All My Children Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on AMC

Adam found a way to spy on JR. Ryan woke up without any memory of Annie of their daughter. Greenlee and Frankie continued to have setbacks from the poisoning. Tad caught a glimpse of Jesse.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on AMC
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Ryan told Annie that he was going to see Greenlee at the hospital. Annie replied that she would stay home with Emma. Ryan gave her a blank look, as if he did not know who Emma was. Annie looked concerned and stated that Ryan needed to see a doctor.

Just then, Emma entered. The little girl told her parents that she'd had a bad dream. Annie asked what it had been about. Emma said it had been about Richie. Ryan and Annie comforted their daughter. After Emma fell back asleep, Ryan left. Annie then received a phone call from the hospital. Annie was told that she could not be a donor for Richie. She looked distraught, and she cried.

Richie was with Babe at ConFusion. They discussed the possibility that Richie could live a long life. Babe asked him what he would do with a second chance. Richie felt content with his situation because he was spending time with Babe. He called her a "dream." Richie realized that the talk made her uncomfortable, so he apologized. He then asked if she was dating JR. Babe said no and explained that JR already had moved out of his condo.

Richie got a call from the hospital. He received the news that Annie was not a match for his transplant. Right after that, Annie called him. Annie relayed her sadness over her inability to help Richie. Richie thanked her for trying and hung up. Babe consoled Richie about the bad news. Babe assured him that a suitable donor would be found. Richie agreed.

JR was looking through his father's drawers. Adam saw it and confronted him. JR claimed that he was looking at a scrapbook from his childhood. Adam smiled when he saw the book and flipped through the pages. Then Adam inquired about JR's career status. JR said he still wanted to start a fashion network. Adam was glad to hear it because he had plans for his son.

Adam proceeded to offer JR a job at Chandler Industries. JR would run the online division of the company, which would allow him to start his network. JR accepted the offer. Adam said he was going to bed. JR immediately went to the safe but realized the combination had changed. Meanwhile, Adam secretly watched JR's attempt to break into the safe.

Jack arrived at the hospital to see Greenlee. Soon after his arrival, Greenlee began seizing. Angie needed to put Greenlee on a ventilator. Jack, Kendall, Zach, and Aidan were very worried. Angie informed them that Greenlee's symptoms were the same as Frankie and Sylvester's symptoms.

Kendall felt helpless, but refused to remain idle while her friend suffered. Kendall bought Greenlee silk pajamas. Kendall also gave her a hair clip that had belonged to Mona. She hoped those items would make her friend more comfortable. Kendall urged Greenlee to recover because she needed her best friend.

Meanwhile, Frankie was resting in his room when his father, Jesse, entered. Jesse apologized for leaving Frankie and his mother. Jesse affirmed that he had never stopped loving his family. Jesse left, and Joe entered. Frankie wrote Joe a note that said Jesse had visited him. Joe was concerned and showed the note to Angie. Angie believed that her son was hallucinating, which added to her stress.

Tad saw that Angie was worn out and made her take a break. Angie worried about not finding an antidote in time, and also, if an antidote were found, that it would not be tested. Angie would have to use Frankie as a "guinea pig" for the antidote, which might kill him anyway. Tad was confident that she would find a proper cure. Angie returned to Frankie's room, not knowing that Jesse was hiding just around the corner.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Erica found Jackson sleeping in the hospital waiting room. When he awakened, Erica said she was there to donate blood for Greenlee. Jackson thanked Erica for her donation but understood she had work to handle at New Beginnings. Erica said Greenlee had the best father in the world, kissed Jackson, and rushed off. Erica asked Val to look at her financial records at New Beginnings to find any errors.

Pam, the producer, told Erica it might be a good idea to have Samuel Woods, a politician, appear on the show. In the meantime, Erica told Val to have lunch delivered to Jackson at the hospital. Val was unable to find the letter Erica was searching for. Erica and Pam looked at a few clips of Samuel and seemed impressed.

Angie told Kendall that Greenlee was stable and breathing on her own. Ryan visited Greenlee, who joked that she had to look extremely attractive in the hospital. Ryan told Greenlee she had never looked more beautiful, but he left to let her rest. Kendall and Ryan reminisced on the many stunts they had been through with Greenlee. Kendall asked how Annie was holding up. Ryan explained that Annie was having a tough time accepting that she was not a blood match for Richie. Kendall visited Greenlee, but Greenlee was quickly wheeled away for a body scan.

Angie overheard Joe talking to specialists who were not sure how to treat Greenlee and Frankie. Angie suggested they go with the new drug, despite its unknown side effects. She visited Frankie and insisted he would pull through. Frankie could sense his mother was keeping something from him. She explained that a new drug was going to remove the poison that was destroying his body. Joe entered with the drug, and Angie administered it to Frankie.

As Frankie lay unconscious, he dreamed that his father returned from the dead to visit him in the hospital. Frankie woke up and tried to rush out of bed. Angie pinned him down and begged for Frankie to remain calm. She went to the chapel and prayed to Jesse to keep Frankie alive and well. Angie went back to see Frankie, but he began having seizures and trouble breathing.

Babe told her mother that Annie was not a blood match for Richie. He would have to be put on a waiting list for a bone marrow transplant. As JR rounded the corner, he sarcastically said, "Poor Richie." Babe was insulted that JR could be so cruel at such a painful time for Richie. JR said he was there to donate blood for Greenlee. Babe asked JR where he was living and was angered to find out he was back at the Chandler mansion. After JR sulked off, Krystal admitted she had asked JR to move home to find out if Adam knew Kate's whereabouts.

JR was surprised to find his father had a gift for him at home. Adam handed JR a ring his father had given him several years earlier. Adam said the ring represented the Chandler family origins. JR said he would be honored to wear the ring and hugged his father. Krystal decided to call off the plan and called JR. JR explained his father had given him a ring but did not want to back out. Adam listened to the conversation through a device implanted in the ring.

Annie found Richie alone and wallowing in his sorrow at the park. He gave Emma a hug before she ran off to play with a friend. Annie apologized for not being a blood match, but Richie was doubtful his sister would have helped. Richie claimed he had forgiven Annie for everything she had done to him. Emma rushed up, begging Annie for some hot chocolate.

While Annie was gone, Richie took the opportunity tell Emma that she could save his life like a sick tree in the garden, but her parents wouldn't allow it. When Annie returned, Richie told Emma to take care of herself, and he left. Ryan met Annie and Emma at the park. Emma told her parents that Richie had told her she could save him. Ryan told Emma only grown-ups could help Richie.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kendall and Greenlee watched in horror as Frankie went into cardiac arrest. Angie was intent on saving her son. Finally, Frankie became stable again. Angie informed Joe about Frankie's cardiac arrest. Joe stated that he did not want Angie to work on Frankie's case any longer. Angie protested that she had no choice but to try to save her son. She began to sob.

Joe comforted Angie and professed his confidence in her medical abilities. Angie apologized for being unprofessional and returned to work. She then assembled her staff, so they could attempt to perfect the antidote. The staff could not decipher whether or not the antidote had caused Frankie's cardiac arrest. They were still unsure if the antidote was a cure or a poison.

Greenlee and Kendall sat together in a hospital room. Greenlee was distraught over Frankie's heart failure. She wondered if she would also go into cardiac arrest. Kendall urged her to stay positive. Greenlee thanked Kendall and then told her to leave for a meeting with the publisher. Zach entered just as Kendall refused to leave. Zach told Kendall that he would watch Greenlee while Kendall attended the meeting. Kendall left.

Angie and Nick, the other doctor working on Greenlee and Frankie's cases, consulted over Greenlee's newest test results. The tests showed that Greenlee's health was deteriorating faster than any of the other infected patients. Jack and Aidan overheard Angie and Nick discussing the bad news. They demanded to know the truth about Greenlee's condition. Angie explained that they did not know if the antidote would help or hurt Greenlee. However, Angie was certain that Greenlee would die if she did not take the antidote. Jack and Aidan were frustrated that a definite cure could not be found.

Babe, Amanda, and Ava were working at Fusion. Babe was in an awful mood. Amanda assumed that Richie was the cause of her ill-tempered state. Babe admitted that she was upset because Richie had found out that Annie could not be his bone marrow donor. Kendall arrived. When she entered the office, she saw the banner that said, "Welcome Back Kendall and Greenlee!" Kendall immediately ripped the banner off the wall.

Kendall's publisher, Kelly, arrived. Kelly explained that she wanted Kendall involved in every aspect of the publishing process. Kendall said she did not have a lot of time to devote to the book. Kelly affirmed that the publishing company would do everything they could to make it an easy process for Kendall.

Jack and Aidan told Greenlee about the situation with the antidote. Greenlee was undecided on whether or not she should take a gamble with the antidote. Greenlee asked to speak with Zach in private. Aidan looked surprised and hurt by Greenlee's request, but he complied.

Greenlee and Zach talked. Greenlee asked Zach to save her life again, like he had in the bomb shelter. Zach assured Greenlee that she could survive anything. Greenlee was nervous about taking the antidote, but she stated that it was her only option. Meanwhile, Kendall arrived back at the hospital. Kendall looked very distressed when she saw Zach comforting Greenlee.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Erica told Val to call the hospital and to find out Greenlee's condition. Pam went into the office and asked Erica if she had looked at the additional footage of Samuel Woods. Erica was not interested in Samuel being a guest, even though other shows couldn't seem to get enough of him. After Pam left, Erica called Whoopi, a host on The View, and was bombarded by paperwork.

Erica tried to call Jackson, but he did not answer. Instead, Samuel called Erica to decline Pam's offer to appear on New Beginnings. He said that his busy schedule wouldn't let him appear on the show. Erica was not happy that Samuel had turned her down, even though she hadn't been keen on him being a guest. She slammed the telephone on the receiver and demanded Pam find some way to get Samuel on her show.

Richie stopped to see Ryan and Annie at their home. They informed Richie that Emma had told them about his idea for her to save him. Ryan said that Emma had cried herself to sleep because she had thought her parents would not allow her to help Richie.

Annie took Emma downstairs so Richie could tell Emma the truth. Richie explained that he had not known only adults could help him. Richie claimed he had found an adult who could help him so she should not worry anymore. After Richie was gone, Emma fell asleep on the couch between Annie and Ryan. The next morning, Annie and Emma woke up Ryan. He claimed to not know them.

Adam beamed as JR continued to wear the ring. As soon as JR left the house, he called Krystal to let her know he was going to her home. JR had no clue Adam could hear everything he said. Julia took Kathy over to Tad and Krystal's home while she went to work. JR arrived at the house and was surprised when Krystal wanted to back out of the plan. JR figured Babe had had something to do with Krystal's change of heart.

Krystal admitted that Babe had made her realize she was being selfish by using JR to get to the truth about Adam. JR said that if Adam knew where Kate was, JR wanted to find out. Tad overheard JR saying that he had moved back into the Chandler mansion to help Tad. JR explained that he wanted to prove to himself and Tad he could stand up to Adam. Kathy dragged Tad away for another game. Krystal decided to let JR proceed with his plans. Filled with anger, Adam burned Kate's adoption papers.

Joe took Angie a cup of coffee. He said Greenlee had agreed to the procedure but had a few questions for Angie. Joe offered Angie a permanent position at the hospital, but she wanted to focus on saving Greenlee and Frankie before making that decision. Greenlee thanked Zach, Kendall, and Aidan for supporting her as she tried to battle the illness.

Angie entered Greenlee's room. Greenlee asked Angie what her chances were of surviving the procedure. Angie bluntly said that the drug was experimental, and her chances of recovering were very slim. Greenlee received a surprise visit from Lily, who handed her a picture of the two of them at Erica and Jackson's wedding. With tears in her eyes, Greenlee thanked Lily for the generous gift.

Jackson asked Aidan to escort Lily outside while he had a few minutes alone with Greenlee. Erica stopped by the hospital to keep Jackson company. They decided to go the boathouse, talk all night, and fall asleep nestled under a blanket.

Kendall thought up an idea for something nice she and Zach could do for Greenlee. They returned to Greenlee's room with Spike before Julia prepared to sedate Greenlee. Joe inserted the medicine in Greenlee's I.V. The following morning, Angie looked at Greenlee's fingers and noticed she was not responding to the medicine. They demanded Aidan leave the room as doctors gave Greenlee oxygen. Aidan called Zach, Kendall, and Jackson to tell them Greenlee was in trouble.

Frankie wiggled back and forth in his bed with Jesse by his side. Jesse urged Frankie to be strong, but hid when he heard someone approaching the door. Angie sat by Frankie's side, looking at the picture of her and Jesse. Julia interrupted to let Angie know Greenlee was ready to start her treatment. Once Angie was gone, Jesse sat with his son again.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Ryan woke up, didn't recognize Annie, and was concerned that she had drugged him to get him into her bed. Emma entered, and, frightened that he would scare their daughter, Annie asked that he stop playing games. He belligerently told her that he wasn't joking and that he didn't believe that she was a part of his family. Annie was aghast at the possibility that he truly had lost his memory. She left him briefly to get a photo album, in an attempt to remind him of who he had been for the past two years.

Ryan saw the pictures Annie showed him but didn't believe that they were real. He refused to look at more, so she tried to tell him about the gunshot wound to his head, and he believed she was trying to make him feel crazy. He told her that he knew who he was and that he wasn't married but had been -- to Gillian Andrassy. Annie offered to get in touch with some doctors, doctors who had told her that he might have problems with his memory, but he rejected the idea, saying that he planned to see a doctor, but one of his choosing -- Joe Martin.

At the hospital, Kendall and Zach panicked when they heard that a code had been called in Greenlee's room. Joe helped to clear out the room so that Angie could work, and when he had them in the hall, he told them that the virus was attacking Greenlee's heart and lungs. He told them that Angie was stabilizing Greenlee but that the best thing they could do would be to call Jack. Aidan said that he'd done so already and had left a message, but Joe impressed upon him the urgency of getting through to Jack. He said that Greenlee was unstable enough that, if necessary, they needed someone there to make a call about how best to take care of her. Back in the room, Angie finally got Greenlee stabilized, but it lasted just a moment before the patient started to have a seizure.

At the Chandler mansion, JR greeted his father and found Adam to be in a poor mood. Adam asked why his son had missed dinner the night before, and JR was vague in admitting where he had been. Adam called him on it, and JR used A.A. as an excuse, saying that he had been at a meeting. Knowing full well where his son had been, Adam continued to be belligerent. JR tried to let it go and moved on to a business discussion he wanted to have with his father. Adam said that he was preparing for a conference call, so any discussion would have to wait.

JR, having heard the caustic tone in his father's voice many times before, asked Adam to be forthcoming if he had something that he wanted to say. Adam blasted back that he had nothing to offer but did have a lot on his mind. JR decided to wait out his father's mood and headed into the foyer, closing the door behind him. When he did, Stuart joined his brother in the living room and expressed his excitement that JR was back in the house. Adam let out his vitriol then and noted that his son could go "straight to hell" for betraying the family.

Stuart wanted to know why his brother was so angry, and Adam said that JR hadn't returned out of loyalty -- only to spy on his father. Stuart then spotted the listening device and asked what it was. Before Adam could answer, Stuart put it to his ear and heard JR's conversation out in the foyer. Adam only let Stuart listen for a moment before taking the device away, and Stuart intuitively noted that Adam had no right to be angry about JR spying when Adam was doing the very same thing. Adam tried to justify his actions, saying that he was doing what he needed to so that he could find out the things he needed to know.

Having seen Adam's pattern of behavior over the years, Stuart reminded his brother that Adam was the only one that ever got hurt in situations like that and went on to say that the sad part was that Adam never learned. Adam said that JR was consorting with the enemy but then had to tell his brother which one, as Adam had so many that Stuart had lost track. When Adam said that he was referring to Krystal, Stuart was taken aback because he had thought that Adam loved her. Adam said he no longer felt that way because she had married Tad.

Stuart believed that Krystal had needed to, but in Adam's view, she had chosen to do so as a way to deny the feelings she still had for her ex-husband. He went on to say that he wouldn't be made to look like a fool by anyone, especially not his family. Stuart said that Adam should talk to his son and get everything out into the open. Adam refused to try, simply saying that he could never forgive JR for what he'd done "this time."

The doorbell rang, and JR found his ex-wife at the door. He worried that he had missed an appointment with his son, but she told him that she had simply stopped by to apologize for giving him a hard time about moving back into the mansion. JR told her that it was understandable because of how he had acted about moving back into his father's house. Babe confessed that Krystal had told her what was going on, and she told JR that she couldn't be more proud of him. JR apologized for keeping her in the dark and said the he hadn't wanted Babe to get caught in the crossfire. Babe said that she was more concerned about him because she knew what his father and "this house" had meant to him over the years.

JR told Babe that he needed to push that aside and find out if his father was hiding information on Kate. He told her that if it turned out to be true, the father/son relationship really would be over. Babe didn't believe him and knew how painful it would be if he lost Adam. JR agreed but said that he still needed to face off with his father. Babe told him that she believed in him and said that JR had it in him to be a better man than Adam could ever be. Babe assured him that she had his back.

JR walked Babe to the door, and she reminded him how proud she was that he was doing the right thing. He noted that he hadn't done that very often and apologized for all that he had put her through. She told him that he had been doing good things more and more and that if he continued to do so, she would call them even.

As Jack and Erica sat at the boathouse, he thanked her for helping him get through a night of worrying about his daughter. His phone rang. When Jack answered the call, Aidan told him that Greenlee had taken a turn for the worse. Jack said that he was on his way, and after ending the call, he updated Erica. She assured him that she would follow him to the hospital.

Tad arrived at the hospital and found his father, quickly asking for an update on Frankie. Joe was able to offer some good news but said that with every progressive move in one case, there were setbacks with the other. Joe then told Tad that he wasn't sure if Greenlee would make it. They parted ways, and Tad went to visit Frankie. Having heard that Frankie had thought he had seen his father, he took the opportunity to tell stories of life when Jesse had been alive. He told the unconscious young man that if Jesse were there, he would be fighting for his son's life.

As Jesse looked in through the window, Tad also told Frankie that if Frankie believed he had seen Jesse, he had, because Jesse had been the kind of man that would be there for a person whenever they needed him -- and always would be. Tad started to tell stories of how Angie had been, and Angie showed up in the room. She and Tad strolled down memory lane a bit, recalling how things had changed in Pine Valley. Angie admitted that she had been dreaming about Jesse a lot and attributed it to being back home. She also noted that she had wanted to believe her son when he said that he had seen his father.

Tad told Angie that Frankie would beat the infections and that because of him, a piece of Jesse would continue to live on. She thanked Tad for being in both of their lives then left to check on Greenlee once again. Out in the hall, Jesse, trying to make a clean escape, almost had a run-in with Jack. Back in Frankie's room, Tad said his goodbyes, reiterating his desire that the young man be triumphant over the virus because his mother needed him. As Tad turned to leave, he spotted Jesse and, after a moment of disbelief, took off to try to catch up with him.

Jack arrived at the hospital, and Angie escorted him as well as the others out into the hall. She informed them that Greenlee had slipped into a coma, and Jack frantically asked if a higher dosage of the antidote could be given. Kendall asked if it was a temporary setback, but all Angie could tell them was that they had to wait and see what happened. Zach tried to assure Jack that everything would be okay, and Kendall wondered if their only option was to sit around and wait. Aidan said that they needed to go in and let Greenlee know that they were all pulling for her.

In the hospital room, Greenlee had an out-of-body experience. She saw her loved ones walk in, offering their love and support, and was somewhat amazed that the people in her everyday life really did care about her. Erica showed up, and the first thing that she offered was to go get something for Jack. Ethereal Greenlee cackled at that, saying that she wasn't surprised that the first thing Erica would want to do was jump ship. She was surprised then when Erica turned around to face her because she had been sure that no one could see her. Erica noted that she was a figment of Greenlee's subconscious mind, but Greenlee didn't believe that she would conjure up Erica above all of the other people in her life.

Erica noted that Greenlee wanted to fight, so it made sense that she would call up the one person that she fought with most often. They threw barbs back and forth at one another, with Greenlee accusing Erica of using the situation to sink her claws in Jack once again. Erica told Greenlee that Greenlee was jealous when she shouldn't be, given all of the amazing people in her life. Erica said that if Greenlee wanted to fight, she needed to wake up, get out of her hospital gown, and actually do it -- because Erica was always up for battling her former stepdaughter.

Moments later, Greenlee's conversation turned to one with Aidan. They laughed for a few moments over how they had gotten together, and Greenlee noted her thanks that he had fallen in love with her despite all the times that she had fought with him. He told her that he had never been so crazy about someone and that he would go even crazier if he lost her again. She thanked him for saving her and for sticking by her when everyone else had wanted to give up. She then professed her love for him, but when she tried to kiss him, the communication broke, and he was pulled back into real time, where he and Jack went to check in with the doctors, leaving Zach to watch over the patient.

Once alone, Ethereal Greenlee had a few moments to connect with Zach. He told her again that she was not who he had thought she was and that they were bonded together for life because of their experiences in the shelter. He urged her to get back to her life, and she promised that she would -- for the good of everyone.

Jack connected with Greenlee then, and they touched on how many years they had missed out on as father and daughter. He told her that they had plenty of years to right that wrong, but she hesitated, saying that the situation looked pretty serious. He told her that his daughter was a fighter and never gave up.

The men cleared out, and Kendall replaced them, revisiting her life and love with her best friend. Together they flashed back on all the good times they'd had, and then Greenlee said that Kendall was her one and only true friend. Kendall said that she would always be here for Greenlee, and Greenlee pointed out the good in that, since things were about to get crazy. With that, the connection broke, and in real time, Kendall realized that Greenlee's heart rate was starting to spike again.

Kendall called for help, and Angie rushed in with the rest of Greenlee's loved ones hot on her tail. Ethereal Greenlee screamed in distress as her physical body flat-lined, insisting that she wasn't ready to die and begging them to do something to revive her.

Ryan and Annie landed at the hospital, and when Joe joined them in the waiting area, Annie quickly jumped in and reported what had happened when they had woken up that morning. Not believing that she had any reason to be included in his discussions with his doctor, Ryan pulled Joe to the side and told him that he believed he'd had too much to drink the night before, since a woman and child that he'd never seen before had been in his bed that morning. Joe tried to placate Ryan by taking everything he had to say in stride and offering to take the conversation into his office. Ryan wanted immediate results, and when Annie pleaded with Joe to tell her what was going on, Ryan's agitation elevated a few notches. He demanded that Joe tell Annie that she was crazy.

Joe refused to address most of what Ryan said directly, simply confirming the story about the gunshot wound and telling Ryan that they should run some routine tests to find out what was going on. Ryan started to refuse, but when Joe asked Ryan to trust him, Ryan acquiesced. When Annie tried to go with Ryan to the exam room, he told her that he needed to go through the testing alone.

When Ryan walked off, Joe told a very worried Annie that she needed to give them some time alone and that he would update her as soon as possible. A short time later, Joe met with her and told her that physically, Ryan was fine but that some neurological tests needed to be run. Annie wondered if it would be permanent, but Joe told her that she didn't need to jump to the worst-case scenario.

Annie asked to see Ryan, but Joe hesitated, noting that her anxious disposition wouldn't help her husband. She promised that she would keep herself in control, and when they turned to go and find Ryan, they saw that he had found them first. Ryan told her that Joe had showed him the newspaper with the date on it, and knowing that, he had realized that he had lost four years of his life. Annie tried to comfort Ryan by saying that she understood that everything was confusing, but when she tried to hug him, he instinctively backed up so as to keep her at arm's length.



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