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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on PC
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Monday, February 14, 2000

Karen is telling Frank and Courtney about the bone marrow procedure that will be performed this afternoon. Joe comes up and once again told them Neil should have the transfusion as soon as possible. Frank told him "Enough!!" Frank and Courtney leave, Joe and Karen argue. Karen leaves and Joe calls the lab to give them his pager number.

Eve opens her locker to a blizzard of white carnations and a note "I knew I loved you when I lost you in the snow." She went out to Kevin who is looking at the shrunken head. They kiss and then Eve notices that he's holding something - she takes it from him, thinking it's another Valentine's Day surprise. They discuss the head from the General Homicide book, Eve thinks Julie is playing with their minds. Kevin says there are more Valentine's Day surprises for her. He brings her home and blindfolds her, she tries to guess. After some hints, she guesses - the race car bed where they first made love! She feels bad - he did all these romantic things and she hasn't given him anything. He says she has - herself. They start kissing and undressing and fall down on the bed. Lucy and Scott wonder why Julie is in with Christina. Julie says she heard her crying and came in. Chris told them he left her with the nurse, and tells them he'll get to the bottom of why she was left alone. Julie told Lucy and Scott how brave they are, letting Christina go through this ordeal. Lucy, somewhat defensively, told her it's the right thing to do - it could save Neil's life. Later, Lucy is worrying to Scott about Christina and the procedure. Chris comes in and told them that it went perfectly, Christina is coming out of anesthesia as they speak. A nurse arrives with a package - it's a light from Christina's room to brighten up her hospital room. Lucy tells him this isn't how she planned for them to spend Valentine's Day, he told her he has everything he wants.

Chris told Julie (in the break room) that everything went fine, and he even managed to tell Christina that Julie loved her before Dr. Perez came in. Julie feels odd being there. Chris told her that he's been pulled into a surgery and will be late getting home. He feels bad about not doing something for Valentine's Day - she told him that holding Christina was all the gift she needed.

Courtney and Frank are at Neil's bedside. Frank tries to get Courtney to take a break, she refuses. He told her he's going to take her away from the walls, they head to the roof. Courtney teases Frank about being up there before - he admits he has. She's thinking of bringing nurses up there, he's thinking of plunging off the roof. He says that his surviving the fall is proof that miracles happen.

Karen gives Joe a small package - she told him it's something she and Serena came across looking for childhood pictures of Karen (Serena wanted to see them.) She wanted to give it to him long ago, but didn't. She walks off. Joe gets paged - it's the lab telling him about the marrow extraction. He tells them to hold it until he's ready for it. He stands looking at the box (soap people have the highest curiosity level when it comes to gifts.)

Savage Garden sings "I Knew I Loved You" and we get a montage of Julie and Chris kissing on the break room couch, Scott and Lucy kissing in Christina's room, Eve and Kevin making love, and Courtney and Frank on the roof. Karen peeks through the door at Joe as he finally opens the box. It's a handmade card from Karen with hearts, To Joe, and the year 1980 - inside it says "I Love You - Karen". He just looks out into space.

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

In the kitchen at the Firehouse, Lucy and Scott are talking about Neil and hoping he'll go into remission soon. Scott asks if Lucy is sure Christina is okay; she is. Scott hints that, since Serena is in school and Christina asleep, they might have some time alone. Lucy told him he's right! They have mail to go through! He asks is she's expecting something and she says yes and here it is. A letter from Rev. Campbell! Scott seems to think it's about the wedding but she really wants to start planning Christina's christening!. She told him that all that's happened with Neil and the adoption has made her realize how things can change so fast.

At the hospital, Karen is giving Courtney and Frank an update on Neil's condition; there is improvement - nothing dramatic - but still his bloodwork is better. Karen explains that she doesn't believe they've seen the full benefit of the xylestine (Hey, I guessed!) yet but Courtney is second guessing their decision. Frank told her they can't do that; they'll go crazy. They need to stick to what they decided. Karen assures them that Neil's whole medical team agrees that this is the best course of action. Karen went to scrub for surgery assuring them that, if Neil needs her, they'll pull her right out. Frank talks Courtney into leaving for a shower and a change of clothes and maybe some food.

Joe is checking to see where Karen and Frank and Courtney are. When told they are all otherwise occupied, he does into Neil's room, told the nurse Neil's chemo has been discontinued and that he'll take over. He then springs into action, readying Neil for the transplant. Joe talks to a sleeping Neil and then sets up for the transplant .

Scott and Lucy are chatting and Lucy says it's all set for next Friday at Rev. Campbell's church. Scott says the cannon is working at the Veteran's Lodge. He then says why not take her to Kevin's pond and dunk her? Lucy says no, this church will be perfect and she has permission to personalize it. Lucy can't find her notes so she decides to start from scratch. They toss ideas around, with Lucy babbling happily, until Scott says he's hungry and is making a sandwich. Lucy says to make her one too but *wait*! What about God Parents? Joe and Karen don't seem too good any more but Karen will still be the girls' legal guardian. Scott says she's going to be surprised but he's thinking Kevin.

Back in Neil's room, Joe continues his dangerous project, setting up the isolation panel. The lab pages him to tell him the bone marrow is ready and he told them to send it up.

Lucy is listening to Scott's reasons for thinking of Kevin. Lucy asks if her past relationship with Kevin wouldn't make it weird but Scott says no. He and Kevin get along and he admires may of Kevin's traits. He just thinks Kevin would be right. Lucy says okay, well, there's one more thing to decide - what will she wear? She suggests they head upstairs and Scott says he's been waiting for her to say that!

Frank is sitting in the cafeteria and Courtney joins him. She refuses to sit down and eat, insisting they get back to Neil's room. Franks asks her to please eat it's been 36 hours. She sits nervously and says as a single mom she used to look forward to Neil sleeping so she could get a break but now, she doesn't like it so much. Frank orders them each a cheeseburger and a shake. The waitress asks if she's Neil's mom and she says yes. The waitress says she liked seeing Neil come in for slushies and was sorry to hear about him and departs. Courtney comments that she acted like Neil was already gone. Frank says she didn't mean it but Courtney says it's like the waitress knows something they don't; maybe Neil is as good as dead. Frank tries to talk to her but she says they have to face it. She says they should have taken Joe's advice. Frank says no. They know Neil and what he needs better than anyone else including Joe.

Back at Neil's room, Joe starts the transplant. Upstairs now, Lucy is trying on dresses for Scott, who likes them all - for the wrong reasons according to Lucy. He told her it doesn't matter what she wears; what's important is how she holds her child. He says it's the things she does every day, checking temps, singing to her - those are things. She's doing this right so it doesn't matter what color dress she wears. She already is the perfect mother. They hug.

Courtney and Frank are still at the cafeteria and Frank asks her to tell him something about Neil he doesn't know. She told him that when Neil was about 5, he wanted to be both a fireman and ice cream man. Frank says that's exactly what he wanted to be when he was 5 but he couldn't figure out how to put out the fires without the ice cream melting. After a year or so, Neil decided to be a mutant ninja turtle instead which was a problem because they only eat pizza. Frank says he'll wait and ask Neil for his version. Courtney smiles and thanks him.

In Neil's room, Joe watches the IV bags empty. Karen, in the hall, runs into the lab guy and asks what brought him up there. He asks why Joe had him bring up Christina's marrow if she wasn't doing the transplant? Karen looks horrified as reality dawns. She does quickly to Neil's room, sees Joe and asks "what have you done?" His response - "I saved his life." (Hope it was worth your career.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

At the nurses' station, Alan asks how Courtney and Frank are. He asks if they've seen Neil. No, has anything happened to him? Courtney asks. Alan says Neil's stable, and the whole hospital is behind the treatment. Except Joe, Frank says. Well, that's why Alan had to take Joe off the case. Frank says that Karen had to tell them, Joe was still acting like he was on the case. Courtney wonders if Joe is right. Alan told them that they want to get Neil into remission and then they'll do the transplant.

Standing at Neil's door, Karen asks what the hell has he done? Joe says he's done what no one else had the guts to do. He did the transplant? Karen asks. Yes, Joe says. Don't come in, Neil is in reverse isolation. She wants to speak to him, in the hall! He'll be there, Joe says. Karen closes the door and Joe turns to look at Neil again.

Karen is steaming outside Neil's room. What the hell was he doing? She says. Saving his life, Joe says. On who's authority? His own, Joe says. Without asking his parents, or the oncologist, or anyone? Has he even thought of what will happen now? she asks. He can lose his license, or Neil could get worse. He did the best he could, Joe says. What about the oath we took, Karen reminds him, first do no harm. He did harm, she yells. He takes full responsibly, Joe replies, and he will explain to everyone why he did what he did. Responsibility will be no good if Neil DIES, Karen says.

Rachel is on the phone near the nurses' station saying that she can squeeze another appointment in. Julie comes over and say that seeing her on the phone makes her realize that she's not her only patient. Rachel says that she may have a million patients, but Julie is very special to her. Julie smiles and leaves. Alan comes over and told Rachel to keep Julie away from the scalpels. Julie has gone through hell, Rachel says, and she needs all the help she can get. Rachel thinks that she has something in mind that will change Alan's attitude. Courtney and Frank head for Neil's room. Joe stops them and told them they need to suit up, he did the surgery. Courtney told him he had no right. Frank blows up on him. She says all along she trusted him, even when she knew he was so close to him that his judgement might be off. She can't understand how he could do this. Does he really have that much contempt for her? No, he whispers. She leaves to go see her son. Joe told her to go get scrubbed, the HEPA filters make it so she doesn't need a mask. She leaves. Frank stays. Joe asks if he wants to go with her. Frank says that he and Joe are not through yet!

Joe tries to leave. Hold on, Frank says. Joe thinks that Frank is mad because he doesn't want to owe Joe for saving Neil's life. Joe thinks no one was brave enough to do anything. Frank says they were brave to sit and wait to see if the drug was going to take effect, liked it started to. Joe says he was the only one who wanted to save Neil's life! Frank says that Joe did the transplant to spite Frank and that Joe just can't believe that he can't have the last word. Near the steps, Alan asks Karen if what he just heard is true, did Dr. Scanlon perform unauthorized surgery? She agrees that Joe did the surgery without permission. Alan says Joe has always been a rebel, and Joe has given him no choice now. Karen asks if he is going to take this to the board immediately. No, he says, *they* are going to take it to the board; she is the Chief Resident, after all. Does she have a problem with that? No, sir, she says.

In her office, Rachel and Julie talk about the bone marrow extraction. Rachel wonders why Julie allowed the procedure. Julie defends Chris for his decision to allow Christina to be tested. But, Rachel prods, how could Julie allow that big needle to be inserted into the little baby? Doesn't she care about the pain and suffering her baby underwent? Julie says she doesn't, but Chris said this was to help Neil get better. Rachel asks why Neil's life is more important than her baby's. Rachel urges Julie to get mad about Chris allowing Christina to be a bone marrow donor. Julie gets upset (at Rachel) and Rachel told her that she is afraid to get back the control that she lost so long ago, and until she gets over that fear, she will be no better off than if she was back in Ferncliff.

Rachel asks if Julie recognizes the pattern; Julie has allowed others to dominate her, her father, Chris. Even her? Julie asks. Yes, Rachel says, she could if she wanted to. Is she sure what she wants? Rachel asks. Yes, Julie says. Tell her, Rachel says. Julie says in this town, in this moment, she can't even walk across the street without the whispers. Rachel asks if she wants the whispers to stop. Not only that, Julie says, but she wants people to know she is proud to be Chris's wife, and she wants to be a doctor, and more than anything, she wants Christina back. Beautiful dream, Rachel says, but how is she going about making it come true? Julie says Rachel told her to wait for things to cool down. Julie says it's time to take her life back, whether the town is ready or not.

Courtney and Frank, in scrubs, look in on Neil. They talk about Joe. What if he was right? Courtney asks. What if he wasn't? Frank counters. They go in to see Neil. Joe looks in from the window. He visiting Neil and talking about Spring Training. Neil says maybe he can watch the Yankees train. Joe says probably. Neil says Joe'll make him better. Even if he's not his dad anymore, Neil says. Alan and Karen bring Joe back to the present time. Joe assumes Alan wants to talk about Neil's surgery. (Joe ignores Karen's presence here.) Joe says he's not apologizing. Alan wonders if Joe thinks that's what he wants, and then told him he doesn't want an apology. Joe ignored his order, Alan says, he ignored all the precautions. Alan relates a story about when his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he was mad that he was a doctor, but he couldn't fix this. He had to step aside and let the specialists do their job. (You can tell Joe is not listening.) Alan is afraid that Neil's team will have to work overtime to minimize the damage of what Joe did. Joe says he saved him! Alan, sounding sympathetic, says Joe has a terrible burden; he knows everything, he has to do everything. Joe says that he had researched the case, he was the only one who knew what was best for Neil!. Karen backs him up, saying Joe indeed was reading all the medical articles and research papers. Alan says that doesn't make him a specialist! They have people who are specialists. Alan says he has no choice but to relieve Joe of all his duties. He has no privileges at this hospital. Alan told Joe to leave now. A nurse comes over and told Karen she needs to see this. Neil is diaphoretic. Joe asks about this temperature. Karen looks and says 100.3. Karen goes off with the nurse. Joe went to Neil's window, and looks sad.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

Joe had to face the consequences of his actions when Neil took a turn for the worse after receiving the bone marrow transplant. Mary put the past behind her and reached out to Courtney. Matt and Karen both confronted Joe about performing the transplant without authorization, but Joe remained convinced that he had done the right thing. Later, Courtney and Frank were faced with a dilemma when Neil asked to see Joe.

Friday, February 18, 2000

Julie struggled to regain some control over her life after her empowering session with Rachel. Julie decided to stand up to Kevin, but was thrown by the news that Scott and Lucy wanted him to be Christina's godfather. Scott attempted to help Karen understand Joe's reckless behavior, while Frank and Courtney felt powerless to help Neil. Neil later called out for Joe, but Frank couldn't bring himself to allow Joe back into Neil's life. Kevin was unsettled when he received another ominous threat in the form of an obituary with his name on it.

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