One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 24, 2000 on OLTL

Jessica was unable to stop Cristian and Roseanne's wedding. Will was released on bail. Cristian walked out on Roseanne after learning the truth from Jessica and Will. Lindsay suspected that she was pregnant. Skye refused to accept money from Blair to leave town.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 24, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, January 24, 2000

Bo and Nora are at the lodge, watching over Asa. Nora tells Bo what a good guy he is by letting Sam stop his own brother from hurting Asa instead of letting the police get involved. Bo tells Nora that he'll do whatever he has to in order to stop anyone from getting hurt. He confides in Nora that he loves Asa though he actually once thought Asa could do no wrong. He really looked up to him when he was a kid. Nora blames herself for everything because of her relationship with Sam but Bo assures her that Asa is just being hateful because he's not getting his way. Bo goes off to check on his father as Lindsay walks in, confronting Nora on why she's there alone, with Bo. John Sykes told her where to find Bo but she didn't realize that Nora had to help protect Asa. Suddenly, Bo rushes out, telling the women that Asa's gone. He storms off to the Buchanan mansion, leaving the pair alone. Lindsay tries to find out why the two were there together but Nora informs her that it's a long, complicated story. However, she does divulge that Bo believes Asa's life is in danger.

Sam can't believe that his brother would be a cold hearted killer and tries to get Ben to turn his gun over to him. Ben tells Sam that he really doesn't know anything him and they can't get justice because Asa owns the court system in Llanview. He only wants the old man to confess to his crimes, he's not there to kill him. When Sam says that Bo is good because he allowed him to come by himself to try to get Ben to leave, Ben becomes very angry that everyone knows where he is.

Max and Blair are in the other room, arguing over Ben and his being at the mansion with a gun. Blair wonders if the only reason Max wants to call the police is because Skye is out to get Ben and Max has some kind of unholy alliance with her. Max denies this and calls the police station to report an armed intruder on the premises. Asa walks in on the brothers as Max runs into the room to warn him about Ben's gun. John shows up(with some other police officers) as does Bo. Everyone is yelling at once, as Sam tries to diffuse the situation and Max is demanding that Ben be searched for his gun. Bo knowingly tells Ben that he understands he was only there to talk and Ben agrees. Blair jumps into the fray and tells the group that the whole thing is a mix-up. Max had an episode and she reminds Asa of the time Max was in the hospital and thought the orderly had a gun. Sam attempts to leave with Ben, Asa wonders why the men are in his house, Ben questions Asa about what he's done to Will and Max continues to accuse Ben of having a gun. As Bo is caught in the middle of the commotion, John agrees to leave a final decision up to him. Bo has no choice;he orders the officers to search Ben.

Jess storms into Roseanne's apartment and wants to know where Cris is. She won't let the wedding go on she promises. The bride-to-be tells Jess that Cris won't talk to her and they are happy. Jess tells her she's lying to herself and that she will inform Cris on everything that's been going on between Roseanne and Will. Rosie denies it all, she apologizes to Jess and tells her to leave them alone. She calls Jessica selfish to want to hurt Cristian but Jess can tell she's scared. Rosie lies that Will took the money and she has no idea where it came from. Jess wants to tell Cris all so they can see if he still loves Roseanne. As the two argue, Roseanne manages to push Jessica into a closet and secure the door with a chair. She rushes out and runs into Carlotta who had gone to pick up a new pair of stockings. Rosie rushes her along to the church and when Carlotta comments on all of the noise(Jess yelling and banging on the closet door), she assures Mrs. Vega that it's just her neighbors.

Cris is at the church, waiting for Father Rodriguez and Roseanne. He admits to Téa that he does really love Roseanne and wants her happy. R.J. appears and tells Cris he looks tense but agrees with the groom that he's doing the right thing. Téa and R.J. present Cris with a wedding gift, two round trip tickets to Jamaica along with hotel reservations. He thanks them for the gift and shortly thereafter thanks Téa for getting them her friend's sublet. He asks where her friend is going. Téa is taken by surprise and comes up with a story which unfortunately conflicts with the one that Roseanne previously told. Father Rodriguez finally shows up and goes off to get ready. Cris turns back to Téa and wants some clarification from her on her friend's whereabouts. R.J. saunters by and is able to smooth out the story so that both women appear right. Later, Téa tells R.J. that she hopes Roseanne will stop all of her lying soon.

When Lindsay demands to know why Nora was snuggling up to Bo, the lawyer accuses her of being sick, insecure and paranoid. They argue about Lindsay's past lies and suddenly Lindsay wants to know what Nora has done. Nora replies, "What have I done? What did you do?" She attacks Lindsay verbally, repeating past conversations revolving around her:Dorian knew of something and Lindsay also told Sam that Will was just like his mother, doing something for love. She's sick of Lindsay's scheming and wants everyone to know about her. Lindsay accuses Nora of "finding out and telling Bo." Nora is confused;apparently she's on to something!

Roseanne gets to the church and lights candles, praying that she be given the chance to be Cris' wife. She appears distraught but when Téa confronts her she says she's just anxious to get married.

A woman, sweeping in the hallway, hears Jess' cries for help.

Rae on All My Children
Courtesy of Dan Kroll

At the boarding house, Rae, Myrtle, Tad, and Dixie mulled over ideas for Tad's planned expose of black market baby adoptions. They all agreed that they needed a "shady lawyer" to help them get started. Rae smiled slightly and stated that she had a call in to a friend in Llanview with connections to a questionable attorney. That friend, John Sykes, was supposed to phone Rae any minute. When the phone rang, Rae's hopes hit new highs. She was disappointed when Myrtle answered the phone and heard a telemarketer in the other end. Jake returned with Colby a little while later --- but with everyone cooing over the baby Jake wondered if anyone realized that he was even there. Jake smiled broadly as he announced that Gillian was discussing wedding plans with Eugenia at about the same time Liza was signing off on her marriage to Adam. The discussion once again returned to the so-called "baby brokering" idea. Jake recalled that during his medical school days many young, pregnant women had been questioned about their plans for the babies. According the officials at the school, it was not uncommon for the women to give up their children for adoption. Jake had to dash back to the hospital, but he left Colby in Tad and Dixie's care. Rae finally received her phone call from John. From the smile on her face, she'd gotten everything she'd wanted. The shady lawyer, named Lyle Wedgewood, had been located. Oddly enough, he was already under scrutiny for his alleged ties to baby brokering. It seemed that Lyle somehow always managed to avoid prosecution. Rae mentioned that it might have something to do with his rumored mob ties. The mere mention of the mob made Tad question Dixie's involvement in the investigation. He told his wife that he'd prefer if they found someone else to take her place in the operation. Dixie refused to be pushed aside. She figured that if she'd be in danger, Tad could also be in danger --- and she wanted them to be there for each other. Against his better judgment, Tad agreed to keep Dixie on. Tad wondered why a woman would want to give up her child. Rae squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. She told Tad that there are "reasons [he] can't fathom." Rae decided that it was time to tell Tad and Dixie why she was so interested in the underground baby market. She explained that she'd gotten pregnant as a young woman and that her family did not take the news very well. Fortunately, though, she carried the baby to term and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. "I can still see her face [and] hear her crying," Rae said softly, her eyes filling with tears. Rae fell asleep knowing that her baby would be safe under her family's careful watch. She was wrong... terribly wrong. When Rae awoke she was told that her daughter had died. Just last year, she learned that she'd been lied to all her life. "My family made a deal," Rae said coldly. "They sold her." Dixie reached our for Tad's hand and bit her lip to keep from crying. It was getting late and Tad and Dixie had to head home. Colby was left in Rae and Myrtle's care. Myrtle wrapped her arm around Rae and praised her for the courage it took for her to tell Tad and Dixie the truth.


Nora realized that Lindsay was hiding something big, but Lindsay suddenly became ill before Nora had a chance to question her. Lindsay later realized she might be pregnant. Jessica was finally freed from the closet and rushed to the church to get to Cristian before he married Roseanne. Jessica arrived at the church just in time to see Roseanne and Cristian pronounced husband and wife. Roseanne attempted to convince Jessica to keep quiet, but Jessica announced to Cristian that the woman he married was a liar.

After Bo frisked Ben and did not find a gun, Max insisted that he must have passed it off to Sam. Bo decided not to search Sam, who was finally free to go check on Will. At Nora's urging, Sam put their house up as collateral in order to get Will out on bail. Later, Will reeled when he learned that Jessica had taken off for New York City. Max and Blair argued over her interference in the situation with Ben. Blair later told Max that she wanted the old Max back, not the one he had become.


Ben tells Sam that he thinks he really blew it with Viki. Sam says that Viki will forgive him, but Ben isn't convinced. In the Buchanon war, Sam feels that Bo will be a powerful ally against Asa. Later, Nora tries to get Sam to discuss what Lindsay's secret might be. Sam covers, but knows it is just a matter of time before the truth comes out! Meanwhile, Lindsay is at the lodge with Bo, ecstatic to think she might be pregnant. She keeps her suspicions to herself for now.

At the Banner, Viki is upset that she will have to schedule more tests. She longs for Ben to comfort her. Kevin and Viki have a heart to heart, but she doesn't let on about her health. After Viki leaves, Kelly storms in and denies that she has any feelings for Kevin. Kevin convinces her not to tell Joey about the kiss, and in the meantime he will ignore his feelings for her. She agrees not to let Joey know, because in doing so, Kevin says, she would be admitting that something more than a kiss is going on between them!

Cristian finally learns the truth about Roseanne's deceptions. Jessica tells him all about Will and Roseanne's plan to keep her and Cristian apart. At first Roseanne is able to gain sympathy, and blame the whole thing on Will, but when Will shows up, the game is over. Cristian ends up walking out of the church, and punching Will on the way out. "You're still my husband Cristian," Roseanne pleads. "We'll see about that!" Cristian replies. Will tries to apologize again to Jessica, but she doesn't want to hear it.

Thursday, JANUARY 27, 2000


Viki is sitting at her desk when her private line rings but she doesn't answer the phone, instead she listens to the message that Ben leaves: "...I know I let you need for revenge was greater than my commitment to you...I hurt the most important person in my life...I'm not asking for your forgiveness, just tell me that you're OK..." When Viki picks up the receiver, it's too late because Ben has already hung up.

Later, Kevin arrives with a message for Viki from Dr. Hanson that was mistakenly placed in Kevin's box at the Banner. Kevin wants his mother to "tell me what's wrong" but Viki insists there is "no need to worry about that - nothing at all." When Kevin won't accept her answer, Viki admits that her doctor wants her to schedule an ultrasound to clear up "some unclear...little thing" from her mammogram but lies that with all that has been going on in the past couple of days she had simply forgotten. Very sweetly, Kevin wants his mother to know that he is "paying you back for all the worrying you did for me over the years...I'm ready for you to lean on me if you are the least bit frightened..." Viki insists she isn't frightened but doesn't want Kevin to tell anyone else about this, especially Ben. "Ben is the last person you should be talking to about me...we had a lot more than an argument...bringing my health into it would just complicate matters...we are not going to be able to patch things up...I don't want him worrying about me..." Mother and son strike a deal: Kevin won't tell anyone if Viki makes the appointment for the ultrasound. Later, Viki makes the appointment and then pushes the blinking message light on her telephone and listens - again - to Ben's message.


Ben is wiping the bar counter when Max surprises him with a visit. Max (having learned his acting techniques lately by astute observation of Asa) gives Ben a real show when he tries to convince him he's "crazy": "...I get confused pretty easily lately...yesterday I thought you were going to use a gun against my father...(brandishing a gun from his pocket) we both know there's no gun here's terrible what a gun can do in the wrong hands - and even worse what it can do in the right hands...fantasy and reality keep switching places in my skull...did you have a gun yesterday? I have a gun today?" Ben apologizes to Max even though he "didn't botch up" his surgery: "I hate it you're having episodes...I can promise you this, you'll never again think I have a gun...what I gained being angry at Asa was nothing compared to what I lost." Max puts his own gun away and having finished his business, turns to leave. When Ben asks him about his "full blown episodes" Max lies and says he had one this morning, that no specialists have been able to help him and he doesn't want to accept any more referrals from Ben since the Buchanan and RappaDavidson families hate each other. Ben explains to Max that "I judge people by what they do, not who they are...I feel sorry for anyone that would have to share a birth certificate with Asa...being a doctor was the purest thing I ever did...whatever I can do, I will."

Later, Kevin stops by for some small talk with "the best anonymous source I ever had." Ben just wants to know if Kevin is going to "ease into the topic or hit me with it - your mother and me."

The Palace Hotel

Blair, having "pull" with Renee, is waiting in Skye's room when she returns from a shopping trip. Blair asks Skye how much it will take "to get you a one-way ticket back to Pine Valley or Death Valley or any other valley...unless Big Daddy Chandler is paying all your bills now?" Blair's first attempt is rebuffed but Skye accepts the second check with a "Thanks, Regis. I'll take it." But when Blair snorts, "Good, get the hell out of town," Skye promptly rips up the check and announces, "Not everyone has a price...I like it here, I plan on staying a long, long time...I'm not wanted anywhere but there are things in Llanview that I want." Talking about Ben, Skye wants Blair to understand that "I won't rest until he has less than nothing...I want Max to break him, I want Max to crush him, I want Max to destroy him." But Blair wonders if Skye "just wants Max...everywhere Max is these days you're just an arm's length away from him...I trust my husband, it's you I don't trust." But when Blair accuses Skye of being "pathetic" for "going after a man with brain damage," Skye begins to laugh hysterically. Blair challenges Skye to "go ahead...see how far you get with Max...we belong's way beyond trust, way beyond love, and way the hell beyond you...he doesn't need you, he doesn't want you, and he sure as hell doesn't love you." On cue, Max knocks frantically at the door and advises Skye that he "needs to see" her now!

Nora and Sam's New House

Sam is disappointed that after staying up all night to do research he "can't find a precedent to help Will's case." He's afraid that he "can't help my own son" unless it's outside the courtroom this time. Sam flusters Nora with questions about the dance contest ribbon he found in "our new desk drawer, in our new house" and admits he was "surprised and curious" by the discovery. Nora agrees to find a "more appropriate" place for the ribbon but wants Sam to understand she is "curious" about Lindsay's secret. Sam advises that "it's none of our business" but Nora persists, "How do we know? We don't know what the secret could very well be our business." Sam is upset that Nora won't "drop this whole thing about Lindsay" and tells her so as the doorbell rings and Bo and Lindsay let themselves in "to talk about Will." Bo advises Sam that he would "like to avoid a trial...officially this case is not about vendettas, it's about money." Sam is skeptical that money would "mean anything to a man as wealthy as Asa...he's not going to be happy until Will is doing hard time..." Bo corrects him that it's not the money but "saving face" that's important to Asa. "My gut tells me this thing is not playing out the way Asa wanted...he's the center of attention just as much as Will...he didn't plan it but he's in too deep now..." Bo and Nora are on the same page about this which dismays Lindsay and Sam. Sam thinks the idea of restitution "stinks" because "he stole it in the first place then stashed it and frames Will for it...reward him 100% profit on his crime?...where's the justice in that?" Lindsay wants to go along with the plan "if it means the end of Will's troubles" but Sam advises that "it's just the the eyes of the world for the rest of his life Will will be guilty." Bo offers to "kick in the money" as his "restitution for what my father has done to your son" but Sam offers a different explanation for Bo's generosity: "Maybe you're afraid if we get into a court of law the corrupt cesspool that the Buchanan family is will be exposed to the light of day...I'd appreciate it if you'd just get out of my life...leave me alone and leave my son alone..." Sam retreats into the office and Nora follows closely behind. Nora advises Sam to think of Will as a client and not his son, she offers to draw up an agreement not admitting Will's guilt but Sam doesn't think Asa will go for that and he doesn't want Bo's help in talking to Asa. Nora's suggestion is for Sam to go to Asa and "offer him the money; maybe he laughs you out of the house, what does that cost you? Maybe a little pride...a pretty small price to pay for your son's future." Sam reluctantly agrees, "I will give Asa his money and I hope he chokes." He then apologizes to Bo for his outburst and agrees with the plan - on the condition that "I will not under any circumstances take money from you...I know you mean well...too much pride is a sin, but so is not enough."

Lindsay follows Sam into the office and closes the doors behind them. She tells Sam it "really annoyed me too" the "way Nora agreed with every single word Bo said..." but Sam, aside from worrying about Will and where he will get $500,000, is more upset about his recent topic of conversation with Nora: "Do you have any idea how close she is to finding out what you did? When Nora gets it in her head that she is going to find out the truth - she does...I'm getting really tired of having to do everything but outright lie to keep your dirty little relationship with Nora is based on truth...I don't want it to get ruined...I made you a promise and I will keep it, but you've put her on the scent, don't be surprised if she finds her own way there." Lindsay panics and accuses Sam of "abandoning" her, but Sam theorizes it would be much better for Lindsay to find out before marriage if Bo would walk out on her if he knew the truth, not after when she might have "more at might have kids someday..." Lindsay shares a new secret with Sam, "Not someday - now. I think I'm pregnant."

In the living room, Nora thanks Bo for his generous offer to Sam and inquires whether he has noticed if Lindsay seems to be "unusually on edge" lately. Bo acknowledges that "on edge" is not unusual for Lindsay but he realizes that Nora has "got something on your you have something you want to say to me about Lindsay?" When Nora is reluctant to "bother you with any problems I have about Lindsay," Bo loses his temper and tells Nora, "I'm getting real tired of hearing your innuendos." Nora then offers to "do my best to keep my opinions to myself" but Bo challenges her: "It's my bad luck, and yours too, you just can't." Nora responds, "Lindsay's not being straight with you. She's lying to you." Bo shocks Nora with his response: "I remember who told me the biggest lie of my life and it wasn't Lindsay." When Nora recovers, she goes forward: "I certainly deserved that one, didn't I? But mark my words, she's keeping something from you and she's terrified that if you find out what this secret is, the marriage will be off."

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Friday, January 28, 2000

by Soap Central

Bo and Nora argued over Nora's constant criticism of Lindsay. Bo told Nora that he loved Lindsay and intended to marry her in the next few weeks. Later, Nora attempted to get proof that Lindsay was hiding something and cleverly cozied up to Dorian looking for answers. Bo and Sam presented Asa with an offer to pay back the missing funds, but Asa refused to listen. Later, Bo warned Asa that their relationship would be destroyed over this issue.

Max told Skye that he was through being blackmailed because she had nothing on him that mattered anymore. Skye shocked Max by proving him wrong and presented him with the adoption certificate of the real Buchanan heir. Kevin talked to Ben and tried to get him to reach out to Viki, but Ben was convinced their relationship was over. Viki had her own discussion with Will after Jessica refused to see him. Viki attempted to push her own concerns to the background and comforted her daughter. Later, Jessica was surprised when Cristian arrived and wanted to talk.

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