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Monday, January 17, 2000

At Crossroads, Ben and Viki talk about giving their place a makeover. Viki spots Ben's medical diploma but Ben insists it's going out in the trash along with his anger. He reminds her of her doctor's appointment and won't let her cancel it again.

Blair is on the phone with Dorian, telling her that she has been taking funds from Max's accounts to provide for herself and Starr. She hangs up when Max walks in and when she asks where he's been he accuses her of having a double standard. She always has secret excursions and what it amounts to is that they don't trust each other. Blair insists she's loyal and trusting and that she's only doubted his paternity to Renee once to protect herself, as he would want her to do. She'd never hurt him, she says. Max is actually referring to her going to Ben about him and his health problems. He wants to know if she's got something going on with Ben and advises her to stay away from the doctor because he's a Buchanan enemy. He informs her she must choose between them and Blair wonders if that's a threat;she thinks Max needs to choose between fantasy and reality. Max remembers Renee telling him that his Buchanan heir claim was a scam but Asa is really like a father now. He should be thanking Ben for saving his life, spits out Blair but Max says Ben caused his problems and he should get what he deserves. Is Max scared of Skye? Blair wonders next. What does she have on him? She will get Skye to knock it off but Max stops her and Blair wonders if the pair has slept together. They've been "in bed together one way or another"she says.

Skye thanks John for saving her from Max. He reminds her that she has already done that. She then proceeds to question him about his past and his biological family. He doesn't really know anything about them and furthermore doesn't think he wants to know. She is at the police station to find out what can be done about a ticket she's received because she can't afford to have any more points against her license. She'd really like him to intercede but he tells her to pay the ticket and keep the points.

Lindsay,Sam and Nora storm into the police station and question Hank on Will's whereabouts. Asa must be behind the whole thing. Sam moves towards Asa but he's stopped by Nora and Lindsay. He yells that the charges against his son are phony and that the whole thing was Asa's plan from the beginning.

Skye shows up at Crossroads to taunt Ben as usual. She mentions that he's now both an ex-doctor and ex-husband all at the same time. She wonders if Asa is actually through with wanting to destroy him. Ben tells his ex that she doesn't have a life, only parts of everyone else's. She informs Ben and Viki of Will's arrest for embezzlement and states that he takes after his gangster uncle.

Bo places Will under arrest, accusing him of taking money from the Megan Foundation. As Bo attempts to give Will his Miranda warnings, Jess keeps interrupting. Will assures Jess that he's ok but he'd like to be alone with Bo. She goes off to try to reach her grandfather. Will informs the commissioner that he did indeed borrow money from the foundation but that he and Asa discussed it. Bo stops him from talking and advises him that he needs a lawyer. Jess is unable to get Asa on the phone.

Later, at the police station after Will's arrest, Jess questions her grandfather on the events. She knows Will would never do this but Asa insists he has evidence that his accountants have found. He tried to find an explanation for the whole thing and had hoped that Bo and his people could find a mistake but it's true. As Bo takes Will to get him booked, Nora corners Hank, trying to get information from him. The D.A. thinks the boy is a flight risk because of the evidence but won't share it. Nora believes the whole thing is strange and just knows Asa is behind it. She spots him and convinces him to go somewhere private to talk. She tells Asa she knows he set the trap, she knows what he's doing and why. Asa denies the set up. Nora tells the old man she will find the thread to unravel his plot but he goes off to comfort Jessica. When Bo walks into the room, Nora pleads with him to keep an open mind because he knows what Asa is capable of doing. Asa walks over to hug Jess but she pulls away from him. She tells her grandfather that if she finds out he had anything to do with this, she will be destroyed. Asa looks concerned but encourages his granddaughter to follow him, he's got something to show her.

Lindsay gets Sam alone and tells him she believes Will is guilty. He told her previously that he did something for love, needed money and she couldn't give it to him. He was ashamed of whatever it was he did. Sam gets her to admit that Will never actually said he had taken money.

John runs into Skye again, this time at the diner. She flirts with him and he takes it the wrong way, thinking she is trying to bribe him into fixing her ticket. She assures him he's mistaken her intentions. As Max wanders in to join them, the detective has to leave. Max asks Skye what's going on. She alludes to a few different possibilities but Max doubts her. Instead she tells Max that he isn't showing his love properly for Blair but he tells her it doesn't concern her.

Ben rushes into the police station and Nora tells him that his nephew is in shock. In the interrogation room, Sam tells his son not to answer any questions unless he ok's it but Will tells him to leave. Sam tells him he's there as his lawyer, not his father but Will retorts that he doesn't need or want one.

Asa takes Jess to Bo's office and shows her records, showing discrepancies from the Megan Foundation. Jess believes the accountants could have doctored the records but Asa shows her checks, endorsed by Roseanne Delgado.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Roseanne & Cris' New York Apartment

As Cris does his mandatory beefcake for the week (he's lifting weights without a shirt, quite a sight!), Roseanne and Téa return from a major shopping spree. Roseanne tells Cris to thank Téa for her generosity. As Cris does so, Téa starts to protest, but Roseanne interrupts her and asks Cris if he's talked to the priest yet? Cris runs off to do that very thing. As he exits, Téa asks Roseanne to explain all of the money Roseanne has spent--who is bankrolling her windfalls?

Viki's Doctor's Office

Viki is issues orders to the Banner via the cell phone (as if she cares, where has she been other than the Crossroads Bar?) as she is being examined. The doctor takes the phone away and reprimands her for not keeping her appointments. They make idle chit chat about Ben and his civilian life.

Bo's Office at the Police Station

Asa closes the shades in Bo's office on a glaring Ben as he shows Jess the checks with Will's and Roseanne's endorsements. He asks what the evidence tells her? Jess feels there's an explanation.

Outside, Lindsay waits to see Will as Nora reassures her (!!!) that Will is in good hands--Sam's.

Outside the Interrogation Room, Sam asks for Bo's help.--Will needs him. Bo goes into to try to talk some sense into Will. Hank tries to help as well, but Will refuses to talk. Bo questions Will about the checks and Roseanne's connection. As Bo persists with his line of questioning, Sam bursts in and begs to have a few minutes with Will.

The Doctor's Office

Viki chatters endlessly about Ben and has that "I've got a secret" look on her face. When her doctor tells her that she's in good shape (she's just had a stress test) better than women half her age, she asks Viki what her secret is. Viki smiles coyly.

The Police Station

Kevin questions Sophia and tricks her into revealing information (she's sooo easy). Kelly walks in and they both give Jess moral support.

Lindsay wonders what she'll do if Will is guilty? Nora takes her into Bo's office to talk as Asa comes out of Bo's office. Asa is barraged by questions from Kelly (who has a constant question mark over her head) and Kevin. Asa says that he's upset about Jess and the Foundation and the fallout from Will's treachery (whatever Will has done with the money). Ben says it's all "alleged." Asa says they'll just have to see and leaves the station.

The Interrogation Room

Sam insists Will doesn't know if he needs an attorney, he's just a kid. Hank says he's waived his rights. Bo wants to bend the rules and allow Sam to talk to Will. Hank and Bo leave. Sam admonishes Will about talking without a lawyer. Sam encourages Will to talk to him, to let him help him. Will wants to know why Sam would help him, he's guilty.

The Diner

Jess goes to the diner to ask Carlotta where Cris and Roseanne are. Carlotta tells her they've gone back to New York. Jess tells Carlotta she has to talk to Roseanne.

New York

Téa wants to know how Roseanne got the money, but Roseanne flips out and throws guilt back in Téa's face--Téa has everything, and Roseanne is finally getting everything she wants. She tells Téa not to tell Cris about the money, where she got it doesn't matter. Téa isn't sure. Cris walks in on the scene and knows something is up. The phone rings and Roseanne answers it--it's Jessica. Jess tells her that Will has been arrested--what does Roseanne know about it?

Bo's Office

Nora wants to know why Lindsay thinks Will is guilty? What does she know? When Lindsay denies it, Nora points out the obvious, Lindsay is not exactly declaring Will's innocence to anyone who will hear it. Lindsay tells Nora that Will has told her that he's done something wrong.

The Interrogation Room

Sam tells Will that he'll stand behind him, but Will tells Sam that he should use the door. Sam says he'll hold onto this parental title until he stops drawing breath Sam professes his love for his son (it's a terrific emotional scene) as Will cries. Sam tells Will he'll stand by him if he'll let him. Will finally agrees.

The Doctor's Office

Viki has a mammogram.

The Interrogation Room

Ben enters the room and Will asks him to stay so he can tell them both the story. Will tells them he's in love with Jessica. When Sam says the case against him is about money, Will explains how he sent money to Roseanne to keep Cris away fro Jess. Will explains the $35.000 amount and swears he planned to pay it back. Will says that the $100,000 was Asa's doing and that he knew about that money going to Roseanne. Sam asks Will about the other money--the $400,000? Will looks stunned and is clueless. It dawns on Ben and Sam just how clueless Will is. Will can't believe he's lost everything, his family, his job, Jessica--how could he be so stupid? (Too much hair gel, Will).

New York & Jess on the Phone

Jess confronts Roseanne on the phone, but the little weasel denies everything. Jess tells Roseanne to come clean, that she has to help Will but Roseanne disconnects the phone. Cris asks her who was on the phone and Roseanne lies and covers up and Téa looks on disgusted.

The Police Station

Sophia tells Kelly she's made a New Year's resolution to leave her and Joey alone. She tells Kelly about New Year's and the rooftop and how she realized just how much Joey loves Kelly. Kelly looks guilty. Sophia offers her friendship and tells Kelly how lucky she is.

Kelly sees Kevin and tells him she's going back to the Sun as they try to ignore the tension between them. Sophia picks up on the mood and looks interested.

The Interrogation Room

Sam tells Will that Asa used him (duh!). Will asks if that's all he's getting from Sam after everything he's done to him. Will says he ignored the warnings, he was too stupid to listen. Will says he would understand if Sam walked out. Sam embraces him.

New York

Cris thanks Téa again for the gifts. Téa looks uncomfortable. Cris goes to the phone to make a pizza order, but Roseanne wants to go out (to avoid the phone). Cris wants to know what's up (do you notice that he always wants to know what's up but never finds out what's up). Roseanne says she's nervous about not getting married (she's sooo pathetic). She wants to get married NOW.

The Doctor's Office

The doctor reports Viki's test results. Viki is in a hurry to go, but the doctor wants to talk to her.

The Interrogation Room

Ben is ready to chew nails he's so angry. Sam says he'll never walk away from Will, Will has him for life. Will cries again. Ben leaves.

Bo's Office

Nora reassures Lindsay, but she's having trouble having faith in Will. Bo comes in to comfort Lindsay. Nora looks uncomfortable and leaves.

The Interrogation Room

Will can't understand why Sam is standing by him. They're both crying. Jess enters the room. Will looks at her.

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Will admits to Jess at the police station that he stole money from the Megan Foundation. He also tells her about the pact he and Roseanne had to keep Jess and Cris apart. When Will explains how Asa set him up, Jess angrily tells Will she doesn't believe him, she can't forgive him, and she hopes he rots in jail forever. Sam convinces Bo of Will's innocence, but they are unable to get Hank to let Will out on bail. Sam blames himself for the situation, and Nora tries to comfort him, but in the meantime, their wedding will have to be postponed. Nora brings up the point that Lyndsay said she also "did something for love", but Sam ignores the comment.

Roseanne, now aware of Will's arrest is anxious to get married to Cristian. She calls a priest and arranges for the wedding to be the next day. Sensing that something is wrong, Cristian questions why she is in such a hurry.

Viki finds out from the doctor that a "suspicious area" is showing on her mammogram. She is upset to find out that she will have to undergo further tests. When she looks for comfort from Ben she finds him at the Crossroads with his gun in his hand. "Asa is going to confess to setting up Will, or I am going to kill him!", says Ben. Viki tells Ben he is going to have to choose the gun, or choose her!

Thursday, January 20, 2000

Llanview PD - Jail Cell

Nora pays Will a visit and explains that she "didn't come to criticize...I want to help." However, Will advises Nora that "no one can help me now...find Jess, I absolutely destroyed her...she hates me...I don't blame her...I'm as guilty as if I did everything Asa says..." Trying to interrupt his self-pity party, Nora loses her temper with Will: "Bravo...take the blame for everything...lie down and let Asa Buchanan roll right over you...then you would certainly deserve Jessica...she doesn't even know who you are...the Will she knows has been replaced by this...poor excuse for a man...who feels sorry for himself..." Will explodes at Nora: "Don't talk to me like that!" But Nora wants to know "how am I supposed to talk to you with this barricade of blame around you? made a're 19, you don't know're a good gave Asa the benefit of the doubt and you trusted him...that's not a crime..." When Will wants to know why Nora is telling him all this, she explains that it is because "I love your father, I love your brother...I care about you...deeply and sincerely...right from my heart." Will apologizes for "all the grief I've caused...and how I've treated you all this time...I'm sorry." Nora accepts his apology and sympathizes with Will: "I know what it's like to do something so unforgiveable to someone but, if that person is meant to be, they find a way to forgive you anyway." Will insists that he intended to pay back the money and Nora encourages him to "prove it" to Jessica: "Between your father and me you have a lot of high-priced legal talent...we can beat this, if we have your help." Will decides that "I'm gonna take on Asa...I'm gonna win...I'll win Jess back, too." As Will thanks Nora, she extends her hand to seal the deal but, instead, Will hugs her.

The Crossroads

Ben explains to Viki that although he hates violence, "men like Asa don't stop on their own, they have to be stopped..." Viki insists that "it will destroy everything between us" but Ben promises to use the gun only to "force a confession" from Asa. Viki knows that Asa "will never admit he set Will up...on principle he won't back down...he will force you to use the gun..." Trying to change the mood, Viki has the jukebox play "I've Got a Crush on You" and begs Ben to "dance with me...put the gun away and try to focus on what matters - you and me." After an inner struggle, Ben puts the gun on the counter and kisses Viki. He promises that "you mean everything to me...everything else seems empty and dark." But when Viki threatens that Ben's dark side is "not a man I can share a future with" Ben tries to avoid further discussion by asking Viki how her checkup went. She avoids answering by bringing the discussion back to "that gun." "I need you now, probably more than I've ever needed you...if you walk out the door with that gun we're finished...I'm begging you to make a choice..." Ben doesn't want to have to choose "between you and my nephew's life...I don't see a choice...the gun is the only chance at justice that Will has..." Viki begs to differ with this: "I've done horrible, brutal things...they haunted me...and poisoned my life for years...and even though my alter did those things...I was ultimately responsible...they were wrong...taking revenge on Asa is long as I still have a choice I will not stand by and watch you do it..." Ben tries to make Viki understand that his "anger can't be talked is with me night and day...I can't ignore what I feel..." but Viki "can't bear's tearing me up inside...please tell me, are we over?" Although they both tell each other, "I love you," Viki understands "it's clear what your answer is..." and she tearfully walks out on Ben.

The Buchanan Lodge

Jessica enters the lodge and begins to have thoughts of Will and their time together there. Later, Kelly and Kevin meet at the lodge to "go over" what happened between them on New Year's Eve. Kelly "hates the sneaking around...lying to Joey" but Kevin just wants to know "how many times do we have to go over" it? Kelly's answer: "As many times as it takes to realize the truth...that it meant happened because we wanted it to happen...I don't know what to do...I need help." Going inside to talk, they are surprised to find Jessica already there but they cover quickly by telling her that they were worried about her and how upset she was when she left the police station. Jessica proves them right as she spills her feelings: "Our relationship was nothing but lies...(Will) said he loved me, but if he did he would never have betrayed me like this...I trusted him...people who love each other aren't supposed to lie...I should tell Cristian...they teamed up to keep us apart...maybe he won't care, but he deserves to's too late for us...we've hurt each other way too much...he wanted to try again but I was in love with Will...the next thing I know he's marrying doesn't make any sense...he had to be lying to me, too...I will never be with a man who lies to me..." An obviously guilty Kelly tells Jess that "what Will did doesn't mean he doesn't love you...he gave in to just means he's human..." Trying to get Jessica to think before telling Cristian, Kevin asks her if she would want to know that kind of information about Will. Jessica is sure that "if I was going to marry somebody who lied to me over and over...I'd want to know..." and she leaves to make arrangements to confront Cristian in New York City as soon as possible.

Alone again, Kelly's guilt overwhelms her. "Everything she said about Cristian, applies to us...I have to tell Joey the truth and I have to do it now." Kevin wonders why because "you can't explain what happened any better than I can." Kelly "thought we had worked through this...we need to work through this..." but Kevin thinks that "what we're feeling is what we're feeling, whether it's moral or not..." Kelly is "confused" and knows that Kevin is too, but she still insists she has to "tell Joey the truth." Kevin challenges her: "What truth are you going to tell him? The truth that we almost slept together but didn't, or the truth that we wish we had?"

Vega NYC Apartment

Roseanne is "uptight" and "nervous" about wanting to "make a good impression" on Father Rodriguez, the priest she and Cristian are asking to marry them. She wants "everything to be perfect" and doesn't ever "remember being this happy." When the priest arrives, he agrees to marry them but says that "tomorrow is quite impossible" because the Church wants young couples to "understand and appreciate the seriousness of the commitment they are going to make" and requires them to attend four weekly classes before they enter into the sacrament of marriage. It doesn't matter that their family is in town or that they are already committing a sin by cohabiting; but when Father Rodriguez allows that special exceptions can be made for "pregnancy or military service" a light goes on in Roseanne's head. Sending Cristian on an errand, Roseanne "confesses" to Father Rodriguez: "There's something else you should's so awful I don't know if I can bring myself to say it...I don't think anyone can help me..." Father Rodriguez tries to comfort Rosie by telling her "there's always forgiveness in God's eyes" and guesses Roseanne's "terrible secret" is that she is "expecting a child." Roseanne admits that she will "be showing in four weeks" and begs the priest to marry them right away. Because he "can't let this blessed news of a baby's conception become something shameful and frightening" he agrees to "marry you tomorrow." Later, Cristian arrives home and asks Rosie why she needed to be alone with Father Rodriguez. "I wanted him to know how in love we are...the longer we live together, the longer we live in sin..." Cristian is astounded by Roseanne's actions: "You're blackmailed the priest?" But Roseanne has no shame: "Whatever I said worked...he agreed to marry us tomorrow..."

Office at Asa's Mansion

Max is staring at a computer screen containing his bank account information when Skye sneaks up on him from behind. "I'm a Chandler, I can read a balance sheet 20 paces away, it's in my genes...she's wringing you out like a wet sponge..." Skye guesses that the reason that Max isn't sharing the truth about his "illness" with Blair is because "she scammed you, you scam her..." but Max informs her that Blair made the withdrawals "with my authorization." Skye doesn't believe him for a nanosecond and they enter into their familiar pattern of sexually charged insults. Max insists that Skye likes "having something on's almost as good as sex for you." But Skye counters that "I don't know...why don't we try having sex again and find out..." As Max grabs Skye's face and moves in close to tell her that as he looks at her he is "feeling hate, disgust, revulsion," Blair walks in and announces, "We're all going to have a heart to heart - all three of us." When Blair demands that Skye tell her what she has on Max, Skye only admits to "his fake Buchanan status." Blair is skeptical because "when I walked in it looked like Max was going to strangle you or kiss you...I guess you know my preference." Skye cattily turns the tables on Blair and accuses: "For a woman who's stealing money from her husband, you've got quite a nerve getting on your high horse with me."

Friday, January 21, 2000

Max and Blair's marriage continued to crumble after Max confronted her about his missing money. Blair angrily explained that she had taken the money in order to protect them in case Asa ever found out about their scam. Ben waited to ambush Asa with a loaded gun, while Viki tipped off Sam to Ben's plan. Sam quickly enlisted Bo's help to prevent another tragedy and asked him to keep Asa away from Ben. Nora had also gone looking for Asa to try to convince him to do the right thing for Will. Bo arrived at the lodge and also tried to talk some sense into Asa.

Meanwhile, Max and Blair discovered an armed Ben and Max decided to call the police despite Blair's protests. Sam arrived at Asa's and attempted to convince Ben to put down his gun. Lindsay tried to bolster Will's spirits when he realized that nothing would fix the mess he had made with Jessica. Roseanne and Cristian readied for their wedding as Jessica got on a flight to New York. Jessica arrived at Cristian's apartment just as Roseanne was getting ready to leave for the church.

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