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Monday, February 7, 2000

Joe leaves a very sick looking Neil and runs into Chris in the hall. Chris seems genuinely concerned and Joe fills him in on Neil's state. Chris told Joe that Neil is a terrific kid and told Joe to let him know if there is anything he can do. Neil heads down to the lab and offers to help Matt. Matt is very snarky to him, apparently personal feelings are more important than letting a skilled doctor help save a child's life, and refuses his offer. Out in the hall, Eve comes up to Chris and told him Joe's patients are less grumpy that hers. Chris teases her about taking over for Karen and Joe. Eve has heard that Chris offered to help as well. He thinks the hospital must be hard up for gossip, Eve told him that it's news when he's being altruistic. Chris told her he likes Neil, and told her he's heading home to his beautiful and innocent wife. The banter about sex and Eve realizes that Chris and Julie haven't made love yet. Eve warns him that black widows kill after mating. Chris leaves and she calls after him that she's not kidding.

Kevin is telling Victor on the phone that he wants to change all the locks on the house - he thinks someone has access. Eve, having just come in, overhears and says "WHAT?" Kevin hangs up and Eve is upset - she thinks Kevin thinks that Julie has her lost keys. They discuss Neil. Kevin is going to see him and Eve decides to go along to see if she can pick up some shifts for Joe and Karen to free them up. She mentions Chloe (from GH) getting hit by a car and says it really puts their problems in perspective.

Matt and Karen have apparently been up forever working on the blood samples. Matt convinces Karen to take a break - the camera scans to the vials of blood. She talks to Joe about Neil and options. Joe desperately grabs at straws while Karen remains realistic. Joe denies being non-objective, Karen suggests he take himself off Neil's case. They argue and Joe accuses Karen of a lack of faith in him.

Rachel arrives at her office as the phone starts to ring. She looks apprehensive, but answers - it's Julie. She's been trying to get Rachel all night (Rachel says she has some things to take care of) - she's worried about Kevin. Julie comes to the office and they discuss her adjusting to freedom. Julie told Rachel about running into Eve and Kevin at Lucy's. Rachel told her to trust her - she'll take care of Kevin and get Christina back. Rachel says Chris is blowing their chances though. Julie wonders why Rachel is coming down so hard on Chris. Julie says she was with Chris all along. She says there's one thing she disagrees with - having Christina tested for a bone marrow match. Julie worries that they'll discover Frank is her biofather and that will lead to her. Rachel stresses that Chris went against Julie's strong wishes to get Christina tested. Julie defends the action, that Dr. Chris just wants to help a sick child.

Chris arrives home - Julie has made him a martini. He pronounces it perfect, she can't tell because she thinks they taste like gasoline. Julie wants to hear about his day and work, she needs conversation. They move to Neil and Christina and the mood darkens as Julie asks if he doesn't care about her feelings about the testing and possible matching. They both decide to retire for the night. Chris told her she can stay in his room again, but she claims she's still adjusting and heads to her own.

Kevin wasn't able to see Neil, and Eve told him to hold on, she's just finishing up. She heads off to check her mail and Rachel comes up and bitches at Kevin about his run-in with Julie. Rachel leaves and Eve returns - she found her keys in her mailbox and guesses she just replaced them.

Joe visits the sleeping Neil and encourages him to hold on. Meanwhile in the lab, Karen told Matt to take a break. The camera pans to Christina's vial of blood which is FINALLY is Karen's hands. She told it, you're next - let's see what you're made of baby!

Tuesday, February 8, 2000

At the Firehouse, Scott, on the phone with Karen, is checking on Neil's condition. When he hangs up, Lucy asks about Neil and Scott told her - he's worse. Scott told her he thinks it's touch and o for Neil Serena, overhearing, asks if Neil is gonna die.

At the hospital, Courtney is telling Frank that they need to spend as much time with Neil as they can. Now. Franks says Neil doesn't want to see him and he's so sick... Courtney says that's the point; he IS very ill and that's why she needs Frank with her. There may not be a lot of time. Frank accompanies her into Neil's room. As Courtney adjusts Neil's pillows she notices a rash on his ears and eyelids and that he's burning up with fever. Neil starts to breathe heavily and says he can't breathe. Franks runs for help and Courtney stays and pleads with Neil to hang on. Joe and Karen run in and go to work; Neil is having a transfusion reaction. They get him stabilized and Joe asks Courtney and Frank to go into the hall to talk. He told them It appears that Neil is having a reaction to the blood and that they have to run some tests to see if his kidneys are working right. He explains that it's a domino effect; the drug made him anemic requiring transfusions which in turn may have damage his kidneys. Joe went back into Neil's room and Courtney and Frank embrace.

At the Firehouse, Lucy and Scott are talking to Serena about Neil She says she already has made plans with Neil! Scott uses an analogy of a time when she got swept under while swimming in the ocean and how with each wave, it got harder to fight. But, Serena says, they made plans to go snowboarding and she told him Scott could get tickets to the a baseball game. Scott says he probably could get tickets. It's not too late. But Serena says he won't. She says she spoke to "mommy's star" last night and asked her to help Neil get better. She says that if Neil dies, she'll never talk to his star because if she can't see him, it just wouldn't be the same. At the hospital, Karen and Joe tell Courtney and Frank that Neil's kidneys have failed and that he'll need dialysis to give them a rest. They get ready to do it then and Frank and Courtney leave. Joe told Karen to go work on the donor blood, he can do this. She says okay. He turns around and told her really. Neil has to have a donor. He's running out of time.

Frank and Courtney are in the Chapel; she's lost her hope and feels God isn't listening. She says Neil's never been so close to death and she just wants to scream at the sky - Make him well! Frank says maybe she should. If it'll help. He says he loves her and Neil and, no matter what happens, they'll get through it together. She says God should take her instead. She turns and asks that she be taken and Neil allowed to live. They embrace.

Scott and Lucy, at the Firehouse, are talking about Neil - and Serena. Scott says there's got to be something they can do. Lucy says they need a miracle. Scott asks how a small miracle would do... In Neil's room, Courtney and Frank are with Neil when Serena enters. She says she has a surprise for Neil. He perks up and asks what? Serena went to the door and beckons someone in. Neil's face went even whiter and then joy starts. His surprise is Eric Karros, his favorite Dodger! They chat for a while, Serena beaming and watching, and Eric gives Neil the bat he hit 34 homers with. He also invites Neil to be his guest at a Dodgers game - and Serena too, of course. Eric told Neil he has a good team - and that's important. Courtney and Frank excuse themselves to thank Scott and Lucy. Courtney tells them this gives her hope.

In the lab, Karen and Matt are still testing donor blood. Karen says it's like everything makes Neil worse. Karen picks up a chart to check it and it's a close match for Neil, It's Christina's blood.

Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Julie, at the hospital seemingly waiting, sees Kevin, who walks past her to the desk - without as much as a glance.

In Neil's room, Courtney and Joe are talking about Neil's improvement. Joe jokes they should get Eric Karros on staff! At Neil's window, Victor says Mary will be happy that Neil looks a lot better. Frank wonders where Mary is. Victor says they called he in at the last minute. Frank thinks they should give her a break with her grandson being sick. Victor says he's never been a fan of corporate medicine. Lucy, Scott and Serena approach. Victor says "there's the man responsible for improving the patient's spirit!" Karen and Matt join them saying they have good news but it's kind of technical. Karen asks Lucy and Scott to stick around so Victor offers to take Serena for ice cream. They leave and Courtney, Frank and Joe emerge from Neil's room. They found a match for Neil. It's Christina. In the background, Chris looks concerned. Lucy and Scott, while glad are concerned for Christina. She's so little and when Joe says they will use general anesthesia, Scott says things can go haywire anytime it's used. Karen says that's why he and Lucy have to think about it. The sooner the better too. Scott and Lucy go to walk and Courtney says they HAVE to say yes! Karen says Neil is still weak and doing a transplant now is a gamble anyway. One they have to take, says Joe. Matt backs Karen up saying normally they'd wait for the patient to be in remission before doing the BMT. With Neil's immune system being so compromised there are a lot of complications such as infection and failure is possible. Frank asks about the new drug but they are not compatible and it's making him anemic anyway. Courtney asks that in the long run - couldn't it save him? Karen and Joe disagree - Joe says transplant is their only option, Karen says it's too soon to tell. She wants to run some tests to see if the new drug is kicking in. Joe interjects that meanwhile they all just sit around? Courtney says nothing feels right. She decides they will wait and see if the drugs are working, Joe rolls his eyes.

At the desk, Kevin is on the phone while Julie stands a short distance away writing something. He hangs up and she hands him a note for Frank. She says Kevin told her to stay away from Frank although it seems silly to her. Kevin told her there are a lot of people with Frank right now who would be upset by it. She asks why she can't start her life over. Kevin did. Chris, in the background, looks up. She says he's been as sick a she was and got better - why can't she? He told her that he worked with doctors who challenged him, not just flattered his weaknesses. Chris comes up and puts his arm around Julie's shoulder. Chris asks if those doctors didn't tell him it was wrong to bully people? Kevin says he's just telling the truth and it's up to Julie whether or not to accept that. Exit Kevin. Chris asks Julie what that was about. She says she was trying to get info on Neil and Kevin told her not to and it escalated from there. Chris told her they found a match for Neil - Christina. Julie asks if Scott and Lucy are going to do it. Chris says they're deciding right now.

Scott and Lucy are talking and she asks why it feels like a beautiful dream and a nightmare all at once. Scott says that they knew this could happen - anyone can be a match. But, it's Christina, this just points out what they don't know about her. What about if she got sick, they don't know her parents. Lucy says Courtney and Frank are probably wondering why they are taking so long to decide. Lucy thinks this is why Christina was brought into their life. She'll have to under go surgery, is she strong enough? Kevin comes over and Scott and Lucy told him that Christina is the match. Kevin told them that Neil stopped eating because he knows how sick he is. Serena comes in, with Victor right behind her. Scott and Lucy tell her that Christina is a match for Neil. She KNEW IT! Serena says, happy. Neil is going to live! she adds. Scott says it's not as easy as that. What? she asks. Scott says Serena, this may be little tough...

Thursday, February 10, 2000

Julie is hanging out at the hospital, though Chris thinks she shouldn't. She says she needs to find out about Christina. She rants a little about Kevin. Chris told her to forget Kevin - they have no control over what Scott and Lucy decide about Christina. He worries that it'll look suspicious that she's hanging around. She think the fact that Christina is a match for Neil will raise suspicions, but Chris points out that 90% of donors are unrelated. Charlene gets off the elevator and Julie brightens. She talks to Christina and Charlene gives her an odd look. Julie reminds her that she saved Christina on NYE and Charlene lightens up. They tell her they saw Scott and Lucy on the 10th floor, and she heads up. Julie guesses that since Christina is out so late, they must have decided to donate her marrow. She thinks it's just a matter of time until they guess Christina's parentage.

Frank and Courtney thank Lucy and Scott for putting their child through the donation process. Lucy is still a little nervous but wants to help Neil.

Joe rants to Karen about being out of the loop. They argue over the best course of treatment. Joe wants immediate transfusion, Karen wants to wait until the experimental medicine lets Neil get stronger. She heads over to where Lucy is and flashes back to arguing about it with Joe (which is good, because it's pretty difficult to remember what happened 2 minutes ago.) She goes over to Scott and Lucy and says the extraction will be done first thing tomorrow. She'll be staying overnight for tests and prep. They ask Karen about anesthetic and she describes the procedure and they admit they are worried. Lucy asks about pain and Karen says there will be a little discomfort (which I think we all know is doctorspeak for hurts-like-hell.) Karen went off to cut through some red tape. Frank comes up and coos over Christina, while Julie watches from afar.

Chris stops and talks to Joe about the extraction and Dr. Perez. Chris wants to assist. Joe says that his call and leaves. Julie, once again skulking in the background overhears. She comes over and bitches at Chris for encouraging the procedure. Chris asks if she doesn't think it's better that he's there to keep an eye on things. She agrees and admits that she's worried about Frank talking to Christina. Chris assures her that it will all be all right.

Courtney told Frank that Neil is sleeping peacefully. Karen comes over and tells them that things are looking up for Neil. They agree with her to keep on the current course of action. Joe comes in and told them they need to know everything before making a decision. Joe presents his case, and it leads to Joe and Karen arguing again. Frank says they need some time, Karen tells them they have until tomorrow, Joe wonders why they trusted him before and don't now.

Lucy and Scott bring Christina into her room. They talk about Christina having a special bond after the transfusion - almost like brother and sister. Scott says he has to leave to check on Serena and pick up Christina's stuffed kitty. Lucy told Christina that when her father gets back, she have one or both of them with her throughout her whole stay in the hospital. Chris comes in and told them he'll be assisting with the extraction. Scott is not very happy. Chris told them it's simple, while Julie lurks outside the room. She hears Lucy say to Christina that she'll be here the whole time - mothers don't leave their children. Julie looks unhappy.

Frank and Courtney head to the chapel. Frank thought that once they found a donor, all their problems would be over. They discuss the contrasting opinions of the doctors. They don't know what to do. Meanwhile, Karen and Joe argue again - this time they are stopped by Dr. Alan Quartermaine. He scolds them for yelling in the hospital. He told Joe that he thinks Joe is too close to the situation and can't be objective. Alan told him that he is being taken off Neil's case. Karen told Joe she's sorry - Joe doesn't think that will do Neil any good.

Friday, February 11, 2000

Scott comes into Christina's hospital room, where Lucy is sleeping. He awakens Lucy and gives her a carved music box that he made her for Valentine's Day. He also has a little shirt for Christina that says, "I'm Mommy's little Valentine." Next, he pulls out a Valentine card from Serena. Serena couldn't be there, but she's worried about Christina. So is Lucy. And so is Julie, as she explains to Chris; he tries to reassure her. After all, Christina has the world's best doctor. Julie's a little slow on the uptake; she asks, "Dr. Perez?" Chris, of course, meant himself. He wants her to go home; staying will be torture. Julie insists that she wants to stay. Her cover story - it's Valentine's Day and she has to be with her husband. Chris squirms - he obviously forgot Valentine's Day, but he tries to make up for it. He suggests that she go home, dress up, and make reservations somewhere for dinner, but Julie insists on staying at the hospital.

Later, Chris is in Christina's room; he told Scott and Lucy that soon they'll be giving her a sedative in preparation for the bone marrow extraction. Lucy is getting upset; Scott wants to take her out of the room. Chris agrees - Christina is asleep now, and Lucy should calm down because that'll be better for Christina. Chris promises to page Lucy as soon as Christina wakes up.

Out in the hall, Scott tries to get Lucy to go to the cafeteria. She refuses - she's too upset to eat much. So Scott pours some conversation hearts into her hand - all of them say, "Lucy." And what else has her name on it? His heart.

Chris finds Julie out in the hall - he's found a great way to make up for forgetting Valentine's Day. Christina is awake, and Scott and Lucy aren't there, so Julie can visit with her daughter. He needs to get rid of the nurse first. Then Julie comes into the room; as she takes Christina from him, Chris says, "Happy Valentine's Day." Julie and Christina both look at Chris and laugh. (I couldn't help wondering what Nolan North did off-camera, because Christina's little giggle was just adorable.)

Down in the cafeteria, Lucy keeps trying to jump up from the table, and Scott keeps trying to get her to relax. Then she finds Christina's pacifier in her pocket. Scott finally agrees that they should go back upstairs.

Upstairs, Julie is still holding Christina. Scott and Lucy arrive outside the room; Chris tries to stop them from going in, but Lucy brushes past him and enters just in time to hear Julie tell Christina, "You miss your mommy, don't you?"

Eve wakes up and finds a note to her on Kevin's pillow: "I knew I loved you when we stayed at the PC Hotel and you ordered coffee and chocolate mousse for breakfast." Right on cue, Kevin comes in bearing a tray with coffee and chocolate mousse. Eve finds this pretty romantic; Kevin thinks he can do even better. He has to leave for the hospital right now, but first Eve offers him his "tip." After quite a bit of kissing, Kevin remarks, "Now that's what I call a gratuity." She thanks him for the Valentine's surprise, but he explains that she ain't seen nothing' yet.

Later, Kevin and Eve arrive at the hospital. She is begging for clues about her surprise. Kevin refuses - she'll find out about it after they're done at the hospital. Eve finds a CD in her message box - "The Best of the 80's." She wonders where it came from, and then sees a note with it. The note is from Kevin and reads, "I knew I loved you when you were brave enough to show me a picture of what you looked like in the 80's." He thought she was gorgeous even then - with bad hair and worse make-up.

Kevin asks Eve to check if Neil has any tests scheduled. He doesn't, but Eve notices that Christina has a bone marrow extraction scheduled. Julie wanders up, unseen by them, and listens to the conversation. Kevin remarks at the incredible coincidence that Christina is a match for Neil - in fact, it's almost too much of a coincidence. Julie glowers.

Later, Kevin reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small shrunken head. He flashes back to a conversation with Eve at the Halloween party (the one at which John Kanelos was killed) about how Kevin's character had his head literally shrunk in "General Homicide."

Joe told Frank and Courtney that Neil's lab tests haven't changed, but at least that means he is stable; now would be a good time to do the bone marrow transplant. He asks if they have made a decision; they have. They want to wait and see if the experimental drug helps Neil so that he'll be stronger when it's time to do the transplant. Joe argues with them - he thinks waiting is riskier than going through with it now, and he doesn't think the new medicine is helping much anyway. Frank and Courtney insist that they've thought it through - all night long, in fact.

Karen walks up and asks what the argument is about. Joe explains. Then she asks, you mean you haven't told them? Told them what? That Joe has been removed from Neil's case. Karen explains - Alan Quartermaine felt Joe was too emotionally involved. Joe insists that Alan is wrong. Courtney supports Joe - he's always made good decisions for Neil in the past. So, Joe asks, why aren't you listening to me now? Frank told him to lighten up - he and Courtney are doing what they think is right.

A high horse trots over, and Joe hops into the saddle with alacrity. What would Frank know about what's right for Neil anyway? Frank lied to Neil, telling him Joe was his father. (Actually, no, Joe, Courtney did that, back before Frank knew the truth. Frank just didn't blow the whistle.) And it's Frank's fault that Neil is so sick - it's because of the way Neil found out the truth. (Actually, no, Joe, Karen did that by blabbing the secret in a public place. But let's not spoil a good holier-than-thou speech with the facts.) Frank suggests that Joe can't stand that, just once, maybe Frank is right and Joe is wrong. Joe proves that he does indeed have to be right at all times by retorting, "Right? You're not right - you're a coward!" He's a coward because he lied, and because now he can't make a tough choice. Karen attempts to referee at this point, and Courtney draws Frank away. Karen told Joe to let it go; the decision belongs to Frank and Courtney. Joe insists that if Neil is going to live, the only choice is to go ahead with the surgery. Karen told Joe to go visit his patients. He agrees sarcastically and leaves.

Later, Kevin's visit with Neil is done. He comes out of Neil's room and talks to Courtney. Considering Neil's physical weakness, Neil is in very good spirits. Courtney thanks Kevin; Kevin told Courtney she's done a lot too. They list other people who have helped Neil, ending with "the big guy." Kevin leaves, promising to return tomorrow.

Frank arrives with a big bouquet of flowers; Courtney assumes they're for Neil and starts babbling about giving them away, since Neil is in the ICU, until Frank explains that they're for her. It's Valentine's Day, and she's the mother of his son - and he loves saying that out loud. Courtney says another thing that's good to say out loud - "I love you."

Eve finds another note from Kevin in her message box. She shares it with Karen: "I knew I loved you when we couldn't go to Palau, so you brought Palau to Port Charles." The note includes a small (drink-sized) paper umbrella. Karen agrees somewhat listlessly with Eve's assessment that Kevin is cute. Karen explains that she's upset about the arguments with Joe over Neil's treatment. When she took the chief resident job, they promised each other it wouldn't interfere with their relationship, but it's making things worse. Eve is sure Joe will eventually see that it wasn't personal; Karen disagrees - "Everything about this case is personal for Joe." She explains that she had to replace Joe as Neil's doctor. If he doesn't back off soon, he could really hurt his reputation.

Later, Joe visits Neil, bringing him a sports magazine. Neil is glad that Joe is there, making him better, even if he's not really his dad. Joe leaves, promising to visit again later. He stops outside the door, looking troubled. (You can just FEEL him preparing to do something really pig-headed.) He calls the hematology lab, claiming to be one of Neil's doctors. He asks them to call him as soon as Christina's bone marrow extraction is done.

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