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Passions Recaps: The week of January 31, 2000 on PS
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Monday, January 31, 2000

Gwen & Ethan:
The two are in bed together and Gwen is telling Ethan how glad she is they are together and the whole Theresa mess is behind them. He agrees and she tells him she's sorry she ever let it come between them in the first place. Ethan tells her not to worry about it and to just concentrate on their relationship. Later he tells her he hopes she can see Theresa for who she really is...a kind and caring girl. He keeps talking about Theresa and Gwen gets upset and says she doesn't want to talk about her, especially when they are in bed together. Gwen tells him she has a surprise for him. She tells him it's something he's wanted for a while but couldn't get. He asks her what it is because he's spoiled and usually gets what he wants. She tells him she's ready to give him her answer to his marriage proposal and asks if he is ready to hear it. He tells her no, he's not ready to hear it and she looks like she's been thrown for a major loop.

Julian is getting papers out of his precious wall safe when Pilar comes in. She startles him and he drops the papers on the floor. She goes to pick them up and he insists that he can do it. Pilar asks him if those papers have anything to do with her family. He tells her that's absurd. She reminds him that David brought down Goliath and she doesn't want to see anyone from either family hurt. He tells her he doesn't either. Pilar says she values her job very much, but her family means more than anything and she tells Julian she would hate to see Luis hurt by this family. Julian asks her why he would be and she tells him Luis has a bad temper and still believes that the Cranes had something to do with Martin's disappearance. She also comments on Sheridan and Luis growing closer and Julian tells her that Sheridan would never get involved with her son. She turns to leave and tells him if that is true, he has nothing to be afraid of. He calls Alistair and tells him they have a big problem. Julian tells his father that he's done everything to keep Luis and Sheridan apart and to keep Luis from investigating the family. Alistair tells him that isn't enough and they have to do more. Julian tells him of Pilar's suspicions. Alistair says he doesn't know much about Luis, but he knows Pilar and tells Julian not to underestimate her as she is extremely smart. Julian thinks this is funny but Alistair tells him to be careful. He also says they have to stop Luis and Sheridan's romance before it begins and they will do so tonight.

Theresa is sitting on her bed typing her diary in her laptop. She is talking about how fate saved her again and thinks about Chuck kissing her at the Lobster Shack. She thinks about how that surely made Ethan jealous and they will be together. She gets a message on her screen asking if she will connect to a call. She sets up the video and clicks yes. It's Chuck and she thanks him again for everything he did for her. He tells her it was no problem and if she would consider going out on a date with him when he came back into town. Theresa tells him she's flattered, but she only has eyes for one boy. He tells her he hopes he is as crazy about her as she is him. She tells him it's only a matter of time. Fate is on her side. She shows up at the Crane mansion and Pilar says she's glad to see her and inquires about what happened at the Lobster Shack. She asks if she's okay. Theresa tells her she's better than okay. Pilar says she thought they would be furious at her and she would be fired. Theresa tells her that fate came to her rescue once again and Whitney's friend Chuck posed as her boyfriend and made Gwen look like a fool. Pilar scolds her and warns her that it will blow up in her face. Theresa says it won't because fate is on her side and she and Ethan are meant to be together. Pilar yells at her and tells her their family can never get involved with the Cranes. She asks if it is because they are from different social classes and Pilar says yes. She says that if Ethan were to fall for her, his family would never allow it to happen. The same goes for Sheridan and Luis. Theresa laughs and says that's absurd because Luis hates all things Crane and they aren't meant to be like she and Ethan. She says she's going to go upstairs to see Ethan and Pilar tells her he's upstairs in bed with Gwen. Theresa gets upset and says she's going to see him and let him know what a big mistake he's making!

The Bennett House:
Reese is looking up stuff on the fish when he hears Timmy yell "Princess" and he turns around and freaks out when he sees Tabitha's head in the fishbowl. Tabitha tells Timmy to throw something else from the bag into the bowl and when he does, she turns back into the fish. Miguel and Charity came into the kitchen and Reese tells him he saw Tabitha's head in the fishbowl. They tell him that's crazy and Charity says Tabitha is always popping up and he probably just saw her face magnified through the bowl when she was looking in the window. He agrees. Miguel says he needs to talk to Luis so he's going to the Youth Center and asks them to come along. Charity agrees but Reese wants to look up more on the fish. Charity makes him promise to take good care of the fish and he says he will. Once they leave, Tabitha tells Timmy to get her out of there ASAP and he starts to pick up the bowl when Reese sees him and yells for him to stop. He gets up but trips on the chair and falls and hits his head on the floor.

The Youth Center:
Sheridan and Luis continue with their tango which is HOT HOT HOT!!! The looks they are giving each other are smoldering. Kay and Simone comment on how hot that dance is and Kay fantasizes about doing the tango with Miguel. He has this pencil thin mustache which is so funny. Kay snaps out of it and tells Simone that if she can get Miguel to dance with her like that, he will surely fall for her. Simone just rolls her eyes. Miguel and Charity walk in and watch Sheridan and Luis finish the tango. When it ends everyone claps and they just stare at one another for a moment before pulling away. Luis just walks off leaving Sheridan standing there. Kay, Simone and Charity walk up to her and tell her how great that was. Charity says they looked like one person while they were dancing. Kay tells her that's crazy because everyone knows how Luis and Sheridan hate each other and they were just dancing. Sheridan says she didn't realize people were talking but she and Luis get along just fine and he is a very nice man. Charity says it's more than that...she's in love with him. Sheridan turns away and wonders if she could be in love with Luis. Kay says that's crazy because Luis would never get involved with a Crane. Charity apologizes for saying anything, but she gets the feeling that she loves Luis and Luis loves her back. Miguel walks over to Luis and tells him that dance with Sheridan was intense. Luis says it was just a dance but Miguel doesn't buy that. He says they looked so into it. Luis says he'd never get involved with a Crane because they have no values and all they care about is money. Miguel asks if he would deny his feelings for her simply because she's a Crane. He says yes, but there's nothing to deny. Miguel doesn't buy it and Sheridan and Luis keep stealing looks from one another. Reese runs in and tells him the fish is gone. Charity asks what happens and he said he saw a little boy in a wizard costume take it from the window. Kay tells him that sounds nuts. He tells them he did hit his head and Kay says he probably dreamed the rest. Charity says they should go to Tabitha's and check it out because she might have something to do with it. They leave and Sheridan and Luis continue to stare at one another. She finally breaks the silence and says she should go. She gets her coat and Luis helps her put it on. They say goodnight and he stops her. He starts to say something but can't get it out. Then he blurts out "you wanna go out with me tonight?" Sheridan looks shocked and then Luis says he doesn't want to make her uncomfortable and says to just forget it. She says yes, she would like to go out with him and he gives her a big smile.

  • Tabitha's House: Timmy gets Tabby back into the house and tries to find the right spell to turn her human. He does one and it turns her into a mermaid. Reese, Charity, Miguel and Kay arrive at her house and are standing on the front porch about to ring the doorbell.

  • Tuesday, February 1, 2000

    Grace, Sam, & Ivy:
    They are in the kitchen talking about their getaway and how romantic it will be. Sam says he's not telling anyone where they are going so they cannot be disturbed. Jessica calls from the store and tells them to come over there because they won't believe what just happened. Ivy smiles knowing she'll get to see her precious Sam. When they arrive, Jessica shows Grace the order she just rang up and she and Sam wonder who bought all of that stuff. Ivy says she did and Sam whirls around and looks at her. Grace goes back to help Jessica wrap all of the gifts and Sam tells Ivy to stay away and he means it. She says she just needs one hour alone with him and he tells her to forget it. Jessica comes out and asks if she needs the gifts right away or if she can wait until morning. Ivy tells her the morning is fine and thanks her for all of her help. Grace comes out and Ivy asks when she will be getting new stuff in because she enjoys it so. Grace says any day now since Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Grace kisses Sam and says they can definitely go away together now since they sold all of that stuff. Ivy overhears and says "yes they can."

    Julian is on the phone with Alistair and asks how he plans to keep Sheridan and Luis apart. Alistair tells him to get her there and he will lay down the law. Julian says he can tell she might be smitten with Luis but he is only using her to get information on the family. He says by the time she wakes up, it will be too late and she will have brought down the entire family.

    Sheridan & Luis:
    Luis apologizes to Sheridan for putting her on the spot. He tells her she doesn't owe him anything for saving her life and maybe they should just forget it. She tells him no, she won't forget it. She says she wants to go out with him tonight and it has nothing to do with him saving her life. He smiles at her and he says he will pick her up and they can go to the Lobster Shack and she says it's a date. Sheridan realizes she used the "D" word and stammers over it. Luis says he guesses it is. She asks him if he's okay with that and he tells her that it's not him, he's worried about her because of what her brother will do if he finds out they are going out. Sheridan tells him not to worry because she doesn't take orders from anyone and her family learned a long time ago not to tell her what to do or who to see. Her cell phone rings and she excuses herself. It's Julian and he tells her he needs to see her immediately because there is an urgent family matter.

    Sam & Luis:
    Sam shows up at the Youth Center as Luis is closing up. He asks Luis if he'd be interested in working the night shift and Luis tells him no because he has a date. Sam congratulates him and asks who he is going out with. Luis says he doesn't really want to talk about it because her family wouldn't approve. Sam says to please tell him he's not taking out Sheridan Crane. Luis says he is. Sam says they are worse than oil and water. Luis tells him he's done a 180 in the Sheridan department as she is not the spoiled rich princess he thought she was. He tells Sam that she has really been there for him. Sam inquires about this and Luis tells him "friend to friend" that she helped him snoop in the mansion and Sam flips out. He tells Luis that he's playing a very dangerous game and he will get hurt if he pursues this. Luis says he will find out the truth and when he does, he will nail them. Luis tells Sam that Sheridan believes in the truth and wants to help him. Sam warns him to be careful because he's known men that have been involved with that family and they appeared to be genuine, honest and loving but the pressure from the family is applied and they have to go along with it and the guys involved are told to go to hell. Luis assures him that Sheridan is not like the rest of her family and she doesn't care what her family says.

    Sheridan & Julian:
    Sheridan walks into the library all smiles and Julian says "there's a smile that could brighten any room." She tells him that his sarcasm can't ruin her good mood and to get on with whatever he needs to see her about because she's on a schedule. He asks her what she's doing and she says if he must know, she's going out with Luis. He tells her that is what he wanted to talk to her about. Sheridan tells him that she and Luis are none of his business. He tells her that she made it his business when they were supposedly having brandy and giving into their lust in the library by the safe. Sheridan tells him he's afraid of someone finding out what's in the safe. He says she can look through the safe and she does. She doesn't see anything but Crane Industry foreign contracts. She says she believes him and Julian tells her she cannot go out with Luis. Sheridan tells him she doesn't care what he thinks and he tells her that Father wouldn't like it either. She says she doesn't care what he thinks either and then Alistair's voice says "you should" which startles her. She asks Julian why he didn't tell her he was on the phone and Julian responds that Father asked him not to. Alistair tells her that she is not be associate with Luis by any means.

    Ethan & Gwen:
    Ethan tells Gwen he doesn't want her answer and she gets upset saying this is all her fault and she should have believed him a long time ago. She gets dressed and tells Ethan that she can't bare to see him and that she'll love him forever. Ethan stops her and tells her she can really be dense sometimes. He tells her that he loves her and he does want to marry her, he just wants it to be perfect when he does ask her. She says she feels like a fool but tells Ethan that she loves him and asks for a hint. He tells her he loves her and leaves. She looks in his planner and sees a heart by Valentine's Day, so she thinks that is when he is going to ask her.

    Pilar & Theresa:
    Pilar stops Theresa from going upstairs and tells her she must forget about the idea of marrying Ethan because it will never happen. He spent the night with Gwen and he wants to spend his life with her. Theresa asks why she is doing this to her and Pilar says it's for her own good. She says their family can never get mixed up with the Cranes. Theresa is crying and looks devastated when she walks out of the mansion. Whitney is walking up and asks Pilar what happened. She tells her how Ethan and Gwen spent the night together and Whitney tells Theresa she'll take her home.

    Theresa & Whitney:
    Theresa and Whitney go to the Book Cafe and Theresa starts to cheer up when she figures out why Gwen and Ethan spent the night together. Whitney asks what she is talking about and Theresa says he was letting her down gently and last night was to say good-bye. Whitney tells her she's nuts and she has to stop thinking about Ethan. She asks Theresa if she remembers when she wanted something when she was little how she would wish and wish for it to come true. Theresa says she remembers, and Whitney tells her they aren't little kids anymore and she can't just keep wishing for Ethan to be hers because it won't happen. Theresa's cell phone rings and it's Ethan. He says he needs to see her and asks where he can meet her. She tells him the Book Cafe and she hangs up quite pleased. She tells Whitney that he must be coming there to tell her they belong together because fate means for them to be together. Ethan shows up and Theresa asks if Gwen accepted his proposal. He tells her there wasn't one and she says she's sorry. Ethan says it was rough at first, but Gwen understands. His phone rings and it's the jewelers. He says he needs to see the engagement rings ASAP. Theresa overhears and she tells Whitney that it's happening faster than she thought because Ethan wants to buy her an engagement ring. Whitney tells her she's jumping to conclusions. Ethan asks Theresa to come with him because he is going to buy an engagement ring for Gwen and Theresa faints.

    Pilar & Ivy:
    Ivy comes into the living room and tells Pilar she needs her ski equipment set out. Pilar tells her she's glad she's going to Europe to stay away from Sam but Ivy informs her she's not going to Europe. Pilar says she knows this has something to do with Sam and asks what she is up to. She tells Ivy that it will be disastrous and Gwen walks in and asks if everything is all right. They tell her everything is fine. Gwen announces that she and Ethan are back on track and hopefully she and Ethan can announce their engagement very soon.

    Timmy, Tabby, Miguel, Charity, Kay & Reese:
    Kay asks why they are at Tabitha's. Charity says she feels that Tabitha might know something about the fish. Reese says he knows the little boy in the wizard costume took it. Kay says he must have hit his head harder than he thought because he sounds ridiculous. Inside, Tabitha the mermaid is on the floor and Timmy says he'll find the right incantation and turn her back. He does another one but it gives him bunny ears. Reese looks through the mail slot and sees Tabitha's fish tail and tells everyone. Timmy pulls Tabby out of the way before anyone else sees it. Charity starts to buy into this story and Miguel tells them they are being ridiculous. They decide that no one is home so they will just come back and ask her about the fish. Charity hears something break inside and they try the door but it's locked. The Scooby Gang decides to find another way in. Tabitha is covered with a blanket on the couch and Timmy hides before they come in the house. She wakes up and asks why they are there. Charity asks if she knows anything about her fish that was taken from the windowsill and Tabitha says she doesn't. Reese sees water on the floor and Tabby says she spilled some earlier. Kay announces they have taken up enough of Tabitha's time so they leave. Tabitha's tail gets uncovered and Reese turns around and sees it and says "it was you!"

    Wednesday, February 2, 2000

    Tabitha's House:
    Reese sees Tabitha's tail and says "it was you" and then calls after everyone else. He rushes outside to tell them to come back inside as Timmy covers his Princess' tail up. She tells Timmy to hurry and find the right spell to turn her back. The Scooby Gang comes back inside and ask Reese what is going on. Reese says that Tabitha is a mermaid and everyone laughs. Tabitha just looks at Reese as though he were crazy. He tries to pull her blanket off of her and everyone starts yelling for him to stop. Tabitha even started barking at Reese! I'm still laughing about that. Miguel tries to pull Reese off of Tabitha but they keep this up for a while. Timmy is trying to remember what he is forgetting and he remembers that Matilda told him to get some of Tabitha's hair. He sneaks into the room and pulls a rather large bunch of hair out of her head and she screams. Just as that happened, Reese pulled the blanket off of her and he and Miguel fell over and Kay and Charity went to see if they were okay. Timmy got Tabitha's legs back to normal and Reese then sees that she has legs. Kay apologizes for bothering her and announces they should leave. Miguel agrees and Charity says she had a premonition that Tabitha was the mermaid. Tabitha says imagine if she was a mermaid, they could go on the road and be rich! Kay apologizes for them and says that Charity and Reese need to have their heads looked at. They leave and Charity tells Miguel that she is having another premonition of death. Inside, Timmy tells Tabitha there is no need to thank him, he just needs a well deserved nap. She smiles but says there is no time. They need to come up with a plan for Charity to kill Miguel.

    Whitney, Theresa & Ethan:
    Whitney and Ethan are trying to get Theresa to wake up. She finally comes to and Ethan asks her what happened. She says she's okay, she just got dizzy. Ethan goes to get her some juice and Whitney tells her she needs to go home and forget about Ethan. Theresa agrees when Ethan returns with her juice. He says he really wanted her to go to the jewelry store because he values her opinion but he doesn't want her to get dizzy and faint again. She says the juice perked her up and she will go but asks if Whitney can come along. He says sure and they head to the jewelers. They are looking at a bunch of rings and Ethan shows two to Theresa and asks her which one she likes. She picks the one with the biggest diamond. She and Whitney tell Ethan that it's perfect. He says he wishes he knew how it would look on Gwen's finger and asks Theresa if he can borrow hers. She says yes and he explains why the ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand. He slips the ring on her finger and she fantasizes about Ethan proposing to her. She starts saying yes over and over and Ethan says that's the one then. Theresa is crying and he asks her why. Whitney says it's a girl thing and rings make them cry. The jeweler says it happens all of the time. He tries to take the ring off of her finger but it is stuck. Theresa mouths to Whitney that it's fate. The guy comes back and puts some lotion on her finger and says this will take it right off. He tries it again but it won't come off. He says it's almost as if this ring was meant for Theresa's finger. Sheridan, Julian & Alistair:
    Sheridan looks at the speaker phone and asks what her father just said to her. He tells her she is to have no contact whatsoever with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. She says that she will go out with whomever she wants and he starts playing on her emotions. Alistair says he loves her and he wants her to be happy but he doesn't want to see her get hurt again. She says "you really love me Daddy?" He tells her of course he loves her and when she was young, he and her mother used to have so many hopes and dreams for her. He and Julian both tell her that they hoped when she returned to Harmony, she would be ready to recommit to the family but dating Luis isn't the way to do that. She tells them that Luis isn't like the other men that have used her. Alistair says he may not seem like it but Julian reminds her that he didn't buy their kiss the other night and figured Luis had an ulterior motive. Sheridan tells them he wasn't using her, she was helping him to prove that the Cranes had nothing to do with Martin's disappearance. Alistair says he believes her but she is not to see Luis. Sheridan says if it is that important to him, she won't see Luis. Alistair tells her she made the right decision. Julian then butts in and says there wasn't a need for her to see him anyway. Sheridan then says yes there is, Luis saved her life. She can just have one dinner with him. Julian says he forbids her and she goes off. Alistair tells Sheridan that Julian didn't mean it that way and she says he certainly did. She will just have one dinner with Luis and that's it. She says that no one can tell her what to do and she is going and that's final. She leaves and Alistair tells Julian he screwed everything up and they now have a big problem on their hands.

    Luis & Hank:
    Luis is at the Youth Center sporting a towel and shaving. He thinks about his conversation with Sam when he told Luis to be careful. Hank comes in and asks who she is. Luis asks him what he's talking about and Hank tells Luis he's known him for too long and if he is shaving at this time of the day and goes over the same spot twice, he has a date. Luis says he does have a date and Hank asks if it is Beth. Luis says no but he has something he needs to talk to him about. Hank jokes around and says he wants to guess. He asks if it is Sharon from the pool hall because she is hot. Luis says no, and Hank says he knows who it isn't and that's Sheridan. Luis asks Hank if he checked his messages today and he says no. Luis says he's taking Sheridan out and Hank doesn't believe him. He thinks that Luis is playing a joke. He says they are like oil and water and Luis hates all things Crane. Luis says as a whole yes, but he and Sheridan get along now. Hank asks if he's seriously taking Sheridan out and Luis says yes. Hank asks how he could steal his girl and Luis says that first of all, she's not his girl because they aren't exclusive and secondly, she and Sheridan have a lot in common now. Hank asks what happened and Luis says they danced a tango and he flashes back to their dance. Hank gets upset and they remind each other about old girlfriends they took from one another. Luis says if it's this big of a deal and it's going to ruin their friendship, he won't go out with her. Hank tells him no because he's right he and Sheridan aren't exclusive and besides, it's not like Luis will be any sort of competition later. Luis says "excuse me" and Hank says that if old man Alistair found out they were going out he would hit the roof. Luis asks if it is because he's Hispanic. Hank says no, but families that haven't been in the country for over 200 years aren't on the same level and he is quick to point out that the Bennett's have been in Harmony longer than the Cranes and they used to be really wealthy. Luis says yes, until the Cranes stole their land. Hank says there's the Luis he knows and loves...the one who hates the Cranes. Luis says he still does as a group, but Sheridan isn't like them at all. Hank asks if he is falling in love with her and Luis says it's just two people having some lobster and sharing a bottle of wine. Hank says he's pulling out all the stops and asks if he's planning on taking Sheridan to bed. Luis laughs and says he's really lost it, but they aren't in high school anymore and he is having dinner at a grown up restaurant. Hank says fine, but he will have Sheridan and she will be his forever.

    Luis goes to pick up Sheridan and knocks on her door. Sheridan comes out in this red dress she checks her hair and then opens the door. Luis says "Wow! You look really beautiful!" and Sheridan smiles at him.

    Hank is taking out his anger on the punching bag when a delivery guy comes in looking for Hank Bennett. He tells him he's Hank and asks what the package is. The delivery guy says he doesn't know and leaves. Hank opens it up and finds a cell phone. He remembers the last call he got from those people and when he smashed his phone. The phone in his hand starts ringing and he just sits it down and looks at it. He starts looking around to see if anyone was there.

    Thursday, February 3, 2000

    Julian, Ivy, & Pilar:
    Julian is pouring himself a drink when Ivy comes in and tells him to pour her one too. He tells her to do it herself and she inquires about his foul mood. He says that his sister is at the local's palace they call the Lobster Shack with Luis. Pilar overhears as she is passing by the living room and wonders what Luis is getting himself into. Ivy taunts Julian and says he and Alistair must be upset. He says yes and they already had a talk with her and he forbade her to go. Ivy says that was stupid because Sheridan doesn't like to take orders...especially from Julian. She guesses that Alistair played the "I just want what is best for the daughter I love" card and Julian says she is right. Ivy says it's just like Alistair to do something like that and she is delighted that Sheridan stood up for herself as it is about time. Julian says if he has to hear about how Alistair forced her to marry him one more time he's going to be sick. Ivy says that is exactly what happened and if Sheridan wants to be with Luis that is her business. Julian says Luis is just using her to bring the family to their knees and Ivy says that Luis is an honest man and would do no such thing. Ivy says if Sheridan wants to marry Luis and have 15 children with him, that is her prerogative. Julian laughs and says living on a cop's salary that would hardly cover her manicure bills is hardly a life. Ivy says if they have real love then it would make up for all of that. Julian says that Sheridan would be away for one week without her unlimited Crane expense account and then run screaming back to her cottage and book a 10-day reservation at a first class spa in Switzerland to get the enchilada smell out of her hair. Ivy tells him he is such a snob and he jokes saying imagine if the governor's daughter, Ivy Winthrop, would have met Sam Bennett when she was younger, she could have Grace's life running the bed and breakfast, serving tomato soup cake and running the junk shop. Ivy says it is an arts and crafts store and Julian says you'd have to be crafty to pass off that trash as art! She hits him with the fact that she bought all of the gifts he asked her to at Grace's store and he isn't too thrilled. She starts to leave and he says he isn't done discussing Sheridan and Luis with her. She tells him she already gave her opinion and he says something about getting close to Sam for Ethan's sake. Pilar has been milling about the whole time cleaning so she has heard everything and Julian says he needs to take care of that budding romance with...and his voice trails off. He tells Pilar he needs to make a phone call and shoos her out of the room. Pilar then tells Ivy she is up to no good and she will ruin everyone if she continues to pursue Sam. Ivy says she doesn't care and Pilar asks if that means she can hurt Ethan too. She tells her she doesn't need a lecture and asks if her stuff is packed for her trip. Julian comes in and asks what trip she is talking about and she tells him she is going skiing. He asks if she is going to San Moritz and she says she is going to a local resort. He wonders what she is up to and why she would go to a shoddy place like that. Ivy says it's not shoddy as they have just had a major renovation. He asks if that means that beer is now served in a glass! She leaves saying she has a few things to get before the store closes. Julian says to himself that she can't hide anything from him forever nor can Luis hide from the power of the Cranes.

    Ethan, Theresa, & Whitney:
    The jeweler tries several different things but the ring just won't budge from Theresa's finger. He says the only thing they can do is cut it off and Theresa says no. Ethan asks why they can't and she says it's bad luck after all that talk about the ring being the bond of the marriage. If it is broken, it isn't as special. Ethan says he usually isn't that superstitious, but agrees with Theresa. The jeweler jokes and says his suggestion is he can let Theresa keep the ring and he can marry her. Ethan says okay and that Theresa can keep the ring. Theresa looks like she is going to faint but then Ethan says she can wear it until if falls off. The jeweler questions Ethan about letting her keep that expensive ring and Ethan tells him she is his mother's personal assistant and his close friend. The jeweler apologizes and Ethan asks if she can stick around for a while and see if the ring comes off because he has to meet Gwen for dinner at the Lobster Shack. She says okay and Ethan goes to sign for the ring. Theresa starts harping about fate and that the ring is meant for her and Whitney tries to be the voice of reason, but you know how that goes...she doesn't listen.

    The Lobster Shack:
    Sheridan and Luis are shown to their table and Grace and Sam walk in right behind them. The waiter comes over to Sheridan & Luis' table and Sheridan orders a garden salad. He asks if she wants anything else and she says no. Luis looks at her and tells the waiter they need a few more minutes. Luis says they need to get a few things straight or he's going to take her home right now. He tells her they need to set some ground rules or else they are both going to leave there with a bad taste in their mouth. Luis tells her they need to tell each other what they are thinking no matter what and not worry if that sparks an argument. Sheridan jokes that they hardly ever argue. Luis says she needs to promise him one thing and she says he has to tell her the rule first. He says she has to order whatever she wants. He didn't invite her out so she can have a salad and a glass of water. If she wants three lobster tails or a pound of caviar, she should order it. Luis says he's not sure if they have caviar but if that is what she wants, he'll send them out to get it. When he takes a woman out it's first class all the way. Then he lightens up and says he's a little offended that she thinks he can't afford these prices since he is a great cop in this town. Sheridan laughs and says he did arrest her and then he asks if they can get the waiter back now. She says yes and when he comes back she orders her same salad and the biggest lobster they have. Luis orders the same thing and a bottle of wine. Sheridan tells him to make it their best bottle and asks Luis if she did okay. He smiles and tells her she did just fine.

    Sam and Grace are talking and he sees Luis and Sheridan and tells Grace that is trouble. Grace looks over and says she thought they hated each other. Sam says that Alistair and Julian won't like this and they will do whatever they can to keep them apart. Grace can't believe they would interfere in her personal life like that and Sam says believe him because they do. She asks if he is talking from personal experience but figures it was a case. So he tells her how the working class boy fell for the rich girl but the family put on the pressure and she broke things off with him. Grace says that is really sad and he says he wants to talk about them and their weekend away together. The waiter comes over and tells Sam there is a call from Julian Crane for him and Sam says he will call him tomorrow but Grace tells him to go.

    Sheridan asks Luis how things on the Harmony PD are going these days and he says there hasn't been any major busts or anything. She brings up the detective thing he had talked about before and Luis says he missed the test. Sheridan says she is surprised because she thought he would be the first one there. He says he was out of town and then she realizes they were in New Mexico and she apologizes. Luis tells her it's not her fault and he will take it next year. He really wants it because it will mean more money for his family and he wants to build up Theresa and Miguel's college funds and hopefully his mother could stop working at the mansion. Sheridan says she would like to see Pilar stop working because if there is anyone who deserves to sit back and enjoy life it is her. Sheridan tells Luis she has complete faith in him and he will accomplish his goal one day. Their lobster arrives and Sheridan is trying to dig the meat out with her fork and Luis tells her she'll never get the meat out that way. She gets a big fork full and he asks how she did that. Sheridan tells him practice practice practice and he jokes saying the Cranes get lobster all the time. She smiles at him and feeds him the lobster and he looks in her eyes the entire time. Then Gwen shows up and interrupts the moment. She says hi to Sheridan and Luis and Luis rolls his eyes and says "hey Gwen." Then Sam comes over and asks Luis if he can speak with him. Luis gives him a look like "I'm on a date leave me alone" and Sheridan tells him to go and she can talk to Gwen.

    Luis asks Sam what this is all about and Sam says there was a large donation made to the PD to send one of the officers to the FBI training program in Quantico, VA. Luis asks what this has to do with him and Sam says his name was mentioned and this would make all of his dreams come true. Luis gets excited and then Sam tells him that Julian was the one who donated the money and tells Luis he knew this would happen. Sam says they made him an offer he can't refuse but the question remains, will he or won't he and walks away.

    Gwen asks Sheridan if she is on a date with Luis and she gets all smiley and says she is. She says she remembers their conversation from the other day but she believes that people from different classes can have a relationship. Gwen agrees, but is afraid of what her family will do, they might try to buy Luis off. She asks Sheridan if she likes him and she says he has great character and integrity and he's not too bad to look at. Gwen smiles and says he is good looking. She asks again about possible bribes from her family but Sheridan says Luis wouldn't take them because he's not that kind of man.

    Gwen is waiting at the table when Ethan arrives. She tells him she almost ordered without him and he says she would have missed the five course meal that is being sent to his bedroom as they speak. She gets excited and asks where he has been. Ethan tells her it is a surprise that will affect their lives forever and they leave.

    Grace and Sam are walking on the docks outside and talking about their trip away and Grace brings up that poor boy that was forced to give up his love. Ivy is listening in and Grace basically says that the man wouldn't just forget a love like that and is sure that the woman is still in love with him. Ivy says that she knew Sam still had feelings for her and smiles thinking she will be able to get him back.

    Luis and Sheridan are eating their dessert and Sheridan tells him he's been really quiet since he got done talking with Sam. Luis tells her how a person donated the money to the police department and that he would get to go to VA for 5 weeks for training and he would definitely get his promotion. Sheridan tells him she is really happy for him and he deserves that. Luis says it is what he has always dreamed of but Julian is the one who donated the money. Sheridan says it's a bribe and Luis agrees. He says it's to keep him from investigating their involvement with Martin and Sheridan adds to keep him away from her. She tells him it's a really good opportunity and then thinks to herself that this is the test that she and Gwen were talking about. She thinks to herself that Luis was the one man she thought her family couldn't buy but she was wrong. She picks up her coffee cup and lowers her head and tears start slipping out of her eyes. Luis looks over at her and asks why she is crying and she looks up at him with tears in her eyes as the show fades out.

    Friday, February 4, 2000

    Ivy is perturbed to overhear Sam promising Grace he'll make love to her all night, every night during their second honeymoon at Snow Mountain. Julian boasts to his father about the magnificent way he's managed to erase Luis from Sheridan's life. At the Lobster Shack, Sheridan assures a puzzled Luis that her tears are prompted by joy at hearing his exciting news. Kay relates to an astonished Simone how Reese accused Tabitha of being a mermaid. Meanwhile, Tabitha explains to Timmy her new scheme for tricking Charity into killing Miguel so she can be pulled over the dark side before her powers fully mature. Luis surprises Sheridan by revealing that he turned down her brother's offer to send him to Quantico for FBI training. Tabitha invites her teenaged neighbors and their pals over for tea, but not before sprinkling one of the cups with a potent poison. Irked when Ivy intrudes on their evening with the Russell's, Sam brusquely prevents his wife from blurting out the destination for their upcoming trip. Charity screams in horror after reading Miguel's fate in her tea leaves. Alistair hints to Julian that Ivy has been keeping a secret from him for years. After her guests depart, Tabitha is dismayed to discover that the poisoned tea Miguel spilled has eaten into Timmy's leg.

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