All My Children Recaps: The week of January 17, 2000 on AMC

Janet told Hayley and Brooke that she had killed Sophie. Mateo and Hayley grew closer. Ryan broke up with Greenlee. Adam plotted to use Leo as a tool of revenge against Marian. Alex had another flashback. Liza returned with divorce papers for Adam, prompting him to lock himself in the safe room with her.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 17, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, January 17, 2000

Gillian wants to tell Jake the truth about Colby, as Adam suggested she should, but he's too busy telling her how much he loves her and how important she is to him for her to get the words out. After they make love and Jake is asleep, Gillian imagines she sees Adam standing by the foot of the bed calling her a coward for not telling Jake the truth. And what do you think will happen when he finds out you knew the truth and didn't tell him "Adam" asks, "how much will he love you then?."

Edmund asks Alex if it's true that she spent several years in a mental institution in Wales. He tells her if she did and was able to get her life back together, he thinks that's great, it's not something he would hold against her. He's not exactly in a position to judge, considering that he once kidnapped Erica and held her hostage in a basement. Alex admits that it's true, but she can't remember why she was committed or what caused her breakdown. Edmund suggests that it might have something to do with her repressed memories, with the man named Jeffery, and offers to help her remember. She seems about to agree to his help, then suddenly backs away from the idea, saying that she doesn't want to remember the past, "I don't want to go there, it's not safe."

Dr. Joe comes out with a report on Hayley after examining her; except for smoke inhalation and a bruise on her leg, she's fine. They're going to keep her overnight for observation and can go home in the morning. Mateo wants to go in to see Hayley, but Adam orders that he stay away from her. Adam goes in to Hayley's bedside and she tells him that she wants to see Mateo, he saved her life. She notices him looking through the window and motions for Mateo to come in. Adam leaves and Hayley thanks Mateo for not giving up on her and for saving her life. "There is no me without you, and there's no you without me. That's the miracle of us, we live for each other", Hayley says to him.

Adam gets off the phone after talking with Derek and tells Joe the news that there is a manhunt going on for Trevor, who supposedly killed a woman and set the warehouse on fire to cover it up. Joe doesn't believe it. Both men agree to keep the news from Hayley until she's stronger. Adam goes in to say goodnight to Hayley and asks how she's feeling. "I'm better than I've been in forever", she says and once Adam leaves, she and Mateo say "I love you" to each other.

At the police station, Jackson makes Janet be quiet and takes her home. When they arrive home, Jackson pays Tiffany, who's been watching Amanda and sends her home. Janet's worried about Trevor's safety, but Jackson tells her he's doing what's necessary to keep Janet and Amanda together and at home and he thinks that's what Janet should concentrate on too. Amanda comes down the stairs and sees Janet is upset. Janet tries to reassure her as Jackson leaves to head back to the police station. Amanda refuses to go back to bed and falls asleep in Janet's arms on the couch, which is how Trevor finds them.

Amanda continues to sleep as Trevor tells Janet he knows what he has to do. He's going to go away for awhile, but hopes someday to reunite the Dillon family. Janet doesn't want him to go, but he insists that it's best. He's already called Tim and filled him in on what happened and he sits down on the couch and strokes Amanda's hair as he tells her goodbye without waking her. He tells Janet she needs to be strong for Amanda. Janet doesn't want to let Trevor go, but finally has no choice but to let him leave after telling him she loves him. Janet sits down on the couch next to Amanda and sobs. Later, Trevor watches Janet and Amanda through the window until the sound of approaching police sirens forces him to flee.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

After spending the night at Hayley's hospital bedside, Mateo pondered their future with a smile as he fingered the box with the engagement ring planned for Hayley. Hayley awoke and was happy to see Mateo. Then, spotting the ring box, she asked Mateo what it was. Just then Myrtle cheerfully bounced into the room, with reading matter - which included the newspaper with the glaring headlines, "Manhunt for ex-cop in murder/arson case," and a huge picture of Trevor. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I forgot, ah, Trevor ... " she muttered, embarrassed. Hayley was shocked to see the story about Trevor confessing to murder, then fleeing. After reading it, she told Mateo and Dr. Joe about the tape conversation she'd accidentally taped with Janet arranging to meet some woman at that same warehouse where the dead woman was found.

Hayley begged Dr. Joe to allow her to leave the hospital so that she could go and see Janet and find out what was going on. Finally he gave permission.

At the Dillon house, Janet awoke teary-eyed from a restless sleep on the sofa, with Amanda snuggled up beside her. Janet's dreams had been echoes of the scene at the warehouse. The phone rang, and a distraught Janet brushed off an inquisitive caller, then unplugged the phones. "We have to talk," Janet told her confused little girl. Amanda wanted to brush her teeth first, and Janet left the room. But then instead of going upstairs, Amanda went out to the front step to get the newspaper. Badly shaken, she ran back inside as Janet realized too late what had happened. She tried to reassure her daughter that it was all a mistake. As the frightened and confused little girl tried to understand what was going on, Derek appeared at the door to question Janet. Janet sent Amanda to her room, while she tried to avoid giving Derek the answers he wanted. "You did it!" he accused Janet. "Tell me what happened!" But Janet, although shaken and scared, told Derek that Trevor didn't want her talking to the police. She told him any questions should be directed to Jack, her lawyer. Derek vaguely threatened to have Jack disbarred if he was helping Trevor. Frustrated and angry, Derek left as Hayley and Mateo arrived.

Gradually, their stories unfolded as they compared notes about the previous evening, although Janet held back on the whole story. Hayley explained how and why she was in the warehouse. Janet recalled Trevor's words to her about keeping quiet about what happened. Hayley was still a little shaky from her experience, so Mateo took her upstairs to lie down and rest. In the living room, Mirror Janet reappeared and taunted Janet, "Get a grip!" But Janet was fighting her conscience and plugged in the phone, ready to call Derek and confess.

At Myrtle's boarding house, Jake was dressed and ready to leave for the hospital. Gillian persuaded him to break the news of their engagement to everyone now instead of on Valentine's Day, and they agreed on a wedding sometime in June. "I can't wait to tell mom and dad," Jake said breezily as he left.

But when Jake broke the news at the hospital to Joe and Ruth, Ruth's reaction was less than enthusiastic. She suggested that maybe the couple should wait a year before getting married. But Jake left to get the engagement ring. After his departure, "I can't see them together - at least not now", Ruth said. Joe asked her if she thought Ryan might still be in the picture. "It just takes a while to separate yourself from someone you've been that close to," Ruth said sadly. They agreed that nothing they can say will change the couple's minds.

After Jake left, Gillian called Eugenia, who agreed to come and see her to receive some good news. A knock at the door revealed Adam. He referred to their previous conversation and apologized for any harsh words but said he understood why Gillian was upset - trying to salvage a future with Jake in the face of a considerable obstacle. Why do you love Jake, he asked her. "Jake is a lot like me!" he told her, pointing out that while he was accused of having a possessive love for his children, Jake was the same. He loves Colby with all his heart, Gillian retorted. "Then why not tell him the truth?" Adam pushed. "Either he loves her because she's his, or he would love her in spite of the fact that she isn't his!"

Then he tried his wiles again, trying to convince Gillian to tell Jake the truth about Colby's parentage. "Do you want this cloud hanging over you? If Jake finds out from somebody else or that you knew all along ... " But Gillian wasn't fooled. "You can't tell him because you don't want to lose Liza, so you want me to do your dirty work for you!" she flung at him. Gillian could help Jake get over his broken heart, Adam pointed out, give him a child that was really his, and a wonderful future - even maybe not in Pine Valley. Adam insinuated that with all the resources of Chandler Enterprises, they could live anywhere - Paris, London, Budapest. Gillian parried all Adam's suggestions with a reminder that he could lose Colby forever if Jake decided to sue for custody. Absurd, retorted Adam. Gillian furiously told Adam to leave Jake, her and Colby alone, and told him to get out of her room.

After he had left, a worried Gillian paced to and fro, worrying about the Colby situation. Eugenia arrived and Gillian wiped her tears, then broke the engagement news. Eugenia asked why the tears, thinking it was something to do with Ryan. Gillian sadly told her aunt that Adam thinks Jake has something of his. Eugenia pleaded with her to explain, and as Gillian was about to tell Eugenia the full story, in came Jake. Eugenia gracefully left the two alone, and then Jake, on one knee, presented Gillian with the engagement ring, and they kissed.

Adam returned to the hospital and was annoyed that no one had told him Hayley had already left. But the visit wasn't a total loss for him - he overheard Joe ask Myrtle to give a fax from Liza to Jake. Adam's ears pricked up as he tried to think how he could get his hands on it. Back at the Dillon house, Mateo and Hayley were still trying to figure out the truth behind the tragedy at the warehouse and resolved to get to the bottom of it.

Downstairs, Janet was torn between her conscience and Mirror Janet. "I'm falling apart," Janet cried. But Mirror Janet congratulated her for being her old killer self again. "No, I can't become that person! I won't!" Janet cried out loud. A tiny voice behind Janet said, "Mommy, who were you talking to?"

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

At BJ's, Ryan was just finishing up a meeting with a client when Greenlee strolled into the restaurant. She praised Ryan's ability to land new advertisers for WRCW. "You're even better at a lot of other things," she said suggestively. Greenlee grumbled that Hayley hadn't reported for work so she had some unexpected free time. Ryan smiled politely and explained that he had a lot of work to do. Greenlee informed Ryan that she had a gift for him, a gift that could not be opened in the restaurant. She asked him to meet her at the loft in ten minutes. Ryan shook his head and asked for at least half an hour. Ryan reached into his pocket and pulled out his house key. He handed it to Greenlee and told her to go ahead and wait for him. Greenlee smiled and dashed off. Ryan finished up his work and headed towards the door. Along the way, he bumped into Mateo. Mateo thanked Ryan for telling him that Hayley had gone to the warehouse. Ryan had no idea that Hayley had been in mortal danger, but when he did he felt responsible for having allowed Hayley to go to the warehouse by herself. Mateo smiled and joked about Hayley's stubbornness. The two were chatting it up quite nicely until Ryan told Mateo that he had to be on his way. Mateo said that he understood, but his face said otherwise. After Ryan left, Mateo looked quite disappointed.

Marian let herself into Adam's office at Chandler Mansion and busily poked around for something. She was caught in the act when Adam showed up. Adam claimed to know what Marian was to --- he felt she was looking for a paper that would clue her into Liza's return plans. Marian denied it, claiming that she was looking for an itinerary for a planned golf outing with Stuart. Adam rolled his eyes. The frigid temperature was just one indication that Marian was lying. Adam groaned that he should have locked Marian in the safe room when he had the chance. "You'd be nothing more than an annoying memory by now," he groused. Marian plainly stated that if Liza had wanted Adam to know when she'd be returning home, she would have told him. Adam argued that he had every right to know the whereabouts of his daughter. Marian rebutted that Adam had no legal claim to Colby. As she made the remark, Barry arrived at the mansion. Marian scurried out to go to a meeting at The Valley Inn. Adam blasted Marian, referring to her as a "meddlesome witch." Barry knew that Adam wanted nothing more than to destroy everyone who'd crossed him while he was imprisoned in the safe room. Adam nodded, saying that his first target was Marian. "Marian's weakness is sex," Adam smiled. Barry concurred. "Her past is legendary," the attorney noted. But he was quick to point out that Marian had shelved her libido since marrying Stuart. Adam announced that he planned to "put temptation in [Marian's] path" and Barry was going to be the bait. Barry refused to be any part of a scheme that would split Marian and Stuart. He explained that he liked Stuart and already felt badly for having swindled him out of his WRCW stock. Adam was furious with Barry as this was the second time that he'd refused to help him out. He again questioned his attorney's sudden emergence of conscience. Noting that he was "deeply disappointed" in Barry and warned him never to cross him again.

Greenlee showed up at the loft and placed a very large gift box on the coffeetable. Scott suddenly appeared before her and asked her what she was doing. Greenlee turned in surprise and asked Scott why he wasn't at his surprise party. Greenlee put her hand to her mouth and apologized for letting slip the news about the party. Scott knew better. He accused Greenlee of intentionally blabbing about the party. Greenlee denied that she'd done that and said that Scott's distrust was the reason she'd dumped him. Scott cleared his throat and Greenlee quickly corrected her statement, indicating that she'd been the one who'd gotten dumped. Scott didn't enjoy hearing Greenlee talking about who'd done what to whom and stated that they were never officially involved. Therefore, according to Scott, no one had dumped anyone. Scott told Greenlee that he was going to pretend that he'd never heard her ruin Becca's surprise and headed on his way. Greenlee sank into the sofa and inhaled the aroma of one of the roommate's tank tops. When Ryan returned, Greenlee was nowhere in sight. Ryan walked over to the large gift package. Before he could open it, Greenlee slinked up from behind sporting a sailor's hat. She told Ryan that her outfit was part of a theme day --- "Get Away From Pine Valley." Ryan was given permission to open his gift. Inside the box was a very elegant model boat. While Ryan pondered taking the boat to Willow Lake in the spring, Greenlee revealed that she'd bought Ryan a much larger version of the model --- and it was waiting for him at the marina. Ryan was floored by Greenlee's gift, but he told her that he would not be able to accept it.

Millicent dined at The Valley Inn with Leo, Palmer, and Vanessa. The Cortlandts had a party planned for later in the evening and Millicent and her husband were on the guest list. Millicent purred about how much she was looking forward to talking to both of Vanessa's sons. "We do have such handsome offspring," Millicent chirped. Millicent remembered that she had a gift for Vanessa. She and Leo headed out to the lobby to fetch the gift. David, meanwhile, walked over from his nearby table and coldly told his mother that there was no way he was going to attend her party. "I wouldn't shoe up if your dress was on fire and I had the last glass of water in town," he snapped. Palmer chuckled and raised his glass to toast David's remark. He quickly realized that Vanessa was giving him the evil eye and slinked back into silence. Palmer asked David to show up for his mother's sake. David again refused. By now, Millicent and Leo returned. Leo took Millicent's gift, a large floral arrangement, to the front desk. Millicent told David that she was looking forward to seeing him at the party so that they could discuss his work on the Andrassy Foundation. David politely informed Millicent that he would be unable to attend the party because of his work schedule. Across the room, Marian arrived at the hotel, took one look at Millicent and Vanessa, and continued on her way to meet her client. In the process, she bumped into Leo and spilled water from the floral arrangement all over him. She apologized profusely, but Leo assured her that she'd done no harm. Leo looked at Marian's hands and, in his typical flirting manner, told Marian that she had beautiful hands. "If I were ten years told, I'd give [your husband] a run for his money," Leo smiled. Marian blushed slightly and thanked Leo for his kind words. Adam quietly observed from the lobby area, smiling happily to himself. Adam waited until Marian left Leo's table before approaching the towering young man. Adam praised Leo's initiative and told him that Chandler Enterprises was looking for men like him. He handed over one of his business cards and went on his way. Palmer, meanwhile, joined David at his table and asked that he attend Vanessa's party. David continued to refuse. Palmer told David that he wanted his help in reigning in Leo. David chuckled and commented that Palmer saw Leo as a liability --- someone that could whittle away his amassed fortune. Palmer looked across the room and observed Leo and Adam's talking. For the first time, he and David were in agreement: Leo was not moving in the right direction. David waited until Adam left Leo's side before walking over. "Count your fingers, kid," David remarked. "Make sure you have all ten." David continued walking, this time stopping at Palmer and Vanessa's table. David stunned his mother by telling her that he'd rethought her invitation to the party and decided that he'd go anyway. When asked for the reason for his change of heart, David said that he wanted to play nice to the Greenlees, a couple who has donated lots of money to The Andrassy Foundation. In the lobby, Adam placed a phone call to someone, presumably Barry, and announced that he'd found the man to use against Marian.

Marian returned to Chandler Mansion and waited for Liza to return. Liza took particular delight in telling her mother that she had a surprise for her husband --- divorce papers.

Janet told her daughter that she must have heard the radio. Amanda shook her head and shocked her mother by claiming that she knew who she'd been talking to --- the mirror. Janet's eyes bulged and she asked her daughter where she'd gotten an idea like that. Amanda appeared unconcerned. In fact, the young girl said, she talks to the mirror all the time. She figured that her mother missed Trevor and that she was talking to the mirror to make up for not having him around. Brooke and Jamie dropped by, but this visit was not for a typical play date. The kids headed off to the kitchen to snack on some chocolate chip muffins/ Hayley wandered downstairs and listened as Brooke told Janet that she'd gotten a call from Trevor. Trevor had called from parts unknown with a message for Janet --- he loved her very much. Brooke told Janet that she couldn't believe that Trevor had killed Sophie. "I'd prefer not to talk about it," Janet snapped. She left the room to check on the kids. While she was gone, Hayley and Brooke came to the conclusion that something wasn't quite right. Brooke told Hayley that Trevor had told her that Janet's behavior became peculiar shortly after she learned of Sophie's jailbreak. Hayley nodded and told Brooke about the conversation she'd accidentally recorded. That left them to wonder if Trevor was taking the blame for something that Janet had done. Hayley decided that she'd press for the details when Janet returned to the room. As soon as Janet returned, Hayley mentioned that she'd like to know who "whacked" her when she entered the warehouse. Janet suggested that Sophie was responsible for the attack. It seemed to make sense, but Hayley wondered why Janet had not been at the warehouse. Janet bowed her head and quietly stated that she'd decided not to go at the last minute. Janet began to sob and remarked that Sophie would never have come back into her family's life if she hadn't gone to jail in the first place. Janet let it slip that Sophie had been blackmailing her. Hayley became furious and asked Janet if that was the reason that Trevor had taken Sophie's life. She grumbled that she thought she knew her uncle. Brooke added that she'd thought Trevor had left his days as a mercenary in the past. She commented that Trevor had made a wonderful life for himself with Janet, Tim, and Amanda. Mirror Janet suddenly called out to Janet and advised her to cover her ears before Hayley and Brooke coerced her into telling the truth. Janet jumped to her feet and shouted "no!" Brooke looked curiously at Janet and asked her about her outburst. "No matter what I do or say, she won't stop!" Janet cried. Hayley and Brooke exchanged looks before asking Janet who "she" was. Janet looked across the room and replied, "The woman in the mirror!"

Thursday, January 20, 2000

"Of course it will work," Greenlee with a slight laugh. Ryan shook his head. He told Greenlee that a boat trip around the world was his fantasy --- not hers. He kindly told Greenlee that a forty-foot boat was a bit too extravagant for a gift. Greenlee assured Ryan that she hadn't even made a dent in her trust fund when purchasing the boat. Ryan was glad that Greenlee hadn't put herself out, but at the same time he was uncomfortable that their "no strings" relationship was changing. "I have to stop this before it gets any deeper," Ryan said softly. Greenlee took a deep breath and claimed that breaking off the relationship didn't hurt her. She told Ryan that he was thinking too much. Ryan carefully explained that he wanted more than a casual relationship. Greenlee asked Ryan why he was feeling guilty about their relationship. "Your marriage failed," she said rather flatly. "It's okay to want more." Greenlee stopped for several moments and thought about what Ryan had said previously. She asked him if he'd found another lover. Ryan shook his head and swore that there as no one else. Greenlee lashed out at Ryan for cutting off their "simple and light" relationship. She quickly reigned in her fury and reminded Ryan that she'd been doing everything he asked of her. "What you call wasting time has been the time of my life," she said with a smile. Ryan explained that he wasn't looking to get involved in any relationship at this point in time. It was harder for Greenlee to accept the fact that Ryan had dumped her for a solitary lifestyle than it would have been had Ryan found another woman. "You don't know what you're turning down," she snapped. Becca wandered into the loft with bags of food for Scott's surprise party. Ryan and Becca's conversation abruptly ended. Ryan stepped out to help Becca with the bags. In a fit of anger, Greenlee smashed the model boat to the floor. Becca saw Greenlee's tears and asked her if she was okay. "Mind your own business, Miss Priss," Greenlee snarled as she dashed for the door. Ryan returned later and Becca asked him if he was doing okay. Ryan opened up and explained that he'd ended his relationship with Greenlee. Becca didn't judge Ryan for his sex-only relationship with Greenlee. Instead, she said that what's right for her --- abstinence until marriage --- might not be right for him and vice versa. Becca felt that Ryan knew why he was unable to carry on his fling with Greenlee; he was still in love with Gillian. Ryan made no move to deny that he had feelings for Gillian. Rather, he said that Gillian was not an option because she'd moved on with Jake. Becca didn't seem to see that as an obstacle.

Vanessa didn't like Millicent's floral arrangement one bit. One by one she took the flowers out of the large arrangement and made up a small, less showy one of her own. While Vanessa stepped away, Leo arrived and asked Palmer where he'd be sitting. Palmer pointed to Leo's place setting. From there, he quickly asked the young man about his work at Cortlandt Electronics. Leo simply said that things were looking up. In the back of his mind, he recalled the brief chat he'd had with Adam. David arrived and Vanessa and the Greenlees made their appearance a little while later. Even before he got to the table, Woodruff Greenlee was half-drunk. Woodruff talked down Palmer's physical appearance, saying that he needs to take up one of his hobbies. Mr. Greenlee was actually talking about golf, but Leo mused that if Palmer took up the hobby he'd have "cirrhosis of the liver." A waiter approached the table and told Palmer that he had a phone call. Palmer had to option of taking the call at the table, but Palmer gladly stepped out to the lobby to take it. Vanessa took to praising her two sons. She fondly recalled that she'd encouraged David to play with a toy doctor's kit when he was a child. David rolled his eyes, but said nothing. Vanessa skipped over to her other son --- Leo --- and praised how quickly he'd risen to the top ranks of Cortlandt Electronics. "I'm sure it didn't hurt that your husband kicked him up the stairs," David muttered under his breath. From out of nowhere, Woodruff blurted out, "salt and pepper." Millicent pointed to the shakers just in front of her husband, but that wasn't what Woodruff was talking about. He meant that David and Leo were like salt and pepper --- one was dark and one was fair. In fact, Mr. Greenlee claimed that the two men didn't even look like brothers. Vanessa explained that Leo and David had different fathers. Millicent gasped, perhaps thinking lowly of Vanessa for having been married more than once. "Poor Charles," Vanessa sobbed. "Struck down in his prime." Clearly David was not at all pleased with his mother for pretending to be so shaken by his father's death. Millicent offered her condolences to Vanessa and that served only to make David more upset. David finally spoke up and asked his mother why she'd left out the best part of the story --- the part about how she'd killed his father. The table fell silent. Vanessa flashed an icy stare across the table at her son. Leo, meanwhile, put his head back and hoped that everything would pass over. "David, how could you?" Vanessa gasped. Woodruff, still swigging his drink, asked Vanessa how she'd "offed" her old man. Leo tried to change the subject, but it didn't work. "Our mother could out-medusa Medusa," David grumbled. "My only advantage is that my father married this witch." Leo was enraged that David had basically called him a bastard. He leapt to his feet and pulled David up by his lapels. Greenlee slowly approached the table and mused that she always misses all of the fun. The two men didn't come to blows. They sat down and David's verbal assault against his mother continued. He informed the Greenlees that he'd overheard his mother "goading" his father to take his own life. "He'd have given you anything," David said sadly. "Including his life." Vanessa responded angrily and slapped David across the face. Palmer returned moments after the slap and asked what was going on. "You missed a great floor show," Greenlee said with a smile. "Guerilla theatre comes to Pine Valley." Vanessa apologized for her outburst, but by now the dinner party was just about over --- and dinner hadn't even been served. Millicent claimed to have a headache. Vanessa offered her some aspirin, but David warned the socialite not to accept anything from Vanessa. Woodruff was enjoying the fallout, but Millicent ordered him to accompany her home. Vanessa and Palmer left the table. Leo told David that his remarks to their mother were cruel. "What family doesn't have its ups and downs?" David asked. David left shortly thereafter, bidding goodbye to his little brother and "Greenlee Greenlee."

Across town at BJ's, Jake sat down with Dixie and expressed his displeasure over Liza's disappearance. Dixie looked over her brother-in-law's shoulder and noticed that Liza and Colby had just arrived. "It looks like you can kiss your baby blues goodbye," she smiled. Liza wandered over to the table and told Jake that she hadn't told him about her travel plans because she was afraid that Adam would track her down. Jake handed Colby over to Dixie and escorted Liza to another table on the other side of the restaurant. Jake feared that Adam posed some sort of threat to Colby's safety. And as her father, Jake wanted to know exactly where Liza had gone and, perhaps more importantly, why she'd gone there. Liza told Jake that she'd gone to Jamaica and filed for divorce. Jake was surprised and asked if Adam knew. Liza's eyes widened and she muttered that Adam was probably just finding out. Jake was obviously pleased that Liza and Colby would soon be out from under Adam's roof. Liza asked Jake if he could look after Colby while she went back to Chandler Mansion to see if Adam signed off on their marriage. Jake nodded and wished her well. Jake returned to his table with Dixie and told her that Liza had filed for divorce. Because of the divorce, Jake announced that he was backing off of his plans to file for sole custody of Colby. Dixie doubted that divorce would free Liza (or Colby) from Adam.

On the phone, Adam asked Barry to put a "stop payment" on the checks Stuart had written. To his dismay, he learned that all of the checks had already cleared. Marian breezed into the office with some papers she'd claimed had just been messengered over. Adam told Marian to be quiet and returned to his phone call. Marian unplugged Adam's phone so that he'd have to listen to her. Adam looked at the papers and his face dropped upon realizing that Liza had filed for divorce. Marian tried to play it cool, asking Adam why he looked so pale. Adam ordered her to quit the coy routine because he knew that she knew about the divorce papers. Adam claimed that he wouldn't allow Liza to leave him. Marian told Adam that he had no choice and left the room. Adam picked up a photo of Colby and vowed that no one --- not even Liza --- would keep them apart. Unbeknownst to Adam, Liza had arrived at the mansion and was standing just behind him. "Think again," she roared. She told Adam that they needed to talk. Adam nodded his head. He pulled Liza towards him and planted a big kiss on her lips.

To Janet's surprise, Brooke and Hayley told her that they'd also seen "that other woman." Of course, they were talking about something entirely different than what Janet was talking about. Mirror Janet suddenly reappeared and told Janet that Brooke and Hayley had just "shrink wrapped" her problems. Janet told her friends that it was a relief that they understood what she was going through. Mirror Janet urged Janet to get rid of the women before they got her to blab about what happened in the warehouse. Brooke and Hayley were relentless in their questioning --- asking Janet if she knew why Trevor was at the warehouse, if she knew how Sophie was killed, why Trevor had opted to run, and a barrage of other questions. Finally, it became too much for Janet to bear. "Trevor's innocent!" Janet screamed. "He lied to protect me." In the mirror, Mirror Janet ran her finger across her neck. "You just slit your own throat," Mirror Janet sneered. Janet babbled on and on about how she'd killed Sophie in self-defense. She gave a brief summary of the blackmail, the threats, and the fear she felt. She explained that Trevor had taken the blame because he felt that the police would never believe her self-defense claims. Janet apologized profusely for having nearly cost Hayley her life. Hayley told her aunt that she didn't hate her and that she hadn't ruined her life. "I hate myself," Janet sobbed. Brooke asked Janet why she hadn't contacted the police. It was then that Janet revealed that Sophie had claimed to have had an accomplice. This partner in crime, she said, had been ordered to kill Trevor and Amanda in the event of Sophie's incarceration. Janet said that a little voice had talked her into plotting against Sophie. "Don't drag me into this," Mirror Janet said with a slight chuckle. Janet made a break for the phone and announced that she was going to turn herself in. Brooke and Hayley quickly raced to her side and told her that they could not let her do that. Not only would the confession mean that she was doing what Trevor had told her not to do, but it would also mean that Amanda would grow up without a mother. Janet noted that Amanda had already been forced to grow up without her father. Janet also pointed out that one of The Twelve Steps spoke of being accountable for one's actions. Hayley was sort of cornered on that one, so she explained that what Janet had done was justified; she needed to protect her family. The three women sat down on the sofa and placed their hands on top of each other's. Brooke told Janet that she knows how it feels to take someone else's life. Janet noted that Brooke had been forced to stand trial for her actions. Brooke replied that she'd gotten lucky because a jury felt badly for her. She wasn't so sure that Janet would get the same treatment. Brooke told Janet that she was going to go home and pack herself an overnight bag. Janet looked down at the floor and told Brooke that she didn't have to feel as though she had to babysit her. Brooke smiled and said that since she hadn't gotten a chance to say goodbye to Trevor, she wanted to share some Trevor memories and stories. Janet thanked Hayley for her support. Hayley smiled and told Janet that "We Dillons stick together." Hayley left the room momentarily. After she left, Mirror Janet returned and told Janet that Brooke was probably going to the police station to tell Derek what she knew. Janet shook her head and insisted that Brooke would not do that. "Go away!" Janet shouted. "And don't you dare come back." Her shouts were met by Mirror Janet's evil cackle. "All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Janet together again," Mirror Janet laughed. "Hasta la vista --- [But] I'll be back." Mirror Janet slowly faded away revealing Janet's true reflection.

Friday, January 21, 2000

The newest girl in town, a woman named Mallory with long, flowing blonde hair, caught Ryan's eye. The pair, along with about half a dozen other people, filled the loft for Scott's surprise party. Much to Tiffany's chagrin, her date for the evening, a man named Eli, was also quite taken by Mallory. A noise in the hallway signaled that Scott was on his way inside the loft. Becca quickly switched off the lights and all the partygoers found hiding spots. The surprise already ruined, Scott entered the condo pretending not to know that he was walking in on a party. He flicked on the lights and everyone jumped out and shouted, "Surprise!" Scott feigned surprise, but Becca sensed that he was faking. She later pulled him aside and asked him how he'd found out about the party. Scott shrugged his shoulders and claimed to have no idea what Becca was talking about. "It's a good thing you're going to be behind the camera," Becca quipped in reference to Scott's unconvincing acting. Scott finally admitted that he knew about the party, but he refused to say how he found out. Suddenly, the front door swung open and Greenlee and Leo breezed in. Becca frowned, as she instantly realized that Greenlee was the blabbermouth. Becca stomped over to Greenlee's position with the intention of letting her have it. Before she could unfurl, Greenlee took a few jabs at Becca's party preparations. Becca told Greenlee to "stuff it" and walked away. Leo blasted Greenlee for upsetting Becca because he felt that it soured his chances of winning over Becca. He one-upped Greenlee when he laid his eyes upon Mallory. Greenlee was furious told Leo that they were leaving the party. Scott accepted a mock Oscar for "best documentary." In his acceptance speech, Scott referred to Becca has his inspiration. Mallory pulled Ryan aside and asked him if he was currently seeing anyone. Ryan shook his head and said that he was available. "But I'm not really looking for a relationship," he said softly.

Hayley staggered into Sounds of Salsa still in a bit of a daze. Adrian greeted her and jokingly told her that she'd provide a great distraction for Mateo, who'd been unsuccessfully trying to fix a bar display for quite some time. Tina wandered by and told Hayley that she was sorry to hear that Trevor was being sought out by the police. Though she didn't really know Trevor, Tina said that she was sure that he was not capable of murder. Mateo joined Hayley and asked her how she was doing. "Everything's a mess," she sighed. "Just hold me." Mateo took Hayley into his arms. Hayley told Mateo that while Brooke was with Janet and Amanda, she still felt guilty for not being with Janet. Mateo thought that Hayley might know more about the case than she was saying. Hayley didn't tell him that she was wrong, instead telling Mateo that she couldn't talk about it. Hayley was going to head back to be with Janet and Amanda, but Mateo asked her to stick around for a while. Mateo told Hayley that sometimes the best thing that a person can do for someone else is to simply "stand by" and be there for them. Hayley bowed her head and remarked that "standing by" was what Mateo has been doing for her. Mateo nodded slightly and said that Hayley had no idea how badly he wanted to sweep her off her feet.

Tina stopped by a table near the back of the club and asked a pair of men for their drink order. The scraggily looking men thought less about their drink order and more about Tina's skirt. One of the men tried to put his hand up Tina's skirt, but she quickly pulled away and warned him that she could "drop-kick [him] to Timbuktu." After Tina left the table, the man told his buddy that he could "teach her a thing or two." A flustered Tina asked Adrian if he'd mind delivering the men's drink order. He sensed that the men were giving Tina a hard time and agreed to help her out. As he delivered their drinks, he "requested" that the men give Tina a generous tip. Greenlee and Leo filed into the club. One of the men called out to her by name, but Greenlee had no idea who the man was. The man explained that he'd cared for her grandparents' swimming poll over the summer. "Oh Kenny --- the pool boy." Greenlee said rather snobbishly. The man corrected her, saying that he preferred to be called "Ken." Greenlee brushed him off and rejoined Leo at a seat at the bar. Adrian found the framed "first dollar" that SOS had made. The dollar also had a picture of a smiling Mateo and Hayley. He jokingly asked if Hayley was ready to return as a partner. She shook her head and said that she was enjoying her new gig at WRCW. Besides, she said with a smile, Adrian was doing a bang-up job. Hayley did, however, want the dollar bill to be displayed and agreed to place it back on the bar --- where it belonged. Tina took Leo and Greenlee's order. Leo placed the order, ordering a drink for himself and nothing for Greenlee. Greenlee snapped that "unlike [her] illustrious boss," she was able to hold her liquor. Leo turned and looked across the bar. He was unaware that Hayley was an alcoholic. Tina returned with the drinks a few minutes later. Greenlee asked her if Hayley and Mateo were once again an item. With a long face, Tina confirmed that Hayley and Mateo were back together. She grumbled that had she known Mateo liked the "damsel in distress" to routine, she'd have given it a try. The remark struck a chord with Greenlee. She decided that she could use "the victim thing" to win back Ryan. Leo closed his eyes and shook his head from side to side. Greenlee jumped to her feet and scurried back across the bar to Ken's table. She brushed back her hair with her hand and told Ken that she hadn't recognized him because he wasn't sporting his usual bare chest and suntanned skin. She asked him if he'd like to get together some time. Ken smiled and handed her his business card. It was obvious that Greenlee wanted nothing to do with Ken, but Ken and his buddy didn't seem to notice. "I can't wait to wipe that stuck up smile right off her face," Ken growled.

Perhaps still a bit concerned about Alex, Edmund dropped by Pine Valley Hospital to invite his sister-in-law out to dinner. Alex smiled warmly, but declined the invitation. She said that she had a patient who needed special attention. As they were talking, Rae Cummings appeared beside them and told Alex that she'd gotten her message. Edmund headed to the cafeteria so that the two women could talk in private. Alex explained to Rae that one of her patients, a little girl named Karen, had suddenly stopped speaking. In Alex's opinion, Karen must have suffered some sort of trauma --- possibly abuse. Rae followed Alex into Karen's room. There, Rae and Alex talked politely to one another, hoping that Karen would feel safe enough to talk to them. Alex showed the young girl a picture book of foreign lands. She and Rae briefly discussed the places they might like to travel to some day --- Karen remained quiet. The tiny patient was even silent when asked about her favorite colors. After realizing that they weren't making any headway, Rae and Alex returned to the corridor. There, Rae concurred with Alex's initial diagnosis: Karen had most likely suffered some sort of abuse. If that was the case, Alex wasn't about to let the girl out of the hospital and run the risk that she'd once again be exposed to physical or emotional abuse. Edmund returned with burgers and fries for him and Alex, but Alex told him that she'd be unable to join him for dinner. Alex headed on her way to come up with a plan to keep Karen in the hospital until she could figure out what was troubling her. Rae confided in Edmund that she saw an interesting irony in the way Alex was handling the young girl's case. Alex wanted desperately to see a breakthrough for young Karen, but at the same time she was unwilling to find a breakthrough in her own traumas. Edmund said that he, too, was concerned about Alex's emotional state. That prompted Rae to question Edmund's concern. She asked if Edmund's concern was "as a brother-in-law or if something else [is] going on." Edmund grew silent and didn't immediately answer Rae. He laughed nervously before explaining the Rae that Dimitri had asked him to watch after Alex. Originally, he said that he and Alex were not friends. He smiled as he stated that he once thought of Alex as "an ice princess." Now, though, he thought of her as a friend. "And that is all we are," he hurriedly clarified.

Alex returned to her office and found David bent over a stack of papers at his desk. She was surprised to see him at work. David informed her that his "family dinner from hell" had ended early. Alex nearly floored him by saying that she was glad to see him. She told him about Karen's condition and her desire to find a way to keep the girl in the hospital for observation. Karen had a history of an abnormal heartbeat and she wondered if that could be used as a reason to keep Karen in the hospital. David thanked Alex for talking to him instead of going to a resident. He told her that he'd check on Karen and go from there. The civility ended abruptly when Alex accused her partner of plotting with Erica to expose her past institutionalization. David vehemently denied having any part in Erica's dirty work --- and swore that he'd asked Erica to keep her nose out of Alex's affairs. He also pledged that he would not use Erica's findings against Alex in any way. Before leaving the office, David told Alex that he was pretty sure that Karen's cardiac anomalies could be used to keep her in the hospital.

David carefully examined Karen and listened to her heart. Alex entered the room to check on his progress. As soon as she entered, her jaw hit the floor. She saw David sitting on the edge of Karen's bed and froze. In an instant, David's face gave way to Geoffrey's. "You didn't hear anything [and] you didn't see anything," Geoffrey said icily. Alex fumbled backwards and struggled to open the door. She took a deep breath and raced out of the room.

"What are we doing?" Liza gasped as she pulled away from Adam. Adam smiled innocently and told Liza that he "couldn't help [himself]." After hearing Adam swear that he'd never forget that kiss, Liza warned him that this would be the last kiss she'd ever get from him. Adam demanded that Liza admit that she enjoyed the kiss. "Chemistry has never been out problem," she replied curtly. "Honesty has." Adam asked about Colby. Liza informed him that Colby was with "her father." Adam angrily lashed out at Jake, a man who he said had no claim to Colby. As for the divorce, Adam didn't see why Liza was proceeding with the process. "I did everything you asked," Adam said. He said that it was killing him to keep the truth about his role in Colby's life, but that he'd keep quiet because Liza had asked him to. "Normal people [keep their word] all the time," Liza snapped. Liza assured Adam that she wasn't enjoying all of the lying and pain that they were going through. However, she told Adam that she'd had no choice since he'd gone behind her back and switched sperm samples at the fertility clinic. "Can't you get past that?" Adam chirped. "We love each other!" Liza nodded her head. "Yes, but it doesn't matter," she replied. Adam was amazed that Liza had admitted that she still loves him. He pressed to get her to say that she wanted to remain married to him, but he pushed just a little bit too hard. She told Adam that she'd dropped by the mansion to pick up the divorce papers and to make a deal with him. If he signed the papers and agreed sever all ties to Colby, she would not report his nefarious deeds to the police. Severing ties, according to Liza, meant that Adam could not speak to, visit with, wave at, or otherwise go anywhere near Colby. "Not in a million years," Adam snarled. Liza conceded that her first offer was a bit too harsh. She offered Adam one supervised visitation with his daughter per month --- and that visit was not to take place at Chandler Mansion. "I will be a part of her life one way or another," Adam vowed. "I will never give up my rights to my daughter." Liza warned Adam that her offer was non-negotiable. She instructed him to have the signed divorce papers on Jackson's desk within twenty-four hours or face a lengthy jail sentence. Adam asked Liza if she was prepared to deal with Colby's wrath when she had prevented him from being a part of his daughter's life. "What is the proper age for turning a child's life upside down?" he asked. Liza was furious for Adam's insinuation that she was the one doing the wrong thing. She claimed that she was not trying to hurt Adam. One day, she suggested, Colby might actually thank her for keeping Adam out of her life. Adam stated that he'd tried to change and become a better man. Liza asked Adam if he wasn't "strong enough" to change. In actuality, she said that she was the one who had changed. Liza said that she'd transformed into a "weepy" woman deluded by the fantasy that Adam could become the man she wanted him to be. Liza stormed out of the office, but Adam chased after her. He caught her just outside the office doorway and asked Liza for a few moments of her time. He pressed the secret panel that opened the passageway to his safe room. He slowly strolled inside and told Liza that his time inside the room had forced him to re-evaluate his life. "Haven't I been punished enough?" he asked. Adam told Liza that in time, he could make her see that he was a changed man. Adam suddenly reached out and grabbed hold of his wife. He then pressed the close button on his remote and the glass divider slowly lowered into place. Liza looked on in shock as she realized that she was about to be a prisoner in the room. Adam waited until the last minute before tossing the remote under the glass divider. Adam smiled proudly as he told Liza that he was going to make her feel how much he loved her. "The only thing I'm going to feel," Liza responded, "is hatred for the man I know you really are."



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