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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 31, 2000 on GL
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Monday, January 31, 2000

Outside Company:
Olivia is arguing with Reva about Josh. Olivia thinks Reva should stop putting Josh through all the pain she has been causing him. Reva is being overconfident and telling Olivia that she and Josh will never be over. Olivia tells Reva that if she loves Josh then she will let him go. Leave him alone and let him be happy. Reva tells Olivia that she has a pattern of picking up her leftovers and then getting mad when they run back to her.
Reva said she has no intentions of throwing away her marriage. Olivia told her that she had already abandoned her kids and her husband to go to Fantasy Island and see who all was in love with her there. Reva told her that she had to go to SC to make things right. Olivia tells her that she sees that everyone is going on with their lives and it tears her up. Olivia said that Josh is with her now and doesn't want her. Reva told her that she will fight for her family and just because Josh is in her bed doesn't mean he is with her. Olivia tells Reva that she is still cleaning up her messes, just like always. Olivia told her about Marah and her situation with the college guy. She tells Reva that she can't tune her family out when they need her. Reva tells her that she is all about Revenge. She said that Olivia is mad cause she spoiled her chances with Richard and trying to get back at her by spoiling hers with Josh, but it wont work. Reva and Olivia argue some more and Olivia tells her that she is finally getting what she deserves which is nothing. Reva accuses Olivia of clinging to Josh but knowing that she has no future with him. She tells her that she and Josh will be stronger then ever. Olivia tells her that she is not stepping aside this time. She leaves and Olivia sets down on the bench and cries.
Olivia is still setting on the bench when Josh comes up. He puts his hand on her shoulder and comforts her.

Inside Company:
Susan talks to Beth and sets down to join her for a while. Beth offers to drive her home but Susan has to go to Harley's to babysit for Zack. Beth tells her that she will take her to Harley's when she get off. Susan tells her that Zack is really great and kind of strange. She never wanted any brothers or sisters and it is ok, kind of. She is not used to family stuff. It has been only her dad and her for so long. She tells Beth that she likes Lizzie and Zack being in their lives now but at the time when she was growing up she just wanted her parents to herself, with no siblings. Susan tells her that she is learning to share now, since Harley gave birth. Susan asked Beth about her parents and about her family dreams. Susan was honest with Beth and told her that she had wanted to her dad to be with Harley. She apologizes and tells Beth that she is getting used to things and knows that she makes her dad very happy. Susan tells Beth that she is now related to half the people in Springfield. She told Beth that she is glad that her parents told her about her true parentage. She said her parents always told her the truth and they never got mad except when she was hiding something. She leaves to call Harley and Beth stays and talks to herself. She says that she is sorry for doing this to Jim, but she has to and she will make it work.

At the Courthouse:
After Carmen dropped the bomb on Michelle killing off Mick there was sheer pandemonium in Springfield. Ross asked for a timeout and then questioned Michelle. Carmen tells Danny that she doesn't know who spilled the beans to the DA and apologized to him and Michelle for having to tell what she knew. Michelle tells Ross that there is no one who could corroborate her story and looks over at Drew. She tells him that there was a police report filed but Frank kept it quiet so she wouldn't be in danger from the Santos clan.
Jesse is begging Drew to tell the truth. She accuses him of thinking more about Michelle then her. He denies it and tells her that she needs to calm down and just do the right thing. Drew tells him that he must not give a darn about her or he would not ask this of her. She tells him that Carmen would kill her if she knew she helped to kill her demon spawn. She tells him that she knows she needs to do the right thing but what bothers her is that he is only worried about Michelle and who cares about Drew. He tells her that is not the case and she doesn't look convinced.
Danny asked Michelle what was up with her and Drew. She doesn't say anything and he tells her that she has to focus on herself and not anyone else.
Edmund tells Carmen that she put on a good show and that he witnessed it again. She tells him that what was done to her son was unforgivable. Carmen is fuming at Edmund.
David picks a fight with Frank and asks him why he buried this info. She tells Frank that he is not doing his job.
Carmen is back on the stand and Ross asks for a mistrial due to the prejudicial things that had came out. The judge denies it and asks the jury to disregard what Carmen had said. Ross doesn't know how they can possibly disregard that but has no leg to stand on. The judge will not grant a mistrial. Drew yells out that there is proof of it being self-defense and asked the Judge to hear her. Jesse tells her that he is proud of her and she tells him that there was never any question of her doing it, she was just upset that he doubted her and was so worried about Michelle and not her.
Drew takes the stand and tells the jury about the night Mick died. Michelle told Drew that she didn't have to tell anything but she said that this trial was about the truth and she had to tell what she knew. She told the jury that Mick was trying to rape Michelle and she hit him with a rock, he came after her and Michelle hit him again with a rock. She said it was in self-defense, "Michelle defended herself and she defended me too." The judge admits her testimony and adjoins for the day.
Danny wanted to know why Michelle didn't tell him that Drew was involved and she told him that she had to protect her. She apologizes to him and asks him if they can talk later. She goes over to Drew and thanks her. They hug.
Carmen is very angry and tells Edmund that Drew had the nerve to cry on her shoulder about Ben when she had killed her son. She tells him that she wants to kill them all. She said that she would have her revenge on both of them.

At the Lewis's:
Marah has set up a candlelight snack for Josh and Reva. She tells her dad about her plan and he tells her that her plan will not work. He said that they are not back together just because Reva is back from San Cristobel . Marah tells Josh that Reva feels awful and she loves him so much. She tried to explain about her mom and Josh tells her that he can't just forget. She asks Josh if he is with someone else. She figures out about Olivia and blames Olivia for coming between Reva and Josh. Josh assures her that it has nothing to do with Olivia. Marah tells her dad that he isn't making any sense and he should admit that he has something going with Olivia. She tells him that he should forget about the past and pick up with Mom. She asks him if he can forgive mom and he tells her "no, not right now." He tells her that he just cant. He tells Marah that he will never turn his back on his family and that his kids are everything to him. She asked him if he didn't love Reva anymore. He admitted that he does love Reva but it just isn't enough anymore. She doesn't understand. Josh tells her that Reva broke his heart. Josh tells Marah that he wants to talk to her like an adult because she deserves that respect. He tells her that he and Reva cant find their way back together because Reva broke his heart. Marah tells him that she didn't mean to. Josh knows that and knows that Marah is trying but she shouldn't shoulder this burden of getting them back together cause it just isn't happening. Reva has walked in and overheard some of the conversation. She comes in and interrupts Josh and Marah. Josh tells Marah that they love her very much but they can't love each other right now, not like they used to. He leaves. Marah goes to Reva and hugs her mom.

Tuesday, February 1, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie is in the bed with measles. Richard brings her in some tea. She is getting cabin fever, upset because she is stuck up in her room away from everyone and everything. Richard tries to comfort her, massaging her shoulders, bringing her anything she wants, waiting on her hand and foot. Richard offers to get her anything in the world and she told him that he couldn't. She told him the one thing she wants in Buzz Cooper's Firehouse Chili and there is no way his cooks could duplicate it. Cassie is upset and realizes how much of a jerk she is and apologizes to Richard. She tells him that she is just really frustrated. Robin comes in with a visitor for Cassie. It's Jenny, the stripper friend of Cassie's. Cassie is elated to see her, to see anyone at this point. Jenny is glad that she already had the measles so they would let her through the quarantine. Jenny tells her that she quit working for Earl at the bar and took all her savings and got on a cruise. She said that she was going around to all these beautiful places and when the mood struck her she would get off the ship and make that place her home.
Richard leaves and tells Robin to look up a number for him in Springfield. She does and reports back to him in his office. He talks to Buzz and tells her how Cassie is homesick and she has the measles and all she can think of is his chili. He asks Buzz if he could come down there and talk to Cassie and maybe cheer her up a bit. Buzz said he and his chili would be there.
Cassie asks Jenny to stay there and work for her as one of her assistants. Jenny agreed and Richard came in. Cassie told Richard the news and Richard told Jenny that was great. He told her to go see Robin and she will assign her to her quarters and get her settled and then she could go ahead to bed for the night. Jenny left and Richard apologized to Cassie saying that he wanted to be alone for a little while with her. He tells her that since she and he met she has become his dearest friend and he cares so much for her. He goes over to the bed and turns it down for his ailing bride to be.

At the Church:
Carmen is cursing God and Drew. She is so angry about Drew having a part in killing Mick and she wants her dead. Pilar overhears a bit and tells her mom that she shouldn't keep such anger inside her. She should let it go and God will help her. They talk a bit and Carmen tells Pilar about Drew killing Mick with Michelle. Pilar tells her that Carmen has already gotten back at Drew with her part in the shooting of Drew's father. Carmen said that was an accident and what Drew and Michelle did was not. Pilar told her that she had to put herself in God's hands and trust in him. She told her that she asked for forgiveness and she received it. Then she started telling Carmen how Ben visits her on occasion and they talk and he has changed. He is very kind and forgiving and he will forgive Carmen too, if she would only ask. Carmen was getting very worried about her spirit seeing daughter and asked her not to mention this to Ray.

At Company:
Drew is mad at Jesse for caring more for Michelle than her. He denies it and she told him that she knows it's true. She said he cares for Michelle ten times more that her. She didn't understand why he jumped on her about having to tell about Mick's death. She was going to tell all along but he didn't even give her a chance, he just started telling her what she had to do for Michelle. She also doesn't understand why he is so sure Michelle is innocent and Jesse tells her that he knows her. He knows from the bottom of his heart that Michelle is innocent. Drew told him, "you mean from the bottom of Michelle's mother's heart." She says that Michelle and he have a bond much stronger then him and her but again Jesse denies it. He does admit that he feels he owes Michelle and her family but that is not why he believes she innocent. Jesse doesn't have any clue what to do to make Drew understand that he loves her, not Michelle.
Meanwhile, Selena and Buzz watch the two fight. Richard calls and asks Buzz to come see Cassie. Buzz doesn't think so. Richard offers him and Selena their own little hideaway vacation with all the perks. Selena said that she has to stay for the trial and Drew but that he should go. Buzz told him that he will come and Richard offered the vacation to him as soon as they both can get away. He accepted.

At the Bauers':
Danny is angry. He is slamming cabinets and not talking. Michelle asks him what was bothering him and he shot off about Mick and Drew and about Michelle believing Carmen told on purpose and was acting on the stand. Danny said that he wasn't sure if he could trust Michelle anymore especially after she told him that she was never going to tell him about Drew being there when Mick died. He blames her for trying to sabotage his family, said a lot of stuff he shouldn't and walked out of the house, slamming the door. Michelle goes after him and apologizes to him. He tells her that he is more any at himself. He said the testimony brought back so many memories about Mick and he hates the part of him that was responsible for what Mick had become. He told Michelle that they were raised to be ruthless and while he was supposed to be the intellect of the family, Mick was supposed to be the brute. He was violent, with drug and alcohol abuse and that was what was expected and he never stopped and told him that he didn't have to be that way. Michelle tells him that if he wants to talk about his brother she will listen. He tells of the Mick he knew and how different he was. The main thing was to Danny that he never got to say he was sorry to Mick for all the things that happened. He apologizes to Michelle and they kissed and made up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2000

At Company:
Beth and her mom are talking over dinner. Beth had just received the paternity test results and was really disappointed for letting herself think there was any way the baby was Jim's when she knew all along it was Phillips. She told her mom that it really doesn't matter; the child will be raised as Jim's. Lillian started to protest but Beth told her it was the only way. Lillian reminds her that Phillip only agreed to keep quiet for the time being. Beth said that Phillip never has to know the baby is really his. She asks her mother to change the test results at the hospital but Lillian refuses. Beth gives in and calls Phillip and tells him the baby is definitely his. After she completes her call, she gets into it with her mother. She doesn't understand why her mom made her press Jim about marriage and now not help her be happy with him. Lillian doesn't believe that Beth loves Jim. She said that she feels it will always be Phillip for Beth and this baby is just a sign of that. Beth tells her mom that she doesn't want to be alone and she does love Jim.
Beth tells her that Jim can give her the kind of life she's always wanted. Lillian believes Beth is trying to substitute Phillip with Jim. She thinks that those old feelings came back to Beth while they were in the plane. Beth admits that she will always love Phillip, but has to move on with her life. Lillian says she doesn't want Beth to settle like she did with Bradley. Beth tells her that no one is going to stop her from having a life with Jim. Lillian apologizes for upsetting her and agrees to help her out. She turns to her daughter and asked her when she was going to tell Jim about "his baby." Beth thanked her mom and told her she would tell him in the next few days. Jim came in and Beth tells him she wants to be alone with him for a few days.

At Harley and Phillip's House:
Harley asks Phillip if they can talk now. She tells him there's nothing he can't tell her. Just as Phillip agrees, he gets a phone call from Beth. She tells him that the paternity test confirmed that he is the father. He tells her that he's not surprised and asks her to let him know if anything happens with Lizzie. He hangs up and Harley asks about Lizzie. Phillip tells her that they need to talk. She thinks he wants to talk about the plane crash. She knows he has been keeping something big from her in order to protect her but she assures him she can handle whatever it is. Phillip admits that Beth has been having problems since the crash. He tells her that Beth is suffering from some kind of posttraumatic stress. He says he's concerned that Lizzie will feel like she has to take care of Beth again. Harley thinks that he is a wonderful man and understands he needs to help Beth for Lizzie. Harley tells him she's proud of him. They kiss and go off to bed.
Phillip dreams that he tells Harley about what happened on the plane and Beth being pregnant with his child. Harley can't believe he could do this but he assures her they can work through it. Harley tells him it's over and that she is leaving him. Phillip wakes up in a cold sweat, screaming for her not to leave him. Harley jumps up and assures him it was only a dream. She tells him she wouldn't leave him in a million years and reminds him they are going to have another baby.

At the Lewises':
Shayne comes in with his bags from his ski trip. Marah tells him that their parents have split up. She tells him that it isn't like before and they no longer have a family. Reva overhears them and reassures Shayne that they will always be a family. Reva tries to explain to her son what happened and takes full responsibility for everything. She admits that she caused all the problems and promises to try to make it right. Reva tells her kids that she is going to make up for lost time starting by putting them first. She thinks that they should invite Josh to a family dinner and talk. Josh calls and talks to Shayne and Reva. He asks when they can get together and Reva tells him she will get back with him soon. The kids are happy, Reva is happy and they all think this is the beginning of their new future. Marah is glad that Josh is coming to dinner and thinks it is a great sign. Reva tells her that they have to take it slow. Marah goes upstairs. Reva calls Josh and gets his machine. She leaves a message that day after tomorrow at 6:00 will be a good time for dinner. She says that if she doesn't hear from him she will assume that is a good time and expect him.

At Josh's new apartment:
Josh is moving in and organizing his new digs. Olivia comes in carrying flowers. She feels like she may be intruding but Josh tells her she is always welcome there. He tells her that is the reason he gave her a key. She worries about the key and tells him she is scared that she will barge in when the kids are there someday. He admits that he is a little homesick and would love to see his children but they don't even know about the new apartment yet. He shows her around the apartment and tells her about the big screen TV he is getting for he and Shayne to watch sports together. Then he realizes that he will have to schedule those things now. He feels like he won't be a real parent anymore. Olivia tells him that he just has to be there for them and the rest will take care of itself. Olivia wonders if Reva will tell the kids that she and Josh are getting back together but Josh is sure that she wouldn't use the kids as leverage. Josh wants to call Shayne now that he is back from his trip and ask him about dinner sometime this week. Olivia goes into the other room. He calls Shayne and tells him how much he has missed him. Shayne gives Reva the phone and Josh gives Reva his new telephone number. He suggests they all sit down together and work some arrangements out. Reva says that she'll check with the kids and call him back. Olivia comes back and offers to go with Josh to the dinner to get to know Shayne but Josh said it was not a good idea at the time. She is hurt and he explains that they should take it slow. Josh mentions that Reva will be at the dinner and Olivia is surprised. She tells Josh about the run in she and Reva had the day before and that Reva said she was going to fight for their marriage. Josh tells her that Reva will have to deal with their relationship. He invites her for dinner tonight. He goes to take a shower and she goes to get a blanket from her car for the Chinese picnic they will be ordering.
Olivia comes in and knocks the answering machine off the desk and it erases the message. Josh comes out of the shower and asks her to help him dry off. They start kissing and getting romantic.

Thursday, February 3, 2000

At the Cemetery:
Drew is talking to Ben. She tells him that she feels alone and wishes he were there with her. She mentions that everyone close to her has other interests and she feels like there is no one for her to talk to. Max came up behind her and asked her, "What about me?" He asks why she can't talk to him. She tells him that she can and is just being stupid. She apologizes for not coming to him and then starts talking to him. She is upset about how Jesse is so consumed with Michelle's innocence. Max listens and then assures his sister that Jesse loves her.
Jesse comes in and talks to Drew. She asks his about court and he told her that he had more important things to do like talk to her. He gives her a note with a love poem on it. She said she thought it was beautiful, like something she had heard once at a wedding. Jesse tells her that was what he was thinking about, their wedding. He says he wants to get married today. Drew answers him with a hug.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie is in bed. She was dreaming of being out on the terrace in a red gown dancing with Richard. They kiss as her dream Richard tells her how much he wants her. He asks her if she wants him and she tells him that she does. She moans his name in her sleep and Richard, who had slept in the chair beside her bed all night comes to her aide. He reaches over and touches her arm. She wakes up startled. She asked what he was doing and he told her that she called out his name and he was just seeing if she needed anything. She told him that she was dreaming about the wedding and kind of dodged any more conversation about that. Richard gets some pills for her fever but Cassie doesn't want them. She tells him she doesn't want him hovering over her. He says this isn't about what you want it's about what you need.
Richard talks to Cassie about his mother and what it was like as a child with a mother in father so deeply in love. Cassie asks Richard if that is what he wanted, to know a love like his mother and father had. Richard replied that he did know a love like that. Cassie goes by the window and sees the kids out playing. She calls out to them and waves to Tammy. She thanks Richard for arranging it so she could see her children. They talk a little and are interrupted by Jenny. She tells Richard that a man is here to see him. Richard leaves and Cassie tells Jenny that she has to get away from San Cristobel and she is going to help her. Jenny tries to convince Cassie not to leave. She watches as Cassie packs her things and tells her that it is so obvious how much Richard loves her. Cassie said that he would always love Reva, not her. A messenger comes by with flowers from Richard. Jenny takes them and tells the messenger that Cassie is resting as Cassie hides behind the door. The messenger leaves. Cassie is all packed and ready to leave. Jenny tells her to take the flowers with her. Cassie mentions to her that the roses are her favorites and wondered how Richard knew. Jenny tells her that Richard is trying. Cassie says it must have been a lucky guess. She leaves.
Buzz is waiting for Richard in a room with a pool table. He is playing around with the balls and asks Richard to play a game with him. He tells him that the chili is cooking and they will play for a meager $20 a game. Richard tells Buzz that he hasn't played in a while and may be a little rusty. He goes at it all wrong and Buzz has to teach him how to play all over. Richard learns to play quick and wins the game. Buzz called him a hustler and Richard agreed that he did, in fact hustle him.
He said that he had learned to play years ago and was quite good at it. The messenger comes in and tells Richard that Cassie was resting but he did deliver the flowers. Buzz talks to Richard and tells him that if he didn't know better he would swear Richard was in love with Cassie. Richard talks to him about Selena. Buzz told him the dumbest thing he ever did was let his pride get in the way of admitting his feelings to her. Richard told Buzz that he was right and he needed to tell Cassie a few things. He went to Cassie's room and goes in. He sees the room is empty and called out for her.
Cassie is outside she notices the gardens. She thinks again about the flowers and wonders how Richard knew they were her favorites. She placed the flowers on the steps, walks a little way and collapsed.

At the Courthouse:
The DA wanted to use Mick's murder as motive. She claimed that Michelle killed Ben because he could put her away for that murder at any given time. She claimed that Frank helped bury evidence because Michelle was a close friend of his. The judge questions Frank and then David. David tells him about how Frank let Michelle and Danny be together on Christmas Eve. The Judge denied any more evidence about Mick being brought in as evidence about this case. He also recommended Frank be suspended from the department.
The court reconvenes and Ross tells Michelle what happened. She feels very bad about Frank being in trouble because of her. Ross asks who the DA's last witness will be. He tells her that the prosecution always keeps their strongest witness for last. They look over the witness list but Michelle cant figure out who is could be.
The DA calls Rick to the stand. She questions Rick about the time he committed Michelle to the hospital psych ward. He tried to explain that his sister was in danger and he was trying to protect her. The DA brings up the day when Michelle attacked Carmen and asked Rick again if she was not a threat to society. He again says no. On cross-examination Ross let Rick explain that the phrase "Posses a threat to self and others" is a legal required in order to hold a person. He says that he never thought Michelle would harm anyone. Ross asks about Michelle's release. She was released after 72 hours. Ross sits down and D.A. questions Rick about Michelle's character. Rick says she has never forgotten who she is or where she came from. D.A kind of badgers him about Michelle and then sits down. The Judge tells Rick he can step down and the prosecution rests their case. The Judge breaks for the day and says the defense will start the next morning.

Friday, February 4, 2000

At the church:
Jesse and Drew go to a Rabbi and Jesse tells him he wants to get married now. The Rabbi asks him what the rush is and he says he wants to marry her before he loses her. Drew tells him he's not losing her but he feels like he is. The Rabbi asks Jesse why he feels this way and he tells him that he can't prove how much he loves her. Jesse tells her that no matter what he does, he can't reach a certain part of her. The Rabbi asks to speak to Drew alone and Jesse leaves. He thinks that she's running away from something and she must figure out what it is. Drew says that she's not running away from him, sometimes she just needs time to think. She explains that Michelle was his first love and he always believes in her but questions Drew. She thinks that Michelle is perfect in Jesse's eyes and the Rabbi reminds her that she's the one he loves. Drew doesn't believe Jesse would support her the way he supports Michelle. He asks her to turn to Jesse when she gets confused and tells her she isn't giving him the chance to understand. She says that if Jesse doesn't believe she's committed to him then she can handle things by herself. The Rabbi asks her why she thinks she has to and she thinks she knows why. He asks her to tell Jesse not him. Drew tells him she doesn't feel good enough for him. She says that she has spent her whole life alone and learned how to rely on herself. She tells him she's comfortable being alone because it's all she's known. She says that it would be easy for him to destroy her because she loves him so much and he tries to assure her he won't go anywhere. They agree to just trust each other and be together. They thank the Rabbi for his help and Drew tells him they will be back soon to plan a real wedding. At Company/LeMay house:
Beth tells her mother over the phone that she is going to tell Jim about the baby tonight. Jim arrives and tells Beth she looks like she's glowing. Jim wishes he could take Beth for a romantic dinner but he promised Susan they would be home soon to help her with a test. He tells her that it took the plane crash to make him realize that he wanted to marry Beth. She comments that the plane crash changed all their lives and remembers talking to Phillip about the baby. She tells him that the night he rescued her and proposed was the most special night they've had together. She tells him that she thinks they were given something special that night. She says that she knew he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life and have children with. He says someday and she asks him what if they were to have a baby now. Jim tells her that the timing is all wrong because he wants to focus on Lizzie and Susan. He thinks they are going through a big change and need their attention. He also wants some quality time alone with her. He assures her that he wants to have children with her, just not now. He reminds her that they have to get home to help Susan with her test. Meanwhile, Max visits Susan and learns she's planning a romantic evening for Beth and Jim. He is surprised since it wasn't that long ago that she was plotting against Beth. Susan tells him that she wants to support Jim's decision to get married. Max thinks she really has grown up and she's glad he noticed. Max helps Susan clean up and tells her that Drew's upset with Jesse. They agree that love is complicated. They get everything ready for Beth and Jim and get into a pillow fight. Max pins her on the couch and apologizes for making a mess. Susan tells him that there is one thing they are missing and that's poetry. She knows that Beth keeps a book buy her bed and goes to get it. She comes downstairs with prenatal vitamins and says this can't be happening. Susan is upset and thinks they should have been more responsible. Jim overhears Max say that he would never sleep with a girl without using protection and throws him out. Susan gets mad and says that she knows Beth is pregnant and shows Jim the vitamins. At Company:
Rick blames himself for the bad turn Michelle's trial has taken. Everyone argues about what to do and Michelle tells them that the prosecution is tearing her apart and she doesn't need it from them too. She tells them they have to stick together. Ross assures him that the worst part is over and it's time for them to present their case. Rick tells Michelle he had no right to lock her away from her husband. Danny tells him he should have kept her away because all her problems started with him. Danny tells Michelle that if she weren't part of his family, no one would be setting her up for murder. Michelle says that they can't touch what they have together and Danny tells her that he is love has cost her everything and leaves. Ross finds Danny outside and tells Danny he has to pull it together because Michelle needs him. Danny thinks he's the last thing Michelle needs. He tells Ross that he doesn't trust what's going on with the trial. Ross doesn't understand why everyone is so upset when they haven't even started yet. Danny says that whoever set Michelle up is still out there and when he finds out who did it, they will wish they went to jail. Ross tells him if he lets this get to him, he's worthless to Michelle. He tells him not to make her doubt her whole life with him. He says that Danny is the only one who can get her through this. Danny apologizes to Michelle and promises her they will get through this. He tells her he will take care of her and later makes arrangements for them to leave town tonight. In San Cristobel:
Richard goes in Cassie's room to talk to her and finds that she isn't in her room. He notices that her bag is gone. He asks Jenny where she is. Meanwhile, Cassie wonders how Richard knew what her favorite flowers were. She puts them down on the steps and collapses on the lawn. She tries to get up and says she has to get away from him but falls unconscious. Jenny tells Richard that she tried to stop her from leaving. She tells him that Cassie wanted to go home for a little while. Richard and Buzz look for her and find her unconscious. Richard carries her inside and hopes that she's all right. The doctor examines her and says she needs rest. Richard thinks she should have come to him but Buzz assures him that she just wanted to be somewhere familiar. Richard tells Cassie not to ever do that to him again. He remembers the first time he saw her on the beach and wonders how he could have believed this could be only an arrangement when he needs and wants her so much. He tells her she's all he wants in this world and she begins to wake up. He tells her that he found her and she tells him that she loves him.

Friday, January 28, 2000

At the Courthouse:
Drew comes in and tells Michelle that she needs to talk to her. They argue. Carmen watches the interaction and gets on the phone. She tells the person she is talking to that she is going to nail Michelle's coffin shut "accidentally" of course. She wants to make sure the guy will get the information to the DA without having her tied to it in anyway. She hands a man an envelope and starts towards the courtroom. She meets up with Rick and Abby and tells them that she has been called to testify and she is going to try to help Michelle out. Rick thanks Carmen and they all go in. Meanwhile, Someone gives David an envelope. David gives the letter to the DA and tells her that she needs to ask Carmen Santos about her son's murder. Carmen is called to the stand. The DA begins questioning Carmen about her daughter-in-law and Carmen really puts on the show. She acts like Michelle is so wonderful and she loves her to death. She tells the jury how much Michelle has helped her since Ben died and how much the family counts on her. She seems to be defending Michelle, saying that any problems they had were petty. The D.A. asks her about Mick and Michelle's part in his death. Carmen appears shocked and tries to look like she is avoiding the question. The DA insists that Carmen tell them what she knows. Carmen starts talking about Mick. She tells her that it hurts too much to think about him and how he died. Again she is asked about his death and this time point blank asked if Michelle killed her son. Carmen admits that Michelle told her that she killed Mick but also claims that it was self-defense. The DA made it look really bad for Michelle. Ross asks the judge if he can have a moment with Michelle before he cross-examines Carmen. The judge gives a short recess and Ross questions Michelle about what was said on the stand. She admits that it happened but insists that it was an accident and self-defense. Ross tells her that they need a witness to corroborate Michelle's story about Mick. Jesse hears this and tells Drew that she is Michelle's only hope and she has to tell the truth about what happened that day on the beach.

At the Hospital:
Phillip comes in to the doctor's office and Beth tells him that she tried but just can't have an abortion. Beth again asks Phillip to walk away and let her have her baby with Jim. She begs him and after seeing how desperate she is agrees to let her have her way. Beth is overcome and thanks him over and over again. She promises never to let him regret it. They head over to Company to meet up with Jim and Harley.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie breaks out of the dance. Richard wants to know what is going on, he knows Cassie wanted him to kiss her. He ask Cassie what she wants and she tells him that he should set down and talk to her about it. Cassie says that what she wants is for the people of SC to think that they are really in love. She wants to do her job properly. She tells him that she is a woman and he is a man and the kiss that almost happened is a natural human response. Richard is glad Cassie is so eager to play her part. A palace person comes in and tells them that they need to go down for the state dinner. Richard leaves to change and Cassie calls Harley. Cassie says she is going to make Richard want her so bad he wont be able to resist.
Richard comes back and Cassie starts flirting with him to no end. He is falling for it hook, line and sinker when he sees a spot on her face. He asks her about it and calls the doctor in. Cassie has the measles.
At the Boarding House/Company:
Harley asks Susan to babysit Zack and Susan agrees to and then teases her mom about paying her. Harley and Jim talk and Jim says that he and Beth are better than ever. Phillip and Beth come in looking guilty and out of it. Phillip says something came up with business. Beth and Jim leave and Harley wants to know what is going on with him and his ex wife.

Olivia's Room:
Reva comes up to Olivia's room and finds Josh there. She makes excuses for him saying that he must be working there since they have no true offices yet. Olivia walks out of the bathroom and tells Josh that she will need him to help her control herself so they wont end up in bed together. She sees Reva and realizes what she just said. Josh tells her he didn't want her to find out that way and tries to apologize. Reva says she just came to tell Olivia what happened in SC but she must already know that. She runs out of the room and Josh doesn't know what to do. Olivia tells him to go after her. He does. Josh tells Reva that they have to talk. Reva says in her head she knows she has no reason to be mad, but she is very hurt in her heart. She tells him that he couldn't have hurt her more then if he had stuck a knife through her heart. Reva tells Josh that she was never unfaithful to him even all the times she was in San Cristobel . He tells her that she wanted Richard more that him or she would have never had these problems.
Reva says she is going to leave but first she gives him back her wedding ring. She tells him that the only reason she is giving it to him is because she is positive that he will be putting it back on her finger someday soon. She leaves. Josh goes to the bar and Olivia comes down and apologizes to him. He says it is okay. Marah calls and he has to leave. Olivia goes out and confronts Reva. She tells her to leave Josh alone if she really loves him.

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