One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 31, 2000 on OLTL

Max slept with Skye. Roseanne refused to give Cristian an annulment. Antonio returned to Llanview. Kelly admitted her feelings for Kevin. Will was arrested for jumping bail. Cristian believed that Asa had caused him to lose his scholarship.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 31, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, January 31, 2000

Skye shows Max the adoption certificate and tells him she's known the identity of Asa's real son for awhile. She's been holding on to it like an insurance policy. As Max tries to persuade her that if she gives up the info to Asa he will no longer be after Ben if Max isn't his real son, Skye gently informs Max that he and Blair will be in prison and she'll still be able to take care of Ben. Suddenly, there's a knock at the hotel room door and it's John Sykes. Skye called him earlier to drop by because of Max and he wants to know if she's ok. She says she doesn't know why Max is there except to give her the document she's holding. As she opens it up, Max leaps at her and tells her she needs to keep it between the two of them. When the detective wonders if Max is threatening Skye, he denies it, saying it's just a personal matter. Skye lies that she was afraid of Max's personality change when she called but knows he's alright now. She offers to take Sykes out to dinner some time for her gratitude and he accepts. After he leaves, Max accuses Skye of "getting off" by flaunting the certificate. She admits it but when he rips it up, she advises him that she has many notarized copies hidden all over the place. She should tell Asa the truth, she has nothing to lose, she tells Max. He says she'll lose him.

Cris shows up at Jessica's house to thank her for doing the right thing. His whole time with Roseanne has been nothing but a lie he tells her, while the two of them were always honest with each other. This whole thing happened because he loved her too much. He never wants to see Roseanne again. He offers to be Jessica's friend but she pushes him away. He's married now and doesn't know what he wants, she spits at him. One day he loves her and the next day he marries someone else. He yells that he's always loved her and why does she care anyway?

Will visits Asa's house but Sam answers the door. Bo is with Asa, he tells his son. In the next room, Bo suggests that Asa take the money from Sam and walk away. Bo threatens to walk out of Asa's life and accuses him of setting up Will. He believes the others because he knows Asa and he'd better not make him choose between Lindsay and himself. Will is only a kid he says, but his father insists he had to stop him from ruining Jess' life and he wants him in jail. Bo remembers when Asa used to protect his family but now he is only destroying it to get what he wants. He leaves his father and apologizes to Will for not succeeding with Asa and now they will have to go to court. The young man thanks him for trying and Bo advises him and Sam to never let anything come between them again. Sam follows the police commissioner out to tell him how much he knows this whole thing has cost him. Bo thought he could really get Will out of this mess. At the same time, Will wanders in to see Asa. The old man tells him he wants to find Jess someone new who will deserve her and he will get Cris a new scholarship in Llanview. Will blurts out that he does everything out of hate and he actually did him a favor by getting him back together with his dad. He also has Nora and Bo on his side and they'll fight him because they're the family now. Sam re-enters and claims his son.

Lindsay looks at her pregnancy test. A man enters the gallery and though Lindsay recognizes him, he claims not to know her. He's looking for Dorian but when Lindsay presses their former acquaintance, he says he has things to do and leaves. Bo shows up and tells her how bad things went with his father. He walked out on him for good because he only wants vengeance. He no longer has feelings for him as a father or even as a human being. Lindsay loves him for trying and she will give him love and joy even though she won't be able to make it up to him. They'll make it right, Bo says.

Nora and Dorian dance around each other in conversation-Nora pretending to know what Lindsay's big secret is while trying to get it out of Dorian at the same time. Finally, Dorian admits she's wise to Nora's digging for information but she won't spill the beans. Nora only wants to keep Bo from getting hurt but Dorian thinks Nora wants to use the whole situation to her advantage. She says that Lindsay doesn't even care because she has no conscience. Nora tells Dorian she owes her for all the help she gave her but to no avail. The secret has no bearing on Bo, it's not earth shattering and there's no need for Bo to know Ms. Lord-Hayes informs her. Unless of course, she wants Bo to cancel his wedding! Nora denies this and reinforces the fact that she doesn't want her ex hurt. Sam gets home during the conversation and overhears this last part. After Dorian leaves, he tells his fiancée that he really hopes that conversation wasn't about Lindsay. Nora admits it was and she's hiding something! Sam is annoyed that Nora didn't even remember where he was but he won't talk about it. Instead he agrees to help her find out the secret but he wants to know what she's hiding. Her mind is elsewhere, he says and she's changed. He's referring to her feelings for Bo.

Kelly wanders into the Palace bar and Blair seems happy to see her. She vents to her cousin about how everyone at home hates her, she never sees Max and Skye won't leave them alone. Kelly urges her not to leave Max alone with Skye because she's a viper who went after Kevin too. Dorian runs into her nieces and wants to have dinner with them. They all notice a man at the bar staring and while Kelly believes he's looking at her, Blair feels it's herself. She calls Max who is still in Skye's room and he tells her to go home as he's got everything under control. The man wanders over to the women and as the younger women flirt shamelessly, he bypasses them for Dorian. He's been looking for her, he says. Kelly and Blair find excuses to leave.

Max wants to show Skye why Blair doesn't want him to leave her. He begins to compliment Skye and after some playful banter, he pulls her into an embrace. They make love. Later, Skye doesn't want him to leave and Max wants to stay. Blair lingers outside the door.

As Jess and Cris begin to argue, Will shows up. He's not there to make trouble and informs Cris that Asa is the one who took his scholarship away. He and Jess refuse to believe it but she orders both men to leave.

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TUESday, February 1, 2000

by Soap Central

Sam confronted Nora about her buried feelings for Bo, but Nora simply insisted that all of their problems stemmed from Lindsay. Later, Nora went to the police station and shared her suspicions about Lindsay with Hank after Bo refused to listen. Lindsay told Sam about her pregnancy and made him promise to keep it a secret from Bo. Later, Lindsay told Bo that she planned to give him an amazing wedding present. Blair came close to catching Max and Skye in bed together, but Max hid in the closet while Skye dealt with Blair. Max later assured Blair that he had a plan to take care of Skye. Carlotta chastised Cristian for considering asking Roseanne for a divorce. Roseanne and Cristian wound up having a huge argument over her actions and lies. Cristian handed Roseanne his wedding ring and walked out on her. Carlotta then called Antonio and asked him to come to Llanview to help his brother. Drake, a mysterious stranger who claimed to be an old friend of Mel's intrigued Dorian.

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WEDNESday, February 2, 2000

by Serena Keiler

Kelly greets Joey at the carriage house in some sexy lingerie, but when they start to do the deed, she ends up fantasizing about Kevin. Upset, Kelly makes an excuse to go downstairs, and finds Kevin at the door. She finally admits to him that their kiss wasn't meaningless and she still wants him.

Will visits baby Megan's grave to apologize and promises to return the money he stole and keep the foundation going. Jess walks up and tells him and spits, "So now you are lying to our baby too? Leave me alone with my daughter!" When Will reminds her Megan is both of theirs, she insists that he leave her alone and can not ever forgive him.

Viki packs up Ben's things and puts them in the attic. When Ben finds her there, he tries to make amends but just upsets Viki even more. "Maybe it was a mistake to move in, but we weren't," Ben says to Viki. Viki feels betrayed and pleads with Ben to leave her alone because it is too painful.

At the diner, Roseanne lashes out at Carlotta and accuses her of turning Cristian against her. Carlotta denies this, pointing out that she begged Cris to stand by his vows even though she believed that he was throwing his life away on someone who wasn't worth it. R.J. tries to defend Roseanne's actions, "Cristian isn't innocent here; he used Roseanne!" Téa gets mad at the way Roseanne is speaking to Carlotta and informs Roseanne that she could be in serious trouble for accepting the money from Will--she could go to jail! Will and Cris run into each other at a bar and almost get into a fight before big brother Antonio breaks them up. After Will leaves, Antonio tells Cris he came back to support him.

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THURSday, February 3, 2000

by Nancy Fox

Sam & Nora's Home/Office

As Nora is finishing a phone call to Matthew's pediatrician, Sam comes in and asks where she had been "out so late last night." Nora tells him she spent some time with Hank before driving around town to calm down and think "rationally." Nora apologizes for "walking out" on Sam and Sam apologizes for upsetting Nora but he "had to tell you what was on my mind." Nora acknowledges that "you always do." She tells Sam that she has her priorities straight now (", this family; you and Matthew...everything else is a distant second") but she wants to know "are we OK?" Sam answers, "...You tell me...where do you stand?...I need to know if you're willing to let all this go?" After taking a deep breath, Nora answers, "...Yes, I think I can." She admits that Bo told her to "mind (her) own business" and Hank advised her to "let it go" so "...between the three of you, I got the message." Still conflicted, and foreshadowing the future, Nora admits, "I have a real hard time with secrets. You should know that. I have a really hard time with people who keep secrets, especially those that can hurt people." Sam "admires" that Nora has "always insisted on honesty" while Nora opines that Sam is "as honest as they come." Sam says "Amen" to Nora's "great idea" that "...You and Matthew and our family is all that matters...let the rest of the world take care of themselves."

Later, Hank comes by at Sam's request so that he and Nora can give him copies of five motions they intend to file on Will's behalf trying to get his case dismissed, suppress admissions and/or physical evidence, etc. They are surprised when Hank informs them he has turned the case over to a "new ADA" because he feels "uncomfortably close" to the principals. Hank warns them that the new kid has 18 jury trials under his belt and "hasn't lost a he just finished teaching a course on trial advocacy for the Justice Department." Sam is duly impressed but believes "the bigger they are, the harder they fall." When the doorbell rings, Hank invites Jared Hall in to "meet the enemy" but is shocked when Sam and Jared embrace. It seems that (in true soap opera tradition) Jared had worked as a "go-fer" in Sam's Chicago law office many years ago but didn't think Sam would remember him so hadn't thought it necessary to inform Hank of his connection to defense counsel. Jared, smooth operator that he is, "...can't wait to take Sam on...I'll get to use what Sam taught me...from the other side of the table." Before excusing herself to take Matthew to his doctor's appointment, Nora warns Sam that "I think we've got our work cut out for us." Sam agrees but advises Jared that "things may not appear as they seem in this case..." Having acknowledged the reputations of Sam and Nora, Jared still warns Sam that "Will confessed to taking over $35,000...something the two of you might have a hard time overcoming."

Llanview PD

Lindsay smiles at the "Wanted Poster" hanging outside Bo's office door: ["Wanted for Love and Marriage...Armed and Dangerous...Call Lindsay Rappaport...Apprehended"] Entering the office, Lindsay is disappointed to learn that Will's case is "status quo" but is happy to stay and open wedding presents from Bo's "rank and file" employees. There is a silver picture frame for a "picture perfect future" and silver candlesticks from John Sykes to "light each other's way always" and a "monster" crystal vase from - Asa! Bo is upset that Asa is so "transparent" in trying to get him "back in the fold." As he vows that what Asa did to Will was "unforgivable," Jessica arrives. She wants to "understand why (Will) doesn't just admit to what he's done" instead of blaming Asa for cutting off Cristian's tuition. Bo tells her, "I'm convinced what Will is saying is the truth." Lindsay agrees, "it's not in Will to steal money." Jessica then asks her if it's in Will to lie because "people in love aren't supposed to lie to each other" and a guilty Lindsay doesn't answer. Bo tries to convince Jessica that Will took the $35,000 but not the rest of the money; he believes that Asa "overplayed his hand" and "got carried away" by taking the rest of the money and putting it in Cayman Island accounts that "Will wouldn't know how to open up." Jess is confused because "Grandpa liked Will...Grandpa loves me...he wouldn't do this to me..." Bo asks Jessica to "keep an open mind until I've investigated" and she agrees to do this and "think about what you said."

Later, Lindsay offers to return Asa's "very of a kind" vase but decides to drop it first and break it into pieces. An amused Bo offers this opinion of Lindsay's actions: "...We're gonna have a lot of fun being surprise after another..." Lindsay reminds him of the "big surprise" for their wedding night but won't offer any "clues" before she heads out for her appointment at the hospital.

Much later, Sam comes by the station and introduces Jared Hall to Bo. Background is exchanged all around: Bo acknowledges that Jared is the grandson of Ed and Carla Hall and wants Jared to know that his grandfather is "revered in this town"; Sam shares with Jared that Bo is marrying his "ex-wife" Lindsay and that Nora had been married to Bo. Jared is surprised by this quadrangle but Bo explains it as "just one big happy family."

Art School - NYC

As Will is explaining to Dean Reynolds that he wants to find out what happened to his "friend" Cristian Vega's scholarship, Cris shows up wondering the same thing but accuses Will of being there to "pay his next installment" of tuition. Will assumes that Cristian has come to the "same conclusion" about why his scholarship suddenly "dried up" - Asa. But Cristian asserts he is only "here to prove you're a liar...I'm gonna find the truth about all this, then I'm gonna ram it down your throat." While a nervous Dean Reynolds goes out to "find the files," Cristian and Will continue to insult each other. Cristian accuses Will of being a "thief and a liar" but Will reminds Cristian of his history with Roseanne and wants to know who is the bigger liar since Cris married Roseanne while he was still in love with Jessica. When Will asserts that he simply "borrowed" the money from the Foundation, Cristian wonders who he should return it to: "the cops, Asa, or you?" They then argue about who will pay it back and how. Will hopes Cris gets his scholarship back, but Cristian vows he is "through with this place" and won't stay in New York because he still has "a little pride left." This starts another round of insults between the two young men culminating with Cristian's opinion that if, indeed, Asa was responsible for his scholarship being taken away, then doesn't that "prove you're not only a thief, but a fool?"

Later, after being threatened by Asa, Dean Reynolds lies and tells Cristian and Will that the school's main source of funding dried up, one of the endowments is tied up in litigation and a "very painful decision" had to be made to cut the most recent scholarships which included Cristian's. Cristian feels vindicated by this explanation and gloats to Will, "So much for your theory." Will, instead, thinks it is "all clear now...this isn't over, not by a long shot." However, before Will can leave, two police officers enter the office and arrest Will on a "fugitive warrant."

Asa's Mansion

Asa informs Renee that it's time to "get away for awhile" and wants to "fly to the ranch tonight." Renee's explanation for this sudden request is Asa wanting to "get away from the guilt about Will" but she won't be going because she is "going to Bo's wedding -tomorrow." Asa explodes at Renee, "You're going to that funeral over my dead body...if I'm not welcome there, you're not going either." Renee warns him that "the fact you can't go is your own've gone too far..." in going after Sam, Ben, Grace, and now Will. Asa considers what he has done as justified because he says she has just named "a philanderer, a butcher, a whore and an embezzler" and wants to know what she's "going to do about it?" Renee simply informs him she is "going shopping...I might take your private jet to New York to buy something pretty for your son's wedding." Asa responds angrily that she can "fly all the way to Katmandu for all I give a damn."

Later, Dean Reynolds from Cristian's art school calls to advise Asa that Will and Cristian are in his office "at each other's throats" and Asa orders him to "stall them" because "Will is living on borrowed time...he's violating the terms of bail..." He tells the dean to "use his imagination" to "keep Vega quiet for good" or else he should "imagine losing funding for the building I'm giving your school." The next conversation Asa has is with a judge in New York City. He lies to the judge about what Will has done and asserts that Will has "skipped bail" and since he's in NYC, "that's why I'm calling you."

Much later, Jessica arrives and demands that her grandfather "tell me what everybody's saying...that you're behind what's happened to Will...tell me it's not true."

The Diner

As Carlotta is thanking Antonio for coming back to help Cristian work out his problems, Roseanne enters the diner and vows to Antonio that she and Cristian certainly "will work this out...we'll be happily married for a long time." She asserts that it was Will who "pushed me to do everything I did" but Antonio doesn't "know who to believe." Roseanne then beats the dead horse again about doing it "because I love him...I know how important art is to him...I freaked out when the school cancelled his scholarship...Will could I take away his dream?" Antonio's opinion is that Roseanne should have "treated him like a man...not a puppet...if you really love him and want to do right...get this farce of a marriage annulled." Roseanne reasons that even Carlotta will agree that "marriage is forever...we had a church wedding" but Carlotta agrees with Antonio that annulment would be acceptable. Roseanne then turns on Antonio telling him "you always wanted me..." but this only deepens Antonio's conviction to get rid of Roseanne. "You always were a liar, even as a kid...this time you've gone over the line...I swear...I will get Cristian free of your lying and manipulating..." At this point, R.J. intervenes on Roseanne's behalf, accusing Antonio of "judging" another "human being with feelings" who has "made some serious mistakes..." The old tensions between R.J. and Antonio took over at this point when the focus of the conversation changed from Roseanne to matters in their past. R.J. accused Antonio of being a "snitch" and Antonio asked R.J. to "make everybody happy and get lost." R.J. vowed "I'm not going anywhere will wish that I had." Antonio found the fact that R.J. and Téa are "together these days" to be the "most ridiculous thing I ever heard...she's too embarrassed to show her face ‘cause of the trash she's hanging out with." When this comment caused Carlotta to have to separate the two men, Antonio vowed, "I'm gonna be on you - right on you..." and R.J. promised there was "only one thing that's gonna end this and we're headed that way."


Lindsay is shaken up by the fact that Dr. Conklin, Nora's doctor, is going to take over her care. She tells the doctor she "knows what happened between Nora and her ex" but Dr. Josie "can't comment on that" and wonders "how does that affect you?" Lindsay explains her reasons: she is marrying Nora's ex and her home pregnancy test was positive...but as the doctor suggests they draw blood and confirm the results, Nora overhears and asks Lindsay if she "is alright?"

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FRIday, February 4, 2000

by Soap Central

Viki ran into Ben at the hospital after she learned her test results had not come in yet. When Ben questioned Viki about her visit with Dr. Hansen, Viki covered. Nora questioned Lindsay about her visit to the hospital, but Lindsay managed to sidestep giving Nora an answer. After receiving some information about the mix up with Bo's sperm test results, Nora was stunned to realize that Lindsay had tampered with the test. Lindsay spotted Drake and Dorian having dinner together and became convinced that she knew Drake from the past.

Later, Lindsay was thrilled when she received the positive results of her pregnancy test. Asa lied to Jessica about his part in Will's troubles. Jessica became convinced that Asa had nothing to do with Will's current situation, but Cristian began to suspect that Asa was involved. Jared took over Will's case and started to harbor suspicions about Roseanne.

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