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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 21, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, February 21, 2000

Brandon embellished his story for a suspicious Larry and claimed that Abe put his innocent father in prison. Though Brandon told Larry that Abe had it in for him, Larry warned Brandon not to play him for a sucker. Nicholas suggested to Kate that if they could share a shower, they could certainly share a suite at the lodge. The two started kissing passionately and removed the rest of their clothes. Vivian drove Victor up to the lodge and, on the way, was shocked to learn that he was impotent. When they arrived, Vivian and Victor headed to the suite, where she asked him to wait out of sight to surprise Kate. A shirtless Nicholas answered the door. Vivian quickly spotted Kate inside trying to hide. Abe and Roman discussed Abe's troubles over a beer. Abe felt that he'd been set up. Roman then went back to work while Abe angrily smashed the beer bottle in frustration. Lili's panic attacks started to affect everyone on the flight to Europe. John found the pilot unconscious and called for help over the radio. Using a disguised voice, Rolf answered his call. Bo sat down in the co-pilot's seat while Bart pressed another button, which pointed John's plane down toward the ground.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Ivan was thrilled when he won a $40 million lottery jackpot. He ordered champagne for everyone at Tuscany, and a diamond necklace for Celeste. Celeste advised Ivan that he should consider giving his relationship with Vivian one more chance. Vivian talked to a panicked Nicholas and Kate, and finally realized that she should do the right thing for a lovesick Victor's sake. Later, Kate was thrilled when she saw that Victor could walk. After they danced, Kate thanked Vivian. Vivian announced to Victor that it was time for her to move on, because she was not "confused" anymore. Vivian told Nicholas that if Kate ever hurt Victor, she would have answer to her. Vivian returned home and was puzzled by a limo that was parked outside. She fainted when she learned that Ivan was a millionaire. Ivan proposed -- not marriage, but friendship -- and invited her on an around-the-world adventure. He took her in his limo and bade farewell to Salem, saying that the world awaited them.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Brandon talked with Sami at Dot Com and asked her out, but she admitted that she had a date with Austin. As Stefano told himself that he felt like he was dying, Hope realized there were no more pills. She was relieved when she felt her baby kicking. Kurt made it to the door and learned that Stefano was sick and Hope was pregnant. Unsure of what to do, Kurt decided to make a decision the next day. Greta had a dream in which her mother wanted her to acknowledge her father. Greta realized that she was falling in love with Eric. On the plane, John overrode the plane's control system by cutting some wires with a knife. As he did so, his mercenary side took over for a moment and he suddenly put the knife to Bo's throat. After he snapped out of it, Bo warned John he had turned into someone Bo didn't know. Rolf's spy called his boss to complain about the flight. Realizing what happened to the pilots, Marlena forced John to explain what happened, and he asked her to trust him. After she left because she was airsick, Mimi returned to her seat and spotted Belle and Shawn having a good time.

Thursday, February 24, 2000

Brandon paid his mother a visit and when she asked what he was doing, Brandon boasted about his plans to make Abe pay for what he'd done to their family. She worried about what he'd do once he learned the truth, and pushed Brandon to tell Abe about their past. He refused. Out to have dinner with Lexie, Abe and his wife stopped by the restaurant where she once met Brandon, and Lexie finally admitted the same to her husband. Waiting for a table of their own, Austin and Sami brought up the fight and Brandon's rage from a long time before. John figured out there was a bomb on the plane and quickly found it stored away. Shawn overheard and wanted to help. John advised Marlena of the situation while the others played poker. Lily found the dead pilots on the floor and screamed. John slapped her to calm her down and finally revealed that there was a bomb aboard.

Friday, February 25, 2000

Still trapped in the castle, Hope sensed Bo and Shawn were in terrible danger. Hope finally realized that Stefano had been pretending to eat so that she would have all of the food. She then poured half her soup into his bowl and insisted that he eat. Kurt decided to kill Stefano, but when he sneaked into the room, Hope awoke and screamed. Startled, Kurt shot his gun. A deranged Rolf arranged for the plane to be taken off autopilot while John was headed to find the bomb. John returned to the cockpit and corrected it. Meanwhile, Bart was outraged and couldn't believe what Rolf was doing. Rolf's man on John's plane called to complain. Rolf then threw a switch that blew open the door on the plane so that his man was sucked out along with the other steward. Julie rescued Marlena and freed her from the tremendous pressure from the open door. John, Shawn, and Eric worked in the cargo hold to get to the coffin. Meanwhile, Greta managed to pull the door closed. John discovered the bomb, but found it was booby-trapped. John used his shaving cream to fill the tube so the bomb could be moved. John moved the bomb to the rear of the plane, but it then went off.

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