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Monday, December 24, 2007

Kendall was relieved to have her husband back. Kendall embraced Zach as he lay in his hospital bed. Kendall apologized for all the terrible things she said to Zach before he went missing. Zach explained that all he thought about was Kendall and their sons while he was in the bomb shelter. Then, Zach asked Kendall to check on Greenlee, but Kendall did not want to leave Zach's side. Eventually, Kendall left to be with Erica and Jack as they waited for news on Greenlee. Soon after Kendall's departure, Myrtle came to Zach's room to express her happiness for his return.

Greenlee flat lined as Aidan urged her to fight. Finally, Joe got a weak pulse and Greenlee was saved. Aidan went outside to tell Jack, Sean, and Lily that Greenlee was safe for the time being. Still, Lily was freaked out and Erica and Sean had to comfort her. Aidan then went to the chapel. Father Clarence was there. Father Clarence shocked Aidan by recalling when he saved Oliver in battle. Father Clarence revealed that Oliver's family was saying a prayer for Aidan as they spoke in the chapel. Father Clarence stated that Aidan had more power than he thought because love is the most powerful medicine. Then, Aidan returned to Greenlee's hospital room just in time to see Greenlee flat line again. Joe was about to call the time of death when Aidan embraced Greenlee. As Aidan held Greenlee, he told her he would not let her die. Then, just as it seemed Greenlee was dead, Greenlee took a breath and Father Clarence wished everyone a merry Christmas.

JR confronted Amanda on the yacht about the night he supposedly ran Zach down. At first, Amanda denied her part in the drama, but finally told the truth. Amanda revealed that she blackmailed Adam with the DVD she made. JR was irate that his father had the evidence to clear him and did nothing with it. JR demanded that Amanda show her copy of the DVD to Derek. So, they called Derek and he came to the yacht to view the evidence. After seeing the DVD, Derek advised JR to go home because he was still under house arrest. Then, Derek asked Amanda for a statement.

Adam was tortured by his actions over the past year. As thunder struck, Adam's TV mysteriously turned on and replayed all of the actions he regretted, like abandoning Krystal during her pregnancy, selling baby Jenny, and not telling Tad about Kate's whereabouts. After Adam viewed this, he realized that it was time to tell Tad that Cathy was really Kate. Meanwhile, Julia and Cathy arrived at Tad and Krystal's home. Tad gave Cathy a Martin family ornament. Then, Julia inquired why Tad and Krystal seemed so peaceful when they were in the middle of a custody suit. Tad obscurely hinted that they did something the night before to rectify their problems. Then, Adam came over. Krystal needed to tell Adam something important, but Adam insisted on going first. Then, Tad interrupted and announced that he and Krystal got married!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Adam did not believe that Krystal and Tad were married. Adam insisted that this was impossible because he was still married to Krystal. Then, Krystal showed Adam their official divorce decree. Tad then revealed the marriage certificate. Krystal proceeded to bring Adam into the other room to speak with him privately. Krystal explained that she did not want Adam to find out about her marriage this way. Adam could not understand why Krystal married Tad when she was in love with him. Krystal stated that Jenny was her priority. Krystal did not feel it was moral to be with the man that tried to sell her baby. Adam said that Krystal was throwing away her soul mate. Then, Tad entered and Adam stormed out of the house. Colby followed her father outside. Colby declared that she missed Adam and wanted to come home. Adam felt that Colby was taking pity on him and refused her offer to return home. Julia overheard this and chastised Adam for rejecting Colby. Julia reminded Adam that Colby was a wonderful, loving girl. Adam agreed and left. When Adam returned home, he sat in his living room alone and vowed that Tad would never find Kate now. Meanwhile, Opal, Ruth, and Babe were stunned that Krystal and Tad were married. Still, they decided not to discuss the details because it was Christmas. Krystal then told Tad that Adam would leave them alone for good.

Aidan and Jack were overjoyed to see Greenlee open her eyes. Greenlee said she came back because of Aidan. Joe then announced that Greenlee needed her rest and made everyone leave the room. However, soon after, Kendall entered. Kendall explained to Greenlee that she did not cause Spike's deafness. At first, Greenlee was speechless, but eventually began to weep. Kendall said she was glad that Greenlee survived. Then, they held hands.

Zach and Myrtle were elated to see each other. Myrtle had to leave quickly though because she was headed to mass. Zach asked her to prayer for a "new friend." Then, Kendall and Josh entered with Ian. Zach held the baby and said, "It's my boy." Then, Kendall stepped out and Zach thanked Josh for all of his support. Zach was grateful that Josh watched over his family while he was missing. Zach called Josh his brother. Then, Josh left and Erica entered. Zach thanked Erica for helping Kendall while he was away. Zach felt that Kendall made it through this difficult time because of her mother's love. Then, Ryan, Annie, Emma, and Spike entered. Emma gave Zach a picture she drew of Kendall, Spike, and Ian. Then, Emma changed into her princess gown. Zach asked the little girl how princesses celebrated Christmas. Emma said with a ball. So, everyone gathered in the hospital waiting room for a Christmas "ball." Then, Erica announced that she had a surprise and Bianca and Miranda appeared. Everyone greeted Bianca and Miranda as they sang Christmas carols.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Derek tells Zach and Erica new information confirms JR did not hit Zach. Derek says JR's car might have been stolen, but still cannot determine who covered the bomb shelter opening. Zach says he does not recall who was talking to them before the opening was covered, but will know once he hears the voice.

JR tells his father he is has been tagged for hit and run and driving while impaired. Adam says they shouldn't think of those things, and celebrate the new year instead. JR shows his father the DVD Amanda made of him confessing his sins. JR says his father did not tell the police the truth so he could force him to live under Adam's rules for the rest of his life. Adam says that he kept the truth from JR partly as payback for the kidnapping escapade in which he lost millions to save him. JR says he thought his father had learned to love people without having a motive until now. JR picks up his bags and walks out of the mansion. Adam tries to tell himself JR will come back, but deep down, knows JR is out of his life.

Aidan visits Greenlee with gifts galore, including the stuffed tiger. Joe tells Greenlee that she needs to recover at the hospital a bit longer before returning home. Jackson asks Derek why a police guard is at Greenlee's room. Despite what Greenlee has been through, Derek says Greenlee is a fugitive. Jackson walks into Greenlee's room to visit. Greenlee thanks him for supporting her through all of the rough times when no one else would. He asks her if she could start calling him "dad" instead of "Jackson." With a smile, Greenlee agrees.

When Aidan walks out, Joe tells him that Greenlee needs her rest to keep the recovery up. Zach goes out of his room for some exercise and runs into Zach, who thanks him for saving his life. In return, Aidan thanks Zach for saving Greenlee. Zach goes into Greenlee's room as Kendall sees Aidan. Zach begins joking with Greenlee, but he quickly thanks her for rescuing him off the roadway. Also, he apologizes for everything he did to her as Kendall overhears through the door. Kendall asks Aidan how Greenlee is holding up, and Aidan says she is doing well. Aidan says they should talk about the incident that happened between them. They agree that it was a mistake, and they should just forget about it. Aidan goes back to see Greenlee as Zach looks for his wife. Zach tells Kendall about Derek's news, while Greenlee gloats about Zach apologizing to her to Aidan. Kendall says they need to figure out a way to free Greenlee without confessing to what she did. When she comes to visit Greenlee, Greenlee sees the police officer outside her door. She freaks out when it hits her that she may go back to prison.

Miranda heads off with Rachael and Ian, giving Bianca and Kendall a chance to talk. Bianca says she is amazed that Kendall and Aidan never stopped looking for Greenlee and Zach. Kendall mutters that she and Aidan gave up for one moment, but Bianca says that is normal, considering the circumstances. Kendall tells Bianca that she knows how to make her feel better and wishes she could stay longer. Bianca visits her mother at New Beginnings. When she asks about her relationship with Jackson, Erica admits she is scared it may be over with Jackson. Bianca is in disbelief, but Erica says this time, she feels like it is over. Bianca says if her mother wants to be with Jackson, she will find a way.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bianca surprises Babe with a visit at Fusion to say goodbye. They play catch up, with Bianca noting that her life is complicated, as always, but not because of Zoe. The two have remained friends, but because of everything that goes along with newly being a woman, Zoe is a much better as a friend than a co-parent. Babe trumps that by detailing her hopes that a man she met would be a good person to hang out with, only to find out that he is Annie's ex-con dying brother, followed by her admission that she slept with JR. Bianca is shocked, but relieved when Babe shows that she can laugh at herself. Babe then notes how weird it is that they can talk and share as friends again after everything that has happened between them. Bianca points out that now, all she sees in Babe is the woman that helped save Fusion when Kendall was going through one of the hardest times of her life. Bianca then asks if Babe thinks that their kids will be messed up because of everything that they have been through, and notes that she feels as though she has become increasingly paranoid about protecting Miranda. Babe tells her that she thinks the kids will be fine and that the paranoia is just a part of the never ending job description, which can be verified by Krystal. This opens a different door, allowing Bianca to ask about the surprise marriage. Babe tells her that it was nothing more than a way for them to create the solid family unit that both Tad and Krystal believe that Jenny should have. Then, Bianca and her daughter prep to leave and make a few more stops before heading back overseas.

Adam pays a visit to Erica at her New Beginnings office and fills her in on the latest between Tad and Krystal. She can't believe that the duo went that far, and is certain that it won't last. Adam is not in the mood to be consoled though, instead turning the tables on her and asking about her status with Jack. Erica remains confident and tells him that her resolution for the New Year is to reconcile with the man she loves. Unmoved, he dryly wishes her well and takes his leave.

Tad and Krystal show up at The Comeback and are surprised by a celebration thrown by the employees in their honor. After awkwardly sharing an obligatory kiss, they make their way to the bar and share uncomfortable small talk for a while, including a brief mention of her ex-husband and how to rid him from her life once and for all. Then, unwilling to avoid the elephant in the room any longer, Tad blurts out that they need to find something to do, now that their marriage is cramping their sex life. Krystal comes up with sending Tad to a strip club and eating their way through their urges, but her new husband isn't taking to any of them. He makes his way behind the counter, and finally Krystal does something that he can agree with when she leans in and plants a real kiss on him. Flustered but interested, he wants her to spell it out for him so she seductively tells him that she wants him to make love to her.

In the hospital, Kendall finally admits to Greenlee that she pretended to be her friend and then set her up to take a fall with the kidnapping charges because she wanted to make her pay for making her son deaf. Knowing what she does now, she feels horribly guilty about everything and wants to do everything in her power to fix it. Although Greenlee is hurt over Kendall's actions, she understands the motivation and wants to put it in the past so that they can be friends again. She feels that the best way that they can get back on the right track is to attack the problem together. Kendall is unsure, but Greenlee reminds her that when they first became friends, and even when they founded Fusion, it was because they joined together and overcame obstacles. They talk a little bit longer, and Greenlee gives Kendall details about how much Zach missed his family, and how he started opening up and letting her know that he was a real person. She tells Kendall that they got close, but that she never took advantage of his vulnerability. She looks up and sees that Kendall's face had drained of color, not knowing that her statement caused Kendall to flash back to her one-night stand with Aidan. Kendall explains her way out of it by saying that hearing about their time in the hole is still very frightening to her. Greenlee lets it go and asks about how Kendall and Aidan fared while they were looking for her and Zach. Panicked, Kendall goes slightly into overdrive and she tries to make it seem as though everything was on the level while they were gone and asserts vehemently that Aidan is completely in love with Greenlee and Greenlee alone. This sends Greenlee off into somewhat of a daydream where the four of them could go on double dates and trips together but Kendall tells her that Greenlee shouldn't forgive her without a fight. She tells Greenlee that because she is the reason for the cop being outside of her door and the charges against her, she needs to fix it all right away.

In Zach's room, Aidan tries to gain assurance that Zach will go to the mat for Kendall as well as for Greenlee. Zach says that he will but Aidan is unsure, believing that Zach could say whatever he wanted to hear and not follow through. Zach tells him that his relationship with Greenlee changed when they were in the bomb shelter, that he confessed his sins and was forgiven while they were down there, and that he is indebted to her for not leaving him to die. They agree to work together to formulate a plan that will keep their loved ones out of jail. Zach's first step is to get out of the hospital, and he places a call, asking for Joe to be sent to his room as soon as possible. When he finishes with the call, he tells Aidan that his next step will involve making sure that he can keep Kendall quiet. He knows that she is feeling a lot of guilt, and that is the one thing that will send her over the edge and make her confess to the wrong people. Then, Zach properly thanks Aidan for all that he did to find them, and asks about some specifics. Aidan manages to fulfill his request without letting on that anything went awry. Joe shows up and Zach tells him that he needs to be checked out. Joe tells him that it would be against medical advice, as he would like to keep Zach at least one more night, but Zach tells him that he has work that he needs to get started on.

Jack and Julia get a chance to reconnect when he donates blood for the hospital to use with his daughter's recovery. He tells her that he is hoping that once he gets Greenlee home, everything will fall back into place and life will get back to normal. She asks him when he plans on spending time taking care of himself, but his reaction leads her to believe that self-involvement is not really a priority. She then asks him if he thinks that things with Erica will go back to the way they used to be, but he insists that he is finally done with that chapter of his life and just wants to move on. She tells him about her run in with Erica, where she was told in no uncertain terms that Erica didn't like her spending time with Jack. Jack is a little flustered, but tells her that even though they spent time together over Christmas, it was just in the spirit of the season, and that Erica will still need to recognize that they are no longer a family. They finish with the blood work and Julia tells him that they are coming up on the one year anniversary of Kathy's adoption, and says that recently, when Kathy was sick, she didn't have any medical history and realized that her desire to protect her daughter was flawed.

Colby and Sean hang out with the band members at the Martin-Carey household and discuss an upcoming gig. Dre drops the bombshell that because of family obligations, he will be unable to play with them. They start to protest, reminding him that they have had these plans set up for weeks, and this causes him to explode. He tells them loudly that what is going on has nothing to do with them, and that they need to simply deal. He removes himself and walks over to a corner in the room, and Colby comes over and asks him what is going on. He tries to blow off her question by telling her that he is fine, but she is fully aware that no one has that kind of reaction to nothing. Before she can press him for any more details, the doorbell rings, and everyone is hoping that the pizza had arrived. They find a strange man on the other side that is looking for an Andre Woods. At first, the group seems not to know who he is referring to but when they finally figure out that he means Dre, they lie effortlessly and say that Dre deserted them sometime back and say that they are unaware of his current location. The man, though skeptical, leaves his card and asks them to pass it along should they see him, and asks that they tell him this business is in regard to a family matter. Once he leaves, Sean looks at the card and wonders aloud why a private investigator would be searching for Dre. They start to ask him, but when they go back into the living room, they find that the young man is gone.

Kendall heads over to get the men from Zach's room but runs into Hannah on the way. Still livid from their last run in, Kendall tells her that she is not welcome and that she needs to leave. Hannah insists that Kendall doesn't have the right to banish her but Kendall stands her ground until Hannah tells her that she is making a big mistake and turns to leave. Kendall continues on her way and begs Zach and Aidan to come back to Greenlee's room. Zach wants to talk to her first, but the headstrong woman plows through his request and drags them off. When they get to Greenlee's room, Zach's request to talk to her first becomes increasingly urgent, as he is well aware of how his wife operates. His pleading is cut short when Derek arrives and Kendall blurts out that the charges against Greenlee need to be dropped since she was set up.

Bianca makes one more stop before heading out of town and says goodbye to her mother. Although Erica wants her to stay, she does well simply giving love and telling them to visit again soon. When they leave, an assistant comes in and delivers a card that just arrived. At the same time, a nurse delivers a similar card to Jack, and it tells him to go to the Yacht Club.

Hannah makes her way out to the nurses' station and leaves her floral arrangement for Zach, asking for it to be delivered. She loses herself in the moment and daydreams of Zach kissing her, and thanking her for getting Kendall out of his life.



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