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Chloe helped Shawn with his homework, which displeased Mimi. Hope took a home pregnancy test, which was positive. Nicole continued to try to break up Eric and Greta. Kate and Nicholas had some steamy moments. Brandon continued to try to dig up dirt on Abe. Greta pressed Lily to try to find out who her father was. Kurt fell from the roof of the castle, and Hope was bitten by a venomous spider -- with only Stefano to save her.
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Hope took a home pregnancy test and Brandon continued to try to dig up dirt on Abe
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Monday, January 31, 2000

Carrying books for Shawn, Belle insisted to Chloe that he was not her boyfriend. Shawn gave Belle the good news that the dead woman was not his mother. Philip became jealous to see Belle helping Shawn, so he sent Mimi over to "help." Belle asked Chloe to help Shawn. Chloe was impressed when she heard Shawn playing Bach on the piano. He complained that none of his friends liked his kind of music.

Bo pressed Marlena to tell him what Gina had told her during her therapy sessions. Marlena claimed she couldn't but did admit she thought Gina had been faking during the hypnosis. Greta saw a vision of her mother and went to her new apartment with Eric. She made tea while he was tormented by thoughts of being there with Nicole.

Kurt wondered if Hope might be faking being pregnant. He gave food to Stefano and a pregnancy test to Hope. Hope tried to find out from Stefano the men she had been with the past year. He told her John was only man she'd seduced but remembered the night that they'd made out. The police suddenly started banging on the door.

Tuesday, February 1, 2000

At the Kiriakis mansion, almost everyone had gathered for a family dinner. Everyone was waiting for Victor to return from work, and Kate didn't know when he'd be home. Philip was also not attending dinner, as he was out with friends. Sami stared at Nicole, and Lucas picked a fight with Sami for glaring at his wife. However, Kate broke it up.

Kate received a call, so she excused herself from the table. When Nicole poured herself some wine, Austin told Nicole to try some water. Nicole told Austin to stay out of her face. Austin then made an announcement. He was moving back into the main mansion that night, but Sami would remain in the guesthouse.

Lucas blurted out, "Over my dead body!" Austin said Sami would remain in the guesthouse, but Lucas refused. Austin said they weren't breaking up; he just didn't think it was right for them to live together. When Nicole said Sami was living off the family, Sami called Nicole the gold-digger of the manor. Lucas became fed up and told Sami to pack her bags and get out of there. Austin turned to Sami and said Lucas was right. Austin told Lucas to go pack up Sami's things and throw her out on the street.

Kate received a call from Nicholas, who told Kate that he needed to see her that night. He told her to open the front door, so she did. Nicholas barged into the mansion and planted a kiss on Kate's lips. Kate pushed him away, but Nicholas told her not to fight it. Kate told him goodnight and pushed him out the door.

Kate returned to her children and learned that Austin was moving back into the main house and that he wanted Sami to stay in the guesthouse. Kate asked to speak with Lucas privately, and Austin asked to speak with Nicole privately. Austin told Nicole that he needed her help. Austin asked Nicole to talk to Lucas.

Austin said that Lucas needed to know that Will needed his mother, and his parents needed to get along. Nicole said no way; Will was Lucas and Sami's kid and was none of her business. Nicole said that he needed to stop trying to help all the lost causes in the house, especially her. She said that he didn't know her and didn't understand her. Austin said he'd like to, if she'd open up to him and let him in. Meanwhile, Brandon told Sami that he was sorry about Austin moving out on her, and he said Austin obviously needed space, which was the kiss of death.

Lucas told his mom that Austin was making him out to be the bad guy when all he was trying to do was protect Will. He thought Sami was overprotective and spent too much time with Will, and if she were gone, Lucas would get to spend more time with him. Kate told Lucas that he should let Sami stay because with Austin moving out, Sami was going to get desperate to hang on to Austin, and Austin would eventually notice that. Lucas liked the plan because, in the end, Austin would be the one to ask Sami to move out.

Lucas had to tend to Will when he got out of bed, and Kate got another call from Nicholas. Nicholas told Kate that he'd left her something in her bedroom. Kate told Lucas that she had to go upstairs, so she left. Kate went up to her room and found that Nicholas was waiting for her. He grabbed her once again and gave her a kiss. Suddenly, the two started taking off each other's clothes, and they fell to the bed.

The phone rang, and Kate said she had to answer it because it could be Victor. She pushed Nicholas off her, and it was indeed Victor. Victor asked her if she had been sleeping, but she said no. Victor said he'd be home soon, and after the call, Kate told Nicolas that he had to get out of there right away. Kate then tried to sneak Nicholas out of the house.

Back downstairs, Lucas and Sami said goodnight to Will, and Lucas put Will back to bed. After Lucas left, Sami started crying. Brandon asked Sami if she was okay. She said she was just a little tense. She also said that her relationship with Austin was alive and well. She claimed that Austin had moved out to romance her, but Brandon doubted that.

Lucas returned and told Sami and everyone else that he had decided to let her stay for Will's sake. Henderson arrived and announced that coffee would be served in the den. Lucas asked where his mother was, but Hendersen hadn't a clue. Nicole caught Kate trying to sneak Nicholas out of the house. She asked Nicholas what he was doing there. Nicholas said he was delivering some papers from work for Kate.

Bo and Shawn dropped by Greta's new apartment to question her about her mother. Bo asked Greta to tell him everything her mother had told her about Hope. Greta told Bo that she'd told him everything she knew. Her mother had claimed that Hope was dead. Bo refused to believe that and said he would find Hope with her help.

Bo saw the picture of Greta and her mother, and he apologized for snapping at her. He said he was just cranky because John and Marlena had tried to convince him that Hope might not be alive. Greta told Bo that she would do whatever she could to help him find Hope, if she were alive. Bo thanked her and gave her a hug. Bo asked her when her mother had told her that Hope had died.

Greta explained the entire story to Bo and Shawn. Greta believed that her mother's need to love and be loved had driven her to lie. Bo asked if her mother had told her anything about Hope when she'd visited her in the hospital and questioned if she'd said anything important to Greta. Greta remembered her mother telling her about her father, and Bo asked Greta what her mother had told her. Greta said that all her mother had said was that the family needed to know the truth about Hope, so she guessed she had planned to tell them the truth.

Greta's words sparked one of Shawn's memories. Shawn said that Gina had told him that he would get his family back and that he would have his mother again. Bo then remembered Gina telling him that he still had Hope. He also remembered his vision of Hope asking him to save her. Bo was convinced that Hope was alive -- and in trouble. Bo told Shawn to grab his coat, and the two of them raced out of Greta's place.

Stefano continued to send his SOS signal as Hope waited for the results of her pregnancy test. Stefano took an SOS break and said he needed a good hot shower, but Hope told him no. She told him that she needed to use the bathroom because she might get sick again. Stefano felt her forehead and said there was no fever, but she was a little pale. He said it was a very odd illness she had then said he knew what was wrong with her. Stefano told her that she was lovesick and was pining for her Bo. He told her that her undying love for her family would be the death of her.

Hope said she would not be the self-centered narcissist he was -- the people she loved were the center of her universe, and if she got out of their situation alive, it would be because of Bo and Shawn D's love for her. Suddenly, Hope fainted in Stefano's arms. As Hope was unconscious, Stefano said he did admire Hope's pure faith and undying love for Bo. He said he would give anything for that kind of love -- anything. Hope awoke, and Stefano told her that something was very wrong with her. Hope just said that it was time.

Kurt let the police inside. They told him that a radio station was receiving an SOS signal from that area, and the officer asked if Kurt knew of anyone who was in trouble or in need of assistance. Kurt told them that he didn't know anyone in the area, and he lived there by himself. The officers asked him if he owned the chateau. Kurt said no and that the owner was a man living in America. The officers joked that it looked like a place where Sleeping Beauty lived, and perhaps he was hiding someone there.

One of the officers found some women's clothing, but Kurt said it was the owner's wife's clothing. He told them that the owner of the castle was a powerful man, and he wouldn't like to hear that the French police were interrogating his caretaker. They apologized to Kurt and left him in peace. After they left, Kurt told himself that those signals had better not be emanating from there. Kurt went up and spied on Hope and Stefano and saw Stefano using the radio to send SOS signals. Kurt ran off, and Stefano thought he'd heard something from behind the secret passage. Kurt realized that he had to put an end to Stefano's SOS signals.

Hope, who had been in the bathroom, walked out, and Stefano asked Hope what she'd meant when she had said it was time. Hope said she'd meant it was time to get out of there. Stefano told Hope that he'd heard a noise, and he thought Kurt might have seen him at the transmitter, which he was counting on. Hope asked him why. Stefano said if Kurt had seen him send the signal, he'd have to go in there to take the transmitter away from them. When he did that, Stefano planned on nailing him.

Hope became upset and said it had to work because she had to get out of there -- everything was at stake. Hope ran into the bathroom and told herself to save her strength for the baby. She then said, "My God, we're going to have a baby, Bo!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Chloe, Nancy, and Craig went to the Java Café for breakfast to start the day off as a family. Craig and Chloe both tried to get out of it, claiming they had to get to work and school, but Nancy knew both their schedules and made them stay. Craig ordered coffee for himself and Nancy, and "little miss puritan" ordered an herbal tea. Craig called Chloe that nickname, which upset Nancy. Craig and Nancy ordered omelets, but Chloe refused to have anything to eat.

Across the way, Shawn was trying to work on his trigonometry assignment but couldn't figure it out. He saw Chloe and wondered if she'd be willing to help him. Shawn approached them and asked to talk to Chloe, who Craig was eager to get rid of. Shawn asked Chloe if she could help him with his homework, so she excused herself to help him. Once Chloe was gone, Nancy scolded Craig. She told him that he just couldn't wait to get rid of Chloe, which Craig fully admitted to. Craig said that Chloe was the one who was unresponsive to him, and she was just plain weird.

At the other table, Shawn offered to buy Chloe a cup of coffee to show his appreciation. The waitress stopped by and gave Chloe her tea, and Shawn ordered the same and a bagel. Shawn asked her why she was living with the Wesleys. Chloe said that her mother had died, and Mrs. Wesley had been a friend of hers, so she had taken Chloe in. Shawn talked to her about various things, and he asked her who her favorite opera singer was.

Chloe started naming her favorite singers, and she was impressed that Shawn knew some of them. Shawn admitted he didn't know too much about opera; he'd just picked up things from his study of classical piano. Mimi saw Chloe with Shawn, and she became furious. Nancy overheard Mimi and her friend talking about Chloe as "Ghoul Girl," and it upset Nancy.

Brandon and Nicole went out to Salem Place for breakfast, but Nicole thought it tasted like sawdust. Nicole wanted to go shopping, but Brandon said he had plans for the day. Nicole asked him what kind of plans. Brandon told her that if he had his way, it would be the end of Abe Carver. Nicole told him to be careful and said she had to get back to work because she was expecting a visit from Eric.

Brandon went to a basketball court across town and found a man named Larry, who was in a wheelchair. Some kids were throwing him a basketball so he could shoot hoops, but they had to leave for school. After they left, Brandon offered to continue feeding Larry the ball, but Larry wanted to know why. Brandon said he had no ulterior motives. Larry asked if Brandon was a cop, but Brandon said no; he was a pediatric counselor who was thinking of putting a center in that part of town.

Larry looked at Brandon and asked him if he was a brother. Brandon remembered not being accepted by either African-Americans or whites as a kid, and he replied that his birth certificate said he was Caucasian, but his father was Cuban. Larry told Brandon to take his "mocha ass" back uptown, but Brandon refused to leave. Brandon offered to buy Larry a beer, but Larry said he'd rather have lunch instead. Brandon said Larry had a deal. Brandon and Larry went to Lady Vi's for lunch, and Lady Vi took a liking to Brandon.

Greta couldn't stop looking at the picture of herself and her mother. Eric dropped by with some croissants and a housewarming gift. Greta opened the gift, which was a photograph of the view from her mother's chateau. Greta loved the picture but didn't have a clue where to hang it. Eric commented that when Nicole had been there, she'd had pictures of herself all over the place, and he suggested they hang it over on a far wall.

Greta knew Eric was trying to pretend everything was all right, but he couldn't forget that Nicole had lived there. Eric admitted that he guessed he couldn't. However, he said that it was a great apartment, and he thought she'd be happy there. As Greta talked about the great view from the balcony, Eric remembered Nicole showing him around the place when she'd moved in. Greta asked Eric if something was wrong, but he said no and that he was just hungry. She offered to make them some food and coffee, which sparked another memory of Nicole for Eric.

Greta served Eric some coffee, and she told him that it was the first time she'd been able to relax since her mother had died. Eric eventually told Greta that he had stuff to do and had to go, and Greta said she understood. Eric told her that he was glad she'd found an apartment she liked, but he was more glad that she was staying in Salem. The two kissed, and as they did, Eric thought about Nicole. Eric told Greta that he'd see her later, and he left.

Eric went to Titan to confront Nicole. He told her that he knew she was trying to manipulate him, and he wouldn't let it happen. Nicole said she had just been trying to help Greta, but Eric said that she'd pushed Greta into taking that apartment because she'd known it would make him think of her constantly. Nicole asked Eric if he was saying he still thought of her in a passionate way. Eric turned to leave, but Nicole asked him to wait. Nicole swore to Eric that the only reason she'd wanted Greta to take her old apartment had been to do something nice for him and Greta, but he didn't believe that. Nicole told Eric that she cared about his happiness because she loved him, and she always would.

Lily called Duchess Harriman and learned that her Spring Morning had been stolen. Lily knew about the theft, and Duchess Harriman told her it was Princess Gina who had stolen the painting. Lily told the duchess that she had even more terrible news: Princess Gina was dead. The duchess was shocked but said she couldn't pretend to be heartbroken. Lily said she knew Gina was being investigated for the theft of Spring Morning, but she wondered if the duchess really thought Gina had stolen it. The duchess said of course she did. She said that Gina had played them all for fools, including Lily.

Lily asked the duchess what she was implying. The duchess replied that Gina had probably stolen Garden at Twilight from Lily. Lily refused to believe that, but the duchess said the circumstances of the two thefts were remarkably similar. Lily didn't want to believe it because Gina had been like a daughter, but the duchess said that Gina had been nothing but a liar and a thief. After the call ended, Lily began to believe that Gina had used her to steal her painting.

Greta showed up to see Lily and found her in tears. Lily asked Greta what she wanted. Greta said she was there to talk about her mother, but if it was not a good time, she could leave. Lily invited Greta in and said it was good Greta was there because it was time she learned the truth about her mother. Greta asked Lily, "What truth?" Lily said that Greta's mother had been a lying, cunning thief. Lily told Greta that Gina had stolen her painting, just like she'd stolen the Harrimans' painting. She cried that Gina had not been a friend and didn't deserve to be let back into European society.

Lily picked up her phone to stop Gina, but Greta said that her mother was dead. Lily calmed down and told Greta about the conversation she'd had with Duchess Harriman. Greta said her mother had been Stefano's pawn, and she knew her mother had loved her. Lily said her mother's love for Greta was probably the one genuine emotion she'd ever had. Greta had some questions for Lily about her mother, so Lily agreed to answer what she could.

Greta asked Lily about her mother's reasons for marrying Bo and not John. Lily said that Gina had claimed that she'd loved Bo, and she'd finally realized that John no longer loved her. Greta asked Lily if her mother had ever told Lily who Greta's father was. Lily said she knew that Prince Von Amberg was not Greta's father. She said that after she'd taken Gina under her wing, Gina had associated only with the finest members of European society. She said they both would protect each other from scandal. She said publicly they'd pretended not to know who her father was, but privately they'd known. Greta asked Lily who her father was.

Thursday, February 3, 2000

Abe and Lexie were having lunch. He had a bouquet of baby items delivered to the table. Things were going well. They were eating, laughing, dancing, and discussing their future plans with the hope of an addition to their family. They decided to go home and work on their latest "project," but before they could leave, they were again interrupted.

An envelope was delivered to Abe. Lexie asked him what it was. He told her it was a warrant for Brandon's arrest. He said Brandon had not gone to his court-appointed counseling sessions, and therefore, he needed to spend 30 days in jail. Abe was still upset about Brandon assaulting him at the charity boxing match.

Lexie told Abe that she needed Brandon at the hospital as the pediatric counselor. She told Abe that the kids depended on Brandon, and she begged Abe not to arrest him. She said she believed that Brandon was a good person. Abe said her instincts were wrong because Brandon was bad news.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Larry were having lunch. Brandon believed Larry would help him get revenge on Abe. Brandon asked his lunch companion how he'd ended up in the wheelchair.

Through flashbacks, Larry told his story. He'd had an abusive alcoholic father. He remembered a beating he and his mother had gotten and recalled trying to protect her from his father. His dad had then held a knife to his mother's neck. He told Brandon that a cop, Abe, had busted the door down and held his father at gunpoint. The cop had told his father to drop the knife, which he had.

Larry reported that his father had continued to taunt the cop then had lunged for the gun, and during the struggle for control, a shot had rung out. Larry had been shot in the back, which was the cause of his paralysis. Brandon tried to convince Larry that the cop needed to be punished for his part in the situation. Larry told Brandon that it had been an accident, and he was thankful he'd only lost his legs and that his father hadn't lost his life. Larry said he had no bitterness toward the cop. Brandon didn't understand how that was possible.

At Titan, Eric was flabbergasted when Nicole professed her love. She then proceeded to badger him with questions about any sexual relations he was having with Greta. He wanted to know if the reason she was doing it to him was because she wanted to hear him say that he wasn't over her. "Is that what this is all about?" he asked. She told him she'd broken up with him because she'd known she was the wrong girl for him. She said she knew Greta was the right girl, and she just wanted them to be happy.

Eric didn't believe Nicole. She said she was speaking the truth, and he was the one having a hard time getting over their past. She told him that if he was interested in a future with Greta, then he had to get over his past with her. She finally convinced him she wasn't trying to manipulate him or his relationship with Greta. They agreed to a truce, shaking hands as "friends."

In Victor's office, he, Roman, and Bo were looking at a map and discussing all the possible places Stefano might be in hiding. They were desperate to find his whereabouts -- Bo was certain finding Stefano would mean finding Hope. Bo thought he should begin his search at the last place he had seen Hope alive. That had been in Paris, he recalled. Victor told Roman and Bo about one of the angles his men were working on involving Stefano. They'd found a connection between the Bradys and the DiMeras that dated back many years.

Roman said he believed that Stefano's parents had been in cahoots with the Bradys long before, dating back to when Shawn Sr. had been just a lad back in Dublin, Ireland. His men were searching for more information on the connection between the families. Victor thought Bo should also consider the possibility that Stefano was dead. Bo disagreed, saying that if Stefano was dead, Hope might be, too, and he refused to believe that. Roman agreed with Victor, telling Bo he should prepare for the possibility that she might be gone. Bo couldn't grasp the thought.

In Lily's hotel suite, Greta tried to get Lily to reveal who her father was. Lily told Greta that her mother had had many suitors, and no one had ever been sure who'd fathered Greta. She said the rumor was that he was a baron, but no one was certain. Greta felt like Lily wasn't telling the whole truth and pressed for more answers. She questioned Lily about Stefano and John.

Lily said it was possible Gina had been romantically involved with Stefano, but she was not certain of it. She also told Greta she knew for sure Gina and John had been romantically involved. She said she'd recently learned that John was the "great love of her life" she'd always talked about. Greta said, "Then I can add John to my growing list of possible fathers." Lily told her, "No. I wouldn't do that." She went on to say that John might not want to know Greta was his daughter.

Lily begged Greta to stop dredging up the past and to return to Europe. Greta said she wanted to stay in Salem. Lily asked, "For Eric? Or because you believe your father is here?" Greta didn't have an answer. On a table, she spotted a newspaper article about the authorities in Central France trying to find who was behind the SOS signal they had received. "Oh, my God!" Greta said.

In Paris, Hope was desperate to get out of the turret and back to Bo for the sake of their baby. She told Stefano he had to continue tapping out the signal so they could be rescued. They were certain Kurt would soon catch on to what they were doing. Upstairs, Kurt was again trying to reach the princess by telephone. When he got no answer, he decided he had to go on the roof to disconnect the cable that was hooked up to the antenna Stefano was using to send out the SOS signal. He had to thwart Stefano's attempt to be rescued.

Kurt climbed on the roof to disconnect the cable, and Stefano and Hope heard him. They knew what he was going to do, and Stefano desperately continued tapping furiously. Because the roof was wet and slippery due to rain, Kurt lost his footing and slid off the roof, plummeting to the ground below. Hope, standing at the window and looking out, heard Kurt's scream and saw him fall.

Friday, February 4, 2000

While having lunch, Brandon suggested Larry seek retribution for his paralysis, which Abe had caused. Larry disagreed, saying it was water under the bridge. He wanted to know why Brandon was asking so many questions. Brandon said he knew the Salem Police chief, Abe, was the cop who'd paralyzed Larry. He went on to say the police department had blamed Abe for the shooting, not Larry's father.

Larry was taken aback by the news but still felt it had been an accident because his father had grabbed the gun. Brandon told Larry that Abe had been accused of not following police procedure but had never been punished for the bad behavior because Larry's family had never pursued the matter. Brandon gave Larry a lawyer's business card and suggested he call the man and tell his story. Larry said he would consider it.

At Salem Place, Chloe and Nancy were shopping. Nancy tried to entice Chloe with a new wardrobe. Chloe felt like Nancy couldn't accept her the way she was. Nancy said she was only trying to help. Chloe suggested to Nancy that she not try so hard. While shopping, they ran into Marlena, Belle, and Mimi.

Nancy and Marlena left to have coffee, leaving the three girls alone to shop. Mimi continued with her relentless teasing of Chloe. Belle told Mimi to stop teasing and said she was beginning to get angry with her. Belle and Chloe then teamed up and teased Mimi. Mimi got upset; she said she'd thought Chloe had a sense of humor. Chloe told Mimi, "I will get a sense of humor when you get a soul." Disgusted, Mimi left. Belle and Chloe continued shopping together.

Meanwhile, having coffee, Marlena told Nancy she'd felt the tension between Nancy and Chloe when they'd happened upon each other at the mall. Nancy told Marlena that learning how to be a parent had been difficult for her. She stressed she was only trying to help Chloe by suggesting a new wardrobe. She said she wanted Chloe to look good. Marlena told Nancy to let Chloe make her own decisions because it was the only way Chloe would be truly happy. Nancy agreed. Nancy tried to tell Marlena she was Chloe's mother but couldn't bring herself to tell the truth.

In Lily's suite, she and Greta were discussing the newspaper article about the mysterious SOS signal the authorities in Central France had received. Silently, Greta wondered if it had anything to do with Hope. Lily asked why Gretahad become so distant all of a sudden. Greta didn't discuss her thoughts. Instead, she said her imagination was running away from her and asked to keep the newspaper. Lily said she could.

Lily went on to say she wanted to forget about Gina's betrayal and remember the good times they'd shared. She wanted to make sure Greta knew her mother had truly loved her. Greta was touched and said she was thankful Lily had such a forgiving heart. Greta told Lily she planned to take her mother back to Paris and bury her at the family estate. Lily agreed to support Greta's decision and offered her help if needed. Lily and Greta went out for a drink and more conversation.

At Titan, Nicole presented Eric with the Peterson Award. She told him he was being honored for a picture he'd taken of the "Millennium Twins." He was thrilled. Nicole suggested they go have a drink. After much consideration, he decided there was no reason why two friends couldn't go out for a celebratory drink. Nicole was giddy. While celebrating, Nicole spotted Lily and Greta nearby. Nicole manipulated the situation so Greta would find her and Eric in a compromising position.

Greta was upset when she happened upon Eric and Nicole while on her way to the ladies' room. Eric wanted her to join them. She refused and continued on. Nicole convinced Eric to leave before Greta returned. He decided he could explain things to Greta later. He left a message with Lily, hoping Greta would get in touch with him later. When Greta returned, Lily gave her the message -- she was not thrilled. She told Lily all men confused her. Lily completely agreed.

In Paris, Hope was standing at the window, and she told Stefano that Kurt had fallen off the roof. He was stunned. They could see Kurt lying on the ground, motionless. They worried that if he was dead, they might never be rescued. Stefano said the only thing that might save them was the miracle Hope was always talking about. He continued to tap out the SOS signal with the hope that Kurt had not been able to disconnect the antenna.

Hope lay on the bed with a spider crawling dangerously close. While conversing with Stefano about ways to escape, the conversation led them to discuss the sacrifices parents would make in order to protect their children. They decided they were on common ground about doing anything it took to keep a child safe.

The spider crawled onto Hope's leg and bit. She yelled out. Stefano leaped from his chair and stepped on the spider, killing it. The bite immediately began to bruise and swell up. Hope was in pain. She asked Stefano to help her. He put his mouth over the spider bite and proceeded to suck out the venom the spider had left behind.

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