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Erica told Mike that she was in love with him. Brooke changed her mind about fleeing the country when Jamie started to have nightmares. Camille arrived too late to stop Holidays from exploding. Dixie and David each returned to Pine Valley.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on AMC
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Monday July 6, 1998

"Here? Now? That's impossible!" Erica replied to Mike's announcement that he and Erica were about to get married. Mike argued that a wedding was not impossible and urged Erica to go with the flow. Erica explained that she couldn't go through with the ceremony because she was still engaged to Jack. On top of that, she added that Bianca hadn't even met Mike yet. Mike picked up the phone and readied to find Bianca's number. Erica ordered him to put down the phone before he could upset Bianca. Mike told Erica that they've loved each other for thirteen years. It seemed more of a reminder than a statement of fact. And as time had passed, Erica had only become more beautiful. Mike's flattery accomplished its goal. Erica agreed to marry Mike, but she asked if she could have a few minutes to freshen up. Erica was gone for more than a few minutes and the chaplain began to worry that Erica wasn't coming back. Mike laughed slightly and informed that as the head of a cosmetic company, Erica is required to take a lot of time! Erica poked her head into the room and blinked her eyes several times. When she entered the room, she was followed by two men---a doctor and an orderly. Erica introduced the doctor as Dr. Silbert, the head of the hospital's psychiatric unit. Erica called Mike "delusional" because he believed that she would marry him in a hospital room while he was wearing a hospital gown. Erica spoke mostly to the doctor and avoided looking at Mike. "He thinks he's a secret agent," Erica said shaking her head condescendingly. Erica apologized to the minister for wasting his time. He nodded understandingly and left the room. Erica returned her attention to the psychiatrist. She urged the doctor to "lock [Mike] up while he's still docile." Mike laughed nervously and asked Erica to quit having fun at his expense. Erica smiled and told Mike that she'd visit him again in a few days---after the medication had set in. Erica left the room with a broad smile on her face. Dr. Silbert's helper, referred to as Brewster, tried to pin Mike to his bed so that he could be restrained. Luckily for Mike, Adrian returned. He flashed the marriage license as proof that Mike and Erica were going to be married. Dr. Silbert informed Mike that the license didn't prove anything. Adrian fished his ID out of his wallet and flashed it to the doctor. He now knew that Erica had pulled one over on him. Brewster and Dr. Silbert left, but not before apologizing for inconveniencing Mike. Adrian couldn't help but laugh at his former partner. Erica had certainly gotten him good. Adrian couldn't help but wonder why Mike would want to marry a woman who tried to have him committed. If Adrian had to ask the question, he'd obviously never fallen for Erica Kane. "I love her, I want her, and dammit I am going to have her!" Mike proclaimed.

Judge Foster asked the bailiff to escort Jamie out of the courtroom. Jamie refused to budge and called out for his mother. Brooke raced to her son's side and embraced him. Tad stumbled into the courtroom and apologized for his son's intrusion. Again the judge ordered that Jamie be removed. "Don't touch him!" Brooke shouted. The jury was escorted out of the room to avoid any "contamination" or other influence. Brooke asked the judge for a few minutes alone with her son so that she could explain some things to him. The judge later granted Trevor's formal request for a ten-minute recess. Jamie again asked the judge not to send his mother to jail. The judge smiled tenderly and assured Jamie that his mother would be home for dinner. "You promise?" Jamie asked. "You have my word on it," came the reply. In a private room, Tad scolded his son for running away from home. Pine Valley, he said, isn't Pigeon Hollow. There are creeps abound who don't hesitate in harming little children. Brooke apologized for putting her son through the agony of her trial. Jamie didn't need an apology; he was glad that his mother killed Jim. Brooke and Tad immediately tried to show their son that killing someone isn't always the right thing to do. "You can't go around killing people," Tad informed the young boy. With every action comes a need for responsibility, Brooke told Jamie. She added that everyone needs to accept the consequences of their actions even if it means... "Going to jail?" Jamie asked, interrupting his mother. Tad again promised Jamie that his mother would not go to jail. Opal entered the room and told Jamie that Petey had been asking about him. She offered to take Jamie to Cortlandt Manor so that he and Petey could go for a dip in the pool or chow down on some ice cream. Brooke thanked Opal for helping her out and she and Jamie headed back to the mansion. In the courtroom, Keith motioned that the judge declared a mistrial. Jamie's outburst, which Keith insisted was a planned spectacle by the defense, had tainted the jury and helped swing their sentiment towards Brooke. Belinda and Trevor insisted that Jamie's appearance was not a legal maneuver. Judge Foster refused to grant Keith's request and ordered the trial to proceed. He did, however, warn both sides that any further "theatrics" would be grounds for a mistrial or contempt charges. Keith announced that his next witness would be treated as a "hostile witness." In short, a hostile witness can be treated a bit differently---more aggressively---than other witness. Usually, there's a lot of "Isn't it true that"s in the questioning. Phoebe was called to the stand and it was apparent from the moment she sat down in the witness stand that she was not going to be very cooperative. Keith asked Phoebe if Brooke and Jim had ever spent the night together. Phoebe explained that she doesn't peep into other people's bedrooms and therefore couldn't answer the question. The next question for Phoebe was whether or not Brooke ever announced that she was in love with Jim. "There's love and then there's love," Phoebe replied. Keith took that reply as a "yes." On cross-examination, Phoebe was able to talk a bit about the way that Jim had been treated as a hero for "rescuing" Brooke, Edmund, and Maddie from Flight 149. Later, of course, it was learned that Jim caused the crash. Phoebe made the mistake of remarking that Brooke loathed Jim after learning that he had been responsible for the crash. Keith picked up on that and on redirect asked Phoebe if Brooke had ever threatened to kill Jim. "Certainly not!" Phoebe squawked. "Now you back off or I'll make you wish that you had." Phoebe shook his cane menacingly in Keith's direction. "Now that was a threat," Phoebe quipped. "But I doubt very highly that anyone would expect me to shoot you!" Her remark caused a loud chuckle amongst the spectators. Keith asked the question again and this time Phoebe tried to dodge the question by claiming that her memory wasn't as good as it used to be. During the conversation, Brooke drifted off yet again. She imagined herself several years down the road. In her dream, she hadn't killed Jim Thomasen. Instead, she'd had him arrested for his involvement in the crash of Flight 149 and Jim served seven years in prison. When Jim got out, he'd managed to sink his claws into Jamie and caused Jamie to turn to drugs and sex. It wasn't outwardly stated, but Jamie had apparently died of a drug overdose or of AIDS. Brooke slowly returned to reality, but when she did she lost control of herself. She rose to her feet and yelled that she had to shoot Jim because it was the only way to stop him. The judge ordered Brooke to quiet herself or face contempt charges. Brooke sat back down in her seat and didn't say another word. On the stand, Phoebe tearfully admitted that Brooke had, in fact, threatened to kill Jim. She made sure to throw in that everyone had at one time or another threatened to take Jim's life. Phoebe looked in her niece's direction an apologized for having to tell the truth. With that, the defense rested its case.

Erica headed straight to Myrtle's to tell Myrtle about Mike's latest scheme. "First he died, then he lied, and then he kidnapped me!" Erica groused. Erica looked at Myrtle and asked if she would marry a man "whose fanny was hanging out" of a hospital gown. Myrtle sassily replied that it depended on the fanny. Erica seemed bowled over by Mike's gall. Myrtle laughed as Erica went on and on with her tirade. It took Myrtle to point out to Erica that she'd supposedly been in love with many men---and that none of those relationships had worked. Men had come and men had gone, but something about Mike was different. Erica still loves him. Erica had to have thought about her feelings for Mike before, but it wasn't until Myrtle made her face her feelings that she finally realized that she did love Mike. "That's it, isn't it?" Erica said explaining the way she's been acting recently. "I still love him."

Dixie stomped towards Adam and warned him that she wanted to kick him in his "prenuptial bliss." Adam had gotten a court order for temporary custody of Adam Jr.. Dixie refused to let her ex-husband take her son away and made several snide remarks about how Adam had never been interested in her---he just wanted an heir. Adam had something to defend his actions---Camille. Adam told Dixie about the "accidents" that had plagued his family as well as the story behind Lottie's grave swap. Dixie replied that anyone who gets near Adam winds up being hurt---sort of like catching a virus. Because of the way that Adam had told Junior about Brooke's trial, Dixie was surprised that Tad wasn't trying to kill him too! Dixie accused Adam of concocting the accidents to help regain custody of Adam Junior, a claim Adam vehemently denied. He asked Dixie why he would put his family at risk all to regain custody of his son. Dixie noted that Adam had been the only one who hadn't been harmed in one of the attacks. Dixie also let it be known that she had hidden her son somewhere that Adam could never find him. She'd even managed to elude the two security agents that Adam had hired to watch the house. The first was easily duped because he napped at the same time every day and the second, one that Dixie wasn't supposed to know about, wasn't able to navigate the rural terrain as well as Junior. Adam pleaded with Dixie to let hum take his son back to Pine Valley for safekeeping. Dixie wondered if it wasn't just as safe in Pigeon Hollow since all of the accidents had happened in Pine Valley. Finally, Dixie agreed to let her son go back to his hometown---but with one condition: Dixie was going to return to town too.

At Holidays, the preparations continued. Marian bumped into Lee and the two exchanged small talk. Stuart arrived a short time later and Marian wanted to introduce "John" (Lee) to Stuart. Marian walked to the door to greet Stuart, but when she turned around, John was nowhere to be found. The man did make an appearance, but he was toting boxes that covered his face. It was a smart way for Lee to avoid being recognized. Stuart really wasn't all that interested in meeting John until he noticed something underneath one of the nearby tables. Stuart held up the item, a shark's tooth, and Marian proudly announced that the tooth must have fallen off of John's necklace. John, she said, was an expert scuba diver. Stuart immediately realized that John could be the same person who'd sabotaged the generator at the cabin. Lee managed to disappear and wasn't seen again until after Stuart left. Lee pressed Marian for details on whether or not Stuart would be attending the re-opening bash. Marian knew that Stuart would be there and surmised that the rest of the Chandler clan would be present as well. Marian headed across the room to make sure that she had reservations for the big party. Once alone, lee spoke eerily to himself. "All your near and dear will be blown to kingdom come," Lee said as if Adam were standing before him, "and you'll be left alone... just like I was."

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

Opening night arrived for Holidays and the restaurant was beautifully decorated in red, white, and blue. Everything was in place to make a good impression with the soon-to-be-arriving customers. Things were going a little too smoothly---and then it happened. The air conditioner stopped working and the temperature inside the restaurant was slowly approaching unbearable levels. Albert had no idea what to do. Kevin explained that every time the unit had broken down in the past, Mateo or Hayley were able to fix it with some carefully placed kicks. Lee suggested that they phone Hayley and ask for her help, but Albert was against the idea. He knew that Mateo didn't want Hayley at Holidays and decided to carry on in the heat. Lee noticed that Tad and Stuart had arrived and quickly scampered into hiding. Donned in a hot pink outfit, Marian arrived at the party. She caught Stuart's attention immediately. Marian lowered her head and looked down at the floor so that she could walk by Stuart without having to look at him or talk to him. Tad could see that Stuart was mesmerized by Marian, but he just stood still with a goofy look on his face. Tad nudged Stuart with his elbow and encouraged him to talk to Marian. Stuart reluctantly agreed to walk over to Marian. Stuart told Marian that she looked beautiful. Marian nervously replied that she hopes John (Lee) feels the same way. From behind a corner, Lee muttered for Stuart to take Marian outside for a walk. Marian decided to track down John so that Stuart could finally meet him. Trevor, Amanda, Janet, and Tim arrived and Trevor immediately groused about how hot it was. Belinda arrived a few minutes later and also remarked that it seemed unusually hot. Albert realized that he had two choices---to call Hayley or risk having Holiday's flop on opening night.

Hayley helped Ryan apply some ice to his bruised lip. She commented that she wouldn't have held it against Ryan if he'd decided to go blow to blow with Mateo rather than being treated like a punching bag. Gillian sashayed onto the veranda and couldn't help but notice her husband's bloodied lip. When she learned that Mateo had been the one to inflict the wound, she naturally assumed that Mateo had clobbered Ryan for the way that he drools over Hayley. Hayley insisted that was not the case, but before she could make her point, her cell phone rang. A frantic Albert begged Hayley to tell him how to fix the temperamental cooling system. Hayley explained that there wasn't a magic switch to flip. Gerty, the name she and Mateo had given the air conditioner, was quite gretzy and required a great deal of work to get her back up and running. The fix-it was just as Hayley had said---confusing! She told Albert that a series of well-timed kicks and pats were needed to coax Gerty back into service. Albert knew that he wasn't going to be able to figure it out on his own and pleaded with Hayley to make a quick appearance to fix the system. Hayley didn't want her husband to blow his fuse, but she also didn't want Holidays to suffer because of a problem that she could easily fix. She hung up the phone and asked Ryan and Gillian to cover for her while she dashed off to Holidays. Ryan was all for helping out Hayley, but Gillian wasn't so thrilled by the idea. A few seconds later, Mateo and Edmund arrived on the patio. By this time, Hayley had already left. Mateo could've sworn that he'd heard Hayley's voice, but both Ryan and Gillian insisted that Hayley wasn't home. That led Mateo to wonder where his wife had gone. Hayley had picked the wrong twosome to lie for her. Gillian and Ryan fumbled for an answer. They eventually concocted a tale that had Hayley heading out to the ATM machine for some cash. The explanation was weak: Hayley needed money so that she could go on a day-long shopping trip in the morning. Needless to say, Mateo saw through their lie. Ryan accused Mateo of being a "Neanderthal" who could let his wife out of his sight for more than two minutes. Those two minutes, Edmund interjected, "could kill her." Gillian worried that Hayley was in danger and decided that she had to tell Mateo where Hayley had gone.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Ruth had phoned Allie and asked her to drop by for a chat. Ruth had been awarded a fellowship at a nursing school in Mexico. She would be teaching new nurses and helping guide them in their careers. The purpose of Ruth calling Allie to the hospital was to make sure that she had a chance to say goodbye to Allie before leaving. There was also another, more personal reason for the chat. Ruth wanted to make sure that Allie knew that she and Joe approved of her engagement to Jake. Since they didn't have time to celebrate the day of the announcement---Allie, if you recall, had been carted off to the police station---Ruth want to take time out to set things straight. The moment should have been enough to put a smile on Allie's. It didn't. Instead Allie found herself fighting back tears. Naturally wanted to know why Allie looked so glum. Allie didn't need any prodding. She blurted out that Joe and Ruth might become grandparents before they become in-laws. Ruth had a puzzled look on her face and asked Allie if she was pregnant. Allie shook her head and wiped the tears from her eyes. She told Ruth all about Liza's plan to enlist Jake in her baby-making process. "Over my dead body," Ruth snarled. Allie asked Ruth not to say anything to Jake. Allie knew that Jake wouldn't appreciate the way she'd blabbed his business to Ruth. Ruth insisted that she had to confront Jake because "that's what mothers are for."

On the sun porch, Jake was noticeably distracted. He could barely operate his mini tape recorder. Liza slowly walked towards his table. She told Jake that she wanted to thank him again for his offer to father her child, but she didn't want her situation to cause so many problems. Jake was rather nonchalant about everything, perhaps too nonchalant. He stated that Allie was having a rough time since she lost her license to practice medicine and that in time she'd come around. Liza wasn't so sure and wondered what would happen if Allie didn't come around. Ruth burst into the room and yelled, "Joseph Henry Martin! Have you lost your mind?" Jake looked in Allie's direction and flashed her a piercing glance. Liza assured Ruth that she was "unnecessarily upset." Ruth concluded that Jake's decision to be a sperm donor was the worst mistake he's ever made. "Why not colonize Mars?" Ruth asked of Liza and Jake. "You're both obviously lost in space!" Jake was no longer patient with his mother and surprisingly, he raised his voice to her. He told her that she'd crossed the line. Since he was an employee of the hospital and she was the Chief of Nursing, there was no reason for her to be yelling at him in public. Ruth argued that as his mother she could do whatever she wanted. Jake saw it differently. He motioned to Allie to follow him to another room. Joe appeared a little while later and asked what was going on. Liza rolled her eyes and urged Joe to leave before he got wrapped up in the mess. Ruth accused Liza of wanting to wreck Jake's happiness. Liza explained that Jake had offered to be the donor and that it was not her idea. Ruth didn't believe her. Liza also insisted that she wanted Jake to love Allie. She added that she wishes them well. Before departing, Liza warned Ruth to stop treating her children like toddlers. After Liza left, Joe admitted that he agreed with Liza. Ruth had planned to shelve her trip to Mexico so that she could play matchmaker for Jake and Allie and help Tad and Jamie during Brooke's trial. Joe knew that his wife would regret the decision and encouraged her to go on with her plans. Ruth worried that somehow her children and grandchildren wouldn't be able to get along without her. More than that, she worried that Joe might suffer during her absence. With a warm embrace, Joe urged Ruth to go on her trip.

Down the hall, Allie and Jake went head to head over Allie's decision to tell Ruth about Liza's planned pregnancy. Allie claimed that it had "slipped out," but Jake didn't believe that his sperm came up in everyday conversation. Allie wondered why Jake wouldn't tell his mother about his decision if, as he'd claimed, he was proud of his decision to help Liza. Jake explained that it wasn't his mother's business. Jake wished that Allie had told him about her opposition to the plan from the beginning. Had he known, he never would have offered. Allie noted that Jake had already made his offer even before he'd discussed it with her. Jake worried that Allie would never be able to open up to him. Allie laid those fears to rest. She opened up the floodgates and let loose with a plethora of accusations. She claimed that Jake's naiveté prevented him from realizing that Liza had bought him. Why else, she asked, would Liza have gone to such lengths to get rid of David Hayward? Obviously, she stated, Liza knew that she was going to get Jake to father her child many months ago. Jake no longer felt that he and Allie were on the same team. For that matter, they no longer seemed to be on the same playing field. He wondered if their engagement was a bad idea. Allie's eyes welled with tears. She turned and walked away.

Camille finally regained consciousness. She slowly sat up and looked around the cabin. She realized in a matter of seconds that she'd been locked inside. The windows and door had been boarded up---from the outside. There was no way out. She pounded frantically on the doors and windows and called for help, but it appeared that no one could hear her.

At Holidays, Stuart and Marian shared another awkward conversation. Stuart asked Marian if she enjoyed fireworks. Marian nodded and noted that one of the men she used to date worked on fireworks displays. Stuart asked her if the man had been present at the party that Adam had arranged. Marian obviously saw the comment as insensitive and walked away. Tad wandered over and asked Stuart how things were going between him and Marian. Stuart smiled slightly and told Tad politely that his advice "stinks." Tad promised that he wouldn't interfere in Marian and Stuart's relationship woes again. Keith offered to buy Belinda a drink. Belinda accepted, but the drink offer soon turned into a nonstop gab about Brooke's trial. Keith went on and on about the trial and Keith made no effort to listen to Belinda's request to change the subject. When Adrian arrived, he confidently strutted in Belinda's direction and offered to "rescue" her from Keith's company. Belinda explained that she didn't need to be rescued---but she quickly noted that Adrian could buy her an iced coffee. Adrian took Belinda's arm and escorted her across the room.

In the basement, Hayley was offering her assistance in getting old Gerty back online. Her repair tactics were a bit unorthodox; they were comprised of a lot of thumping and kicking on the cooling unit. Lee asked Hayley why Mateo had barred her from returning to Holidays. Hayley didn't have an explanation. She assumed that Mateo was worried that Camille would try to harm her. Hayley explained that Camille did not pose a danger to anyone. With a final kick, Hayley got the air conditioner running. Albert thanked Hayley for her help and begged her to stick around for a little bit longer to make sure that the evening didn't "end in a disaster." Hayley reluctantly agreed to stick around for another hour. Any longer, she said, and Mateo would have her "murdered." Albert and Hayley returned to the party. Lee hung around in the basement for a little while longer. He tinkered around with the boiler. He shut off one of the valves that allowed the pressure to escape so by shutting off the valve it meant that pressure would gradually build up inside the unit. When that happened, the entire place would blow up and send everyone "to an early dirt nap." Slowly the needle on the pressure gauge inched towards the danger level.

Wednesday, July 8, 1998

It appeared that Ryan and Gillian were going to tell Mateo where Hayley had gone, but their continual delays sent Mateo closer and closer to the breaking point. Edmund warned the couple that if anything happened to Hayley, it would be their fault. Gillian blurted out that Hayley had gone to Holidays. Mateo shook his head and haughtily replied that Hayley could not possible have gone to Holidays because he forbid her from going there. "She saved the place for you," Ryan snapped. Mateo turned towards Ryan and asked him what he was talking about. Ryan wanted to retract his statement, but Edmund threatened to boot him out of Wildwind if he didn't spill the beans. Ryan told Mateo all about Hayley and Adam's scheme to make Mateo believe that Albert had purchased Holidays. Mateo was furious and raced towards the door. Edmund followed closely behind and Ryan announced that he was going to Holidays as well.

At Holidays, Stuart bumped into Marian causing her to spill her drink all over her blouse. Stuart apologized profusely, but it was his gentle smile, not his kind words, that caused Marian to melt. Stuart and Marian once again discussed the fireworks. Stuart asked Marian if she had a date for the evening's fireworks. He bowed his head and realized that Marian must have a date. "There's always a bee buzzing around your hive," Stuart remarked. Stuart had meant that Marian was such a beautiful woman that she probably has no trouble getting any man that she wants. Marian, however, interpreted Stuart's comment as an insinuation that she was a bit of a floozy. Marian told Stuart that she was going to look for John and walked away. Kevin began to wonder where John had disappeared to. Hayley explained that he was in the basement tidying up. Albert commented that John had been gone a really long time. Hayley chuckled and confessed that the basement was so unorganized that John had probably gotten lost in the mess. Opal and Palmer arrived and Opal immediately headed over to Marian. Opal apologized for not having kept in touch with Marian. Both women decided that they'd have to go out for lunch one day to get back up to speed. Palmer left his wife in Marian's company and headed directly for the bar. There, he tore into Liza for the editorial she'd done against his decision to press charges against Allie. Palmer called the piece "slander" and threatened to sue Liza and WRCW. Liza told Palmer that there was an easy way to stop the piece from ever airing again---dropping the charges against Allie. Palmer rebuked Liza's suggestion and announced that he would not let Allie's criminal activities go unpunished. Jake entered from behind and ordered Palmer to "get off [his] high horse." Jake insisted that getting rid of Allie was the worst decision that the hospital board had ever made. Palmer said that the worst decision they'd made was getting with of Dr. David Hayward.

Allie returned to the boarding house with tears still rolling down her cheek. She began to recall the conversation she'd had with Jake and her heart broke even more. She picked up the phone and called the hospital hoping to speak to Jake, but Jake had already left. Allie plopped down in a chair and noticed a bridal magazine on the coffeetable. On a yellow sticky-note, Myrtle had written a note telling Allie that she was sure to find a wedding dress in the magazine. Allie heaved the magazine across the room. "Whoah!" called a man's voice. Allie looked up and saw David Hayward exiting the kitchen. Of course, Allie demanded to know why David was poking around Myrtle's house. David claimed that he was in town to confer on a case. Now, it was David's turn to ask the questions. He asked Allie why she had never cashed the check he'd sent her. He assured her that the check came with no hidden strings. Allie softly replied that she'd found "another source" to help her pay off her debts. Allie pointed to the door and asked David to be gone by the time she got back downstairs. When Allie returned a few minutes later, David had barely moved an inch. Allie groaned and asked David if he didn't have somewhere else that he could be. David boasted that his practice was bigger and better than ever and that Allie's hidden camera trick apparently had no impact on his career. David told Allie that he doesn't believe that she organized the plot. That, he said, was most likely Liza's doing. David noticed that Allie cringed at the mention of Liza's name and wondered if the co-conspirators hadn't had a bit of a falling out. Jake returned home and stood motionless in the doorway. His face was flushed with anger. Jake ordered David to leave. The threat had little effect on David. He mused about what might happen if he didn't follow Jake's orders. Perhaps, he would be secretly videotaped again? David teased the couple a bit more before leaving on his own free will. Allie thanked Jake for returning home when he did. She hadn't expected him to show up after their fall out. Jake told Allie that he wanted to work out their problems. Finally a smile returned to Allie's face. She leaned close to Jake and asked him to hold her.

Adam, Dixie, and Adam Junior returned to Chandler Mansion. Junior was happy to be trading in his small quarters in Pigeon Hollow for something a bit more elaborate. Dixie, however, remarked that she still gets the creeps from the mansion. Adam Junior headed to his room to unpack. His parents returned to their argument over Adam's court-ordered custody of Adam Junior. Dixie warned Adam that she would never let him take her son from him. Adam explained that he didn't want to take his son away from Dixie---he just wanted to protect him. Dixie yawned and asked Adam why she'd seen no sign of imminent danger. Dixie decided that she'd take a walk to cool off and headed for The Gatehouse. Stuart, of course, was at Holidays. Dixie returned and told Adam that she couldn't find Stuart anywhere. Adam knew that his brother wasn't at the cabin because it had been boarded up in preparation of the off-season. He tried calling the gallery, but there was no answer there either. Adam decided that it might be easier to find Stuart through Hayley. He phoned Wildwind and was ticked off when the housekeeper told him that Hayley wasn't around. Adam asked to speak to Edmund, but he was told that Edmund wasn't home either. By now, Adam had become extremely annoyed. "Whaddya mean you don't know [where there are]?" Adam barked. "Half of Pine Valley is in residence at your place! Ask somebody!" Adam never got the answer he wanted from the housekeeper. If it allowed for bragging rights, Adam was about to learn that his housekeepers were better at keeping tabs on people that those at Wildwind. Winifred, enjoying her day of, walked into the room and was overjoyed to see Dixie. The two women shared an embrace as Adam rolled his eyes. Adam asked Winifred if she knew where Stuart had gone. As soon as the word Holidays came out of her mouth, Adam began to flip out. He ordered Dixie to lock all of the doors and not to let Adam Junior out of her sight.

Back at Holidays, Trevor and Janet saw Hayley helping Albert mix drinks behind the bar. Trevor remembered that Hayley had told him that she was not allowed at Holidays any more and strutted over to his niece to ask her what was going on. Hayley told Trevor that Albert needed some help pulling off opening night and begged him not to tell Mateo that he'd seen her at Holidays. Trevor wouldn't have to keep his promise. The front door swung open and Mateo marched inside. He stood in the center of the restaurant and looked directly at his wife. Hayley scurried over to Mateo and tried to explain what she was doing. Mateo didn't want to hear anything she had to say. Mateo accused Hayley of disrespecting him and disobeying his orders. Mateo made no effort to keep his voice down. Hayley could feel the eyes of everyone in the restaurant focusing on her. She twirled around and hollered at the crowd of partyers to mind their own business. Hayley stormed out of Holidays, telling her husband that she'd be waiting in the car. Mateo asked Tad if he'd seen Camille. Tad explained that he hadn't seen the young woman since she announced that she was leaving town. Marian walked over to Liza and asked why Jake was nowhere to be found. Marian knew that something wasn't quite right. Liza urged her mother not to "count [her] chicks," to which Tad added, "before they're fertilized." Marian worried that something was genetically wrong with Jake's sperm. Tad shook his head and assured Marian that there was nothing genetically wrong with the Martin family. That left one other possible pitfall: Allie. Liza confirmed that Allie wasn't thrilled in the least with Jake's decision to help Liza conceive a child. Marian offered to talk to Allie on Liza's behalf, but Liza pleaded with her mother to stay out of it. Liza was about to have another headache on her hands. When she finished her conversation with her mother, she turned around and prepared to walk across the room. But when she turned around, she came face to face with a beaming David.

At the cabin, Camille heard a noise from the outside. She began pounding and shouting for help. The door opened and Lee walked inside. Lee smiled confidently as he announced that he was about to avenge the death of his wife. Camille reiterated that Joy was not dead, but Lee didn't believe her. Camille asked her father what he had planned to do to Adam to get revenge. She promised that she wouldn't tell anyone. When her father remained distant, Camille had to pour on the charm. She told her father that she wanted to "learn from the master." Lee decided that it couldn't hurt to tell Camille what he'd done. It took him a while to actually admit to what he'd done. He said over and over that he was going to take out all of Adam's loved ones in one fell swoop. Camille was perplexed by the statement. She wondered how her father planned on killing so many people at one time. "Next to an apartment, [blowing up] a restaurant's a piece of cake," Lee chuckled. Camille had been making a pitcher of lemonade or some other beverage at the time. She did her best to make her father truly believe that she wanted to be more like him. Little did Lee know that his daughter was only pretending to be interested so that she could learn more about his plot. Camille slowly walked up behind her father and hit him over the head with a glass pitcher. Lee fell to the ground. Camille scrambled to the door and raced out into the night.

At Wildwind, Mateo demanded to know why Hayley insisted on disobeying him. Hayley explained that Albert needed help with the air conditioner. Mateo confronted Hayley about Albert's phony purchased of the restaurant. Hayley made no attempt to deny that she and Mateo were still the owners of Holidays. Mateo told Hayley that he was trying to protect her and that everything that Hayley was doing was nullifying his steps to protect her. Hayley wanted to know once and for all what Mateo was trying to protect her from.

Camille was out of breath by the time she reached Holidays. Through the window she saw nearly everyone in town laughing and enjoying the party. Belinda and Adrian were sharing a drink and a laugh as Keith looked on. Palmer and Opal also appeared to be enjoying themselves as Janet and Trevor danced in each other's arms. "All these people are going to die," Camille panted.

Thursday, July 9, 1998

Today's show was remarkable. I can only hope that my recap does the show justice. While AMC may lack the multi-million dollar budgets of the latest motion pictures, monetary constraints never diminish the show's excellent special effects. Today's explosion ranks up there with the tornado of a few years back and last year's plane crash. If you missed today's episode, you truly missed a masterpiece and I hope that through my recap you can get a fraction of the enjoyment I got from watching the show.

Nearly everyone on Pine Valley's A List crowded into Holidays to celebrate the restaurant's grand re-opening as well as Independence Day. As they laughed and smiled, they were unaware of the danger that was brewing only a few feet below. Albert took time from his work to talk to the Dillon family. Everyone looked forward to the fireworks. Janet, unaware at how eerie her statement would soon be, remarked that they did "not need to go outside the see the fireworks." She pointed towards the window and explained that they should be able to see the fireworks display from Holidays' large front window. Amanda asked Albert if she could take one of the red, white, and blue floral arrangements home with her. She explained that the arrangement would be special since it would always remind her of her first Fourth of July as a family.
Across the room, Liza took one look at David and let out a sigh. "I thought it was a little hot in here," Liza said snidely, "but I had no idea that the jaws of Hell had opened." David couldn't help but smile slightly at Liza's sharp tongue. Stuart walked towards Liza unaware that David was back in town. When Stuart's eyes met with David's, he stopped dead in his tracks. Now, it was David's turn to flash a bit of sardonic wit. "Stuart!" he said. "I didn't recognize you without your brother's pajamas." Stuart warned David that he'd better leave before Adam shows up. If he didn't, Stuart feared that Adam would "explode."
Outside, Camille was just about to put her hand on the brass doorknob when she was grabbed from behind. Adam told Camille that he would not let her harm his family. Camille struggled to get away, but she couldn't overpower Adam. She pleaded with Adam to let her go and explained that she was trying to save his family, not hurt them. Camille mustered up all of her strength and with one push, she managed to get away from Adam. Adam lunged at her and grabbed her by her waist. He then pulled Camille away from the door and back into the street. Camille called out for help but it only aggravated Adam more. He placed his hand over her mouth to prevent further outbursts. Jack arrived on the scene and immediately ordered Adam to let go of Camille. Once again Camille managed to escape Adam's grasp and dashed into Holidays. Camille was still out of breath from her long trek from Willow Lake to Pine Valley and wrestling with Adam only added to her exhaustion. In the loudest voice available to her, she pleaded with the partygoers to evacuate the building. At first, no one could hear her over the chatter and laughter. Tad noticed Camille and slowly walked towards her. He asked her what was going and was surprised by her response. Camille begged Tad to get everyone out of Holidays. She explained that there was going to be an explosion. By now, Adam had caught up to her and warned Tad not to believe anything that Camille said. He figured that Camille was laying another trap for them. Edmund overheard the ruckus and asked Adam to consider the possibility that Camille was telling the truth. Kevin, Kelsey, and Albert decided that it was better to be safe than sorry and began making the rounds to ask everyone to step outside while they checked a possible machinery problem. Camille asked Tad to point her to the basement. When he did, Camille dashed off, making only a passing reference to her father. Jack and Adam followed after her, but Camille had locked the basement door, presumably to prevent anyone else from entering the danger zone. Adam remained convinced that Camille was up to no good and ordered Jack to pick the lock or to break the door down. Back out in the main dining area, Trevor took Camille's warning seriously and rounded up his family. Tim led the way with Janet and Trevor right behind him. Amanda pulled up the rear until she realized that she'd left her flowers behind. Unbeknownst to her parents, Amanda turned around and headed back inside the restaurant. Amanda couldn't remember where she'd left her flowers and went further and further inside. Palmer felt that Adam was overreacting and opted to remain at the bar for another drink. Opal wanted to leave, but she remained by her husband's side.
In the basement, Camille picked up a wrench and desperately tried to determine which valve she needed to open in order to prevent the boiler from exploding. Camille's technical expertise in the magical troupe had earned her a great deal of respect, but levitating a woman was a lot different from trying to work magic on an old boiler.
Upstairs, the patrons who, for one reason or another, had not yet left Holidays began to feel a slight shaking. The intensity slowly grew until the floor wobbled noticeably. One of the male patrons struggled to keep his balance as he headed for the door. As he made his way up the steps, the man fell flat on his face. Tad hurried over to the man and helped him back to his feet. A loud creaking sounded and bits and pieces of wood started to rain down on Tad, Without warning, a huge section of the ceiling gave way. Edmund leapt across the room and pushed Tad out of the way before he was crushed under the weight of the debris. The most accessible exit, the front door, was now blocked by the fallen ceiling. People scurried left and right searching for another way out of the restaurant. Adrian rushed to Palmer and Opal's side and escorted them to the kitchen. He pointed to a back door and urged them to get outside as fast as they could. Adrian turned around and headed back inside the restaurant to help Belinda. Adam could hear the commotion coming from the other room. Instantly he realized what was going on. "Liza," he gasped. Stuart and Marian were unsure what to do. They knew that they were in danger, but they didn't know how to escape that danger. Stuart lifted a tablecloth off of a nearby table and urged Marian to hide underneath the table. He joined her and they prepared to ride out the storm. At eight, Amanda didn't yet have the honed skills to know what to do in an emergency. She jumped onto the sofa and covered her face with her hands.

Outside, Janet and Trevor realized that Amanda wasn't with them. Trevor searched the perimeter for signs of his daughter, but she was nowhere to be found. Trevor rushed towards the front door. A police officer blocked his path and ordered Trevor to step away from the building. Trevor yelled that his daughter was inside and demanded to rescue her. The two men struggled, but Trevor eventually came out on top. Trevor was able to take one step through the front door before realizing that he couldn't get inside. He called out to Amanda. Suddenly, a loud sizzling noise gave way to a brilliant burst of white light. Trevor was thrown backwards, through the doors, and onto the street. Ryan looked across the room and his face froze. The large mantel and display case behind the bar was teetering over. Gillian looked over her shoulder and realized that the massive piece of woodwork was about to come crashing down on top of her. She crouched down and tried to escape, but bottles of liquor came crashing down on her body. She fell to the ground as the mantel fell atop her. Jack had gained access to the basement and was searching for Camille. A section of the floor gave way above him and fell on top of him. Jack managed to get his head out of the way, but his legs and mid-region did not escape the shower of debris. Marian and Stuart's hiding place did prevent them from getting hit by any falling objects. In the blink of an eye, the floor gave way beneath them and the pair free fell through the floor and into the basement. The rumbling had stopped and the magnitude of the explosion was revealed for the first time. In the basement, Jack remained half-buried under pieces of wood. Marian and Stuart lied sprawled on the floor. Neither made any movement. Upstairs, Adrian, Belinda, Scott, Edmund, and Tad all laid under some sort of wreckage, be it broken chairs and tables or pieces of the ceiling and roof. Covered in dirt and soot, Amanda laid motionless on the sofa, a small American flag clutched in her tiny hands. Palmer and Opal never made it to the back door. Both were buried under serving carts. Palmer appeared to be seriously hurt. Blood streamed from a gash on his forehead.

Hayley wondered what her husband's next irrational action would be. Perhaps barring her from crossing the street. Mateo explained that if he knew it would protect her, he'd issue the order in a second. Hayley's voice grew soft. She told her husband that she loved him with "all [her] heart and soul," but warned him that his overprotectiveness was ruining their marriage. Mateo argued that he was not destroying anything. Three nearly fatal accidents had plagued their loved ones. Wanting to protect his wife didn't seem like an unnatural reaction to Mateo. Hayley wondered why Mateo was only hell-bent on protecting her. If he was afraid that Camille might try to attack her loved ones again, why wasn't he trying to protect Scott and Stuart? "I've only seen you in danger," Mateo replied. Hayley's brow wrinkled. She cocked her head to one side and asked her husband to explain what he meant. Before Mateo could decide whether he was going to tell the truth or once again dodge the issue, one of the housekeepers burst into the room and announced that there'd been an explosion downtown. When she gave the approximate location, Hayley realized that the explosion was near Holidays. Mateo ordered Hayley to stay put, but Hayley knew that everyone she cared about was at Holidays. She rushed out the door leaving Mateo behind. Mateo sighed deeply and headed after her.

Allie told Jake that she might have overreacted to the news that he wanted to help Liza conceive a child, but she explained that it was only natural for her to be uneasy with his decision to start "seeding the universe." Jake chalked up their argument to a lack of communication. Allie agreed. She told Jake that he had never given her the chance to voice her concern about his decision. Jake wondered why his fiancée had opted confront Liza rather than talking to him. Allie explained that she thought that Jake might be disappointed by her if she went to him to express her displeasure. Allie told Jake that she couldn't lose him because his love was the only thing she had going for him. Allie's comments became somewhat scary. She made references that she couldn't life without him, but whereas one might say that to show a level of commitment, Allie seemed more obsessed than deeply in love. Jake's pager started to beep. He phoned the hospital and learned that he needed to report to work immediately because of an explosion that had rocked the downtown area. Jake rushed out the door. Myrtle returned home a short time later and was relieved to see that Allie was okay. She told Allie that the explosion had taken place near Holidays. Allie raced towards the door and dashed off into the night.

Tad was the first to show signs of life. He opened his eyes slowly and looked around the room. Tad wasn't seriously injured and was able to clear the debris from his body. He stood up and carefully walked a few feet to where Edmund laid motionless. Tad checked for a pulse and was relieved when Edmund stirred a few seconds later. He helped Edmund get to his feet. Both looked around for other signs of life. There were none. A faint voice cried out for help. Ryan recognized the voice as Gillian's and crawled across the floor to be with his wife. Gillian was pinned between the wall and the bar and to the ground by a piece of the mantel. Unscathed in the explosion, Adrian hurried to Belinda and helped remove a table that had pinned her to the ground. Belinda claimed to be okay except for a tremendous pain in her shoulder. Adrian asked her if she could feel her feet and toes. Belinda's lips puckered as she asked Adrian, "do you wanna dance or what?" Adrian smiled slightly before hoisting Belinda into the air and carrying her to the safety of the street. Adam also appeared to have escaped serious injury. He moved across the room and tried to rouse Liza from unconsciousness. David saw Adam kneeling over Liza and decided to step in with medical aid. Adam took one look at David and demanded to know what he was doing back in town. David asked Adam to put aside their differences until after they'll gotten Liza out of danger. Again there was a loud creaking. Adam turned his attention away from David. He realized that Stuart was inside Holidays. On the floor below, Stuart rolled over on his side to see if Marian was okay. He moved closer to her and brushed her face clear of the bits and pieces of dirt and debris.
In the street in front of Holidays, Janet and Tim hovered over Trevor. Trevor didn't move nor did he make any sound. Tim asked Janet to stay with his father while he went off to find Amanda. Janet pleaded with Tim not to leave, but Janet knew that she couldn't walk away from her husband. Tim stomped towards the front of the building and demanded that he be allowed inside. Allie arrived on the scene with a little black medical kit. She bent over and checked Trevor's vital signs. Trevor became to come around and Allie urged Janet to keep a close eye on Trevor. She explained that he probably suffered a concussion---or worse. She instructed Janet to hold Trevor's head still so that he didn't further aggravate his condition. Allie tried to pass herself off as a still-practicing physician to gain access to the building, but she was told that it was too unsafe for anyone to go inside. Several minutes later, Trevor slowly woke up. He realized that he had yet to find Amanda. He went against Janet's wishes and jumped to his feet. He rushed the front door and demanded that he be allowed to rescue his daughter. The fireman, an apparent friend of Trevor's, told him that Holidays was too unstable for anyone to go inside. Janet began to sob. Hayley and Mateo arrived on the scene and realized that their restaurant had been leveled. Scott rushed over to Hayley and told her that Adam and Stuart were still trapped inside.

Back inside, Edmund heard Amanda's cries for help. He raced to her side and held her close. He assured her that her mother, father, and brother had gotten out safely. Still, Amanda worried for her own safety. She asked Edmund if they were going to die. Edmund gently brushed her hair and told her that they would get out alive. Adam and David managed to pull the debris off of Liza. Adam helped Liza to her feet, but Liza definitely was not well. Across the room, Tad helped Ryan lift one of the slabs of wood that had pinned Gillian to the floor. They lifted the wood high enough to allow Gillian some room to crawl. The two men looked up as another loud creak sounded from above. Another piece of the ceiling had caved in and buried everyone under another layer of debris. Allie gained access to the building through an unguarded back door. She immediately came across the Cortlandts. Opal had regained consciousness, but Palmer was still out cold. Opal begged Allie to help her husband. Allie pulled a piece of gauze from her bag and started to patch up Palmer's wounded forehead. As she did, Palmer started to twitch back and forth. He called out that he couldn't see. Allie ordered Opal to prevent Palmer from touching his eyes. Allie pulled out a little flashlight and started checking Palmer's eyes.
Downstairs, Marian finally rejoined Stuart. She didn't know where she was or how she'd gotten there. When she learned that she and Stuart had fallen into the basement, Marian remarked, "We've gotta stop falling through things!" She rationalized that being trapped in a basement was probably better than being trapped in an elevator. Stuart wasn't so sure. He feared that they'd been buried alive.

Upstairs, the struggle to survive the series of cave-ins continued. Ryan reached his hand out to Gillian. Neither appeared to be doing very well. David and Adam returned to Liza's side. David checked Liza's pulse---it was there, but it was very, very weak. David leaned close and realized that Liza had stopped breathing.

Friday, July 10, 1998

Without any kind of warning, but not lacking a sense of urgency, Dimitri showed up at Brooke's house and ordered her to pack her bags. He argued that Keith had turned the jury against her and that there was no way for her to ever win them back. Brooke explained that Keith had only done his job. Besides, she hadn't even had a chance for her attorneys to tell her side. After that, Brooke was sure that the jury would swing back to her side. Suddenly, Jamie called out from his bedroom. Brooke rushed upstairs to comfort her son. She brought Jamie back downstairs and asked him about his nightmare. Jamie's sleep was haunted by visions of his mother being carted off to prison. Again showing that he probably has seen one-too-many movies, Jamie asked his mother if it would be possible for his mother to dig out of her jail cell with a spoon. Brooke looked like she wanted to laugh, but she took her son's question seriously. She assured him that she would not be headed to jail. "What if it does [happen]?" Jamie asked. Brooke took her son's hand and told him that "what ifs" only serve to make people nervous. Everyone, from a batter who wonders if he might strike out to a child worrying that he might fall off a bike, suffers from the "what ifs" from time to time. Brooke urged her son not to let uncertainty rob him of his positive outlook. Brooke sent Jamie back to bed, her son's doubts now fading away. Now, though, it was Brooke who was suffering from a bad case of nerves. She kicked herself for promising her son that she wouldn't go to jail. Dimitri was sorry to hear that Brooke was upset, but he glad that her eyes were finally open. Brooke had already faced time in jail and survived. When she refused to give the name of a source quoted in one of her articles, Brooke was sent to prison. This was different. In her previous stint in jail, Brooke knew that she would eventually be released and that she would not grow old in jail. Now, however, Brooke faced life in prison. Dimitri again urged Brooke to flee. He told her that by fleeing she'd be showing her "freedom" and that staying would make her little more than "a plaster saint." Jamie hobbled down the stairs with a backpack on his back. He told his mother that he planned on going to prison with her. She had always done her best to protect him, he said, and now he wanted to protect her. Brooke kneeled before her son and told him that they were going to be going on a spontaneous vacation. Brooke didn't know where they'd be going, something that Jamie thought was pretty cool. She asked her son to run upstairs and to pack all of his favorite things in his bag.

In preparation for a very important business meeting, Erica surveyed a private dining room at The Valley Inn to make sure that everything was in order. The meeting, with a married couple who owns the largest chain of cosmetics stores in South America, had the possibility of pushing Enchantment into a new market. The stage was set for an Enchantment coup---until Senor and Senora Marquez arrived. To every question Erica asked of Senor Marquez, he replied, "I'm fine. How are you?" Erica had been told that the Marquezes spoke English and Erica knew nada when it came to Espanol. Out of the blue (and out of the hospital) Mike Roy waltzed into the private dining room and began chatting it up, in Spanish, with The Marquezes. Erica tried to get rid of Mike, but he asserted that without his expertise on the Spanish language, she'd be sunk. Mike planted a kiss on Erica's cheek and ordered the waiter to bring another chair to the table. Erica asked Mike how he'd been able to talk his way out of institutionalization. She was mildly amused when Mike confessed that he needed Adrian's help. Over dinner, Senor Marquez scribbled down a dollar amount on a piece of paper. The figure, presumably the amount that his company would pay to distribute Enchantment Cosmetics, was much higher than Erica had anticipated. She instructed Mike to translate an acceptance speech. Mike had an idea all his own and told Senor Marquez that Erica had declined his offer. Mike told Erica that he is familiar with "business types" and that Senor Marquez was only warming up with his initial offer. Time passed and a second offer still had not been made. Erica began to lash out at Mike for ruining her chance at branching out. Luckily for Mike---and Erica for that matter---Senor Marquez upped the ante and this time Mike accepted the offer on Erica's behalf. Erica watched the way that Senora Marquez looked at Mike and determined that the married woman was flirting with Mike. Mike teased Erica about being jealous, a charge she laughed off. Mike explained that the elder woman wasn't flirting with him, she was simply noticing that he and Erica were a "young couple in love." Erica claimed that that was beside the point. Mike quickly picked up on Erica's response---beside the point seemed to accredit Mike's statement that they were a couple in love. He confronted Erica with his observation. "Alright, dammit," Erica said with a wrinkled smile. "I do love you."

Marian worried that she and Stuart really had been buried alive. Stuart, the eternal optimist, noted that it was better to be buried alive than "buried dead." Both realized that they'd been very fortunate in spite of their situation. They'd fallen through the floor but had the luck to land on bags and bags of styrofoam peanuts.
David rushed over to Liza's limp body and ordered Adam to start CPR. Adam, for one of the first times in his life, looked helpless. He told David that he didn't know how to perform CPR. Tad dashed over and helped breathe life back into Liza's body. David pulled a large syringe from his medical bag and held it in the air. Adam snatched the syringe away and demanded to know what David was going to do. "Attempting another murder?" he snarled. David insisted that he was trying to save Liza's life. He planned to give Liza an injection with epinephrine---but this was to be no normal injection. In order for the medicine to have the desired effect, he needed to inject the medicine directly into Liza's heart muscle. Adam returned the needle to David who then thrust it directly into Liza's chest. Adam clutched Liza's hand and urged her to fight. David took Liza's other arm and felt for a pulse. Liza's heartbeat slowly returned to normal and David determined that she was out of the woods.

The trauma caused by the explosion had rendered Palmer unable to see. Allie arrived on the scene and determined that pressure must have developed behind Palmer's eyes and put a lot of stress on his optic nerve. Allie asked Opal to hold Palmer's head while she prepared to insert a needle into his eyes to relieve the pressure. Until this time, Palmer had no idea that he was being treated by Allie, but when Opal mentioned Allie's name, Palmer went through the roof. He began to panic and ordered Allie, who he called a "quack," to get away from him. Opal came to Allie's defense and reluctantly Allie proceeded with the makeshift surgery.

Ryan tried to hoist the fallen debris off of his wife, but for every move he made, more and more debris from the roof began to rain down on the restaurant. Tad raced over to Ryan and may have prevented catastrophe from taking place. He told Ryan to look up. When the two men looked towards the heavens, they realized that the column that had toppled on Gillian was all that was holding the unstable restaurant together. Tad urged Ryan to keep Gillian calm until the rescue team arrived. What neither knew was that the rescue efforts were being hampered by a gas leak that had developed in the wake of the explosion. Ryan crouched down next to his wife and offered her words of encouragement. When she learned of her predicament, Gillian was able to grit her teeth together and crack a joke. "Does this mean I am a pillar of the community," Gillian said when she learned that she was the only thing keeping the building from collapsing. Gillian feared that she'd been bruised and battered during the explosion and became a hideous monster. Ryan smiled and told his wife that she was still beautiful---a bit dusty, but still beautiful.
Downstairs, Stuart began to blast himself, pardon the pun, for not taking Adam's advice and steering clear of the party. Stuart repeatedly called himself stupid. "If you're so stupid," Marian snapped. "How could I have fallen..." Marian quickly stopped speaking. Stuart cocked his head to one side and asked her what she was going to say.
Outside, Adrian walked up to the policeman guarding the front entrance to the dilapidated building and demanded to be allowed back inside. When his request fell on deaf ears, Adrian took his Federal ID from his wallet and flashed it in front of the officer. "Nice," the officer smiled unenthusiastically as he ordered Adrian to hit the road. Belinda asked Adrian what he'd shown to the officer. Adrian thought quickly and claimed that he flashed a piece of paper than showed that he had emergency medical training.
Liza's eyes began to flutter. She didn't know where she was or what happened. As things started to clear up a bit, Liza began to worry less about herself and more about Marian and Stuart. Adam told Liza that for once he doesn't care if Stuart and Marian are together... just as long as they are safe.

"Fallen through the floor," Marian said. It was a horrible lie, but Stuart appeared to but it. Stuart offered Marian a cheese curl. Marian read the ingredients and decided that cheese curls were possibly the most unhealthy food on the planet. But since there wasn't anything else around to nibble on, she tried one and was... well, she wasn't exactly thrilled. Marian told Stuart to lean back and rest his head on her lap. After he did, Marian fed Stuart cheese curls one by one. Marian mused that it was a shame they didn't have any maraschino cherries because she could do a pretty nifty trick with them. The trick? She could tie the stems in a knot using only her tongue! "You are the most wonderful woman in the world," Stuart remarked out of the blue. The high praise caught Marian completely off guard.

With Palmer in stable condition, Allie started looking for others who might require medical assistance. She turned her attention to Gillian, who had seemingly suffered the worst injuries. After a quick check-up, she determined that Gillian was in pretty bad shape. She didn't let on to Ryan, but asked him to keep a close eye on Gillian. Allie walked over to David and told him that she believed that Gillian had suffered serious internal injuries and that she might have damage to her spinal cord. "Good work, doctor," David smiled. Allie bowed her head and told David that she was no longer officially a doctor. David disagreed. He looked Allie in the eyes and reminded her that they'd together and saved lives together. In his mind, she would always be a doctor.
The work crew managed to cut off the gas to the restaurant at street level. The coast was now clear for the rescue operation to begin. Edmund, carrying Amanda, stepped through a blown out window and reunited Trevor and Janet with their daughter. It was a bitter irony for Edmund. Just one year ago he was unable to save the life of his loved one, Maria. In the plane crash that had taken his wife's life, Edmund was also unable to save Maddie---but Maddie survived. This time around, Edmund got his chance to make up for that.
Back inside, Allie ventured into the basement to check for more injuries. She came across Jack's lifeless body. He was not in good shape. While trying to avoid falling debris, he'd fallen and hit his head against the wall. Tad wandered down the steps in the hopes of finding Camille. There was no sign of her anywhere.

The rescue crew toted Liza outside to a waiting ambulance. Scott rushed over to his Uncle Adam and asked if he'd seen Stuart. Adam's face dropped. He had thought that Stuart was with Scott. Scott dashed off to find his father. Meanwhile, Adam demanded that he be allowed to ride to the hospital with Liza. He was told that only family members were allowed in the back of the ambulance. "I love her dammit," Adam growled. "I'm going with her!"



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