All My Children Recaps: The week of March 18, 2002 on AMC

Kendall moved into Myrtle's boarding house to keep an eye on Chris. Erica developed a plan to send Kendall out of town. Mia grew worried when she spied a document on Jake's desk. Liza's irrational behavior continued. Anna was sworn in as chief of police just before being called to testify against David.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 18, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, March 18, 2002

Greenlee was shocked when Leo informed her that he's moving in with Simone. She can't believe that he would move into the same apartment building after she told him to stay away. She said she doesn't even know who he is. He said that he doesn't really care. He doesn't care about anything. She can forget that they ever happened. The old, selfish Leo is back. She thought he was just saying this to make her feel bad. As Leo got on the elevator, she told him that she doesn't want to keep seeing him around. He responded, "Tough. I like it here, and I'm staying." She said, "We'll see about that," before leaving.

Erica told Bianca that Kendall is just using her, and she's just trying to come between them. Bianca denied it and told her to get out. Erica told her she loved her before leaving. Kendall attempted to apologize for what Erica did, but Bianca responded that that is exactly what she wanted. Kendall confessed that she enjoyed the fact that it would moving into Myrtle's would anger Erica. Bianca understood, and said she didn't like her mother coming in like a drill sergeant. Kendall told Bianca that she doesn't want to say anything bad about Erica, because she knows that Bianca still loves her mother. Bianca commented that it was a nice gesture from Kendall when there was a knock at the door. It was a reporter from the exposure. He began grilling Bianca about catching Proteus. Kendall walked up and interrupted. She seduced him just long enough to take the tape recorder out of his hand and throw it out the door. When the reporter followed, Kendall slammed the door on him. Bianca thanked her, and told Kendall that she thinks she's getting a bad rap. When Kendall was genuinely interested in Frankie, Bianca noticed it. Kendall said she leveled with her, but she doesn't feel that Bianca has been as honest. She accused Bianca of using her, because she's changed so much over the years. She said that Bianca used to be an obnoxious kid, and she was sure she would end up like Erica. However, now she's the complete opposite. Bianca responded that it's the nicest thing Kendall has ever said to her. Later, after Bianca left the room, Kendall picked up Erica's picture and commented, "You were ready to go to jail for your Bianca. Well, I wonder how you'll feel when she winds up hating you just as much as I do."

David couldn't believe what Palmer told him. Jake began gloating that David's assumption that he would be Chief of Staff was proven wrong. David grabbed Anna to leave, but Jake told him that there was more. The board requested Jake hire him back for one year. David said that he'll never work for a hack like him and walked out. Outside, David was furious when Anna told him to take the job. He is appalled at the thought and refused. She told him the Martins could shred his reputation or have him arrested based on what he's done. He said it's not worth it to work here. She then told him to think of her. She just got a job and she can't leave. The board then walked out. As they left, Palmer told David that they're still waiting for his decision, and he hopes he makes the right one. Jake then told him that he'll never forget what he tried to do to Joe. He gave David one hour to make a decision. Later, back in the conference room, David was astounded that Anna wanted him to do this. She said that she can't leave, and he can't afford to divorce her. She asked him if he wanted to stay and fight Jake or turn tail and run.

While struggling with the sofa in the elevator, Simone told Leo that Greenlee seemed pretty upset. Leo said he probably shouldn't have let her believe he was moving in when he was only staying for a few nights. He assumed Simone thought he was acting like a jerk, but she said that she's in no position to judge. She went on to tell him that she doesn't like conversations like this. After growing up with a psychiatrist for a father, she was always having deep, thoughtful conversations. They went back to the couch again, and continued their struggle to fit it in the elevator. Later, Simone reminded Leo that they're both broke. He told her not to worry about it, because he'll think of something. He tried to remember what he would have done in the old days. Leo took off, telling Simone that he'll come up with some idea to keep them from being evicted.

At Enchantment, Erica met Opal and began filling her in on Bianca's new roommate. She said that Kendall wants to ruin her. She has a fear that Kendall will do something horrible to Bianca to get back at her. They walked into Greenlee's office and saw Val place a bouquet of flowers on her desk. He showed Erica a trade magazine that had a short article on Greenlee. They believed the flowers came from a man who wants to lure Greenlee away from Enchantment and find her a new job, while getting a commission on her salary. Erica was worried and told Val to get rid of the flowers. Greenlee walked in just as Val was leaving. He continued out with the flowers as Greenlee's phone rang. Before she could get to it, Erica picked it up. She thanked the person and hung up. She told Greenlee that she's having all her calls forwarded to her office while her carpet is being cleaned. In the meantime, Greenlee will have to work in a cubicle down the hall. She told Greenlee to get busy and shuffled her out of the office. Opal can't believe all the fuss Erica is going through because of a headhunter. Erica informed her that it wasn't a headhunter on the phone, it was Revlon. They sent the flowers, and they're after Greenlee. She refused to have the competition raid her company. Outside of her office, Greenlee's looking at the article about her. She commented to herself that she had to make sure Erica sees this. Later, while Erica and Opal are discussing ways of dealing with Kendall and Revlon, Greenlee enters. She tells Erica that she must speak to her, but Erica ordered her to "get out of your office." Greenlee smiles, and says, "Great idea." After Greenlee left, Erica got a call. She ordered Val to patch it through and she impersonated Greenlee on the phone. When she was off the phone, Opal was astounded that she would go to those lengths. Rather then respond, Erica said that she figured out a plan. She would get Greenlee to get rid of Kendall.

In his office, Joe began cleaning out his belongings. Jake walked up to him and asked him what his hurry is. Joe told him that he's proud of him, and he knew this day would come. He said that he's looking forward to being a regular doctor again, rather then an administrator. He advised Jake not to hate David Hayward on his account. He said because of David, he gets to pass his work onto his son. Mia walked in as Joe left, and she congratulated Jake. He expressed concern over following in his father's footsteps. She told him that he is more then up to the job. When he asked her why she was there, she told him that she came to turn down his job offer. He asked her to reconsider the job, and apologized again for how he treated her. She finally relented and said, "Ok, it's a deal." She turned around and left. A few minutes later, David entered and said, "I have your answer." He told Jake that he will accept his offer. As they shook hands, Jake said, "I'll be your worst nightmare." David responded, "And I'll be yours."

Later, at B.J.'s, Greenlee is making a call to a real estate agent when she sees Leo walk in. Leo walks up to the bar, and a woman walks up to him. She takes off her watch and offers to buy him a drink. Greenlee looks on in disgust as she informs the broker that she would like to pay cash for the loft being sublet by Simone.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

At the loft, Greenlee runs into Simone in the elevator. A smug Greenlee asks Simone where Leo is. Simone says Leo didn't come home, but she's more concerned about the letter she's reading. It says that the guy she was subletting her apartment from sold it to someone else and the new owner is kicking her out.

At Enchantment, Erica writes a note to Greenlee asking her to see her when she gets into work. Opal comes in and advises her to pull the plug on her plot to use Greenlee to run Kendall out of town. Erica advises her not to worry. Opal mentions a nightmare she had about Greenlee hurting Kendall and that it wasn't good. Erica wonders why she's so worried. Opal reminds her how her plan to protect Bianca by using Kendall almost got her thrown in the slammer. Erica assures her that she's doing nothing illegal. Opal wants more details on her plan. Erica plans to take advantage of the one thing her daughter and Greenlee have in common: blind ambition. Opal wonders what this all has to do with Chris. Erica claims it's a separate issue from Chris. Opal recalls Erica posing as Greenlee yesterday when Revlon was calling to compliment her on the article she was in. Erica says it was to protect her interests. Opal remembers not to long ago, she was trying to oust Greens from her company. Erica says that she knows too much now and she can't let Greenlee give Revlon any of her secrets. Opal wonders what this all has to do with Kendall. Erica says that she's going to give "Greenlee" to Revlon, only Greenlee will really be Kendall. Opal doesn't see how her pal's going to pull this off. Just then, Greenlee walks in and mentions the article she was featured in. Erica's surprised Greens already knows about the article. Erica claims that she was about to leave her a note to discuss the article. Greenlee reads the article out loud and says that it's very good. Erica sucks up to Greens about her outstanding job performance and says that she is offering her a raise and a new contract with the company. Erica claims that she thinks of her as her daughter. Greens is skeptical until Erica offers to shake on the deal. Greens notices Opal silently saying "oooh" and asks if she's cold. Opal insists that she's simply reacting to hell freezing over.

Leo continues to flirt with Pauline, the woman he met at BJ's to scam on. She mentions the thrill of driving to and from New York in 38 degree weather with the top down in her convertible. Leo wonders why they didn't stop by her apartment while they were in the Big Apple. Pauline says his plans for the night for her fell through. Pauline asks for a mimosa and Leo asks for the same thing. Leo asks the bartender if they found a watch. Kyle the bartender gives Pauline back her expensive watch. Pauline asks Leo if he lives with his mother. Leo assures her that he doesn't. When she starts talking about how Vanessa has become the talk of New York, Leo wants to change the subject. Pauline admits that she's intrigued by the goings on of Proteus. Leo's amused that someone is being turned on by him talking about his psycho mother. During their flirtation, Pauline grabs a hold of a cassette recorder and secretly tapes their conversation. Leo mentions all the places he and Vanessa lived. Leo wants to talk more about her. Pauline wants to know more about he and his mother. Simone interrupts and recognizes the lady. Pauline turns pale and leaves the bar. Leo's about to blow up on Simone for ruining their meal ticket, but she reveals that Pauline's a reporter who was getting the scoop on him and Proteus. Leo feels like an idiot. Simone then informs him that they've been evicted. Simone explains what she read in the letter and neither of them can believe the guy sold the apartment from under them. Just then, Pauline returns and Simone asks if she even remembers her. Pauline calls her by name and then asks Leo to forgive her for her stunt. Leo doesn't listen to her excuses. Pauline says that her editor will pay him for the story. Leo wonders if it's more than she was about to pay for the story, so to speak. A fed up Pauline leaves. Leo wonders why he's losing his touch when it comes to women. Simone asks if he's going to help her figure out what to do about the apartment. Leo does some thinking and has a brainstorm. He leaves, advising Simone to keep her cell phone on.

Kendall returns to Ryan's room at the Pine Cone. She hears the shower running and looks for something in Ryan's drawer. After not finding what she's looking for, she spots Ryan's wallet on the top of his dresser. She is about to open it when Ryan comes in and asks her when is she going to stop trying to rip him off. Kendall assures him that if she was going to rip him off, she'd do it in his presence. After all, he seems to like to watch. Kendall mentions that the shower is still running and they should do something about it. Ryan asks why she snuck into the apartment. He was in the shower, Ms. Hart replies. He wonders why he didn't hear her slam the door like he usually does when she arrives. Kendall says she wouldn't rip off him since he'd just hound her about it, but can't give a clear reason as to why she's there. Ryan notices her stuff is on the bed and asks if she's leaving. She admits that she's leaving and thanks him for giving her a temporary place to stay. Ryan asks if she's leaving town. Kendall says she's only going to live with Bianca at Myrtle's boarding house. Ryan figures out that Chris is staying at Myrtle's and she's moving there to put the moves on her mother's ex. Kendall says she's not that sick. Ryan disagrees. Kendall accuses him of being jealous of Chris. He denies being jealous and wonders why she's really moving to Myrtle's. Kendall says that she doesn't stay up at night thinking of ways to torment Erica. Ryan disagrees. A fed up Kendall says that she's out of his place and says that the experience was miserable. Ryan agrees. After Kendall storms out, Ryan throws a book at the wall. A little later, Ryan finds Kendall's lingerie in his bed. Ryan puts the teddy in his pocket and heads to the boarding house.

At the hospital, Mia catches Chris trying to move from his bed to his wheelchair. Mia asks Chris what he's doing and he says he's trying to get on with his life. Mia informs Stamp that she's now a physical therapist at the hospital and she has been assigned to assist him with his therapy. Chris asks Mia to help him into his wheelchair. Mia manages to accomplish the task. Chris is impressed at how good she did at getting him in his chair. He asks if she's nervous, and Mia says she's just fine. She mentions that he has a session with Dr. Stannart for some exercises. Chris begins to act sarcastic and Mia asks if he's trying to get rid of her. Chris is just trying to apologize for giving her a hard time. Chris asks for some time alone before the session, and she obliges. After Mia leaves, Stamp rolls himself out of the room and the hospital.

A little later, Jake runs into two interns who seem frightened by Jake's presence. He tries to assure them that just because he's now chief of staff, it won't change his attitude towards the staff. The interns leave in a hurry. Jake spots Mia outside Chris' room and says that she lost her first patient and that Chris is gone. As Jake goes searching for Stamp, Mia paces in the hallway next to his room. Minutes later, Jake and Dr. Stannart arrive with the missing Chris. Dr. Stannart says he was trying to make a getaway in the parking lot. Stamp is upset that he has to stay at the hospital. Mia informs him that if he expects to walk again, he's going to have to stay with the program. Chris wants to leave the hospital, but promises to keep his therapy appointments. He threatens to call Dr. Joe if they refuse to discharge him. Jake and Mia inform him that Joe resigned as chief of staff and Jake has taken his place. Chris congratulates Jake on his new position and then advises him to let him go or expect him to continue to try to escape from the hospital. Jake decides to release Stamp. A bit later, Joe comes to visit his son and asks if he thought it was wise to release Chris. Jake says that Stamp didn't give him much choice. Jake tells Joe that there are some discharge papers that he forgot to take care of before he resigned that need taking care of. Joe falls for the ploy and heads upstairs with Mia. Joe's surprised when part of the hospital staff yell out "surprise." Jake has set up a going away party for his dad. Jake makes a heartfelt speech about how good of a leader his father was and how he hopes to follow in his footsteps. He also assures the staff that the senior Dr. Martin will remain on staff doing what he does best-helping the sick heal. Mia sees at Jake in a new light as he and his father hug.

After Greenlee steps out of the office, Opal tells Erica that she's playing with fire with Greenlee and Kendall. Erica says it's business. Opal calls it "usery." Erica is still determined to get Kendall out of Pine Valley. Opal tells Erica in closing that she's playing with the lives of Greenlee, Kendall, Bianca, and even herself and if she denies it, she's a big fat liar. After Opal leaves, Erica gets a call from Val. Her spy on Chris is on the other line. The spy informs her that Chris has checked out of the hospital. Erica hangs up as Greenlee returns talking about the article again. Erica tells Greens that she has to go. Greenlee turns her back and when she looks back again, she spots Leo. He asks her why she seems so chipper. Greenlee says it has to do with the article on her in the magazine. Leo asks if it also has to do with her possibly buying Simone's apartment from the owner and then kicking her out. Greenlee says she did it as a business move, nothing more. Leo says that he's not mad and asks her to forgive him so she can stop getting back at him by hurting other people. Greenlee says that she's not a vengeful person. Leo says that he is vengeful and admits that he lied about moving in with Simone and that she's only letting him stay with him because he has no place to go. He assures her that nothing has, is, or will go on between him and Ms. Torres. He admits to saying that they were a couple to hurt her. He begs her to let Simone stay at the apartment for Simone's sake. Greenlee doesn't give an answer. Leo leaves her office and closes the door. Both Leo and Greenlee consider opening the door to talk more, but at the last minute they both change their minds.

At Myrtle's boarding house, Kendall finds Ryan in the living room. He advises her to be good to Myrtle and her house. Kendall is not planning to wreak havoc for Myrtle or her home. Ryan takes out her teddy from his pocket and tells her that she left it in his bed. Kendall apologizes, but Ryan knows she left it in his bed on purpose because she wanted him to find it. Kendall asks why he's twisted like a pretzel over her lingerie. Ryan just wants to make sure she doesn't hurt Myrtle. Kendall says he's upset that he found something intimate of hers while he was sanitizing his room and it ruined his life. A fed up Ryan throws her teddy back to her and says that they're through. Kendall says they were never were a thing to be through. She then admits she left it on purpose. Ryan wants to know why. Kendall says she did it to bug him. In the middle of their argument, Chris rolls into the house. Ryan's shocked his father has been released from the hospital. Chris is curious as to why Ryan and Kendall are at the boarding house. Kendall tells him that she's now living with Bianca. He asks why Ryan is there. Kendall says he brought her back a teddy. Chris says that he got his "rolling papers" from the hospital. Chris mentions getting out the bourbon from Myrtle's secret hiding place. Ryan takes it out and the three decide to make a toast to Myrtle's bourbon before lunch. The door is still open and Erica arrives and decides to take a peak inside. Kendall eyes her mom and gives Chris a seductive kiss on the cheek. "Welcome home, honey," she coos to Mr. Stamp.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

At the boarding house Kendall told Chris she's glad they're neighbors and he'll find out just how neighborly she can be, "Call me and I'll come running!." She planted little kisses on him as Erica watched from the doorway in horror. Opal interrupted Erica's daydream and Erica shook herself back to reality. Opal asked where she was and Erica replied, "In hell!" Opal said Kendall is a vampire and she's going after Chris like she went after Dimitri. Erica said her concern is for Bianca, that she's still so vulnerable. Opal told her friend that she needs to step back before she makes the situation worse but Erica said no way, her plan is going to work. Opal said she'd feel better if Erica didn't have to use Greenlee, just as Greenlee walked in the office. Greenlee asked "Use me for what?." Erica pretended she wanted Greenlee to go to NYC in her place to evaluate a new line of cosmetics. Erica told Greenlee she'd be staying at Erica's penthouse, using her limo and flying first class. Greenlee was thrilled but suspicious. Erica tried to cover up her lies and turn the table on Greenlee, saying "Don't you think you deserve it?." Greenlee said of course she deserved it and thanked Erica. Erica and Opal left the office and Opal demanded that Erica spill the beans. Erica told her that she wants Greenlee out of the office so Revlon can't talk to her. Opal asked what would happen if Revlon came to Enchantment looking for Greenlee. Erica said she'd have a "much more suitable" candidate for them - Kendall!

Kendall helped Chris get comfortable back at the boarding house and he asked "What kind of medal are you bucking for?" She said she was just trying to help him out. Chris said "You know what you can do for me? Keep your distance! I don't like you and I probably never will!." This only briefly stopped Kendall's antics. Ryan smiled and told Chris now Kendall was his problem. Chris sent Kendall to his room to get a box for him. Ryan started to leave but Chris stopped him. Ryan told Chris that Kendall will be on his case all the time, she's like "gum stuck to your shoe." She returned with the box and Chris thanked her then told her she was dismissed. She just moved to the other side of the room. Chris opened the box and took out a picture and handed it to Ryan. "They're your grandparents", Chris told Ryan. Ryan was very touched by the gesture. Chris told him that he looks like his grandfather. Ryan hesitantly asked if they were still alive but Chris had to tell him that no, they were both gone. His father had died of cancer and about a year later his mother died of a broken heart. Kendall piped in that she'd heard of that but hadn't believed it could really happen. Chris said that yes, that kind of love did exist and told Ryan he wished Ryan could have known them. Ryan handed the picture back as there was a knock on the door. Kendall went to answer it and found Erica standing outside. She told Erica to come on in, that Chris was there but Erica said she was there to speak to Kendall. They moved away from the front door to talk. Erica told Kendall she was so much like her when she was her age, she "couldn't recognize an apology either." Kendall was confused and Erica explained that she was sorry she came down so hard on her when she found out that Kendall was moving in with Bianca. "Sometimes I forget I have 2 daughters", Erica said. Kendall accused Erica of being nice so she could keep an eye on her and Chris. Kendall got nasty and asked her mother how long she thought it would take for Kendall to get Chris in bed. Erica said "And then what? You still won't have what you want. ME." Kendall whined that Erica had always hated her but Erica said she didn't hate Kendall, she hated the fact that she was raped. But she said she had gotten through it with the help of her mother's love and because she's whole, Kendall blames her for not being angry and empty like her. Kendall said the last thing Erica said to her before she left Pine Valley was that she had no maternal feelings for her. "You can't treat me like a stranger, I'm your daughter!" Kendall cried. Erica said she was right and that she wanted to give Kendall a second chance, even though she didn't think it would turn out any differently than last time. Kendall believed this had to do with Chris Stamp but Erica said no it was between them. But she'd leave it up to Kendall to decide whether to accept a truce and told Kendall she knew where to find her and walked away. Kendall returned to the living room as Chris told Ryan to keep the picture of his grandparents. Ryan thanked Chris and then told Kendall he was going to lunch and asked her to come along. She asked Chris if he'd be ok and he said "Sure, as soon as you leave!." Ryan and Kendall left and Chris opened his box and looked through it alone.

Ryan and Kendall went to BJ's. Kendall said she didn't know Chris disliked her so much, but Ryan said he thought Kendall was growing on Chris. She smiled and said "hey! One person who's actually glad I came to town!." Ryan laughed and said he hadn't said that.

Brooke, Edmund and Jamie were seated at BJ's waiting for their take-out order. They discussed a report Jamie was doing for school on being a reporter. Jackson came over and Brooke asked Jamie to go check on their food. Jack sat down and Brooke asked if Vanessa was competent to stand trial. Jack said he thought so but told them that she claims to have gotten a phone call from Proteus. Brooke and Edmund said she sounded crazy and Jack said he was on his way over to the hospital to talk with the new psychiatrist. Brooke got a call from the magazine and had to go take care of a problem. She left Edmund in charge of Jamie. Edmund asked Jack if they could tag along and Jack said sure.

Outside Vanessa's room David and Leo talked to Barbara Dixon, Vanessa's attorney and Dr. Fishman, the new psychiatrist. David said he knows his mother is faking her illness and Dr. Fishman said if she is he'll be able to tell. Inside the room, Vanessa talked to both Rosie Wells and Vanessa, saying "Ladies, prepare for the greatest performance of your lives!" In the hallway David saw Maggie sneak into Jake's office, dressed in street clothes. He followed her and asked if she wasn't going to say goodbye to him or Leo. She claimed to have just been going for a walk but David knew better. He promised that Vanessa would pay for hurting Maggie and her sister but Maggie was still afraid. She said that Vanessa has no conscience and will kill anyone in her way. David said Vanessa wouldn't be able to get to her and told Maggie she should stay and testify. Maggie said she was a coward, not brave like David. He insisted that Vanessa will be punished and that "the worst Vanessa could ever do, she's already done."

The attorney and Dr. Fishman went into Vanessa's room. She was dressed up in bed sheets, including one wrapped like a turban around her head. Vanessa thought her visitors were a screenwriter and a fellow actor. Ms. Dixon called her Vanessa and she freaked out. They realized she was in her Rosie mode. She ranted about rewrites, learning her lines and demanded to see the director. Ms. Dixon left the psychiatrist alone with Vanessa. He sat down and asked what scene they're working on. She laughed and said she was an exhausted housewife and is trying to prove she's not insane. He asked if she was really insane or just pretending. Vanessa/Rosie acted annoyed at the amateur and said "Just follow my lead!" and then cried out "Action!" She acted out the scene then called out "Cut!" Angry, she said she'd never worked with anyone as untalented as he was. Then she stopped and apologized, saying Vanessa could be so controlling. Dr. Fishman said he was glad Rosie was there, they'd get along well, just the two of them. Vanessa thought he was trying to get her "on the casting couch." The doctor left the room and ran into Leo. Leo asked his opinion but the doctor said he wasn't done evaluating Leo's mother. Leo said that depending on what the doctor said his mother could get on death row. Dr. Fishman said that was something Leo should prepare for and walked away. Meanwhile Vanessa sat in bed, talking to herself. She said they were all fools, every one of them. Then she heard Proteus's voice telling her she would never be free. She yelled "Get out of her ! Stop!!" and the voice said "I'll stop when you stop -- When you're stone cold dead. You don't think your charade is working do you?" Vanessa ran out of the room screaming that Proteus was after her. In the hallway David and Leo were discussing the case and Jamie was standing alone, waiting for Edmund to return. Vanessa saw Jamie and rushed to him, crying that he could save her. She grabbed him and wouldn't let go. Edmund returned and yelled for her to let go of Jamie. David and Leo ran over to help and it took both of them to pull her off of Jamie. Some other doctors came and dragged Vanessa away screaming. Maggie watched from the sidelines, very frightened. Edmund comforted a very upset Jamie. Brooke arrived and asked what happened. Edmund began to explain and Brooke got rather angry that Edmund had brought Jamie to the hospital at all.

Hospital security told David, Leo and Jack that there was no way anyone could be contacting Vanessa. "So whatever she heard was in her head." Back in her room Vanessa rambled and babbled incoherently, saying she wasn't crazy, it's "those people." Leo walked in and watched her.

Back at Enchantment Opal finished a phone conversation with Adrian when Erica returned. Erica said she handled Kendall beautifully and that in about 6 months she'll never have to look at her nasty face again.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Barry Shire returned to Adam's home office, where he told Adam that someone was siphoning off cash from Chandler Enterprises. Adam wondered how much and Barry said it was a significant amount but they didn't know where it was going. Adam said Liza was doing this, she was stockpiling money so she could leave him. Barry wondered why and Adam said he thought Liza and Ryan were getting back together. He said Liza was trying to ruin him so he didn't have the resources to fight for custody of Colby. Barry asked what happened between them and Adam said he didn't know but that Liza had become distant, cold and moody. Adam said his marriage was tanking just as JR came into the room. Barry left and JR asked if his father and Liza were getting divorced. Adam said no, they were just going through a rough patch. JR asked if Adam and Liza had talked about what had happened the night Mia was going to stay for dinner. Adam said no and JR told him that Liza said she knew what JR was up to and was going to bust him. Adam tried to make excuses but JR said he really thinks Liza has lost her mind. Adam told his son that he was proud of the way he'd handled himself during the past year. JR said he knows Liza doesn't want him there. Adam said JR will always have a home with him. JR was a little embarrassed and said he had homework to do and left. Adam whipped out his cell phone and said to himself "Liza damn well better have her phone turned on!."

Liza and Colby knocked on Marian and Stuart's door. Marian let them in and Stuart took Colby across the room to discuss her rock collection. Mia came in from the back of the house and Colby ran to her happily. Liza was shocked and a little angry to see her half-sister there. "Since when did all of you become so chummy?" she demanded. Colby asked Mia to teach her another song and Liza questioned her on when she'd been bonding with Colby. Mia tried to evade the questions and Marian said they'd all grown closer. Mia finally told Liza that she moved in with Marian and Stuart. Liza's cell phone rang and her mother suggested she answer it. She said her voice mail would pick it up. Mia explained why she was living there, that she had given up her apartment and job to travel with Jake and that it had fallen through. Liza asked if Mia had been living there since she'd invited her to dinner and Mia said yes and that she was going to tell her that night but "that thing with JR came up." Liza said she was ok with the living arrangements, she was just worried about them making Colby keep it a secret from her. They told her they hadn't and Liza started to cheer up. She even joked with Mia, asking her to teach Colby another song that wouldn't drive her as crazy as "Wheels on the Bus" does. Mia laughed and then realized she needed to get to work at the hospital. After she left Liza's phone rang again and this time she answered it. "What do you want Adam?" she barked. He demanded to see her at once and although she tried to put him off, Liza finally agreed to come over now. She asked her mother to watch Colby and Marian agreed but wondered if things were going well at home for Liza and Adam. Liza said they were the same as usual and left. Stuart came over and asked Marian about Liza. Marian said Liza wouldn't talk, which was strange and that she felt that something was really wrong.

As Liza walked into Adam's office at home, he was just hanging up with Barry Shire after telling him to find a paper trail for the missing money. Liza demanded to know why she had been summoned and Adam asked what had gotten into her. He commented that she seemed so unhappy and that he's been trying very hard to make her happy. Liza went off on Adam, ranting and raving mostly about JR. Adam said he didn't know who Liza was anymore and she said she didn't give a damn. Adam asked what had happened to her and she screamed "You! You are the biggest mistake of my life!" Adam was shocked speechless but then tried to defend himself. Liza told him not to try to manipulate the situation or her. He said he was just trying to find out what's going on with her. Liza blamed Adam for her outburst, saying he'd attacked her the minute she walked in the door. Adam was very confused by Liza's strange behavior. Liza went on about JR but Adam defended him, saying he'd made a lot of progress lately. Liza said yes, he's made progress hiding his rolling papers and bongs! Adam suggested that Liza needed to see a shrink and get some help. Liza screamed at him "You think I'm unstable? Why don't you look in a mirror?" She started out the door but Adam took her arm. This sent Liza into a panic attack and she broke free. JR walked in afterwards. He told his dad this was all his fault. A little later a distraught and spacey Liza showed up at the hospital demanding to see a doctor immediately.

At the hospital Brooke questioned Edmund about his decision to bring Jamie near Vanessa. Edmund apologized to Jamie, who said he was ok. Brooke took Jamie for a walk. David and Anna stood nearby and she told him that she was getting sworn in today as chief of police. As they talked Tad ran over and grabbed David by the throat and demanded to know where Dixie was. Anna broke up the two men. Tad said he went on a wild goose chase for two weeks in Europe, looking for Dixie but she wasn't anywhere she said she'd be. David said she was a grown woman and could make her own decisions. Tad asked what Dixie was trying to hide from him. David filled Tad in on what had been happening the last two weeks, that his mother was being charged with murder and that everyone in town has problems. "Dixie just happens to be yours!" David said. He also claimed that he had moved on and suggested that Tad do the same and walked away. Anna told Tad that she'd know if David knew something and that he was telling the truth. Tad didn't believe her but saw Jake and walked over to his brother. Jake told him about their father resigning and that he was now Chief of Staff at the hospital. Tad was stunned and wondered what had happened. Jake looked over at David and Tad got the message. Brooke and Jamie returned and Tad was thrilled to see his son. Jamie told him about Vanessa grabbing him and Tad asked Brooke why Jamie was playing junior reporter with her staff. Jamie piped in that Edmund isn't just staff, that his mom is going to marry him. Jake congratulated Edmund while Tad said he didn't even know they were going steady. He wished them the best. David strolled over and apologized to Jamie for his mother's actions, saying she is ill and didn't know what she was doing. Jamie said he was ok, it was just weird. David thanked him for being brave and understanding then left. Jake took Tad into his new office. Brooke lit into Edmund again for bringing Jamie "into this horror show."

In Jake's office Tad looked around and wondered where his basketball hoop was. Then he said it was like their father had never used that office. Jake wanted to tell Tad what had happened and said their father had thought this was the best way to fight David. Tad said the only reason he's at the hospital today is to find out what he can about Dixie. He asked his brother to let him get into David Hayward's patient files. Jake refused and Tad asked him to help him steal them, and promised to keep Jake's hands clean. Jake again refused and Tad started to beg and cajole, then insult Jake by saying "you're not Pop!" Tad reminded him that he'd broken rules before and Jake said he won't do it anymore. Tad yelled "We're talking about my wife here!" and Jake reminded him that Dixie is not his wife anymore, "Let her go!." This stopped Tad's tirade. Jake said he can't bend rules, not even for his brother. Tad said "you may turn out to be ok at this after all." and turned to leave. Jake told Tad to trust Dixie, that she'd call when she was ready. Tad left and Mia walked in. Jake was glad to see her and said she was the first person to walk through the door that day that didn't want something from him. She smiled and said "That's what you think!." Mia thanked him for getting her the job and the training at the hospital. He said it was the least he could do and she said she'd been too hard on him. She told him that things were turning around for her. As they called a truce Jake's phone rang and he had to leave. She stayed to make a phone call. As she spoke to Stuart to say she wouldn't be home right away she picked up a paper on Jake's desk and began to read it. What she read shocked her into silence. Stuart kept calling her name and finally she answered him, saying she had to go and hung up. She read the paper again and said to herself "How the hell could this have happened?"

Edmund and Brooke talked some more and he said he didn't know that Vanessa would break out of her room and grab Jamie. Brooke finally calmed down and then wondered if David had an ulterior motive for talking to Jamie. Across the room Anna spoke to David and wondered the same thing. He claimed that he just wanted to make sure the boy was alright but Anna thought he was just trying to stick it to Tad. David denied this and then got called away. Tad returned and spoke with Brooke and Edmund, asking them when the wedding was. They told him May and he got upset. He wondered if it was a good idea to throw the kids together that fast and said they should've talked to him about it. Edmund got defensive and said he didn't know they needed Tad's approval. Tad wondered if being told was too much to ask as Jamie returned. Jamie asked if he could spend the night with his dad and Brooke said yes. Tad and Jamie left.

Anna and David met up again and she reminded him of the swearing in ceremony. He said he'd be there and she walked away. He picked up his cell phone and made a call. "Hi, I know it's late there, can we talk?." He said "He's asking a lot of questions." Finally he ended the conversation with "I'll always cover for you Dixie." Anna stood around the corner and listened to the entire conversation.

Friday, March 22, 2002

Mia is talking with Jake in his new office. She wants to resign her job as physical therapist. She tells Jake all the mistakes she made that day. Jake reminds her that's why her name badge says trainee on it. Jake wants to know what's really going on but before she answers, he gets a phone call from Jackson Montgomery who tells Jake he's got a good case for prosecuting David Hayward. Jake is pleased.

While Jake and Mia talk, Jake's assistant stops by to ask if he has approved the list of incoming residents. He can't find it on his desk and asks her to print him another one. When Jake leaves to go to staff meeting Mia pulls out of her pocket the missing list. She says to herself, "Don't worry Jake. I'll find some way to handle him."

David, standing near the nurses' station, talks on his cell phone to Dixie. She assures him everything is ok. Unknown to David, Anna is listening nearby to his conversation with Dixie. When David finishes his call, he turns to see Anna standing near him and doesn't tell her the complete truth about whom he was talking to when Anna inquires about the call. She reminds David about his promise to be at her swearing in ceremony at City Hall. While waiting for the elevator, she makes a call on her cell phone to "Charlie" and asks him to find out what he can about Dixie Martin. Anna arrives at Jackson's office just as he is finishing his phone call to Jake. She overhears part of the conversation and wants to know the rest but Jackson won't tell her until she is sworn in as police chief.

The police commissioner and Mayor Tutwiler arrive at Jack's office. Before she can be sworn in, Anna gets a phone call. Charlie tells her the information he found out on Dixie. Dixie is pregnant. Anna is stunned. She tries to regain her composure as the swearing in begins. When the oath of office is finished, a city employee serves Anna with a summons to appear before the grand jury as a witness for the Commonwealth in the case against David Hayward.

Liza stops by the nurse's station and demands to see Dr. Joe Martin. She is uncontrollable as David doesn't believe what he is seeing. He tries to calm Liza but she refuses at first. She then suddenly becomes very meek and calm. But just as quickly, Liza becomes agitated and out of control again. David convinces her to go to the cafeteria with him to get some tea. David also wants to talk to her about a business proposal he has. They soon return to the nurse's station. Liza calls Barker and asks him to draw up an agreement between Chandler Enterprises and David Hayward. As soon as the call is ended, Liza suddenly cries out in pain from a headache. She tells David she's had these pains for two weeks. He quickly goes to the nurses' station and asks for a neurologist to be paged. When he turns around he discovers Liza is gone.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Ryan is lying on his bed looking at the picture that Chris Stamp gave him of his paternal grandparents. Kendall appears at his door dressed to party. She wants Ryan to take her out. He refuses and they argue. He demands she leave and never come back. As Kendall walks to the door, Ryan asks her to give him back the door key. She does and sadly closes the door behind her. Ryan suddenly bolts out the door and grabs Kendall who is now sobbing. He holds her in his arms talking softly to her telling her everything is ok and that he is sorry.

Adam and JR are talking in Adam's office at Chandler Mansion. JR believes he is the cause of the friction between Adam and Liza. He wants to leave before he breaks up another marriage. Adam tries to reassure him it's not his fault for the tension. Tad suddenly appears at the doorway. JR is glad to see him and tells Tad he's moving in with him. Tad convinces JR that Dixie wants JR to stay with Adam. Tad tells JR he has just returned from Europe looking for Dixie. He knows she isn't in Paris and not with Aunt Lanie. JR gives in and agrees to stay. He returns his backpack to his room. Tad and Adam talk about finding Dixie. Tad believes she is hiding something and David Hayward knows what it is.

Liza is sitting in the park staring blankly into space. Marian returns with the ice cream for the three of them. She asks Liza where is Colby. Liza doesn't remember. She suddenly realizes that Colby is missing and begins searching for her.



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