. Phyllis didn't understand what had happened. Her dream had been going so well, but suddenly, everything had changed.

Ashley told Jack she was excited about the meal. She claimed it was fun to break with family tradition once in a while. Jack said he was considering asking Gloria to return to Jabot. Ashley and Traci loved that idea, and they gushed how Gloria always had such good business sense. Phyllis disagreed and said Gloria was a fraud and a liar, she stole things, and she was a grifter. Ignoring Phyllis, Jack asked if anyone wanted wine.

Phyllis returned to the foyer, and Billy was there. Phyllis asked why he was there when he'd said he was going home to Lily. Billy said he wasn't sure because it was Phyllis' dream. Billy felt it was a good time to apologize for the way he'd screwed things up between her and Jack. He knew it was one of the many reasons Phyllis didn't like him. Billy claimed they'd done good things while they'd been together, like exposing Sally Spectra and Tara Locke. Phyllis admitted they worked well together when their interests dovetailed.

Phyllis told Billy they weren't going to rehash the past because they didn't want to hurt Jack again. Phyllis claimed her dream had been great, but the dream had fallen apart with the Abbotts. Billy felt it might be her guilt, since she'd exiled herself from Thanksgiving, believing she deserved to be alone. Phyllis claimed she'd been working. Billy said she should have been spending time with Summer and Daniel. He knew how much her kids mattered to her and that fighting for her kids was second nature to her. Phyllis lamented that her kids were so far away. Billy knew that Phyllis missed Nick and everything they'd had, but it was obvious she missed Jack more.

Phyllis told Billy that Jack was in Spain with Ashley. Billy reminded Phyllis that Jack was in Spain, fighting for Abby, because, like Phyllis, when it came to family, Jack was all in. When it came to love, Jack was relentless, and that included Phyllis. Phyllis stated that Jack was amazing. Billy said Phyllis deserved love, whether she wanted to admit it or not.

Phyllis stated that Billy hadn't been able to wait to toss her aside after she'd slept with Nick. Billy felt it had all worked out the way it had been meant to be. Billy felt that things between him and Phyllis had needed to blow up because he was where he belonged. Billy claimed that Jack brought out the best in Phyllis; she was more honest and less defensive, and she didn't lash out as much when she was with Jack. Phyllis never questioned Jack's advice or his agenda. She liked who she was when she was with Jack, until the guilt reared its ugly head and ruined things.

Phyllis asked Billy how she would go about it if she wanted to reunite with Jack, because she didn't want to blow things up. Billy said if he was Phyllis... poof, Gloria appeared, and said it was time to move on. Frantic, Phyllis asked Billy to finish what he was saying. Gloria told Billy that Sleeping Beauty needed her rest, but Phyllis insisted that Billy finish what he'd been about to tell her. Billy left. Phyllis was about to follow him, but Gloria stopped her and snapped her fingers. They were back in Phyllis' suite.

Phyllis told Gloria they had to go back to Society because she had to talk to Billy. He'd been about to tell her what she needed to do next with her life. Gloria said no, and she claimed she'd been Phyllis' best choice as a confidante, because she would give Phyllis the truth. Gloria said she had a deep well of experience and wisdom to draw upon. Phyllis claimed she'd chosen Gloria because Phyllis hated herself and loved torture.

Gloria asked why Billy had the answers Phyllis had been looking for. Phyllis claimed that she and Billy were similar, in that they were both reckless and wild. Billy had figured out how to remain a screw-up and still be with the person he loved, and she hadn't. Phyllis begged Gloria to take her back to Billy.

Suddenly, Phyllis was back in bed and asleep when there was a pounding on Phyllis' door. Phyllis sat up and figured it was Gloria, but when she opened the door, it was Thomas from room service with her Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. Phyllis claimed she hadn't ordered it. Thomas said someone had. Phyllis realized her dream had ended. She smiled and told Thomas to go home to be with his family for Thanksgiving.

Phyllis received a video call from Jack. He was on the jet. He hoped the food was to her liking. Almost in tears, Phyllis couldn't believe Jack had done that for her. She admitted that at first, she'd thought the meal was part of a strange dream she'd had, but then it smelled delicious, and dreams didn't come with aromas. Jack promised it wasn't a dream. He hoped it tasted as good as it smelled.

Jack told Phyllis that he and Ashley had just landed in Spain. However, it was late, and they would begin their search for Abby in the morning. Jack said he had extra time, and he wanted to know if he and Phyllis could have Thanksgiving dinner together. He showed Phyllis his plate and explained that it hadn't been easy to get his turkey and stuffing onto the jet, but he'd made it happen. Jack said if he'd been at home, he would have invited Phyllis to the family dinner.

Jack told Phyllis that the staff had told him she'd had a very busy day, and she hadn't eaten before going to her suite. He wanted to have a special "friendsgiving." Phyllis claimed it was spectacular. She thanked Jack, and while on video chat, they had their Thanksgiving meal together.

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