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Daisy and Nina joined loved ones as they bid farewell to Palmer Cortlandt, who had died from a heart attack. David and Greenlee made love. Adam and Brooke decided to leave town and start a new life together.
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Monday, April 19, 2010

At the park, Adam confessed that he didn't want to lose Brooke. Brooke explained that she wasn't Adam's to lose. She insisted that they didn't have a future together and then she started to walk away. Brooke stopped when Adam called out to her. However, before Adam could say anything, Annie ran up to Adam. As Annie wrapped her arms around Adam, Brooke quietly excused herself. After Brooke left, Annie revealed that JR had done something horrible.

Annie accused JR of pretending to be her friend so that he could undermine her. Annie regretted the time that she had spent away from Adam. She decided to take advantage of Adam's retirement by enjoying every moment with him. Adam seemed distracted as he suggested that they return to the mansion.

At the Chandler mansion, Marissa was surprised to discover that JR hadn't shown Annie the tape of Adam kissing Brooke. She couldn't understand why Annie had been so upset. JR claimed that Annie had overreacted when she had finally realized that he had been trying to get her out of the house and away from Adam. Marissa was shocked; she insisted that JR had to apologize to Annie immediately. Marissa couldn't understand why JR would make a big deal out of everyone getting along when he had been plotting behind Annie's back.

Colby suddenly appeared in the doorway of the parlor. "Don't say anything," Colby instructed her brother. Marissa and JR were surprised when Colby confessed, "It's all on me." Colby explained that she had begged JR to help her gather damaging evidence against Annie, but JR had refused. Marissa was shocked that Colby had been spying on Annie. Before Marissa had an opportunity to question Colby about it, JR quickly revealed that Annie had found the hidden camera.

Colby insisted that JR didn't need to cover for Colby anymore; she wanted JR to focus on his family. Marissa appeared relieved to know that Colby had been behind the hidden surveillance, not JR, but she scolded Colby for taking things too far. Marissa advised Colby to remember that Annie had saved JR's life; she suggested that Colby honor that gift. Marissa loved that JR had stuck up for his sister, but she was disappointed that he hadn't confided to his wife. JR apologized and then kissed Marissa.

After Marissa left for her class, Colby grilled her brother about Adam and Brooke. Colby wondered what the significance of Adam kissing Brooke had been. She was hopeful that it meant that Adam would kick Annie to the curb, so that JR wouldn't have to continue with his plans for Annie. JR pointed out that Adam and Brooke had a complicated history, so it was hard to tell where the kiss would lead. Colby switched gears to find out what had happened in Washington, DC.

Colby was shocked to discover that JR and Annie had had sex. She insisted that JR was supposed to have led Annie on, not slept with her. Colby worried that Marissa might find out about the affair, but JR didn't think that Annie would tell anyone. Moments later, Adam and Annie entered the parlor. Adam looked at JR to demand, "Would you care to explain yourself?" JR and Colby's eyes rounded while Annie smiled at them with satisfaction.

JR immediately apologized to Annie for their earlier argument, but Annie suspected that JR wasn't sincere. Colby managed to drag her father out of the room as JR and Annie continued to bicker. In the hallway, Colby expressed concern about Brooke. Colby worried that Brooke wasn't fully recovered from the accident. Adam frowned as he confessed that Brooke had seemed pale while they had been at the park. Colby wondered if Adam was okay. "No," he answered before he took off.

In the parlor, JR apologized for upsetting Annie, but he assured her that he had been trying to protect them because he had realized that Marissa had been on the other side of the door. Annie suggested that JR had tried to protect himself, not her. JR insisted that it was up to him to make things right for Annie because it was his fault that they had ended up in bed together.

JR claimed that he cared about Annie and wanted to protect her. He reminded her that the merit trust would strip her of her fortune if the affair were revealed. Annie argued that she didn't care about the money because she loved Adam. JR promised that he felt the same way about Marissa, which was why JR insisted that he and Annie could never sleep together again.

Annie agreed; however, she felt compelled to point out that JR had enjoyed their kiss. JR didn't deny it, but he didn't want Annie to lose everything because of him. He acknowledged that they had shared something special, but it had been wrong. Annie couldn't discuss it anymore, so she decided to leave. As Annie left the parlor, she passed Colby.

Annie was curious if Colby knew where Adam was. Colby admitted that she had "no clue." After Annie walked away, Colby demanded an update about what had transpired between JR and Annie. JR revealed that he had made certain that Annie realized what was at stake if she talked. Later, JR walked past Annie's bedroom while Annie undressed. JR remained riveted to the spot as he watched her.

At the courthouse, David breathed a sigh of relief when the jury acquitted him of all charges. After everyone filed out of the courtroom, Liza smiled triumphantly and then suggested that David call Greenlee. David was grateful for everything that Liza had done for him. He wanted Liza to promise that she would turn to him if she were ever in trouble. David vowed to help her in any way that he could.

At Fusion, Greenlee recalled Ryan's angry words when he had told her that he had finally given up on them. Greenlee ruthlessly pushed the unpleasant memory away, snatched up her purse, and then headed to the elevator just as Jackson entered. Jack wanted a moment of his daughter's time. Greenlee insisted that she needed to get to the courthouse because the jury had returned with a verdict. Jack admitted that he had heard about Greenlee's testimony.

Greenlee was unapologetic for accusing Kendall of trying to kill her. Jack was disappointed that Greenlee had lied. He recalled how heartwrenching it had been to look for Greenlee's body. Jack had been sick with worry because he hadn't been able to reach or help Greenlee. Greenlee pointed out that she was fine. Jack disagreed; he suggested that she remained alone and in pain.

Greenlee insisted that she would never forgive Kendall for taking away a year of her life and for having an affair with Ryan. Greenlee's phone rang before Jack could respond. It was David. David explained that he needed a ride home. Greenlee smiled with delight when she realized that David had been acquitted.

Greenlee arrived at the courthouse a short time later. David insisted that Greenlee's testimony had secured his acquittal. Greenlee made it clear that she would do it all over again if she had to. David imagined that Greenlee's visit with Kendall had been very difficult on Greenlee. Greenlee didn't want to talk about it; she claimed that she was all about moving forward. She quickly changed the subject to find out how David wanted to celebrate his victory.

David confessed that he just wanted to go home with his wife. A short time later, Greenlee and David arrived at Wildwind. David was touched that Greenlee had stood up for him in court. He admitted that no one had ever believed in him the way that she had. Greenlee smiled as she gave David a quick kiss on the lips. Greenlee then opened a bottle of champagne and lit some candles before she and David sat down on the sofa.

Greenlee wondered what was next for David. David revealed that he wanted to focus on making Greenlee the happiest person on the planet. Greenlee grinned as she warned him that she had high expectations. David was prepared to give Greenlee anything that she wanted, but he was curious where things stood between Greenlee and Ryan.

Greenlee assured David that she and Ryan were over for good and that she was okay with it. She claimed that she was finally free, just like David. David wanted to know what had transpired in Europe, but Greenlee wasn't eager to share the details. She glossed over what had happened, but David refused to allow her to run away from her feelings for Ryan. Greenlee reluctantly told David about Ryan's reaction to her testimony.

Greenlee plastered on a smile as she claimed that it was for the best that Ryan had walked away. As David hugged Greenlee, he was unaware that she wiped away a lone tear.

At the airport, Erica was furious when Jesse explained that he had been ordered to take Kendall into custody so that they could question Kendall about Greenlee's allegations. Erica argued that Greenlee had lied on the stand, but it didn't change Jesse's orders. Ryan approached moments later to let them know that Kendall would not be returning to Pine Valley. Jesse tried to question Ryan about where Kendall was, but Ryan remained tightlipped.

Jesse confided that he was happy that Kendall hadn't been on the plane. Jesse thought that Kendall had been through hell after Stuart had died, so he wasn't eager to question her about Greenlee's accident. Jesse made it clear that as long as Kendall remained away from Pine Valley, the investigation into Greenlee's accusations would be stalled.

Erica smiled when she realized that Jesse was helping Kendall in the only way that he could. She let Jesse know that she appreciated his support. After Jesse left, Ryan showed Erica some pictures of Spike. Ryan admitted that he had been tempted to return home with Spike, but Spike was happy with Kendall, Zach, and Ian. Ryan decided that he would just visit Spike more often. Erica was relieved that Kendall had decided to stay with Zach, but she missed her daughter.

Ryan and Erica also talked about Greenlee. Ryan confessed that Greenlee's testimony had finally pushed him away for good. Ryan and Erica were shocked when they looked up at a nearby television set and saw a breaking news report announcing that David had been acquitted.

At the park, Madison was out for a run when she bumped into Ryan. She stopped to let him know that she had heard about David's acquittal. Madison wished that she could help Ryan in some way. Ryan admitted that he would have joined her for a run if he'd had his gear with him. Madison decided to challenge him to a race to the fountain anyway. Ryan readily accepted. A short time later, Ryan won the race.

Ryan seemed in a better mood, so Madison took the opportunity to thank Ryan for cutting off her credit at the casino the other night. Madison thought that she had gotten through everything with her husband and father, but she realized that she still had a lot of work to do. She acknowledged that Ryan had been correct when he had suggested that she had been trying to shove her problems away. Madison admitted that she had difficulty understanding how a person could love and believe in someone only to discover that the person had turned into someone unrecognizable. Madison wondered how a person got over that.

Ryan confessed, "You don't. You just learn to live with it." Moments later, Emma joined them. Madison explained that she had work to do at the Miranda Center, so she left. Ryan offered to take Emma home, but before they left, he made sure Emma knew how much he loved her. Emma assured her father that she loved him too.

At ConFusion, Jesse spotted Liza talking to reporters about her victory in court. After the reporters walked away, Liza invited Jesse to buy her a drink. Jesse was curious how Liza felt knowing that she had helped a guilty man avoid justice. Liza pointed out that the jury didn't agree that David was guilty. Liza suspected that Jesse was bitter because Liza had shined a spotlight on Jesse's weak case.

Jesse was frustrated that David was free to continue with his life without any repercussions. Jesse also believed that Liza was just like David. According to Jesse, Liza didn't have a conscience or a soul. Jesse threw some cash down on the bar for Liza's dirty martini and then walked away.

Erica arrived at Fusion to look for Greenlee. Jack revealed that Greenlee had left earlier. Erica was livid because Greenlee had crucified Kendall on the witness stand. She was thankful that Zach had managed to persuade Kendall to remain in Europe because Jesse had been ordered to question Kendall about the accident. Jack admitted that he had underestimated his daughter. It was clear that Jack was deeply disappointed with Greenlee.

Jack offered to help Kendall in any way that he could. Erica appreciated Jack's assistance, but she suspected that it was too late because Greenlee had already caused considerable damage. Erica was curious why Jack wasn't defending Greenlee. Jack confessed that he didn't know who Greenlee was anymore. However, he was confident that there wasn't enough evidence against Kendall to pursue charges, since all the police had were Greenlee's allegations.

Jack decided to leave, but Erica stopped him. She didn't want him sitting at home alone, worrying about Greenlee. Jack was startled when Erica invited Jack to spend the evening with her. Jack wondered if it would be a date. "Yes," Erica admitted, but she insisted on deciding where they would go. Jack happily agreed to Erica's terms. She smiled and then confessed that she had been joking; Jack was welcome to offer suggestions on what to do.

Jack slowly approached Erica and then leaned down to kiss her. Erica pulled away before things went too far. She warned him that she only had dinner in mind. Jack smiled as he pulled Erica in for another kiss. Erica twisted out of his arms when her phone rang. It was Opal.

Opal had devastating news. Jack could see that Erica was visibly shaken as she ended the call with a promise to meet Opal. He asked her what was wrong. "It's Palmer. He's gone," Erica revealed.

Adam stood in the parlor, deep in thought, when Brooke entered. Brooke's eyes were filled with tears as she confessed that she had sad news about Palmer.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At Fusion, a stunned Erica fell into a chair, unable to fully come to terms with what she'd just been told. "Palmer can't be..." her voice trailed off, unable to complete the thought. Erica look to Jack and told him that she had to be with Opal but needed to call Kendall and Bianca to tell them what had happened. Jack urged Erica to take a moment to take everything in. "I don't want to," Erica replied. Erica reflected on how Palmer had been so kind to her and her girls. "It's a good thing I'm not the jealous type," Jack said with a comforting smile, adding, "You two were too much alike to be anything more than friends." Erica left the office to go to Opal's side, and Jack announced that he'd be going with her.

"Pete Cooney can't be dead," Adam snarled, "He's in Europe trying to behead that jackanape who swindled him." With tears in her eyes, Brooke informed Adam that Palmer had returned to Pine Valley. Jake had found Palmer in a room at the Valley Inn and had been unable to revive him. Adam decided that he could call his nephew, Ross, to tell him the news but wondered how he could sound sincere in offering condolences for a man with whom he had spent a lifetime at odds.

AMC Recap Photo 100420 Adam was crushed when he learned that Palmer's heart had given out. Suddenly, his own health woes seemed much more real. Brooke assured Adam that he would not befall the same fate as Palmer. Adam felt guilty for making Palmer's death all about him but was aghast when Brooke suggested that, had the roles been reversed, Palmer would have felt the same way. "Self-made, always right, ruthless with enemies, anything for family," Brooke said, rattling off the similarities between the two men. Adam reflected to a time when Palmer had managed to wrangler Chandler Industries away from him. "I won you, Adam Chandler," a proud Palmer had boasted, "and there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

Adam ceded that Palmer had once stolen his company, but it was that stealthy business deal that had, at the time, pushed him and Brooke back together. Adam wanted to tell Brooke something he hadn't had the courage to tell her, but Brooke felt it best to leave before Adam said something in the heat of the moment that he didn't really mean.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie was also stunned to learn that Palmer had been back in town. Jake explained that his father, Joe, had somehow convinced Palmer to let Jake be his personal doctor after Joe had retired and moved to Florida. "He only cursed me out once," Jake said with a chuckle, recalling a time that his stethoscope had been a little too cold. A woman arrived at the hospital and said that she was to have met Palmer at the Valley Inn.

Angie introduced the woman to Jake as Daisy Cortlandt, one of Palmer's ex-wives. Jake greeted Daisy and told her that he was "sorry." Upon hearing the word, Daisy's face dropped. She knew then that she'd not be seeing her "P.C." again.

A few moments later, after Daisy had made some calls, she returned to tell Angie that Nina would be flying in from Chicago, and Petey was going to fly home from Switzerland. Daisy also stated that there would be a gathering at Tad's house with a midnight candle-lighting ceremony to remember Palmer.

Later in the park, Daisy and Nina had a private meeting. Nina confessed to her mother that she wasn't yet ready to go to Tad's and face a crowd. Daisy nodded understandingly, then asked Nina if she'd had her weekly phone conversation with Palmer. With a laugh, Nina said that she had, and that her father had been all abuzz about Cortlandt Electronic's latest patent for a video conferencing product. Nina then asked Daisy when she'd last seen Palmer.

Daisy sighed, and said that she was supposed to have seen Palmer earlier in the day, but that she had been delayed because she'd missed her flight. After taking a deep breath, Daisy said that she had to tell Nina something that she'd never before told anyone. Daisy's thoughts drifted off to a past conversation she'd had with Palmer, one in which they'd agreed to get together for a romantic tryst every fall because she "always liked Pine Valley in September." Nina questioned why Palmer would have wanted to see Daisy in April. Softly, Daisy revealed that she knew the answer to that.

AMC Recap Photo 100420 Tad returned home and found Opal sitting alone in the dark. He teased his mother for taking "being green" to the extreme. As he flipped on the lights, Tad noticed the tears streaming down his mother's face. "Palmer," she said in disbelief, "He died. He's gone."

Opal had known that Palmer had been back in Pine Valley, and she'd called to set up a time to see him. Palmer, however, had told her that he had been tired, and they hadn't been able to see each other before he had died. Opal lamented that Palmer had never known how she really felt about him. Tad produced a DVD and, as he popped it into the DVD player, assured Opal that Palmer had. "She can deny it all she wants," a feisty Palmer said as the video played, "but I know she loves me."

Krystal returned home, and later Erica and Jack arrived at the house. As Erica and Opal shared a loving embrace, Jack revealed that Palmer had left orders that there be "no fuss" made over his death and no formal memorial held. Tad suggested that they cook up some fried chicken. "What better way to send off Palmer than to celebrate with the bird that put Palmer back on top," Tad clucked. Those gathered remembered how, after losing nearly everything he had owned, Palmer had bought the Chicken Shack and had managed to parlay the fast food eatery into a million-dollar business. Everyone filed off to the kitchen, but Erica remained behind. She looked longingly at a photo of Palmer before joining everyone else in the kitchen.

After the chicken had been fried up, Opal revealed a bit of irony about Palmer's rise back to the top -- he had been allergic to feathers. Daisy and Nina arrived at the house, and Tad greeted them with pieces of chicken. Opal raced to embrace Nina then offered a hug to Daisy. As everyone got reacquainted, a messenger arrived with an envelope that was addressed to Palmer. Opal opened the envelope and found a DVD of outtakes that Hayley had filmed for her documentary earlier in the year. Everyone was anxious to see them, and Tad queued up the DVD player.

In the scenes, Palmer talked about his Dobermans and how everyone had been afraid of them. Nina chimed in that she had often thought her father had loved his guard dogs more than her. Palmer then talked about his ex-wife. "I didn't give anything away for nothing," he said with a slight grumble, "it was all for me. Except for my dear love, Daisy. Nobody talks much about Daisy anymore. And it's hard for me to talk about her, too." Everyone then offered a toast to Palmer.

AMC Recap Photo 100420 Erica pulled Opal aside to make sure that she was okay after having seen Palmer reflect so happily on Daisy. As they talked, Daisy walked over and apologized to Opal. Opal felt that no apologies were necessary. After all, it had been Daisy who'd convinced Palmer that Opal was the woman for him. Erica stepped away to let the two women talk. Daisy decided that she needed to tell Opal why she was really in town. "P.C. called, and he asked me to meet him at the Valley Inn," Daisy explained.

A confused look crept over Opal's face. "Well, that's just wrong," she said as she frowned. "I mean, you two always meet in September, and last time I checked, this was April." Daisy assured Opal that she'd never wanted to hurt Opal. She had been hurt at first, Opal admitted, but she knew that a piece of Palmer's heart had always belonged to Daisy. "Every year when September comes around," Opal said softly, "I know the leaves will fall, school starts, and Palmer is with you."

Amazed by Opal's gesture, Daisy thought it time to tell Opal the truth about her planned meeting with Palmer. Palmer had told Daisy the he had something important to tell her. "Palmer wanted to end our same time, next year dates," Daisy revealed. Knowing that, Daisy believed she had subconsciously missed her flight to Pine Valley.

Among Palmer's belongings, Daisy had found a silver chicken pin, a pin Opal had bought Palmer during the heyday of the Chicken Shack. "Of course he never wore it," Opal laughed. Opal was surprised that Palmer had been carrying the pin around with him. Opal burst into tears as she thought about all the time she and Palmer had "wasted."

The doorbell rang, and when Krystal opened the door, she did a double-take at seeing Adam and Brooke standing there. "I don't know if this is a surprise or not," Krystal said, staring at the couple. She invited them in. Brooke and Nina shared an embrace, and Nina reached out to shake Adam's hand. Adam said that he hoped his presence wasn't unwanted. He then reached into his jacket pocket and produced a silver flask.

"Your father and I shared this once, proving that we were just into grinding each other into dust," Adam said, handing the flask to Nina. Nina asked Adam to stay, and Daisy and Opal concurred. "Your memories of Palmer are definitely unique," Opal said with a smile. Erica stood up from her seat on the sofa and also asked Adam to stay, saying, "We're remembering Palmer... good, bad, and the ugly." Tad looked to Erica and deadpanned, "From what I understand, Adam and Palmer were the male version of you and Brooke." Brooke quickly retorted, "Well, I hope Erica and I are the good, bad, and the beautiful."

AMC Recap Photo 100420 Adam thanked Brooke for convincing him to stay. He then mused that he was glad someone was able to see the "soft side" of Palmer. "He shot me!" Adam snapped. He then recalled when he and Palmer had teamed up to go after Michael Cambias, during which Palmer had accidentally shot Adam.

"You couldn't hit a bull on the ass with a bass fiddle," Adam had said angrily as he and Palmer had flown on his private jet. Palmer had told Adam to shut up and "get plastered" because he had planned to remove the bullet with a butter knife. Krystal then noted that Palmer's surgical skills might have been questionable, but she swore that his kissing skills had been just fine. She then remembered a time when Palmer had unexpectedly swept her off her feet and planted a kiss on her.

Erica received a call from Kendall, who said that she'd reconsidered her plans to return to Pine Valley. She wanted to stay in Majorca and work on things with Zach. Erica then informed Kendall that Palmer had passed away. Kendall announced that she'd be on the next plane home. While appreciative of the gesture, Erica urged her daughter to stay put. Palmer would have wanted it that way, Erica said. Kendall promised to take part in the midnight candlelight ceremony.

Adam said that he'd always be thankful to Pete Cooney for reminding him that one's time on Earth was not limitless. He looked to Brooke and told her that he had something that he needed to tell her. Brooke avoided making eye contact with Adam and urged him not to say anything. "I love you. Maybe we can't be together. Maybe you don't love me, but I've said it." Brooke then looked directly into Adam's eyes. "I love you, too," she replied. The two shared a kiss.

AMC Recap Photo 100420 At midnight, Palmer's loved ones lit candles no matter where they were.

Aboard the yacht, Kendall lit a candle and remembered her friend. "You're the only one who knew exactly how to handle the Kane women. Equal parts love and steel."

"We didn't always agree," Angie reminisced at the hospital. "But you treated me with kindness... and Jesse, too. You will be missed, Palmer."

Also at the hospital, Jake recalled stories his father had told him. "My dad said that there was -- and could only ever be -- one Palmer Cortlandt. He was right."

"You were the most charming, debonair man I ever met," Krystal said, her voice cracking, "And a great kisser. You made me feel like you liked me. And being liked by you is the most special feeling in the world."

"The great Palmer Cortlandt. I was so intimidated, when I first met you, by those eyebrows and all that bluster," Brooke reminisced, "but I got to know a man who always said exactly what he thought, consequences be damned, and I learned a lot from you. And today, because of you, I had the courage to say something that I wanted to say for a long time."

"You were the best dancing partner, the best business partner, the best friend," Erica offered as she lit her candle.

"You gave me everything and expected everything in return," Nina said, shaking her head slightly. "I love you, father."

"You were irascible, witty, absolutely brilliant, and always, always surprising," Jack added.

"You and I were always about butting heads," Tad whispered, "but Dixie loved you like a father."

"I damned you to hell for quite a few years," Adam said with a grin, "but the truth is, I wouldn't be the man I am if it hadn't been for you. From Pigeon Hollow to Pine Valley, because of you, my happiest days are still ahead."

Fighting back tears, Opal said, "You are the love of my life, Palmer. A great big wild and woolly bucking bronco kind of love. You drove me stark-raving mad, you old coot."

AMC Recap Photo 100420 "P.C., what I wouldn't give to see you one more time," Daisy reflected, "to honor you and remember you and how much I loved you."

"Kiss my Aunt Phoebe for me," Brooke said as she smiled, "'cause I know she's looking for you."

"You, Myrtle, my mother... Heaven's in for quite a time," Erica added softly.

"You're safe now, lovebug. You're loved. I'll carry you in my heart forever," Opal concluded.

As bright white light enveloped the space, a door swung open to reveal Dixie.

"Uncle Palmer," she said softly, smiling and extending her hand, "Welcome home."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

At Wildwind, Greenlee thanked David for pressing her about Ryan. She wanted to repay David by giving him an annulment. She decided that he was off the hook because she no longer needed protection from Ryan. David asked what if he didn't want to be off the hook. Greenlee felt that David deserved more than she could give him, but he said that they made a good team, even if she never fell in love with him. He asked if she'd stay, and she said she had nowhere else to go, since the town despised her. They realized that they only had each other.

After breakfast, Greenlee griped about the Fusion battle, and David urged her to "win already." He planned to meet a hospital board member that day, and he anticipated getting his chief of staff position back. David suggested that he and Greenlee celebrate their victories later.

In an unknown location, Amandafan composed an email to Amanda to express his delight that she'd actually responded to him. On a computer screen, he displayed Amanda's photo. He used an editing program to blot Amanda's face out with lip-print icons.

At Fusion, Amanda worried that Erica would hate Amanda's photos. Erica loved them, but she was disappointed by Amanda's insecurity. Erica instructed Amanda to exude confidence. Amanda struggled to comply, but she finally called herself the next big thing.

Erica saw Amandafan's emails and instructed Amanda never to respond to anyone online. Erica put Randi in charge of Amanda's fan mail. Amanda said the "fame thing" felt like an invasion of privacy. Erica stated it was Amanda's job to balance her public and private lives.

Jack arrived and asked Erica out to dinner. Recalling Opal's advice, Erica sappily hugged him. "I'd be a fool to ask where this was coming from, wouldn't I?" he asked, and she nodded. As Erica apologized for being indecisive in their relationship, Greenlee arrived. Jack awkwardly greeted his daughter and left.

Erica started in about Kendall, but Greenlee refused to get into it. Erica and Greenlee decided to set parameters for their dueling cosmetics lines. Greenlee asked when they'd have their "make-off," and after debating who'd launch first, the two decided that it was only fair to launch the lines simultaneously. They agreed to hold a gala and use their distributors' orders to determine the winner. The loser would walk away, while the winner assumed control of Fusion.

Randi and Amanda returned to tell Erica that Ciro had been pulled onto another photo shoot. Erica accused Greenlee of hijacking the photographer. Erica said she'd win with or without Ciro, but Greenlee seethed that "Fusion Natural" would wipe the floor with "Fusion Glam." Erica left, and Greenlee murmured that she had to win because Fusion was all she had.

At the hospital, Jake and Frankie praised Angie's brilliant plan. She said that she wouldn't have to do it if David played fairly. At ConFusion later, Frankie and Angie unveiled a "Farewell Hayward!" sign as David arrived. Jake handed David a flute of champagne, and David assumed that he no longer had a meeting with hospital board member Stan Mulverson.

Angie said she'd thrown the little party to give David a gift. Handing him an envelope, she explained that she'd chatted with the state medical board, and David's medical license had been revoked. Angie, Frankie, and Jake toasted as David scowled.

Later, Greenlee saw David sulking over a drink. He told her what had happened, and she said she was sorry. "You don't have to be sorry. This is just the beginning for me," he replied. She asked how he'd get his license back, but David wasn't concerned about that. He was more concerned about how he'd secure Pine Valley Hospital for good. "I'm gonna buy it," he said.

Amanda and Randi met their husbands at the Fusion bar and heard about David's "party." Jake noticed that Amanda's wedding ring was missing, and she said she'd removed it for the photo shoot. Jake and Frankie left for work, and Randi and Amanda went upstairs to search for the ring. Meanwhile, Amandafan dropped the ring on his desk beside his computer screen, which still displayed the picture of Amanda with her face blotted out by kiss icons.

In the park, Brooke and Adam laughed about staying out all night. He felt great because she'd said that she loved him, but she replied that she wouldn't break up his marriage. Adam loved Brooke, and he wouldn't make her compromise herself. "That's why I'm letting you go," he stated. Adam revealed that honoring his marriage vows felt wrong. He wished he could return to the time when he'd been married to Brooke. "This is our moment now," Brooke replied.

Adam wanted more than a moment. Brooke said that it was all they had, and she'd cherish it. Brooke told Adam to give her an hour to move out of the mansion. He stammered, but she asked him not to say more. They kissed.

After Brooke left, Stuart appeared on the bench beside Adam. Adam asserted that he was in love with Brooke but married to Annie. Adam stated that he'd let Brooke go, and it was killing him. Stuart said that Brooke would always be in Adam's heart, just as Stuart was.

At the mansion, Annie dreamed that JR awakened her with a kiss and an engagement ring. Downstairs in the parlor, JR worried to Marissa because Adam and Brooke hadn't been home all night. Marissa called Krystal and learned that Adam and Brooke had been at Palmer's wake. JR wished that Brooke and Adam would reunite, and Marissa was shocked that JR was still down on Annie, who'd saved his life. JR rasped that Annie wasn't good for Adam.

Marissa said that JR needed to stop controlling Adam's life, because JR didn't like Adam controlling JR's. "And you need to stop policing me! I'm not sick anymore; I can take care of myself," JR retorted. A wounded Marissa uttered that she'd leave him to it, then. As she stormed out, Annie arrived, looking for Adam. JR said that Adam had been out all night --with Brooke.

JR explained about Palmer's death and remarked that, if things kept progressing with Brooke and Adam, Annie would be out the door. Annie proposed that she and JR work together to keep their happy marriages but play with each other on the side. Close to JR's face, she quipped that Marissa was boring, "But I make your blood boil, and you love it." Annie decided to get dressed, and she bade JR to watch -- just like he'd done the other night.

When Brooke arrived at the mansion, she told JR that Adam was in the park, and she was moving out. A confused JR said Adam loved her, but she replied that it didn't matter because Adam was married. JR stated that Adam never should have made vows to Annie, but Brooke felt that it still meant something. "I'm leaving Pine Valley," she announced and headed upstairs.

Upon hearing from the staff that Brooke had arrived, Annie hurried to the foyer to find out where Adam was. JR didn't know, and Annie threatened to get the answer out of Brooke. JR suddenly kissed Annie and asked her to leave Brooke to him. He claimed that he'd get Brooke out of the house so that he and Annie could be alone. Annie went upstairs to wait for him, and miserably frowning, JR wiped his lips.

Later, Brooke returned to the foyer to tell JR that she'd fly out that evening. Adam didn't know her plans to leave town, and she wanted JR to wait until that evening to tell Adam. JR implored her to stay, but she figured that JR was just doing that because he had issues with Annie. Brooke asked JR to take care of Adam, and she left.

Brooke met Erica in the park to explain that Brooke was leaving town. Brooke asked Erica to help Adam find a new editor for the magazine. Erica remarked that she couldn't help him find a new Brooke. Brooke stated that Adam was married, and Erica scoffed, "To Annie." Brooke said that Adam would need a friend because he wasn't as strong as he had been in the past.

When Brooke sobbed, Erica comforted Brooke and agreed to help Adam. Brooke joked that someone should record the miraculous moment. Erica offered the use of her charter jet to Brooke, and Brooke mentioned that Jackson and Erica had gotten close at the wake. "Shut up and take the flight," Erica said, and Brooke sheepishly smiled.

Back at the mansion, JR went to Annie's bedroom and announced that Brooke was leaving town because she didn't want to destroy Adam's marriage, no matter how much she and Adam loved each other. "That bitch," Annie quipped. JR ordered Annie to leave her marriage so that Adam could be happy. JR said he'd give Annie money and a place to stay. Annie refused but then asked "What about us?" JR sneered that there was no "us."

Annie told JR that if he ended it with Marissa then Annie would let Adam go. JR refused, so Annie grabbed him and kissed him. She claimed that he wanted her. Prying Annie off him, he replied that he didn't want her, and he never had. "I set you up," he admitted.

JR claimed that he'd only slept with Annie to prove that she was a lying, cheating, user. He said he'd gotten it all on tape, but he'd destroyed it because Marissa had almost caught him with it. Annie shoved JR and called him a sick "son of a bitch." He grabbed her, and as she clawed at him, he tossed her onto the bed. Annie yelled that he wouldn't get away with it, and he forcibly kissed her. They ripped their clothes off as they made out on the bed.

"What in God's name!" Adam bellowed. JR and Annie froze, looked to the door, and saw a fuming Adam on the threshold.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brot caught Natalia rushing to get to a photo shoot. As they bickered with each other over her motives for modeling, she claimed that he'd ambushed her with that kiss the other night. Brot said he'd surprised her, and she'd enjoyed it. She asserted that it had been uncalled for, but Brot said he hadn't heard her tell him not to do it again. "This ain't over," Natalia warned, stalking off.

At the park later, Madison briefed Natalia on the shoot. Its tag line was "It's a natural." Madison announced that Natalia would wear next to nothing, and Natalia asked just how "next to nothing." Madison murmured that they had leaves and tree branches for cover, and no one would see anything. Natalia groaned when Ciro confirmed that he'd be shooting her "au naturel."

Natalia freaked out when Brot showed up on the set. He claimed that he was walking his beat. Ciro told her to get naked, and Brot asked if she were crazy to do a nude shoot. Natalia called Brot a prude, and Brot asserted that nudity in the park was illegal. Ciro and Madison chimed in to say that they had a permit, and they shooed Brot off the set.

After the shoot, Madison, Natalia, and Ciro entered ConFusion and raved about the photos. Madison went upstairs, and Natalia asked to see her pictures. Ciro instructed her to "sit tight" to him. She looked confused, and he dragged her stool close to his. Brot entered in time to see Ciro and Natalia huddled together looking into the camera window.

As Tad and Jesse prepared for court, Brooke arrived with Damon's letter. Tad invited her to Damon's hearing, but she said she had plans. She dropped a flight schedule, and upon retrieving it for her, Tad asked, "Where the hell you going?" Brooke said it was a good question.

Jesse left, and Tad assumed that Brooke was leaving because of Adam. Tad told her not to fight destiny, and she asked if anyone cared that Adam was married. Tad tried to encourage her to stay for everyone else who loved her. Brooke said that she'd lost her focus, and she had to get it back. She didn't know where she was headed, but that was part of the adventure.

Later, Brooke met Angie at ConFusion to say goodbye. Angie wondered what was going on, but Brooke said that Angie couldn't help. Angie stated that Brooke had always been Angie's role model. Angie had followed Brooke on the Internet, and Brooke's articles had deeply inspired Angie to take action. A tearful Brooke thanked Angie for being a wonderful friend.

Angie left, and Brooke read a letter that she'd written to Adam, In it, she explained that she was leaving on Erica's charter jet. She wished Adam all the best, but most of all, she wished him love. Colby approached as Brooke sealed the letter, and Brooke asked Colby to deliver the letter to her father. Brooke went to the airport, and she caught her breath when she thought she saw Adam. It wasn't him, and she sighed.

In Annie's bedroom, Adam saw Annie and JR on the bed and demanded to know what was going on. Annie shoved JR off her and claimed that he'd tried to seduce her. Over JR's shouts that she was lying, Annie asserted that JR had been obsessed with her since the transplant. She said she'd set JR up to show Adam what JR was up to.

"Have you ever considered me a fool?" Adam asked. Annie swore that she was telling the truth, but Adam roared at her to get out. He demanded to speak to his son alone.

Annie went to the parlor and panicked as she heard JR and Adam yelling upstairs. In Annie's room, JR insisted that his setup had proved that Annie was a lying tramp. Adam looked at the bed and said JR had climbed all over his father's wife like a wild animal. JR claimed that Annie didn't love Adam. "Well, that makes two of you, doesn't?" Adam responded.

JR said he'd decided that Annie had to go for the family's sake, but Adam wondered when JR had started making decisions for the family. JR retorted that it was since Adam had shot his brother. JR quickly apologized and said that Adam should be with Brooke anyway. Adam asked if that would erase what he'd just seen, and JR claimed that it wouldn't; however, it would make what JR had done worth it because Adam would be with someone who really loved him.

Adam couldn't imagine that it had all been a con on Annie or that JR would climb all over her unless he had really wanted to. JR denied it, and Adam raged that JR had a ring on his finger. JR asked if Adam would tell Marissa, but Adam hopelessly replied that he wouldn't know where to begin. After Adam left, Scott leaned on the doorframe and said, "Rough day, huh? Maybe next time you'll listen to me."

Scott had heard Adam and JR from clear across the house and said JR was lucky that Marissa and AJ hadn't been home. Scott figured that JR's marriage would go up in smoke, and Adam would never forgive JR. JR claimed that it'd be worth it to be rid of Annie; however, Scott knew that JR lived for Adam's approval. Scott reasoned that JR had thought that Adam would somehow be grateful for what JR had done, but Adam would probably disown JR.

JR seethed that it would be a dream made real for Scott, who wanted the company all to himself. Scott said that JR had screwed up royally, but JR quipped that Adam would get over it. Scott doubted that JR would get over his feelings for Annie, but JR warned Scott not to count JR out just yet, because JR was just getting started.

Downstairs with Adam, Annie frantically tried to discredit JR's story. She said that she loved Adam; however, he retorted that she didn't get to tear his son's clothes off and then talk about love. Adam figured that their commitment had been no deeper than his pockets, but Annie reminded him that she'd saved his life the night of Stuart's murder. She'd fallen in love with him, and she'd protected him.

Adam wasn't falling for it, so Annie asserted that him being out with Brooke all night hadn't secured Annie in the marriage. He claimed that Brooke and he had history. Flashing her ring, Annie said that she had history with Adam, too; however, it wasn't that long, because she wasn't a dinosaur like Brooke. Adam figured that Annie always had to have someone to blame, but he conceded that things had been his fault. He reckoned that they'd never loved each other, but Annie ordered him not to tell her how she felt, because he'd never bothered to look.

Colby entered with Brooke's letter, but looking at the sobbing Annie, Colby decided to return later. Adam said he and Annie were done, and he took the letter. Adam read it, and dashing out of the house with Colby, he proclaimed, "She loves me, dammit!" Annie flew into a rage and hurtled furniture around the room. She grabbed a fireplace poker, and JR coolly strode in. "I love what you've done with the place," he remarked, as he glanced around the disheveled room.

Annie whined about Adam pursuing Brooke, but JR said that Annie had never wanted Adam in the first place. JR argued that she'd sleep with anyone to gain a place in that house. Annie claimed that JR had "come on to" her, and he quipped that she'd loved every minute of it. JR ordered her to get out of the house, but Annie yelled that he'd caused her to lose her marriage.

Later, Colby and Adam showed up at the airport to look for Brooke, but an employee informed them that Erica's charter jet had already taken off. Adam pressed his hand to the glass, looked out at the departing planes, and uttered, "She's gone."

At the hospital, Angie helped Damon with his tie for court and then told him that he'd been diagnosed with ADHD, a behavioral disorder that made him impulsive and unable to concentrate. Angie hoped that the judge might go easy on Damon, in light of the disorder, and she said she'd be happy to show up in court to help Damon because he reminded her of her brother, Teddy. Ted had probably had ADHD, too, and had it been diagnosed, everything could have been different. Angie begged Damon not to waste his opportunity because it was rare.

Outside the courtroom later, Tad spoke to Damon's parole officer about Damon's diagnosis, but given that Damon had almost killed someone, the officer couldn't promise anything. Tad hoped that Brooke's letter would count for something.

After the hearing, Tad and Damon were glad that Damon had been let off with mandatory therapy. Jesse and Angie arrived to congratulate Damon. They wanted to celebrate, but Damon didn't think he should be out celebrating in public after what he'd done. The Hubbards left, and Tad wondered what was wrong with Damon. Damon admitted to worrying that the therapy and the medications wouldn't work, and he'd still be a screw-up.

Tad felt that at least they knew where Damon's behavior stemmed from. Damon wondered why it was so important to Tad, who didn't even really know Damon. Tad stammered as he said that Damon was his...friend. Tad said he'd been given a break in that very courtroom, but Damon retorted that it was a courtroom that his mother hadn't bothered visiting. Damon wanted to give up on himself, but Tad warned that Damon would be giving up on the wrong person. After receiving more encouragement from Tad, Damon decided to walk home.

At the park, Angie told Jesse that she was grateful for Damon's outcome, but she'd miss making a difference for someone. Working with Damon had been more fulfilling than her impersonal job. Kissing her neck, Jesse asked, "How's this for personal?"

Friday, April 23, 2010

Erica had to change her dinner plans with Jack in order to check out a location for her photo shoot. Jack was intrigued when Erica revealed that the location was a yacht. Erica assured Jack that the evening meeting was solely to make sure that she could achieve the right ambience. Jack claimed to be an expert and offered to accompany her. Jack leaned in for a kiss, but Greenlee's entrance halted Jack's intentions.

Jack asked for a few moments alone to talk with Greenlee. Erica agreed, and went out to the lobby to make some phone calls. Once alone, Jack reminded Greenlee that he wanted his daughter back. Jack realized that it was clear he and Greenlee did not approve of each other's choices. Greenlee suggested that she and Jack stop seeing each other.

Jack told his daughter that he wouldn't agree to never see her again. Jack planned to enjoy the second chance he'd been afforded. Instead, Jack offered that when things got tense, they indulge in father-daughter time, and do something fun. Greenlee readily agreed.

Ryan spotted David at a blackjack table in the casino. Ryan said he'd heard about David losing his medical license. Ryan's words stung, so David took a chance and bet high. Ryan allowed the bet, and was rewarded when the house beat David's hand.

Adam was frantic at the airport because he didn't know where Brooke was headed. Colby tried to assuage her father's pain and said that he could call Brooke when she landed. Adam insisted that he wanted to see Brooke, face-to-face.

On the plane, Brooke flashed back to the moment when Adam had confessed his love for her. Tears sprung anew and rolled down her face. The pilot's voice emerged from the speakers and offered to reveal their destination. Brooke thought that the news would cheer her up, so the pilot told her that they were headed to Paris.

Brooke continued to think back on her life with Adam. A smile crossed her face when she recalled their wedding day. The pilot's voice once again snapped Brooke out of her reverie and said that they would be landing soon. Brooke was mildly alarmed. The pilot assured her they were fine, but that they needed to make an unscheduled stop.

Still holding a fireplace poker, Annie demanded that JR stop threatening her. Annie blamed the loss of her marriage completely on JR. JR approached Annie slowly and asked if Annie planned to kill him. Before she could think of a response, JR jerked the poker out of Annie's hands. Annie sank to her knees and started to cry again.

Annie ached because Adam had announced that what he'd shared with his wife hadn't been real. JR was not sympathetic and urged Annie to accept what had happened and move on. Annie couldn't believe the amount of cruelty JR was exhibiting. Annie said that JR's behavior was much more abhorrent than Adam's had been.

JR tried to justify his behavior by saying that it had been a means to an end. Annie believed that there was more to the way they had connected. She reached out to cup JR's face in her hands, but JR jerked away from her reach. Annie said that JR could continue to deny his feelings but noted that he would only be lying to himself.

Annie said that the connection she and JR shared had transcended the sex they had in DC. Annie believed that they represented a second chance to each other. JR was sure that he and Annie hadn't ever meant anything real to each other. Annie pointed out that things had spun farther out of control than JR had imagined. Annie accused JR of still wanting to be with her.

JR said that he had better things to do than entertain Annie's perception of reality. JR tried to grab Annie and throw her out of the house. Annie yanked her arm away and refused to leave. Annie was irate that she had spoken openly and honestly to JR, only to have him dismiss her. Annie got in his face and made it clear that she would not let him treat her like a piece of garbage.

The front door slammed, and Marissa stormed into the living room. She said that she could hear Annie and JR's argument outside. Marissa took in the disarray of the room and demanded to know what had happened. JR told Marissa that Adam had left Annie for Brooke. Marissa was immediately sympathetic and hugged the young woman. Annie saw an opening for sympathy and told Marissa that JR wanted her out of the house before the night was over. Marissa was horrified and tore into her husband for his insensitivity.

Marissa said that JR should be more grateful because Annie was the reason they still had a life together. JR grudgingly agreed to back off. Annie lamented not having anywhere to go or how to break the news to Emma. Marissa offered to pick up Emma and AJ from Tad's house and said that Annie should stay as long as she needed, so that she could figure out what her next steps would be. Annie acted grateful to Marissa's face but when Marissa wasn't looking, Annie shot a devilish grin at JR.

After Marissa left, JR told Annie that using his wife to get what she wanted was the wrong move. He noted that he wouldn't be able to continually make up excuses for the fights they had. JR said that Annie could stay one more night, but after that, he would book her a hotel room elsewhere. JR started to leave so that he could find his father, but Annie stopped him. Annie said that JR needed to accept one part of her reality: she would stay in the Chandler mansion as long as she wanted. If JR tried to evict her, Annie would tell Marissa everything.

Erica called Opal to check in and ended up leaving a message. Just as she ended the call, Adam walked out of the elevator. He lightly chastised Erica for allowing Brooke to use Erica's charter plane. Adam demanded that Erica call the pilot and ask him to turn around. Erica said that such a request couldn't be accomplished that easily, but Adam insisted that she try. When Erica agreed, Adam hugged her in thanks and said he'd never forget what Erica had done for him.

Adam returned to the airport and found Colby. He told her that Brooke was on her way back to Pine Valley and then hugged his daughter in celebration. Colby asked if Adam were okay with what had happened between JR and Annie. Adam said that he had made peace with the past and was looking toward a happy future. Adam knew that Brooke was all he needed to achieve the future he wanted.

Tears welled up in Colby's eyes as she expressed how much she wanted her father to be happy. Adam knew that there was an element of sadness because of his planned departure. He held his daughter once again and assured her that he would be fine. Adam also told Colby that he would always love her and that she would be welcome wherever he and Brooke landed.

Adam's phone sounded, and Adam was delighted when he realized that Brooke's plane had landed. Colby knew that was her cue to leave, and tears ran down her face as she hugged her father one final time. Moments later, Brooke entered the airport. She was shocked to see that she was back in Pine Valley. Her shock increased when she saw that Adam was there to greet her.

Adam and Brooke went back into town and took a walk in the park. Brooke reminded Adam that they had agreed Adam wouldn't leave Annie just to be with Brooke. Adam said that he had been prepared to honor that wish until he had walked in on Annie and JR in bed together.

Brooke was stunned but immediately worried about Adam's health. Adam said that he had been shocked, but more importantly -- his eyes had been opened. He said that he shouldn't have been so wrapped up in the lives of people who would easily betray him. Instead, Adam cited Brooke as real family.

Adam told Brooke about the strings he had pulled to get her back. Brooke was impressed but said that they still couldn't be together. Adam said things had changed since Brooke had left. He told her that his marriage to Annie was over. Brooke was concerned that Adam was making an emotional and rash decision. She said that they couldn't just jump back into a relationship.

Adam agreed that being together again wouldn't be simple, but he said it was what he wanted. He said that regardless of where Brooke decided to run, he still planned to leave Annie. He asked Brooke if she wanted them to love each other from afar or up close. Before she could give an answer, Adam moved toward her and predicted that Brooke would choose to be with him.

After some strolls down memory lane and more prodding from Adam, Brooke gave in. Adam said that he could deal with anything as long as he had the woman he loved by his side. They decided because they had all the time in the world, they would take in both Paris and some tropical locale. Anxious to start the next chapter of their lives together, the couple strolled off hand in hand.

After Jack and Erica wrapped up their respective talks, Jack renewed his efforts to take Erica to dinner. Erica wondered if Jack had any reservations about pursuing their attraction again, given that Greenlee was certainly not an Erica fan. Jack said that he didn't need his daughter's permission to spend time with Erica. Erica was pleased with that assessment, and they headed out the door.

Jack and Erica reached the yacht, and it turned out to be all that Erica wanted. She was able to easily envision the setup of the shoot. Jack and the owner excused themselves to discuss the agreement to use the vessel. Alone on the deck, Erica recalled one of the many times she and Jack had admitted they loved each other. A few moments later, Jack reemerged. Erica said that she was ready to leave, but Jack told her that they wouldn't be going anywhere.

Erica was pleasantly surprised when she realized that Jack had arranged for them to have dinner on board. The owner offered to have champagne delivered to celebrate their new partnership. Jack requested that they have sparkling cider instead. When the owner exited, Jack revealed that he'd ordered the same dinner they'd had on a night when he'd asked her to marry him. They were both amused when the woman who delivered the sparkling cider had on an outfit similar to one Erica had worn once. The woman gifted the apron part of her outfit to Erica. When Erica put it on, Jack couldn't help but put his arms around Erica and relive the memories with her.

After dinner, Erica and Jack thought over all of the things they had thought had been lost and things that had been renewed. Jack thought it amazing that Adam and Brooke had overcome so many obstacles so that they could be together. He pointed out that if the woman were worth it, a man would go to any lengths to have another shot with her. His eyes locked on hers. Erica knew that the last part of Jack's statement referred to her.

David and Ryan were about to begin round two of their uncomfortable conversation when Greenlee showed up at the casino. Ryan stepped away but kept a close eye on the couple. Greenlee asked why David was gambling. David said that although he had the assets, he needed liquid capital to purchase the hospital. Greenlee suggested that David not give any additional money to Ryan and instead partner with her. Greenlee said that joining forces with David was much more desirable than her forced collaboration with Erica.

The Haywards arrived at home and reveled in the ventures awaiting them. David was grateful that Greenlee was willing to invest in his dreams. Greenlee said that there had been no question because they made a great team. Greenlee then said that she had a huge favor to ask. David said that he was open to anything, but Greenlee suggested that he wait and hear the favor first.

Greenlee was certain that David wouldn't like the favor, but David said that he couldn't deny his wife anything. Greenlee reminded her husband that after she had been rescued from the bomb shelter, Angie had saved her life. Greenlee also mentioned that Jake had been a great friend to her throughout the years. She asked David to keep them on at the hospital.

David admitted that it would be more fun to wield power over Angie and Jake permanently. He pointed out that soon, he and Greenlee would reign over Pine Valley -- him in control of the hospital, and her, the sole proprietor of Fusion. David noted that they would be successful, and all men would envy that David was lucky enough to have Greenlee by his side.

David built what he thought would be the last fire of the season. Greenlee grabbed a blanket and sat on the rug in front of the fireplace. They briefly reflected on how wonderful it would be once they had achieved ruling class status in Pine Valley. Their hunger for power easily translated into a passion for each other. David was hesitant. He told Greenlee that she should decide carefully because if she gave in, he wanted everything: mind, body, and soul. Greenlee said that she was sure, and they got lost in a fiery kiss.

The Fusion offices deserted, Madison conducted a tense phone call in which she swore she knew what she needed to do. She made a beeline to the casino and found Ryan. Madison told him that her late husband had left her with a mountain of credit card debt that she needed to pay. She asked Ryan if he would be willing to let her moonlight at the casino. Ryan asked Madison if she felt that someone who had once had a gambling problem would be a good employee at a casino.

Madison felt that the casino would be a good place for her to work because it would help her to deal with temptations. Ryan also asked when Madison planned to sleep, as both jobs required long hours. Madison insisted that she could run on little to no sleep. Ryan agreed to give Madison a chance and hired her.



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