All My Children Recaps: The week of January 31, 2000 on AMC

Leo and Becca prevented Ken from raping Greenlee. Mirror Janet made Janet suspicious of Brooke. Hayley and Mateo got engaged. Liza asked Adam to help her win Colby back. Adam assigned Leo to take Marian to bed. The mystery surrounding Alex's stay in a mental institution deepened.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 31, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, January 31, 2000

Leo and Becca arrived at the Pine Cone Motel, but they were left with the daunting task of choosing which door Ken and Greenlee were behind. Becca urged Leo to start knocking on all of the doors while she looked for the manager. Inside one of the room, Greenlee wriggled beneath Ken and asked him to stop. Ken lifted slightly and allowed Greenlee to sit up. She sniffled audibly as she scolded Ken for tearing her blouse. She assured him that she would have taken it off willingly for him. In the blink of an eye, Greenlee leapt off of the bed and dashed towards the door. Ken caught up to her before she could unlock the door. "You thought you could play me," he snarled as he forcibly plopped her back on the bed. Greenlee begged Ken to unhand her, saying several times that he was hurting her. The former "poll boy" refused to budge. Outside in the parking lot, the manager wandered over and asked Becca and Leo to stop loitering. Leo explained that they were looking for a friend, but the manager was unwilling to help. Leo declared that he was "an undercover vice cop" and ordered the manager to comply with his request. The manager called Leo's bluff and asked to see his badge. Back inside, Greenlee resorted to submitting to Ken's wishes in order to avoid physical harm. As they kissed, Greenlee bit Ken's lip. She used that momentary break to again attempt an escape. Ken grabbed Greenlee by her hair and yanked her towards him. He urged her to keep quiet, but Greenlee desperately wanted out of the predicament. Greenlee threw a lamp across the room. It missed the mark, but it proved to be her saving grace. Leo heard the crash from inside the room and raced towards the doorway. The manager refused to open the door for him. "Some of my customers get a little rowdy," he laughed. Leo knew that there was one way to get the man to help. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some cash. The manager nodded his head and agreed to unlock the door. Leo burst inside and pulled Ken off of Greenlee. Becca moved in and escorted Greenlee out of the room. The women got out of the room without incident. Ken, though, wasn't about to let Leo get away so easily. He locked the door and warned "Richie Rich" that he'd gone too far. Ken pulled out a switchblade and flashed it at Leo. Leo asked Ken to calm down and let him go. Ken refused. He blasted Greenlee for leading him on the same way that her grandmother had. Leo learned of Ken's firing and offered to give him so money. It was a costly mistake. Leo held out his hand and Ken slashed it with the knife. Fortunately, Leo was within reach of a pack of beer. He flailed it at the thug and got him to back off. Ken raced out of the room. Outside, Becca urged Greenlee to report the incident to the police. The women returned to the room to check on Leo. Becca's eyes widened when she saw the blood trickling from Leo's wound. Leo thought that the police would be arriving soon, but Becca informed him that Greenlee did not want to report the incident. Leo was furious that he'd risked his life for naught. Becca wanted both Leo and Greenlee to go to the hospital, bur Greenlee said that she couldn't go. If she were to go to the hospital, she knew that her grandmother would find out about the incident. Fearing that she'd be sent back to San Diego, Greenlee opted to remain quiet.

"Why can't I marry Jake?" Gillian asked Ryan. Ryan explained that it wasn't that he didn't want Gillian to marry Jake. He was concerned, however, that she was rushing into the marriage before she was ready. Gillian said that she had to marry Jake in order to help him gain custody of Colby. Ryan was floored by the news. He asked Gillian why she would want to take Colby away from her mother. Gillian claimed that Colby wasn't going to be taken away from Liza, she was being taken away from Adam. Gillian wanted to know why Ryan had chosen to visit her. He told her that had been doing some serious thinking, thinking about the mistakes he's made along the way. "You are the best, truest thing that ever happened to me," he said softly. Gillian stood by quietly, her mouth agape. Ryan kicked himself for not having known that he was in love with Gillian "until it was almost too late." Gillian cocked her head to one side. "Almost?" she asked perplexed. Ryan nodded his head. "Did we give up on each other too soon?" he asked. "What you are saying makes no sense!" Gillian yelled. Months worth of anger, passion, and frustration finally came to the surface. "I can't believe what I'm hearing!" she continued. "I asked you these questions and you pushed me away." She reminded Ryan that when she'd approached him and told him that she loved him, he told her to move on with her life. She did. It infuriated her that it took him nearly a year after their divorce in order to realize that he wanted to be with her. Ryan argued that it was better to tell her about his feelings before she walked down the aisle. Jake returned home and did not see Ryan standing in the corner of the room. He proudly decreed that his attorney had told him that getting married would triple his chances of winning custody of Colby. Gillian looked up at her fiancÚ with tears in her eyes. It was only then that he knew something was troubling her. He asked her what was wrong. Ryan spoke up and said that he'd asked the princess to appear on Hayley's new fashion show. Apparently, he'd pressed too hard and upset Gillian. Ryan bid them farewell and headed on his way. Jake sat down on the sofa next to Gillian and asked her for the truth. He knew that Ryan was not in charge of booking guests --- he sells airtime. Jake assured Gillian that he would understand if she wanted to postpone the wedding. This was hardly a long engagement and Jake feared that Gillian might feel pressured into moving up the wedding date. "You're willing to risk losing Colby for me?" she asked in shock. Jake told Gillian that he wanted to marry Gillian because he loved her, not because it would help him win Colby. Gillian melted as Jake once again put her needs before his own. And that was all it took to convince Gillian that she was doing the right thing by marrying Jake. She smiled and told Jake that she wanted to marry him --- as soon as possible.

In the park, Ryan found Greenlee sitting alone on a park bench. He warned her that it was dangerous to be by herself so late at night. Greenlee wiped tears from her eyes and thanked Ryan for his concern. Ryan hoped that he hadn't brought on her sobbing. He apologized for having led her on and making her believe that he wanted more than he could ever give. His words were eerily ironic. "I'm still in love with somebody else," he said softly.

Erica phoned David at the hospital as part of her regular check-in. David was perplexed that Erica was no longer in Switzerland and that she refused to tell him where she could be reached. Vanessa burst into the room and caused David to end the phone call prematurely. David berated his mother for having barged into a patient's room even though the room was empty. Vanessa stated that she wanted him to explain his actions at dinner with the Greenlees. David reminded Vanessa that he hadn't wanted to attend the party. Vanessa wondered what it would take to repair her relationship with her son. She accused David of being "downright nasty" nasty to her. "As far as I'm concerned, you don't exist," David snapped. "So why don't we make it reciprocal." Vanessa remarked that Pine Valley, being the small town that it is, would make it difficult for them to avoid crossing paths. "We even live in the same hotel," Vanessa quipped. David promptly stated that he'd move out. Vanessa was sure that David still loved her --- somewhere deep down in his heart. "You're still your mother's little prince," she smiled. David ordered his mother never to call him that again. It was a surprisingly fierce reaction. David commented that he'd never be duped into believing that she was a loving, caring mother the way Leo had. Vanessa nodded her head slightly and asked David if he was jealous of her relationship with his brother. If so, she said, they could easily patch things up. Vanessa reached out to brush David's cheek. As she did, David grabbed her wrist and squeezed it tightly. Vanessa pleaded with David to unhand her and, after a short time, he obliged her. Vanessa had said all that she was going to say. As she stormed out of the room, she bumped into Leo and Becca. Being a mother, she panicked when she saw the blood-soaked towel wrapped around her son's hand. Leo claimed that he'd had a freak accident and sliced his hand on a kitchen knife. David wandered out of the room and examined the wound. He could tell immediately that the wound was no accidental; someone had stabbed him. Leo confessed that he'd been stabbed by a man while trying to defend the honor of a young woman. Vanessa tore into Becca as she mistakenly assumed that she was the woman in question. David told Vanessa to head to the emergency room to pick up Leo's paperwork. David, meanwhile, tended to Leo's wound. He cleaned and dressed the wound, but Leo would still require stitches. David asked his brother why he lied to Vanessa when she'd asked him what happened. Leo stated that he didn't want to put unnecessary strain on Vanessa's already weak heart. David shook his head and warned Leo to take care of himself because Vanessa and her "heart of granite" were going to be fine.

"You were aware you were walking around with that, right?" Hayley asked upon seeing the ring box. Mateo bowed his head sheepishly and told Hayley that he was going to put the box away. Hayley puckered her lips and asked Mateo if the box contained cufflinks. Mateo slowly --- and almost shyly --- opened the box to reveal a glittering diamond ring. Hayley asked Mateo if there was something he wanted to ask her. He nervously asked if she was cold and wanted his coat. Hayley pursed her mouth and cleared her throat slightly. Mateo told Hayley that he'd been carrying the ring around for months... waiting for the right time to ask her. Again, Hayley tried to get him to spit out what he wanted to ask her. "Look around you," she smiled. The night was clear, the stars were shining, and no one was around. This was the perfect time. Mateo got down on one knee and asked Hayley if she'd marry him. Rather than answer, Hayley asked Mateo to follow her. The couple ended up back at SOS. The club had long since closed for the night, but that was just what Hayley wanted. Mateo lit candles and Hayley played a tune on the jukebox. As they danced, Hayley again commented how perfect everything was. Then, with a smile on her face, she told Mateo the one word he'd been waiting to hear: Yes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2000

In his office at Pine Valley Hospital, David loomed over a stack of paperwork on his desk. Palmer straggled in and demanded that David make some time for him. Before David could tell him to hit the road, Palmer scolded him for the way he'd behaved at Vanessa's dinner party. David rolled his eyes and informed his stepfather that Vanessa had already confronted him over his behavior. Palmer nodded his head and stated that Vanessa had been distraught all night --- and that Leo's stabbing hadn't helped any. David smiled and noted that Leo's injury came during "a rare act of selflessness." Nevertheless, Leo's antics reflected poorly on Cortlandt Electronics. "It is time for Leo to leave town," Palmer barked. Palmer suggested that it would do Leo --- and himself --- good to have Leo leave town. David chuckled and asked Palmer why he hadn't arranged for Leo to be transferred to Cortlandt Electronics branch in Uruguay. Palmer admitted that he'd thought of shipping Leo off to some remote location, but he knew that Vanessa would never agree. That's where David came in. Palmer asked David to use his influence to convince Leo to go to college, preferably somewhere far away. David wasn't sure that his half-brother would listen to him, but he agreed to give it a try. And just so there'd be no confusion, David explained that he wasn't doing it for Palmer; he was interceding to get Leo away from Vanessa's grasp.

At Wildwind, Eugenia and Gillian briefly discussed how Gillian was going to handle her bumped up wedding date. As they talked, a flower delivery arrived for Gillian. The deliveryman entered with a bouquet of "Oceania roses" covering his face. Gillian raced over to take the flowers --- and when she did she realized that the deliveryman was actually Jake. Jake wanted to discuss their future together. He tossed around the idea of having a house of their own built. Gillian worried that it would be too expensive, but both Jake and Eugenia allayed her fears. Eugenia suggested that until construction was complete, she and Jake could live at Wildwind. Gillian didn't think it'd be appropriate. Eugenia noted that Edmund didn't have a problem when she and Ryan were living in the castle. Then the duchess realized her faux pas. Jake assured Gillian that it was okay for her to discuss Ryan in front of him. He also asked her if she was still thinking about Ryan's visit the night before. Eugenia's ears perked as she listened to her granddaughter insist that she was not thinking about Ryan. Jake had to leave to meet with his lawyer. After he was gone, Eugenia quizzed Gillian about her secret meeting with Ryan. Gillian told her grandmother that Ryan had asked her if they'd given up on their relationship too soon. Eugenia listened carefully. Gillian admitted that she was "a little confused," but claimed that that confusion lasted only a short time --- until Jake showed up. "And swept you off your feet," Eugenia interjected, perhaps with a twinge of cynicism. Gillian explained that she realized that Jake was truly the man for he when he'd told her that she could postpone their wedding if she felt uncomfortable. Dixie poked her head in to congratulate Gillian on her engagement. She offered to help plan the wedding, but was dismayed to hear that the wedding would be a small affair. Since there was no planning to do, Dixie felt it best to give Gillian a warning about what she's getting into by marrying a Martin man. Marriage would require Gillian to learn "the Martin family song, the family handshake, and the family yodel," Dixie alleged. "A family with a personal yodel," Eugenia said softly. "That's very impressive." Finally, Dixie confessed that she was just joking. There were a few legitimate pieces of advice to pass along. Dixie said that no Martin man knows how to tie a necktie. She also suggested that Gillian ask Ruth to help her cook. And finally, there was an issue of the Sunday coffeecake --- always ask for a second helping because it's a family tradition. Gillian mentioned that she and Jake were going to get married in front of the Justice of the Peace. "How ghastly!" Eugenia gasped. Dixie told Gillian to ask Jake if it would be okay to get married in Joe and Ruth's livingroom. When Jake returned home a little while later, that was the first thing Gillian asked him. And she jokingly called him "Joey," just to show him that Dixie had been spilling family secrets. Dixie and Eugenia headed on their way, leaving Jake and Gillian to discuss their next legal move. Jake told Gillian that everything was moving along as planned.

Ryan dropped by The Glamorama to pitch an infomercial idea to Opal. While he was there, Becca asked Ryan what he'd done after they'd parted company in the park. Ryan admitted that he'd acted upon her advice, but he didn't divulge and details. Ryan sat in the corner of the salon until Opal approached him to discuss his sales pitch. While he waited, Ryan daydreamed of the passionate discussion he'd had with Gillian the night before. Finally, Opal wandered over and told Ryan that she liked his idea. Meanwhile, Leo strolled in and broke his "bad news" to Becca: the doctors feared that he might never be able to play the violin again. Leo laughed, prompting Becca to scolded him for being "so flip" about his encounter with Ken. David phoned Leo and politely asked him to drop by for a visit. Leo agreed that he'd stop by, but after he hung up the phone he told Becca that he planned to keep his brother waiting. Becca gently cocked her head and remarked that she enjoys the time she spends with her brothers. Leo pursed his lips and agreed to go to the hospital. Before he left, Opal wandered by and observed his injured hand. Upon hearing Becca's tale of Leo's bravery, Opal smiled approvingly and left the pair alone. Opal continued on her way and told Ryan that she was willing to give his infomercial idea a chance. Again Becca wandered over to Ryan. This time she wanted to know if her advice had at least helped him. Ryan told Becca that it hadn't gone well --- Gillian had moved on without him. Ryan sat down to mull over some more ideas for the infomercial. Unaware that Ryan was there, Eugenia walked into the salon and told Opal that Gillian was moving up her wedding date.

Leo dropped by the hospital to see what David wanted. He laughed aloud when David suggested that he go to college. He mused that the cost of his designer shoes was higher than his SAT scores. He knew that Palmer must have started the whole college discussion. Leo insisted that he loved his life --- he had free room and board and two jobs with few demands. David asked his brother what would happen if Palmer suddenly dumped Vanessa. Leo's face grew pale. He blasted David for thinking lowly of their mother. He even accused David of being jealous of the relationship he had with Vanessa. David shook his head and assured Leo that he couldn't be more wrong. Leo went a bit too far by stating that David still harbored resentment for their mother because of his father's suicide. He then attempted to imitate an impersonation Vanessa does of David's late father. David grabbed Leo by the collar and warned him never to talk about his father again. "At least I know what my father looks like," he snarled. Leo claimed that he'd once seen his father from a distance. David laughed and remarked that the man probably had no idea he had a son. Leo was furious and stormed out of the office.

Liza took to the phone to arrangement a meeting at WRCW with someone. Adam entered the office and asked her who she was talking to. He immediately realized that being nosy wasn't going to help his case. Liza told Adam that she was taking steps to prevent Jake's custody fight from ever getting to court. Adam reminded his wife that she was not alone in her fight. His offer of assistance was rebuked; Liza flatly told Adam that she would not accept his help. Marian entered the office, pleased that she'd interrupted the conversation. Liza insinuated that there was a way Adam could help. Adam lowered his head and correctly assumed that Liza wanted him to steer clear of Colby. Marian had been asked to babysit Colby, a request that drew Adam's ire. He said that he'd gladly watched after Colby, but Liza again ordered Adam to stay away from Colby. Liza headed off for her mystery meeting. Marian told Adam that she could see through his facade. Adam noticed that one of Colby's dolls was lying nearby. Adam knew that Colby couldn't get to sleep without the doll and prepared to take it to his daughter. Marian warned him that she'd tell Liza that he broke his promise if he set foot anywhere near Colby. Adam reluctantly bowed out of the argument. Marian returned later and mused that in time Colby would forget Adam entirely. Adam thought that Marian's bitterness had been brought on by the "party" he'd thrown for her, a party in which he paraded around many of Marian's former lovers and one-night stands. Marian claimed that Stuart had been hurt more by the demonstration. Adam disagreed. He said that Stuart would be hurt when Marian reverted to her old ways and went back on the prowl. Stuart, he asserted, could never satisfy Marian. "He does jigsaw puzzles and talks to plants," Adam chuckled. Adam said that it would only be a matter of time before Marian's eyes wandered. Unbeknownst to anyone, Stuart listened quietly from the doorway. "You were a slut one and you'll be a slut again," Adam growled. Stuart burst forth and ordered Adam never to talk to Marian that way again. Adam backed down and said that he'd only utter his hateful words because Marian had made him angry. That wasn't a good enough excuse in Stuart's mind. He warned Adam that he'd be sorry if he ever spoke poorly to Marian again. After they left, Adam grumbled under his breath that Marian was going to be the one who'd end up sorry. A little while later, Winfred showed up to tell Adam that a "Mr. du Pres" wanted to speak to him. Adam didn't recognize the name until Leo poked his head into the office. Adam was surprised that Leo took him up on his offer, especially when Leo said that many people had warned him to steer clear of the "dangerous and immoral" multi-millionaire. "I like to learn from the best," Leo said with a sneer.

In her office at WRCW, Liza met with Tad. "I need you to do something for me that only you can do," she said softly. Tad nodded his head and pledged to do anything for her. But when Liza asked Tad to talk Jake out of suing for custody of Colby, Tad sang a decidedly different tune. Tad told Liza that he supported his brother's decision. Liza pleaded for an addition month to show Jake that she was truly pushing Adam out of her life. "If Jake takes this to court he's not going to have a daughter," Liza sobbed. Tad asked Liza if she was issuing a threat. Liza quickly backed down and stated that courts usually side with the mother in custody battles. Tad agreed that the court fight was not in anyone's best interest, but he told Liza that she was the only one who could stop Jake from taking the matter to court. That said, in strolled Leslie Coulson. She presented Liza with court papers signaling her that Jake had filed a petition for custody of Colby.

Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Hayley and Mateo were in the Dillon living room keeping Amanda amused while Jamie was busy upstairs, and Janet was out. When Amanda went upstairs to get an exam result to show Mateo, he and Hayley speculated about Trevor. Hayley told Mateo her Uncle Trevor would be happy to see Mateo being a father figure to Amanda. "I can't wait to have about 12 kids of our own," Mateo replied. As they kissed, Amanda returned told them they didn't have to pretend. Amanda's sharp eyes had already noticed Hayley's engagement ring, even though it was turned around. "It's the wish you made on the Christmas angel, isn't it?" Amanda guessed. She added that the angel was now in her room and her wish was for her daddy to come home. At that moment, Janet came home, laden with shopping bags after fighting her way through reporters. As Mateo went to her aid, Janet commented on Hayley's new hair color and complimented her on it. Amanda added that it wasn't the only new thing - Hayley also had an engagement ring. Janet congratulated the happy couple. Mateo left to go do some work at home at his condo. Janet persuaded Hayley to go and surprise Mateo, saying she'd be fine. She and Amanda were going to have dinner with Brooke and Jamie. As she left, Brooke came in bringing a carry-out dinner of sesame chicken for the family. Janet seemed put out by this, saying she already had a beef stew cooking. "Well, I'll go and make a salad," she said and headed for the kitchen with the carry-out food. Amanda sensed her mother was upset and asked Brooke about. Brooke tried to explain that Janet was upset about Trevor, and that maybe Trevor's idea of Janet seeing a therapist might be a good idea. As Brooke and Amanda talked, Janet overheard and peremptorily told Amanda to go ands set the table and then feed Smokey. Turning to Brooke, she angrily asked Brooke what she was doing. A shaky Janet accused Brooke of trying to turn her daughter against her. As Janet ranted on, and Brooke tried to defend herself, Jane became more unreasonable, accusing Brooke of wanting to steal her daughter and her husband. "Why you? Why does Trevor call you"" she angrily demanded. Brooke explained that Trevor believes Janet's phone may be tapped, but Janet was past listening to reason. Brooke, realizing they were getting nowhere, suggested they table the matter and went to make some tea. Mirror Janet reappeared and started taunting Janet again, and as Janet yelled back, Brooke overheard.

At the Glamorama, the word was out about Leo's heroism in saving Greenlee from a rape attempt. Tiffany was bubbling over with admiration and told Opal she thought Vanessa has two great-looking sons. As she continued singing Leo's praises, Becca listened in the background. Opal admitted she was wrong about Leo. Her first impression had been that he was just Euro-trash of the highest order. But now he was a hero: "He saved that girl from being raped!" Opal gushed. Those last words were hear by a horrified Greenlee who had just entered. "You! You told them!" she ranted at Becca, who insisted she hadn't told anyone. And in any case, she solemnly told Greenlee, "It wasn't your fault!" Greenlee was furious at being patronized - "You are getting off on this, aren't you?" she asked Becca. Becca lets slip that Leo told her about Greenlee's plan to have Ryan rescue her, and tried to sympathize. Greenlee begged them not to tell anybody about the incident; she ws terrified her grandmother Millicent would learn about it. The promises duly given, Greenlee went trotting off for a seaweed wrap and a massage, on the house, Opal told her. As Becca sings Leo's praises again to Tiffany, Tiffany hinted that Becca may have "a thing" for Leo - which Becca denied, "I'm with Scott!"

Meanwhile, the subject of all the admiration was facing Adam in his study. "Why now, Leo?" Adam queried, pointing out he gave him his card weeks ago. "I've been learning all about Adam Chandler," a confident Leo replied. He informed Adam he knew all about his former assistant, Alex McIntyre, who as now in jail for embezzlement and attempted murder. He also knew about the long-standing feud with Palmer. "Men like you don't follow the rules," he told Adam admiringly. "That's how men like you get to be men like you!" Adam asked why he was looking for work when he already had a job including one with Palmer. Although, as Adam pointed out he was enjoying the benefits of Vanessa's marriage, Leo said he preferred to make it on his own. "Sugar daddies don't have a long shelf life!" he told Adam. Adam appeared amused at the young man's confidence and gave him his first assignment, to prove he can be trusted - to get Cortlandt Electronics' business plan for the next year. As Leo left, Adam grinned to himself.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Alex was remembering her conversation with Edmund about trying to remember her past. "I was just thinking about you," she told Edmund as he entered her office. She told him she was ready to try and remember her past. Edmund told her that he'd been doing some research about the Dr. Burton who had supposedly treated her in Wales. He found out that the man had in fact treated her, despite earlier denials when Alex had contacted the clinic. But - the man was dead! The director of the institution told Edmund that Alex's records had been sealed by the British court. "The records can't be released to anyone - even you!" he told a puzzled Alex. "I want to try hypnosis," she told Edmund. "I'm afraid of what I might find out. But it's worse, not knowing," she added. She ruled out anyone connected to PVH and Edmund suggested Rae. Alex agreed and made the call immediately.

Leo arrived at the Glamorama, to an admiring welcome from Opal. Then he started his tale of woe about how the pain medication made him drowsy. He "confessed" to Opal that he'd made a huge mistake in some paperwork he'd done for Palmer. He needed to correct his medication induced error, he explained, but the paperwork was now in Palmer's wall safe and although he had the combination, the medication had made him totally forget it! He begged Opal for her help and she obligingly gave him combination to the safe - Petey's birth date, 12-24-92. A happy Leo opened the safe, took the papers he needed for Adam, then spotting Palmer's will, he lifted that too. "Mother will definitely want to see that," he chuckled. Back at the Chandler mansion, he handed over the paperwork to Adam, assuring him it's the real thing. Adam showed him a check for $100,000, which made Leo smile, then tore it up - to Leo's consternation! "You have to earn it first. You have to take my brother's wife to bed!"

Mateo was busy at his condo, when he answered the door for a pizza delivery. The well-covered pizza delivery "boy" pushed past Mateo and came right in. "Heyyy!" called Mateo, as papers were tossed up in the air. Then Hayley revealed herself to a delighted Mateo! Over pizza and sparkling cider they talked about where they'd live. Mateo thought the condo would bring back too many unhappy memories of Raquel, an the mistakes he'd made, but Hayley reassured him that it's where she wants them to live.

Rae arrived at Alex's office and Alex explained she want to try hypnotism to recall her past. Rae explained that it doesn't always work, sometimes the mind won't let a person remember things. Even with the possibility of failure, Alex insisted they go right ahead, and Edmund left them to themselves. Rae takes Alex back to New Year's Eve at the fateful Crystal Ball, and Alex's mind wanders into the past ... stairs, a clock, midnight ... she saw David again at the top of the stairs ..then an older man ... threatening .. then David at her patient Karen's bedside, turning around and becoming the older man ... threatening again, "You didn't hear anything, you didn't see anything!" he said. Then, "Don't hurt me, I won't tell anyone!" Alex cried out in anguish. Then she screamed. She awoke. She seemed stunned and dazed and didn't say a word for several moments. Then, "You are right, sometimes it doesn't work," she told Rae. Rae tried to reassure her that net time it would be better. But Alex firmly insisted, "There wont be a next time." Rae begged her to reconsider, and call if she changes her mind. Left alone, Alex wiped a tear from her face. Edmund returned and she told him, "My mind doesn't want me to remember." Edmund told her not to get discouraged, he had made some progress by calling in a favor with someone high in the British government who put him through to the Minister of Health. "But I got the runaround," he told her. "I think somebody doesn't want you to remember!"

Thursday, February 3, 2000

Janet bowed her head bashfully and remarked that it must be silly to see a grown woman talking to herself. "There's nothing wrong with giving yourself a little pep talk," Janet muttered. To that, Brooke didn't object. Brooke did, however, question whether or not Janet's discussions with her reflection were the sign of a bigger problem. "I'm not sick any more," Janet professed, her voice sharp and cold. Brooke assured Janet that she wasn't trying to imply that she was losing it. She again suggested that Janet seek help from Dr. Jaffe. Janet was haunted by her daughter's fears that she might lose her mother --- in addition to her father. Brooke assured Janet that that would not happen if she took the necessary steps to help herself. The topic got too hot for Janet to handle and she raced out of the room. She did returned later toting a laundry basket. She sat down next to Brooke and apologized for her pervious outbursts. "I had time to think during the spin cycle," Janet commented. She reluctantly agreed to speak to a therapist, after having extreme difficulty saying the word, "psychiatrist." Conveniently, Brooke had Dr. Jaffe's number in her purse. She placed a call to the doctor's office to arrange an appointment for Janet "as soon as possible." Janet didn't look pleased, but she didn't object to Brooke's help. Later, however, after Brooke left, Mirror Janet paid Janet another visit. She mused that Brooke was trying to have Janet locked up in a sanitarium. Janet argued that Brooke was trying to help, but slowly Mirror Janet's doubts infiltrated Janet's mind. Janet stormed over to the phone and phoned Dr. Jaffe's office to cancel her appointment. Mirror Janet looked on approvingly.

Marian and Liza sipped drinks at the bar at the Valley Inn. As they waited for Jack to make an appearance, Liza told Marian that everything was playing right into Adam's hands. Jack arrived with "good news and bad news." The good news was that courts routinely side with the birthmother in custodial battles. The bad news was that Liza's home life, in short, was a mess. Marian tried to interject several times into the conversation, but she was shushed every time. Jack suggested that they resort to reminding the court --- and Jake --- that he had agreed only to be a sperm donor and not a legal guardian. Liza refused to consider the line of defense. She claimed that she did not want to "badmouth" Jake in any way. Liza's opposition greatly tied Jack's hands, but he agreed to help her out. He did, however, urge her to take whatever steps she had to in order to prevent the matter from going to court. Jack left the table and Marian wandered about for another drink. Alone, Liza fantasized about how Jake would handle the news that he is not Colby's biological father. Everything went incredibly well --- too well --- in her vision. Content that things were going to get better, Liza headed off to find Jake.

"A nervous breakdown hardly qualifies as a State secret," Alex chuckled. Edmund took Alex's hand and assured her that they'd get to the bottom of her troubles together. David wandered into the office and took pleasure in seeing Edmund and Alex holding hands. He made a joke about them looking like "lovesick pups," but no one took the joke very well. Edmund headed off to Wildwind for Jake and Gillian's engagement party. David informed Alex that he'd signed Karen's release papers. Alex blew up. She blasted him for going behind her back and authorizing the girl's release. David explained that there was no medical reason to keep the girl locked up in a hospital. Alex argued that allowing Karen to return to her parent's custody would jeopardize her physical and mental health. There was still no proof that Karen's parents were in anyway responsible for her condition. David warned Alex that she was getting too personally involved in the case. Alex announced that she was taking David off of the girl's case and stated that she didn't want to work with David any more. Erica breezed into the room and told Alex that she could turn her wish into reality. Alex rolled her eyes and filed out of the room.

At Wildwind, Joe dropped by with the famous Martin coffeecake. Eugenia was unable to attend the party because she'd flown back to Budapest. Nevertheless, the festivities carried on. Jake proposed a toast to "the two women who have made my life complete." Those, of course, being Gillian and Colby. Joe toasted the addition of a beautiful daughter to the family. And true to form, Tad had a witty remark to capture the moment. "Here's to the dame who finally snared my brother," he jested. Liza arrived at the house with Colby at about the same time as Alex. Everyone immediately gathered around Colby and cooed over the baby. Jake plucked the girl away from her mother and handed her to Dixie. Liza asked to speak to Jake in private and Jake hesitantly agreed. Near the foyer, Liza asked Jake if there was any chance that they could return to the way things used to be. Jake shook his head and told Liza that there was no turning back. Liza raced out of the house leaving Colby behind. Outside., she told herself that she had to stop Jake. Back inside, Dixie handed Colby to a somewhat nervous Alex. She then told Jake that she was sure that he was doing the right thing.

Leo was surprised by the nature of Adam's request. "She's also my mother-in-law," Adam noted, warning Leo not to ask how that had happened. Adam explained that he wanted Stuart to find Leo and Marian in bed in the act of making love. Leo didn't want to break up a happy marriage and politely bowed out. It was then that Adam reared his familiar evil ways. He warned Leo that he'd tell Palmer of his "corporate espionage" if he backed out on him. That would mean that Leo and Vanessa would find themselves on the street. "Are you threatening me?" Leo asked with wide eyes. "No, no, no!" Adam replied. "We're negotiating." That said, Leo sang a different tune. He asked Adam if he was sure that there was no other way to handle Marian than breaking up her marriage. Stuart called out to his brother and Adam signaled for Leo to hide behind the sofa. Stuart entered the office and told Adam that he was sorry for yelling at him. He wasn't apologizing for what he'd said, just the tone in which he'd said it. Adam noted that he and Stuart never used to fight. All that change, he observed, when Marian came into the picture. Stuart refused to let Adam put the blame for his transition on Marian. He remarked that he had changed on his own. Still, Stuart loved his brother and said that he hoped they could remain civil to one another. After Stuart left, Leo came out of hiding and again expressed reservations over hurting a nice guy like Stuart. Adam reminded Leo that he and his mother would be in serious money trouble if he refused to help him out. Leo nodded his head and said that he'd get right on it. Leo left the mansion and Liza appeared a short time later. Adam assured her that he was packing his things and that he'd be out of her way in a matter of minutes. Liza told Adam that her meeting with Jake had gone terribly. Adam nodded and continued packing. AS he made his way towards the door, Liza called out to him. She stood silent for what seemed like an eternity. "I need to postpone the divorce," she said with difficulty. "I need your help in fighting this." These were the words Adam had longed to hear. "I will do everything I can to keep our daughter where she belongs," he responded.

At The Valley Inn., Leo observed Marian drinking alone at table. He placed a phone to his friend, Paolo, and asked him if he was up for a little fun.

Back in David's office, Erica confessed that she hadn't spent all of her vacation time in Switzerland. She said that Wales was particularly beautiful this time of year. David puckered his lips and scolded Erica for not heeding his warning to stay out of his personal business. "I don't know if I should kiss you or swat you," he laughed. Erica said that she hadn't gotten any information from the mental institution. That wasn't odd, David remarked, because that type of information was strictly confidential. That didn't stop Erica. She phoned in a few favors and traveled to London to ask more questions. Apparently, just before Alex's institutionalization, an "important dignity" disappeared. The man's name was Geoffrey Ashford. David's mouth gaped; Alex had called him Geoffrey on several occasions. "Apparently Alex was the last person to see Mr. Ashford alive," Erica added. David's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He asked Erica if she was implying that Alex had killed Geoffrey.

Friday, February 4, 2000

Still toasting their newly announced engagement, Gillian asked Jake and Edmund if she could speak to Alex in private. The men stepped away and the two women sat down on the sofa for a heart-to-heart talk. Gillian thanked Alex for helping nurse her back to health. Alex downplayed her role, saying that Gillian's strong-will was the true reason for her rapid recovery. Gillian smiled broadly and asked Alex if she'd be her matron of honor. Alex melted into the fabric and gladly accepted the offer. Gillian asked Alex if she'd ever thought about starting a family of her own. Tears welled in Alex's eyes. Edmund walked over and did his best to comfort her. He explained that the thought of not being able to have a family with Dimitri was still very hard for Alex. Alex wiped her eyes and urged Jake and Gillian to "hold on to [their] dreams."

"Let's take a moment to think this through," David said after Erica's surprising announcement. While David tried to think, Erica chattered endlessly about how she knew all along that Alex was nothing but trouble. "Self-righteousness and a smug attitude can carry her just so far," Erica remarked. There was still no hard evidence that Alex had done anything illegal. After all, being seen with a man who later turned up dead was not a crime in itself. Erica noted that " a hint of a scandal" was just as good as a full-fledged scandal. She toyed with the idea of going to Joe and telling him about Alex's past. David asked Erica not to interfere. He reminded her that there was still no proof that Alex had done anything wrong. What they needed, he said with a smile, was solid, undeniable evidence that Alex was unstable and capable of harming someone. Erica didn't like the way David was talking. She sensed that he wanted to use himself as bait and that did not site well with him. She asked David what would happen if she decided to come at him with a knife or a gun. "I will not let [someone I love] be so cavalier with [their] life," Erica chirped. David fell silent. He couldn't believe that Erica had finally admitted to loving him. David confronted Erica over her confession, but Erica quickly moved to distance herself from her declaration. "I was under duress," Erica insisted. David felt otherwise and told her that he was glad to finally hear her utter the words. Erica put her hands to her head, still displaying a bit of shock. She didn't like the way she'd simply blurted out that she loved David. "This was the perfect way to tell me," David smiled. "Now I can die a happy man." Erica gently hit David's chest and ordered him not to talk that way. As they parted company, the both promised not to discuss their new findings with anyone; David vowed not to go near Alex and Erica said she wouldn't talk to Joe about Alex's alleged crime. The kissed and headed on their way. In the hallway, Erica shrugged and spoke aloud to herself. She said that being in love meant that she'd have to break a few promises --- and walked away. Back inside the office, David placed a call to Alex to inform her that he'd taken new steps on Karen's case. Since the appropriate paperwork had not been done to arrange for foster care, David said that he'd decided to release Karen into her parents' custody. Alex exploded. The paperwork, she explained, had deliberately been neglected so that Karen could remain in the hospital. David warned Alex never to rescind one of his orders ever again and hung up the phone. A furious Alex told Jake and Edmund what David had planned. Jake concurred that David was not following the proper protocol. He suggested that Alex contact his father, Joe, at the hospital. Edmund, on the other hand, advised Alex not to let David get to her. David wanted a fight, Alex snorted, and a fight was what he was going to get.

Hayley and Mateo sat at a table in the bar area of The Valley Inn. Myrtle wandered by and, after seeing the glittering gem on Hayley's finger, congratulated the couple on finally coming to their senses! Myrtle continued on her way across to bar for a meeting with Rae. She joined the talk shot therapist and was greeted with a surprising announcement; Rae had decided that she was nothing but a fraud. Back across the room, Ryan joined Mateo and Hayley and thanked them for agreeing to meet with him. He was pleased to learn that they were engaged to be married --- again. "Some people are put on this earth to be together," he grinned. And that was the purpose of the meeting. Ryan explained that he wanted to find a way to talk Gillian out of marrying Jake. In Ryan's mind, Gillian was only agreeing make the trip down the aisle to help Jake win custody of Colby. Hayley was floored that Jake planned to fight Liza for custody of the infant. However, she doubted that Gillian would walk blindly into a loveless marriage. "He might as well get a mail-order bride," Ryan snapped. Mateo questioned Ryan's sudden need to tell Gillian that he loved her. After all, it wasn't that long ago that he'd broken things off with the princess, then moved on to Hayley, and then fooled around with Greenlee. Why, Mateo asked, had he suddenly decided that Gillian was the love of his life? Over at the other table, Rae told Myrtle that she felt like a fool because she was unable to offer the same help to herself that she could dispense to others. Myrtle took a surprising stand on the issue. She asked Rae to stop feeling guilty for something that she had had no control over. Would it be so bad if her daughter had been raised by a loving and caring family? Rae nodded understandingly. Throughout the conversation, Myrtle dropped subtle hints that she could relate to what Rae was going through. Still, Rae knew that she'd been wronged by having been lied to for most of her life. "She was robbed and so was I," Rae replied. For years, Rae mourned the death of her child only to find out later that her daughter was still alive. Myrtle's face suddenly lit up. She smiled and told Rae that the answers to her problems had just walked through the door. Rae looked over her should and noticed that Adrian had entered the bar. Adrian greeted Mateo, Hayley, and Ryan and commented that it was nice to see them all together as friends. Mateo escorted Adrian across the room so that he could tell him about his engagement. Ryan, meanwhile, asked Hayley why she doubted that he and Gillian could have a miracle reconciliation of their own. It wasn't that she was unsupportive, but Hayley had concerns about the motivation for Ryan's sudden change of heart. Myrtle asked Adrian if he could join her and Rae at their table. Mateo returned to Hayley's side and waited to see what she'd decided to do. Ryan insisted that Gillian still loved him --- he said he could see it in her eyes. Mateo asked Ryan if he would willingly back off if Gillian wanted to continue on with her plan to marry Jake. Ryan took a deep breath and nodded his head. Mateo looked at Hayley and told her that she should help. Hayley said that she hated lying, but she agreed to arrange a meeting between Ryan and Gillian. Hayley phoned Wildwind and asked Gillian if she could meet her at the boathouse to discuss some wedding plans. Gillian thought it was odd to meet so late, but she agreed nonetheless. Rae briefed Adrian on how she'd been separated from her daughter, her missing husband, and Lyle Wedgewood, the shady attorney with mob ties. Adrian remarked that it would not be an easy road and that things could get very dangerous. Rae thought that the former spy was backing out on her, but Adrian had no intention of doing so. He had but one question for Rae. "How far are you actually willing to go," he asked candidly. As they filed out of the bar, Hayley was beginning to have second thoughts about lying to Gillian. Mateo assured her that she'd done the right thing. "Ryan's taking most of the risk," Mateo stated.

At the boathouse, Gillian rubbed her hands together to keep warm. She heard approaching footsteps and called out to let Hayley know that she'd arrived. When she looked up, Ryan was peering back at her.

Erica showed up at Wildwind with urgent news for Edmund. Edmund didn't want to hear Erica badmouth Alex, but Erica insisted that Edmund hear her out. Edmund listened up until the point where Erica mentioned David's name. Convinced that Erica and David were plotting against Alex, Edmund grabbed his coat and set off to find the cardiologist.

At Pine Valley Hospital, David warned a nurse that he'd had a bizarre phone conversation with Alex. He asked the nurse to keep an eye on the doctor just in case she showed up looking to cause trouble. Alex did arrive some time later and immediately headed for Karen's room. She stepped inside and found David hunched over the young patient. She coldly asked him to step away from the girl and to join her in the hall. David sighed deeply, but accepted Alex's request. In the corridor, under the watchful eye of the nurse David had spoken to earlier, Alex blasted David for going against her wishes. During her tirade, she referred to David as "Geoffrey." David loved seeing Alex unravel before his eyes. "Are you confusing me with Geoffrey Ashford?" David sneered. Alex's face scrunched. She asked David what he was talking about. He persisted in tormenting her about her use of the wrong name. Alex put her hands to her head and raced away from David. David followed Alex and eventually caught up to her in one of the hospital's stairwells. He stood in front of Alex and mused that they once again found themselves at the top of a staircase. David asked Alex if she was going to do to him what she'd done to Geoffrey. Edmund appeared out of nowhere and grabbed David by the scruff of his neck. Edmund angrily demanded that David back off. Alex's eyes fell upon the bottom of the staircase. In her mind, she saw Geoffrey's lifeless body materialize at the foot of the steps. Her face a pale shade of white, Alex shrieked in horror.



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