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Kendall realized that she loved Zach and didn't want to give her baby up for adoption. JR continued to drink heavily as his distrust of Babe grew. Dixie tried to gain information about her daughter from Greg. Lily fled to New York City after Jack decided to send her back to boarding school.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 1, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, May 1, 2006

Kendall is confused by Zach's behavior, wanting to support her, no matter what fate she chooses for her child. When Zach sees that his feelings have only upset Kendall, he offers to give her some time alone, but Kendall stops him. She says that even if Greg wasn't in the picture, she still thinks it is best to give the baby up. Besides having a former murder as an uncle, the baby is only a way to proof Ryan is better than his own blood, Kendall says. She gets upset when she realizes that Zach is on Ryan's side because of his past with Ethan. Zach does not want to be on anyone's side, but can sense there are more reasons Kendall wants to give the baby up. Kendall admits that Ryan's death defying stunt hurt her and she is still upset him with about it. She realizes that her anger is not about Ryan's decisions, it is about her choices. Kendall even thinks that she is not normal enough to be a mother. The boat takes a sudden turn, throwing Kendall to the floor.

As Erica and Ryan discuss Zach helping Kendall, Jonathan walks into the hospital and tells them that Jackson is sending Lily back to boarding school. Jonathan begs Erica to talk to Jackson, but Erica knows there is no reasoning with her husband. As for Ryan, he says Jackson warned Jonathan to stay away from Lily, but since that did not work, Jackson is doing what he think is best. Jonathan claims Jackson is only concerned that he will hurt Lily again, but he loves her. Jonathan turns back to Erica, sensing that Ryan is not on his side. Erica promises to talk to Jackson again, as Jonathan tells Ryan that he and Lily belong together, no matter how much Ryan and Jackson try to keep them apart.

Lily starts yelling "No!" as Reggie tries to calm her down, after Jackson breaks the news about boarding school. Lily begins counting rapidly as Reggie tells Lily that the pain she feeling will go away. He shows Lily a bag he packed for her, but Lily tosses it aside and runs upstairs to her bedroom. Erica rushes home to find Lily locked in her room and Jackson ranting about using a sedative if necessary to make her go to the school. Jonathan rushes and demands to see Lily, but Jackson is not so thrilled about the idea. Erica tells Ryan and Jackson that Jonathan may be the only person who can get through to Lily. When Jonathan goes after Jackson, Ryan holds him back and tells Jonathan to back off. Lily comes downstairs with Reggie to see Jonathan. He tells her that he loves her, but perhaps, can not give her what she needs right now. Jackson, Ryan, Erica and Reggie listen as Jonathan breaks up with Lily. She goes over to Jackson and tells him she is ready to go back to school. Lily says her good-byes to Erica, Reggie and Ryan, but does not leave Jonathan out. She turns to him and shakes his hand, then goes off with Jackson and Reggie to the train station. Erica apologizes to Jonathan for Lily's departure, but he brushes Ryan off and goes off to be alone. When Jonathan gets outside, he opens his hand and reads a note from Lily. The note tells him that she has a plan.

Greg does not seem shocked by Dixie's announcement that her family knows she is alive. He realizes she has not told her family why she remained hidden. Dixie demands to know where Kate is, but Greg claims Kate is in a wonderful home. When Dixie reminds him that Kate is her child, Greg says, "Not anymore. Its time you came to terms with it." Greg reminds her that when Dixie gave birth to Kate, she was not fit to raise a child because she had many medical problems facing her. Greg tells Dixie to move on, and her threats are empty to him, unless of course, she plans to kill him. Dixie tells Greg that he is the reason she stayed away from her family and demands answers. David walks in and when Dixie rushes out, he offers to help her with Greg. David apologizes for the way Dixie and JR met, but offers to get the information from Greg that she needs. David and Dixie go to his cabin, where he shows her his truth serum and asks for her forgiveness. Dixie snuffs at David's request and tells him she will get the answers she needs some other way. David stops her, proclaiming he doesn't want anything in return, and hands her the truth serum. David kisses Dixie, as JR walks up and looks in the window.

Babe throws her arms around JR, then walks to the center of the room, near the shelves. As she asks him why he is at the undeveloped Fusion office, JR can only envision her dying from a terrible accident. Babe gets closer to him, smelling the booze, and finds the flask in his shirt pocket. She pours the alcohol out of the bottle into a trashcan, as JR accuses her of using the opportunity to seek sole custody of their son. Babe realizes that JR went to talk to Janet again, which JR admits. Babe tells him she went to see Janet because she wanted her to stop filling JR's head with lies. JR doesn't think Janet is crazy - after all, she is the only one who knew Dixie was alive. Babe sees that JR's feelings are not about her, but about Dixie's betrayal. She reaches out to JR, reminding him that she has been searching for him all day and is even taking his verbal insults because she loves him. Babe says that she is not defending Dixie's actions, but after their conversation earlier, she believes that Dixie loves JR and stayed away from her family because she had no other choice. JR says he doesn't care about his mother anymore, but Babe knows that is just the booze talking. As Babe proclaims her love and faithfulness to JR, he asks for more time and walks away.

Julia and Jamie get trapped in the hospital elevator. Jamie begins cursing at the buttons, but Julia sees something more is bothering him than just tight space. After Jamie punches the wall, Julia inspects his hand. She tries to figure out what Jamie's problem is, but he doesn't seem eager to share. Jamie tells her about Dixie's return, but tries to tell a joke to lighten the mode. Jamie and Julia share laughs until the elevator gets back in order. When they part ways, Babe rushes over to Jamie and tells him that JR still thinks she's out to take their son.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

David kissed Dixie at his house as J.R. watched from outside. Dixie stopped him and chastised him for what he did to J.R. at the casino. J.R. continued to watch from outside, pulled a bottle of liquor from his pocket and swigged it. He put his hand on the door knob to go in, but instead turned and left. David told Dixie he regretted what he did to J.R. but she said that didn't help. Dixie told him to forget about the two of them ever being together and that all she needed was the truth serum he gave her. When Dixie returned to her room, Palmer and Opal were waiting for her. Palmer told Dixie he had to see her for himself but that he really didn't care to know her any longer and they left. Dixie wiped her tears, picked up the vial of truth serum and also left her room.

Jamie told Babe he would help her convince J.R. that she was not playing him, but first she had to convince him. She pulled him into the elevator and pushed the emergency stop button. Jamie reminded Babe of all the scams she had pulled on him and J.R. and told her he couldn't believe her. Babe told Jamie that if she really was scamming J.R. she would buy him a bigger flask and consider it her lucky day. She said she would need help with J.R. and she wanted the people who loved him to be there for him. She asked if she could count on his help, but Jamie gave no reply. She turned to open the elevator doors, but Jamie grabbed her hand to stop her. Just as the doors opened, J.R. was standing in front of the doors. Babe explained that she was worried about him and told Jamie the same. He said it was fine and that he trusted her and Jamie. J.R. hugged her and said everything was fine. He and Jamie went off to eat greasy chicken wings and nachos.

Jonathan again looked at the note Lily slipped him before she left on the train with Jack. Jack tried to make nice with Lily but she ignored him and only discussed the stops between New York and Philadelphia. He told her that he didn't want to say goodbye to her, but she said if that were true he wouldn't force her to go back to her old boarding school. Jack tried to explain that he was only sending her away to keep her safe. Lily told him that everyone has to do what they think is right. Jonathan ran into Amanda at the hospital and he asked her if she would call Lily's cell phone. Lily had gone to the ladies room so Jack answered her phone. He told Amanda that he was taking Lily back to her boarding school. Amanda told Jonathan that she didn't get to talk to Lily but that she was ok. As their stop was announced, Jack went to look for Lily. He asked the porter if he had seen Lily and a lady said that she had seen a pretty young blonde girl leaving the train. As the train headed for New York, Lily stowed away.

Zach jumped to Kendall's aid as her pain worsened. He carried her to the bed and said they would stop at the next port and get medical help. Kendall started to talk about her baby and Zach realized that she really did want to raise him. Kendall told Zach that she did not possess unconditional love and a mother should have that. She told him that she was a brat as a child, but her adoptive mother loved her anyway. She told him that the baby was not moving at all and that she was really worried, but just then the baby kicked. Kendall then admitted to Zach that he was right and she wanted her baby more than anything and that she also wanted him.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Kendall admits to Zach that she still wants to be with him, even though she has tried to get rid of her feelings. Kendall tells him that she is tired of being afraid of trusting and loving people Zach. She yearns to be the woman that she was on New Year's Eve and tells Zach she is ready for anything - even raising a child. Kendall puts Zach hand on her stomach so he can feel the baby. Kendall and Zach share a kiss and make love.

Dixie goes to see Greg at the hotel, but instead, overhears Ryan speaking with Greg. Ryan shows Greg the adoption papers that Kendall signed and tells him the contract is no longer valid. He tells Greg to leave town, or else he will make sure he puts the nail's in the doctor's coffin himself. After Ryan bursts out of the room, Dixie remembers seeing Kate shortly after her birth and knocks on Greg's door. He lets her inside the hotel room, leaving Ryan the chance to eavesdrop outside. Greg pours them each a drink and when he turns his back, Dixie puts the truth serum in his drink. Dixie tells Greg that she realizes how selfish she has been by not appreciating Greg giving Kate a better life. Greg is surprised by Dixie's words, even toasting to "honesty." Greg tells Dixie that he saw her put drops in his drink, but she denies drugging him. When Greg threatens to call the police, Ryan breaks into the room to check on Dixie. Ryan snatches the drink from Greg's hands and drinks the entire glass. Dixie shoves Ryan out of the room and they go to the park. She tells him what the drug is, but it isn't long before the drug takes effect. Ryan is open about his relationship with Kendall

Tad finds JR in the park to ask for his help. They go to Aidan's office so Tad can get tips on his pool game and drill a hole in the wall. When JR asks him why he wants to cut a hole in the wall, Tad replies he just needs the access. JR tells Tad that the wall is too weak for a hole and unplugs the cords. Tad gives up the drill and tackles the pool table instead. JR senses that Tad is upset so he admits that it has crossed his mind that Dixie's disappearance may have been his fault. JR tells Tad not to blame himself for Dixie's choices. He even blurts out that he saw Dixie and David "getting it on" at David's cabin.

Babe tells Krystal that she wants to have another baby with JR, but Krystal thinks it is a bad idea. Babe figures that having another baby with JR will prove how much she loves him. Krystal reminds Babe that JR is suffering from Dixie's blow and having a child now will only make things worse. Babe doesn't think there is any other way to make JR trust her.

Jackson goes to Ryan's house, seeking answers from Jonathan about Lily's whereabouts. Jackson explains to Erin and Jonathan when he last saw Lily on the train. He allows Jonathan to look through Lily's bags to find clues to where she may be, but he comes up empty-handed. Jackson asks Jonathan if Lily told him where she was going, but Jonathan only barks at Jackson for not giving Lily the proper tools that she will need to survive, such as a cell phone, money and maps. Jackson rushes out to look for Lily, asking the Lavery's to keep in mind how serious Lily's disappearance is.

Lily comes out of her hiding spot on the train and returns to her seat, but her telephone, wallet and bag is missing. She begins counting and finds a map, but walks away when she spots a man talking on his cell phone. Lily asks the man if she can use his phone to make a call, but he brushes her off as some silly teen-ager. When Lily pressures the man further, he threatens to call the cops and she walks to a seat in the back of the train. When the train stops in New York, an employee recognizes Lily as the girl Jackson was looking for earlier. Lily rushes past him and out of the train. She is immediately surrounded by crowds of people in New York City

Jackson goes to see Tad, while JR heads home to be with Babe. JR immediately throws himself into Babe's arms for some loving. Jackson and Tad begin a search for Lily, as JR pours himself a drink after making love to Babe, who is asleep.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Kendall awakes with a start, but is instantly put at ease when she sees that it's Zach coming through the bedroom door. He greets her with a flower and she reminisces about the night of passion they shared. He remarks that he wants details, and she offers to show him again if he gets back into bed. She then stops short, and asks why he's out of bed and dressed. Zach tells her it's a secret, and she begs to be let in. After some coaxing, Zach confesses that he is hoping to jump start the wedding plans they abandoned a little while ago. While she digests the information, she gets up from bed and gets halfway dressed. She then notes that the previous night was earth-shattering and that she fell in love with Zach and her son all at once. She stops, and then revises her statement to say that she was in love with both all along. Zach is pleased to hear that and tries to take off and continue planning. Kendall pleads with him to stay and tell her what he is up to. He asks her to be his wife...again. She asks if this means they can be a family. Zach tells her that Ryan will always be the kid's father, but that the three of them can be a family independent of that. At that moment, the baby kicks - and Kendall interprets that to mean that he is okay with them getting married again. Zach tells Kendall that the baby now needs to ask what she says about the proposal. She notes with a smile that she could fall back on old habits and be full of regret. Instead, she is happy and at peace - and it is all because of the way that she is loved by Zach. She starts to well up, and Zach playfully teases her. She tells him that as a mother, she is allowed and he'll have to deal with it. She then tells him to stop staring at him and do something. Caught off guard, he asks her what she wants him to do. She gently instructs him to marry her - and says that she doesn't want to wait any longer to be Kendall Hart, wife and mother. After they seal the promise of impending nuptials with a kiss, Kendall asks him where he would like to jet off to so that they can fulfill their pledge to each other. Zach enlightens her to the fact that captains of ships are ordained, and it takes her a moment to realize that this means they can be married in the here and now. After it sinks in, she asks him why he is still in her room and giddily, Zach swears that he isn't - announcing on his way out the door that he is on his way to the deck to await the arrival of his bride. Once he is gone, Kendall has a sweet conversation with her son, in which she asks him to walk her down the aisle.

A short time later, Kendall emerges on to the deck in a white dress and is met by a casually, yet sharply dressed Zach. They take each other's hand as they prepare once again to walk through the rest of their lives together. The captain starts the ceremony, but Kendall soon sends him away, which momentarily scares Zach. She makes him realize within moments that she wants them to have unique vows. They talk through them, along the way promising to always forgive, and to love without fear. When they finish, the captain comes back, saying that the time for the ring seems to have arrived. Zach panics, realizing that he hadn't prepared for that part. Kendall surprises him by pulling out her original engagement ring. She confesses that though she took it off, she always kept it close. She asks if he would like to put it on her finger again, and Zach tells her it would be his honor. The captain pronounces them husband and wife and then slowly, sweetly - they kiss. The captain leaves them alone, and they talk about the differences between their first wedding and this one - and note how awful it was that they could have gotten married just for spite and revenge. They agree that this time is much better, and know now that they made the right decision. Then Kendall tells Zach that he needs to tell her how to breathe - since she expects him to be in the delivery room with her. His first try made her think that he wanted to take her back to the bedroom and have his way with her, but the second was better. He gives it one last try to it is so perfect, it renders her speechless.

Babe wakes up and is distressed to find that her husband is not still in bed beside her. She gathers her wits and quickly realizes that JR passed out on the bench at the foot of their bed, cradling a bottle of alcohol. Before she can rouse him, there is a knock at the door. Babe finds her mother on the other side, and she is wondering if they are ready to have breakfast with their son. Exasperated, Babe invites Krystal in to see the state JR is in. Disgusted, Krystal offers that they can kill JR before he does the deed himself by drinking. They go out into the hall, and Krystal tries to convince Babe that there is no saving JR from the hell he is in - and that the best thing to do is pack up her things and take off with her son. Babe insists that doing so is not an option - that she worked too hard to get the honest-to-goodness family that she's always wanted and that she will not be losing it to the bottle.

Back in the bedroom, JR groggily awakens from his stupor and immediately takes another swig from the bottle he'd been cradling. He then hears Babe through the door and cautiously tip toes over to listen in. He hears her say that their son doesn't need to see his father passed out the way he has been, and that JR has pushed his luck too far - now, she has to clean up the mess JR left behind. Krystal warns her daughter that her decision is not one that can be done halfway. Babe tells her that she doesn't have a choice.

Brooke shows up at the Chandler mansion on the warpath. Although Adam tries to keep the mood light by reminding Brooke that he is now happily married and that she lost her chance to have him, Brooke isn't in the mood. She berates him for ripping on Dixie and Di in front of JR and tells him that he could have handled things in a much better fashion. Adam informs her that Dixie betrayed JR, and as such, does not deserve a place in their son's life. Further, he tells Brooke that if she sides with Dixie, she will be betraying JR as well. Brooke tells him flat out that his opinions mean very little to her, and that she is involved for the sake of JR and Tad alone. Adam is irritated that Brooke is taking him to task when Dixie is the bad guy in the current situation. Brooke points out that she is not so much trying to ignore what Dixie did - rather, she is trying to get Adam to realize that by focusing so much on Dixie, he is choosing not to focus on his son. Adam believes that his son is a man, and as such, can handle this latest tragedy. Brooke notes that Adam has JR right where he wants him - in pain. She also says that his gloating is over the top, and that for once - he should be able to think of someone besides himself, namely JR. Adam is still not convinced until Krystal joins them in the living room and reports in about JR's drunken state. Between the two of them, they are able to break through Adam's resistance. Krystal then tells them that she and Babe have a plan.

Upstairs, Babe goes back into the bedroom and finds her husband awake, and surly. He tells her that he has things to do, and she immediately asks if he has to go into work. Suspicious, JR asks why - and if there is something she needs to tell him. She insists that she doesn't, especially before coffee, and goes into the other room to get dressed.

Ryan shows up to see Dixie and thanks her for not taking advantage of his overly honest state the previous night. She invites him into her room, and tells him that she owes him for saving her from certain arrest and jail time. Ryan likes the sentiment but promises he won't cash in. Dixie remarks that it's best that he doesn't, as she doesn't have much to give. Ryan reminds her that she could give up the secret she is holding regarding Greg Madden, the one that is worth going to jail for. She hesitates, and Ryan tries to coax her in by saying that not only will he reveal his secret, but they could join together to bring Madden down. Dixie insists that her reasons are personal, and Ryan caves - saying that he will share his story without expecting anything in return. He offers up all of the details, including that Kendall signed adoption papers. Dixie wonders if Kendall knew what she was doing, but that doesn't matter to Ryan. He knows that if Madden gets what he wants, he will never see his son again. He then notes that Zach mentioned someone else having similar dealings with Madden, and Dixie is somewhat taken aback by that admission. Ryan quickly lets on that Zach didn't tell any specifics, and Dixie heaves a sigh of relief. He notes that if he and Zach could exchange information, they would be successful in revealing how bad of a person Greg really is. Ryan then says that he has a feeling Dixie is Zach's proof. Ryan explains how he came to his conclusion, and fairly begs her to come forward with her story. Dixie wonders aloud why Ryan can't ask the other woman holding a secret to do the same, and Ryan tells her it is out of the question. Ryan continues to try to convince her, but Dixie's real concern comes to light. She pleads with Ryan that no matter what he guesses or figures out, he can't tell Tad or JR. Pondering this for a moment, he then asks, when the truth finally does come out, if it will be too late to save the people that are affected. Having noted that Zach had rescued Kendall from Madden's getaway, Ryan expresses the urgency of her help: if Zach isn't successful in convincing Kendall that keeping the baby is the right thing to do, Ryan will lose his son for good. Dixie asks him to stop pressuring her - for as much as she wants to help, she can't. Ryan then implores her to stop thinking about her family for a moment - as they never need to know - and give Zach permission to tell Kendall the truth. He believes that is the one thing that could save both Kendall and the baby.

JR comes down to the living room, dressed in a three piece suit and all business. He starts to call out a request to cancel an appointment, but stops short when he realizes his family has gathered within. He quips that he has no time for a party because he has empires to run, but Babe quickly informs him that his family is present because they have something to say. Tad steps forward and says that they all love him, and support him - but there is no way they will let him use Dixie as a reason to drink. JR takes a few more stabs at trying to put this surprise intervention off, but Jamie tells him that they won't go away if JR simply says the right words. They all take their turns reminding him of their love, and the fact that he and anything addictive (drugs or alcohol) don't mix. Adam delivers the final successful blow to JR's wall of defenses by apologizing if he is the reason his mother stayed away for so long. He continues and says that if JR needs his mother in his life, he will do what he was never able to do when JR was a young boy - stand back and let JR decide for himself how he feels about his mother. Tears brimming, JR manages to echo the loving sentiment shown, and asks if they can't just accept things as they are and get past Dixie's return.

Dixie admits that in order to get Madden on all of his wrongdoings, her story will have to come out. However, her family remains priority and she knows that the truth will kill them, she will be blamed and it would be worse than if she had actually died. Ryan tries to come up with alternatives since she won't come clean and the drug route didn't work. They both end up empty handed and frustrated because they are running out of time. Just then, the phone rings and Dixie finds Babe on the other end of the line when she answers it. Babe tells her the dire straits that her son is in, and says that if family still means anything to her, she needs to rush over to the house and explain her absence. Dixie says once again that it's not that easy but at this point, Babe couldn't care less. She demands that Dixie do whatever she needs to do to save JR, and hangs up the phone. Dixie does the same and apologizes to Ryan - confessing to the trouble her son is steeped in. Ryan tells her that she could solve all of her problems by giving JR what he needs - the truth.

Seeing that Babe has left the room, JR tries to put a premature end to the gathering. Out of luck, he has to listen to Krystal tell him that even though he has a good life now, continuing down the path he has chosen could make him lose everything - including his wife and son. Babe re-enters the room at that moment, and JR asks her if what her mother said is true. Babe tells him that he had better shape up so that he doesn't lose his son - and that includes not waking up clutching a fifth of Scotch. JR tries to laugh his way out of her ultimatum by offering up other versions of alcohol he would be more than happy to make time with, but Jamie interrupts and reminds him that he isn't the only one that Dixie hurt. Tad chimes in again and says that if he thought for a moment being drunk and passing out all the time would help take away the pain that Dixie inflicted, he would be right alongside JR. Knowing that it won't, however, means that they all need to open up, and share what's going on inside so that the people who surround them with love every day can help. He also reminds JR that before Dixie came back, JR married a wonderful woman and watched his son turn 2 - that though there are bad days, there are good ones too. Those are what people have to hang on. Both Brooke and Babe reiterate that they, as well as everyone else in the room, need him. Holding back the tears this time, JR opts to deal with the paperwork at his office and breaks free of the hold the room had on him. He gets to the front door and when he opens it, he sees his mother. He tries to kick her out, saying that she wasn't invited, but she walks in anyway and says that she was. He turns back to the rest of his family, angrily curious as to who made the decision. Babe confesses, and tells him that she owes everyone that she left broken an explanation of her decisions. She notes that if Dixie loves her son as much as she claims, she should be ready to reveal her hand. JR says that the easy answer is that Dixie doesn't love him. He sucks up his courage, and turns to face his mother - the woman that betrayed him most of all.

Friday, May 5, 2006

As Babe pressures Dixie to tell the truth about her disappearance, JR tells his mother that she and his wife are alike. They both lie, cheat and scheme, with Babe out only to get custody of Little Adam, JR says. When Adam and the rest of the family step up to defend Babe, it only makes JR angrier, pushing him over the edge. Everyone tells JR that Babe called them all there to help him, but JR insults everyone - even Jamie, accusing him of wanting another chance with Babe. JR pours himself a drink and slurps it down. Dixie grabs his arm and tells him that his should not take his anger out for her on Babe. JR refuses to give Dixie a chance to explain herself, so Dixie follows him outside. Dixie reminds JR that she left to make sure her pregnancy was handled delicately to ensure Kate's safety. In JR's eyes, that means that Dixie wanted Kate more than him. Dixie disagrees, but tries to explain that it was not so simple about picking up her bags and popping back into Pine Valley. JR tells Dixie that her accident was not an excuse to stay away, but now, she has lost both her children. JR walks away, as the rest of his family tries to figure out how to help JR. Babe tells them that she doesn't want to choose between JR and Little Adam, but will if she has to. Babe asks for other ideas from the family, but no one offers any suggestions. Babe tells everyone she is going to Fusion to correct a shipment problem. Krystal scolds Adam for stomping on Babe's intervention idea, instead of thanking her for it. Adam says that Babe's plan had made JR think everyone is ganging up on him. Tad tells everyone that Dixie has made it clear she doesn't need them and maybe it would be best if they all let her go. Tad thinks that maybe Dixie is involved with another man and offers to do the investigating himself.

Zach and Kendall prepare to dock back in Pine Valley, Kendall tells Zach that she needs to break the news about their marriage to Erica and Ryan alone. When Zach offers to help, Kendall tells him that she needs to relay the news in her own terms. Kendall tells Zach that she heading to Fusion first to fix a shipment problem before breaking the news. Zach tells Kendall to let someone else handle it, but she insists on getting back to her work and new life.

Zach goes to the casino, where he runs into Dixie. Dixie tells him about the awful intervention, but does not seem so thrilled when Zach announces his marriage to Kendall. Dixie also mentions the truth serum incident to Zach, but feels that she has run out of options with Greg. Dixie almost told JR the truth, but tells Zach that she stopped when she realized he would not understand. She tells Zach that she has to find Kate before revealing the truth. Zach tells Dixie he wants to help her find Kate, but Dixie doesn't want to impose her problems on him anymore.

Babe runs into Kendall at work, but immediately tells Kendall she is no mood to fight. Kendall runs over and gives her a big hug. She gushes to Babe about how much she loves her son and is excited about having her baby. Kendall tells Babe that she would do anything for her child, but needs some help on motherhood. Kendall tells Babe she loves the idea about a daycare at Fusion and says the new area under construction would be the perfect spot. Babe and Kendall immediately begin planning how the daycare will look and Babe even agrees to head up the project.

JR goes to the unfinished site at Fusion and looks at the high shelves. He remembers all of the good times he shared with Babe, heartbroken over the betrayal he thinks she has done to him. JR calls Babe and apologizes for his behavior. He asks her to meet him at the construction site in fifteen minutes. When they get off the phone, Babe tells Kendall that JR has been drinking again because Dixie is back from the dead. Kendall tells Babe that she will talk to JR and offers to meet him. When she walks into the construction site, she takes the deadly trap that JR set for Babe.

Lily tries to remain calm in New York, telling herself that she is now 18 and can make her own decisions. Lily covers her ears to tone down the loud noises and when she passes a homeless man, he begs her for some money. The man who dismissed Lily on the train earlier passes by them, tossing a quarter in the homeless man's jar. When Lily asks the homeless man if she can borrow a quarter to call Jonathan, but he refuses to give her money. When Lily asks the man how he is getting money, the man tells her to grab a cup and hold it out in front of her. Lily takes a cup from the trash can, holds out the cup and asks people to give her change for food.

Aidan uses all his resources to continue to search for Lily, but is interpreted with Jonathan comes knocking at his door. Jonathan shows Aidan the note Lily passed to him when they shook hands, but claims he does not know what Lily's plan was. Jonathan tells them that he and Lily talked about going to Boston, but Aidan thinks she is in New York City because that was the last stop on the train. Aidan tells Jonathan that Lily did not have enough money to go to Boston, but needs some other clues to find her. As Aidan questions Jonathan, Jonathan starts to think that Aidan believes he knows where Lily is. Aidan tells Jonathan to call him if he hears from Lily before stepping outside and running into Jackson. Jackson asks Aidan if he has any leads, but Aidan has nothing. Jonathan receives a call, but Jackson takes the phone from his hand. Lily, on the other end, is quiet when she hears her father's voice. When she hangs up the phone, Jonathan scolds Jackson for taking his private call. Jackson says the caller may have been Lily and decides to hold onto Jonathan's phone, incase she calls again.



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