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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 31, 2000 on PC
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Monday, January 31, 2000

In the pediatric ICU, Joe sits watching Neil sleep in his room. Karen has just returned from her trip to LA, Joe asks her how she did. She says Neil is back in the program and will get the experimental drug! Joe thanks her profusely, and is very encouraged. Karen reminds him it may not work, but he's very hopeful.

Courtney finds Frank in the hospital chapel. He invites her to stay but she says she's not comfortable in the chapel. Kevin comes in and says he got her message, Courtney told him that Neil has stopped eating. She's worried that this will aggravate his already weakened condition, and Frank says they don't want to resort to a feeding tube. Can Kevin help them get Neil to eat?

At the courthouse, Scott wonders why Julie and Chris are there. Chris concocts a story about getting passports so they can go on a belated honeymoon, yes, says Julie, they had a lot of time to make up for. Julie can't keep her eyes off Christina.

Scott starts to ask them to leave, but Lucy, beaming and smiling at the baby, says it's okay, they can stay--they just finished signing all the paperwork and Christina is officially their daughter! "Oh, my God!" bursts out Julie, in tears, "I'm too late!"

The Baldwins are mystified, and ask, "Too late for what?" Julie stutters, "Christina...is...Christina...Christina..." Lucy asks, "Christina is what?" Chris quickly takes over, hugging Julie close to him, saying that they had wanted to be there for the adoption, but obviously they are too late. Julie looks stricken as Chris offers congratulations. Julie snaps out of it, and plays along, although still very upset. Chris leads Julie out to go get their "passports". Before she leaves, Lucy says that she is very grateful to Julie for giving them Christina...Julie looks startled until Lucy reminds her about finding the baby in the snow. Julie looks stricken again and Chris pulls her out of the judge's office. Scott says that Julie seemed a little 'nutty', Lee agrees that she seemed very agitated. Gail takes Julie's side, saying she seemed nervous, and with just getting out of Ferncliff and the trial and everything, it's to be expected on her first day 'out'. Lucy agrees with Gail, but Scott isn't convinced and wonders why she showed up uninvited. Lucy still doesn't think that Julie has ulterior motives, that she merely meant to wish them luck with the adoption.

In the outer office, Julie is crying. "I can't do this, Chris, I can't do this!" She wants to go back and tell the Baldwins that Christina is hers--Chris stops her and says they need to find another way to get the baby back. He is also distraught, and hugs the tearful Julie close to him. Outside Neil's room, Karen has told Frank, Courtney and Kevin the good news about the experimental program. Everyone is relieved that Neil has another chance. Courtney told Karen she appreciates everything she did to get Neil back in the program--now if they can just get him to eat! Courtney told them she thinks Kevin may be able to help, Joe says it's worth a try. Kevin wants to be appraised of Neil's physical health first, so they go in the lounge, leaving Frank with Courtney. She wants them to tell Neil the good news, but Frank says he forgot his cell phone in the chapel, he'll be right back. As Courtney walks toward Neil's door, Mary calls out to her to wait. Mary asks how Neil is doing, and Courtney tells her he still isn't eating but the good news is he's back in the program. Mary compliments Karen for accomplishing that, and Courtney makes a crack about it was the least Karen could do since this whole situation is her fault. Mary comes down hard on Courtney, saying Karen isn't the only one to blame--why did Courtney lie to everyone about Frank? "You really are a cheap piece of...work!" Mary says contemptuously, which Frank overhears. "All right, that's enough!" he told his mother firmly. "Not one more word, mom, not *one*!" he says warningly. Mary looks at Frank in disbelief as he says he never wants to hear her talk to Courtney that way again. Mary asks him "Can't you see what she's done to our family?" but Frank says he doesn't care--he is equally at fault for what happened, and if Mary has a problem with Courtney, then she also has a problem with him. Mary says, that's what hurts the most, I'm going to see my grandson. Frank tries to comfort Courtney, who says Mary hates her. Frank says she's just upset about Neil, but Courtney says she saw it in Mary's eyes--if Frank sticks by her, he could lose his whole family...he gives her a big hug and says everything will work out okay. They go to get some coffee. Karen and Joe come into the hallway by Neil's room, sure that Kevin will be able to help Neil deal with his mixed up feelings. Joe doesn't want to, but if Neil doesn't eat, it means the feeding tube will happen. Karen says he's not going to put his personal feelings ahead of Neil's health, and invites Joe to go to Christina's adoption party, but he says he'd rather stay with Neil.

At the firehouse, the Baldwins are beside themselves with excitement. Aunt Charlene has gone way overboard with the food and decorations, and Serena says she's so happy she can finally officially call Christina her baby sister! She even has a special present for the baby, a stuffed cat that squeaks. "We need another dirty kitty like we need a hole in the head," Scott teases Serena, who gets semi-offended at her father's immature comment. Lucy says dirty kitty only got that way because Serena hugged and snuggled it to pieces, and Lee says it just shows how much Christina's big sister loves her. He shares a bonding moment with Scott, telling him it reminds him of when Scott was adopted, how it filled an emptiness in his life. Lucy says she finally has the family she has always, always wanted. Christina watches seriously, recognizing foreshadowing when she hears it. Chris brought Julie to his apartment, where a table filled with roses, caviar and champagne awaits. Julie is overwhelmed, not expecting it, but pleased nevertheless. She realizes these are all answers she wrote on the questionnaire way back when, and Chris says everything, except Led Zeppelin, one of them broke a hip or something and couldn't make it. Julie says he amazes her, and he truthfully says he wishes he could have done more--to get Christina back. Julie wishes they could've stopped the adoption, but Chris says they need to adjust their game plan. They just need to keep secret the fact that Julie is Christina's mother, which she says she doesn't think she can do. It isn't fair that she gets her freedom and loses her daughter on the same day. Chris encourages her by pointing out all the positives of the situation, seeming very sincere. He caresses her face with a rose, but when she starts to become romantic, he offers her the guest room because she must be tired. He says they have the rest of their lives together, he's not going to push her, and Julie looks relieved.

Kevin opens the doors to Neil's room, asking to come in. He offers Neil, who looks like crap, a slushy, but Neil refuses it. Kevin comments on the uneaten food on his tray and asks why Neil hasn't eaten it. "Why should I? I'm just gonna die anyway," says the child. Kevin asks why he thinks that, and Neil says he knows how sick he is, and the baby died, and he was just getting worse...Kevin tries to cheer him up, but Neil says that was all before he found out his mom lied and Joe isn't his dad. Oh, says Kevin, you don't think you're going to die, you just don't think life is so great anymore, so you're just giving up. Neil says maybe. Kevin tries reverse psychology--he says all those people who told him Neil was a fighter were wrong, that Neil's not the strong kid he thought he was. Then he says he thinks Neil can figure out a way to solve his problems besides hurting himself. As Kevin went to leave, he starts to pick up the shake he brought, then sets it back down. After he's gone, Neil thinks over what was said, picks up the shake and takes a drink with a heavy sigh. Kevin watches silently from the window outside Neil's room. In the hall, Kevin told the others what he saw, and they are immensely relieved. Joe's worried about Neil continuing to eat, but Kevin says they just need to be patient. Joe says he doesn't believe they have that much time.

At the firehouse, Serena asks Karen when Joe will arrive, she says he's working late and can't make it. Karen congratulates Scott and Lucy about Christina, and Serena takes her away to see the gift she got for their new little sister. Lucy is relieved that everything has finally worked out. Scott still has misgivings that something might go wrong, but decides to be happy with the moment.

At Chris's apt., Julie wakes Chris and says she can't sleep--it's too quiet and not what she's used to--will he just hold her tonight? He pats the bed beside him (hubba hubba), and she snuggles close to him.

Tuesday, February 1, 2000

Julie wakes up to see Chris holding Christina at the foot of the bed. He hands the baby to Julie and says Christina's smile is the one only for Julie - her "mommy" smile. Julie says it's so perfect it feels like a dream. They kiss and then we see what's real - Chris and Julie sleeping peacefully (in the same bed even) and Julie's smile in her sleep. She really wakes up then, calling out and looking for her daughter. Chris awakens and asks if he was hogging the covers. No, he was a perfect gentleman all night. He asks why she woke up sad then. She was dreaming Christina was there; as if they'd been in time to stop the adoption. He told her that he knows she wanted a "quick fix" but that maybe Rachel was right about taking some time to work things out, show everybody the new Julie. he asks if he thinks anyone will really believe that and he says there's only one way to find that out. It's her first day of freedom; what does she want to do? Breakfast out? She says she'd kill for steak and eggs. He suggests she word it differently when she orders. She jumps up, ready to go but he says she's not quite ready. He sweetly gives her back her wedding ring, sliding it tenderly on her finger. Now she's ready.

At the firehouse, in a strangely similar scene to what Julie's dream was, Scott, Lucy and the girls are cuddling in bed together. Scott conducts a pretend interview using the baby bottle as a microphone. It's a lovely family scene. Scott asks what they want to do today and Serena says she'd like them to be tested for donors for Neil. She thinks it would be *wonderful* if either she or Christina were a match for Neil . Serena went on to say that she's been praying every single day for Neil to get better and thinks it'd be a miracle if she or her sister were a match - an answer to her prayers. Scott and Lucy agree to take them today.

In Neil's room, Joe is watching him sleep, checking his chart. He touches him lovingly and told the sleeping child that he needs a good old-fashioned miracle.

At the nurses station, Karen is on the phone when Scott, Lucy and the girls arrive. Scott told her they came to have the kids tested. Serena says it was her idea and Joe, entering, says she always has the best ideas. She asks if she can see Neil and Karen says she's sorry but... Joe jumps in and told Serena he'll see what he can do. Karen, looking strained, asks about Neil - how is he, did he eat - and Joe answers (the same, he hasn't eaten yet today).

At the Recovery Room Chris and Julie arrive for breakfast. *Everyone* in the place freezes and then stares at them with trepidation. They make their way to a table amid the stares and sit down. They discuss what to have and Julie, although craving steak and eggs earlier, notices the Belgian waffles. The waiter comes to take their order, greets Chris and turns to greet Julie - and freezes. Chris pulls it out by completing the waiter's sentence and ordering for both of them (steak and eggs AND Belgian waffles for Julie). Julie tries to ignore the stares but it bothers her; she's just eating breakfast after all. They chat about what to do with the rest of the day when Matt comes in. Julie greets him and asks if everyone still hangs out there.

Matt says that may change. She invites him to join them anyway, trying to overlook the dig. A patron comes over and comments that he didn't know they were serving murderers there now. Chris says he's mistaken; this is an innocent woman and doesn't he read the papers? CAN he read the papers? The interloper stalks off. Matt says she has to expect that. A lot of people feel that way. Does he? He says, five people died. She confessed. But Cooper make her do it, Julie objects. Or he made her kill them, Matt observes, she should at least be getting some help. She IS getting help, she says, why can't anyone see that? Matt told her it's because every time he looks at her, all he sees is how much he misses Grace. He leaves. Julie asks what it will take to win them over and Chris told her time. Chris and Julie go back to deciding what to do with the day (Julie IS waving that knife around a lot). Chris suggests they dip the knife in catsup and wave it around; probably clear the room. Chris says next time it' soup or something that can eaten with a spoon. Pretty much everyone else has left the restaurant when the owner (manager?) comes over and suggests to Chris that they leave ASAP. Chris told him they will leave when they're darn good and ready. It obviously really bothers Julie.

Joe ushers Serena into Neil's room where Neil is lying listlessly. Neil lights up when he sees Serena and they talk. In the hallway, Scott asks Joe how Neil is doing. They discuss his situation and Scott recounts how it was when Serena was in the accident. In Neil's room, Serena and Neil are talking like kids do and Neil told her he's not eating the hospital food. Serena gets serious and told him he has to eat it or he won't get better. Back in the hall, Karen and Lucy have joined Joe and Scott. Joe leaves quickly and Lucy asks Scott to go check on Gail and the baby. Lucy told Karen to wait it out with Joe; he still loves her.

In the waiting room, Joe, Scott and Lucy are talking to Serena about her visit with Neil. She seems very concerned. Lucy suggests she and Serena go rescue Gail since Scott didn't. Joe thanks Scott for the pep talk and Scott leaves. Joe went to check on Neil and asks about his visit with Serena. Joe told Neil he doesn't have to talk to him but he should listen. There's an army of people out there like Serena who are falling all over themselves hoping Neil will get better. He told him that while he's not his Father father, if loving and wanting the best for him is a father, then he's felt like his dad since he first saw Neil. Neil asks why Joe never knew he wasn't his dad 'til now and Joe says he believed what he was told. Neil says his mom and uncle Frank are huge liars and they were rotten. Joe says they were trying to protect them. Neil asks if Joe thinks it was all right for them to do that. Can Joe forgive them? It'll take time. Neil says he doesn't know if he ever will. Joe says everyone makes mistakes and he's making one now by not taking care of himself. Neil is tired so Joe leaves after dropping major hints about eating. Neil takes a bit of muffin.

Karen approaches Joe, outside Neil's room. He told her Neil is eating and what he told him. She asks if he believes that. He said it for Neil's sake.

At the restaurant, Chris pays the bill. As they are leaving, Lucy, Scott and Christina enter.

Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Outside Neil's room, Frank asks Kevin to help get Neil and Courtney together, not for him, but for them.

Lucy accepts Chris and Julie's offer to join them at their table.

Frank gets Courtney to give prayer a try. They kneel in the hospital chapel, and fold their hands.

Neil told Kevin that Victor brought him that book. Kevin says that Victor did that when he was sick, but he would fill in all the answers before Kevin had a chance. Neil says that Kevin could help Courtney, she's really bad at crosswords. Kevin asks if he can do a crossword. Sure, Neil says. Do Neil and Courtney do crosswords? Neil turns away. Oh, Kevin says. Neil says that parents say one thing, but do another. They *say* don't lie, but then they do. Kevin asks for a 4-letter word for football kick. Neil says punt. They talk about parents (Kevin and Victor's relationship mostly) and why Kevin calls his dad Victor (instead of "Dad"). A 5-letter word for raging weather. Storm, Neil says. Kevin says that parents make mistakes. Neil says they lied to him, that wasn't a mistake. Kevin told Neil that the lies were a mistake, they were told to protect him.

Lucy is telling someone on the phone that no, they don't raise prices just because it's Valentine's Day. She apologizes to Julie and Chris about conducting business. Julie says it's nice to see someone having fun. Lucy and Julie talk about being the outsider in town. Julie doesn't like the names they're calling her. Lucy says she's had all the names thrown at her, so she understands. Julie asks if anyone ever called Lucy "murderer." Lucy doesn't think so. Lucy needs to organize things in Christina's stroller. Julie jumps up and offers to hold Christina while Lucy gets organized. Julie reminds Lucy of New Year's Eve and how Christina didn't seem to mind her holding her then. Lucy says she'll never forget the night Julie saved Christina's life. Lucy gives Christina to Julie, who turns her back to Lucy while cooing to Christina. At the hospital, Eve is reading an ad for a free box of chocolate with a $200 purchase of lingerie. Eve folds the ad and places that paper in her pocket. That sounds like a keeper, Rachel says. Yup, Eve says as she tucks it into her pants pocket. Rachel asks if Eve knows why Kevin called her "Livvy".

Eve says she has no idea where that name came from. Rachel says she had a patient that lost a daughter named Livvy. She was bipolar, and had a case of transference, where she started calling Rachel "Livvy". Eve says she knows what transference is. Rachel threatens to call the police on Kevin - for stalking. Eve says that's ridiculous. Rachel says she's not the one being stalked. NEITHER IS SHE, Eve yells, then gets a hold of herself.

Kevin told Neil that two puzzles are his limit. They talk about why Neil is eating. He was hungry, Neil says. That's a good reason. As Kevin leaves, Neil asks him to have his mother come visit him. Kevin says he will. Neil thanks Kevin for visiting and for listening. Outside Neil's room, Kevin told Frank and Courtney that Neil wants to see her.

Lucy is holding Christina again. Julie asks if Lucy has a regular babysitter, what with all the business meetings she must attend. Not really, Lucy says, Christina went to all the business meetings, except that this last one, she tipped over the sample bottles, and ate a magic marker. Now that she's crawling, she may not be the best business partner. In fact, Lucy says, she had to cancel a meeting today because Serena suggested the two girls get tested for Neil's bone narrow drive. Julie is worried about the pain of the procedure if one of them is a match. Well, Lucy says, that's a possibility, but a little boy's life is at stake here. Lucy's cell phone rings, and she expects that it's Don, so she takes Christina and answers it off to the right. Chris told Julie to hold back a little so Lucy doesn't get suspicious. Julie is worried about having Christina tested. Chris says no one will know they are related, even if she is a match for Neil. At least no one will suspect, unless Julie blows it.

Courtney went in to see Neil. Neil says he was wondering if she would bring her the books on Tanzania and Treasure Island. She says he got it. How about new books or tapes? No reply. She gets up to leave and he says maybe later, she can read to him and act out the parts, like she used to? Sure, she says. Outside the room, she told Frank that Neil wants her to read to him. They hug. Eve alone says, transference, Rachel?...I don't think so. Kevin (out of sight of Eve and the camera) says how about Chinese food, to go with extra fortune cookies? Eve jumps a little and the camera pans back to show both of them. Eve tells Kevin about Rachel's story about transference - he says it doesn't ring true. And get this, Eve says, Rachel says that Kevin heard the name Livvy on her answering machine, and she's threatening to call the police and say Kevin is stalking her. Some of them might listen to her, he suggests.

As Lucy returned to the table, Chris says they should leave. Rachel comes in and Chris and Julie go to another table, after Lucy told them that time is what they need to stop being the main attraction in town. At the other table, Julie tells Rachel that they ran into Lucy and Christina accidentally, and Lucy let her hold Christina. Rachel says they need to work on Lucy a little, and she'll totally be in their court. Julie wants to find a way to be in Christina's life every day.

Thursday, February 3, 2000

On the 6th floor of GH, Eve spots Scott getting off the elevator. Scott told her that he and Lee are law partners now. Eve cracks a joke about his success in getting Julie free, so he should have no trouble getting other murderers set free. Scott says he doesn't believe Julie is dangerous, but Eve disagrees, saying Kevin was once Julie's target, and if she comes after him again, Eve won't forget who set Julie free. She walks off, angry.

At the Recovery Room, Julie is telling Rachel how she felt holding Christina earlier. Rachel reiterates that they will get Christina back, it will just take some time. Chris returns to their table, saying he's been called in to work since some interns have the flu. Julie expresses disappointment that she and Chris won't be able to spend the evening together like they had planned. Chris invites her to come with him back to GH. Julie is hesitant, but Chris and Rachel convince her. Before they leave, Julie went over to Lucy's table, and thanks her for her encouragement. "I hope someday I get everything you have, a home, a family, a baby..." She offers to babysit for Christina sometime, but Lucy says she has all the help she needs, and told Julie to hang in there. As Rachel, Chris and Julie walk outside the RR, Kevin is coming in. "So," he says pointedly. "You're free."

With only a few sentences, Kevin manages to insult Julie and Rachel, and totally ignores Chris, who told him to get lost. Julie says she's under no one's control and will do whatever it takes to rebuild her life, and she intends to get it *all* back. Julie and Chris walk on, leaving Rachel behind, who gives Kevin a contemptuous look and leaves as well.

Kevin went into the RR, obviously irritated and disturbed by the encounter. Lucy, fussing over Christina, notices him, and invites him to join them. The two ex-lovers discuss their opposing views of Julie's innocence with familiar banter. Kevin once again warns Lucy to be careful of Julie. She thanks him, repeating that she knows what she is doing. Julie is no danger to her.

At GH, Eve is on the phone giving out orders for a patient. Scott, very apologetically, told her he didn't try to put Kevin in danger by helping Julie. Eve retorts, "Then what did you think the consequences of getting Julie free would be?!" He claims he created reasonable doubt, but Eve says she knows in her heart that Julie is dangerous. "Well, you can't send someone to Sing Sing because they're scary!" retorts Scott back. Eve, being funny, says, "Really? They're trying to do it to Linda Tripp!" Scott realizes he can't win, and about that time Rachel, Chris and Julie exit the elevator, to Eve's disgust and dismay. Julie feels weird about being back at the hospital, and several doctors, orderlies, and assorted extras go WAAAAAAAAAAAY out of their way to avoid Julie, with fear all over their faces. Julie goes over to the desk before a nurse named Maggie can get away, and told her she's glad to be back. Maggie wants to know if she's coming back for good, Julie says she's still thinking about it. Maggie beats a hasty retreat, to Eve's delight and approval. She taunts Scott about others being anxious around Julie. He's also wondering what in Sam Hill is Julie doing at GH?

Julie told Chris half-heartedly, "Maybe I need a breath mint," but once again he and Rachel continue to encourage her. Still, Julie wonders how she can ever ask a nurse for a scalpel, when they're afraid she'll use it on them? Eve overhears, and asks, "Can you blame them?" Julie says she never took a life at the hospital (begging the question, "Where *did* you take them, Julie?"), that she only saved them. Eve stays her ground stubbornly, finding Julie hard to believe. Scott watches from a short distance.

Eve gets in a few cheap shots before Chris says, that's enough. Julie tells him it's okay, let Eve say her piece. Eve says she is still holding that being bricked into a wall thing against Julie. Julie asks, "Is this how it's going to be?" She was hoping for a clean slate. Eve, on a comedic roll, says they don't make erasers *that* big! Chris stops the two women and defends Julie, as does Rachel. Eve isn't buying any of it. Scott moves to her side and tells her she's just going to have to back off. Julie thanks Scott, who says he's wondering why they're even at GH at all. Chris says it was his idea, and Scott says, of course, it was an idiotic idea...why don't the 2 of them take the passports they got at the courthouse yesterday and take a trip to Bimini? Rachel, in the background, is taken aback, and asks, "You were at the courthouse yesterday?" Julie and Chris look around at her guiltily. Chris says they were keeping their travel options open. Surprisingly, Rachel agrees that a honeymoon may ease Julie's transition back into PC society. There's an undercurrent of hostility between Chris and Rachel as he reminds her that since Julie's free and clear, they can do whatever they want, and they don't need anyone's approval. Rachel looks at them disapprovingly.

At the RR, Kevin and Lucy are chatting companionably. Kevin wonders if maternal bliss has dulled Lucy's instincts toward the danger Julie poses...Lucy says that may be so, since Christina is so sweet and innocent, it changes her outlook on life and others. Kevin says Neil made him feel likewise. Lucy asks how Neil is doing, and Kevin updates her. He says he wishes he could snap his fingers and make Neil feel better. Lucy calls him an old softie, and Kevin agrees. She says he's a natural with kids, reminding him of his relationship with Serena. Kevin says he would be a terrible father if he had his own daughter, because he'd wind up spoiling her rotten everytime she batted her eyes at him. Lucy laughs and agrees the child would be "daddy's little girl". Kevin laughs, too, saying it sounds kind of nice. They both get nostalgic and sober a bit. "Do you still think about the baby we lost?" Lucy asks quietly. "Yeah," Kevin confesses, "But then I see you with Christina, and I know it just wasn't meant to be." They are staring into each other's eyes at this point, you can see the hurt they both feel. Lucy comments that the universe does weird things sometimes, and he agrees that it is incomprehensible, at most. It's plain to see the "what might have been" thoughts running through their minds (I love these two together!). Lucy quickly changes the subject, bringing out some pictures from Christina's adoption ceremony and party. Kevin oohs and aaahs appropriately and calls Lucy the "poster child for a *functional* family". Lucy says (in a definite moment of foreshadowing), "Yes, it's almost too good to be true!"

Later, Lucy runs into Scott at the hospital. She mentions running into Kevin, Chris and Julie at the RR. Scott's surprised, because he ran into Chris and Julie at GH too. Lucy wonders how Julie's arrival at the hospital went, since she cleaned out the RR in record time. Scott says Eve gave her the cold shoulder, to which Lucy laughs and says, there, I'm justified in being nice to Julie if Eve is against her. Scott says he still has misgivings and doesn't want Julie around the kids. Lucy says she understands but she's not going to cross the street if she sees Julie coming her way. Scott teases Lucy with a gift--it's a bracelet for Lucy with 2 pendants, one for Serena and one for Christina. Lucy is very touched when Scott told her that it should remind her of how much she means to him. They kiss tenderly, and Lucy, admiring the bracelet, says she loves it.

Chris confronts Eve and asks her what her problem is. She must have had a funny pill for lunch, because she starts listing, "Size 2 models. Conditioners that make your hair feel *really* heavy..." Chris interrupts her angrily. What does she think Julie's gonna do? Come after her and Kevin? he barks. When Eve doesn't respond, he realizes that is *exactly* what she thinks will happen! He says Kevin and Eve may not be on the top of Julie's favorite people list, but she doesn't have it in for them...Eve begs to differ, asking him what Rachel has in mind for them? Chris admits he doesn't understand Rachel either, but she makes Julie feel safe. Eve says she is feeling less safe with every passing second.

Julie thanks Rachel for escorting her around and making her feel safe. Rachel counters that most of her patients who feel safe with her tell her the truth. She asked about the visit to the courthouse, and Julie admits they were going to try to stop Christina's adoption. Being apart from Christina is killing her. She starts getting angry, blaming Kevin for making them late to the courthouse, cursing him for interfering with her life. At this point, Kevin walks up behind her, telling her it's not his fault her life's the way it is--if only she had competent help...Julie told him to stop following her around like a dark cloud. Kevin says Julie sounds paranoid, but Rachel disagrees with him. Kevin says he is concerned for Julie and everyone else, and he's going to keep an eye on Julie until he's convinced she's okay and no danger to anyone. After he leaves, Rachel tells Julie not to let him get to her. Julie still blames Kevin for her losing Christina, and now because of him she'll have to fight Scott and Lucy for the baby. Rachel says she may have to keep fighting Kevin as well. Julie ominously says that if Kevin persists, he'll find that he's picked the wrong person to go against!

Friday, February 4, 2000

Eve arrives home at the Lighthouse; she finds a pink bow-festooned box on the table. She is busy shaking it and trying to peek into it when Kevin comes into the room. She is startled and guiltily puts the box down; she was just admiring the wrapping, she claims. Kevin grins - looked like she was trying to get a peek. Eve admits that she couldn't help being curious - but who could blame a super-sleuth like herself? Kevin figures such a great sleuth ought to be able to figure it out without peeking, but he responds to her pleas with a hint - "It's something you wear." The blue cashmere sweater at Wyndham's? Nope. The black teddy with laces up the front? Nope (though Kevin's getting turned on at the thought). A big box with a smaller box inside containing an antique necklace she's been admiring? Regis - er, Kevin - asks if that's her final answer, and then told her to open the box and see if she's a millionaire.

Nope. It's a little-girl dress. Eve suggests that it's a little small. Not if you're Christina, Kevin explains (in fact, it looks a little big for her). It's a belated adoption present. They decide to go together to deliver the dress. On the way, Eve threatens to bend Kevin's ear with what she wants for Valentine's Day. World peace, he suggests? Nope.

Julie comes into Chris's bedroom. She sits on the bed, caressing the sheets. She calls to see if Chris is out of surgery. Nope. Then she looks at a photo of Christina. This seems to help her to make a decision, and she strides from the room purposefully.

At the Firehouse, Lucy is annoyed - a buyers' meeting was cancelled at the last minute. And Aunt Charlene has Christina. Scott has some free time, so he suggests a diversion they can share. They talk about how having kids curtails their chances to sleep in. Scott mentions how mature it was for Serena to suggest that she and Christina be tested as bone marrow donors. Lucy is proud of her too - Serena must be an old soul. But she interrupts her own babbling to suggest that she and Scott should make better use of this rare time alone.

While they're inside shedding their clothes, Kevin and Eve run into Julie outside the firehouse. They grill Julie as to why she's there, and the situation deteriorates into a screaming match (mainly between Eve and Julie). Julie eventually accuses them of following her to the Firehouse. Since this sounds like a reference to his stalker past, this presses Kevin's buttons, and he and Julie shout at each other until Lucy and Scott come outside to find out what all the hollering is about.

Julie apologizes. She says she needs legal help with Bennett Devlin's estate. Scott told her it's a civil matter, and he doesn't practice civil law. She asks, will he reconsider? Nope. Further, she (and everybody) should call first - no dropping by. Kevin gives Lucy the present for Serena; she invites Kevin and Eve into the house. Scott wishes Julie good luck in finding an attorney. Lucy stays outside with Julie, who explains she had such a good time with Christina the other day that she wanted to do it again; Lucy told her she is welcome to come by some other time, but agrees that calling first is a good idea. Julie leaves.

Inside, Kevin and Eve are ranting about Julie. Lucy defends her. Kevin thinks it's weird that Julie just showed up without any notice; Lucy thinks Julie is just lonely and trying to get her life back on track. Kevin thinks it's weird that she would try to do that with people with whom she had no connection before (Eve interjects, "THEY'RE all dead"). Scott told Kevin he doesn't need a watchdog, and points out that Kevin and Eve showed up without calling first too. Eve told them about Julie's accusation that Kevin and Eve were following her; Lucy accuses Eve of a history of exaggeration (pot, kettle). Eve wonders if Lucy will still feel that way the next time Julie tries to brick them up in a wall. Kevin doesn't think Julie's attitude is about "making nice with the neighbors." He advises Scott and Lucy to be careful.

Later, Lucy is admiring the dress. Christina will be home soon; there's not enough time to resume fooling around. Scott is mad at Julie for the interruption. Besides, he did her a favor; he didn't know she was going to become so attached to him. Lucy continues to take Julie's side - after all, they both know what it's like to have the town against you. Scott admits that at least they should be glad Julie considers them friends....

Back at the Lighthouse, Eve and Kevin arrive, and Kevin finds a photo of himself on the floor, the glass smashed. He suggests that it probably fell down; he left the window and he figures the drape blew the picture over. Kevin shuts the window, looking out thoughtfully. Does he believe the story he just told Eve? Based on his expression, nope. Back at the Chris-house, an agitated Julie gazes at Christina's photo.

Courtney is with Neil (who looks even worse than before). He's too tired to hear another story. He doesn't think the new medicine is working. Courtney suggests that maybe he'd like another visitor - Frank. Neil gets upset and turns away abruptly; Courtney tries to soothe him. She notices a large bruise on his elbow - did he just get it when he turned? Neil agrees that he didn't have the bruise a minute ago.

A few minutes later, Karen and Joe examine Neil while in the hall Courtney is telling Frank about this latest setback. Outside Neil's room, Karen told Joe that Neil's hemoglobin is very low. Joe can't believe that after just one day on the experimental drug, Neil is already anemic. Later, Joe explains Neil's condition to Frank and Courtney, with Alan Quartermaine also standing by. Alan explains that the experimental drug protocol doesn't permit Neil to be given iron or B-12; Karen further explains that the anemia isn't wholly unexpected. The doctors originally turned Neil down for the experimental study because he was so sick. Courtney predictably blames: maybe the doctors were right, and why did Karen fight so hard to get him in the program anyway? Courtney wants him off the new medicine. Alan and Joe both advise against this; they think the experimental drug is Neil's best chance.

They discuss Neil's chances for a bone marrow transplant. Joe wants more people working on testing donor blood; Alan says nobody is available. Karen asks why she can't help, but Alan reminds her that she already has lots of responsibilities as chief resident. Karen's rather presumptuous response IS, "Well, that's why I AM chief resident - because I can handle it." Well, EXCUUUUUSE us! Alan gives her permission, and then leaves. Karen swears to get every blood sample tested even if she has to sleep in the lab. Courtney asks how much time Neil has left; Karen admits she doesn't know. Joe told Courtney that Neil IS going to beat this. Neil is asleep, and Courtney sits beside him, touching his hand. Frank, standing close to her, gently wraps one arm around her, pulling her head against his chest; with the other hand, he covers Courtney's hand as it touches Neil's.

Meanwhile, Karen, Joe, and Matt are in the lab. Karen has cleared Matt's schedule so he can help with the testing (and, wow, perhaps gotten him involved in a genuine storyline). Joe keeps up his optimism-at-any-cost line. After he leaves, Matt and Karen discuss the possibility that Joe is losing his perspective on Neil's case. Karen remarks that it will take a miracle to save Neil. The omniscient camera, recognizing a miracle when it sees one, zooms in on Christina's tube of blood, awaiting analysis.

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