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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 15, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ryan and Greenlee were surprised that Zach had tracked them down to their temporary hideout. As police sirens blared in the background, Zach explained that he was there to help. Ryan didn't want Zach to get into any kind of trouble because of them, so he declined Zach's offer. Zach argued that Ryan and Greenlee were his friends, so he refused to leave without them. Ryan relented when he realized that Zach wasn't going to back down.

Zach smiled and then stuck his head out of the door to make certain that the coast was clear. Zach spotted the police closing in, so he slammed the door shut and then warned his friends that the police had found them. Minutes later, the police entered the hideout, but Ryan and Greenlee weren't in sight. One of the officers showed Zach the picture of Ryan and Greenlee and then demanded to know what Zach was doing there. Zach claimed that he was married to the woman in the picture and then spun a tale about having tracked Greenlee and her lover to the location.

One of the police officers sympathized with Zach's situation because his own wife had been unfaithful. Zach explained that he had lost Greenlee and Ryan's trail, but suspected that they were nearby. The police thanked Zach for his time and then left. Moments later, Ryan and Greenlee stepped from behind the curtains. Zach quickly led the way to his plane at a nearby airstrip and then flew Ryan and Greenlee to an island where Nick Pearson was rumored to be.

Once on the island, Zach helped Ryan and Greenlee to a cave on the beach, where the couple could stay while they searched for Nick. Ryan and Greenlee thanked Zach for everything. Zach decided to move the plane before the authorities spotted it. As he started to leave, Greenlee noticed that a small envelope had fallen on the ground. She picked it up and then handed it to Zach. Zach recognized the letter from Kendall.

After Zach left the cave, he read his wife's letter. Kendall wrote, "You asked me what it is that I want. This is my answer. I want you, Zach. Always only you." Zach smiled and then tucked the letter away.

In the cave, Greenlee admitted that she wanted their ordeal to be over. Ryan hugged Greenlee and then promised her that everything would be behind them soon. Afterwards, he checked to see how her ankle was doing. Ryan could see that it was still swollen, so he quickly replaced the bandage and then ordered Greenlee to stay put. Greenlee urged Ryan to find Nick quickly, so that they could get home to make up for lost time. Ryan grinned as he admitted, "That sounds good."

Ryan returned to the cave a short time later without having located Nick. Ryan realized that Greenlee was shivering, so he built a fire and then held her in his arms until she warmed up. Greenlee reciprocated his thoughtfulness by massaging Ryan's shoulders. Afterwards, she snuggled back into his warm embrace. Greenlee wondered if Ryan thought that they were star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet.

Ryan admitted that he and Greenlee had been more "battle-tested" than the famous young lovers. Greenlee agreed. She conceded that it had always been intense between them, especially when she and Ryan faced something that threatened to tear them apart. "Never again," Ryan vowed as he leaned down to kiss Greenlee. Greenlee pulled away from the kiss because she wanted to wait until the trial was over to consummate their love. Ryan confessed that he didn't think that either of them could wait and then kissed Greenlee.

At Chandler Enterprises, Annie was confident that she had made things so uncomfortable for Caleb that Caleb would be crawling back to his mountain home soon. The sexual tension spiked when JR thanked Annie for her efforts to discredit Caleb. JR leaned close to kiss Annie, but the phone rang. Annie stepped away from JR as he answered the phone. However, no one was on the other end of the line.

Annie decided that it would be best if she moved to another office. She explained that she didn't want Marissa and Caleb to use their working arrangement against JR in court. Annie started to collect her things, but JR stopped her and then kissed her. Colby entered the office moments later and rolled her eyes as she accused JR and Annie of acting like a couple of "horny rabbits."

"Don't start," JR warned his sister. He deftly changed the subject by asking Colby where Asher was. Colby admitted that she didn't know where to find Asher, but she wanted JR to leave Asher alone. JR was curious why Colby was suddenly so protective of Asher. Colby explained that she felt bad for Asher.

JR agreed; he thought that Asher had gotten a "raw deal." JR was certain that Asher just needed some people to understand him. According to JR, he and Colby were those people. JR decided to look for Asher, so he left the office. Annie quickly apologized for what Colby had walked in on. Annie insisted that it had been a mistake.

Colby noticed that Annie made a lot of mistakes with the Chandler men. She suspected that Annie, not Caleb, was JR's biggest threat. Annie acknowledged that Colby had plenty of reasons not to like her. "It goes beyond that," Colby corrected her. Colby admitted that she loathed Annie.

Annie insisted that she was just trying to help JR. Colby argued that JR needed his family, which Annie was not a part of. Annie did her best to ignore the dig by changing the subject. Annie suggested that she and Colby work on a new ad campaign to appeal to the younger generation. Annie thought that Colby and Asher would be perfect for the ads. Colby refused to consider it. However, Colby decided to start her own campaign to keep from finding Annie with her tongue shoved down JR's throat.

Annie assured Colby that it wouldn't happen again, but Colby suspected that Annie was waiting to trick JR into marriage. Annie claimed that she had genuine feelings for JR. Colby didn't think that it was possible to have feelings for more than one man at a time. Annie wondered why not, since Colby had grown very close to Asher even though Colby was in love with Damon. Colby immediately became defensive as she insisted that Asher was just a friend.

Annie smiled knowingly as she questioned why Colby seemed so upset over taking a picture with Asher. Colby accused Annie of trying to start trouble between Colby and Asher. "I mean Damon," Colby quickly corrected herself. Afterwards, Colby stormed out of the office.

At Wildwind, Caleb admitted that he spoke to Palmer all of the time. Asher didn't appear to care; he hoped that Caleb had fun talking to Palmer's portrait and then started to leave. Caleb asked Asher to stay, but Asher didn't see the point. Caleb suggested that sooner or later they would have to stop running. Asher argued that Caleb had done a fine job of running for the previous twenty years. Caleb promised that things were different because he wanted to honor Palmer's wishes.

Asher revealed that Palmer had written a letter that had suggested that Caleb had been lost. Asher confessed that he didn't see it; Caleb's life seemed great at that moment. Caleb ignored Asher's hostility as he extended an invitation for Asher to live at Wildwind, so that they could get to know each other. Asher didn't accept the offer. Caleb changed the subject to find out what Asher's adopted family had told Asher about Caleb.

Asher admitted that they hadn't told him much, so Asher had decided to do his own research. Asher was curious if Caleb had hated Sonia so much that he had felt the need to get rid of her. Caleb ignored the question as Sonia's cries for help replayed in his mind. Asher became furious, so he started to leave. However, Asher stumbled as pain shot through his leg.

Caleb demanded to know what was wrong with Asher's leg. Asher tried to brush it off as nothing but an old injury acting up. Caleb forced Asher to take a seat until the pain had subsided. Caleb wondered how the injury had occurred. Asher admitted that it had happened when he had gone to the mountain, looking for Caleb. Asher explained that his classmates had tormented him about Caleb, so Asher had decided to prove to everyone that they had been wrong about Caleb.

According to Asher, he had made it halfway up the mountain when things had gone terribly wrong. Asher had fallen and seriously injured his calf. Doctors had been certain that Asher wouldn't regain the use of his leg; however, after a year of physical therapy, against all expectations, Asher had walked. Caleb realized that Asher was a tough kid. He was curious what side of the mountain Asher had scaled.

"The east side," Asher answered. Caleb was impressed because professional climbers had been unable to make it up the east side of the mountain. Asher made it clear that his motivation to recover from the fall had been to keep Caleb from taking anything else from him. Asher insisted that he deserved to know the truth about Sonia's death, but Caleb remained stubbornly silent. Asher yelled at Caleb to man up.

Caleb seemed on the verge of opening up to Asher, but someone knocked on the door. It was JR. JR announced that he was there to fetch Asher. Asher quickly agreed to leave with JR, but Caleb blocked their exit. Asher made it clear that he didn't want to be near Caleb. Caleb argued that they had made some headway, but Asher disagreed because Caleb hadn't told him anything about Sonia.

JR lent Asher a hand as Asher stood up to limp out of the parlor. Caleb continued to object to Asher leaving with JR, but JR argued that Asher was family. JR twisted the knife by reminding Caleb that Caleb had given up the right to call Asher family twenty years earlier. After JR and Asher left, Caleb turned to Palmer's portrait. Caleb didn't think that he could be a father to Asher because Asher hated him.

JR returned to his office to find Annie waiting. JR explained that he had tracked down Asher and then invited Asher to live at the mansion. Annie was curious if Colby knew about Asher's new living arrangements. "She will," JR answered. Annie revealed that she and Colby had argued.

Annie had agreed with Colby's assessment that Annie was bad for JR. JR argued that he felt great when he was with Annie. To prove it, he kissed her. Annie pulled away because she didn't want to be the reason that JR lost custody of AJ. JR watched as Annie walked out of the office.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby was surprised to find Asher in the parlor when she arrived home. Her surprise turned to disbelief when Asher revealed that he had accepted JR's offer to live in the mansion.

Bianca dropped by the Slater residence to spend some time with Kendall. Kendall admitted that she had been on edge. Kendall couldn't explain why, but she had felt lonely from the moment that Zach had walked out of the door. Bianca thought it was understandable because Kendall loved Zach and missed him. Bianca was curious when Zach would be back.

Kendall hoped that Zach would be home the following day and then cryptically explained that he had agreed to do a favor for Kendall. Bianca admitted that she knew that Erica had helped Ryan and Greenlee, so Bianca was certain that Zach's favor involved Greenlee. Kendall smiled because she realized that her sister knew her well. Later, Kendall returned after checking on the boys, who remained asleep in their beds. As Kendall entered the living room, she noticed that Bianca seemed sad.

Bianca glanced up from her cell phone to explain that Miranda had sent an e-card to Reese. Kendall was curious why Bianca was in Pine Valley when it was clear that she wanted to be with Reese. Kendall wondered if Bianca loved Reese enough to save her marriage. Bianca admitted that she was reluctant to leave her loved ones in Pine Valley. Kendall urged Bianca to go after Reese if Reese was Bianca's soul mate.

Bianca didn't really know what a soul mate was. According to Kendall, she had been a whole person when she had met Zach, but she hadn't been a person in full. Kendall explained that she and Zach were a part of each other and that was what made them soul mates. Bianca confided that she was in love with Reese, but Kendall and Erica were Bianca's soul mates.

As Kendall and Bianca snacked on bowls of ice cream, Kendall revealed that she wanted to give Zach a special Thanksgiving. Kendall had decided to call the lawyer to postpone the sale of the yacht until after the holiday, so that she could celebrate Thanksgiving on the boat with Zach and the boys after the holiday dinner with the rest of the family. Moments later, the phone rang. It was Zach.

Bianca stepped away to give Kendall some privacy. Kendall was delighted to hear Zach's voice. Zach assured Kendall that he had caught up to Ryan and Greenlee and that he had helped them. Kendall was grateful for everything that Zach had done. She insisted that he was her hero. The conversation then turned to the note that Kendall had given to Zach.

Zach admitted that he wanted her. Kendall became weepy and then confessed that she had no idea why she was such a basket case. Zach chuckled as he advised her to call Bianca. Kendall admitted that Bianca was with her. Zach knew exactly what Kendall and Bianca had been up to, which made Kendall smile.

Kendall then revealed that she had a special Thanksgiving surprise for Zach. She told him that it would involve her, Zach, and the boys on the water before the sale of the yacht was final. Zach wasn't interested. He wanted to spend the holiday at home with Kendall and the entire family, including Erica and Bianca. He also wanted to see Spike's pageant.

Kendall lit up with joy as she told him how much she loved him and then begged him to get home as soon as possible. Zach asked Kendall to close her eyes and then imagine him cuddled up with her on the sofa before a cozy fire. Kendall and Zach were reluctant to end the call, but eventually they exchanged declarations of love and then said goodbye.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tad and Liza ran into one another at Krystal's, where he was having lunch with Opal. He asked Liza if there was word from the jury, and Liza expressed confidence that Greenlee would be convicted. Liza commented that Greenlee thought so, too, since she had skipped bail. Liza suspected Tad knew where Greenlee and Ryan were.

Liza mentioned that a plane without a flight plan had left Pine Valley the night before, and the pilot had confirmed that he had flown to California. Based on the pilot's description of the couple on board, she was certain it had been Ryan and Greenlee. Tad encouraged Liza to keep an open mind. Liza was determined that Greenlee would be in the courtroom when she was convicted.

Opal overheard and scolded Liza for messing with people's lives. Liza demanded that justice be served and pointed out that David had been a father. Opal snapped that David had been as good as a father as Liza had been as a mother. Liza accused Opal of exploiting her own daughter, Jenny, and Opal berated Liza for her cold words. Opal declared that she was glad that Tad had dumped Liza, and she returned to her table. Tad implored Liza to see that she was on the wrong side.

Tad tended to Opal, who was still upset. Tad tried to calm her down and urged her not to let Liza get to her, especially because of her heart condition. Opal appeared agitated and said that she felt funny. Tad escorted her out to take her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Amanda met Jake, who had damaged his car because of a pothole in the hospital parking lot. He jokingly blamed David for causing the pothole, and Amanda teased him for his faulty logic. Frankie entered and inquired about Jake's offer from Doctors Without Borders, but Amanda asserted that Jake was happy where he was. Jake and Frankie went off to work. While preoccupied with her cell phone, Amanda literally ran into a handsome stranger.

The man flirtatiously advised Amanda that texting while walking could be dangerous. He amorously asked whether she needed medical attention. She assured him that she was good, and he said that she looked pretty good to him. She informed him that she was a married woman who was there to tend to her husband's car problem. The man offered to take a look at the car, as he claimed to be good at fixing things.

Meanwhile, Frankie asked Jake about Cara's email. Jake said that he hadn't heard from her in a long time and wasn't even going to consider the offer. Frankie urged him not to hold himself back if it was something he wanted to do. Jake insisted that he wasn't going anywhere and that he didn't want to revisit his life in Africa. Frankie offered to be there if Jake wanted to talk, as Frankie owed him for helping Angie. Jake was paged to the ER, and Frankie followed him.

Later, the "mechanic" returned from working on Jake's car, and Amanda asked him if he would take a check for his efforts. He said the car was drivable, but not fixed, and he refused to accept her money. She thanked him and asked if he had a shop. He cryptically stated that he went where he was needed. She said that she needed to find her husband, and the man was dismayed that he didn't stand a chance with her. She inquired whether he always hit on married women, and he admiringly said that he did only when they looked like her.

Amanda thanked the man again and started to leave, but she realized she hadn't asked his name. Tad and Opal rushed in, and the stranger sprung into action. He quickly noted Opal's symptoms and rushed to get a bag of ice, which he placed on the back of her neck. A bewildered Tad and Amanda wondered who the man was. He briefly explained his actions and told the orderly to take Opal to a treatment bay to perform some tests. Tad thanked him, and Amanda asked why he had let her assume that he was a mechanic. He said he was, but he usually fixed hearts.

The mystery man told Opal that he thought she had paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, or PSVT. He listed the symptoms, and she confirmed that she had experienced exactly what he had described. Frankie was impressed. The man introduced himself as Griffin, and he noticed the Hubbard name on Frankie's nametag. Griffin conceded that he might have caused trouble for the hospital because he didn't go through the proper channels before treating a patient, but he called himself a rebel. Frankie thanked him for the excellent care he had given Opal. "Did you just save my life, or have I died and gone to hunk heaven?" Opal gushed.

Opal suggested that the hospital hire Griffin. Frankie knew of Griffin's reputation as Dr. Castillo, an amazing cardiac surgeon. Griffin disclosed that he was in town to visit his mentor, David Hayward. Frankie informed him that David was gone, and Griffin thought he meant that David had moved on to another job. Frankie clarified that David had died. A shocked Griffin recalled that David had taught him everything, including the maneuver that had saved Opal. Tad said that at least David had been good for something.

Amanda told Jake about how a mystery man had helped Opal and had also repaired their car. Jake wondered if Angie would put the man on the payroll. Jake wanted to find him to thank him, but he had to rush off to a staff meeting. Later, he caught up with Amanda. She thought he'd have to bail on their romantic plans that evening, but he said they were all set since they had a functional car.

Jake and Amanda arrived to see Opal, and Opal asked whether they had spoken with "Dr. Delicious." Jake complimented Griffin's efforts because Opal's vitals were perfect. Opal said she'd have her heart checked every day with Griffin around.

Tad praised Griffin and said that a usually wary Opal would be his patient for life. Meanwhile, Amanda pointed out to Jake that Griffin and Tad were in the waiting room. Jake greeted Tad with a hug, and then he turned to face Griffin. Amanda and Tad were stunned when Jake suddenly knocked Griffin to the ground with a punch.

At home, Jackson promised Erica over the phone that he'd get some rest. The doorbell rang, and Jackson hopefully called out Greenlee's name before he opened the door to Krystal. Krystal handed Jackson a bag of food, as she had correctly suspected that he hadn't eaten all day. He informed her that Greenlee and Ryan had left town to try to prove Greenlee's innocence. Jackson explained that Greenlee and Ryan's search for Nick Pearson was a long shot, but it was all they had because he had let Greenlee down. Krystal assured him that he had done an amazing job, but Jackson lamented that he hadn't been able to save Greenlee.

Krystal assured Jackson that no one could have protected Greenlee like he had. Jack wondered if a more objective attorney would have done a better job. He regretted letting Greenlee take the stand. Krystal reiterated that he had been the best lawyer for Greenlee, and Krystal was sure that Greenlee believed it, too.

Liza dropped by to see Jackson. Liza requested that he get a message to Greenlee, but he insisted that he didn't know Greenlee's whereabouts. Krystal warned Liza to back off. Liza accused Jackson of being too personally involved in Greenlee's case. Krystal pointed out that Liza had been a mess when Colby had been in trouble, and Jackson was only trying to help his daughter. A protective Krystal ordered Liza to leave.

Liza scoffed that she wasn't the one who had broken the law. Krystal demanded again that Liza leave and accused Liza of only looking to make a name for herself. Liza swore that she wasn't out for blood, but she thought it would look bad if Greenlee wasn't in the courtroom to hear the verdict. Liza's phone rang, and after she took a brief call, she announced that the jury was back.

Jackson forlornly mused that the jury had returned quickly. Liza said she'd see them the next day and implored Jackson to make sure that Greenlee was in the courtroom. After Liza left, Jackson bemoaned that the timing wasn't a good sign, though Krystal pointed out that perhaps it meant the jurors all believed that Greenlee wasn't guilty. Jack left Kendall a message asking her to have Greenlee contact him. Krystal assured him that Greenlee would call.

Jackson thought that he was out of options and wanted to look for Greenlee himself. He asked Krystal to contact Tad, but she thought there wasn't time. He grew increasingly upset as he realized he might have to face his daughter going to prison for life. In his anguish, he pulled Krystal into a tight hug.

Jackson released Krystal and apologized, but she understood that he was just leaning on a friend. He called Krystal amazing for how she had stood up to Liza. Krystal suggested that they pray for Greenlee's speedy return. Her phone rang, and she answered it to Tad.

Krystal informed Jackson that Opal was in the hospital with heart palpitations. He wanted to inform Erica, but Krystal suggested that he wait. She told him that Tad had lost contact with Ryan. Jackson wished again that Greenlee would call him. Krystal hoped that Greenlee hadn't been in touch because she was on her way home.

In their cave hideout, Greenlee pulled away from Ryan's kiss, and he asked her what was wrong. She said that she could hardly believe that they were together. He assured her that she could believe it, and they kissed again. She gently pushed him away and protested, "I can't."

Greenlee said that she wanted to be with Ryan, but she worried that their relationship hadn't worked out in the past. He claimed that things felt right and suspected that she felt the same way. She admitted that it felt too right. She couldn't handle getting close and then losing him again. He understood and declared that there was a promise he wanted to make.

Ryan said that he and Greenlee shared something that they'd never had before. He recalled that the first time they had gotten married, they had used standard vows because it had been a business arrangement. He confessed that he had written his own vows for their second marriage, and he'd thought about them every day since. He realized that he had never given her a solemn promise before, and he pledged his heart to her.

Ryan wanted to say his vows, even if they weren't official. He and Greenlee knelt before the fire. He professed his love and swore that he would always love and cherish her. They had been through hell and back, but they were strong together. He promised that their love would last and that no matter what, she wouldn't lose him. He said they belonged together, and while there would be things that tried to pull them apart, nothing would keep him from loving her.

Greenlee declared that it was her turn to profess her feelings. She called her relationship with Ryan an adventure. No matter how emotional or infuriating he had been, she had always known that she could turn to him. Greenlee believed his promise, and she vowed to be as supportive, strong, and protective to him as he had been to her.

Ryan pulled some twine from his bag and wound a piece around Greenlee's finger to symbolize a ring, and she did the same. They kissed as they helped one another to disrobe. They caressed one another as they slowly fell to the ground, where they tenderly made love. As they held one another close, Greenlee marveled that she was back in his arms after she had thought she had lost him forever. He didn't want to think about anything else except how happy they were at that moment.

Ryan wanted to forget the previous two years, but Greenlee wanted to remember everything so she'd never take him for granted again. He predicted that the next day, they'd get the evidence they needed, and they would be on their way back home. She said that in part she wished her ordeal was over, but part of her also wanted to stay where they were forever. She proclaimed that it had been the most romantic, amazing night ever. She looked at something on the ground and announced that she saw a sign.

Greenlee picked up a rock from the ground and thought it looked like the moonstone Ryan had given her. Thunder rumbled overhead, and he urged her not to give up on their plan even if it took longer than expected. She wondered how long it would take the jury to reach a verdict, and Ryan assured her that reasonable doubt would keep them deliberating for a while. He said that they should call Jackson to fill him in on their plan, but they should get some sleep first. They cuddled by the fire, blissfully unaware that the verdict was already in.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At Erica's house, Jackson was still worried about Greenlee making it home in time for the verdict reading. He figured that it was almost better for her to stay away, where she was safe and free than return to a prison sentence. Krystal said he wasn't thinking straight, and he urged her to go home. She grasped his hand, but he told her, "No more hand-holding," and she left.

Jackson went to the courtroom, where he berated himself for letting Greenlee go off to find Pearson. Krystal entered and guessed that he was beating himself up. She stated that he had to stop second-guessing himself. He recalled that Greenlee had accused him of choosing Erica over his daughter. Jackson reasoned that Greenlee might not have remained married to David if Jackson hadn't been globe-trotting, and the whole nightmare wouldn't have happened.

Jackson remarked that he and Erica had thought they'd beaten their troubles to finally be together; however, it had been a lie, because David had been ruining Greenlee's life the whole time. Krystal yelled that his being in town might not have changed a thing. She claimed that if Jackson wanted to blame someone, it should be David, the monster who'd set it in motion.

Jackson erupted into a tirade about David. Ripping apart an enlarged photo of David and Greenlee, he cursed David. Once Jackson had exhausted his anger, he realized that Krystal had purposely goaded him into unleashing it. She hoped it had helped.

In the cave, Ryan intended to look for Nick while Greenlee slept, but she awakened and refused to let him go alone. She suggested they consider the possibility that they wouldn't find Pearson, and she'd face prison time. She'd rather run than go to jail; however, she knew that Ryan couldn't go with her. He said if she ran, he'd never stop fighting to get her back home.

Later, Ryan dragged Nick into the cave, and Greenlee said she understood why Nick had fallen for David's manipulations. Nick claimed not to know what she meant, but Ryan rasped that David had paid Nick to frame Ryan for murder. Greenlee said the plan had gone wrong, and she was the one on trial instead. She promised that if Nick helped her, she'd help him, too.

Ryan threatened to dump Nick in the ocean, but Greenlee's gentler pleas caused Nick to admit that after David had heard Nick in a bar trashing-talking about Ryan, David had paid Nick to put a vial in Ryan's pocket. Greenlee asked if David had said that he'd wanted to die. "He said he was losing his wife, and he'd just lost another daughter and his medical license. His life was over. The only thing left was revenge," Nick stated.

Ryan figured that the statement was enough to get the charges against Greenlee dropped. Nick, however, had no intention of going before any judge. Nick shoved Greenlee and darted past Ryan to escape the cave. Ryan chased Nick, but couldn't catch him.

Back in the cave, Ryan showed Greenlee a video recording he'd secretly made of Nick's confession. Ryan gave her a phone he'd stolen from Nick and suggested she call Jackson. Ryan said they'd return home and get her freed. "And then?" she asked. He kissed her in response.

As Jackson straightened up the courtroom, he received a phone call from Greenlee. She explained that Ryan had found Nick and gotten a recorded confession out of him. She said they'd return home the next afternoon via Zach's plane. Jackson grimaced, but said he could stall the proceedings until then. Greenlee said she was sorry, but Jackson replied that she was worth it.

At the hospital, Jake saw Griffin and punched him in the mouth. Tad followed the seething Jake out of the lounge, and Amanda apologetically told Griffin that Jake never went around punching people he didn't know. Griffin replied that he did know Jake-barely.

At the nurses' station, Jake iced his hand, and Tad asked why he'd punched the surgeon. Jake hadn't recalled Griffin ever being a doctor, and Tad asked who Jake thought Griffin was. "The man who stole my wife," Jake uttered. Tad said Jake's wife was in the lounge, and Jake replied that Griffin had been driving the medical truck that Cara had fled in several years earlier.

Jake returned to the lounge to find out why Griffin was in town. Griffin explained that he'd arrived to see his mentor, David Hayward. Griffin hadn't known David personally, but David had been one of Griffin's instructors and a cardiothoracic rock star. "Well, now he's just a rock, so you probably wasted a trip here," Jake quipped.

Griffin stated that he'd also arrived in town to work with the Miranda Center. Zach had asked Griffin to help with an expansion, but Griffin hadn't expected to encounter anyone's left hook. Jake advised Griffin to leave town, but Griffin left to check on Opal instead. Promising that he'd keep an eye on Griffin, Tad followed him.

Jake turned his attention to the romantic evening that he'd promised Amanda, but she wanted to talk about why he'd hit Griffin. Jake vaguely said that Griffin had gotten on his nerves in Africa, and Griffin wasn't who she thought he was. Amanda pressed for answers, but Jake insisted that whatever had happened in the past had been reconciled with the punch. Before Jake left to fill out an incident report on his hand, he said they needed to have the car evaluated, because he didn't trust Griffin's handiwork.

In Opal's room, Opal flirted with Griffin as he pronounced her "as good as new." Tad entered, and Griffin suggested that Tad get Jake to discharge her. Opal wanted to keep Griffin as her physician, but Tad stated that Griffin was probably on his way out of there.

Opal dreamily sighed as Griffin departed, and Tad followed Griffin into the corridor to say that he knew about Cara and Griffin. Griffin was sorry that Jake was still angry, but it wasn't Griffin's problem. Griffin stated that he'd fixed Jake's car and helped Opal. Before leaving, Griffin said he wouldn't report Jake to Angie, so they should call it all even.

At the nurses' station, Griffin encountered Jake, who guessed that Cara was in town, too. Griffin claimed he hadn't heard from Cara in a long time. A disbelieving Jake stated that he'd gotten Cara's email about Doctors Without Borders, but Griffin claimed not to know anything about it. He said he and Cara had barely been together. "And she destroyed our marriage because of you?" Jake wryly asked. Griffin replied that if Cara had left Jake, it hadn't been due to Griffin.

Griffin returned to Opal's room, where she lavished him with compliments. She praised him for his important job as a heart surgeon, but he reacted modestly. She wondered if he liked cutting people open and holding their hearts in his hands. He thoughtfully said that reviving a stopped heart was a miraculous event.

As Jake and Amanda sat down at ConFusion, Griffin's voiceover continued to say that each heart was unique, and when a man's heart was in trouble, he instantly knew it. At the table, Amanda pressed Jake to open up to her about the incident, but he insisted that he just needed to be in the moment with her. He kissed her and said she was the love of his life.

Griffin's voiceover said a woman's heart was delicate and complicated, and humans still hadn't learned its secrets. People didn't know why the heart became sad, or why it wanted what it wanted. He called the heart a mystery and a contradiction that was at the center of everything people did. A scene of Ryan holding Greenlee played as Griffin concluded that the heart drove people to want more, be more, and live life to the fullest, because no one knew what the next day might hold.

At ConFusion, Liza was edgy while working with Damon. He was uptight, too, noting that once the trial ended, he had to spend more time with Colby. Though Liza was sure they'd lose their jobs if she didn't win the case, she urged him to leave to spend time with Colby.

After Damon walked away, Liza dozed off at the table. Jerking herself awake, she was startled to see Damon watching her. He said it wasn't polite to leave someone sitting alone, and he couldn't risk her having another fainting spell. Liza was sure that instead of helping her, everyone in town would walk over her passed-out body to get a drink at the bar.

Liza recalled Ryan warning her that even if she won the case, she'd lose her soul. Damon said it wasn't true, and they shared a smile. Liza thought it was funny that she'd wound up liking Damon, but Colby still wouldn't speak to her. Damon felt that if Liza could change her mind about him, then anything was possible.

Later, Damon took Liza to the hospital for fatigue. After Damon left to find a doctor, Tad approached and revealed Opal's condition. Liza blamed herself for arguing with Opal. Tad didn't blame Liza; however, Liza figured that she just hadn't been thinking, because the trial had her on edge. She apologized for her part in it, and Tad said he'd pass the message onto Opal.

Tad left, and Damon returned. Liza tried to leave without seeing a doctor, but Damon insisted that she be in top form for court in the morning. As Liza saw a doctor, Tad asked how Damon could be nice to her, and Damon said she wasn't as bad as she portrayed herself to be.

Tad overheard Liza on the phone with Jackson, doubting the admissibility of new evidence in Greenlee's trial. Jackson said they'd find out in court. After her call, Tad was happy to hear that Greenlee had new evidence to exonerate her, but Liza guessed that he just wanted her to lose. Tad said he'd known her for a long time, and he honestly wanted happiness for her. Liza's expression softened, and Damon decided to take her home to rest.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Asher arrived at the Chandler mansion with a stack of boxes. JR offered to help him move in, but Asher insisted that he had it covered and thanked JR for letting him stay. JR remarked that the mansion had felt empty and that it would help to have more family around. JR left, and Asher took off his shirt as Colby walked in.

Asher reminded Colby that he was moving in, but he didn't want to make her uncomfortable. She assured him that she was fine, but she made a point of saying that she was on her way to meet Damon. He told her he'd see her around, but she was obviously affected by the sight of him shirtless as she left.

At Wildwind, Bianca suggested that Caleb take a break from work. She invited him to Thanksgiving dinner, but he gave the excuse that he was busy. She inquired whether he had plans with Asher, and he scoffed at the idea. She asked when the last time was that he had shared a holiday with anyone. He said he'd get back to her, and she left. He pulled out a locket and thoughtfully gazed at it.

At Krystal's restaurant, a waitress informed Colby that Damon was out making a delivery. Colby walked past Caleb on her way out, and he asked her for a favor. He wanted her to give the locket to Asher, as it had been Sonia's. Caleb explained that Asher wouldn't accept it directly from Caleb. He requested that Colby make up a story that she had found it. Colby reluctantly agreed to make sure Asher got the trinket.

Later, Colby knocked on Asher's door and informed him that Damon was at work, but she planned to meet her beau later. After an awkward pause, she handed Asher the locket and revealed that it had belonged to his mother. He asked where she had gotten it, and she admitted that Caleb had presented it to her to give to Asher. He refused to accept it, though she thought that he should. She said that Caleb had honestly seemed to want Asher to have it. She explained that his mom's picture was inside and asked whether he knew what she had looked like. He grew emotional as he confessed that he didn't.

Colby offered to leave Asher alone, but he requested that she stay. She thought that he should open the locket because regardless of Caleb's involvement, it had been his mother's. Asher was still furious that Caleb hadn't admitted to killing Sonia. He wondered why Colby cared whether or not he opened it. She declared that it might be meaningful to him and that he deserved to know something about his past.

Asher took the locket and sat on the bed, where he opened it and looked at the picture of his mom, then smiled. Colby commented that Sonia had been beautiful and that Asher looked a bit like his mother. He apologized for being such a jerk and thanked her. She remarked that she wasn't the one to thank, and she exited as Asher continued to stare at the photo. "Hey, mom," he said, as his eyes welled up with tears.

At Wildwind, Caleb answered the door to Asher. Asher asked if the locket had been bait to get him to visit Caleb. Caleb explained that Sonia had wanted Asher to have it. Asher wondered whether Caleb expected him to open up, but Caleb didn't expect anything. Asher complained that Caleb never gave him direct answers to his questions. Caleb said that the locket contained the only picture he'd ever had of Sonia, and he wanted Asher to have it. Asher accused Caleb of wanting Sonia gone, and Caleb denied it.

Caleb said that Asher had no clue about his feelings for Sonia, and Asher said it was because Caleb never talked about himself. Caleb swore that he had done everything he could to save her and that her death had been as much Adam's fault as it had been his.

Asher asked Caleb what Adam had to do with Sonia's death. Caleb clammed up, and Asher became irate that Caleb wouldn't tell him more. Asher wished that he hadn't bothered to visit Caleb. Caleb said that if Asher didn't want the locket, he could leave it on his way out. Asher left, taking the locket with him.

Kendall stopped by Chandler Enterprises to give Annie an update about Ryan. Kendall informed her that Zach was on his way to fetch Greenlee and Ryan, as they had found the witness who could clear Greenlee's name. Annie sensed that Kendall was there for another reason. Kendall recalled that Ryan had told them both that they'd be connected to one another because of their kids. Kendall acknowledged that Annie had done terrible things to her family, but she wanted to make Annie an offer in the spirit of the holidays.

Annie was stunned when Kendall invited her to Thanksgiving dinner. Kendall said that she and Zach wanted to be surrounded by friends and family, and Ryan would want Emma there. Annie gratefully accepted, but she hesitantly asked if JR and AJ could join them, as well, as they'd otherwise be alone. Kendall refused.

Kendall explained that while she could put aside her own issues with JR, the problem was that Bianca had already invited Caleb, as well. Kendall didn't think that JR would feel comfortable with Caleb and Erica present. Annie understood and nervously clarified that she and JR weren't a couple. Kendall hoped that Annie and Emma would still attend, but Annie thought that Emma and AJ would want to spend the holiday together.

Kendall gave in and offered to seat JR at the opposite end of the table from his enemies. Kendall said that with all the conflicts among her guests, they'd need to set up walls of defense. Kendall asked Annie for help with the seating chart. As Annie and Kendall went over Thanksgiving plans, Kendall suddenly felt strange. She blamed it on the excitement of the holidays.

Later, JR entered and Annie informed him that Kendall had invited all of them to Thanksgiving dinner. JR couldn't believe it, but he and Kendall agreed that the most important thing was that their kids were happy, so he accepted. Annie mentioned that Caleb would be there, and JR tried to revoke his acceptance, but the women convinced him otherwise. He thanked Kendall, whose goal was to show their children that the adults could get along. He warned her to keep the sharp utensils in check, but Kendall assured him that Zach would be there to protect them all.

Once they were alone, Annie told JR that her insistence that Kendall invite JR and AJ to dinner had been a gesture of friendship and nothing more. She believed that Kendall no longer held a grudge against him, but JR wasn't so sure. Annie thought that Kendall had done something generous and berated JR for questioning Kendall's motives. She pointed out that Kendall and Zach had never given up on one another, and she herself wanted that type of relationship one day. JR thought that the dinner would be a disaster, but he looked forward to it because he'd get to spend time with Annie.

Annie scolded JR for using Thanksgiving dinner as a cover to be with her. She wanted to stay strictly friends. She insisted that the holidays should be about family, not their feelings. He found it amusing that they were actually acting like adults. He claimed that he had misjudged her, and complimented her big heart. He declared that he was grateful for her this Thanksgiving. She became teary, and he admitted that while it was wrong, all he could imagine was being with her. He said he was alive because of her and was having a hard time hiding his feelings. He moved in close, but she said they shouldn't go any further.

Annie pushed JR away and insisted that they couldn't act on their feelings, and he said it wasn't easy. They congratulated themselves on holding back. She reminded him that there was too much at stake with the custody hearing, and he said that someday there wouldn't be anything in their way. She said she'd see him on Thanksgiving, and she left.

At the Slater home, Bianca noted that Kendall seemed distant and asked if everything was all right. Kendall wondered what Zach would think of her extravagant Thanksgiving plans. Bianca saw Annie and JR's names on the guest list and speculated that they were a couple. Kendall said Annie had claimed that they weren't. Bianca was concerned about how Kendall's event would transpire, given that so many people who were at odds with one another would be there. Kendall was determined to make it a special day, and she suggested that perhaps they could even convince Reese to attend.

Bianca and Kendall discussed seating charts, and they compared it to planning a battle. Kendall suddenly looked concerned, and Bianca thought her own lack of enthusiasm was the cause. Kendall said she had felt a sudden chill. Bianca went to look for a draft, but Kendall still looked worried.

Kendall covered herself with a blanket, and Bianca apologized for being such a spoilsport about Kendall's plans. Kendall implored Bianca to call Reese, but Bianca said that Reese was busy and wouldn't have time to travel to Pine Valley for Thanksgiving. Bianca realized that Kendall had already called Reese, and she asked what Reese had said.

Kendall said that Reese had been concerned whether Bianca had known about Kendall's invitation. Kendall knew that things had been difficult for Bianca and Reese, but she felt they couldn't repair their relationship with so much distance between them. Kendall reminded Bianca that at one point, Kendall had thought that she and Zach were over, but they had fallen in love all over again and had their entire lives ahead of them.

Kendall left Zach a message to say that she missed him and to thank him for helping Ryan and Greenlee. She admitted that she had gone overboard with Thanksgiving plans, but she and the boys couldn't wait to see him. She professed her love and said she'd be waiting for him.

In the cave, an anxious Greenlee wondered where Zach was. Ryan assured her that they would be home soon. He recounted that he had taped everything they needed to secure her freedom. She looked forward to her ordeal being over, and he couldn't wait to start their life together. They kissed.

Greenlee said that she wanted to be logical, and Ryan joked that she didn't sound like herself. She asked what they would do when they returned home. He said they'd celebrate, but she wanted to take things slowly. She mentioned that David's death had been recent and that people would be watching them. She wanted to do things right, so no one could ever tear them apart.

Ryan amorously mused that they could take things slowly, but as he kissed Greenlee's neck, he said that they'd have to limit their physical affection. She relented and said they'd waited long enough to be together. She suggested that she move in with him when the charges against her were dismissed, and they could share a real Christmas together. He had an idea of how they could pass the time while they waited for Zach, and they began to make love.

Greenlee and Ryan's passion was interrupted by a phone call. Greenlee was thrilled to learn that Zach was about to land, and she and Ryan excitedly proclaimed that they were going home. They gathered their belongings but ran outside when they heard a loud noise. They looked out onto the ocean in horror as Greenlee screamed Zach's name. Ryan instructed her to call 9-1-1 for the Coast Guard, and he ran into the water.

Greenlee called to report a plane crash as Ryan swam out to where the plane had crashed. She looked out at the water and prayed that Zach was alive. Ryan reached the debris from the plane crash and bellowed Zach's name. Ryan dove underwater repeatedly, but he couldn't find Zach.

Ryan emerged from the water, and Greenlee asked whether he'd seen Zach. Greenlee optimistically stated that Zach was a good swimmer and could have survived, but Ryan was certain that Zach was gone. Greenlee refused to believe it and raced to the ocean to find him.

Ryan pulled a hysterical Greenlee away from the water. Ryan explained that Zach had probably died before he had hit the water. Greenlee cried that Zach couldn't be gone. Ryan comforted her as she broke down in sobs.

A distraught Ryan and Greenlee returned to the cave. Greenlee blamed herself because Zach had been on the plane to help her. Ryan wanted to go home, but Greenlee was determined to find Zach. She didn't know how they could break the news to Kendall. Ryan held Greenlee close and said that Kendall would have them to lean on.

Friday, November 19, 2010

As the flames from the wreckage brightened the sky, Ryan held a devastated Greenlee in his arms. Greenlee spoke about how the trip home was supposed to be a new beginning for everyone. Instead, Zach would never go home again. Ryan tried to console Greenlee. Greenlee pointed out that the news would destroy Kendall.

Ryan heard the Coast Guard approaching and told Greenlee to hide in the cave. Greenlee resisted, and said that because of the evidence, she was practically a free woman. Ryan broke the news that Pearson's confession had been lost when Ryan jumped into the ocean to find Zach. Greenlee dismissed that detail and said that she had to go home. Greenlee said that she needed to break the news to Kendall.

Ryan tried to convince Greenlee that she shouldn't turn herself in. Ryan said that Zach had died believing in her and that Greenlee shouldn't give up. Greenlee said that what Ryan was saying was meaningless because she needed to be with Kendall. Ryan begged Greenlee to wait in the cave until he got a better sense about the Coast Guard.

Ryan returned to the cave and told Greenlee that the Coast Guard hadn't recovered anything from the water. He told Greenlee that personnel were headed to the cave to take them back to Pine Valley. Ryan added a promise that he would be with Greenlee when she told Kendall what had happened.

Greenlee recalled the last time she'd been with Zach and the smile he'd had on his face when he'd found a note from Kendall. Greenlee said that she wanted to spare Kendall the pain of finding out what had happened. Ryan said that while they couldn't spare Kendall the devastation, they would both support Kendall in her grief.

Before they exited the cave, Ryan reminded Greenlee that he'd been earnest when he'd adorned her hand with his promise ring. Ryan said that regardless of what happened, he wanted Greenlee to remember his words and how they'd both felt at that moment. Ryan and Greenlee walked out onto the beach and a member of the Coast Guard greeted them. As they walked toward the aircraft, both Ryan and Greenlee were horrified to see the wreckage that had washed ashore.

Jack was glad when Erica returned home. He asked about her meetings with the SEC, but Erica was more interested in the developments with Greenlee's trial. Jack shared that he hadn't been able to get a postponement. He also told Erica that Greenlee had found Pearson and was able to get evidence that exonerated Greenlee. Erica thought that the news was wonderful, but Jack informed her that Greenlee hadn't returned to Pine Valley and hadn't been in touch since the previous night.

Jack said that he needed to submit the evidence Greenlee and Ryan had found so that Greenlee's innocence could be proven. Erica thought that Greenlee was planning to make a grand entrance, but Jack wasn't convinced. Jack said that he felt like he was losing Greenlee again. Jack told Erica how he'd destroyed a poster of David that had been in the courtroom. He said that he would have destroyed everything else if Krystal hadn't been there. Erica winced at Krystal's name, and then told Jack that he should have called. Jack said that he knew Erica had been saddled with the SEC case. Erica told Jack that he would always be her priority.

Jack insisted that Erica tell him about her meetings at the SEC. Erica said that she felt she'd made a strong case that would return Cortland Electronics to the proper hands. Erica dropped the discussion quickly and said that she wanted to preserve the love that she and Jack had found again. Erica suggested that as soon as Jack got the murder charges against Greenlee dropped, Jack should pick up their marriage license. Erica said that she wanted to marry Jack before Thanksgiving.

At the hospital, Kendall warned Bianca and the man she was walking with to be careful, as she'd just mopped. Bianca introduced Kendall to Griffin Castillo. Kendall knew Griffin was the man Zach had hired for the Miranda Center. Griffin wanted to know why Kendall was mopping floors. Before Kendall could explain, another wave of unsteadiness struck her. Bianca grabbed her sister's arm to keep Kendall from falling.

After Kendall said that she'd gotten dizzy, Bianca asked Griffin to look at Kendall. Kendall said that she was fine and that the cleaning fumes had probably gotten to her. Bianca pointed out that Kendall hadn't been sleeping and should rest. Griffin offered to find an empty room so that Kendall could relax for a few moments.

Once Kendall was settled in a room, Griffin again asked about Kendall mopping floors. Bianca jumped in and said that Kendall had to do community service for pushing the law too much to help a friend. Griffin quipped that he needed a friend like Kendall. At that moment, Griffin's phone rang.

After he took the call, Griffin said that he needed to check on a patient on another floor. He asked if Kendall would be okay, and Kendall promised she would. Griffin told Bianca to think about outpatient possibilities for the Miranda Center and dashed out of the room. Bianca expressed concern over how tired Kendall appeared. Kendall said that it'd been hard on her and the boys without Zach around.

Bianca asked why Kendall got involved in Greenlee's problems instead of focusing on her marriage. Kendall insisted that she and Zach were fine. Kendall turned the tables and wondered how Bianca's marriage was okay when she and Reese were on opposite sides of the ocean, ignoring each other and pretending everything was okay. Bianca refused to admit that she had any problems with Reese.

Kendall apologized for harassing Bianca about her relationship. Bianca realized that Kendall's reactions were because Kendall was away from the man she loved. Kendall pointed out that she and Zach had left town and sailed the ocean before realizing that they needed to be back in Pine Valley. Kendall said that their return to Pine Valley was proof that anything could be worked out, and added that Bianca and Reese would be fine. Kendall noted that once Zach returned, she would never let him leave again.

Amanda found Jake at the hospital and asked if he was ready to talk about Griffin. Jake said that he'd moved beyond wanting to talk about the new doctor in town. Amanda asked why Jake had hit Griffin, and Jake simply said that it had felt good. Jake avoided further conversation by telling Amanda that he needed to get back to work.

Griffin told Tad that Opal's heart was fine and that she would be checked out of the hospital. Tad thanked Griffin for taking care of Opal. Tad then revealed that he knew about Griffin's connection to Jake's ex-wife. Griffin said that he was no longer in touch with Cara and that he'd moved on. Tad suggested that Griffin keep his distance from the Martin family, and Griffin was glad to oblige.

Jake walked up just as Griffin walked away. Tad tried to update Jake on Opal's prognosis, but Jake was distracted. Tad suggested that he and his little brother talk over coffee. Jake said that he hadn't been interested in talking when Amanda had asked him to, and he still wasn't interested. Tad made it clear that Jake didn't have a choice.

Amanda ran into Griffin in the hallway on her way out. She apologized again for the way Jake had behaved. Amanda noted how odd it was that Griffin and Jake would run into each other so long after leaving Doctors Without Borders. Griffin thought that Amanda was hinting at a question. Amanda impulsively asked Griffin if she could treat him to lunch, and Griffin eagerly agreed.

Over lunch at Krystal's, Jake monopolized the conversation in an attempt to avoid talking about Griffin. Tad called Jake on his actions, and Jake claimed not to have a problem with Griffin. Tad thought that Jake's punch to Griffin's face said otherwise, but Jake claimed the punch was closure. Tad asked Jake what he would do if Griffin planned to stay in town. Jake said that he wouldn't be bothered because Griffin's relationship with Jake's ex-wife was in the past.

Jake said that he wanted to forget his past with Carolyn because he had everything he needed with Amanda. Tad questioned whether Jake had actually dealt with his feelings. Tad suggested that the punch could have been avoided if Jake had talked about his feelings. Jake admitted that he hadn't talked about what he felt because he hadn't quite understood why his marriage had fallen apart.

Amanda took Griffin to ConFusion for lunch, and the two shared some small talk. Amanda soon veered to talk of the DWB program, and asked if Griffin knew Carolyn. When Griffin grudgingly admitted he did, Amanda realized that Griffin was the man who had broken up Jake's marriage.

Griffin told Amanda that what he'd shared with Cara was brief, and that they were no longer together. Griffin noted that when he and Cara split, there were no hard feelings. Amanda asked if Griffin knew who had contacted Jake about an open position with DWB. Griffin said that he hadn't contacted Jake, and didn't know who would.

Amanda changed topics and asked Griffin about his involvement with the Miranda Center. Griffin only got to share a few words about the work he would do before Jake showed up. Jake asked Amanda if she wanted to go to Greenlee's hearing with him. Amanda agreed and, after Jake promised to keep his hands to himself, Amanda stepped away to call the babysitter.

Griffin questioned why Jake hadn't told Amanda that Cara was the person who had contacted him about the DWB position. Jake didn't think it was any of Griffin's business, and Griffin suggested that Cara's email was something Amanda should know about. Griffin excused himself after promising that he would swing back if Jake tried to hit him again.

When Amanda returned to the table, Jake asked why Amanda hadn't mentioned that she was having lunch with Griffin. Instead of answering, Amanda asked why Jake hadn't told her that Griffin was the man who had stolen Jake's ex-wife. Jake said that he wanted to forget the past because it wasn't important. Amanda countered that Jake was in pain and couldn't talk about it. Amanda said that she wanted to help Jake, and asked why Cara had left him.

Kendall left the hospital and went home. There, she saw Spike and promised him that Zach would be at his pageant. When Spike said that he missed Zach, Kendall agreed wholeheartedly. Spike then showed Kendall a picture he'd drawn for Zach. Kendall showered her son with praise, and sent him off to the kitchen to draw another picture. Once the little boy was gone, Kendall called Zach and left him another message. After she was done, Kendall lay down for a nap and hoped that her husband would be there when she woke up.

After what seemed like only a few moments, Kendall opened her eyes and saw Zach. Kendall told Zach how much she missed him, and said that the boys would be excited to see him. Zach told Kendall that she shouldn't miss him. Zach said that Kendall would see and hear him every time she looked at the boys. Zach encouraged her to remember their love and carry it with her -- always.

Jack and Erica went to the courthouse, and Jack was worried when he didn't see Ryan and Greenlee. He was relieved moments later when Greenlee and Ryan walked into the courtroom. Jack's relief turned to confusion when he saw Greenlee in handcuffs. Ryan explained that Greenlee had turned herself in while they were in California. Jack asked what had happened to the evidence. Ryan haltingly mentioned that there had been a crash.

Jack and Erica pelted Ryan and Greenlee with questions. While Greenlee stayed quiet, Ryan explained to Erica that Zach had helped transport Ryan and Greenlee to the island where they'd found Pearson. Ryan added that Zach had been on his way back to pick them up when Zach's plane had exploded.

Erica tried to reject the story that Ryan told. However, the reality of the situation hit both Erica and Jack as Ryan revealed additional details about what had happened. Jack briefly excused himself to talk to the officers. Erica said that she had to tell Kendall what had happened. Jack returned to the group just as Greenlee said that she wanted to be the one to tell Kendall.

Erica insisted that Greenlee's help was not needed, and Jack told Greenlee that she needed to be processed. Ryan told Greenlee that he would go with Erica to break the news to Kendall. Although it wasn't what she wanted, Greenlee trusted Ryan.

After Erica and Ryan left, Jack found out from the judge that they had some extra time to submit the evidence that Greenlee and Ryan had found. Greenlee broke the news to Jack that the evidence had been ruined when Ryan swam out to the wreckage. Jack realized that they no longer had anything to prevent a guilty verdict against Greenlee.

A knock on the front door startled Kendall awake. Kendall immediately thought that Zach was home. Kendall was disappointed when she opened the door and saw her mother and Ryan at the threshold. Erica and Ryan's faces fell when Kendall said that she'd hoped Zach was home.



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