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An audit of the hospital prompted Joe to suggest moving Anna out of the hospital. Laura alerted Dimitri to Ryan and Gillian's plan to elope at Town Hall, and he and Alex quickly put together a dream wedding for the couple. Tad took Leslie to the hospital. Derek arrested David at an awards dinner; David later asked a judge that he not be granted bail. Dixie finally admitted that David had played her for a fool.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 2, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, April 2, 2001

Edmund and Anna were playing cards in her hospital room when David entered. Edmund asked David why he was in the room and he replied that Joe was behind closed doors and Alex asked him to check on Anna. David checked her vitals and told her that her heart was OK. Joe met with Edmund outside Anna's hospital room and told him that they have to move Anna out of the hospital immediately. Joe came into the room and asked David how she was doing. David told Joe that Anna was doing exceptionally well. Joe told Anna that they would have to move her out of the hospital. He told her that the hospital was being sued by a patient's family because the patient was missing and that some agents were coming by to check every nook and cranny looking for anything irregular and they couldn't take any chances. Anna said that she understood. Edmund told Anna that they checked with Alex and she said that Anna was well enough to move. David asked Edmund if he would be taking her to Wildwind and Edmund told David that it was none of his business where they took her. David said that he would not say anything to anyone. Edmund told him that he better not because if he did, he would talk also. After David and Joe left the room, Anna told Edmund that whatever he had on Dr. Hayward, it must be really big. Edmund just smiled. Edmund said that he could not tell Hayward's "deep dark secret." Anna said that she didn't want to know; she wants to figure it out.

On "Fidelity", Laura, Gillian, Leo and Ryan were waiting for Derek to return. Derek told them that they would be receiving a reward for turning in Vincent. They didn't know what the dollar amount was but they planned to split it four ways. When Derek arrived, everyone was thrilled to see him except Leo. He left the room to make a phone call to his brother David. Leo got his answering machine and left a message that Tad and Liza made him an offer to produce the videotape and he wanted him to come to the yacht immediately. Derek said that he needed more information and he gave them the choice of getting the money first or answering some more questions. Ryan said to give them the money first. Derek handed Ryan the check and after looking at it, he asked Derek if some of the zeroes were missing. Derek said that they were the Pine Valley police and not the Beverly Hills cops. They got a reward for $500.00. Ryan said that they would each get $125.00 a piece. Laura said that she needed a new flash for her camera and that would pay for it. Leo said that he needed a new tie and sarcastically thanked Derek. Derek told Leo that they threw in "saving their lives" for free. Gillian told Derek that they just got carried away when they found out that they were getting a reward. Derek told them that he needed the money that Vincent loaned them. Leo said that it was theirs'. Derek told them that it was the property of the police department and it was stolen money. Leo and Laura told Derek that they spent the money on caterers for the wedding and florists. Gillian told Derek that they did not spend all of it. She told him that they only spent $200.00 of it and she has the rest to give to him. Derek told Gillian that he was sorry about her dream wedding and Gillian replied that as long as she and Ryan have each other, all their dreams would come true. Gillian gave Derek all the money back except the couple hundred that they already spent. Derek left and Ryan walked him off the yacht. David came aboard and when Leo saw him, he asked the others if he could talk to his brother in private. Leo told David that Tad and Liza knew that the video tape exists and they want it in the worst possible way. David told Leo that he destroyed the tape right after he gave it to him so there is no alleged tape. David then said that this threat was a complete waste of his time and he started to walk away. Leo asked David if he was willing to bet his life with Dixie on that. Leo answered the question for him and told David to follow him. They both left the yacht. Gillian and Laura came back into the room after Leo and David left and also entering at the same time was Gillian's wedding dress designer. Gillian told her that she tried to call and tell her not to come because they had to cancel the order for the dress. Gillian and Ryan told her that they loved her design but the circumstances have changed and they could not pay her. After she left, Gillian told Laura that this was probably for the best, she could now go to Myrtle's boutique and just get something off the shelf. Gillian told Ryan that maybe this was a sign and that she really wanted to go off and get married tomorrow. Ryan agreed with her and said that they would get married tomorrow. Gillian left and said that she was going to call her friends and family and tell them not to come to the wedding. Ryan looked at Laura with a sad face. Ryan said that Gillian was putting on a brave front for him because he knows that she doesn't want to get married by a justice of the peace and neither does he. Ryan told Laura about Gillian's father and how he gambled away all the fortune and how Gillian didn't really feel like a princess anymore. He said that he wanted her to be a princess for just that one day at least. Laura asked Ryan if there was anyway to convince Gillian to wait until he raised enough money. Ryan said that at least one good thing would come out of them getting married tomorrow by a justice of the peace. They would be married sooner than later. He also said that he could not deliver the big wedding, but the happily ever after part he could deliver.

Leo took David to the boat dock where he hid the videotape and told him that "he saved his butt today." Leo told him that Tad offered him $250,000 for a copy of the tape proving that David was captain of the H.M.S. Libidozone. Leo asked David if he knew how tempting that offer was. Leo said not to worry because he turned him down flat. David asked Leo what happened to the $100,000 that he gave him and Leo told him that it was tied up in investments. David looked at Leo and just shook his head. He realized that Leo lost it all and told him that he would not get another dime from him. David told Leo that there was no tape because he destroyed it. Leo told David that there was another copy. David called his bluff and asked him to produce the tape. Leo went to the box where he hid the tape at the dock but it was gone. He turned to his brother and just looked at him and said the tape was gone. David just smiled and knew that Leo was bluffing him. David started laughing and told Leo that he missed his calling, he almost bought the shocked expression on his face. Leo told David that the tape was really gone and he asked David if he had it. Leo then said that Tad and Liza must have followed him and they got the tape. David reached into his pocket and said that Leo deserved something for his performance and handed him some money. Leo threw the money on the ground and said that it wasn't about the money, it never was. He was trying to help David. Leo told David that maybe it was for the best. Leo left and then David called Liza. He said that he had something to discuss with him and was on his way to meet with him.

Edmund and Anna returned to the turret at Wildwind. Edmund looked out the window and saw Bart checking the grounds to make sure no one was following them. Anna told Edmund that she missed the turret and she wondered if she would ever see the rest of the grounds. Edmund told her that he would take her on a tour and they would work it around Alex. Edmund told her that Alex and Dimitri would come by later and that he had to leave. Anna asked Edmund if he still loved Alex. He told Anna a story about a seriously ill Count and a beautiful doctor and how they fell in love and how the doctor saved the Counts life and how they got married. Edmund and Anna had tea together and they agreed that their lives were open books and they could ask anything about each other.

Laura called Dimitri and told him that Ryan and Gillian were planning to elope tomorrow and they need to stop them.

Gordon took Tad to see Leslie. He took him to a basement warehouse and when he entered the room, Tad didn't see Leslie anywhere. He told Gordon that if he led him on a wild goose chase, he would have him arrested today. Tad told Gordon that he would see him in jail and he started to leave the room. As Tad walked toward the door, Leslie called out his name. Tad turned around and Gordon pulled back a curtain to reveal Leslie. Tad went up to Leslie and asked her if she was all right. She said that she was but this whole thing had been a nightmare. Tad asked Leslie if David brought her to this place and she told Tad that Gordon brought her. Leslie told Tad that she heard David talking to her sister and telling her to take her off life support. Leslie said that she couldn't speak or move but she did try to signal by moving her fingers but nobody saw them moving. Gordon said that he heard about the accident and how she was being blamed for spiking the punch at Ryan's party and he knew then that David had set her up. Gordon told Tad that he took Leslie out of ICU because he had to before David finished what he started to do. Leslie said that she was waking up when Gordon came in. Gordon said that it was great that she could breath without a respirator. Tad said that her recovery was miraculous. Leslie said that she was not ready to die, because she had a lot of unfinished business to finish. Tad told Leslie that if she wanted to put David away, he would protect her and not let David hurt her. Leslie touched his check with her hand and said "you would do that for me?" Tad suggested getting her to the hospital first and then the police. Tad asked Gordon if he would call for an ambulance. Gordon was halfway out the door and locked it behind him, locking Tad and Leslie in the room together. Tad went to the door and told Gordon to open the door now. When Tad turned around to look at Leslie, she was just smiling at him. Tad tried to ram something against the lock to open the door but it wouldn't budge. He turned back to Leslie and said what are you doing? She told Tad that she was just waiting for him to calm down so they could continue where they left off. She told Tad that Gordon couldn't hear him because the door was made of steel. Tad told Leslie that he couldn't understand after everything she had been through, she was not counting her blessings. He said that she was just trying to pull another one of her psycho stunts. Leslie told Tad that she was not psycho. Tad told her to look around. He said that five minutes ago when he came in, she was laying down on her death bed and could hardly speak and now she was sitting up and was as weird as ever. Tad told her that for the record, whatever she expected to happen was not going to happen. Leslie said that she just wanted to talk to him. She said that Gordon was just giving them time to talk. Leslie said that she wanted to apologize for everything that happened since that night on the yacht. Tad said, "apology accepted, now open the door." Leslie said that she wasn't going to open the door until she was ready. Tad asked her when would that be and Leslie said whenever he showed her that he had forgiven her. Tad was rummaging through the basement looking for something to open the door with but could not find anything. He asked Leslie if he was sure Gordon was not working for David. Leslie told Tad that Gordon wants David to go down as much as they do. Leslie said this was not about Gordon or David, it was about her and Tad. Tad told Leslie that they didn't have time for this. Leslie said this was the perfect time. Tad said that they could not afford to think about anything else except taking David down. Leslie told him that her testimony would only be speculation, because she doesn't have any proof that David spiked the punch. Tad showed her the video in the case and said that he does have the proof. He finally had all the proof they need and now they couldn't get through the door to use it. Leslie asked Tad why he didn't go the police already and he told her that he was on his way when Gordon found him. Tad told Leslie that this proof would take David out of their lives for good. Tad told Leslie that this tape was real. He told her to think about how David tried to kill her twice and set her up. Tad told Leslie that she should want this as much as he does. Leslie told Tad to put the tape away because they would use the tape later. Leslie told Tad that she would come through for him because he had already come through for her. She told Tad that he saved her life. He asked her "when?" Leslie said it was when she was in the coma. She said that she was ready to give up and had nothing to live for when she heard Tad's voice calling her name, calling her away from death. She said that she came back for him. Tad said "to nail David, right?" Leslie said so that they could both get what they wanted, on one condition. Tad asked her what she wanted. Leslie told Tad to lie down with her and he told her that he could hear her from where he was. Leslie told Tad that she could let him out of the room but she still has wants and needs of her own. She told Tad that she wants him to love her and to marry her.

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

At Chandler Mansion, Liza and Adam were slowly accepting the fact that their honeymoon wasn't quite going to play out the way it should. Adam had to leave his new wife's side to because he needed to speak to Dixie about JR and her unwillingness to put their son first. Liza kissed her husband goodbye, but warned him not to throw his weight around. Shortly after Adam left, Liza raced to the phone and dialed Tad's number. As had happened numerous times before, her call was routed to Tad's voice mail. Liza told Tad that David was on his way to the mansion and said that she would do her best to "bluff" her way through the meeting. A matter of seconds later, the doorbell rang, signaling David's arrival. When allowed into the house, David wasted no time in warning Liza to "stop messing with Leo." As David explained it, he believed that she and Tad were giving Leo a hard time about a tape from Ryan's yacht party. A tape, David insisted, that did not exist. David threatened to sue Liza for her antics, a move that more than raised Liza's eyebrows. Liza waited until David was done chattering on before asking him if he wanted to hear her account of what had transpired between her and Tad and Leo. David sat down in a chair and gave Liza the go-ahead to offer her side of the story. The expression on David's face made it clear that he wasn't going to believe anything that Liza had to say. Liza claimed that Leo had actually gone to her and Tad about the alleged tape and said that he'd sell it to them for $250,000. Liza said that Tad had had a marked interest in the tape and asked for a screening of the tape before handing over any money. Leo, she said, never showed up for the arranged meeting. "There is no tape," David said, repeating a phrase he had already uttered several times during his conversation with Liza. If that was the case, then someone, Liza smiled, was not telling the truth. "So who's really lying - you, Leo or me?" she asked. David was prepared to walk out of the mansion without addressing Liza's question, however, Liza managed to stop him in his tracks with just one word - Dixie. Speaking as the person who'd broken up Tad and Dixie's marriage the first time, Liza warned David that Dixie and Tad would eventually get back together. "Take comfort with what you have, which is a small corner of her heart," Liza said softly. "Tad has her soul." With that, David stormed out of the house. Liza scurried back to the phone and again called Tad. After reaching his voice mail, Liza stated that she knew something was up because David would never have showed up at the house if he didn't have something to hide.

Across town, Adam arrived on Dixie's doorstep as she was getting ready for the awards dinner. Adam told his former wife about JR's school-skipping. Dixie was upset that the school had not contacted her, but Adam explained that he felt better able to handle the problem than Dixie. Adam mused that never in his wildest dreams did he think that "of [Junior's] parents [he] should be the most stable one." Dixie didn't want to discuss her current personal problems with Adam. As she turned her back to Adam, Adam insisted that Dixie not ignore what was going on. Dixie headed off to get dressed and Adam seized the opportunity to use his cell phone to place a call to an associate. Later, Dixie returned and was slightly miffed to see that Adam hadn't left. Adam told Dixie that he'd spoken to someone at the Bieberhof Laboratories in Berlin and learned that there was an opening in one of their prestigious research fields. David, he said, would be the perfect candidate. Dixie rolled her eyes and told Adam that she knew what he was up to; he wanted to find a way to get David out of Pine Valley. Surprisingly, that was only half-right. Adam said that he had hoped Dixie would go with David to Germany of he accepted the job. That way, he explained, Dixie and David would carry on whatever it was they were carrying on and get it out of their systems. Adam was about to leave, but on his way out David arrived at the house. He mentioned the Bieberhof position to David, but David appeared quite icy to the offer. After Adam left, David turned to Dixie and told her that a position at Bieberhof was something that he wanted very badly. He mentioned that the two of them could move to Germany and start life anew. Dixie informed David that the move would not be what was best for JR. "I was not thinking about JR," David admitted. David hesitantly took Dixie's hand and prepared to escort her to the awards banquet.

In her former loft apartment, which she was now sharing with Jake, Greenlee was hurriedly trying on dresses for the awards dinner. Jake returned home and offered his opinion on which dress Greenlee should wear. As he helped Greenlee zip her the back of her dress, Jake listened to Greenlee chatter about how much fun they would have together at the banquet. Jake waited for a pause in Greenlee's ramblings to break the news to he; he already had a date for the evening. Greenlee tried to hide her shock that Jake was going to be attending the shindig with Patricia Trowbridge, one of the hospital's residents. She forced a smile as she talked up the benefits of going to the banquet alone. "I can play the field," she said, trying to sound happy. Jake headed into his bedroom to get dressed for the ceremony. While he was out of the room, Pat arrived at the loft. Greenlee quickly put on a bathrobe and stepped out into the hall to speak to Pat. She claimed that Jake had been called back to the hospital due to an emergency. Pat looked very disappointed and handed Greenlee a bottle of wine to give to Jake as a housewarming gift. Greenlee scurried back inside and was almost immediately hit by questions about who had knocked on the door. Greenlee claimed that Pat had sent a messenger over to deliver a bottle of wine and her apologies that she'd be unable to attend the banquet. Greenlee fumbled for a reason for Pat's return to work, ultimately claiming that she had to perform an emergency caesarean section on a patient. A knock sounded on the door and Greenlee again slinked out into the hall. Pat had returned so that she could write a note to Jake. Jake overheard her voice and called out to her. Greenlee knew that she'd been caught and allowed Pat into the loft. She gleefully shouted that she'd been playing a "belated April Fool's Day" joke on the pair. Neither Jake nor Pat were amused. Jake pulled Greenlee aside and scolded her for her behavior. He headed back to his room to finish dressing, but not before warning Greenlee that she'd better not try any more schemes. While Jake was out of the room, Greenlee struck up a conversation with Pat about shoes. Greenlee mentioned that she buys her shoes from an expensive boutique and stated that Pat probably shopped at the same store. Pat, however, said that she buys her shoes at an outlet. Pat then followed her statement up with a barb about how she doesn't want to become the type of spoiled rich girl who starts "frivolous" conversations about shoes. Greenlee tried to get Pat to back off of Jake by mentioning his divorce and other past troubles. Pat replied that she already new of Jake's past and implied that she wasn't troubled by it. Pat then fired off with a remark that she knew some friends in a psychology field that would love to have a crack at Greenlee. Greenlee was outraged that Pat was implying that she had some sort of mental illness. Jake returned to the room just in time to stop the conversation before it got even more ugly. Jake sent Pat ahead to the car so that he could have a few parting words with his temporary roomie. Jake blasted Greenlee for her need to be the "center of attention" as well as her need to always have a man on her arm. He warned Greenlee that if her antics continued, she'd be kicked out of the loft. After Jake left, Greenlee vowed that she'd prove Jake wrong; she'd show up at the banquet without a date.

The mention of getting married sent a shiver through Tad's body. "That's my dream," Leslie gushed. She told Tad that after all their "near misses" they now had a chance to be together. Tad took a deep breath and told Leslie that there was some truth to what she'd said. Tad told Leslie that he never knew how much she meant to him until her accident. Surprisingly, Tad told Leslie that he would accept her request to get married. Leslie jerked erratically ands grimaced in pain. Tad was obviously concerned for her health, but Leslie assured him that she'd be okay. Tad explained to Leslie that in order to get married, they would need to get out of their makeshift prison. Leslie informed Tad that she had the key to get out, but she didn't reveal where the key was hidden. As for her health concerns, Leslie said that she no longer cared if she died because Tad would be at her side. Tad walked back over to the door and tried to wrestle it open, but he had no luck. As his back was turned, Leslie reached down by the side of her bed and picked up a knife. When Tad returned his attention to Leslie, Leslie put the knife up to her throat. "We can die together," she said, speaking as though she were possessed. She recalled that she and Tad had worked on a high school production of "Romeo and Juliet" together. Tad hadn't remembered the play and tried to bluff his way through the trip down memory lane. Leslie had not appeared as Juliet, as Tad stated; she was a stagehand for the performance. "That pinch-faced Hillary Wilson was Juliet," Leslie snarled. Tad tried to cover for his mistake by telling Leslie that she, not Hillary, should have been cast as the female lead. Leslie grew suspicious of Tad's compliments and threatened to kill herself. Tad lunged for the knife and managed to wrestle it away from her. He then realized that the knife was nothing more than a plastic prop. While Tad was preoccupied with the knife, Leslie reached down and picked up the videotape that he had dropped. Leslie held the tape in her hands and threatened to destroy it. Leslie felt - and correctly so - that Tad wanted to use the tape to win back Dixie. Tad was quiet for some time. When he finally spoke, he admitted to Leslie that he still loves his wife. Leslie said that she wishes things had worked out different between her and Tad. "I should have said something!" Leslie screamed, revisiting a wish she had on the eve of her high school prom in which she planned to tell Tad that she loved him. Tad became surprisingly tender, telling Leslie that it was not too late to make her prom wish come true. Leslie appeared reluctant to accept what Tad was saying at face value, but after some thought she agreed to revisit what could have been. While Leslie looked through racks of old costumes, Tad continued his hunt for the key to unlock the door. His search came up empty. Leslie called out to Tad to tell him that she was dressed and ready to go. Tad turned and froze in place as he looked at Leslie. Leslie, wearing an old dress she'd found on one of the racks of clothing, stepped towards Tad with the assistance of a walker. Coupled with her overly made-up face and severely bruised body, the dress made the otherwise attractive Leslie a ghoulish spectacle. Tad was unable to move or speak as he looked on at Leslie. Then, somehow, he again displayed a tender side. He told Leslie that she was missing one thing. He then hunted around for a paper tiara, which he placed on her head. Leslie turned to look at herself in a full-size mirror. She became fixated on the image of herself, dressed for the prom that she'd never been able to attend. Leslie wanted to share a practice dance with Tad before stepping out together. She stumbled forward and buried her head in Tad's chest. Tad played along for a few moments before telling Leslie that it was time to leave. "Your limo awaits," he grinned. Pretending to have forgotten about the locked door, Tad casually mentioned that he needed the key to the door so that they could leave. "Do you know where it is?" Tad asked innocently. Leslie batted her eyelids, still heavily coated with bright blue eye shadow, and smiled at her prom date.

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

For visualization purposes, today's recap includes photos of Leslie in her prom dress and Pat Trowbridge, the newest intern at Pine Valley Hospital.

As they walked up the pathway to the turret at Wildwind, Gillian and Ryan discussed their upcoming wedding. Ryan was still worried that Gillian would be upset that they weren't going to have the "wedding of her dreams", but Gillian assured Ryan that as long as he was her groom it would be the wedding of her dreams. Ryan picked her up and carried her over the threshold of the turret and they walked up the stairs together. At the top of the staircase, they looked around and wondered who's belongings were there. Gillian said Dimitri had told her that no one used the place since his father had died. Bart barged in yelling "Freeze!!" and pointed a gun at them. Startled, they jumped back in fright. Anna followed Bart in and stopped him from further harassing the soon-to-be-newlyweds. Anna realized quickly that she had to pretend to be Alex and told them that Bart was a new security guard. She told them that she and Bart had been walking the grounds when they saw the light on in the turret and decided to investigate. Anna (Alex) sent Bart downstairs, telling him she knows the intruders, though she couldn't for the life of her remember Ryan's name. Ryan told "Alex" that it looked like a squatter had settled in and she said he was probably right and she'd call security right away. She told them to go on down to the main house and see Dimitri. Before they exited, Ryan picked up a prescription bottle and asked if it was Alex's. Anna admitted that the bottle was hers and plucked it out of Ryan's hands. Gillian asked her if she was staying in the turret. "Alex" admitted that she comes there to read, take naps, relax and be alone and that she keeps some medicine there just in case. Gillian told her she shouldn't be alone if there was a chance of a relapse of her virus and Ryan agreed. "Alex" told them she carries her cell phone with her but they told her again she shouldn't be alone, she should be where people could help her if she needed it. Ryan asked her if Dimitri knew that she came to the turret alone and she said no and that they shouldn't tell him either. Ryan asked if her virus was contagious and she said it was but not anymore. He then asked her what the name of the disease was and "Alex" was dumbfounded for a moment. She finally came up with a name, "Manias", which she said was also the capital of the Amazon. Ryan said he'd never heard of the disease and Anna explained that was very rare and that's why it took so long for a diagnosis. She changed the subject by asking Ryan and Gillian about their wedding. Ryan told her the ceremony would be held tomorrow, which prompted Anna to note how relaxed they looked, considering all the things they probably still needed to do. Gillian told her they were just going to "town hall," keeping it nice and simple. "Alex" smiled and said that their plan sounded nice, but she asked if that was what they really wanted. Ryan and Gillian looked at each other sadly. Gillian said yes, it was what they wanted, as long as they can be together it's all they want. "Alex" apologized for prying but Gillian told her it was ok, she was family. "Alex" got excited for them and their wedding and told them how much they'll learn about each other once their married. Ryan reminded her that they'd been married before and "Alex" quickly covered her tracks by saying that this marriage would be the one that counts.

In the living room of the main house on the Wildwind property, Edmund and Alex giggled about the surprise waiting for Ryan and Gillian and how the pair has no idea that they will actually have the wedding of their dreams. Alex offered to help Edmund, but he said he had everything under control. She then thanked him for letting Anna stay at Wildwind and Edmund told her there was no need for thanks because Anna is family. Alex apologized for always disrupting his life, but Edmund teased that he really didn't have much of a life before Alex came along. David and Dixie walked into the living room, interrupting Edmund and Alex. Dixie told Alex she just didn't feel right about accepting this award without her. She told Alex she just had to come with them but Alex refused. Dixie said Alex deserves the award more than she does but Alex told Dixie that she truly deserved the recognition herself. Alex insisted that she should stay home and recuperate. Alex asked to speak to David alone and Edmund offered to walk Dixie to the car to wait for David. Alex congratulated David on the award and he graciously admitted Alex's contribution to his research. She told him that he deserved to be honored but not to walk around free. David demanded to know what Alex wanted. She said she cares about Dixie and that she knows that David's wants and needs come first and Dixie's will always come in second to him. Alex told David that he thinks he loves Dixie but what he really loves is having such a pure hearted person believe in him. David said that Dixie sees him for who he really is but Alex said Dixie only sees the part of him he lets her see. Alex insisted that Dixie wouldn't love him if she knew what he'd done. He was sure that she'd still love him. Alex told David to give Dixie what she deserves, a life without him in it. David just scowled at Alex and walked out.

Meanwhile, at the turret Ryan said he and Gillian should turn in, they had a big day ahead of them. Gillian said she'd like to spend the night at Wildwind and convinced "Alex" to go back to the main house with her. As the three of them started down the stairs Edmund came bounding in calling for Anna. They all stopped and Ryan asked Edmund, "Who's Anna?".

In the abandoned storage area, Tad told Leslie she looked beautiful and tried to get her to leave for "the prom". She told him she'd save every dance for him. He tried to hurry her out the door and she mistook his eagerness, saying "You're as excited about this as I am!". Leslie finally gave Tad the key and told Tad that this night would be "magical, a night to remember." As Tad unlocked the door Gordon walked up. He was shocked by their appearances and demanded to know where they were going dressed up like that. Leslie told him it was "A Night in the Tropics", but he didn't understand. Tad tried to cover and get Gordon to play along, "reminding" him that he'd hired Gordon to get Leslie to the prom in style. It took Gordon a little while to get it but finally he agreed to play chauffeur and told Leslie that her chariot awaited her and they left. Rather than taking Leslie to a prom, they drove her to Pine Valley Hospital. As they walked into the hospital Leslie wanted to know where the prom was and began getting upset. She claimed that Tad had tricked her. Tad sent Gordon to find a doctor and then took Leslie into the nearest exam room. Leslie started to cry, saying they were supposed to be at the prom. She said she won't survive this, but Tad told her he just wanted to help her. He said he wanted her to get better but Leslie said no one wants her to get better. She threw some hospital supplies to the floor in a fit of rage while a stunned Tad stepped out of the way. He told her she was sick and needed help. Leslie said Tad didn't care about her, he only cared about his precious Dixie and putting David away. She said she wasn't going to tell the police what she knows. Tad told her she was just confused and she said only because of the lies he'd told her. She said he told her he loved her but Tad said no, he'd always said he only loved Dixie. Leslie cried and her garish makeup ran down her face. She again said she wouldn't help put David away and told Tad he's always going to lose out to David and that he's going to lose Dixie. She then told him he actually deserved to lose Dixie. Joe Martin came running in upon hearing all the commotion and found Tad struggling to keep Leslie under control. He administered a sedative and ran out of the room to call the psyche ward. Joe ran into Gordon and yelled at him for disappearing. Tad walked out of the room and came to Gordon's defense. Then Tad asked his father where Dixie was. Joe told him about Dr. Hayward's award dinner and Tad ran out of the hospital.

At the award dinner Jake apologized to Pat for Greenlee's behavior earlier. He reiterated that their living situation was only temporary. He said he warned Greenlee that if she didn't behave she'd find herself alone. Pat said she felt sorry for Greenlee because she seemed "to be lost." Jake said it was because she refused to ask for directions. In another section of the party Greenlee sat all alone, looking forlorn.

Leo, disheveled and upset, came bounding into the dining room looking for David. Vanessa grabbed him and wondered what he was doing and he asked if she'd seen David yet. She hadn't and wondered why Leo needed David so urgently. He said he just wanted to congratulate his big brother. Palmer said the hospital needed the good press by David's award and Vanessa gloated about David's accomplishment. She asked Leo if he was going to stay and he said he couldn't leave without talking to David. She commented on his less than spruced up appearance and then told him she didn't believe that all he wanted to do was congratulate David and then followed Palmer off.

Liza entered the dining room and spotted Jake. She rushed to him and asked if he'd seen Tad anywhere. He said he hadn't and could tell Liza was worried. She didn't want to elaborate and then spied Leo. She grabbed Leo and demanded to know where Tad was. Leo denied knowing where Tad was and wondered why Liza thought he ought to know where he was. Liza told him that Tad had followed him earlier in the day. Leo was surprised but covered himself. Liza walked away and Leo said to Jake "She's one scary woman!". Jake agreed that she could be. Leo walked away and Greenlee found him. She asked what mess he'd gotten himself into now. She told him she wanted to help, that it was obvious that he was in trouble. He tried to get her to leave him alone but she wouldn't. Finally he told her he did something stupid that might get David in huge trouble. She told him to forget David but he said he couldn't. Greenlee said "So you do care about your brother!" to which Leo replied "Like you care about your father" and hastily walked away.

David and Dixie finally walked into the awards dinner to a flurry of photographers snapping pictures. Dixie looked like a deer caught in a headlight, but David was puffed with pride. Palmer and Vanessa approached and Vanessa expressed her surprise at seeing Dixie on her son's arm. Palmer was disgusted and pulled Dixie to the side, telling her she was being used. This angered Dixie and she walked away from her uncle. Vanessa told David that Leo was looking for him but he wasn't concerned. David asked Dixie to dance, she hesitated saying it wasn't such a good idea. He told her it was their night and she finally took his hand and followed him onto the dance floor. After he took her in his arms he looked into her eyes and told her he loved her and always would. She looked confused, a little upset, and not sure of what she should say. Leo came up and pulled David away. He told David he had to get out of town right away. David said he wasn't leaving and Dixie came up, wondering what was going on. David said it was nothing.

Jake took the podium and said he was presenting the award on behalf of his father. He introduced the Thursten Award winners, Dr. David Hayward and Dixie Martin. Leo still tried to convince David to leave but he jerked lose from Leo's grasp and strutted up to the podium. He began his acceptance speech, going on about saving the lives of loved ones and where love exists in this world you have to hang on, gazing at Dixie the whole time. He then said he accepted the award on behalf of patients, doctors, and his fellow researchers. Then he called up his "partner, assistant and inspiration", "Miss Dixie Cooney Martin." Dixie smilingly walked up front to stand by his side. Tad, Joe and Derek Frye burst in and Tad said "Not tonight Dr. Hayward!". Dixie begged Tad "Can't this wait one more night?" and Tad told her it was out of his hands. Derek walked up and began to read David his rights; David was under arrest.

Thursday, April 5, 2001

"Did you just call her Anna?" Ryan asked with a crooked glare. Edmund and Anna exchanged nervous glances before Anna spoke up with an explanation for Edmund's outburst. As Alex, Anna explained that Edmund had been doing some research on her sister, Anna, and niece, Robin. Edmund nodded and claimed that looking at Anna's photos for so many hours must have somehow slipped her name into his subconscious. An awkward silenced followed before Anna again brought up mention of Ryan and Gillian's wedding. Some happy, though tentative, wedding chattered ensued. A little while later, Bart stormed into the turret and angrily asked to speak to Edmund in private. The two men stepped outside, where Bart lashed out at Edmund for not providing adequate safety for Alex. Gillian exited the turret and asked Edmund and Bart if Alex was in some sort of danger. Edmund dismissed Bart to the main house and tackled Gillian's questions. He told the princess that Bart had been hired to look out for Alex following her bout with her mystery illness. Gillian remarked that Alex had been acting "weird" lately, behavior that Edmund attributed to "residual effects" of her illness. Edmund and Gillian stepped back inside the turret for more conversation with Ryan and "Alex." Gillian offered to walk "Alex" back to the main house, but Edmund assured her that he and "Alex" would find their way back on their own. Gillian and Ryan exited the turret, but just outside they discussed the strange way Edmund and Alex were behaving. Gillian had bought Edmund's explanation that Alex was still suffering some lingering effects of her illness. Ryan, however, remained dubious of what he'd been spoon-fed by Edmund and "Alex." Back inside, Edmund praised Anna's performance, noting that she'd played the part of her sister "perfectly." Suddenly, Anna realized that Ryan and Gillian could return to the main house before Edmund and catch Alex off guard. Edmund nodded his head and raced off. AS he ran down the pathway, Bart stepped out of the shadows with a frown firmly planted on his face. Bart stormed into the turret and expressed an urgent need for Anna to leave Wildwind at once. Anna wasn't too thrilled by the idea of leaving to once again live in seclusion. She argued that she'd survived death for a reason and wanted to make the best of things. "I believe that I have a destiny and I want to follow it," Anan replied. "Whatever it is."

Edmund easily managed to beat Ryan and Gillian back to the main house because the couple decided to take a moonlit walk through the apple orchard. Edmund filled Alex in on what had happened at the turret and actually seemed rather amused by everything that had happened. Alex, however, wasn't as easily amused. She warned Edmund that her sister's recovery could be compromised by her need to constantly lie and pretend to be someone that she's not. Nevertheless, Alex thanked Edmund for being "such a good friend" to Anna. Both admitted that they'd be very sad when it came time for Anna to leave. Edmund quickly scurried out a back entrance so that he could return to the turret. Ryan and Gillian entered the main house and found Alex reading in a far corner of the parlor. Gillian immediately noticed that Alex had changed. Alex quickly explained away her new clothing and focused on talk of Ryan and Gillian's wedding. She gushed on and on about how Dimitri had told her about their first wedding and how Gillian had originally been slated to marry Scott Chandler. Ryan squinted his eyes and marveled at how quickly Alex's memory had returned; previously in the turret she hadn't even recalled that he and Gillian had been married before. Alex continued on, apologizing for the way Bart had treated them. In her attempt to cover for what had happened, she unwittingly misspoke, telling Ryan and Gillian that it must have been a shock for them to enter the turret and find a "strange man" holding a gun at them. Ryan waited until after Alex left the room before bringing up Alex's mistake to Gillian. Ryan reminded Gillian that it was Bart and Alex who had walked in on them - not the other way around. Ryan couldn't help but worry that something wasn't quite right and told his bride-to-be that he was concerned about her safety. Gillian was sure that everything was okay and scrapped Ryan's plan for them to spend the night before their wedding together. Gillian reminded Ryan that seeing the bride before the wedding day was bad luck. Ryan smiled and explained that that was an American superstition - and Gillian was Hungarian. Gillian nodded her head in agreement and related some Hungarian wedding customs to Ryan, which included the bride having to sweep a floor to show that she's a good housekeeper and a post-wedding dance where people wanting to dance with the bride have to offer livestock to the family. Ryan grinned devilishly and told Gillian that he could wait to show her an American post-wedding tradition, as he moved in to kiss Gillian.

Back at the turret, Edmund interrupted Bart and Anna's private chat. Bart pulled Edmund aside and warned him that if anything happened to Anna he was "a dead man." After Bart left, Anna started to exhibit some signs of cabin fever. She asked aloud if there were any places where she could go just to get out of her prison. Edmund nodded his head and asked Anna to follow him. The pair ended up at the Marick mausoleum. It was hardly the romantic even Ryan and Gillian had shared, but it was one of the few places Edmund knew of where Anna's safety could be guaranteed. After their visit was over, the pair headed back to the turret. As they walked away, a figured emerged from the shadows.

"This is outrageous!" David shouted as Derek read him his rights. "Your little joyride is over," Tad sneered. David demanded to know the charges against him. Derek promptly replied that David was being taken into custody because he had allegedly administered a controlled substance to a bunch of unwilling partygoers. Tad looked toward David and quoted David's allegations that Leslie had been the one to spike the punch. After all, David had gotten her on tape stealing Libidozone from his office. David nodded his head feverishly up and down. "The camera doesn't lie," Tad sassed as he held up the videotape footage of the party shot by WRCW. Derek explained that the tape showed David in one frame hovering around the punchbowl and in another frame it showed him fishing a flask out of the same punchbowl. David insisted that his flask had contained scotch. "Prohibition is over," David snapped as he tried to bolster his claim that he hadn't been carrying Libidozone in his flask. The doctor looked to Dixie and begged her not to believe the outlandish allegations being bandied about. Tad then revealed that Leslie had been found and that she was being held at Pine Valley Hospital for treatment - under the watchful eye of an armed guard. Tad also mused that Leslie's room was on the ground floor so that a fall from her window wouldn't do too much damage. David argued that no jury would convict him on the testimony of a mad woman and a sketchy videotape. Gordon stepped from a crowd of partygoers and looked David coldly in the eye. David growled that Gordon and Leslie were in cahoots and that nothing Gordon says should be believed. He went as far as to say that Tad had tracked down Gordon and paid him off to testify against him. The police hauled David away. Vanessa pleaded with Palmer to do something to intervene. Palmer stepped forward and asked the police to not make such a spectacle at a public gathering. Derek explained that he and his men were only doing their jobs. Vanessa chased after her son and handed him the phone number of one of Palmer's attorneys. Dixie watched on in horror, perhaps as though everything that was happening was some sort of bizarre out-of-body experience. Tad walked up to his wife and asked her if she was going to be okay. "I'm just about anything but okay," Dixie replied. Dixie showed flashes of anger as she asked Tad why he couldn't wait another night before calling the police. Tad explained that he was afraid delaying the process would give David a chance to find a way to again wiggle his way out of trouble. Gordon approached Dixie and told her all about what he and David had done during the Libidozone research. His tale included David's tainting of Erica's cola, the debacle aboard the Fidelity and the falsified toxicology reports from all of the partygoers who'd been "poisoned." Dixie was stunned. She demanded to see the tape Tad had claimed showed evidence of David's guilt. Tad cued up the tape and played portions of it for Dixie. Dixie's lips quivered as she saw David fishing a flask out of the punchbowl. She instructed Tad to stop the tape; she had seen enough. A waiter walked over to Dixie and handed her the awards plaque inscribed with her and David's names. "I think someone should take this home," the waited said. Dixie took the plaque and ran her fingers over the inscribing. Tad tried to comfort his wife, but Dixie pulled away and demanded that she be left alone.

Derek put David in a holding cell at the police station and told him that he'd be arraigned in the morning. Derek offered to give David a chance to make a phone call, but David said that he wanted to be left alone. Leo entered a short time lately and softly called out his brother's name. Leo apologized profusely for being the one responsible for everything that had happened. David angrily replied that he didn't care what happened to him - he just wanted some assurance that Dixie would not walk out on him. "My life means nothing without Dixie," David exclaimed on the verge of tears.

Thursday, April 6, 2001

The folks at Wildwind are preparing for Ryan and Gillian's wedding. Gillian entered the room and said that all the ruckus was setting her back from getting to Town Hall for her wedding. All the people at Wildwind kept telling Gillian that they wanted to visit with her as Gillian reminded them she was going to get married that day and she had things to do. Ryan called and Alex answered the phone. Ryan asked if Gillian was there and Alex answered with a simple "yes" and gently set the phone back in its cradle. Gillian's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as she asked Alex if she had hung up on Ryan. Alex nodded and she, Dimitri and Eugenia explained that they all felt a need to spend more time with her - starting right now. Eugenia explained that when Ryan calls back, he will not get an answer and he'll be forced to show up at the house. "And then what?" Gillian asked.

Meanwhile, Ryan was at The Valley Inn and ran into Jake. They discussed the upcoming nuptials and Jake gave Ryan his "best regards." Greenlee then showed up and joined Jake. Jake brought her up to speed, "The princess is marrying the con man today." She replied with, "Again?" Greenlee tried to apologize for her behavior the night before, but Jake didn't buy it. Jake told Greenlee he "gets her motive for the day." He went on to inform her that he knew the reason she showed up at the Valley Inn in the first place, was because she knew that Leo would be there. She denied it and Jake left in disgust.

Leo entered the Valley Inn and joined Ryan. Ryan looked at Leo funny and Leo admitted, "he hadn't shaved." Ryan held up the morning newspaper and told Leo that he was aware that his brother was arrested for drugging everybody with Libidozone at the yacht party. Erica overheard them from another table. "Isn't that the tape that mysteriously disappeared?" asked Ryan. Leo tried to offer Ryan an explanation, but he kept fumbling for his words. Ryan accused him of taking the tape when they were all searching for it on the yacht. Leo denied it. Ryan reminded him that his reputation as well as his company's reputation had been dragged through the mud over the whole Libidozone. Erica was still listening intently from her nearby table. Ryan reminded him that "marriages ended" and Laura had almost died because of David's shenanigans. Leo made no attempt to argue with what Ryan had said. Erica quickly rose from her table and left the restaurant. Ryan asked Leo how much David paid him, and bluntly told him that he was fired. Leo departed and Greenlee slithered after him.

Later, Ryan showed up at Wildwind looking for Gillian. He asked Alex if she had just hung up on him and she admitted it by saying, "Yeah, I think so." Ryan said he tried to call back but he kept getting a busy signal. Alex agreed and informed him ever so casually that the phone was off the hook. Ryan was very stunned about Alex and Dimitri's demeanor and consistently tried to find out Gillian's whereabouts. He was told that Gillian wasn't there and that she had left him a message that she wouldn't be able to marry him at Town Hall that day. Ryan was obviously flabbergasted and asked if that was one of their Hungarian jokes. After more questioning, Dimitri reiterated the fact that Gillian couldn't possibly marry him at Town Hall that day. Ryan, frustrated, began a search through the manor. Following Ryan's departure, Dimitri and Alex laughed and headed off to get dressed for the upcoming occasion.

Ryan reentered the living room a bit later and told Dimitri that he could not find his princess anywhere. "If this is a joke, I am not laughing," he grumbled. Dimitri had his back to Ryan and finally turned around. When he did, Ryan, observed that he was dressed in a tux. Smiling, Dimitri handed Ryan a tux of his own. Ryan wanted to know why he was being given a tux and Dimitri informed him that he should just put it on as Gillian was waiting for him.

Ryan was seen entering the foyer of the Wildwind Chapel dressed in his tux. The room was filled with flowers. Dimitri entered and complimented himself for his good job. Ryan wanted to know why he was at the chapel and wearing a tux. Dimitri informed him that all his questions would be answered as soon as he opened the doors and entered the chapel. Ryan entered the chapel and saw Gillian standing at the altar with her back to him. She slowly turned around to face him in her beautiful wedding dress and their eyes locked together in a loving gaze.

Tad answered a knock at his door, and lo and behold, it was Dixie! Tad was very hurt and reminded her that for months he had the goods on David and she wouldn't listen. She finally interrupted him and said how very sorry she was, that she "was totally and completely wrong," adding that she was "so sorry."

Tad and Dixie ultimately sat down together and discussed the past. Dixie informed him that she had been up all night thinking about everything. Tad asked her why she ran out of the room when he showed her the tape. She said that she couldn't take it all in at that time; she couldn't handle the dirt. Tad's heart softened a little and he told her that she had been manipulated by David. Dixie finally explained to Tad why she'd let David into her life; she needed somebody to show her that she mattered. Dixie explained that Tad's return to work and Junior's growing up left her feeling unneeded. Tad told her that she mattered to so many people. Dixie sniveled about all her hardships as an excuse for her behavior. Tad asked her what she was going to do now. Dixie replied by telling him that her first priority was talking to him, and that her second priority was going to David's arraignment. Tad wanted to know why she felt it necessary to attend David's arraignment. Dixie said that she wanted to see how David was going to get out of this mess. Tad said that he couldn't. Dixie disagreed because Tad didn't know the "level of deceit" that was inside of David and that she had to be sure that David didn't find a way to elude the charges against him. She asked Tad's permission to go and he decided that they would go together. Hand in hand they left for the hearing.

Leo went to the courthouse and Greenlee entered behind him. Greenlee approached Leo and asked him if he was okay. Leo told her that he wanted to be alone. Greenlee refused to leave him in his current condition as she knew that David was being arraigned that morning. Leo poured his heart out about the fact that David paid him to suppress the evidence and that he felt he had let David down because he had allowed Tad to get a hold of the videotape. Greenlee reassured him that he did the best he could to protect his brother...because he loved him. Leo told her he just wanted out of this mess. Greenlee said she also did and asked him if he "wanted to escape together." Greenlee continued to help Leo deal with his guilt. Vanessa barged in and asked Leo for his help as his brother was just about to be arraigned. Leo responded with "What, no pleasantries mother?" Vanessa and Leo stepped into the hallway amongst the media. Vanessa blamed Leo for Tad getting hold of the videotape implicating his brother. Vanessa, surprisingly, appeared very concerned for David. Leo asked if he could have his mother's handbag as he suddenly felt like he needed to "barf."

Later, David was shown behind bars. Vanessa came to visit and brought an attorney of Palmer's to assist him. She reminded him that he was being arraigned that morning. All David could say was he needed Dixie and "that's all." He did not need a lawyer. Vanessa insisted to David that he needed legal representation, he was facing very grave charges. David explained to Vanessa that all she cared about was the fact that he might be jeopardizing her meal ticket and that she didn't want him anywhere near Dixie because Dixie is Palmer's niece. She insisted that all she wanted to do was help him. David told her "what a crock" all she wanted was to be a billionaire's wife. Vanessa pled with him to stop it and begged him to let her help; that she was truly frightened for him. David retorted with, "There are only two things in the world that frighten you Vanessa, watching your bank account get seized and seeing your two sons happy." After Vanessa reminded him that he could be locked away for years and threatened to leave, David relented and asked the attorney, Thomas O'Neill, to enter his cell to assist in his defense.

Following Vanessa's departure, David and O'Neill had a chat. O'Neill told David that he thought he could discredit a lot of witnesses - Leslie was "unstable" and she had "kidnapped a kid" and Gordon was a" gold-digging turncoat." After further conversations, O'Neill reassured David that there wasn't any real evidence against him, that there was no proof that he gave that drug to anyone. As if things weren't bad enough for David, Erica entered and said, "I wouldn't count on that!" O'Neill mysteriously vanished and Erica approached David and asked him how he was going to get out of his latest mess. David asked her why she was there. Erica asked him if he really didn't know and she began to sing the song she'd sung at The Valley Inn while under the influence of Libidozone. David finally got it. Erica reminded him of the night she was under the influence of Libidozone. Erica took the blame for the way David now feels about Dixie and she told him "You loved me David, and I broke up with you, but I had no idea that you were going to completely lose your mind, you poor thing...I certainly can't help but to feel somewhat responsible." Erica further gave him a hard time for drugging her because she said she works very hard every day to stay sober. David apologized to her and told her he never meant to jeopardize her sobriety. They were interrupted when O'Neill reentered and informed David that it was time to go to his arraignment.

David was led, handcuffed, into the courtroom. Jake approached him and handed him a prepared letter of resignation for David to sign. Vanessa asked him what that meant. David said that apparently he was being fired. David signed it and told his mother to forget it. "It was only the first surprise of the day, who knows what is next," David sighed. At that exact moment, Dixie entered the courtroom and a moment later Tad appeared behind her. Erica also entered the courtroom after Tad and Dixie had taken their seats. The hearing began. After the hearing was called to order, Judge Connelly informed David that he was being charged with 76 counts of simple assault. The rest of the charges were not heard due to the fact that David was thinking about how much he loved Dixie and blocked the whole thing out. Judge Connelly asked about the matter of bail and David jumped to his feet and asked that he not be granted bail. David informed the judge and the courtroom that he was "guilty of all charges."

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