All My Children Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on AMC

Ethan held Zach at gunpoint and demanded answers. Babe and Jamie evaded JR's private investigator. Adam discovered Liza's whereabouts. Jonathan caught Greenlee searching his apartment.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, January 10, 2005

Greenlee confronted Jonathan about why he thinks she's sabotaging Ryan. She tried to clear the air between them, realizing that things haven't been right since she told Ryan he doesn't have an MBA. He accused her of not taking care of Ryan and being on Kendall's side against Ryan too. He expected her to fight for Cambias Industries and argued that it isn't right for Ryan to give it all up. Greenlee was incredulous and started to wonder about him when they were interrupted by Maggie. Jonathan blew up at Maggie for visiting Bianca in the hospital and stormed out.

Mary came to visit Greenlee, glad she was out of the hospital, pretending to care about her and told her she couldn't live with Adam any more. Greenlee guessed Adam had kicked her out. Mary pretended it was a mutual decision and showed her decorating ideas for the penthouse, in exchange for rent. Greenlee told her Bianca is living at the penthouse and said she can't move in with her and Ryan. Mary wondered what to do, having barely escaped from a terrible monster. Mary pulled out all the stops, begging Greenlee for a place to live but Greenlee told her they were about to lose their fortune. Mary admitted she'd neglected Greenlee, but she did always love her and asked how Greenlee could think of having a baby when she could be so cold to her own mother. Greenlee relented and agreed to pay for a room at the Valley Inn.

Maggie found Jonathan on the roof and he accused her of hurting him whenever she's with Bianca. Maggie assured him she'd lied about the bruise and hadn't told Bianca he'd hit her. He asked why she doesn't just push him off the roof. He whined that Ryan had given away his future and Maggie has turned to others who trash him. Maggie told him she loves him and apologized profusely until he calmed down. Maggie left and Greenlee was alone with Jonathan in the office.

Krystal visited Adam, per the condition under which he bailed her out. Adam was smug and admitted he'd gotten David's hearing postponed. She was shocked when he said he wanted to talk about their grandson. He told her he knows about Paul Kramer and the baby being with Jamie and Babe. Krystal denied it but Adam suggested she cut a deal and stop fighting him. Adam said he'd either drag Babe back to town in chains or give them enough money to start a new life elsewhere. All he wanted to know was where Babe is, with Jamie and the baby. Krystal complimented him on his smoothness and how JR is just like him. Krystal pretended their grandson was dead and suggested he set up a scholarship and give up on his false hope. Krystal said even if the baby was alive, she'd never sell him out, or her daughter, for cash. She warned him not to drag JR into his fantasy. He threatened to tell the law that Jamie and Babe are armed and dangerous. Adam didn't believe her continued denials and warned her she'll regret it.

Babe and Jamie anxiously awaited their contact with new IDs. Babe was nervous and could still feel JR's hate. Jamie tried to comfort her and they were approached by a fortune teller who saw betrayal, danger and guessed they were running from something. She told them to be careful and said they were headed for disappointment. Before leaving, she saw a new love and marriage for Jamie, as well as something stolen. Babe was nervous and wanted to get on the road when the forger arrived with their new papers as Harry and Faith Tucker. They were leaving when the fortune teller returned, pointing a gun at them.

JR visited Bianca and brought a present for Miranda. He apologized for not believing the baby was hers. He choked up and wished for a miracle like hers and to get his son back. Bianca agreed it was time for the hell they've been through to end. He begged her forgiveness and she suddenly remembered that he pushed her off the balcony. JR accused Tad of getting to Bianca but got upset when Anita came in with Miranda. Anita left and JR cried about how much he'd loved the baby and commented on how the grief connects him to Bianca. She admitted she doesn't want to see anyone go through that pain. JR asked if she understood why he has to get his son away from Babe. JR accused her of knowing and Bianca said she was planning to tell him, as soon as she figured out what was best for the baby. JR was furious and Bianca reminded him he'd pushed her off the balcony before she could tell him in Florida. Bianca said JR scared her and that he shouldn't be raising a child. JR vowed to get even with Babe and get his son back. Later, Bianca told Anita that Tad was right to keep the secret and that she'd just made a terrible mistake and worried she'd punished the baby because of her anger towards Babe.

JR went home and Adam lamented not being able to get Krystal to admit anything. JR gloated that Bianca had admitted all. JR got a phone call from his private investigator, the fortune teller, who told him she had Jamie, Babe and the baby and asked what to do next.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Krystal finds Tad at SOS sitting at the bar. She immediately joins him at the bar to let him that Adam had bailed her out of jail and then proceeded to pump her for information about Jamie and Babe. She also informs him that she suspects Adam may know about the baby based on the things that he had said to her. Tad is shocked. He advises Krystal to cut off all contact with Babe fearing that Adam and JR will stop at nothing to find Babe and Jamie now that they know about the baby and will use her as a means. He shares with her his worries over Jamie and Babe's precarious futures. A short while later he leaves.

Kendall takes Ethan to SOS in an attempt to get him to unwind, relax and get his mind off of the things going on in his life at the moment. As they are deciding if they want to find a table and share each other's company, Kendall spots Krystal at the bar. Greenlee and Kendall waste no time confronting her. Krystal doesn't try to stop Kendall from having her say. She tells her to give it her best shot, that she has it coming to her. Greenlee let's Krystal know that neither she nor Kendall need her permission to speak their minds to her. Kendall promptly lays in to Krystal. She tells her that she needs to see Krystal suffer the same way that Krystal made Bianca suffer. Krystal tries to walk away but Greenlee stops her. She is determined that Krystal hear them out. Kendall then asks Krystal where her 'precious baby doll' is now. Krystal defends her daughter by claiming Babe is not to blame, Krystal is. Kendall laughs. She asks her how that works when Babe knew that the baby she was feeding, diapering and passing off as hers was in truth Bianca's baby. Kendall continues to vent her anger at Krystal, telling her that she isn't interested in hearing all about Babe's tears and guilt pangs because ultimately Babe made her choice. She chose her needs over Bianca's. When David walks in to SOS, he attempts to defuse the confrontation but is unsuccessful. Kendall turns her wrath on David as does Greenlee who doesn't hesitate to let David know that his betrayal of Bianca broke Leo's heart. At that point, Ethan and Ryan step in. They physically escort David in to the back alley where they proceed to berate David for all of his wrong doing over the past months. Things quickly escalate when among his transgressions, Ryan brings up David's manipulation of Gillian which prompts David to antagonize Ryan by sharing some intimate details about his sexual encounter with her. Ryan gives reign to his anger and starts beating David. Meanwhile, inside, Kendall and Greenlee are not quite finished with Krystal. Greenlee let's Krystal know how her lies affected her family. She goes down the list of casualties...Erica, who lost her sobriety, Kendall whose spirit was broken, Reggie who had a front row seat to how ugly life could get and Jack who broke down when he saw the empty incubator and ultimately lost Erica. Kendall adds "Imagine your daughter having been brutally raped. And imagine her pregnant with her rapist's baby but she came to see that child as her salvation -- a chance to turn the worst night of her life into something beautiful. That child was her hope and her salvation. And then she was snatched away. Can you imagine? Imagine that horror for your precious Babe? Can you imagine the hatred that you would feel for the person who kept her from her baby?" After that, Kendall and Greenlee ask for the music to be stopped and approach the microphone where they proceed to tell all of the patrons who Krystal is and what she's done. Thoroughly humiliated, Krystal helps a bruised and battered David up from the ground in the alley and takes him home to clean him up. Inside, Ethan waits at the bar for a couple of drinks while he remembers various discussions he's had with people regarding his quest to find his biological father. Clearly he is unsettled. He joins Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee at a table where a messenger finds him to deliver the lab results of the DNA test. Ethan reads the results then passes them around the table, giving everyone a chance to see the results. Everyone is speechless.

The woman who introduced herself to Jamie and Babe as a psychic tea leaf reader, holds a gun to them as she calls JR. He asks to speak to Jamie. When Jamie takes the phone, JR lets him know that the 'game is over'. After some threats and promises, JR gets his PI back on the phone. He instructs her to keep her gun trained on them and to call the police to let them know that Jamie and Babe are wanted and she is holding them until they can get there. Jamie, meanwhile, let's Babe know that JR is on to them. As soon as the PI hangs up Liza, wearing dark sunglasses, walks up to her and pretends to know her from school giving Jamie the opportunity to neutralize her and temporarily restrain her. Liza takes the time to pass Babe a card before suggesting that they flee with all possible haste. Liza stays behind long enough to buy them some time before she too makes a quick getaway. Later, Babe and Jamie arrive at the address on the card that Liza passed to Babe. They are greeted by Liza who is as happy to see them as they are her. She quickly explains that she had been keeping in touch with Tad who kept her informed as to what was transpiring with them. She had decided to take a walk to check up on them incase they needed help which is how she ended up being there when the PI held them at gunpoint. After being prompted by Liza, Babe introduces her to baby James. Babe acknowledges JR's biological link to her son but tells Liza that for all intents and purposes, Jamie is James's real father. She goes on to thank Liza for her help both past and present. After Liza lets them know that she put a call in to Tad, Babe worries aloud that JR will stop at nothing to track them down. Jamie and Liza are quick to reassure her that things are not as bleak as she fears.

JR calls to order his jet fueled and a flight plan to New Orleans prepared after hanging up with his PI. Adam goes to congratulate JR on a job well done with locating his son. JR shares his thoughts and plans for his son with Adam then promises that he will not let his son call Jamie daddy. Adam can sympathize. He tells JR about his own fears regarding JR and Tad while JR was growing up but that in the end it seems he had nothing to fear because their father and son bond prevailed. JR listens to Adam then tells him that there will be one difference between him and his son...JR will never betray his son. A duly chastised Adam remains wisely silent. Later, as JR prepares to leave, he and Adam toast their success just as Tad walks in. JR wastes no time informing him that they are toasting to the good news that his son is alive and that soon Jamie and will be arrested. When Tad fails to react to JR's announcement about his son, JR realizes that Tad already knew but did not tell him. Livid over the betrayal, JR blasts Tad for keeping the truth from him. He asks Tad if he hates him that much. Tad explains that he's afraid for JR after seeing the bloody pipe he used to beat Jamie and his stubborn refusal to give up Bess even when Bianca was fighting for her life. Tad concludes by telling JR that he had asked himself what Dixie would have wanted under the circumstances and that the answer that came to him was that Dixie would not have wanted JR to raise his son. JR's temper explodes! He grabs Tad by his lapels and accuses Tad of not knowing a thing about what his mother would have wanted. That Dixie loved JR and would have wanted him to have his son. JR goes on to warn Tad that Jamie will have a long stretch behind bars. Tad attempts to reason with JR but to no avail. As far as JR is concerned he doesn't have any brotherly ties to Jamie. Just then the phone rings. JR answers it and is furious to learn from the PI that Jamie and Babe were able to get away thanks to the intervention of a woman she describes as blond, with long hair, pale complexion and in her late 30's. She is quick to let JR know that she was able to get a picture of the woman with her cell phone and that she would email it. When JR gets off the phone Adam quickly goes to his laptop and checks his email. Within moments a picture of Liza appears on the screen. Adam is euphoric! Not only does he know where his grandson is but now he knows where his daughter is as well. A jubilant Adam and JR shares smiles while Tad looks on with dismay. JR tells Adam to cancel the jet then turns to Tad. He reflects that in a perfect world they would never have to lay eyes on each other again but that it isn't a perfect world so he suggests that should they cross paths, Tad keep on going because as far as he is concerned their relationship is over. He will never again acknowledge Tad as his father nor will he ever forgive him for his refusal to tell him that his son was alive. Tad tells JR that he had tried to find a spark of Dixie in him but that it was no longer present. After JR leaves, Adam delays Tad from departing as well. He is smug as he belittles Tad over JR's rejection. When Tad tries to explain that the only thing he had tried to teach JR was the difference between love and control, Adam scoffs at the implication. He asks Tad if it was love that allowed Tad to let JR suffer, believing his son had perished in the river. He then warns Tad that losing JR is nothing compared to the pain Adam intends to visit on Tad. Later, JR shows up at the Llanview police station where he walks into Commissioner of Police, Bo Buchanan's office unannounced. Without ceremony, he tells Bo that his soon to be ex-wife, Babe a.k.a. Bella Carey was spotted with a kidnapped baby in New Orleans. When Bo asks him why he's telling him, JR drops the bombshell that the baby everyone believes to be Ace Buchanan, son of Lt. Governor Kevin Buchanan is in fact his son, a Chandler heir and that is the baby she kidnapped.

In another part of SOS, Bobby Warner is on his cell phone demanding the person on the other end give him another payment. He goes on to let the person know that he has Ryan Lavery in his sights and has easy access to speak to him. When he suggests joining Ryan and Ethan, the man who was accused of shooting Ryan, for a little chat to inform them whose finger was really on the gun, the person on the other end quickly agrees to Bobby's terms. Bobby leaves via the back alley a short while later and is confronted by someone he seems to recognize.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bianca is discharged from the hospital. Erica and Jack are in her room preparing to take her home. Erica steps into the hallway for a moment where she bumps into Zach. She is less than pleased to see him. He shows her a small box which he opens to reveal a key. Curious, Erica asks for an explanation. He tells her that he considers them family now because of Miranda and as such is gifting Erica with the offices he had refused to sell her. Erica accepts the key but is quick to let him know that she's not accepting it as a gift. She fully intends to pay him his asking price for the offices. She then warns him to stay away from both Bianca and Miranda. Zach agrees but only for the time being.

Bobby is brought to the ER. While Maria works on him, Aidan explains to Anita that he had been running in the park and had found a badly beaten Bobby. Joe Martin later reassures Anita that Bobby will be fine. He is suffering from a concussion, bruised ribs and a few cuts and scrapes. When Anita goes in to see Bobby, who slowly comes around, she asks him to tell her who had attacked him. Bobby's reaction is unexpected. He tells her to stop pretending that she cares for him and then orders her to leave. Upset, Anita turns to Aidan for comfort. He offers to talk to Bobby but Anita, while appreciative, doesn't feel it would be a good idea.

Edmund finds Zach in the corridor of the hospital and doesn't mince words when he confronts Zach about his encounter with Maria at the stables recently. Zach doesn't deny that he had told Maria that he wants a relationship with her, even when Edmund points out to him that she is still married to him. Zach is curious as to what is motivating Edmund to remind him that Maria is still his wife. When he asks Edmund if he has suddenly decided he wants his wife, Edmund chooses to leave rather than continue the discussion. Zach answers his cell phone rather than pursue the conversation. As Edmund makes his way through the hospital he spots Aidan in the ER area. Aidan fills him in about the events that lead up to him being in the hospital. While they discuss the possibilities of how Bobby could have ended up in such a condition, Aidan lets Edmund know about the time Bobby picked up a payment at the boathouse. Edmund feels strongly that somehow Zach is behind the incidents. Aidan agrees that it's certainly a possibility. Later, Edmund finds Maria leaving Bobby's room. He asks to speak to her privately. They find a quiet room nearby. Prompted by Maria, who asks him why he has sought her out, Edmund shocks when he declares that he wants to give their marriage another try.

Ethan is upset over the results of the DNA test that confirm that Zach is his biological father. Kendall tries her best to get him to talk about things but Ethan is just too angry. Despite Kendall's efforts, Ethan remains preoccupied with his private thoughts. When she goes to soak in a bath, Ethan leaves. Minutes later, Kendall emerges from the bathroom in the hopes of tempting him to join her only to find him gone. She quickly dresses and sets out to find Ryan so that she can enlist his help to track Ethan down.

Jonathan seems to take the news well when Ryan shares with him that Ethan is Zach's son, the Cambias heir. Both Ryan and Greenlee are a bit leery of his nonchalant attitude and question Jonathan about it but he assures the both of them that he fully supports Ryan's decision to turn the Cambias empire over to Ethan. Ryan accepts Jonathan's turn around without further comment but Greenlee is a bit reluctant it seems. After both Ryan and Greenlee leave the room, Jonathan is left alone with Danielle. When she asks him a question about an error message on her computer and rebooting, Jonathan snaps. He berates Dani by telling her that she is the stupidest person he has ever worked with. Dani snaps back, making a biting comment about him dropping out of school which has Jonathan grabbing her chair and spinning it around so that she is forced to face him. Unbeknownst to him, as he points his finger in Dani's face while yelling at her, a stunned Greenlee is watching the entire incident unfold. Having seen enough, she demands that Jonathan apologize to Dani. She goes on to remind him exactly what her position is with the company and points out that he is answerable to her. A contrite Jonathan apologizes to an angry Dani. Dani quickly comes up with an excuse to get away from Jonathan. After she leaves, Greenlee confronts Jonathan about his behavior, demanding an explanation. He tries to justify himself by claiming that Dani is new and inexperienced and lacking in confidence. It's a flimsy excuse which Greenlee refuses to accept. However, before she can push him further, Ryan returns and interrupts them. While Greenlee and Ryan are talking Jonathan stands off to the side seething. Later, Kendall walks into Fusion pleading with Ryan to help her find Ethan. She quickly tells them what transpired and let's them know that when she searched the room she discovered that Ethan's rifle was missing. She fears that Ethan is in the same frame of mind as she was the night Ryan was shot. Ryan listens but before he can say anything, Jonathan interrupts, telling Kendall that she's nuts if she expects Ryan to help Ethan. Ryan has no intention of finding Ethan. As far as he is concerned, he has washed his hands of both Ethan and Zach for good. Realizing that she isn't going to sway him, Kendall prepares to leave in search of Ethan but is stopped by Greenlee. Greenlee offers to help her with her search. Ryan strongly objects. He does his best to make both Greenlee and Kendall reconsider their intentions but they remain steadfast until he relents and volunteers to go after Ethan himself. It's Jonathan's turn to object. He argues with Ryan about the foolishness in going after Ethan but to no avail. After Ryan leaves Jonathan turns on both Greenlee and Kendall giving free reign to his anger. He leaves moments later in a huff. When Kendall remarks on his meltdown, Greenlee decides to confide in Kendall. She shares her concern with Kendall that Jonathan's reaction leads her to suspect that he might be the culprit behind the poisoning. Kendall is stunned.

Bianca and Miranda are ushered in to her apartment by Erica and Jackson. Bianca is pleasantly surprised to find Opal and Myrtle waiting for her, her apartment littered with mounds of gifts. They enjoy a little welcome home party and later, Jack hands Bianca a special present for Miranda. It's Travis's baseball glove that he had recently found. Bianca is deeply touched. Erica gifts Bianca and Miranda with a picture of Mona. Things become a bit strained when Bianca let's Erica and Jack know that she gave a sample of Miranda's blood for Ethan's DNA test. Neither is thrilled to hear the news but Bianca staunchly defends Ethan, telling them both that if he is Miranda's cousin then she ensure he's a part of Miranda's life.

After receiving a call on his cell phone, Zach ends up at the dump where he meets Ethan. He asks him what the life or death emergency is that necessitated them meeting there. Ethan pulls the rifle from behind his back and threatens him that it's time he joined his brother. Zach remains quiet as Ethan proceeds to list all the incidents over the past months where Zach had behaved rather oddly. His inconsistent actions when Ethan was arrested and his attitude towards Kendall. Zach show little emotion until Ethan begins talking about Zach's greatest crime...coming to Pine Valley and resurrecting Alexander Cambias. Zach tells Ethan that the Cambias family is dead and neither he nor Miranda will ever be a Cambias. Ethan responds by pointing out how wrong Zach is about that statement because Ethan is a Cambias. He goes on to explain the reason he's holding a gun. He wants to kill Zach because he's his father!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Kendall stunned Greenlee by admitting that it was possible, even likely, that Jonathan had drugged her. Their private chat was cut off when Jonathan returned to the office and threw a cardboard box at them. Jonathan burst into laughter, saying that they scared too easily. The box, which was empty, was the new shipping material that he had acquired for Fusion's use. Jonathan boasted about how much money the new boxes would save the company. When asked for praise, Greenlee simply told Jonathan that she was sure that Ryan would be proud of him.

Reggie stopped by to visit Bianca and the two soon started talking about their mutual distrust of Jonathan. When Reggie learned that Bianca suspected that Jonathan had hit Maggie, Reggie prepared to storm off and confront Jonathan. In an amusing exchange, Bianca told Reggie not to ride off on his white horse. Reggie questioned why the good guys always have to have a white horse. The two put their heads together and decided that they would come up with a way to find out if Jonathan really had hit Maggie. Bianca placed a call to Jonathan and asked him to come over to talk.

When Jonathan left, Greenlee and Kendall tried to get into Jonathan's locker. As they were trying to force the lock, Maggie walked in on them. They quickly came up with an excuse to cover up their probe and Maggie left when she learned that Jonathan wasn't at the office. Later, Kendall and Greenlee were surprised when the found that the contents of Jonathan's locker was nothing more than a bottle of antacid.

At Bianca's penthouse loft, Jonathan revealed to Bianca that Ethan's DNA test proved that he was a Cambias. He was repulsed by the idea that both Ethan and Miranda would inherit the company that Ryan had been running. Bianca tried to appease him by offering to "put in a good word" for him in order to keep him on board with the company. As Jonathan was getting ready to leave, Bianca asked him to keep an eye on Maggie. She chuckled as she revealed to Jonathan how Maggie had told her how she'd suffered a bruise on her cheek from walking into a kitchen cabinet. Unaware that he was walking into a trap, Jonathan nodded and said that he may need to child-proof the entire kitchen in order to keep Maggie safe. After Jonathan left, Bianca told Reggie that Maggie had actually told her that she'd bruised herself by walking into a gym locker.

Back at Maggie's apartment, Jonathan tore into Maggie for talking to Bianca without consulting him. Jonathan's face turned red as he mentioned how little he feels as a man knowing that Bianca might be responsible for him getting a job with the soon-to-be-reorganized Cambias company. A man, he insinuated, should never have to be subservient or under a woman. Maggie tried to explain herself to Jonathan, but she flinched when Jonathan moved his arm. Jonathan was furious that Maggie thought that he was going to hit her and then he pushed her out the front door of her apartment and locked her out.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Bobby blew off Edmund's questions about how he had gotten beat up. Edmund implied that Zach might be behind it, but Bobby swore that he'd been randomly attacked by a bunch of unknown thugs. Eventually, Bobby confided in Edmund that $1 million in cash would help fix his problem and in return for the cash, he would give Edmund information that could be used to keep Zach away from Maria. Edmund asked Maria out for Chinese food, saying that he wanted to try to make their marriage work. Maria admitted that she had kept another secret from him: she knew that Ethan was Zach's son. Edmund was unfazed by the reveal and told Maria that he still wanted to go out with her. This time, he said, they would start over without lies and without Zach.

Armed with a rifle, Ethan confronted Zach with the results of his DNA test. Zach again denied that Ethan was his son and said that he would gladly tell everyone again that he and Ethan shared no blood ties. Zach produced a shovel and told Ethan that he should dig until he finds Michael's decomposing body. Then, he said, Ethan would "see what Cambias is." Ethan announced that he wanted nothing more than to kill Zach. Ryan then emerged from the bushes and said that he'd take great pleasure in seeing Ethan shoot Zach. That way, he rationalized, both men would be out of his way for good.

Friday, January 14, 2005

After getting tired of begging to be let back into her own apartment, Maggie goes to see Bianca. She tells Bianca that thanks to her, her relationship with Jonathan is over. She says that Bianca pulled a "Cambias power play" and made Jonathan feel worthless and stupid by asking him to come over and practically beg for his job. Bianca says she asked Jonathan to come over to get the scoop on her bruise. Jonathan's story didn't match up to Maggie's, she says, which only confirms he hit her. Bianca says she hates that Jonathan hit her, but that he could do it again. "It won't happen again!" Maggie screams, and Bianca realizes she was right. Bianca tells her she can't go back to him and offers for Maggie to stay with her. Maggie says that Jonathan is right about Bianca-she is just a toy to her who means nothing. Bianca is shocked that he spoke about their friendship that way. When Anita drops by, she sees that her timing is off and offers to leave. Maggie asks her to stay and bites at her for telling Bianca about the bruise. She grabs a stack of pamphlets from Anita's hand. The pamphlets are information about battered woman. Bianca tells her that she asked Anita to bring the information over because Anita has had experience dealing with these types of situations. "Oh, so now I am a situation?" Maggie asks. Maggie continues to get defensive and even calls Bianca a man-hater who thinks that Jonathan will hurt her the same way Michael Cambias did. Bianca says that she doesn't hate all men, but certainly doubts Jonathan and is scared of him. Maggie begins reading off signs of abuse from the pamphlet, one which includes being isolated from friends or family. When Bianca asks Maggie if Jonathan wants her to stay away from her friends, Maggie denies it and says that he loves her. Anita quietly slips out. Bianca begs Maggie to stay and says that she loves her.

After Edmund and Maria decide to give their marriage a second try, Zach walks over to them and briefly says hello before running off. Maria tells him about Ryan coming to the hospital to find Zach and when Edmund realizes she wants to check on Zach, he tells her to go. Edmund goes and visits Bobby to try to get information from him, but Bobby refuses. When Edmund begins to wheel away, Bobby shouts out that he know who shot Ryan. He says that Zach has a hit-person and he saw the hit-person shoot Ryan. When Edmund asks for more details, Bobby demands his payment first. Edmund agrees and says that when the money comes through, he wants the story on Zach.

Maria finds Zach in her office and he tells her that Ethan almost killed him. Maria encourages Zach to talk to her and he says that as Ethan pointed a gun at him, he could see himself in Ethan, wanting to kill his own father. When Zach asks Maria how he can help Ethan, Maria tells him to love his son. Maria tells him that her and Edmund have decided to give their marriage another chance. Zach suggests that Edmund is only taking her back because he does not want him to have her. Maria says that is not true and that Edmund really wants their marriage to work. Zach says that he can accept that and Maria insists that their relationship is completely over. Edmund comes to take her home, she leaves.

Kendall suggests that Greenlee tell Ryan about her theory that Jonathan drugged her, but Greenlee says she can't because Ryan adores his brother. Greenlee also points out that she doesn't have any proof to back her theory up. Ryan walks in and tells Kendall and Greenlee what happened between Zach and Ethan. When Kendall begins to go find Ethan, Ryan stops her and says that she can't go anywhere near him. Ryan says that Ethan's behavior confirms that a Cambias' shot at him. Kendall asks Ryan to cut Ethan some slack since he just found out his own father had been denying him for months. She also says that Ryan has no right to tell her who to care about since he walked out on her life. Kendall says that the Ethan she knows is different than what Ryan sees. Ryan says that Kendall has a big heart and although he knows she cares deeply for Ethan, she may not see the real him. Kendall says that it took her so long to move on after Ryan left her and that it is not his business anymore who she cares about. She rushes off to find Ethan and a lawyer comes in. Ryan signs papers officially signing over the companies to Ethan and Miranda.

Ethan sits by himself by the ocean, toting his gun by his side. He aims it and shoots the air in front of him. He keeps flashing back to his confrontation with Zach. Kendall calls him to see how he is and he tells her that he is "sorry for everything" and hangs up. Kendall realizes what Ethan may do and when she finds him, he is startled and points the gun at her.

When Jonathan doesn't hear Maggie pleading anymore outside, he goes to the door and gets a surprise punch in the stomach from Reggie. Jonathan threatens to call the police and Reggie taunts him to, saying that Maggie will put him in jail. Reggie tells him that he was there when Jonathan spoke to Bianca and that how he said Maggie got the bruise is not what she said. When Reggie accuses Jonathan of hitting Maggie, he says that he found Maggie passed out on the floor and that she must of hit her head. Jonathan says that every time Maggie comes home from visiting Bianca, she starts drinking heavily because Bianca gives out "mixed signals." Reggie says that Bianca is doing no such thing, she just cares about Maggie because they are friends. Reggie, not sure what to believe, tells Jonathan that he better not see any more bruises on Maggie or else, he will come back. When he leaves, Jonathan throws a beer bottle at the wall. Eventually, he leaves and Greenlee sneaks in, looking for clues. She gets on the computer, but is unable to break the password. When Jonathan comes in, he tells her that she won't figure out the password.



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