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Liza planned to disappear with Tad's help. Adam accused David of sending him to Mongolia in a packing crate. Jamie turned to Tad for advice. Greenlee accused Kendall of planning Ryan's shooting with Ethan and Zach. Ethan was released from jail. Babe took Bess and Bianca to Llanview, where they saw Ace.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 27, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 27, 2004

Stuart was playing with Bess and refused to leave her alone with JR. JR was indignant, but Stuart was firm and said he no longer saw Dixie in JR's eyes. JR blamed Babe and David for the changes in him. He was full of revenge, and Stuart didn't like it one little bit. JR tried to explain how hurt he'd been, and Stuart told him the way to be a good father was to protect his child. JR got angry, especially when Stuart said he was ready to testify in court that Bess belonged with her mother. JR tried to tell Stuart about Adam being kidnapped, but Stuart wasn't overly concerned and guessed that Adam had asked for whatever had happened to him.

Jamie talked to the minister at the chapel and was stunned to learn Babe was funding the rebuilding efforts and a stained glass window in memory of her son. He pretended to Maggie that he hadn't learned anything.

In Llanview, Babe excitedly showed Krystal and David the swab containing a sample of Ace's DNA. David tried to keep Krystal and Babe from expecting Kevin Buchanan to give Ace up easily. Both women thought Ace looked like Jamie. David asked Babe to get a sample of JR's DNA. They were all happily making plans for Babe getting her boy back when Jamie, Maggie, Reggie, and Danielle entered the diner. They all acted like it was a big coincidence, and Jamie wanted to talk to Babe alone.

Jamie and Babe talked around the issue, and Jamie said he couldn't understand her choices, but Babe insisted everything she was doing was for her child. Jamie asked if she'd seen Paul Cramer lately. Babe said she hated him because if it weren't for him, Miranda would be with Bianca at that moment. She vowed she'd give Miranda back if she could. Jamie asked her to do what was right for her.

Babe, Krystal, and David left, and Jamie told the others it was time to give up. There was nothing to find. They all wondered why, but Danielle and Maggie left so Reggie could talk to Jamie alone. Jamie was dizzy from all the drama, and Reggie urged him to walk away from Babe, since she seemed to be addicted to trouble. He told Jamie it was time to do what was right for him and no one else, and Jamie agreed.

The Fusion office was abuzz with excitement over the successful launch of the new perfume. Bianca left to find Kendall. Simone was hoping the fragrance would help her get lucky in love -- with Jonathan. Simone wondered why Greenlee was being nice -- or at least tolerant -- of Kendall and guessed something else was going on to make her so happy. Simone was excited that she and Ryan were finally together, like a fairy tale. Greenlee expressed her fears that someone was still after Ryan.

Ethan was arrested in his motel room, and Kendall tried to defend him. Derek found the rifle immediately and was reading Ethan his rights when Bianca showed up and stopped Kendall from following Ethan to the police station. Bianca grilled Kendall, but she insisted she hadn't slept with Ethan, and he had only been cleaning the rifle when the police got there. Bianca wanted to be sure of his innocence before helping Ethan. Bianca reminded her that she'd trusted Michael at one time too.

Kendall swore she was over Ryan, but Bianca was skeptical. Kendall also vowed to stay on Ethan's side, even if he was the one who'd shot Ryan. Bianca said she wasn't sure she wanted to help Ethan by testing the shirt she had been wearing the night Miranda was born for possible DNA. Kendall pressed, but Bianca said not until after he was proven innocent of shooting Ryan. They hugged, and Bianca asked her sister to be careful.

Kendall went to visit Ethan in jail to ask if he'd shot Ryan. Ethan asked if she'd believe him if he said no or what she'd think if he confessed he'd done it. He said the truth was that the town had made up its mind about him. Kendall said the real truth mattered to her. He advised her to reconsider her good intentions to help him.

Babe, Krystal, and David returned to the Chandlers', where Babe expressed her concern over Jamie. David asked her to forget it and to get JR's toothbrush. They discussed another trip to Llanview and keeping the secret while JR listened outside the door. David caught him, but they didn't answer his questions about Llanview.

David smugly asked about Adam, and JR threatened to hurt him if he'd done anything to Adam. Babe handed David the toothbrush. JR vowed to send David to hell for hurting his father. Adam walked in and vowed to send him himself.

Bianca went back to the Fusion office and made excuses for Kendall. Jamie stopped by to see her, and she was curious about what he'd found out about Babe, Kevin Buchanan, and a son.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 28

Derek questioned Ethan, who was behind bars, about Ryan's shooting. Ethan said that Derek had no evidence linking him to the shooting and that he questioned the competence of Pine Valley's police department, pointing out all the questionable things that had happened since his arrival, including the missing DNA sample that would have proven he was indeed a Cambias.

At Michael's apartment, Zach was thinking about his brother when Maria arrived. He once again tried to convince her that Michael was not the monster everyone was painting him to be, but Maria knew better and suggested that he was the one who hadn't known the real Michael. Frustrated, he asked her why she was there, and she told him about Ethan's arrest. He immediately rushed out but bumped into Bianca. He was further frustrated when Bianca admitted that she was not so certain of Ethan's innocence. He abruptly turned away from her and headed to the police station, where he told Ethan that he would help him get out of jail.

Meanwhile, Maria stayed behind to talk to Bianca. She asked Bianca to help her convince Zach once and for all that Michael was evil beyond redemption. Bianca questioned why Zach was so intent on reinventing Michael. Maria reluctantly revealed that Zach and Michael had known each other in the past, which didn't surprise Bianca, who had already suspected as much. Bianca suggested to Maria that maybe they both should stay away from Zach and Ethan, who might not be as decent as they seemed to be. Maria avoided agreeing with her.

At Tad's house, Liza arrived to receive all the paperwork Tad had acquired for her and Colby and their new lives. Liza was a bit leery about moving to a town named after a moose, but Tad smiled and told her that her new name was Ramona Beasley and that she was the owner of an 800-watt radio station. She took the papers she would need for her new life, gave Tad a friendly kiss goodbye, but stopped short of leaving -- not quite convinced she was doing the right thing. Tad reminded her of how badly Adam affected Hayley, Skye, and JR's lives. A short time later, Stuart and Marian arrived to say goodbye. Marian didn't want Liza to leave, but Stuart admitted it was probably for the best.

At Fusion, Jamie told Bianca about the stained glass window in the chapel that Babe had paid for. Bianca mistakenly believed that Babe had had it commissioned in honor of Miranda. Jamie couldn't bring himself to tell her the truth, which was that it was not for Miranda, however, he asked her leading questions in the hopes of raising her suspicions. Bianca, however, was steadfast and went as far as to suggest that even if Babe were not being forthcoming, it was for good reason. Jamie decided to let it drop and left to seek advice from Tad without quite telling him what was going on.

A disheveled Adam, sporting a beard and shaggy hair, walked into the study of Chandler Mansion where Babe, Krystal, JR, and David were all converged. He immediately accused David of incapacitating him with a stun gun, putting him in a crate, and shipping him off to Mongolia on a ship. David denied the accusation but didn't get beyond that as Adam hauled off and punched him, knocking him backwards onto the sofa.

Adam told of his adventures. He told everyone that after arriving in Mongolia without a penny to his name, he'd sold his wristwatch for a seat on a yak train to Tibet. After being thrown from his yak, he had promptly been arrested by Chinese officials and charged as a spy. After contacting someone at the American Embassy, who hadn't quite believed Adam's denial, he had finally been released and sent home.

Shortly afterwards, Derek arrived, and Adam demanded he arrest David. David suggested that Adam was making the whole story up because he'd been the one who'd actually shot Ryan. Derek didn't buy it for a minute and threw the cuffs on David. Babe and Krystal were distraught because David had Ace's DNA sample on him, and they couldn't risk anything happening to them, much less JR finding out. Unfortunately, David was unable to slip the samples to Babe before he was carted off to jail.

After David was taken away, Adam called Liza on her cell phone and told her that he was back in town, insinuating that she had been in cahoots with David. He then informed her that she owed him two weeks with Colby. Liza hung up and had a few flashbacks of Adam bullying, lying, and manipulating her in order to be a part of Colby's life. Her decision to leave town with Colby and start a new life was cemented.

Liza turned to Marian and Stuart to tell them that Adam had made it clear that she had no other choice but to leave. They sadly accepted her decision. Liza then went out to tell Tad, who was talking to Jamie, that she was leaving. After a heartfelt goodbye, with Tad promising her that he'd see her again, Liza left. Tad turned to find that during the goodbye, Jamie had slipped away.

At the jail, Ethan and Zach watched as Derek took David in and threw him behind bars. Derek turned to Zach and said that Zach was just the man he wanted to see. David had some questions about the night of Adam's disappearance. With a sardonic smile directed at David, Zach told Derek that he'd be more than happy to answer any questions Derek might have. David was neither pleased nor surprised.

A freshly groomed Adam shared a drink and a toast with JR. He promised that it was the eve of destruction for Babe, David, and Krystal.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 29

Ethan and David were resting in separate jail cells. Ethan dreamed that Derek walked in and told him that Ryan had just died. Ethan grabbed Derek's gun and fired it. The gunshot noise woke Ethan abruptly, and David remarked, "That must've been some dream." Detective Frye did arrive and went to Ethan's cell. The two men exchanged nasty barbs, and Derek took Ethan upstairs to the interrogation room.

In the processing area of the jail, Zach and Kendall showed up at the same time. Kendall heard Zach demand to see Ethan, and she asked him what his interest in Ethan was. Zach said he knew Ethan hadn't shot Ryan. When Ethan and Derek walked in, Zach and Kendall rushed to their sides. Zach handed Derek some of the surveillance DVDs, and Derek asked if there were any more. Zach agreed to take the rest in.

Meanwhile, David stood in his cell and remembered Babe getting the DNA swab from Ace. He yelled for the guard and said there was something in his personal effects that he needed to get back immediately. He told the guard it was a matter of life and death for a patient, but the guard refused to help him.

Tad opened his front door and found Krystal waiting for him. She rushed at him with kisses. Tad told her the coffee was almost ready, and they could have some to wake up. She kissed him again, and Tad quipped, "Forget coffee. I'm up!" Krystal told him she needed a favor. She wanted Tad to help her get David out of jail. Tad sat her down and told her she was delusional.

Krystal said Adam was back, and he said that David had crated him up and shipped him off. Krystal said if David had done it, it had only been to help Babe. Tad said she was afraid because David "knows what you did, and so do I." Tad tried to bluff his way into getting Krystal to spill her secret, but she caught on too quickly. Tad finally agreed to help get David out if Krystal would tell him what secret she and David shared. Krystal insisted there was nothing to tell. Tad ushered her out the door.

At the hospital, Greenlee was after Ryan to get back into bed when she found him wandering around his room. He agreed to sit in a chair, and she told him about Ethan being arrested. Ryan was sure Ethan wasn't working alone. Maria walked in, and they told her about Ethan in jail. Ryan wanted to know if Zach was involved. Maria said she couldn't help; she was no good at murder mysteries. Greenlee excused herself and said she'd be back later.

Ryan told Maria he was worried that the shooter would return to finish what he'd started and would hurt Greenlee too. He said Zach was up to something, but Maria said she was sure Zach had nothing to do with the shooting. She swore that Zach had never intended for anyone to get hurt and that he hadn't shot Ryan. Ryan asked, "And you can swear to that because...?" Maria said because at the moment he'd been shot, she had been with Zach. She explained that she and Zach had been in the security room, watching the monitors.

Ryan asked who else had been there, and she quietly replied that no one else had been there and that she didn't want Edmund to know. She said Edmund did know about her past with Zach and had said he was okay with it, but she thought he was lying. Maria insisted, though, that Zach was completely innocent in the shooting.

In the station, Zach asked where Ethan's attorney was just as Tad and Krystal showed up. Krystal announced that they were there to bail David out of jail. Derek turned from Zach and told Krystal that David couldn't get out yet because he hadn't been arraigned. She started to get belligerent, and Tad calmed her down. She asked to see David and was taken to his cell, while Tad went to call Jack.

Derek took Ethan to an interrogation room. Zach and Kendall watched, and Zach said he'd already called an attorney in New York to help Ethan. He went to call the lawyer again, and Kendall saw Greenlee walk in. Kendall asked how Ryan was, and Greenlee went off on her. She accused Kendall of being a part of Ethan's scheme to get rid of Ryan. Kendall denied it, and Greenlee kept after her, saying she should be prosecuted.

A cop arrived to tell Kendall and Greenlee to keep it down just as Zach returned. He told Greenlee to leave Kendall alone. Greenlee verbally attacked Zach, saying he was as guilty as Ethan and Kendall. In the interrogation room, Derek told Ethan he'd had the motives and means to take down Ryan. Ethan said they had no evidence to back that up, and Derek said they would as soon as the ballistics report was completed.

David stood up when Krystal arrived at his cell. She said she'd call a lawyer, but he said there was no time. He pulled her close and kissed her, all while the guard was watching. Tad showed up in time to see it too. David whispered to Krystal that the cotton swab was in his personal belongings, and they wouldn't give it back. He told her she had to get it and take it to the lab.

Tad watched as David caressed Krystal's cheek for the guard's benefit. Tad joined them, and Krystal jumped back guiltily. David and Tad snarled at one another then Tad and Krystal started to leave. Krystal walked ahead, and David growled, "Krystal's never going to marry you." Tad went back to the cell bars, and David said he'd make sure Krystal said no to Tad's marriage proposal. Tad told David to let go of whatever he was holding over Krystal's head.

Meanwhile, upstairs Krystal found the desk with the envelope of David's belongings. She pretended to be faint, and a guard rushed to help her. She distracted him with her act, and he went to get water. While he was gone, she took the swab out of the envelope and stashed it. Then she went back to David's cell. Tad turned to leave, and Krystal held back long enough to let David know she'd gotten the DNA swab.

Upstairs, Derek was handed the ballistic report while Ethan sat in the interrogation room, remembering the night of the shooting and how excited Kendall had been to get the gun. An officer led Ethan out into the main room, and Zach and Kendall quickly joined him. Derek walked over and told them all that the bullet taken from Ryan hadn't matched Ethan's gun. As Ethan picked up his belongings, Kendall told him Derek hadn't dismissed him as a suspect and said he should let Zach help him. Ethan reluctantly agreed, and the three of them left the police station.

Derek went to David's cell and told him how cooperative Zach had been by taking in the surveillance discs from the casino. He said one of his people had already watched the entire thing.

Greenlee stepped outside the police station and called Ryan. Maria handed him the phone, and Greenlee said that Zach and Kendall were helping Ethan. Ryan thanked her for the information and hung up. He told Maria that Zach was trying to protect Ethan and asked her how they fit together.

Krystal and Tad went back to his house. She asked why he was so quiet, and Tad said he was tired of David. She started kissing him, and they ended up on the sofa. They kissed, hugged, and began to undress each other. Krystal asked if Tad had protection, and he replied, "Depends. Will this do?" and held up the little baggie with the cotton swab in it.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 30

At the jail, Bianca and Jonathan faced off because Jonathan was on the warpath. He wanted to find out who had shot Ryan and was willing to blame anyone for it. He harassed an officer until Bianca stepped in to tell him that he was being unreasonable. Jonathan was certain Kendall was guilty until it was proven that the gun she'd had could not have produced the bullet extracted from Ryan. He was sure Ethan was guilty, even though the bullet couldn't have been from the gun they'd found in his hotel room either.

Jonathan was unwilling to listen to reason, and when he saw Derek, he launched into another attack. He berated Derek for letting "the shooter" go and called the police department incompetent. He said that they believed "if it's not a murder, it's not important" and that all they cared about was getting off the hook. Derek stared at him, slack-jawed, and said that he would chalk everything said up to the fact that Jonathan was overwrought. He encouraged Jonathan to be happy that Ryan had survived. Derek then shook his head and walked away.

Jonathan looked angry at having been blown off, but then Maggie arrived. He'd called her because he'd felt like he was going to explode, and he needed a friend. They agreed that they needed to get out of the station. Before they could go, Bianca, who had watched the whole exchange, called out to Maggie. She asked if they could talk briefly, and Maggie asked Jonathan to wait for her outside.

Once Jonathan left, Bianca asked Maggie how serious she and Jonathan were about each other. Maggie, confused, told Bianca that if she had something to say -- just say it. Bianca told her that she was worried because Maggie was getting involved so quickly with someone they didn't really know. Maggie admitted that maybe Bianca didn't know him very well, but her story was different. Bianca was afraid that maybe Maggie was ignoring any warning signs because she was lonely and Jonathan filled that void for her.

Offended, Maggie insisted that she had plenty of friends, and she'd thought Bianca was one of them. Bianca still was, but she thought that in addition to everything else, the rage that Jonathan was exhibiting over the shooting might end up hurting her in the long run. Maggie assured Bianca that because of Frankie, she knew what Jonathan was going through, and she knew he was not dangerous.

Downstairs in holding, Derek tried to bait David into blurting out what had really happened between him and Adam the night of the fundraiser. He told David that someone on the force had viewed the discs Zach had taken over and that he himself had seen the highlights. Babe interjected that anything David had done had been to protect her and that she wouldn't let him go to jail for that. David was well aware that Derek hadn't dropped any specifics and figured out that he was just trying to trip David up. David called Derek's bluff, and Derek admitted they didn't have any hard evidence. Derek was forced to let David go but told him that processing his paperwork would take a while.

After Derek left and David assured Babe that it was okay to talk freely there, he updated her. He told her that Krystal had been able to get the DNA sample out of the police envelope with the rest of his belongings. He believed that Krystal was probably on her way to get it tested -- they were very close to the truth.

Babe admitted that she was worried that, while she would do anything for Bess, Ace wasn't getting the love he needed -- especially since Kevin Buchanan was busy running for office. She suggested possibly going to Llanview to check on her son, but David didn't think it was a good idea. Babe just wanted to right things with Bianca, but David felt a trip to Llanview would jeopardize the case without proof positive in their hands. Babe, understanding that what David said was the truth, worried that the punishment for what she had done to Bianca was that she wouldn't get her son back.

David told Babe that as hard as it was for her to be patient, she needed to do so and stay focused. If she went back to Llanview and "runs into" Kevin again, he might start to get suspicious. On top of that, if Paul Kramer saw her there again, he would realize that she was onto him. As if those things weren't enough, they also needed to continue to fly below the radar. If anyone found out that they'd known Bess's real identity all along, JR could use that against them in court, and it wouldn't matter that their intentions had been good. She wouldn't get her son back.

Over at the Chandler mansion, Jamie had a chat with Stuart while visiting his goddaughter. Right off the bat, he thanked Stuart for guarding over Bess -- because it was wrong to keep a child from its mother. Stuart vowed to never let it happen again.

Jamie confessed that there was something different about Babe lately that he couldn't quite figure out. Stuart didn't think that Babe had changed at all -- at least not inside, where it counted. He went on to compare Babe to Dixie and said that they both loved their children unconditionally and unendingly. They might do things that people didn't think were right, but their motives were always good, and their hearts were always in the right place. Jamie seemed somewhat comforted by what Stuart had to say.

Across town in the Martin household, Krystal tried to convince Tad that the cotton swab he'd taken off her person was just trash. Despite being madly in love with her, and despite all of her sexy advances, Tad didn't buy her story. He knew that the cotton swab held important DNA -- but the question was whose cheek had needed to be swabbed to get it.

Tad told Krystal that keeping secrets was no way to start a marriage. Tad divulged his theories about the secret that she was keeping from him and her refusal to accept his marriage proposal. He believed that the cotton swab was the key to all the answers he was looking for. Flustered, Krystal finally disarmed him by telling him the sample was from David. She told him that she had been suspicious of David for a while.

Krystal confessed that the only proof they had that David was Babe's father was a test run by David himself. She went on to tell him that she thought that David might be trying to replace Leora with Babe. She said that David was overly controlling, and neither she nor Babe needed that. Her plan was to have an independent test run to make certain. Tad fell for the story and wanted to help.

Back at the police station, as Maggie left, Babe walked upstairs from holding. She saw Bianca and thought it was a sign. Baffled, Bianca waited for more information. Babe asked Bianca to go with her and Bess on a trip to Llanview. She told Bianca about meeting up with Kevin Buchanan and arranging a play date for Ace and Bess. Somehow, Babe had lost Kevin's phone number, and because it was not listed, she wanted to see if she could find him again. Because of everything going on with JR, Babe told Bianca that she would feel safer if she went on the trip with them. Bianca decided that it was a good idea, and they headed back to the Chandler estate to retrieve the baby.

A short while later, Babe and Bianca arrived and found Jamie and Stuart talking. Bianca was immediately drawn to the baby, and Stuart noted that Bess lit up every time she saw Bianca. Touched, Bianca told everyone in the room how happy she had been when she'd first realized that Bess recognized her. Looking on, Babe remarked to Jamie that it was true -- the baby adored Bianca. Cryptically, Jamie said that he wasn't surprised...given who Bianca was to Bess.

Trying to keep her cool, Babe asked what he meant. Jamie let it linger for a few moments then told her that he had been referring to Bianca being her godmother. He thought that Bianca was just about the best person he knew, so the baby's joy at seeing her was understandable. Babe was noticeably relieved at his answer.

Jamie started to leave, but Bianca stopped him and asked if he would like to go on their outing. Babe piped up that Jamie was probably way too busy, and he agreed. After he took his leave, Babe pulled Stuart aside and tried to convince him to let Bess out of his sight so that they could go on their outing. She won him over by saying that she just wanted to provide a normal life for her baby -- and that he would have no need to worry because Bianca would be with them, and she was completely trustworthy. Stuart acquiesced, and they prepared to go.

At the Martin house, a knock on the door interrupted Tad and Krystal's conversation. On the other side, they found a newly sprung David Hayward. He started to make a beeline toward Krystal, but Tad stopped him in his tracks. Fully convinced of Krystal's story, he started to berate David for trying to worm his way into Babe and Krystal's lives, and for doing so ungratefully. David was utterly confused, but Tad was on a roll and didn't want to stop ranting enough to explain it to him. Just when Tad was about to blurt out the reason for his ramblings, which would have only confused the issue further, Krystal blurted out that she'd told Tad the swab was to prove that David was really Babe's father.

Catching on to her story, David immediately turned indignant and was incensed that Krystal could even think something so heinous. He raged for a moment then told Tad that he had nothing to hide, and he stormed out. As he did so, Brooke entered and asked if it was a bad time. Krystal, wanting to get while the getting was good, said that she wanted to leave. Tad tried to convince her not to, but she said that she wanted to get the sample to the lab to get the process started. Initially, Tad refused to give her the sample.

Frustrated, Krystal wanted to know what the problem was. Tad simply offered to take the sample to the hospital and have his father oversee the tests personally. Although the gesture was very sweet, Krystal told him that it was her own mess. She'd started the process, and she wanted to finish it. After a moment's consideration, Tad finally agreed and gave her the sample. She left.

Once Krystal was gone, Brooke demanded that Tad tell her what was going on. She noted that both Tad and their son had a thing for Carrey women, and that couldn't be good. In fact, anything that involved Jamie-JR-Babe and Tad-David-Krystal was a bad idea.

Outside, Krystal met up with David and handed over the swab. He then asked her if she knew where Babe was, but Krystal hadn't seen her. He told her that he and Babe had split up to find her, and that Babe was supposed to get back to him if she was unsuccessful. He let on that he felt Babe didn't want them knowing where she was.

Maggie and Jonathan went back to her apartment, but Jonathan wasn't sure he should be there. He told her that he wouldn't be good company because of the mood he was in. Maggie was fine with that because she understood his perspective. She confessed her surprise at him not becoming unraveled earlier. He looked at her in appreciation, realizing that she was one of the few people that got him. He was glad he'd met her and showed his appreciation with a kiss that quickly turned into much more.

David and Krystal showed up at the Chandler house and asked Stuart where Babe was. Stuart told them that she and Bianca had taken Bess and gone on an outing. Not knowing anything else, and fearing he would be reprimanded, Stuart ran off. David and Krystal looked at each other, fearing the worst.

Babe and Bianca arrived at Kevin's campaign center in Llanview. Kevin wasn't there, but Babe quickly spotted Ace with the nanny. She guided Bianca, who was holding Bess, toward Ace and enthusiastically introduced them. She bent down and told Ace that he and Bess would be best friends forever. Jamie, unnoticed by Babe and Bianca, overheard from a short distance away.

Friday, October 1

Ryan checked himself out of the hospital, which worried Greenlee, considering someone had already tried to kill him once. Zach offered them a free vacation at his casino, which they cautiously accepted. Ryan was certain that Zach's gesture had its price as he continued to wonder what Zach's connection to Ethan was.

Babe smoothly convinced Kevin to let her take Ace for an afternoon out with Bess and Bianca. Babe and Ace shared a very special bond, which Bianca witnessed. Jamie surprised them by asking Babe if Ace was the son he'd overheard her talking about.

Paul Cramer arrived at Zach's casino, which set off Zach and Kendall. Meanwhile, after making love with Maggie, Jonathan wondered if that was what love felt like. They admitted that they had feelings for each other but stopped before they said much more.



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