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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 31, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, January 31, 2000

Abigail and Chris are kissing in the garden and Molly finds them. As she approaches, Abigail turns and sees her coming over to them. She says, "Molly!" Molly starts in on both Chris and Abigail. She starts to tell Abigail about Chris and Abigail says that she does not want to hear her talk bad about Chris anymore. She tells Molly that she does not know him like she does. She tells Molly that her REAL mother is in Saudi Arabia and she is not her mother and she can't tell her who she can see. Abigail says that she is going to go home right now and call her mother and tell her about Chris. Abigail runs away and Molly tries to go after her and Chris stops her. He tells Molly to let her go. Chris and Molly stay in the garden and discuss the situation between three. Chris tries to tell her that she will only hurt Abigail by telling her about their affair. He tries to convince Molly that he will not pull the same thing with Abigail as he did with her. He tells her that he knows that Abigail is young and he promises that he will respect her. Finally, Molly turns to him and says that she won't talk to Abigail and Chris has a sigh of relief. Then Molly adds that she won't talk to her daughter tonight. She will think about what she is going to say to her tomorrow.

Lily has returned home and she and Holden are in their bedroom kissing and talking about spending the entire night together. Holden gives Lily a foot massage and she asks how many more of those can she get? Holden tells her that she can have 400 more. She asks him what else does she get? He tells her that whatever she wants, she can have. They start to kiss and they hear a door slam. They decide that it must be Abigail and go back to kissing. Then they hear crying and Holden says that it can wait until morning. Lily says that she thinks it is Abigail and he should go to her and see if she needs him. Reluctantly, he leaves his wife. Holden goes downstairs to find Abigail frantically dialing the phone and getting a wrong number. He wants to know what is wrong? She says that she needs to talk to her mother. Holden says that she should wait a few more hours because it is very early in Saudi Arabia. Holden asks if he can help in any way? She starts to cry again and blurts out that she and Chris had been seeing each other and Molly caught them tonight and she wants to call her mother and get permission to see Chris because they can't stay apart. Holden is not happy that she has been lying to him. Lily comes in and hears the conversation. Lily takes Holden out to the foyer and reminds him about how they felt about each other. Holden says that there is a difference, he was a nice boy. Lily reminds him that he was a stable boy. Finally, Holden softens and they go back into the living room and tell Abigail that she can see Chris, but there will be some rules. She says that she doesn't care, she just wants to be able to see him. Lily and Holden go back upstairs and Abigail calls Chris with the good news. Chris asks about Molly and she tells him that Holden has the last say and it won't matter what Molly says.

Andy is in Denise's apartment and Denise is no where to be found. Andy realizes that Denise has run off with Hope. He leaves and goes over to Tom and Margo's house and asks for help from Margo. He explains what their father has been up to and Margo says, "That's John for you." Andy asks Margo to help him find Denise before his father finds out and uses it against her. Margo wants to go to the station and put out an APB on her. Andy doesn't want to do that because his father could find out. Margo tells Andy that she will see what she can do, but she just got her job back and she doesn't want to upset Hal by going against policy. Andy says that he understands. While Margo is busy, Tom informs Andy about the legal side of the issue about his daughter. He tells him that if he signs off his parental rights and something happens to Denise, Hope could become a ward of the state. Andy asks if that means that someone else could end up raising his child? Tom tells him, "Yes!"

Denise is outside of a house and she is looking inside. She tells Hope that her mother must not be home. Denise takes a small knife and breaks in through the window. She goes back out through the door and brings Hope inside. She drops her wallet outside the door. She tells Hope that her grandmother will be back soon and she will help them. Denise takes Hope over to the couch and lays down with her. Hope is not sleepy, but Denise is dead tired and falls fast asleep. A little while later, someone pecks Denise on the shoulder and she wakes up to see a woman standing before her. At first, she thinks that the woman is her mother, but she soon realizes it is not. She asks if the woman is a friend of her mother's? The woman tells her that she broke in. Denise says that she is there to see her mother. Denise then realizes that there is a policeman standing behind her. She wants to know what is going on? The cop wants to know the same thing. He asks her why she broke into the house. Denise again tells them that she is there to see her mother. The cop makes a phone call and then turns to Denise and asks if she is baby sitting the child? Denise informs him that the baby is her baby. The cop wants to know if she has a birth certificate for the baby? Denise says that she does, but she can tell him anything that he wants to know about her baby. The cop demands to see the birth certificate and some ID. Denise starts to look for her wallet. She can't find it anywhere and she yells that her wallet is gone. There is a knock on the door and the cop opens the door. Denise asks who the lady is and the cop says that she is from child protective services. Denise wants to know why? The cop says that she will take care of her baby and Denise starts to yell, "Don't take my baby!" The lady from protective services takes Hope from Denise and the cop puts Denise in hand cuffs. The woman starts to the door with Hope and Denise is screaming, "Don't take my baby!!"

Tuesday, February 1, 2000

Abigail calls Chris and tells him that they are waiting for Molly to arrive so they can have a meeting about the two of them dating. Chris asks Abigail what will happen if Molly won't go for letting them date. Abigail tells him that it won't matter because Holden has the last say and he can convince her to go along with them. Holden and Lily walk in and Abigail says goodbye to Chris. She tells Holden that she was talking to Chris and he always gives her confidence. Molly arrives and she is not a happy camper. She tells them that she feels that she is only there to give her opinion so that everyone can shoot her down. She tells them that they do not know the whole story. Holden tells her to tell them the whole story so they all will know. She starts toward the door and turns and says that all she is going to say is go ahead and do it their way and she will watch everything blow up in their face. She turns and walks out the door. Abigail looks at Holden and asks him, "What was that all about?" Holden says that he doesn't know, but he is going to the farm (where Molly is headed) and find out what is going on with her. They all decide to go.

At the farm, Barbara is working on Carly's wedding dress. Lisa and Emma are there putting in their two cents. Jack comes in and they hide the dress so he can't see it. Carly reminds him that he isn't supposed to see the dress before the wedding, it is bad luck. He tells her that it only applies if he sees her in the dress. She tells him that she is so happy and a little spooked. She has waited so long to get her dream and now it is so close. She makes a comment about Molly being late for her fitting and she says that she had better not mess up her wedding day. Molly walks in and she is in a bad mood. She is snipping at everyone. Emma says that it can't be too easy raising a teenage daughter. Lisa tells her that if she needs advice, she is there. Molly snips back that she has had all the advice that she needs, thank you! Molly walks outside and Carly follows her. Carly tells her that she has come to far and she does not want her to make this family mad at her. Molly tells Carly about her evening and her morning with Abigail. She tells Carly how she has been feeling and especially when she saw her daughter with Chris. Carly asks Molly if maybe she isn't a little jealous of her daughter's relationship. Molly denies this and insist that her daughter will only end up with a broken heart. Holden, Lily and Abigail walk up and Holden says that they come in peace. Molly says, "So said the general of the Israeli army." She starts to go back into the house and Holden grabs her arm and says that they are not done talking about this. Lily, Abigail and Carly go inside and Holden and Molly stay outside to talk. Molly tells Holden that she feels that everyone is just watching her and judging her. Holden says that he is sorry that she feels that way. Molly says that all she wants to do is protect her daughter. Holden asks her what she is protecting her from? Molly says that all she has accomplished is her daughter hating her. Abigail has come back outside and she says that she doesn't hate Molly. She tells Molly that she could never, ever hate her. Lily and Holden go back into the house. Abigail tells Molly that the only reason she was acting bad toward Molly and saying hateful things is because she was trying to keep her from Chris. Abigail asks Molly, "Why are you trying to break my heart?" Molly looks at her daughter with tears in her eyes and says, "OK" Abigail asks if it is OK that she sees Chris? Molly says yes and Abigail grabs her and hugs her and says that she is the best mom ever. Molly tells her daughter that she hopes that she never changes her mind.

Andy and Kim are at the diner and Andy tells his mother about Denise running off with Hope. He tells her about Margo trying to find her. Kim tries to comfort her son by telling him that Denise has a good head on her shoulders and as soon as she has had some time to think, she will come back with Hope. Andy tells Kim that Tom had told him that with Denise running off it pushes the custody issue. Kim asks him if he really wants custody of his daughter? Andy says that he wants to talk to Denise. He tells his mother that he has two big assignments coming up that will take him away for awhile. Chris comes in and sits down with his mother and Andy. Andy gets up to go make a call. Chris asks his mother what is up with Andy and she asks what is up with him. Chris tells Kim about the big con-fab going on about weather Holden and Molly will let him see Abigail. She tells him that Holden and Lily are friends and she doesn't think that there will be a problem. He tells her that it is Molly that is causing the problem. Kim says that she doesn't understand why that girl is always causing problems with their family. Andy comes back to the table. Kim says that she wishes that she had a magic wand that she could wave and make all their troubles go away. The phone rings and Andy and Chris both go for their phones. It is Chris' phone and Abigail is calling with the good news, they can see each other. She asks him to come over to Holden's house in half an hour. He says that he will be there and he hangs up. Kim says that she does have a magic wand and she is so happy for him. Chris looks at Andy and says that he is going to get some good news too, he can feel it. Andy says thanks and in the mean time he has a lot of thinking to do.

Denise is in a jail cell and she is asking the guard to tell her something about her baby. The guard ignores her. A lady lawyer comes walking in and the guard lets her into Denise's cell. The lawyer is from legal aid. She tells Denise that she can help her, but she needs some information. Denise just wants to know about her baby. She tells the lady lawyer that the people who have her baby don't know what she likes, she is the only one that can take care of her. The lawyer says that they need to work on getting her out of jail first, then they will work on getting her baby back. She also tells Denise that the lady that she broke into her house has decided not to press charges. She says that Denise will have to produce some ID and the baby's birth certificate. Denise tells her that she lost her wallet. The lawyer asks Denise if she is running away from someone? She says that she has a lot of experience in helping women like her. She tells Denise that she has made a routine check and if she keeps telling the truth everything should turn out OK. The guard comes in and tells the lawyer that she is needed upstairs. Denise asks what is happening? The lawyer says that she will go find out what his going on. Later, the lawyer returns and says that Denise was not totally honest with her. She neglected to tell her about the time she sold her baby. Denise tries to explain that she has gotten her life back together and she has worked hard to make a new life for her and her baby. The lawyer informs Denise that Child Protective Services has already petitioned the court to have her baby put into foster care. Denise starts screaming, "NO!! NO!!"

Back at the diner, Andy tells his mother that he wants to give custody to Denise. He asks her if she thinks bad of him. She says that she is proud of him. His phone rings and it is Margo calling. He hangs up and tells Kim that Tom is on his way over with information on Denise. Kim asks how bad is it? Andy says that they found her in Peoria in jail!

At Lily and Holden's house, Chris arrives and the two are happy to be able to see each other without worrying who is going to catch them. They hug and Chris says that he doesn't ever want to disappoint her and she says that she can't think of anything that he could do that would disappoint her. He says, "Of course you can't."

Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Carly shows up at the wedding rehearsal sans Jack, who's busy investigating a warehouse. Julia drops by the City Times to inform Jake that Lisa has offered her a new contract but she hasn't signed it yet, and Jake suggests to Lucinda that they make Julia a better offer. Alone, Lucinda accuses Julia of having ulterior motives where Jake is concerned. Tom tells Andy he's managed to get him a hearing concerning getting custody of Hope released from foster care, but Andy wants to talk to Denise first.

Andy tells John that Denise has run away with Hope, but doesn't disclose that Denise has actually been arrested in Peoria. Denise's lawyer advises her client to share custody with the father rather than have Hope raised by strangers. Lucinda tells Jake that Julia is trying to "land" him but Jake refuses to believe it. John overhears Margo talking about Denise's breaking and entering charges to Tom and Kim.

Carly delights over a wedding gift of a childhood photo album of a young Jack but worries to Barbara about being the wife of a cop. In the warehouse, Jack finds a ringing alarm clock and turns it off before leaving. The building explodes right after he leaves and Jack is thrown to the ground but is only stunned.

Jack finally arrives at the farm for the wedding rehearsal and reassures Carly. John is furious at being kept in the dark and chases after Andy. He arrives at Denise's cell just as Andy is convincing Denise he's going to get her released and John says he'll do everything he can to ensure that she remains behind bars. Julia runs into Jake at Java Underground but he refuses her plea to dance with her. Hal gives a warm toast at the rehearsal and later hears from Jack about the warehouse explosion, which Carly overhears.

Phillips leaves a ticking wedding present on the Snyder porch. Jack allays Carly's fears but giving her a watch to wear at the wedding and Carly surprises him by giving him a watch of his own. Barbara tells them they are "too cute" for words. Emma brings in the package from the porch but Carly decides not to open it until tomorrow.

Julia chastises Jake when he indulges in self-pity about Vicky by informing him her ex-boyfriend is getting married tomorrow and she hoped Jake could cheer her up. John advises Andy to grab the opportunity that Denise's arrest is giving him. Tom and Margo surprise Kim when they suggest she'd be the perfect person to take in Hope if needed.

Denise is granted bail but refuses to leave her cell when she learns she can't see Hope until the morning. Andy supports her decision by joining her in the cell for the night and orders John to go home. Jack and Carly decide to make the most of the hours they have left before it's officially the day of their wedding. They go upstairs while the package continues to tick on the kitchen counter.

Thursday, February 3, 2000

Denise and Andy are in conference with the social worker in Peoria who took Hope. They are under the impression that all they have to do is sign a few papers, and Hope will be released back into their custody. The social worker informs them that they need to have a hearing to determine what will be done with Hope's custody. Andy tells them that they can go pick up Hope, and all go to the custody hearing together, but the social worker tells them that Hope is part of the Peoria foster care system now, and they have to follow certain procedures. Denise flies off the handle, telling the social worker that they cannot take her baby away from her.

Molly shows up at WOAK to tape some news promotions for the station. Henry and Katie go into the control room to set up the tapes. While they are in the other room, Molly tests a hand-held tape recorder, and goes into the control room. While Henry and Katie set up the monitors and feeds, Molly plants the recorder underneath a newspaper on a nearby table. Molly starts grilling them more on the "poisonous sandwich" they fed her earlier, but Katie professes her innocence to Molly. Molly leaves the room, and Katie immediately starts re-hashing the "poisoning" scene again. Katie tells Henry that Molly will never let her live down what happened, but Henry tells her not to worry. Molly has no proof they did anything.

Emma enters Carly's room with some fresh flowers, and finds her and Jack asleep on the bed. Emma wonders if this is a new wedding tradition that she hasn't heard about, but Carly tells her that they were up so late talking that they both just drifted off. Emma reminds her jokingly that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride on her wedding day. After Emma leaves, Jack wakes up, and Carly plants a pillow over her face, reiterating what Emma just told her. Jack tells her, laughingly, that they make their own luck, and nothing is going to ruin their special day. Meanwhile, Emma heads downstairs and there is a close-up of the mysterious "ticking" package on the table. Jack and Carly emerge from upstairs, and help Emma cook some breakfast. Carly accidentally dumps the eggs, and Emma goes out to the barn to get some more. Carly chides Jack for "the bad luck already beginning". Jack laughs, but realizes that Carly is really spooked about what happened to him at the warehouse the day before. Carly tells him that she will become used to being a cop's wife, but "exploding clocks in abandoned warehouses" is just too weird. Jack tells her that weird stuff happens to him on the job all the time and she had better accept it. Meanwhile, Phillips is on the phone with her contact, telling him that "everything is going according to plan, and Carly will have a wedding day she will never forget".

Katie and Henry continue to discuss the problem with Molly. They totally incriminate themselves by saying that they were the ones that tampered with Molly's sandwich, and that Henry made sure to get rid of the evidence.

The social worker tells Denise and Andy that regardless of the fact that Denise is a free woman, with no charges filed against her, they cannot release Hope into their custody without a systematic evaluation. Andy tells them to bring it on, and get it over with, but the social worker reminds him that these things will take some time. She tells them that not only do they have to go through a child-adult bonding assessment, but also they need to establish parental fitness. She reminds them that when Denise was arrested, she had no identification, was not forthcoming on information, and her records show that she had been charged with selling her baby. Andy reminds her that it has all been cleared up now, but the social worker tells him that his parental rights have not been legally established, and that they will have to do some further investigating to see what is best for Hope. Andy becomes furious at the notion that some legal bureaucrat, who has no knowledge of the parties, is going to get to decide if Denise is a good mother or not.

Jack tries to relieve Carly's tension by telling her that all the stupid superstitions cannot spoil their day. He reminds her of all the obstacles that they went through to get to this day, and now that it is here, nothing can come between them again. Jack leaves, telling her that he has waited his entire life for this day. Emma reminds Carly that she has not opened up the mysterious box that arrived for her yet.

Andy and Denise calmly sit down with the social worker. Andy relays to her about what a wonderful mother Denise has been to Hope, and uses several examples to that fact. Denise is able to tell the social worker how Hope acts when she is scared, nervous, and little quirks that make the child angry and confused. The stories tug at the social worker, and she leaves to arrange for a supervised meeting for them with Hope at the Peoria station. Denise thanks Andy for all of the kind things he said, and tells him that she doesn't deserve Andy defending her. Andy tells her that they are all human, and now they just need to concentrate on getting their little girl back.

Molly finishes her news promos, and Katie and Henry leave the control room. Molly goes in and fishes out her secret tape recorder. She smiles as she hears Henry and Katie hang themselves on the tape.

Emma reminds Carly to open up her package, and then leaves to pick up her altered dress for the wedding. Carly reads the note on the box "from an old dear friend". She tears into it to find a ticking clock, similar to the one Jack found in the warehouse. Carly thinks back to what Jack told her about the warehouse incident. Believing it is a bomb; she takes the package, hurls it out the front door, and then cowers in a corner.

Henry and Katie enter the control room, and try to butter up Molly about what a good job she did on the promos. After Henry leaves, Katie asks Molly if she is going to be the "lady of honor" at her cousin's wedding. Molly tells her "funny you mention the word, honor", and begins to play the tape back for her. Katie sinks down into the chair, realizing that she has been caught.

Jack enters the Luther's Corners church, happily looking around his wedding place. Margo comes in and the two reminisce about the hours they spent together on surveillance talking about their lives. Jack knows that Carly is not one of Margo's favorite people, but Margo tells him that they are with the people they were meant to be with. Meanwhile, back at the Snyder farm, the phone rings. Carly anxiously answers it, hoping for Jack. However, it is Mr. Phillips, wondering if Carly has opened up his gift yet. Carly puts the pieces together, realizing that it is Phillips who set up the warehouse explosion, the wedding dress, and the fortune cookies. She asks him why he is doing this to her, and on her wedding day. Phillips tells her it is also her lucky day, because soon all of her questions will be answered. Phillips tells Carly to meet him at the docks to talk. Carly refuses, but Phillips tells her that "her past has finally reared its ugly head". She prepares to hang up, but Phillips tells her that she had better meet him at the docks before going to the ceremony, or Jack and everyone in Oakdale will find out what they both know. He hangs up on her. Carly is frantic.

Margo peps Jack up by telling him to never let the obstacles between he and Carly overshadow the love they have. She compares what they have to what she and Tom have together. As they hug, Holden and Hal enter the church. Holden fakes not having the ring, which almost gives Jack a heart attack. Jack tells them how nervous Carly was at the house that morning, and how superstitious she has been lately. Holden reminds him that Carly has changed, and that she is not lying or hiding her feelings anymore.

Molly finishes playing the tape for Katie. Katie tries to explain that it was all a joke, but Molly is not buying it. Katie tries to blame the sandwich poisoning on Henry, but Molly tells her that "as of today, your budding career has come to a dead halt." Katie tells Molly that Henry was the one who poisoned her because he has it in for Holden. Molly knows that Katie and Henry have been in cahoots since day one, and is not buying that Henry acted alone. Katie starts lashing back at her about all the people's lives she hurt while doing In Your Face, and tells her that her personal life is another story. Molly, however, is not backing down, and much to Katie's horror; she goes to the phone to call Holden.

Denise tells Andy that he has gone way beyond the call of duty by being there, and standing up for her. Andy tells her that nothing is more important to him than what is happening with his daughter right now. The social worker comes in with Hope, and Denise is overjoyed to see her. She realizes that she is hogging all of Hope's time, and offers her to Andy, but Andy tells her that she doesn't know him very well yet, and he doesn't want to scare her. Denise looks a little sad.

As Carly is leaving the farm, Emma returns in her dress for the wedding. She realizes that Carly has not eaten anything, and Carly tells her that she is too nervous to eat. Emma sits her down, and gives her a cameo necklace that has been in the family for years. Carly is pleasantly surprised. Emma offers to drive Carly to the church, but Carly tells her that she is going to take a small walk around the farm to try to calm her nerves. Emma leaves, and Carly begs God to help her through what she is about to do. She then leaves to go meet with Phillips.

Denise gives Hope one last hug before the social worker takes her away. Denise starts crying, saying that she just lost her baby, but Andy tells her that they are not leaving Peoria until Hope is back with them.

Katie begs Molly not to tell Holden. Molly realizes that Holden has already left for the wedding, and tells Katie that she has just gotten a small reprieve. She tells Katie that once Holden hears the tape, Katie and Henry will be on the unemployment line.

Emma shows up at the church and tells Jack that Carly is a bit nervous, and is taking a walk around the farm. Emma says that Carly has totally proved to her that she is worthy of Jack. Meanwhile at the docks, Phillips tells Carly that he knew she would come. Carly tells him to make it quick, because today is really important to her. Phillips tells her "we are aware of how important this day is to you, and believe me, you will have a day you will never forget".

Friday, February 4, 2000

Henry urges Katie to go to Holden with the incriminating photos of Molly and Chris before Molly can play him the incriminating tape of Henry and Katie plotting to unseat Molly. As guests start arriving at the wedding Carly meets with Phillips and realizes who sent him. Jack is touched when Emma gives him a pair of cufflinks that belonged to her husband.

Chris tries to thank Molly for not telling Abigail about their affair, but Molly tells Chris that her feelings about him being with Abigail will never change. Chris responds that he's not just dating Abigail, he's in love with her, and he won't let anything stand in the way of being with her.

Isaac irks Camille when he refuses to escort her to the wedding. Carly realizes she's been manipulated ever since she got the $1 million check and remembers how she hoped he'd never find her.

Katie is hesitant to use the photos, thinking of how Chris will be affected. Henry then gives her an ultimatum--show Kim the photos or he will. Holden worries to Lily about Molly's cryptic hint about there being a problem at the station.

Carly realizes the explosion at the warehouse was because of her. Phillips tells her he's to take her away that night for a reunion with his boss. Emma and Margo worry when Carly doesn't show up and Emma heads for the farm to find her, with Hal leaving a short time later to find her himself.

Enraged when Carly refuses to go with him, Phillips reminds her that her son is even more vulnerable than Jack was at the warehouse. Isaac arrives on the scene and tells Phillips to let Carly go, believing it's about the horse.

Carly convinces Isaac to stop attacking Phillips--he's made her an offer she can't refuse, she tells Isaac. Jack brushes aside the bridesmaids' worries--Carly will be there. Abigail thanks Holden and an uncomfortable Molly for letting her be with Chris.

Katie proposes that they give the photos to Molly in exchange for getting the tape from her but Henry finally convinces her to go for the "checkmate" instead of a draw, and she decides they'll show Holden the photos that night.

Lily reassures Jack that the night will be perfect. A doubting Isaac refuses to leave Carly alone with Phillips and tells Phillips he's quitting. Carly's back is to him as Phillips pulls a knife out of the fake handle of his cane. Katie turns away when Henry puts a photo of Chris and Molly on all the studio monitors.

Remembering how he proposed to Carly with a fake ring, he refuses Hal's suggestion to postpone the wedding. Phillips pulls Isaac aside and out of sight of Carly, stabs him in the chest. Carly tells Phillips she refuses to go with him until she's done something first.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan


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