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Monday, February 21, 2000

At the Recovery Room. Matt told Joe that he'll probably just get a slap on the wrist. Joe says his only concern is for Neil. He runs down the progress of his and Neil's relationship for those just joining PC already in progress.

Neil's doctor is just starting to tell Frank and Courtney about Neil's condition. He get paged and leaves, telling them that Karen will fill them in. She told them they've upped his antibiotics and are waiting for it to kick in. Karen says they'll keep trying until Neil recovers, Frank worries Neil doesn't have the strength to keep fighting. Later, Mary comes out of the room and told them they've found a way for Courtney to go in and hold Neil. They think that'll help. Karen takes Courtney off to scrub. Mary apologizes to Frank that he can't go in too. Frank doesn't mind - the important person to Neil right now is Courtney. He says he'll have to count on faith right now. And your mother, adds Mary. Karen and the completely covered Courtney return. Courtney enters the plastic tent and cuddles Neil. After she leaves the tent, she tells her how good it felt- he assures her she'll have all the time in the world to be with him once he's out of there. Out in the hall, Matt beckons to a gowned Joe. Joe watches Courtney and Frank in the room, and struggles to control his emotions.

Julie and Chris arrive home, Julie is still upset about Kevin being asked to be the Godfather. She wonders what an ex-stalker, former psychopath has to offer - no, she's talking about Kevin, not herself. She's worried that Kevin to keep her from seeing Christina. Chris assures her that the Godfather has no real power, it's just an honorific. Chris makes her a martini - he's working on making her a martini lover. His attempts to calm Julie work. He suggests they either go out dancing or stay home and watch the sappiest, most romantic "chick" flick they can find. She chooses the evening at home - he's happy with the choice. After the movie, Julie is crying, despite the movie's happy ending (Tom Cruise moving heaven and earth to be with "her"). She tells Chris it's because they won't have a happy ending. She thinks Chris isn't attracted to her because they haven't made love. Chris told her he just didn't want to rush her. Julie says she's ready. They kiss and head to the bedroom and consummate the marriage. Afterwards, Julie dreams of a perfect life with Chris - she told him all they need is Christina. He smiles and points behind her. She sees Kevin holding Christina, he told her "Not even in your dreams". She told him how she is all better and turns to Chris to side with her. But Chris has disappeared. She turns back to continue telling Kevin that she's better, he laughingly mocks her. As he tells her she'll never have the baby - she wakes and sits up.

Kevin arrives home, looking disturbed. Eve greets him, and Kevin told her about the Godfather offer. She's lighthearted, until Kevin shows her the obit he received. He calls the police and asks them to tell Mac to stop by his house. An anxious Eve offers to make him a drink and they can watch NYPD Blue. He pulls her into a hug and told her he's okay. She relaxes a bit, but says she had a bad feeling all day. She thinks the obit is from Julie. He's doubtful. Later, Mac comes over and they fill him in on the obit. Mac doesn't think they'll find any, but promises to check for fingerprints. Eve tells Mac about the missing keys, broken picture, and shrunken head and suggests Julie. Mac will check the handwriting on the note. They discuss whether Julie would be likely to kill. Mac leaves, Eve takes a call - a Neil update. Kevin says he'll check on Neil in the morning - Neil is going to go now. Eve worries about leaving him alone and they talk about the possibility of Julie being the person playing the "pranks". She leaves and Kevin stands alone in his living room (meanwhile, Julie is having the above dream).

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Julie and Chris are cuddling in bed in the morning. They chat very much like married people in love. :) He asks what she was thinking about just then while she was pretending to be asleep. She told him she was thinking that the previous night had turned out better than she'd ever expected. She asks if it was everything he'd hoped and he says it was better than hitting the trifecta. He tries to get up but Julie stops him saying she doesn't want it to end. Chris complies and much pleasure ensues.

At the hospital, Joe is filling another doctor in on his patients and preparing to leave. Karen stops and asks what he's doing there. Joe says he's dropping off a few notes on his patients and she asks if that's all. He was just outside Neil's room. She says he has to stop this, if Frank and Courtney had seen him... He says he's surprised she hasn't told them. She says she's not out to get him. He asks her if keeping him away from Neil is in Neil's best interest. Karen says he did a BMT without any permission; he did what he had to do. Karen doesn't want to hear it. He's on suspension and he has to stay away from Neil. Joe launches into his blah blah blah and he used paradol last time Neil had pneumonia. He says he has to ask one more thing - what does Neil think about him not being there?

Outside Neil's room, Alan is updating Courtney and Frank on Neil's condition - he's not getting any worse. Alan told them that Joe's conduct was unconscionable and that he will not be dealt with lightly. They are more concerned about Neil's recovery. Alan leaves and they talk about Neil. Frank told Courtney she looks beat but she won't leave. They go into Neil's room and Courtney reads from Tom Sawyer some more. Neil wakes up and asks where Joe is and why hasn't he come to see him? Out side the room, Frank and Courtney decide they will have to let Joe see Neil - for Neil's sake.

At the desk, Karen is instructing a nurse while Joe gets ready to leave. Joe begs to see Neil but Karen says it's impossible; his parents won't allow it. He begs and begs, telling her how Neil held his hand when no one was around but she can't help him. She does tell him she'll try the antibiotic he suggested though.

Chris, at the table while Julie makes breakfast, told her it smells good! Julie, dancing happily around in one of his shirts, serves food and seems domestically blissful - they both do. She says she's a good cook and he offers to help. She says no; she wants to do it herself. The doorbell rings. Rachel! She says she's there because Julie called her the previous night and sounded upset on the machine and barges in. Julie enters from the kitchen, seeming shy in just the shirt (no reason with *those* legs!). Rachel pushes her to talk about the upset over Kevin being Christina's Godfather but Julie says she talked to Chris and is fine now. Rachel says she can see that. Julie apologizes for making her come out for nothing but Rachel says she is glad she didn't miss the chance to see how obviously happy they are together. Julie excuses herself to get into something less comfortable. Rachel leaves with Chris telling her to call first next time.

At Neil's room, Karen comes out after examining him and Courtney has questions. He seems better; is he? No. He's not responding to the antibiotics. Courtney's stress pushes her over the edge and she reams Karen, who takes it sympathetically and with grace. Karen told her she's probably feeling overwhelmed and that's okay; it's okay to take it out on her and it's okay to fight. In fact, she HAS to keep fighting cause that's where Neil gets his strength. Courtney apologizes but Karen says it's okay; she has every right.

Joe, still leaving, has a flashback about Karen finding him just after the BMT. Frank approaches and tell Joe that Neil is worse and needs to see Joe...

Julie serves breakfast and Chris says he hope here are more pancakes - they're delicious. She says there's not - they burned while Rachel was there. Julie hopes Rachel wasn't put out having to come over there for nothing. Chris says she was only put out because Julie didn't need her. She may say she wants Julie to be independent, but she's doesn't. Alan is explaining why they're short staffed to a doctor when Rachel comes over and offers any help she can give.

In Neil's room, Joe lovingly looks at Neil as Courtney and Frank watch from the window. Neil reaches out to take Joe's hand and smiles; Joe gives him a thumbs up.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Scott arrives home - Lucy asks him why he's home early. Turns out the client was referred by a convict who expected a sleazy lawyer - which Scott no longer is. Scott is bummed about his past reputation. Lucy tries to reassure him that he'll get new clientele. She wonders why he's concerned what other people think. He admits it's because now he's in business with Lee. She reassures him again, but he's still doubtful. Serena arrives home, excited about an A on her paper. She and Lucy get excited and Scott comes down to quiet them - he just got Christina to sleep. The paper is about Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation. Scott decides that, like Lincoln, he'll do the right thing and only accept decent clients. Lucy is getting frazzled between the christening plans and Jacks Cosmetics. He offers to take over some christening plans - like getting the cake. Lucy doesn't trust him and suggests they pick it out together and go to lunch (I guess she's not really that busy!) Scott went to ask Charlene to keep an eye on the girls. Kevin and Victor talk about Neil, Victor tries to defend Joe - that his stepson only did what he thought was best. Kevin is leaving, Victor is staying there for Mary. Eve runs up to Kevin and scolds him for not telling her where he was going. Kevin told her that he had a session with Neil and she was sleeping. She wants him to leave a note next time. (He doesn't remind her that he told her yesterday he was seeing Neil in the morning .) He asks for a good morning kiss and she lightens up. He's going to run errands, she wants to come along. He correctly guesses she wants to come because of the threats and they leave. They arrive home, actually carrying bags, as if they were running errands. Kevin would like Eve to switch from bodyguard back to girlfriend. He worries about Eve being scared. Kevin doesn't want them to stop living normal lives because of the threats. He has an idea of how to get her mind off her worries and starts kissing her neck. Kevin suggests a fancy lunch out to celebrate getting all their errands done. Rachel arrives at Julie's apartment. Rachel says she wasn't sure if she should come since last time she interrupted Chris and Julie. Julie told her that Chris is at work. She also wants to get her old job at GH back. Rachel wants to know how Chris feels about it. She's pleased that Julie told her first, but Julie says she couldn't tell Chris first because he went to work. Rachel asks who Julie would talk to first. Julie told her Alan Quartermaine, Rachel replies that she's getting closer to Alan. She wants Julie to hold off for a while. Julie agrees and Rachel told her this may be a fight - even to the courts. She wants to get Scott to take the case. Julie doesn't think he will, but Rachel thinks he can be persuaded. She wants to start by giving him something small to start with, until he's comfortable with Julie. Julie wonders if something developed between Scott and Rachel during the trial. Rachel says they are just friends, so far. Rachel calls Scott - apparently Charlene answers and tells her Scott and Lucy went to the Port Charles Grill. Rachel hangs up and suggests she and Julie go there as well.

The three plot lines come together at the Grill. Kevin and Eve take about no distractions, and Kevin pulls Eve up to dance. Eve is a little uncomfortable because people are staring because it's not quite a dancing place. Scott and Lucy arrive and sit waiting for the chef top come out and talk to them about cakes. Eve and Kevin notice Julie and Rachel arrive, and are not happy - they sit down. Julie and Rachel go to Scott and Rachel explains that Lance Pharmaceuticals is trying to rip Julie off. Scott offers to find her a lawyer, but Julie says no one will take her case. He agrees to think about it. They go sit at the bar, Rachel is confident that Scott will take the case. Kevin and Eve go over to talk to Scott and Lucy - Eve fills them in on the pranks that have been happening. Eve thinks it's Julie, Lucy is doubtful. Scott says he knows all he needs to know. He heads to the bar and tells Rachel and Julie that he will not take her case. They watch him go back to his table and they see Kevin and Eve standing at the table - Julie says "Kevin. I should have known."

Thursday, February 24, 2000

Karen is doing head resident stuff on the phone, when Lucy arrives at the hospital with Christina. She hands Karen a pamphlet with the details about the christening tomorrow. Lucy launches into her plans. She then notices that Karen is distracted and asks about Neil. Karen told her that Neil isn't better, but not worse. Lucy offers to postpone the christening (while Christina starts yelling - Lynn Herring covers by saying she's excited about tomorrow), but Karen told her no - she could use t he break and will be there. That is "unless it's an emergency."

Rachel meets Chris at the hospital. She mentions that Kevin sure spends a lot of time at GH for a doctor who lost his privileges (didn't he get them back?) Chris told her Kevin is counseling Neil. Rachel snarkily asks if Neil hasn't had enough bad doctoring. She thinks Neil should be treated by a staff psychiatrist. Chris just walks away. Kevin, talking to Eve, sees Rachel and says hello, Rachel coldly says hello and gets on the elevator. Eve points out the warmth and makes a reference to "Julie's" threats. Kevin leaves to see Neil, refusing Eve's offer to come along. Eve went over and asks Chris how Julie is doing and rants about her. Chris thinks Eve should stop obsessing about Julie. She told Chris about the threats to Kevin. Chris doesn't think Julie is doing it. Eve thinks Chris is getting soft, Chris tells her goodbye and walks off.

Rachel heads to her office where she meets Julie. They go in and Julie told her she's upset about Kevin getting Scott to turn down her case. Julie is worried that Kevin won't back off and will discover that Christina is really Julie's baby (that's what she said - I don't follow the logic.) Julie thinks Kevin is following her around, waiting for her to slip up. Rachel told her doctors have big egos and Kevin is just mad that he wasn't able to help Julie. She told Julie to focus on herself and forget Kevin. Julie says that would be so much easier if Kevin wasn't around.

In Neil's room, Kevin talks about a crossword puzzle with Neil. Neil is feeling tired, so Kevin leaves. He sees Victor in the hall, and Victor compliments his rapport abilities. Kevin is feeling discouraged. They look into Neil's room. While Victor says that the hardest thing he knows is watching a child so close to death, Kevin turns around and sees Joe. Victor goes into Neil's room. Kevin asks Joe if he could do things over, would he still do the transplant. Joe says it gave Neil a second chance. Kevin told him if it's any consolation, Joe has given Neil more in the short time he's known him than some parents do in a lifetime. Kevin leaves and Frank and Courtney come up. Courtney told Joe that Neil slept better after seeing him, and Frank told him that he can see Neil again if he wants. Joe thanks them and says he knows they want to spend time with Neil and leaves. Frank tells Courtney that Joe seems to want to meet them halfway - Courtney hopes that's enough.

Joe went over to Karen, who updates him on what's going on with Neil. Joe starts asking questions, and Karen told him they are doing everything possible. He told her he knows they are and reluctantly leaves. Julie walks up to a nurses desk and asks the nurse there to page Chris. The nurse is snippy, but picks up the phone. Julie went to get a drink and Lucy and Christina get off the elevator. L&C runs into Kevin, who told them that he was visiting Neil. Lucy told him he'll be a perfect godfather, leading Kevin to do a bad imitation of the movie godfather. Lucy thinks he needs practice at his imitating skills, but Eve walks up and praises it.

Conversation turns to Julie, Eve again rants about her, Lucy defends her. Eve and Kevin leave to file some paperwork and the lurking Julie comes up. She notices that Christina has gotten her first tooth. Lucy wants to leave, Julie unsuccessfully tries to get her to stay for coffee. Chris walks up after Lucy leaves. Chris asks Julie if she's all right, they hug and she assures him that she is, as she glares over his shoulder at Eve and Kevin who are leaving.

Courtney and Frank finish up reading Tom Sawyer to Neil. He's disappointed that's it's over, he must have missed a few chapters. Courtney promises to read it again, and Neil asks for juice as Karen comes in. Courtney told her he looks better and Karen says she'll check him out. Frank and Courtney leave. Out in the hall, a hopeful Courtney asks Frank if he saw improvement too - he agrees. Up on the roof, Joe looks heavenward.

At home, Kevin and Eve talk about her tenseness. She asks if she's getting on his nerves, but he thinks it's cute. Meanwhile, Julie is ranting to Rachel about Kevin. She says she could just kill him. Rachel asks why she doesn't. Julie says she can't. Kevin appears, holding Christina. Kevin and Rachel taunt Julie about being a killer. Julie says she'll kill Kevin if she has to - and awakes in bed with Chris. He asks what's wrong, she told him she dreamt she was a murderer. He told her it was just a dream, but she has doubts and worries she really is a murderer and killed those people.

Friday, February 25, 2000

Outside Neil's hospital room, Karen has encouraging news for Courtney and Frank: Neil's pneumonia is improving. Courtney asks, does this mean the transplant worked? Karen agrees that it's encouraging that he's doing better, but cautions them that he has a long way to go. She explains that she has to go to Christina's christening.

Frank and Courtney go into Neil's room; as Karen updates Neil's chart, Joe comes up and looks in the window. Karen shares the encouraging news with Joe. He thanks her for the information. She explains that she's on her way to the christening - does he need a ride? Joe has decided not to go. Karen told him he'll be missed, and heads off. Joe gazes in the window at Neil, Frank, and Courtney.

Scott, Lucy, Serena, and Christina arrive at the church for the christening. Lucy finds it somewhat traditional and conservative for HER tastes, but it's just what she wanted for this day, and she's very pleased. She points out the beautiful flowers, and Scott replies that he can't take his eyes off of Lucy. Serena groans, "Oh, are you guys going to be all lovey-dovey gross all day?" Scott and Lucy say, "Yep," and Serena groans again, "Brother."

Serena is in a cute white, lacy christening dress and bonnet. She tells Christina she can forget about that "dunking" stuff. Perhaps by power of suggestion, Christina has a little sneezing fit. Scott was in favor of dunking, but you need a creek for that.

Kevin and Eve arrive - Eve has never been at a christening before. Kevin has, but never as a godfather. He steals a rose from a flower arrangement and gives it to Eve. She is aghast at his theft. Kevin doesn't think anybody but "the big guy up there" will notice. (Is there some soap law against saying the word "God," even in a church?) Eve isn't worried about the big guy - it's the wrath of Lucy that has her shaking in her shoes. She tucks the rose back into the arrangement. She heads forward to see Christina; Kevin reclaims the rose from the arrangement and slips it into Eve's pocket.

At Chris and Julie's apartment, Julie stands over the bed, silently watching Chris sleep.

At the church, Kevin is holding Christina, with Scott, Lucy, Charlene, Eve, and Serena clustered around. Kevin asks Christina what she thinks of all the fuss. Right on cue, Christina laughs (and the others join her). Lee and Gail arrive; Serena runs to hug them. They admire her dress and ask if she has her part ready. Yes - she has practiced a little. Gail admires the surroundings; Lucy explains that she kept things low key "per instructions" (she gives Scott a narrowed glance at this point - aha, so HE is the one with the good taste). Gail fusses over Christina; Lee remarks that Christina looks comfortable in Kevin's arms. Kevin agrees - "Well, women adore me." Karen, Mary, and Victor arrive and greet the group. Kevin asks how Neil is doing, and Karen repeats the good news. The assembled group is happy to hear it. Scott asks if that means Christina's marrow is working; Karen says they're not sure, but any improvement is encouraging.

Eve asks what a naming ceremony is, and Scott explains that it's where Christina's full name is said for the first time. Serena offers hints of Christina's name. Scott and Lucy tell her to keep the secret. It's time to start the ceremony - Lucy takes Christina back from Kevin and fusses over her, putting her bonnet back on.

At the hospital, Chris asks Rachel if he's seen Julie. Rachel asks if he has lost track of his wife - not a good sign of wedded bliss. Chris explains that Julie was already gone when he woke up. Rachel has a session scheduled with her later. Chris is worried because the christening is today, and that's hard for Julie - Rachel assures him that's the reason they scheduled a session.

Chris asks how the sessions are going; Rachel says things are fine. Julie has seemed a big edgy, but that's to be expected given the adjustments she is going through. Chris is just worried because of Kevin "hounding" her. Rachel advises Chris to leave the therapy to her - she's seen marriages flounder when one partner tried to be the therapist for the other. Chris points out that Rachel can't be there all the time - he lives with Julie, and he wants to know how to help her.

The ceremony begins, with all the attendees clustered in a circle. Lucy removes the bonnet, and the celebrant places a wreath of flowers on Christina's head. Lucy then gives a speech about the beauty of children and family. Then everybody sits down except Scott, Lucy, Kevin, Karen, and Christina.

Karen lights a candle and briefly wishes Christina happiness. Kevin lights another candle and, after a brief preamble, reads, "Your children are not your children." Lucy sniffles her way through the reading; Scott puts his arm around her.

As he continues, we see Kevin from a vantage point in the narthex, looking into the sanctuary. Based on the scary music and the crooked camera angles, this is NOT a guest who is arriving late.

Lee and Gail are invited to the front. Scott explains that Serena's middle name was "Lee" because they wanted Serena emulate Lee; Lucy goes on to explain that Christina's middle name will be "Gail." The attendees applaud, and Gail smiles and cries her thanks.

Charlene is then invited forward. Lucy thanks her for her guidance, and look forward to the guidance she will give Christina. She asks Charlene to touch Christina's feet to the ground to set her feet on the right steps. Lucy sobs as this went on. Eve glances towards the back of the church as if she senses that something is wrong back there.

In Neil's room, Frank and Courtney talk about Christina. Courtney remarks that Christina did so much for Neil, and she can't even understand that. Frank replies that some day, Christina will understand. Courtney reminisces about Neil's christening - it was a Greek Orthodox service with a lot of people, and she didn't know anyone so she just held her baby; she felt very close to him. Frank wishes he could have been there; Courtney admits that there are a lot of things he should have been there to see. Frank declares, I'm here now, when he needs me.

Later, Kevin holds Christina as the celebrant asks the godparents to promise to protect Christina. Kevin and Karen then dip their hands on the baptismal font and place them hands on Christina's forehead. The celebrant then baptizes Christina. Lucy, laughing and crying, takes her back from Kevin; Christina doesn't seem to want to leave Kevin, though - she starts to cry.

Next, Serena sings a song (you can tell she listens to the Spice Girls and similar pop groups from the way she stylizes). Kevin slips out into the hall to check on Neil. He stands in the narthex dialing on his phone, while the "Stalker-Cam" views him from behind a tall plant. Chris greets Joe at the nurses' station - for a suspended doctor, he sure hangs out there a lot. Chris asks if he keeps such close tabs on his own life. Chris asks how Neil is; Joe shares the good news. Chris asks if Joe is going to the christening; Joe says no. Chris asks when the ceremony will end - he claims he wants to ask Karen about a patient. Joe isn't sure - he's "kind of out of the Baldwin loop these days."

Rachel walks by, and Chris asks if she's seen Julie. She never showed up for her session. Rachel tried to call at the apartment and on her cell phone. Chris told Rachel about Julie's nightmare, and that now she's worried that maybe she really was the General Homicide killer. Rachel asks what prompted the nightmare. Chris explains that Kevin being Christina's godfather has been very hard on Julie. Rachel reviews the facts - she doesn't think it is a coincidence that Julie is AWOL during the christening. Chris leaves to try to find Julie. At the church, the celebrant asks the attendees to place their gifts in a "sacred bag." Some tiny and symbolic gifts are presented - a vial of water, a bag of seeds, a small diamond necklace.

Kevin misses the gift-giving. He is still in the narthex - he's having trouble with his cell phone. At first he is approached by a somewhat scary-looking man; he asks Kevin if he can help him. Kevin explains his phone problems, and asks if there are any pay phones. The man directs him to them, and watches him leave. Kevin went to the pay phones - he is again being watched by the Stalker-Cam. The stalker sneaks up behind him and whacks him on the head. Kevin passes out, falling to the ground.

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