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Trevor Dillon
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Actor History
David Jordan
June 1989 to January 17, 2000
Other Names

Uncle Porkchop (nickname; from Hayley)


Died sometime in 2005

Discovered dead on-screen on March 6, 2006

Cause of Death

Unknown; Janet was keeping him in a freezer


Lawyer; purchased a law firm (Montgomery and Associates) from Jackson Montgomery

Former detective with the Pine Valley Police

Former mercenary

Resides At

Near Denver, Colorado

Formerly at The Dillon House, 312 Pine Street

Marital Status

Married (Janet Marlowe)

Past Marriages

Janet Marlowe (posing as Natalie) (invalid)

Natalie Marlowe (deceased)

Laurel Banning (deceased)


Arlene Dillon (sister)

Hayley Vaughan (niece)

Lorenzo Hector Santos (great-nephew)


Amanda Dillon (daughter; with Janet)

Tim Dillon (son; via adoption)

Flings & Affairs

Natalie Marlowe

Janet Marlowe

Janet Marlowe (posing as Jane Cox)

Crimes Committed

Kidnapped Janet Green and imprisoned her in a boiler room

Signed a false confession admitting to killing Sophie Malinowski

Fled from the police after confessing to killing Sophie

Brief Character History

Trevor arrived in Pine Valley from Chicago to look up his old mercenary buddy, Jeremy Hunter. He soon became infatuated with his friend's wife, Natalie. Trevor joined the Pine Valley Police Department, where he became one of the greatest detectives. After many trials and tribulations, he thought he was marrying his "doll" Natalie, but she was really her evil near-twin sister, Janet "From Another Planet" Green, who was impersonating her sister in order to get Trevor. To make sure Natalie didn't spoil her plans, Janet put her down a well. Trevor and Janet conceived Amanda before discovered her true identity. After Janet killed Will Cortlandt and was sent to prison, Trevor and Natalie were granted custody of Amanda. The two lovebirds finally got married but she was badly injured in a car accident that left her brain dead. Trevor ultimately decided to take her off life support Trevor studied under Jack Montgomery's tutelage and passed the bar. He left his position with the Pine Valley Police and became a defense attorney.

Trevor mistakenly fell for Jane Cox, who later turned out to be Janet with plastic surgery. He later fell for Laurel Banning, and married soon afterwards, but Trevor's determination to put and end to Janet led him to kidnap his sister-in-law. In yet another turn of bad luck, Trevor saw Laurel killed on the set of the Cutting Edge. Later while confronting Janet about her plot to take over Brooke's life, Trevor's car skidded off the road. The accident, however, left Trevor paralyzed. It took some prodding by Janet, of all people, to make Trevor "forget" his paralysis. In a fit of rage, Trevor stood up from his wheelchair and threatened Janet's life. With some counseling from Dr. Anna Tolan, Trevor has been able to get past his grief for Laurel and is now able to walk.

Trevor helped his daughter, Amanda, to cope with the news that Janet Green was her biological mother. After seeing a tape of Janet declaring her past crimes on The Cutting Edge, Amanda headed to the Marick mineshaft to see if Natalie was still in the well. Amanda tumbled into the well and when Janet tried to rescue her daughter, Janet ended up a prisoner of the well as well! Liza Colby broadcast a series of special reports on the incident. While Amanda was resting in the hospital, she overheard Liza comment that Janet is actually Amanda's mother.

Trevor realized that Janet had changed and he began to accept her for who she had become. Trevor allowed Janet to participate in Amanda's life. As time went on, Trevor started having feelings for Janet. He did act on them, much to Tim's disapproval. Tim tried everything to ruin the relationship. First, by sending threatening letters to Janet; second, by leaving a jack-o-lantern with an axe cut into it on her door step; and lastly, by setting Janet up for putting him in a meat locker, which later was found out that Tim and Oyster did it. Trevor loves his son, but he knew that Tim's story on that event held water. Trevor finally took Tim to the crime scene and had him recall that days events. Trevor caught him in a lie and Tim revealed the truth. Trevor told Janet the good news that Tim had confessed and that he believed her from the beginning, which he did.

Trevor asked Janet to marry him and she avoided the situation because of a promise she made to Natalie. Janet made up a story saying that her ex-husband had come back to Pine Valley and wanted to re-kindle their relationship. Trevor didn't buy into her tale of romance and love with Axel Green and continued to pursue her. Trevor managed to "trick" Janet into admitting that she loved him and, only after Janet received a heavenly visit from her later sister, Natalie, did she agree to take the walk down the aisle.

Married life proved uneventful for Trevor and Janet until the Fall of 1999. Sophie Malinowski, Janet's former cellmate at Statesville, busted out of jail and showed up in Pine Valley. Sophie demanded a large sum of money from Janet. If she didn't get it, she threatened to kill both Trevor and Amanda. Janet reverted slightly to her old ways --- talking to mirrors and thinking about the darker side of life. She paid Sophie off, but Sophie then asked for more money. The final showdown came at an old warehouse on the east side of town. There, Janet planned to kill Sophie. Sophie outsmarted her and got the upper hand of Janet. In a struggle, Janet clobbered Sophie with the crowbar that she'd planned to use on Janet. Trevor arrived and found Sophie dead on the ground. He ordered Janet to go home while he cleared everything up. Trevor planned to dispose of the evidence, but he was caught before he could do anything. Derek hauled him into the station for questioning and Trevor, knowing that Janet could spend the rest of her life in jail, took the fall for Sophie's murder. Trevor signed a confession, but slipped away before he could be cuffed and jailed. Trevor returned home and bid a final farewell to Janet and a slumbering Amanda. As the sirens wailed in the distance, Trevor vanished into the night.

Trevor kept in secret contact with Jackson Montgomery during his flight from justice. Trevor was eventually cleared off all wrong doing when Arlene got the eyewitness who'd fingered Trevor as the murderer to admit that he had a grudge against Trevor for busting him many years earlier. Trevor refused to return to Pine Valley and asked that Janet and Amanda join him and start anew in Colorado.

In 2005, a heated argument between Trevor and Janet turned lethal. Janet had stopped taking her medication and Janet placed Trevor in a freezer to "cool off," thereby killing him.

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