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Amanda Dillon
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Actor History
Brett and Kevin Salvaggio
Early 1990s
Julia and Leigh Pikus
Early to mid-1990s
Phoebe Cutter
Alexis Manta

Born on-screen on May 14, 1992


Former employee of Chandler Enterprises

Former model for Fusion

Former personal assistant at Fusion (500 Front Street)

Former personal assistant at New Beginnings


400 Lake Drive, Pine Valley, PA 09109

Formerly 3420 Canyon Drive

Formerly Wildwind (3900 Glenview Road)

Formerly at Brooke English's home

Formerly the Chandler mansion

Formerly Denver, Colorado

Formerly at the Dillon house, 312 Pine Street

Marital Status

Married to Jake Martin [Married: Jun 11, 2009; second wedding: Jun 10, 2010]

Past Marriages



Trevor Dillon (father; deceased)

Janet Marlowe (biological mother)

Natalie Marlowe (adoptive mother; deceased / biological aunt)

Tim Dillon (brother; via adoption / biological cousin)

Wilma Marlowe (grandmother)

Arlene Dillon (aunt)

Hayley Vaughan (cousin)

Lorenzo Hector Santos (first cousin once removed)


Trevor Martin (with Jake) [Jun 12, 2009]

Flings & Affairs


Aidan Devane (kissed)

Tad Martin (kissed)

Adam Chandler Jr. (lovers)

Jamie Martin (lovers)

Jonathan Lavery (lovers)

Jake Martin (lovers)

David Hayward (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed

Ran away from home

Claimed that Diana Cole stole money from a safe at Chandler mansion. [May 19, 2005]

Planned to drug Jamie Martin so he would marry her [2005]

Arrested on prostitution charges [Jun 9, 2008; charges were dropped]

Asked Frankie Hubbard to alter the results of her paternity test to show that J.R. was the baby's father [Feb 2009]

Perjury; lied under oath at her deposition by saying that David never paid her to get J.R. drunk [Mar 2009]

Assault; hit David over the head with a shovel [Oct 15, 2009]

Health and Vitals

Hospitalized after being struck by a car [Nov 2005]

Poked in her left eye by a flower [Aug 2008]

Diagnosed with HPV [Jul 2011]

Diagnosed with cervical cancer [Jul 26, 2011]

Had a hysterectomy [Aug 12, 2011]

Suffered arrhythmia during her hysterectomy [Aug 15, 2011]

Brief Character History

Amanda was conceived on what was thought to be Trevor and Natalie Hunter's wedding night. Instead, Janet Green, who was insanely jealous of her sister Natalie's relationship, posed as her sister. Janet made herself to look and sound like Natalie, threw her sister down a well, and took her place at Trevor's side. A non-suspecting Trevor made love with "Natalie" and Amanda was result. Later, the real Natalie was rescued and Janet was sent to prison for various crimes. It was there that she told Trevor the truth and that he was to be a father. Janet did make one more attempt to get Natalie and Trevor back. She broke out of prison, kidnapped Natalie, and proceeded to beat her sister up. Not before long, Janet's contractions began and Natalie helped Janet deliver Amanda. Then, Natalie and Trevor took the child in.

After Natalie's death, Janet was released from prison because she agreed to have an experimental reconstructive surgery. Janet wanted to be reunited with her daughter and Trevor, so she returned to Pine Valley as "Jane Cox" and almost got Trevor to marry her. Then she would be Amanda's stepmother. But Harold the dog, who never liked Janet Green, could tell that "Jane Cox" wasn't who she claimed to be. After this incident, Trevor and Janet went to court to decide custody of Amanda, which was eventually awarded to Trevor. Gradually, Amanda and Janet became friends and Amanda trusted and liked Janet. She became very close to Janet. Later, Amanda found a video tape which had Janet on it explaining the happenings of her past. Amanda saw this tape and she wanted to check out the scene of Janet's crime: the well at Wildwind. When Amanda was snooping around the well, she accidentally fell in, and like Natalie, she was trapped. When Amanda was noticed missing, Jaime Martin, Amanda's good friend, told Janet where Amanda was and what had happened and Janet rescued her daughter.

Trevor eventually told Amanda the truth about her mother. After the initial shock of the news, Trevor and Janet grew closer and Trevor wouldn't let Janet walk away from her daughter. Later, after a little help from Amanda, Trevor and Janet got married. Amanda feels she is very lucky to finally have her two loving parents living with her. What she doesn't realize is how far her mother would go to keep her safe. In 1997, Trevor finally, gently informed Amanda that her mother is Janet. Amanda's tears made Janet think that she had made a mistake, pushing so hard to be a part of her daughter's life. But Trevor wouldn't let her walk away. For better or worse, Janet is Amanda's mother, and now more than ever, the girl is going to need her. In May 2000, Amanda and Janet relocated to Colorado to be reunited with Trevor, who had been on the run after being falsely accused of murder.

In 2005, Amanda returned to town to attend school and reconnect with childhood friends J.R. Chandler and Jamie Martin. J.R. caught her stealing from his safe, and threatened to turn her into the authorities. Amanda offered to have sex with J.R. in exchange for him forgiving her, but J.R. bested her: He'd not pursue charges against her if she broke up Jamie and his fiancée Babe Carey. Amanda agreed, and befriended Babe in an effort to split her and Jamie. Amanda lied to Jamie and Babe that J.R. drugged her in an effort to get her into bed, prompting a gallant Jamie to demand that Amanda move in with them. Amanda agreed, secretly thrilled that she'd be in closer proximity to the couple she's sworn to destroy.

J.R., Jamie and Babe all eventually turned on Amanda, although it took Jamie longer than the others. Unfortunately for Amanda, Babe informed Jamie that she had planned to drug him and marry him to get her hands on the Wallingford money. Jamie washed his hands of her, but it didn't last long. He was soon back in her life, although she had no idea that Jamie was trying to get the goods on her. She got a new job working for Josh and Erica at New Beginnings, but then she began experiencing blackouts. When horrible things started happening to the residents of Pine Valley during her blackouts, Amanda began to worry that she was the one hurting people.

It wasn't long before the truth came out that it was Amanda's mother, Janet, back in town and off her medication that had been doing all the horrible things to the citizens of Pine Valley. Learning that her mother was responsible for the explosion at the Mardi Gras ball that had killed a number of people (including Zach Slater's son, Ethan Cambias) and then finding out that she had also been responsible for the death of her father, Trevor, was the last straw. Amanda was inconsolable for a time, staying with Brooke English, who was helping her handle what her mother had done. Before long, Amanda was slowly returning to her old self, and began to spend time hanging out with Jonathan and Lily, whom she helped to hide their relationship from her father, Jack, and Del Henry.

Amanda was impressed with Jonathan's ability to love selflessly, and started to have feelings for Jonathan. After Lily proved unable to forgive Jonathan for his deception, Amanda seduced Jonathan, assuring him that all she wanted was a "friends with benefits" relationship. Amanda revealed to Del that she'd fallen for Jonathan, and Jon, who'd overheard, ended their no-strings relationship for fear of hurting Amanda. Amanda and Jonathan remained friends and Amanda was the one who helped Jonathan through the weeks following Erin's death.

Adam Chandler enlisted Janet's help in his scheme to get revenge on Krystal. Janet was the one who cared for baby Jenny after Adam kidnapped the infant. When Amanda found the toy warehouse where her mother was holed away with the baby, Janet knocked Amanda out. Amanda awoke to find herself alone with an ill baby Jenny, but fortunately help soon arrived.

Amanda was outraged when it became apparent that Adam Chandler was going to get away with his role in the kidnapping, while a mentally ill Janet was being held accountable. Amanda was soon duped by J.R., who she'd seduced after initially rejecting him. J.R. asked her out for a night on the town only so that she could be kidnapped along with him as part of J.R.'s revenge against Adam. Amanda was terrified at first, but soon realized that J.R. was behind the kidnapping. Furious at first, Amanda soon realized that she could use J.R. as he'd used her - and demanded payment for her silence.

Amanda started to have an affair with Jake Martin but things did not go very far for them since he became smitten with Taylor Thompson. Jake broke up with Amanda and that was when Amanda went back to befriending J.R. Chandler. Amanda worked with Babe Carey to release a new perfume from Fusion titled "Bella." What she did not know was that Adam Chandler tainted the bottles of perfume and this caused Fusion to face many lawsuits over product liability. Amanda was relieved when it was revealed Adam (with Pete Cortlandt's help) tainted the bottles and Erica got the lawsuits dropped.

Amanda got roped into David Hayward's scheme to get paid a lot of money in order to get J.R. to fall off the wagon in order for him to get revenge on J.R. since he blamed him for Babe's death. Amanda decided to get J.R. to drink again so that David could get custody of Little Adam. She succeeded since J.R. started to drink again but, at one point, she told David she wanted no part of his scheme. He blackmailed her into continuing to go along with his plan. Eventually, David confessed to J.R. that he paid Amanda to get him to drink again so he could get Little Adam and Amanda did not deny David's story. J.R., still, stuck by Amanda. J.R. broke off all ties with Amanda when he found out that she lied about him being the father of her unborn baby.

Amanda came up with a wild scheme with Jake. She told Jake that she wanted to give up her baby for adoption so David could not get his hands on the child. Amanda's plan would have her and Jake go to an undisclosed location and Jake would induce labor and deliver Amanda's baby. They would take her baby to a clinic and alter records to make it look like the baby died at birth. In reality, the baby would be alive and with adoptive parents. Jake agreed to help. Over time, the two developed genuine feelings for each other and, on June 11, 2009, they were married.

The newly married couple used the cover of a honeymoon to carry out their plan. Jake induced Amanda's labor, and they faked the death of the child. They named the baby Trevor after Amanda's father. Tad accidentally tipped David off to their location, but Jake and Amanda convinced David the baby had died. When they returned to Pine Valley, they held a funeral for Trevor, and Amanda agreed to bury his ashes next to Babe, David's daughter. Jake had predicted Amanda would want to raise her son, so he had arranged for Trevor to be cared for in the area. Jake took Amanda to visit her son, but when it was time to leave, she could not part with him again. A friend of Jake's, Taylor Thompson, hid Trevor at her apartment.

Amanda pretended she could not have more children so David would understand why she and Jake were going to adopt a child. Opal, Tad's mother, was supposed to find an abandoned baby, Trevor, and then when no one claimed the baby, Jake and Amanda would adopt him. Randi Hubbard found Trevor before Opal and took him home. Randi had just suffered a miscarriage and believed she and her husband Frankie were meant to raise the child. Jake and Amanda were forced to contact the police to locate Trevor, and David learned his son was alive. Amanda and Jake were taken into police custody for placing Trevor in danger, and social services gave custody of Trevor to David.

David agreed to drop the charges against Jake and Amanda and allow Amanda to see Trevor if they met his one condition: Amanda had to move into Wildwind. Amanda was forced to choose between her husband and her son. She chose to move in with David, and Jake supported her decision. Amanda and Jake were devoted to making their marriage work. They exchanged wedding bands in a private ceremony, and sneaked around when David was out. When David realized Amanda and Jake's marriage was still strong, he made it more difficult for Jake to sneak over. David wanted Amanda to love him so they could be a real family with their son. Amanda and Jake decided to use David's feelings for Amanda against him.

Jake and Amanda wanted to convince David that he might have a chance to win Amanda's heart. When David was vulnerable, they would use that to their advantage against him. Amanda and Jake pretended their marriage was in trouble. They staged arguments in front of David, but with time, the arguments and the trouble became real. Jake felt left out when he witnessed the relationship developing between David and Amanda as they bonded over Trevor.

David began to believe Amanda could love him, so he proposed a business arrangement that would further complicate Amanda's marriage. David wanted Amanda to have another child with him. Amanda would have to remain with David through the pregnancy and could not sleep with Jake, but after the child was born, Amanda could return to her husband and have shared custody of both children. Amanda agreed. She wanted to have the insemination done right away. They chose to use a clinic outside of Pine Valley. On the day of the appointment, David arranged for the car to run out of gas. Amanda did not want to miss her opportunity to get pregnant that month, so when David suggested sex, Amanda eventually agreed. She hid the truth from Jake.

Amanda was troubled by her lie. She was jumpy around David and pulled away from intimacy with Jake. He was worried David had raped her. Amanda confided in Angie Hubbard, and Angie convinced her to tell Jake the truth. Jake was devastated and prepared to leave town. When Trevor arrived at the hospital with a high fever, he changed his mind and stayed.

David learned it was unlikely he would be able to father a child, so he devised a new plan to win Amanda. He claimed he had a rare form of cancer and did not have long to live. Amanda was truly concerned about David, but Jake believed he was faking the illness to prey on Amanda's sympathy. Amanda threatened to divorce Jake if he did not leave David alone.

Amanda worried about David and tried to help care for him. She researched his cancer and learned it was hereditary. Trevor was tested. The test revealed David had not passed the illness to Trevor because David was not Trevor's father -- Jake was. David had known he was not the father. Jake and Amanda were furious with David, but chose to focus on their happiness instead of seeking revenge against David.

Erica Kane hired Amanda to be the model for a new line of Fusion products. Amanda had a stalker that went by the name "amandafan." At first, Amanda believed the messages were from Jake and responded to them. The fan was actually Janet Green, her mother. Janet had a long history of mental instability.

Janet wanted to kidnap Amanda and Trevor and take them to Italy. Janet planned to manage Amanda's modeling career. Janet suffered a stroke and remained in Pine Valley to recover. Janet filled Amanda's head with doubts about her own sanity. Amanda was convinced she would lose her grip on reality like her mother had. Hoping to calm his wife's fears, Jake arranged for he and Amanda to renew their vows.

Amanda wondered why Jake never talked about his previous marriage. He had married a fellow doctor, Cara Castillo, when he was part of Doctors Without Borders. Amanda found a new source for information about Jake's prior marriage when a man named Griffin arrived in town. When Jake saw Griffin at the hospital, Jake punched him. Amanda learned Jake's ex-wife had been involved in an affair with Griffin.

When Jake refused to open up about his marriage to Cara, Amanda questioned Griffin. Then Cara arrived in town. Amanda tried to befriend her until Tad revealed the relationship between Griffin and Cara. They were never lovers. They were siblings.

Amanda was troubled by Jake's feelings for Cara. He claimed he hated Cara, yet did not object when Cara accepted a job at the hospital. Jake wanted to know why Cara had led him to believe she'd had an affair. Cara confessed she had loved Jake too much to drag him into the trouble she was facing from a drug cartel. Cara had angered a drug cartel when she saved a young boy instead of the brother of the cartel leader. When she left the country, she would be killed.

Amanda was jealous of the closeness between Jake and Cara, so she arranged for Cara to be deported. Jake was furious with Amanda, and she tried to undo the damage she had caused. Jake's brother, Tad, married Cara to keep her in the country. Amanda tried to repair her marriage by suggesting she and Jake have another child. Jake said it was not the right time. Amanda felt she was losing Jake to Cara.

Amanda decided to secretly go off her birth control. She believed Jake would be thrilled if she was pregnant and the new baby would distract Jake from thinking about Cara. Shortly after Amanda stopped taking her birth control pills she experienced a dizzy spell and told Jake she felt like she did when she was pregnant with Trevor. Jake questioned how a pregnancy could be possible which forced Amanda to tell Jake she continued to try to get pregnant despite Jake's stance on the issue. While they waited for the results of the pregnancy test Jake forgave Amanda and admitted he would be grateful to have another child. Amanda's pregnancy test was negative.

The state of Amanda's marriage to Jake continued to be threatened by Cara and Amanda's worse fears were recognized when she overheard a conversation between Cara and her husband. Jake told Cara he knew Amanda would be devastated if she learned what had happened between them and Jake admitted he was jealous to see Cara with another man. Cara responded by telling Jake she wanted him to love her. Amanda believed Jake and Cara had slept together and she was crushed by the news. She decided to make Jake worry about her so she spent the night at the Yacht Club, but she did not spend it alone.

J.R. joined Amanda in her room at the Yacht Club to discuss a business meeting Amanda had conducted. J.R. and Amanda commiserated about the frustrations in their current relationships and they slept together. Afterward, Amanda regretted what they had done but J.R. reassured her they were friends that had comforted one another and no one had to know what they had done.

The feelings of guilt Amanda experienced after sleeping with J.R. grew when Jake confessed he had almost slept with Cara but could not go through with it because he loved Amanda too much. Jake sensed something was off with Amanda but he assumed it was her disappointment in him for what he had almost done with Cara. Jake devoted himself to Amanda and his family. Amanda kept quiet about her night with J.R. but worried the truth would come out when she experienced cramping and believed she could be pregnant. Either Jake or J.R. could be the father since she and J.R. had unprotected sex.

Both J.R. and Amanda were initially relieved she was not pregnant, but the cramping Amanda experienced indicated she might have cervical cancer. A test revealed she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease called HPV that can lead to cervical cancer. J.R. denied passing any disease to Amanda and accused her of ruining his chance to reconcile with his wife.

Jake was surprising sympathetic when Amanda confessed she had HPV and may have cancer even after she told him about her one night stand with J.R. Jake blamed himself for Amanda turning to another man and vowed to stand by her. He joined Amanda at her appointments when she learned she had cervical cancer. Amanda's dream of having another child ended when her oncologist recommended a hysterectomy as the best course of treatment.

As Amanda's surgery drew near, she learned her mother was at Pine Valley hospital being treated for burns after a fire had been set at Oak Haven and it burned down. Jake believed Janet was behind the fire and cautioned Amanda against visiting her mother. Amanda spent some time with Janet and shared the news of her cancer diagnosis and the hysterectomy. Janet surprised both Jake and Amanda when she gave her love and support to Amanda and trusted Jake to take care of her daughter.

Amanda's surgery went well and when she awoke, she told Jake she had visited a beautiful place and knew good things were going to happen for the people of Pine Valley. Jake and Amanda each admitted they were sad they could not have any more biological children but they agreed to look into adoption. In the meantime, they decided to focus on the family they already had.

Amanda's feeling about good things happening in Pine Valley seemed to be coming true when Tad and Dixie announced their engagement and Jake's parents decided to move back to Pine Valley. In addition, Stuart Chandler was revealed to be alive due to David Hayward's experimental Project Orpheus. Adam decided to throw a party at the Chandler mansion to welcome Stuart home and he invited many of the residents of Pine Valley. Jake and Amanda attended the celebration and they joined in the numerous toasts about life, love, and family in Pine Valley as a shot rang out.

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