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Amanda Sinclair
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Actor History
September 19, 2019 to Present; contract
April 27, 2021 to May 28, 2021; temporary due to illness

Birthday celebrated on July 2, because she was abandoned as a newborn and her exact date of birth was not known

July 1 birthdate confirmed 2021


Chief Counsel at Chancellor-Winters

Formerly Sinclair and Benedict law partnership with Imani

Formerly inhouse legal counsel for Chancellor Communications

Provides pro bono legal services for New Hope

Former law partnership in Madison, WI

Graduated from Yale Law School

Graduated from Stanford


Lakeview Towers penthouse B at 1500 Market Street with Devon

Marital Status

In a committed relationship with Devon Hamilton

Past Marriages

None known


Naya Benedict (Mother)

Richard Nealon (Father; deceased)

Sutton Ames (Maternal grandfather)

Hilary Curtis (twin sister, deceased)

Imani Benedict (Half-sister, daughter of Naya)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Ripley Turner (engagement broken)

Nate Hastings (dated)

Devon Hamilton (lovers 2021-2022)

Health and Vitals
Crimes Committed

None known

Brief Character History

Young Genoa City billionaire, Devon Hamilton, was suddenly notified of discrepancies in his grandmother Katherine Chancellorís will. It was that will that had made Devon a billionaire 6 years prior. Attorney Amanda Sinclair arrived in town, shocking everyone she met by looking identical to Devonís recently deceased wife Hilary. Amanda claimed that Chance Chancellor had hired her after he discovered that Devonís father Tucker McCall had paid Katherineís attorney David Sherman to alter 2 pages of her will to leave the bulk of her estate to Devon instead of Cane Ashby. Cane denied any knowledge of it, Chance was working undercover for the FBI and could not be reached, nor could Tucker. Once the original pages were authenticated, and even though the statute of limitations to contest the will had run out, Devon felt obligated to give Cane the two billion, 475 million dollars he had inherited. Devon kept his companies and assets the money had allowed him to secure. Then Chance showed up in town saying he knew nothing about the claim, and had not hired Amanda. Chance exposed that it had all been a scam by Caneís conman father Colin Atkinson, who had already stolen the money out of Caneís bank account and was hiding out on the island of Kuredu, in The Maldives. While Chance and the Feds waited on extradition, Colin managed to escape the authorities there, and called Chance to taunt him. Devon had a hard time understanding how he could have been bilked and became obsessed with it. Devon couldnít believe he had been totally scammed, and all eyes turned to Cane, accusing him of being in on the scam. Cane assured them he was not, and vowed to track down his father Colin, bring him to justice, and clear his name. Devon kept running into Amanda who had decided to live in Genoa City, continually accusing her of being a part of the scheme. Amanda had no answers, claiming that she had never met the person who hired her. Everyone assumed she had been hired due to her resemblance to Hilary to shake up Devon.

Dr. Nate Hastings had been secretly treating Victor Newman for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, a rare blood disease that destroys red cells. When experimental treatment had no effect, Victor opted for another treatment with side-affects which included diminished mental capacity. He became forgetful, and a one point experienced an episode where his only hope was to ask Jack for help. Nate realized that someone had tampered with Victorís medication, test results showed double his dosage. Victor faked his death to prove that his son Adam had tampered with his meds, hoping he would show remorse. Nate was in on it. The medical board tried to take away Nateís license to practice in Wisconsin. He hired Amanda who was notorious for never having lost a case, his case being he had gone along with it because he thought Victorís life was in danger. Amanda won the case, and they began dating. Amanda closed up her practice in Madison and moved to Genoa City.

Devon confronted Amanda about her perfect case winning record, how she was a perfect attorney, yet she got scammed by Colin? Devon insinuated that potential clients would not hire her if they knew. Devonís girlfriend Elena made friends with Amanda trying to dispute Devonís suspicions. But she came away suspicious as well.

Amanda began hanging out at a dive bar, The Empty Glass Lounge, to get away from all the suspicion. She ran into Billy Abbott who had been coming there to have drinks, play some cards, and escape all the well-meaning people who he felt were expecting too much from him. They hit it off and began texting each other and meeting there when they needed an escape, no romance, just friends who could be honest with each other. Amanda told Billy that she had grown up in foster homes, and had never tried to find her parents. She told him how a friend had gotten mugged, and it made her realize she had to do better. Amanda put herself through law school, and thought she had met her soulmate, and got engaged. Then he changed, became controlling, not letting her see her friends, and had to know where she was all the time. He had made her not trust her instincts or anyone. Amanda encouraged Billy to reach out to his wife Victoria, and explain how he felt, being known as a screw up with everyone who loved him trying to ďfixĒ him. Billy ended up moving out on his family. Then Amanda got him out of charges when he landed in jail for inciting a bar fight, costing Billy a black eye and damages to the bar.

Victor had Amanda investigated and turned up these facts: Amanda had a law partner who had died. Amanda hired someone to erase her history from the Internet, about the time Colin started his scheme against Devon. Amanda was engaged to Ripley Turner, but she put a restraining order on him, and he on her. Viewers saw Amanda conferring with someone on her cellphone on several occasions, and this person was tracking someone. Amanda was meeting Billy Abbott at a dive bar, and had photos which were given to Victoria. Victoria met with Amanda who was surprised to find out that Billy was a gambling addict, had embezzled from Jabot, had bounced from job to job, and woman to woman.

Amanda walked into her hotel suite and found Ripley there waiting for her. As she began to dial 911, Ripley pled with her to hear him out. Ripley wanted to know why it ended. Amanda said the restraining order explained that pretty well. Amanda admitted it had been great in beginning, once they became engaged, he had become overbearing, distrusting, and totally changed. When she broke it off he had become a stalker. Ripley said he had taken anger management classes, gone to therapy, and hated the person he became. Billy knocked at her door, interrupting them, and asked him to leave. The next day Ripley caught her at Crimson Lights. Under the table, Amanda texted police detective Rey, and Ripley was arrested. Calling him a sociopath, Amanda said she didnít want to ever see him again. But after a night in jail, Rey brough Ripley to Amanda who dropped the charges and let Ripley know in no uncertain terms that she was no longer afraid of him. Handing him a bus ticket back to Madison, she to him to go away and live his life. But if he ever came back, she would not be so generous.

A few months later, viewers saw Ripley lurking in the shadows of an art exhibit set up to honor 50 years of Newman Enterprises. He jealously watched as Billy chatted with Amanda who was wearing a white off-the-shoulder outfit. While Ripley looked away, gathering his courage, Amanda left, and Victoria Newman who was wearing a similar outfit, took her place chatting with Billy. Ripley approached, and appeared to bump into Victoria. But with a shocked look at Billy, Victoria revealed the blood stain where she had been stabbed, and she fell to the floor. Viewers saw Ripley lock eyes with Amanda as he escaped, realizing he had stabbed the wrong person. Amanda was terrified, seeing him again. Victoria was hospitalized, and recovered from her wound. Ripley was later captured as he was driving back into Genoa City, his car loaded with weapons. Ripley pled guilty to attempted murder, and Amanda was relieved that she did not have to testify.

A big storm passed through town just before dinner time, stranding Billy with Amanda at the Grand Phoenix hotel. With the kitchen shut down and elevators not working, Billy raided the vending machines. They went to Amandaís room and divvied up the loot on Amandaís bed. Billy stayed the night, sleeping on the couch, but when Amanda woke up screaming, he joined her in bed. Both slept well, room service brought them breakfast, Billy kissed her, and he left after both agreed they would still only be friends.

Elena proposed creating a low-cost clinic for New Hope residents and anyone needing low cost medical care. Devon thought it was a great idea. They convinced Nate to oversee medical protocol for people in recovery, and Nate and Elena would work there part time. Devon, Nate, and Elena went to check out a location they had in mind for the New Hope clinic, when a teenager named Jared came in with a deep cut he had received by being shoved against a security gate by two guys who had looted his grandfatherís store where Jared worked. Nate and Elena tended to his wounds, and they gave him supplies for him and his grandfather. The next day, Devon bought the rundown building. Jared returned, upset that his grandfather had passed out. They got the elderly man to the hospital, but he later died. When the trio tried to comfort Jared, he ran off. Later Jared fought with their landlord, and ended up in jail. Amanda got the charges dropped. Jared had been a foster kid until he found his grandfather, who had agreed to take him in. Amanda shared that she too had grown up in foster care and got him to open up. Jared told how his grandfather had been a domino master, that his shop was rented, and he didnít know how he could possibly keep it. They gave him a job working at the clinic. Seeing this new side of Amanda, Devon decided to forgive and befriend her. They asked her to give legal assistance at New Hope, and she agreed.

Days later, Billy and Lily asked Amanda to join their newly formed ChanceComm division of Chancellor Industries as their inhouse legal counsel, and she accepted the position.

Amanda and Dr. Nate Hastings began to get close and started dating. Both were very cautious, not wanting to rush things. Nathan noticed that Amandaís B-negative blood type was the same as Hilaryís, and asked had she ever considered they may have been twins? They spoke to Devon and discovered that Hilaryís birth date had been July 1. Amanda admitted that she had been celebrating her birthday on July 2, but since she had been abandoned as a newborn the date had been estimated. Amanda hoped to get a DNA test. Devon found some of Hilaryís hair clips, and the test showed that they had been born twins. They hired a detective who discovered their mother, Naya Benedict in Willamette, IL, and Amanda finally worked up the courage to show up at her door. Naya denied knowing anything about Amanda or Hilary and sent her away. Later Nayaís daughter Imani tracked Amanda down and threatened her. It turned out that Nayaís father Sutton Ames had been a rich politician who refused to endure the scandal of his daughter being pregnant by a poor boy. Naya was sent away, delivered the twins, and they were taken from her. Hilary had been adopted in Evanston, Illinois, but Amanda had been abandoned at a fire station in Wisconsin. Their father Richard Nealon had died in a car crash shortly afterward. Naya went back to college and married well. Devonís detective later discovered evidence that Sutton had arranged Richardís death, his brakes were tampered with, when Richard had begun to look for his daughters. Naya refused to testify against Sutton. But thanks to Victor Newman and Michael Baldwin, and Amanda's testimony, Sutton was convicted.

Abby and Chance were married by Devon who got an online ordination so he could officiate. Months later when they were unable to conceive, they asked Mariah to be their surrogate and Devon offered to donate the needed sperm. Chance was away on a secret mission for months. Mariah was kidnapped and locked in a room during the final month of the pregnancy with no one but the unborn baby, who she had been calling Bowie. Devonís detective friend Denise discovered that Stitch the kidnapper had rented a house 2 months prior. Abby arrived to find Mariah in labor, Devon shortly afterward, and Rey left them to pursue Stitch. Abby and Devon delivered the baby boy with the online help of Nate. Abby named the baby Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Chancellor and a christening was held with Mariah and Devon as god parents.

During their shared experiences, Devon had fallen in love with Amanda and eventually asked her to move in with him. Abby received devastating news that Chance had been killed in a bombing raid, but she refused to believe it. Abby left Dominic in Devonís care, then went to Spain, located Chance, and brought him home alive. With the family reunited, Devon realized how much he missed Dominic and petitioned for joint custody. So Dominic joined them at the penthouse every other weekend. Dominic scared everyone when he became lethargic and was diagnosed with a rare blood disease requiring a bone marrow transplant. Luckily Devon was a perfect match. After a bone marrow transplant, Dominic was confirmed to be doing fine and should make a full recovery. But they needed to take all care to avoid any infection. Chance offered to fund setting up transports and visits to Devon.

Amanda and Imani opened a law firm together, Sinclair and Benedict. Then Amanda joined Chancellor Industries as chief counsel, and Imani joined her as a member of the legal staff. They maintained their positions when Chancellor merged with Hamilton-Winters and became Chancellor-Winters. Nayaís husband let Amanda know that Naya had a stroke. Amanda returned home and broke it to Imani that everyone had decided that Imani would not have been able to handle it, so they had asked Amanda to come instead.

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Who's Who in Genoa City

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