All My Children Recaps: The week of February 21, 2005 on AMC

Edmund spied on Maria and Zach. JR was granted temporary custody of his child. Krystal was taken into custody. Bianca and Maggie left town. Someone knocked Edmund out and set the stables on fire.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 21, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, February 21, 2005

Kelly told the court she gave Ace to Babe. Kevin changed his position and said he thought the baby should be raised by Babe and he is dropping all kidnapping charges. JR was not amused. Kevin explained he and Kelly only want what's best for the baby and he belongs with his mother. The judge called the lawyers to her chambers. Adam and JR blasted Kevin and continued to plot against Babe. Babe thanked Kelly and hugged Kevin. Bianca and Miranda entered the courtroom and Krystal asked her to go to the DA and make the deal to set Babe free. Babe asked everyone to stop pushing Bianca. JR approached Bianca and she marveled at the poetic justice at being the one to decide who gets their baby. JR asked if she was really considering forgiving Babe and begged her to punish Babe instead. Jamie stopped Bianca as she was leaving, but Reggie stopped him and blasted him for helping Babe hurt Bianca. Tad approached Bianca in the park and she asked him if it is wrong to give the baby to JR and send Babe to prison. Tad told her she wouldn't feel better by helping Babe lose her baby. Bianca was torn about what to do and Tad only suggested she make the best choice for herself and everyone would be behind her, no matter what. Back in court, Tad got called to the stand. JR's lawyer questioned him and he said Jamie's involvement did not turn him against JR. He had to admit he hadn't told JR about the bigamy or about Bess being Miranda or his son being alive. He also had to admit helping Babe and Jamie run away with the baby and that he had a relationship with Krystal. JR was smug. Bianca returned and told the court about Krystal's plea bargain agreement and said she approved. She also said Babe did not deserve a happy ending. Bianca said Babe makes terrible mistakes out of love and had taken risks to make sure she was reunited with Miranda. Bianca was adamant that she did not forgive Babe but had to admit she was the best parent to raise her child and asked the court to grant her full custody.

Zach and Maria got physical in the locked store room as Edmund listened, daring her to lie her way out. Edmund walked to his wheelchair and sat down as Ethan approached to offer to help Edmund destroy Zach. Maria told Zach to stop and he wondered how long they could keep doing this to each other. She finally realized he hadn't locked them in and that she had come over to see him. She asked him to leave town but he said he couldn't, because of Ethan and his plan to overturn his father's will and take control of Cambias Industries. He never would have become Zach if he'd known about Ethan and only wanted to protect Ethan from power and corruption.

At the Fusion office, Kendall told the others about Bianca moving to Paris. Greenlee was testy and Kendall tried to apologize and Greenlee told her Ryan had moved out to help Jonathan.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The judge renders her verdict but not without first blasting all parties concerned for their actions fueled by hatred and vitriol. After she tells them that her true wish is to place the child in foster care but that she's required to place him in a biological home if at all possible, the judge awards sole physical custody to JR. David is outraged and stands up and accuses the judge of being in the Chandler pocket and making the worst decision of her life. After the judge threatens him with contempt, she goes on to inform Babe that she will have visitation 1 day a week for 3 hours which is to be supervised by Children's Services. She tells Babe that down the road, if she is able to straighten out her life and show the court that she is can control her impulses, they can revisit the visitation arrangements.

Babe is crushed. As Jamie comforts her, JR approaches them and taunts them. He tells them that baby James is dead which has Babe warning him not to speak like that about her son. JR is undaunted. He reminds her that she had done the same exact thing to him, only she had put those words in a letter. Triumphantly, he walks away only to be confronted by Kevin. As everyone beings to argue, Babe leaves. Jackson meanwhile punches David for what he did to Bianca. Later, Krystal is informed by the DA that her bail has been revoked as she is taken into custody as per their agreement. JR meanwhile leaves the courthouse to go to Kevin's to pick up his son.

Maria tells Zach that can't go on the way she has. That if it means leaving town to get out of the mess between the two of them, she will do it. She asks him to help her by letting go. Zach isn't pleased. Frustrated, Zach decides to give her exactly what she wants. He picks up a heavy metal object and begins to smash in the brick wall so that she can get out and go back to her marriage. He promises to never bother her again. After Maria is gone, one of Zach's men finds him and informs him that a dumpster was blocking the door and his cell phone was found on the sidewalk nearby. Zach senses that Edmund was behind the whole thing.

Edmund stands up and pours himself a drink while fantasying. In the fantasy, Zach is arrested at Wildwind and dragged off to jail by the police in front of Maria. As Maria tearfully pleads with Edmund to give her another chance, Edmund stands up, showing her for the first time that he can walk. Maria is shocked. She again tries to save her marriage but Edmund wants nothing to do with her promises. He orders her to leave the house, informing her that he's changed the locks and told the kids. Maria is devastated. Real life interrupts when Janine Lackey, an RN on Anita's floor, stops by to give Edmund a cell phone which had Bobby Warner's name on it that was discovered during a lost and found sort. When Maria arrives home a short while later, after Edmund's physical therapy session, she begins to tell Edmund about her day but Edmund interrupts her with the news that he felt a tingle in his right leg. She's thrilled with the news and more so when Edmund suggests that they go out and celebrate. As she leaves the room to make the arrangements, Edmund uses Bobby's cell phone to call Zach. Disguising his voice, he tells him that he's picking up where Bobby left off and that he knows he was behind the shooting. He then disconnects the call.

Erica arrives at Bianca's demanding an explanation for her testifying in Babe's behalf. Bianca reassures her mother that she has no intention of allowing Babe back into her life but that she testified against JR because despite everything she believes baby James would be better off with Babe than JR. Erica isn't appeased. She points out that Bianca could have simply said nothing rather than giving Babe what she wanted. Bianca tells her that she couldn't stand by and do nothing without having regrets. She wanted to do what's right for the baby, no one else. Later, Erica tells Bianca that she's proud of Bianca and in a way happy that she's moving to Paris. She goes on to gush that Bianca is loyal and infinitely honest. She asks her to allow her to throw her a private intimate going away party which Bianca accepts. After Erica leaves, a knock sounds at the door. Believing Erica was back again, Bianca goes to answer the door and is surprised when she finds Babe standing on the other side. Tearfully Babe tries to talk to Bianca who tries to brush her off but Babe is persistent. She promises it will only take two minutes and then proceeds to tell Bianca what happened at court. Bianca is shaken and offers her some sympathy. When Babe comments on the packing, believing that Bianca is preparing to go on vacation, Bianca clarifies her mistake by telling Babe that she's moving to Paris. As Babe leaves, she tearfully hands Bianca a picture, telling her that contrary to what she may believe, Babe does realize what she has lost. The picture is of the two of them during happier times.

When Jack arrives at Erica's, he fills her in about the verdict. Erica is livid that Babe and David will not spend any time in jail for their crimes. She's only slightly mollified when Jack tells her about punching David.

Babe arrives at the cabin where she and Bianca gave birth to their children. She reminisces about the births and Paul telling her that her son had died. Grief stricken over losing her son again, Babe falls to the floor weeping. Moments later, Jamie walks in and picks her up, comforting her while she cries.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

At Fusion, Greenlee shares her concerns about Ryan with Kendall. Kendall is less than sympathetic because she feels that Jonathan is not worth everything Ryan is sacrificing in order to help him. Annoyed with Kendall's attitude, Greenlee makes an attempt to give her some insight into why Ryan feels he has to help Jonathan the way that he is. Kendall responds by making a biting comment about Greenlee and Ryan's plans to have a baby which strikes Greenlee as odd. She quickly realizes that Kendall still is upset over the idea of them starting a family. At first Kendall denies it but then quickly admits that there is a small part of her that is envious of them. She goes on to tell Greenlee that she's falling in love with Ethan and that she knows that she and Ryan would never have worked out because they were too toxic for each other. Just then Simone, all dressed up for Bianca's Bon Voyage party, walks in and asks the both of them if they've heard from her blind date. When it becomes apparent that Simone has been stood up, Kendall asks to hitch a ride since she was going to meet Ethan at the party.

Zach walks up as Ethan is carrying out suitcases from Bianca's loft. He is shocked when he learns that Bianca is planning to move to Paris. He tries to talk her out of the move, telling her that he needs her but he's unsuccessful. While holding Miranda and saying goodbye, Zach comments that a daughter needs her mother. Bianca takes the opportunity to point out that a son needs his father too. Zach agrees with her. As Zach leaves, he promises that he is going to do what he needs to in order to help both of them.

Ryan is clearly shaken after the first session with the therapist he hired to help Jonathan and him. When Jonathan asks Ryan if he's ok, Ryan confesses that he doesn't think either of them will ever be ok considering where they've started from. Jonathan decides to share a particularly painful story of when he was young and Patrick Lavery left him alone in a department store. Ryan is horrified at the cruelty Jonathan endured at their father's hands.

As Kendall and Simone head over to the party, Greenlee stops off to pick up Ryan, fully expecting him to attend the party with her. She is taken aback though when Ryan tells her that under the circumstances, he doesn't feel comfortable leaving Jonathan alone. Greenlee doesn't take the news well. She feels that Ryan is being way too overprotective of his brother if he is unwilling to leave him for a few hours to wish a good friend farewell. Jonathan, who had left the room at Ryan's request, interrupts the argument, insisting that Ryan go with Greenlee. He tells Ryan that he will be fine without his brother for a few hours and that he had been planning on turning in early anyway. Reassured, Ryan leaves with Greenlee who accepts his apology for the difficulties.

Everyone gathers at Erica's for the party. In the hallway, Maggie runs into Bianca, Miranda, Ethan and Kendall just as they too are arriving. Kendall and Ethan go into the penthouse with Miranda, leaving Bianca alone with Maggie. As soon as they are alone, Bianca asks Maggie if she is going to join her in Paris. Maggie says no. She explains to Bianca that she needs to stand on her own two feet for a while and get her life together. Bianca is understanding as they join the party.

It's an emotional goodbye as Bianca is showered with gifts and well wishes. A touching montage of Bianca's life in Pine Valley , from childhood on, is shown accompanied by Martina McBride's song; In My Daughter's Eyes. Later, Jack, Kendall and Erica go with Bianca to the jet which will take her to Paris and share a final, tearful goodbye. When Bianca is told that the flight is slightly delayed because of fog, Bianca settles back into her seat and reflects upon the most poignant times of her life in Pine Valley as Lionel Richie's song "Long, Long Way to Go," plays in the background. Bianca is pleasantly surprised when Maggie boards the jet at the last minute asking if there is room for one more passenger.

Ethan and Kendall walk into Ethan's office at Cambias to find Zach sitting in his chair. He makes the startling announcement that he has decided to go to court to have his late father's will overturned.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Greenlee takes Ryan back to the place where they found shelter during the storm. She's had it refurbished, so that they could remember how they felt when they first got married. It doesn't take long for the feeling to sink in for Ryan. He pulls her to the other side of the door frame and carries her over the threshold as if they were truly newlyweds and they start to make love. Some time later, Ryan tells his bride that he never wants her to think that he doesn't love her. In fact, he loves her more each day that he spends with her. He finds out something new about her and it's exactly what he needs, and it's exactly what she gives him. Greenlee tells him that she feels the same way. They enjoy each other for a few more moments, and then Ryan says he has to go. Greenlee realizes that he is going to head back to his brother's side, and he admits that he wants to keep the promise he made of returning soon. She tells him that he's leaving over her naked, dead body. Although she pleads with him to stay, Ryan gets dressed and prepares to leave. She thinks that this is her fault - she has always been independent, and now Ryan believes that she doesn't need him. She tries to correct that erroneous line of thinking, and tells him that she just wants tonight with him - as they haven't had a clear shot to perfection since they were married. Ryan insists that he needs to go - that she will survive but his brother is having a meltdown. He asks her to get dressed so that they can leave, but she refuses. Upset at the rift between them, but resolved to keep his promises, he asks her to call a cab when she's ready and tries to kiss her before leaving. She rebuffs his advance, and hurt, he grabs his helmet and leaves.

Later, Greenlee is on the phone, asking how long it would take to get a cab to the cottage. Suddenly, she hears the sounds of a returning motorcycle and quickly hangs up. She goes to look out the window, wanting to make sure that she wasn't hearing things when Ryan bursts back into the room. Thrilled, she hears Ryan say that he got halfway back to the Valley Inn when he realized that he was crazy to leave. They profess their love again and reunite joyfully.

To Bianca's surprise, Maggie shows up on the plane and says that she wants to go with Bianca to Paris. Caught off guard, she asks if Maggie is sure. Maggie tells her that although she is confused by a lot of things, she knows that she doesn't want to be in Pine Valley if Bianca isn't there. Maggie thinks that she is getting a negative response from Bianca, but it is revealed as confusion. Bianca tells her that a few hours ago, she had to accept that Maggie needed to stay in Pine Valley and get her life together and her GPA back to an acceptable status. Maggie tells her that she has just been pushing her away for months. When she said goodbye to her earlier in the evening, it hit her that if she pushed her away for good, she would never know who she was or what she was doing...and that would have been the biggest mistake of her life. Bianca assures Maggie that she doesn't need to turn her life upside down just to keep their friendship. Unconvinced, Maggie responds that no matter how hard the participants try - long distance relationships never work. Maggie is certain that she needs to get to a place where she can figure herself out again. She confesses to being unsure how long the process will take - but she does know one thing: her relationship with Jonathan messed up enough in her life and she wants to put a stop to it. Too inspired to stop, she further confesses that unlike before, when she would say 'I love you' and then forever take it back, she wants to be truthful from here on out. Then, as Bianca holds her breath, Maggie tells her once and for all that she loves her, but she doesn't know how. Ever understanding, Bianca knows that Maggie has been through a lot this year and may not be ready for the next big thing. Maggie then tells her that she is unsure if she ever will be. She knows that she feels love for Bianca, but she doesn't know if it's this incredible romantic love, or the most incredible friendship. She doesn't want to hurt Bianca, but Bianca tells her that there is no pressure. Frustrated that she seems to be going back to her old ways already, Maggie starts to suggest that maybe she should stay in Pine Valley after all - but Bianca wants none of it.

With the plane about to take off, Bianca tells Maggie that she only has one more chance to leave if she wants. Maggie tells her that what she actually wants is to know what's going on in Bianca's head. Admitting that she is confused as well, Bianca responds that while she has a lot of things to figure out, her first priority has to be Miranda. She goes on to say that they have both been through a lot and they need to get their balance back. There's no one else in the world that she would rather do that with than her best friend - and that's all she is expecting. However, if somewhere down the road something happens - that would be great. If it doesn't, she's fine with that as well. It's all about just being in each other's lives. That said, the mood lightens as they realize the first thing they have to do when they hit Paris - shop!

Jack comes home and finds Lily full of questions regarding Bianca and why she had to leave. Jack tells her that even though people will miss her, Bianca needed to be in a place where she could focus on herself and her daughter. Lily ponders this for a moment, and then asks if sometimes people need to do things just because it feels good. When Jack confirms her line of thinking, Lily announces that she has to do something too. With a wry grin, Jack tells his daughter that he hopes it doesn't involve her getting on a plane and moving to Paris. Lily assuages that fear just as she creates another one: she has decided that she needs to kiss Aidan. She explains that when Aidan touched her arm and she touched his hand, it didn't hurt. This led her to believe that because he is her boyfriend, this is a sign for them to take the next step in their relationship. Trying to remain calm, Jack tries to find out why the relationship they have now (which is more than acceptable) needs to change. Lily says that when Aidan agreed to be her boyfriend, what he expected at the time (spending time with her and talking to her) was good enough because she wasn't ready to touch him. This sets Jack off and in elevated, agitated tones, he tells Lily that she doesn't truly understand what would happen if she started moving down this more mature path. She falls silent for a moment, and then observes aloud that her father never spoke to her in that way before. Not understanding what she means, he asks her to explain. She tells him that he sounds like all of the other people who think that she can't do normal things because of her disorder. Apologetically, Jack explains that he has every faith in her to do what "normal" people do and more. The problem is that when Aidan agreed to be her boyfriend, it was because he didn't want to hurt her feelings. He tells her that Aidan likes her and likes spending time with her, but that's the limit. Lily says that she understands, and then says she has homework to do. Jack tells her that he needs to check on Erica, but that he is going to leave his cell phone on in case she needs to talk to him some more. When she is alone, Lily grabs the jacket that Aidan gave her and flashes back to when he said he was her boyfriend. Smiling at the memory, she dons the coat and runs out the door.

Edmund has asked Maria, Anita and Aidan to join him at Wildwind. They ask him why they needed to gather there, and he tells them that they finally have all of the information they need to nail Slater to the wall. He explains that he got a hold of Bobby's cell phone and was able to access the call history. He got lucky with the last few numbers because he was able to get in touch with the person he believes is the shooter. Maria, not believing that the truth could be determined so easily, asks for more information. Edmund tells them that when he talked to the hit man, he said that he knew about the attempted murder, and they didn't deny it. In addition, the voice sounded exactly like the voice on the call Edmund intercepted on his cell phone last summer. Because Zach was on the list of people making calls at that time, Edmund thinks that cinches the deal. He then tells his wife that he was telling her to stay away from Zach for a reason. This proves not only that Zach is dangerous, but that he's capable of anything. Maria questions the validity of what this hit man has told Edmund, but he won't budge. Maria points out that for months, people have been attempting to pin the shooting on various people - and believes that Edmund's investigation won't pan out if he doesn't have solid proof. She suggests that perhaps Bobby paid off the person Edmund spoke with, in attempt to set someone up. Her ranting makes Edmund's mind wander to a conversation he overheard between Maria and Zach sometime in the past. He quickly snaps himself back to the present and informs everyone that all questions will be answered when he meets with the hit man the following day. This catches everyone off guard, and it is almost unanimous that Edmund has come up with a dangerous idea. Maria thinks that Derek needs to be called, but Edmund insists that it is his investigation and he will do things his own way - and it will land Slater in jail by the following day. Aidan offers to go with him as backup but Edmund insists he can handle it himself. Infuriated, Maria stalks out of the room and her sister quickly follows. Once alone, Aidan asks Edmund to tell him the real story - how much was paid to the hit man to nail Slater.

Out in the barn, the Santos sisters face off. Maria tells Anita that although she wants to trust Edmund, she's not sure if she can. Anita is confused because she thought her thing with Zach was over and that she had committed herself to her marriage. Agreeing that she has, the point that has been missed is that Edmund will not let them live in peace. He has to have Maria, and take down Zach. Maria is worried about the lengths that Edmund will go to so that he can have everything that he wants. Anita tells her that she shouldn't worry because there is no way that Aidan will let him meet a hit man alone. Anita, still flabbergasted that she doesn't trust her husband, then hears her sister say that Zach swore he had nothing to do with the shooting, and that he never lied to her. Maria knows that she chose Edmund, but she's just not certain that she made the right choice. She tells Anita about being trapped in the shed with Zach, and how he kissed her. She relays that stopped before things got too far, but she didn't really want to. Anita insists that the reason she stopped was because she loves Edmund and she knows in her heart that he is the right choice.

With Maria gone, Aidan joins Anita in the barn. She catches him up to speed on what she found out - and tells him how worried she is that everything is deteriorating so quickly. Aidan promises her that he will keep his eyes open and take care of everything. Grateful, she embraces him and then they kiss. Lily walks in and is shocked at what she sees.

Kendall can't believe that Zach would be able to take Cambias Industries away from Ethan as easily as he is making it seem. She feels that he lost the right to stake a claim when he blew up his car and faked his death. Zach says that all things Cambias are rightfully his, garnering a challenging glare from his son. Unflinching, Zach tells Ethan to grab his gun and take his best shot. Taking him up on the offer in a less dangerous way, Ethan announces that he knew this to be Zach's plan all along: he didn't want to deal with his father, so he faked his own death - only to come back and stake his claim after his father was dead and gone. Kendall wonders aloud why Zach didn't move in for the kill while Ryan was on top. Ethan believes that he wanted to make sure the board was fed up - to the point that they would be happy with whoever took over. He goes on to say that all the talk about the Cambias curse was nonsense, and that it was quite a sad attempt on his father's part to make a play for everything. Kendall asks about Bianca and Miranda and how they played into the plan. Ethan jumps in and says that he believed for a short while that Zach had real feelings for them, but now knows that his father doesn't possess any real emotion. Kendall wants to know if Zach planned on stealing their future - at which point Zach finds a moment to break in. He tells her that Ethan is actually the one that's stealing, but Kendall dismisses such talk, as Ethan loves Bianca and her daughter. Zach, surprised that he hasn't told her, announces that Ethan has stopped construction on the Miranda Center. Ethan tries to justify the move by saying that he needed the crew to work on another project, Lakeside, because it had a deadline. He insists that he has an obligation to his stockholders, but Zach reminds him (and informs Kendall) that while the Lakeside project has a profit margin - the Miranda Center doesn't. Zach takes an odd pleasure in the fact that his son has learned the corporate language so well, but insists he knows the future. He believes that soon, all the things that are important - family, friends, charity, even Kendall - will become simply a thing of the past. Infuriated, Ethan tries to kick Zach out of his office. Almost amused, Zach stands his ground. Kendall accuses him of still trying to destroy the relationship she has with his son, but Zach assures her that Ethan will do it all on his own. He then says that by taking back the companies, Ethan will have a chance to save his soul. Ethan is incensed that Zach dares to pretend he really cares about his son or his niece. He is sure that everything is about Zach, to hell with everyone else. He is equally sure that Zach won't win. Taking it all in stride, Zach simply tells his son that his lawyers will be in touch, and leaves. Once gone, Ethan tries to embrace Kendall but she takes a step back. She wants the honest truth: has he really lost his soul?

Ethan tries to tell her that everything Zach says is a lie but she reminds him that Zach was the one that brought out the truth about the construction at the Miranda Center. Ethan swears that the crew will be back on that project within a month, and that he would die before he would turn his back on Bianca, Miranda or her. She tells him that she's worried because he sounded so cold when Zach was accusing him. Hurt, Ethan asked when she stopped believing in him. He tells her that this is classic Slater style - he undermines people, and he's very good at it. He knows Slater's motive isn't love and that Slater is the one poisoned by the so-called curse. Kendall tells him that she doesn't want to believe that Zach is right - so Ethan asks her to believe in him again. He goes on to tell her that he has to fight dirty with Zach if he wants to win. As soon as he does, things will change. Kendall isn't satisfied and tells him she wants things to change now. She asks him to get on the phone and have the crew sent back to work on the center. Knowing this is a change he can't (or won't) affect, he tries to placate Kendall by telling her it will only be a few more weeks - and he asks her to just trust him.

Back in the main house, Edmund wants to know why Aidan is giving him such a hard time, now that the evidence is there for the taking. Aidan can't believe that it was so easily found, but Edmund assures him he didn't pay off the hit man. Aidan reminds him that he DID pay off Bobby, but Edmund insists that the money was incentive to testify against Slater. It didn't work out, but he feels that the cell phone will make the case against Slater tighter than Bobby's testimony could. Aidan, not willing to cave on all points, tells Edmund that he is going on the meeting the following day. Edmund allows it, and then tells Aidan to leave so that he can call Derek. Once gone, he places a call to Ethan and asks if he is still interested in taking Slater down. With Kendall still in the office, Ethan has to make it appear as though it's a standard business call. He does so with ease, and agrees to meet Edmund at Wildwind as soon as possible, with lots of cash - as the informant has a high price tag.

Once he's done on the phone, Ethan returns to trying to convince Kendall that he is doing the right thing by fighting Zach. He promises her that once he is done with the war, he will take her someplace Paris so they can visit Bianca and Miranda. He swears that all he wants is for her to be happy...with him. They kiss and makeup and then he has to leave for his meeting, leaving her alone in his office.

Maria returns to the house and Edmund asks where she's been. After she tells him that she had been talking to her sister, she sits down so they can now talk. He tells her that he knows that everything that is going on is hard on her - but he also knows that Zach ordered the hit on Ryan. He wants to know that she is 100% behind him.

At his office, an employee brings a DVD in to Zach. He asks what it is, and is told that it is video footage of Edmund in the casino, as requested. The employee leaves, and Zach immediately watches the disc, and sees the footage of Edmund pushing the dumpster - on his own two feet - in front of the shed where he and Maria were trapped. Announcing that the game is over, he takes the DVD and heads out of the office.

On the plane, as Maggie cradles a sleeping Miranda, she and Bianca make small talk about all of the things they will do while in Paris. Then, the pilot announces on the overhead that they have been cleared for takeoff. As Maggie straps the baby in, Bianca heads to her seat and takes one long last look. She places a kiss on the window and says, "Goodbye, Pine Valley."

Friday, February 25, 2005

Lily yells, "No!" and yells at Anita to stay away from Aidan. Anita says that she did not know Lily was there and apologizes. Anita leaves so Aidan can talk to Lily. Once alone, Aidan asks Lily if she likes Anita, and Lily says no, because she kissed her boyfriend. Aidan admits that he kissed Anita back and Lily runs off. He goes after her and him and Anita find her at the park. Anita leaves again and Aidan asks if he can talk to Lily. Lily agrees and says that she wants to kiss him. Aidan suggests that they change their relationship and that she think of him more as a big brother. Lily says that she has a brother already and Anita has had a chance to have boyfriends, but she hasn't. Lily asks Aidan if he and Anita are having sex and Aidan says that yes, they do have a sexual relationship. Lily says that she is not ready to have sex, but is ready to kiss him. Lily asks Aidan if Anita is his girlfriend too and Aidan says yes. Lily tells him that he can't have two girlfriends, which means that they can not be a couple now. When Lily tries to leave, Aidan grabs her, but she tells him that he can't touch her anymore because he is not her boyfriend.

Kendall goes to visit JR, who is playing with baby "James/Adam Chandler III." Kendall tells him that they remind her of Bianca and Miranda. When JR asks about Bianca, Kendall says that they have already left for Paris to start a new life. JR offers to fly her, along with him and the baby, to Paris to visit, but Kendall refuses and calls his offer a reason to flirt. JR says he will stop flirting when she enjoys it. Kendall brings up Ethan and JR says that he is better than Ethan. Kendall asks him if Ethan helped him get custody of the baby, and JR, says that she would not want Babe to raise his son. Kendall says of course not, but wonders if Ethan bribed the judge so Babe would lose the custody battle. JR says that Ethan should come over so they all plot their revenge David, Krystal and Babe. Kendall says that revenge is not the answer to everything. JR says it is and that Zach gets whatever Ethan gives him. JR tells her to let Ethan enjoy his newfound power and money. Kendall says that the money and power will change Ethan for the worse. She says that he has so much rage for his father and is worried he will simply explode one day. JR seems to think that Ethan will get over it and even says that Zach and his father are both alike. Kendall disagrees, but JR says they both thrive on force. Kendall goes, but not without JR doing a bit more flirting. JR offers to help her with anything that she needs before Kendall heads out the door.

Ethan runs into Zach, who is at the Maria's door. Ethan says that Zach must be there to win Maria back, but she has no idea how dangerous his love is. Zach tells Ethan that he is trying to take Cambias Industries away from him to save him. Ethan says that Zach might be right about the curse and they go to the barn to discuss it further. Zach tells Ethan that he can help him beat the curse, if he will only let him. Ethan tells him that Kendall thinks he has been changing and not for the better. Zach says that he only trying to act in his best interest. He says he does not care about the money, but is the power that will change Ethan and this is his way of saving him. Zach says that he only wants to have a simple life with the woman he loves, being Maria. Ethan says that if Zach loved her, he would not be trying to destroy her marriage. Zach says Edmund has already destroyed it with his lies and has proof he was going to show Maria. Ethan gets upset with him and when Zach says that maybe she is the only one worth saving, Ethan takes a shovel and hits Zach on the head. Zach falls to the ground unconscious.

Edmund tells Maria that he has proof Zach is the one who shot Ryan and when he asks Maria if she is on his side, she says yes. Edmund jokes that he won't have to "lock her up again" but Maria isn't too pleased with his humor. Edmund says he is sorry for his joke, but had to be sure he could trust her because if not, she might tip off Zach. Maria promises that she would never do that. Edmund tells Maria that he does not want this to change their relationship, Maria grabs his hand, assures him that she choses him, and they share a kiss. Brooke walks in to discuss magazine business and Anita rushes in. Anita pulls Maria away to talk outside, while Edmund tells Brooke their new cover story will be him proving Zach is the one who shot Ryan. Brooke asks Edmund is he has reconsidered the divorce and Edmund says no. He says that he has proof Maria is still cheating on him with Zach and now, he can throw Zach in jail and Maria out of the door. Brooke asks him how he can be so sweet around Maria, when he secretly trying to destroy her? Edmund says that when Zach is in prison, he will teach her about honesty. Edmund says that Maria has also lost her right to her children and Brooke is shocked. She realizes he is not just out for a divorce, he is out for blood. Brooke tells that he can't take away her children, but Edmund says she has to accept it. Ethan walks in and when Brooke leaves, he tells him about finding Zach, knocking him out and gives him disc. Ethan suggests that they hold Zach there because when he wakes up, he will go straight to Maria and tell her what was on the disc. Edmund says no, he will handle the rest. Ethan gives him a large wad of money and Edmund says that once he meets with the person set on Bobby's phone, the mystery will be solved.

Outside, Anita tells Maria that she wishes Lily had not walked in and never meant to hurt her feelings. Maria tells her that Aidan will handle the situation. Anita asks her about Zach and Maria says Edmund is telling her the truth about Zach. However, she has a hard time believing he is the one who ordered the hit on Ryan. Anita suggests that Maria separate herself from Zach completely. Maria changes the subject and tells Anita that she wants to plan a special getaway for her and Edmund because their anniversary is in two weeks. Anita suggests a spa that Maria told her about and Maria leaves when Aidan comes over. Aidan tells Anita that he is not Lily's boyfriend now, but overall, Lily took the news quite well. Maria goes back inside and finds Brooke. She tells Brooke that she admires her and thanks her for giving her another chance with Edmund.

Lily walks in the barn and finds Zach on the floor. Someone plugs a floor heater in the barn and tips it over on a stack of hay. When Edmund comes in, he sees it. He immediately gets out of his wheelchair and turns the heater on its correct side. Someone hits him on the head then sets the heater back down, which ignites hay on fire, as Edmund lays unconscious.



The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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