Phyllis and Christine fight over Danny

The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Wednesday, February 21, 2024)
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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Phyllis showed up, uninvited, to Daniel's apartment, where Danny answered the door. Danny told Phyllis he had nothing to say to her, but a peace offering of some Brunello wine distracted him long enough for Phyllis to barge right in. Phyllis tried to convince Danny that she had changed and that she wanted to continue being a better person -- with Danny. Phyllis suspected Danny wanted the same thing. Danny called Phyllis out for implying that there was something going on between them when there wasn't.

Danny told Phyllis he didn't want the complications Phyllis caused in his life. Phyllis denied being the cause of any complications. Instead, she blamed Christine. Phyllis accused Christine of seeing the bond between Phyllis and Danny then playing the victim "to keep her claws" in Danny. Phyllis leaned in close to Danny and told him that she could see the future the two of them could have. The doorbell rang. Phyllis whispered, "Don't get it," but Danny opened the door. It was Christine, who sighed when she saw Phyllis.

Christine entered. She was carrying a gift for Danny--some chai tea. Phyllis mockingly compared the tea to the wine she had given Danny. Danny asked them both to leave. Christine wanted to apologize for the things she had said when they'd spoken last. Christine asked Phyllis to leave, but Phyllis refused.

Christine was frustrated. "Why do you do this? Why do you make everything a scene?" she asked Phyllis. "Why can you not accept that there's something going on between me and Danny?" Phyllis replied. "Because you are stalking him! Big difference from an actual relationship!" Christine declared.

Danny spoke up and tried again to get Phyllis and Christine to leave. He wanted both women to respect his boundaries. Phyllis said, "I never really believed in boundaries, to be honest. And I think that we can both agree there's nothing wrong in going after love." Christine balked at that. "You don't love Danny. You love making my life hell!" Christine accused.

Christine told Phyllis that. despite her claims of having changed, Phyllis was "the same nasty, mean girl" she had always been. "At least I'm not boring. Maybe that's why Paul dumped you," Phyllis taunted. Again, Danny tried to get Christine and Phyllis to leave, but they ignored him and continued to snipe at each other. Danny grabbed his things and left, while Phyllis and Christine didn't even notice he had gone. Once they realized Danny wasn't there, they blamed each other for his having gone.

Christine told Phyllis that Phyllis should stop pursuing Danny because Phyllis was not what he wanted. Phyllis said that Christine was holding on to "old, moldy memories." Phyllis claimed that she and Danny were "new, and exciting, and fun." Christine said that Phyllis was "as conniving as ever." She accused Phyllis of having used Daniel to get to Danny. Phyllis asked, "Have you thought that maybe my son would be happy that his parents are back together?" Christine replied, "No."

Christine said that Phyllis had killed the love in every relationship she had ever had, that Phyllis was terrified of being alone, and that Danny loving Phyllis wouldn't fix that. "You're broken! Nobody wants you! Especially not Danny!" Christine exclaimed. Phyllis glowered, "You... are... a bitch!" as she moved toward Christine. Christine dared Phyllis to give her a reason to press charges.

Phyllis told Christine that she wasn't going to risk hitting Christine because Christine wasn't worth it. Christine accused Phyllis of being "out of control." "I'm actually in control," Phyllis countered. She told Christine that Phyllis and Danny had been getting "very close" before Christine had arrived. "You're pathetic. I almost feel sorry for you," Christine told Phyllis. "You're afraid that you lost Danny all over again," Phyllis accused. On her way out, Phyllis said, "Well, that's okay. You have your memories and your 'connection' to keep you warm at night." After Phyllis left, Christine punched a pillow in frustration.

At Crimson Lights, Nate asked Chance how things had been going at Chancellor-Winters. Chance suspected Nate was checking up on Billy. Chance asked Nate why Nate and Devon had a problem with Billy. Nate explained that he and Devon were being cautious, due to Billy's history. Chance stood up for Billy. He acknowledged that Billy owned up to all his mistakes.

Nate admitted that he had made mistakes and grown from them. Nate hoped Billy had done the same but felt that Jill had forced Billy on them. Chance said, "I guess that applies to me, too." Nate disagreed. He pointed out that Chance was new to the corporate world and had worked his way up, whereas Billy had walked away but been brought back in "unilaterally."

Chance admitted that he had had doubts about Billy but that Billy had proven to be a great mentor. Chance sang Billy's praises to Nate. Chance cited Billy's enthusiasm and desire for Chancellor-Winters to succeed. Nate explained that the mistrust between his Aunt Mamie and Jill Abbott had trickled down. Chance suggested that Nate and Devon should not focus on Billy's past, but rather on his present and future.

Nate said that he and Chance were both outsiders -- Chance from law enforcement and Nate from medicine. Nate liked to believe that they both brought unique skills to the corporate world. Nate offered Chance his support. Chance had ideas that he wanted to run by Nate before bringing them to Devon and Billy. After doing some research, Chance wanted to create a music festival but wondered if that idea was too big.

Nate pointed out that a music festival entailed a big risk and a big outlay of cash but that he himself had had the same idea "back in the day." Nate stressed, however, that this was "a new day." He offered to work with Chance to make it happen. Chance looked forward to working with Nate. Summer arrived.

Nate greeted Summer then left to return to the office. Chance told Summer that Nate had liked one of his ideas. Summer expressed her confidence in Chance's abilities.

Devon stopped by Billy's office at Chancellor-Winters to inform him that, after discussing the matter with Lily, they did not want to add the Abbott name to the company. Billy restated his reasons for wanting the change, but Devon said that they'd be leaving the company name "as is." At that moment, Amanda Sinclair walked in and said, "Well, Jill will be very sorry to hear that."

Devon argued that Jill had had two opportunities to bring up the subject of a name change, yet she hadn't. He wondered why it was so important to Jill right then. Amanda asked Devon why he did not want to acknowledge the Abbott family's contributions to Chancellor-Winters. Devon replied that he was concerned about the motives and the timing of this issue. "Is it really about Jill, or is this about Billy?" Devon asked. Billy said it seemed like Devon was the only one blocking the name change, "and for no good reason."

Devon suggested that they should table the discussion until Lily returned and Billy could hear Lily's opinion directly, but Amanda informed them that Jill wanted the matter settled sooner rather than later. Devon told Amanda that Lily would not be rushed while dealing with her daughter's problems. Then, Devon left.

Billy greeted Amanda with a hug. Amanda told him that Jill had sent her for both the question of the name change, and to "gauge other dynamics in play" at the company. "Devon doesn't trust me," Billy said. Billy didn't blame Devon, given Billy's history. Amanda called that unacceptable and told Billy that, in order for the company to move forward, he and Devon would have to trust each other.

Later, after Amanda had left, Devon returned to Billy's office, and they continued their discussion. Billy called the name-change issue just a symptom of a larger problem. Billy asked why Devon didn't trust Billy. Devon told Billy that it was Billy's motives and timing that had Devon concerned. Devon wondered if Billy would stick around or perhaps try to remake the company in Billy's "own image."

Billy told Devon that he would have to work on rectifying Devon's perception of him, but he couldn't do it alone. Billy asked Devon if they could find a way to work together, openly and honestly. Devon accused Billy of having a chip on his shoulder. "You don't trust me? Would you like to explain why?" Billy suggested that Devon didn't like to work with other people, that Chancellor-Winters was "just not all about" Devon, and that Devon's "my way or the highway mentality" was not going to work.

Billy pointed out that Devon had worked independently for a long time. He mentioned conflicts that Devon had had with Nate and Lily in the past. Billy observed that Devon and Lily were closer than ever and that Nate had been forgiven and brought back into the company. Devon concluded that Billy was looking for a second chance. "All I'm asking for is the opportunity to be on a level playing field, like you put them," Billy explained.

Devon told Billy that all he had been doing was asking questions, while Billy had been the one with demands and accusations. "We've clearly gotten off on the wrong foot. And I'm not holding my breath that things are gonna get much better," Devon declared just before he left.

At Society, Abby and Mariah were waiting for Tessa to finish a business call so they could toast Tessa's new position as manager. Amanda walked in. She asked to speak with Abby in private. Mariah excused herself. Amanda told Abby about her visit to Chancellor-Winters. She mentioned that Devon had not seemed to be happy that Billy was working there. Amanda wanted Abby to tell her how serious Devon's objections were.

Abby accused Amanda of wanting her to betray Devon's confidence about his feelings for Billy. Amanda replied that she just wanted to solve the problem. Abby responded, "No you don't. You want me to convince Devon to accept Billy and work with him." Amanda asked Abby, "You don't have a problem because it's me asking, do you?" Abby acknowledged having hurt Amanda but called Amanda's use of Abby's regret to get whatever she wanted "shameless."

Amanda told Abby that Abby had misunderstood her. Amanda pointed out that Abby had a vested interest in and responsibility to Chancellor-Winters. Amanda then praised Billy for being "brilliant" and "forward thinking," but she also felt that Devon was using Billy's past mistakes against him. Amanda wanted the four of them to find a way to work together. Abby told Amanda, "Billy doesn't need you or Jill fighting his battles. So, why don't we trust Devon and Billy to work it out themselves?"

After Amanda had left, Mariah returned to Abby's table. Mariah asked Abby what Amanda had wanted. Abby explained that it was about Chancellor-Winters business.

Amanda returned to Billy's office at Chancellor-Winters. She asked about Billy's talk with Devon. Billy felt that Devon had no intention of working with Billy. Amanda told Billy about her visit with Abby. Amanda and Billy listed Jill's attempt to take over the company and Mamie and Tucker's secret plan to do the same as reasons for Devon's mistrust of Billy. Billy added that Devon was also perceiving Amanda's visit at Jill's behest as a threat.

Amanda said that Jill still perceived Mamie and Tucker as a threat to Chancellor-Winters, and that Jill had sent Amanda to Genoa City to get everyone on the same team, whether everyone liked it or not.

Lauren entered the Athletic Club and saw Danny sitting at the bar. She asked Danny how he was. "Never better," Danny replied unconvincingly. Lauren asked Danny what was wrong. He replied, "I'm starting to think my next concert tour can't come soon enough."

Danny told Lauren about what had happened at his son's apartment. Lauren guessed that Christine and Phyllis were fighting over him again. "Is this my fault?" Danny asked Lauren. "You mean, because you're charming, sweet, talented, and handsome? It is so your fault!" Lauren teased.

Danny told Lauren that Christine had accused Danny of playing Christine and Phyllis against each other because he was enjoying it. Lauren could see that Danny was not having a good time. She mentioned that Danny and Christine had looked happy together on New Year's Eve. Lauren asked, "What happened? Oh, wait! Phyllis happened."

Danny explained that Phyllis claimed that she had real feelings for Danny and that Phyllis claimed he was part of her journey toward becoming a better person. Danny also expressed that he had feelings for Christine. Lauren asked if Danny had discussed it all with Christine and Phyllis. Danny told Lauren that it had gotten so bad that he had recommended that the three of them should all take a break.

Danny explained to Lauren that he only felt friendship for Phyllis but that both she and Christine thought it was something more. Lauren speculated, "If you are willing to put your relationship with Christine in jeopardy, then maybe you see Phyllis as more than just a friend."

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• Ashley continues to be haunted by the voices in her head

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