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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 20, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Erica was annoyed with Adam because he was not trying to save them. He explained that he was trying to conserve his energy and the air because it was possible they could suffocate in the tunnel. She refused to remain idle and demanded answers from Adam. She asked if he had romantic feelings for her. He revealed that he knew Erica was buttering him up so she could get information for Kendall. Erica denied this and affirmed that she would not do her daughter's bidding. Adam wondered if her feelings for him were real. She looked appalled and confessed that she was spying on him for Kendall. He accused her of falling in love with him, which she also adamantly denied. Adam began to cough, so Erica handed him a bottle of water. He inquired why she would take care of him if she disliked him. She snidely commented that his coughing was preventing her from sleeping. Adam then announced that he had a confession to make. He divulged that he tainted Bella. She glared at him silently.

Tad was at Pine Valley Hospital. He found a police officer and asked how bad the damage from the tornado was. The officer said that some neighborhoods were completely destroyed while others only had a few trees knocked down. Tad stated that he needed to check on his family at the Comeback. The officer explained that civilians were not allowed on the streets. Tad insisted that he was a good friend of the chief and should be allowed to leave. The officer disagreed and handcuffed Tad to a hospital bed to prevent him from running off.

Opal was roaming the hospital hallways when she saw Tad. He pleaded with his mother to get back into bed, but she was too consumed with fear. She was worried that the Carey women were in trouble due to a bad premonition she had about them. Then, Jesse entered the hospital and came across Tad and Opal. Jesse reported that Krystal and Cathy were fine, but Babe was in bad shape. Tad begged Jesse to let him go to the bar. Jesse reluctantly freed Tad and allowed him to leave.

A beam had crushed Babe's leg, which ruptured an artery. Meanwhile, Little Adam was caught underneath Babe. The only way to free Little Adam was to pull the beam off of Babe. However, Angie warned that the beam was keeping Babe from bleeding out and, if they removed it, Babe could die. Babe demanded that they remove the beam to save Little Adam. JR and Krystal were distraught over the situation. JR pleaded with Babe not to make him choose between her and their son. She affirmed that JR had to save Little Adam. Krystal understood Babe's sacrifice, but she did not want her daughter to die. Babe yelled for them to save her son, so they removed the beam.

Little Adam was safe and conscious, but Babe was not doing well. Angie found a first aid kit and attempted to stitch Babe's wound. Krystal and JR asked if Babe would survive. Angie was honest and explained that Babe was in trouble because she was losing a lot of blood.

All of a sudden, the tornado siren blared, so Krystal led everyone at the Comeback in a prayer. Luckily, the storm passed over them. Little Adam looked scared as he asked his mother if she was okay. Angie was alarmed because Babe had no pulse. Angie performed CPR and Babe regained a slight heartbeat. Just as Tad arrived at the bar, Angie affirmed that Babe needed to get to the hospital right away.

An officer asked Aidan if anyone was in the rubble left from the tornado. Aidan hesitated to inform the officer that Greenlee and Ryan were there. Finally, Aidan revealed that his wife was in the ruins. The officer left to retrieve an ambulance. Then, Greenlee crawled out of the wreckage and Aidan was relieved to see her. She insisted on finding Ryan. They found Ryan pinned underneath a piece of cement. Greenlee begged Aidan to save Ryan, so he helped Ryan release himself from the concrete.

Ryan encouraged Greenlee to tell Aidan her true feelings. She told Ryan that it was inappropriate to discuss her romantic feelings for him amidst the crisis. Just then, the tornado siren went off and a huge tornado headed their way. They each grabbed onto a tree, but the wind was too strong. Once the storm passed, Greenlee and Ryan found Aidan stuck under a large tree branch and surrounded by live wires. Aidan told them both to leave, but they refused. Aidan affirmed that he would rather die than have Ryan save him. Ryan stated that Aidan saved him first, so he needed to return the favor. Ryan proceeded to pull the tree off of Aidan.

Zach found his sons in the debris of his beach house. He was relieved to see that the little boys were unharmed. He then shouted out for Kendall, but there was no response. He saw a foot in the wreckage and assumed it was Kendall's. He was surprised to see Bianca instead. He helped her up and she told him to be careful of her baby. He saw her large bump and realized that she was pregnant.

Zach and Bianca searched for Kendall. Bianca explained that Kendall was trying to protect Ian, Spike, and Bianca when the tornado blew in the windows of the beach home. Bianca reported that Kendall saved all of them. Zach then found Kendall unconscious in the rubble. He yelled at his wife to wake up as he administered CPR. He was hopeful to feel a slight pulse, but he saw that Kendall was hit in the head and had lost a lot of blood.

EMT workers arrived and Zach helped them put Kendall onto a stretcher. There was not much room on the ambulance, so Zach was persistent in insisting that his sons get a ride to the hospital, just in case the tornado returned. Before they left, an EMT worker asked Bianca how she was doing. She said that she felt fine and that her baby was due in a month.

Zach asked Bianca why she had not told him about the pregnancy, considering he was the baby's father. She had decided not to tell anyone the news until she was certain the baby was healthy. She inquired why Zach gave in to her wish to have a child with him. He stated that he was hesitant at first, but he felt at ease once he met Reese, Bianca's girlfriend. Bianca gushed about how well Reese and Miranda got along, even though Miranda was a little jealous of the new baby. Bianca was excited to have another child and she hoped that Kendall would be excited as well, once she learned that Zach had fathered her child. Just then, Bianca clenched her stomach and announced that the baby was coming.

Kendall arrived at the hospital. Frankie ordered a scan for her, but before she could have the procedure done, she coded. Frankie got a crash cart and began to shock her.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JR, Randi, Krystal, Tad, Little Adam, Jesse, and Kathy came to the hospital. Nurses quickly rolled an injured Babe and Natalia away as their families waited. Jesse overheard Annie questioning another police officer about Emma's whereabouts. Jesse said he had every officer looking for the kidnapped Emma, but their hands were tied with the storms.

Kendall was taken to the hospital but was barely hanging on. Frankie told a police officer he needed to get in touch with Zach or any other relative. The officer said the area was too heavily damaged to go back and see if anyone else was with Kendall when the storm hit. Frankie found Colby and Pete in the waiting room. Colby said Erica was with her father on a plane, but had no idea where Zach was. Pete tried to change the radio signal through his cell phone to get more information about Adam and Erica's plane. He was able to find out that the airport took a major hit with the storm. Adam's plane, among others, was destroyed, but the survivors were coming to the hospital. Colby and Pete quickly rushed over to JR. Colby asked if JR had heard from Adam, but JR said it was his father's fault he and Babe never made it out of Pine Valley. JR went to a vacant room, with Krystal following behind. Krystal told JR they could not give up on Babe as she fought for her life. Angie told Krystal and JR that Babe was in recovery. She said Babe had lost a lot of blood and was not going to survive. Krystal, Tad, and JR went to see Babe, but Babe wanted to speak to JR alone. Babe took his hand and asked him to marry her in the hospital.

Adam's pilots made it to the hospital, but told Colby he that Adam and Erica never showed up at the airport. Pete promised Colby he would find Adam.

At the beach house, Zach tried his best to keep Bianca comfortable as she went into labor. Bianca said the circumstances were similar when she gave birth to Miranda. Zach assured Bianca he would make sure she got to a hospital. Bianca asked Zach if he was angry with her for not telling Kendall that he was the biological father of her soon-to-be-born baby. Zach told Bianca he would never be angry at her. Bianca said she did not want anyone else to know that Zach was her baby's father. Zach agreed that was the best decision. Bianca gushed about how wonderful Reese was to her and Miranda. She said that Reese "was the real thing." Bianca screamed in pain as another contraction hit and her water broke. She told Zach that he was going to have to deliver the baby. Zach told Bianca to keep pushing, but he saw the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby's neck. Bianca told Zach how to remove the cord without hurting the baby. Bianca kept pushing until the baby girl came out crying.

Erica knew Adam was worrying about JR. , But but Adam would never admit it because he figured he and Erica would die in the rubble. Erica said she would claw her way out if needed to make sure Adam was arrested for tainting Bella. Erica and Adam began pulling rocks out of the debris with their hands. Erica was thrilled when she found a gap under the rocks. She put her hand through the open space and someone began pulling her arm. More rubble came tumbling down onto Adam and Erica.

Greenlee wanted to go with Aidan to the hospital, but the ambulance workers said they needed to pick up another patient on the way to the hospital. Ryan and Greenlee met Aidan at the hospital. Frankie told Greenlee and Ryan that he needed to get in touch with Kendall's relatives to give consent for possible brain surgery. Joe told Greenlee that Zach was trapped at the beach house with a pregnant woman. Randi quickly rushed up to Frankie to tell him she was safe. Annie ran over to Ryan to see if Emma was with him. Frantic, Annie told Ryan that someone had kidnapped Emma. , But but Ryan did not believe Annieher. He thought it was another one of her mind games. Corrina, the babysitter, walked up to Ryan wearing a badge over her eye. Corrina said she lost track of Emma during the storm. Annie thought Emma was with the stalker in the Chandler mansion tunnels.

Frankie and Jake looked at Kendall's x-rays. Frankie said Kendall had a fractured skull, but was getting stabilized. Jake said they needed to perform the brain surgery without permission from Kendall's family. He worried that her condition would worsen if the doctors did not act soon. Greenlee went to see Kendall. She told Kendall that Zach was on his way, Ian and Spike were safe, and Kendall needed to fight to come back to her. Jake told Greenlee she could give consent for the surgery because they were family.

Angie told Jesse that Natalia needed surgery to see if she had any kidney damage. But Angie said she needed consent from Natalia's relatives before performing the operation. Jesse told Angie he would give the permission because Natalia was his daughter.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Babe asked JR if he would marry her in the hospital. He replied that he would be honored. Krystal and Tad then entered Babe's hospital room, and JR and Babe announced their marriage plans. Krystal was distraught over Babe's condition and had to leave the room. Tad and JR went to Krystal. JR told her that she needed to be strong for Babe. She admitted that she could not hold it together, but JR insisted that she had to, for her daughter's sake. JR explained that Babe did not know she was dying and they all needed to make her last hours alive happy. JR stated that they could cry after Babe was dead, but until then, they needed to smile in her presence. JR walked away as Tad consoled Krystal. Krystal stated that she did not know how to watch her daughter die. Tad embraced Krystal.

JR sat next to Babe's bed. He smiled and laughed as he imagined what their fiftieth wedding anniversary would be like. Krystal entered the room and Babe asked to be alone with her mother. Krystal tried to be strong as she told Babe that she and JR deserved a wonderful honeymoon. Babe revealed that she knew she was dying. Krystal did not know how to react. Babe asked Krystal not to tell JR that she knew her condition was fatal. Babe explained that JR gave her so much and she wanted to give him one last gift in return, a joyous wedding. Babe wished to focus on her family in her last moments, not her impending death. Krystal agreed to keep Babe's secret and promised to help Babe plan a wonderful wedding.

Tad and Krystal were talking about the wedding when Opal approached them. Opal inquired about Babe and Krystal lashed out. Krystal yelled that Opal's "voodoo and premonitions" were responsible for Babe's unfortunate situation. Opal looked sad and tried to hug Krystal, but Krystal backed away. Opal reminded Krystal that she knew what it was like to lose a daughter. Krystal began to cry and embraced Opal.

Krystal found daisies in the hospital and brought them to Babe. Krystal suggested that Babe put one of the flowers in her hair for the wedding ceremony. Babe thanked her mother. Krystal wished that she could kiss Babe's wound and make her pain go away, like she did when her daughter was a young girl. Krystal told Babe that she loved her very much and Babe reciprocated the feeling. Babe asked her mother to watch over Little Adam when she was gone. Then, Babe requested to see her son.

Colby was watching Little Adam. JR found his son, so he could bring him to Babe. Colby asked if JR had heard from their father. JR snapped that he did not care about Adam. JR held Adam responsible for Babe's condition. Colby was very worried and wanted to look for Adam, so Pete offered to go to the mansion with her.

Babe was delighted to see Little Adam. The boy climbed into bed with his mother. She told him that he was the greatest little boy. She predicted that he would grow up to be a wonderful man, like his father. She then sang "You Are My Sunshine" to Little Adam. JR and Krystal watched the mother and son with somber looks on their faces.

Annie went to the mansion looking for Emma. Ryan arrived as Annie called out for their daughter. Annie was surprised to see Ryan. He felt that it was important that they work together to find Emma. She assumed that the stalker brought Emma into the tunnels, so the entered one of the tunnels to search for the little girl. They came across a pile of beams and concrete that fell from the ceiling and worried that Emma was in the rubble. Just then, Colby and Pete arrived. They explained that they were looking for Adam and Erica. All four of them joined forces to dig through the rubble with hopes that they would find their loved ones.

Annie found a ribbon on the floor that belonged to Emma, which made her certain that the little girl was in the tunnel. Annie sadly looked at the ribbon as Ryan swore that they would find their daughter together.

Jesse informed Angie that Natalia was his daughter. She looked shocked, but only asked him questions about Natalia's medical history. He stated that his daughter was allergic to penicillin. Angie said that she needed to perform surgery on Natalia and walked away.

Jesse turned to Tad for comfort. Jesse confided in his old friend that Natalia was his daughter. Tad was shocked. Jesse wished that he had told Angie sooner. Tad wondered why Jesse kept the secret from everyone. Jesse thought that he was preventing his family from getting hurt, but he realized that he made things worse by not telling the truth.

Angie told Jesse that Natalia's surgery was a success. He wanted to talk to his wife, but she was not interested. He explained that Natalia's mother was the doctor that nursed him back to health after his mental breakdown. Angie snidely commented that he was consistent with his taste in women. He stated that he needed their relationship to be okay. Angie stormed off.

Angie barked orders at the medical staff. Frankie could sense that his mother was on edge. She brought Frankie into Natalia's room and divulged that the patient was the reason for her bad mood. He was confused, so Angie revealed that Natalia was his sister. He did not understand why Jesse kept the secret from them.

Bianca held her newborn in her arms as Zach tried to call for help, but his cell phone was not working. Bianca comforted Zach by assuring him that Kendall would be fine. She further stated that she would not reveal that Zach was the father of her baby until he had a chance to tell Kendall. Then, a helicopter found them and brought them to the hospital.

Jake and Greenlee were discussing Kendall's condition at the hospital. Greenlee refused to make a decision as to whether or not Kendall could have surgery. She insisted on waiting for Zach.

Greenlee saw Zach and Bianca at the hospital. Greenlee told them the news that Kendall was in bad shape. Zach asked Jake for his opinion. Jake strongly felt that Kendall's best option was brain surgery, even though it could possibly kill her or cause brain damage. Zach was reluctant to agree to the surgery, since Jake would have to perform it in the neurosurgeon's absence. Nevertheless, Jake persuaded Zach to let him operate on Kendall.

Greenlee and Bianca were at the nursery visiting Bianca's baby. Greenlee was shocked that Bianca had been pregnant, and quipped that the Cane babies knew how to make an entrance. Greenlee asked who the father was, but Bianca said nothing. A nurse then informed Bianca that her baby was healthy.

All around the hospital, the tornado sirens could be heard. Jesse yelled out for everyone to take cover as the tornado hit the hospital.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Zach pushed Greenlee to the floor, Angie and Frankie covered Natalia with a blanket and the doctors rushed to keep Kendall stable as the storm blew out windows in the hospital. Joe told his staff to follow the hospital's emergency plan as it struggled to restore electricity. Frankie asked Angie what she knew about Natalia. Angie said all she knew was that Jesse had another family. Angie suspected Jesse was living with Natalia until coming back to Pine Valley nine months earlier. Natalia woke up to hear Frankie upset that his father had lied to him. Natalia said Jesse lied to protect Frankie and Angie before moaning loudly in pain. Natalia said her mother knew about Angie and Frankie from the beginning. Natalia's mother wanted Jesse to be with Frankie and Angie, but knew it would not be easy to kick him out of their lives. Natalia and her mother staged a big fight to push Jesse out of the picture, and right to Frankie and Angie. Angie asked Natalia why her mother was calling Jesse if they wanted to let him go. Jesse showed up before Natalia could answer her.

Kendall's surgical team went back to performing surgery on Kendall. Zach told an officer to put Greenlee in a storage closet with Bianca and her baby. Jake wanted to finish Kendall's procedure, but the other doctors said he needed power. Jake said Kendall could end up brain dead if they didn't finish the surgery immediately. Tad took Jenny and Kathy to a basement. Taylor rushed in and offered to help the hospital. Joe said the generator needed to be fixed. To his surprise, Taylor said she could probably fix it. Taylor and Jesse went to the generator to look at the problem further. Zach rushed into the operating room angrily when he saw doctors were working on Kendall with barely any light. Jake asked Zach to leave, but Zach wanted to know what was happening to his wife. Jake said Kendall could die if they did not finish the surgery.

Annie, Ryan, Colby, and Pete tried to dig through the debris in the Chandler mansion's secret tunnels. Ryan assured Annie they would find Emma. Meanwhile, Pete told Colby they would find Adam if he was still alive in the tunnels. Suddenly, someone knocked Pete out, stole their flashlight, and ran off. When Colby told Ryan and Annie, Annie figured it was Emma's kidnapper.

Erica told Adam that someone grabbed her arm before the tunnel caved in. Adam said Erica was delusional. Adam said he knew Erica was worried when the tunnel caved in again. It made him think Erica still loved him. Erica said that idea was absurd. She continued to dig through the rocks and yelped when another hand grabbed her arm. Ryan, Colby, Annie, and Pete emerged from the other side. Ryan told Erica that Kendall was hurt badly in the tornado, but he did not know her condition. Adam said he had not seen Emma in the tunnels, but believed a stalker was living in the house.

Krystal found JR hovering over Babe in her room. Babe told him he could have died saving her. JR said at least they would be together. Babe said she knew she was dying, but did not want JR to go with her. Babe told JR to be a good father to Little Adam and remind their son of how much she loved him. JR said he did not know how to let go of Babe. Babe said she would always be with JR. As Babe's health started to fade, she told JR that they needed to get married quickly. JR scooped Babe into his arms and carried her to the hospital's chapel. Babe asked JR to tell her what he was feeling. JR said he was remembering the first day they met, how she gave him strength to be a better man, and the everlasting love they shared together. Babe thanked JR for seeing the good in her and making her feel special. Babe melted into JR's arms and went limp. JR knew she was gone. Babe's estranged father, David, opened the door to see JR holding Babe in his arms.

Bianca held her new baby girl close. She told the baby that they were going to make it through the storm. Greenlee came into the room. She said that Zach, Spike, and Ian were fine, but surgeons were working on Kendall without power. Bianca found Zach after he left the operating room. They went back to the closet, where Greenlee was holding the new baby girl. Bianca handed Zach the baby before fainting. Joe helped wake Bianca up, but asked Zach to keep an eye on her. Greenlee asked more about Reese, Bianca's partner. Bianca said Reese was back in Paris. Zach said he liked Reese, but Greenlee wondered how he knew her. Zach said he had met Reese during a business trip to Paris. Bianca told Zach she did not have a name for the baby, but he was certainly entitled to offer suggestions. Greenlee gave Bianca and Zach a suspicious look at their newfound close relationship. As power was restored to the building, she asked Zach if he was the father of the baby. Bianca told Greenlee that she was right. Bianca said Zach offered to help Bianca and Reese, but she did not tell Zach about the pregnancy until after the second trimester was finished. Bianca said she was going to tell Kendall the news personally, but the tornado stopped her plans.

The doctors finished Kendall's surgery. They thought the surgery was successful, but their hopes were short-lived when Kendall started shaking.

Krystal told Tad that she did not know how to say goodbye to Babe. Tad said Babe knew how much Krystal loved her. But Krystal felt as though she wouldn't know herself anymore without Babe. Tad said he knew Krystal, and would remind her each day if he needed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Jake reluctantly broke the news to Zach, Bianca, and Greenlee that they had been unable to awaken Kendall from the anesthesia. Zach thought that meant that his wife was in a coma, but Jake explained that it wasn't uncommon for someone who had a seizure during surgery to be unresponsive for a period of time. Greenlee asked after her best friend's prognosis, but as Jake tried to lay out what the future held, Zach decided he'd had enough and took off for his wife's bedside, despite protests.

Jake donned his scrubs and caught up with Zach in Kendall's operating room. Another doctor tried to order Zach out of the room but Jake insisted that it was okay. Zach sat down and told his unconscious wife that he and the boys were okay and said that all she needed to do was rest and get better. Zach then asked what the next steps would be. Jake started to tell him, but Zach interrupted him unceremoniously and let him know in no uncertain terms that he held Jake solely responsible for Kendall's state.

Bianca paced the nursery while she and Greenlee waited for news on Kendall. Greenlee, who sat in a nearby rocking chair and held Bianca's newest child, assured her that Kendall would fight her way back to them as she always did. She then thanked Bianca for allowing her to hold the little girl. Without a thought, Bianca told Greenlee that she was family. She then acknowledged the rough year that Greenlee had, and informed her that Kendall had kept her apprised of all of the Pine Valley happenings. She said that despite all the pain and misery that had rained down upon Kendall and Greenlee over the past year, that which did not kill them made them stronger, and their unique friendship always seemed to trump all.

Zach returned to the nursery and informed Greenlee and Bianca that Kendall was in a coma, and that the blame was squarely on Jake. Greenlee tried to get him not to go down the road of vengeance, but Zach could not be placated. Joe walked into the room moments later and told Bianca that he'd heard Erica had made it through the storm, had flagged down an ambulance, and was en route to the hospital. Zach interrupted and insisted that Joe make a call as to how they would deal with Jake's inappropriate behavior. Joe tried to say that all of the doctors had done the best they could, but Zach though the approach was merely about covering all the bases. Zach asserted that Jake would be taken off the case and replaced with someone who could fix what went wrong, or the hospital would face a lawsuit unlike any other. Joe took him out into the hall and told him that a neurosurgeon had been brought in and would take over Kendall's case regardless, but had been tied up with other cases, and Jake had been brought in to help. Zach started to rage on about all that Jake had done wrong but Bianca called his name out sharply to stop him. She got him to see that his sons had arrived, which allowed Joe to promise, before he made a quick getaway, that they would do all they could to help Kendall.

Zach picked his boys up and told them that although their mom was sleeping, everything would be all right. He then took them into the nursery, where Bianca and Greenlee had retreated, and introduced them to their new cousin. Bianca announced again that her baby girl still didn't have a name, so Zach offered to work with his sons to think of one. A nurse came in moments later and told them that Kendall had been moved to ICU. Zach handed off the boys to Rachael, and Greenlee offered to stay with Bianca's baby so that she and Zach could go see Kendall. Zach stood in the shadows once they got to Kendall's room, which allowed Bianca to talk to her sister first. She begged her sister to wake up, as she had a new niece to meet, as well as Bianca's fantastic partner Reece. She insisted that as soon as the two met, Kendall would know why Bianca wanted her family to grow and why she'd asked Zach to help. At the mention of his name, Bianca turned to see if her brother-in-law wanted to speak, but found that he had quietly exited the room.

Aidan found Greenlee in the nursery and was surprised to find that the baby she held belonged to Bianca. She told him that Bianca had returned to town and was at the beach house with Kendall when the storm hit, and that Zach had delivered the baby. Somewhat determined to keep his wall up, he then asked her where Ryan was. She told him that Ryan had taken off with Annie to find Emma, who they believed had been abducted. His wall crumbled a bit with that news, and then some more when Greenlee told him that she was most worried about Kendall. Aidan told her that he'd heard Kendall had to be operated on, and Greenlee updated him with the news that Kendall had been moved to ICU, but that she might have fallen into a coma. With that, Aidan fell to his knees and attempted to comfort his shaken wife. He then pulled up a chair and told her that he'd always imagined her as she was at that moment - instinctively comforting the baby she held.

The Chandler mansion rescue team emerged from the tunnels and Adam was dismayed to see the destruction his house had suffered. Erica quickly disappeared and the group decided that she'd probably made a beeline to the hospital to check on Kendall. Annie then noted her dismay over the fact that they hadn't found her daughter and Adam wanted to know why she'd thought Emma would be there. Ryan piped up and said that they had discovered a sash in the tunnels that Emma had been wearing when she disappeared, and they believed that the little girl had been brought there. Adam confirmed that someone had indeed been living in his walls for some time, but that the newspaper clippings he and Erica found indicated that the focus had been on Babe, not Annie.

As soon as he mentioned his once and future daughter-in-law, Adam realized that he had no idea where his son and grandson were. Colby told him that they were both fine but that Babe was in bad shape. Ryan filled in that the Comeback had been hit and that Babe had been injured. Adam confirmed that all three were at the hospital and then started to head there. Colby tried to go with him but, afraid that there would be more tornados, Adam told her to stay at the house and said that if the sirens went off again, she needed to go to the basement. After he left, Annie told Ryan that they had the proof they needed to go to the police about the stalker. Ryan told her that he wanted to hold off on going to the station until after they had retrieved all of the information they could from the room where the mysterious person had stayed, to see if they could determine why he would take Emma.

Ryan retrieved the articles, but after he and the group inspected them, Pete asked why the mystery person would take Emma if they had been fixated on Babe. Before he stalked out of the house, Ryan paused and then said he knew why. The other three wasted no time and followed directly in his footsteps.

JR cried as he sat in the chapel and held Babe's lifeless body until he felt that someone had shown up in the doorway behind him. He turned and saw Babe's father, and had to deliver the news that his daughter had just died. Unwilling to accept that as truth, David ran to her side and picked her up, laid her on the floor and attempted to revive her via CPR. His actions only made JR cry harder as he pleaded with David to just let her go. David continued his efforts for a few more moments and then apologetically noted that after all he had done, he had come back to town for her. The door to the chapel opened and Krystal and Tad were surprised to see David there. Tad lifted David from the floor and strongly urged him to leave, while Krystal knelt by her daughter's body, lifted Babe into her arms, and cried for her loss.

A short time later, Joe found his way down to the chapel and was able to get Babe's body on a gurney. He then stood to the side as Krystal told her daughter that she wasn't sure how she would go on without her. She tearfully said goodbye and then Tad wrapped his wife in his arms and escorted her away. JR took his turn and apologized for not being the husband he should have been before. He told her that he'd always loved her, and always would, then he kissed her goodbye, as well. Orderlies wheeled her body toward the morgue and David painfully watched her body disappear in the hall. His grief was interrupted when Ryan showed up and assaulted him out of the belief that David took Emma. After David fell to the floor as a result of one of Ryan's blows, Joe, Tad, Krystal, and JR joined them in the hall. Ryan demanded that David return his little girl and Joe held him back and told Ryan that it was not the time. He informed Ryan and Annie that Babe had just died, and the duo reeled from the shock. David slowly rose to his feet, looked squarely at JR, and offered the young man up as someone to beat up. He announced that he'd come back to save his daughter from JR, but had been too late, and said that he blamed JR alone for Babe's death. He then looked at the entire group, damned them to hell, and hoped that he was the one that sent them there.

Jesse went to Natalia's room and when he found Angie and Frankie there, he asked if anyone had been hurt when the latest tornado hit the building. Frankie, unwilling to hold his tongue, said that everyone was fine physically, but that their relationship was on unsteady ground. Jesse tried to silence him when he pulled the "I'm your father" card but Frankie did not back down. He ripped his father apart when he confronted him with the facts that he had another life during the twenty years he was gone, and that he lied about it when he got back to town. Frankie started to shut down, but Angie insisted that her son let his father explain, so he reluctantly turned to face Jesse once again.

Jesse brokenly tried to piece together the complicated story of how Natalia and her mother provided the cover he needed to stay undetected by Papel, but Frankie didn't buy it. Natalia spoke up and assured Frankie that she and her mother weren't trying to take Jesse back. Frankie asked how she could be okay with that, and she told him that she'd done what she needed to. Angie broke in and asked why she'd come to town if she hadn't wanted Jesse to return to her family for good, and Natalia admitted that her mother had been in a bad place and she thought that a visit from Jesse would help. Frankie, still enraged, caustically joked about the situation and said that perhaps they should work out some sort of shared custody arrangement. Jesse tried to get his son back in line, but Frankie was finished with his father's attempts to right things, and stormed out.

Angie wanted Natalia to get some rest, so she took Jesse out into the hall and asked him to tell her about Natalia's mother. Jesse didn't know what good it would do, but Angie said it would offer her some perspective. He told her that the other woman's name was Rebecca, but then continued to apologize and acknowledged that this newest information had to hurt. Angie told him that what hurt was that he thought he could walk away from Rebecca and Natalia the way he did with Angie and Frankie. His story spilled out and Jesse confessed that the thought of life without Angie and Frankie drove him to a mental institution. Rebecca had been the light out of that tunnel and they built a life and family together after that. He then told Angie that Rebecca always knew that he could never give Angie and Frankie up, and that she was the one that told him that he and Angie would reconnect. He admitted that he had love for Rebecca, but had only ever been in love with Angie. His story stopped, as an officer approached them and asked that he help handle a situation. He agreed, but told Angie that he would return soon. When he took off, Angie reentered Natalia's room and stared as the young woman rested.

Frankie stormed down the hall and as he tried to get information on the patients he needed to treat, he took out his frustration on the nurses. Taylor arrived on the scene and asked how her old friend had held up through the storms. Filter off, he told her that he'd just found out that he had a sister he didn't know about and a father who lied about it all. He then stormed off in another direction and left Taylor to reel on her own with the information.

Taylor found Jake in a stairwell and revealed that she and Jesse were the ones responsible for getting the hospital generator back in working order. She then asked how things had gone for him, and he filled her in on what happened with Kendall's surgery. He confessed that when the lights went out, he briefly forgot where he was and reverted back to the rules in Africa - where there were no rules. He also told her that because of his decision, Kendall had suffered a seizure and he wasn't certain if he'd done more harm than good.

Tad and JR accompanied Krystal back to Babe's hospital room and watched as the woman gingerly handled her daughter's belongings, extracting hair from her brush and breathing in her scent from a left-behind robe. As the tears overwhelmed her and wracked her body, the two men drew near in an attempt to hold her up. JR then put his hand in his pocket, and removed the rings he and Babe had planned to use for their fourth and final wedding. The sure knowledge that it would never become reality crashed an entirely new wave of pain over his body, and Tad found that he had to hold his son up as well. A nurse interrupted them and asked Tad if he knew where his father was. When he told her that he didn't know, she whispered something in his ear. He instructed her to lock the hospital down and said that he would locate his father as quickly as possible. Before he left the room, he was forced to tell Krystal and JR that someone had removed Babe's body from the morgue.

Not far outside of the hospital, David cradled Babe's body as they sat upon the ground. He told her that when he realized she'd been drawn back into JR's web, he'd come back for her. He apologized again for being too late, and swore that he would make everyone responsible pay.

Taylor decided that she wanted some coffee and told Jake that she would return shortly. She passed Joe on her way down to the next level, as he made his way up to talk to his son. He informed Jake that he'd talked to the medical team that had been in Kendall's operating room and, before he realized that Zach had shown up in the stairwell behind him, he told Jake that he'd made a mistake and took an unnecessary risk with a patient. Zach's anger boiled to the surface once again and he stepped up to the landing to confront Jake. When Jake insisted that he'd done the best he could for Kendall and tried to walk away, Zach grabbed him and threw him up against a wall to prevent him from leaving, and in the process, slammed into Taylor and sent her flying down the stairs.

Jesse met up with Ryan and Annie and took their statements about their belief that David had taken their daughter. Ryan told him that it had happened once before when David used Emma to try to convince Dixie that the little girl was her long-lost daughter. Jesse agreed to put out an APB to bring David in, and took off to get the process started. Moments later, Annie's cell phone beeped and she noted that service had been restored. She looked at her phone and asked if Ryan had left her a message. When he denied doing so, she played the message over the speakerphone and together they found out that Emma had made her way back to the penthouse and had called her mother to let her know that she was home. They raced back to the penthouse and screamed out their daughter's name - but got no response. Ryan ran into the kitchen to see if Emma had hidden out in there, but Annie quickly called him back when she saw an out-of-place envelope on the table. He emptied the envelope of its contents - a picture of their little girl and a note comprised of cut-out letters that instructed them not to go to the police if they wanted Emma to live.

Bianca sang a song for safekeeping to her sister, but was interrupted when Frankie entered the room and told her that the ambulance that her mother had flagged down to get her to the hospital had been in an accident. Meanwhile, as Angie watched undetected, Jesse returned to Natalia's room and told her that everything would be all right.

Adam arrived at the hospital and asked a medic if he knew where JR was. The medic referred him to another location but, before he could head off, he overheard Frankie as he talked to another doctor about all of the injuries that might come in. He stopped Frankie and asked if anyone he knew was on board the incoming ambulances, and Frankie told him that Erica might have been hurt. When a gurney came in moments later and the EMTs noted that the woman under the sheet had lost her life en route to the hospital, Adam unthinkingly spoke Erica's name, not realizing that Bianca was behind him and believed he spoke absolute truth about her mother.



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