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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 31, 2000 on GH
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Monday, January 31, 2000

Liz was working at the diner. When Tammy went upstairs to change clothes in preparation for her date with Mike, Liz joined Sonny at his table. She had questions for him concerning Francis, the bodyguard - what would he do when she had classes (be invisible) or when she wanted to sleep (he and the other guys would hang around the diner, playing poker). She also wanted to know how they'd know when Sorel got the message, but Sonny assured her that he'd know. She asked if Francis could be persuaded to put a scare into the art professor who had deemed her portrait of Lucky "sentimental and self-involved." Mike arrived, greeted Francis, and looked around with concern. Liz got up from the table and Mike replaced her, demanding an explanation. Sonny explained about Francis, and about Tammy and the baseball bat, and told Mike that if he noticed anyone following on his date with Tammy, that it was just one of Sonny's men. Mike was upset that he hadn't known about any of this, and as he prepared to leave with Tammy he cautioned Sonny that they weren't finished with the topic. On her way out, Tammy told Liz that Bobbie had called and would not be coming in. Liz asked Sonny if everything were okay with Mike, and Sonny told her that Mike worries, and admitted that it isn't entirely unwarranted, but cautioned her not to tell Mike so. Later, Liz and Sonny discussed their family histories. Liz talked about fighting with her brother and sister and Sonny shared a bit of his past, being an only child and hanging out at the Cerullos' all the time. Liz then commented that the hardest thing about someone dying is imagining all the things that might have been. She imagined moving to NY with Lucky, and Sonny confided that Lily had been pregnant when she died, and that he had imagined what the child would have been like. Sonny then left the diner, and Liz began to clean up, gazing after Sonny thoughtfully.

Carly was at the Women's Center. As she prepared for her procedure, she began to cry and question her plan, but when the nurse asked if she were ready, she said that she was and they went in a back room. Bobbie entered just then, but the receptionist would not confirm or deny Carly's presence, even when Bobbie trotted out her credentials as head OR nurse at GH. She explained that she just wanted to be with her daughter, and when the receptionist refused to yield, went to barge in, but the security guard grabbed her arm and prevented it. Bobbie phoned Tammy to tell her she would not be in to the diner and renewed her efforts to get in to see he daughter. Just as the receptionist was going to have Bobbie removed, Carly entered the room and they hugged. The receptionist and guard left to lock up, and Carly asked how Bobbie knew she would be there. Bobbie explained that mothers know these things, but asked why Carly hadn't confided in her. Carly explained that she thought it was her problem, so she'd planned to deal with it alone. Bobbie protested that Carly never had to go through anything alone as long as her mother was around, and planned to take Carly to the Brownstone to recuperate. Carly said that she couldn't go through with it, and at first Bobbie misunderstood and replied that the important thing was to get some rest, but Carly repeated: she could not go through with the abortion, she was still pregnant. She explained that all she could think about was Michael, then when she thought about the new baby, she couldn't go through with the abortion. Bobbie said that although Carly's marriage to AJ wasn't ideal, maybe the new baby would bring them closer, but Carly told her that the baby isn't AJ's. Bobbie then assumed that the baby was Jason's, and went on at length, despite feeble protests from Carly, about how Jason will forgive her and return when he learns she is carrying his child. Bobbie suggested that they ask Sonny to contact Jason, and Carly responded by insisting that Sonny, of all people, never be told, then admitted that the baby is his.

At Luke's club, Felicia worked on the books as Luke watched from the doorway. When he attracted her attention he was rewarded with big hugs and much delighted greeting. Felicia asked him what he'd been doing, and he avoided answering at first, just saying that he had a hunch. Then he admitted that the hunch was that Lucky was alive, and Felicia insisted that he start from the beginning. Luke related the entire tale, from Faison's summons to the pier to the part Mac played, and explained that he went to Europe to try to find any clue that Lucky might still be alive. He asked Felicia in a whisper if she thought it possible. Felicia replied that it was hard to take Faison at his word and suggested that they speak to Mac, get the PD files on the fire that killed Lucky, and see if Mac had any contacts that could help. Luke rejected the plan, saying that he had his own contacts, and insisted that Mac not be told. He also stated that he did not want Laura to know, as she'd been through enough - he'd do the job alone. Felicia protested that there was no chance he'd be alone, and told him that she would help him. Again she suggested that they could trust Mac, and again Luke rejected the idea, pointing out that he's not even sure that it all wasn't just a ploy. Felicia insisted that she wanted to be involved, and Luke suggested she tell that to her husband. There was a knock at the door and Stefan entered, explaining that he wanted a moment alone with Luke to discuss the possible connection between his mother and Faison. Stefan told them that the police are satisfied that Faison murdered Katherine Bell, but he disagreed. He pointed out that Faison was a master criminal, that Helena would have no need for someone like that to pull off a murder she could easily accomplish on her own. He also could not understand why Faison would have been lured out of hiding for such a menial task, and concluded that there must be another objective. Stefan expressed concern that Helena could be targeting Laura again, and asked Luke if he had any other ideas, but Luke just replied "You're the one with all the answers." Stefan answered "I don't think so" and exited, leaving Felicia and Luke to wonder what that had all been about. Later, Luke reasoned that the fire had occurred before he stole Faison's diamonds, and therefore Faison had no real reason to want Luke to believe that Lucky was dead. Helena, however, had many reasons, and he wondered if " 'Your son is alive and...Helena's got him.' What if that 's what he was trying to say?"

We saw a replay of Chloe being struck by the car. Jax called 911 on his cell phone, and encouraged Chloe to hang on as the ambulance arrived. Chloe opened her eyes briefly, and Jax desperately told her he loved her as her eyes closed again. She was loaded into the ambulance as first the EMT and then Taggert pressed Jax for information. Jax wasn't very much help - he didn't see the car or the driver, but was able to tell Taggert that the driver accelerated toward Chloe and made no attempt to swerve. Jax assumed this meant that that driver was drunk, but as he left with the ambulance, Taggert looked thoughtful. Dara appeared on the scene, and Taggert filled her in on the developments, including the lack of description of the vehicle. Taggert mentioned that the driver had made no attempt to swerve, and wondered if it could be a deliberate hit and run. Dara decided to go to the hospital to gather information.

At General Hospital, Chloe was rushed in to the Emergency Room and Tony looked her over as Monica instructed Jax to try again to contact Ned. Jax watched the ER team and Tony commented that he's "worried about her head." In the hallway, Jax remembered fond times with Chloe and was trying to reach Ned when Dara arrived, saying that Taggert had briefed her on the situation but that she still had questions. She asked Jax if anyone could have known Chloe would be crossing the street at that time, and Jax inferred from her question that she suspected it might have been deliberate. Tony came out and asked if Jax had been able to locate Ned, and when Jax asked if there were developments, Monica explained that they needed to get Chloe stabilized and into the OR, and that Ned should be there. Jax agreed, but just stood watching.

On the docks, Stefan and Andreas met as Andreas commented that he couldn't be seen with Stefan. Stefan pointed out that the sooner Andreas cooperates, the safer he will be, then said that he knows Helena is planning a trip and demanded to know the destination and time of departure. Andreas fretted that Stefan is going to get him killed, but Stefan assured him that he could be protected and made to disappear. Andreas protested that he didn't want to disappear, but wanted assurance that when he came to Stefan for help, Stefan would give it, and Stefan agreed. Andreas then admitted that Helena was bound for Nova Scotia and would be leaving "tonight", but insisted that that was all he knew. Stefan pressed Andreas to tell him what was in Nova Scotia, but Andreas just replied that if Helena found he'd told that much, he'd be dead. He reminded Stefan that it would be Stefan's turn to help, and then he left. Stefan got on his cell phone and instructed that his jet be prepared to leave with in the hour.

Outside the hotel where Chloe was injured, Helena approached Taggert and asked what had happened. He explained that it had been a hit and run, and suggested that Helena might know the victim - Chloe Morgan, Ned Ashton's wife. Helena admitted that they'd probably met upon occasion, and Taggert asked her when she'd gone into the hotel. Helena replied that it had been over an hour ago, and Taggert asked if she'd happened to notice a dark sedan, but Helena said that she had not, she'd not been looking for one. Taggert accepted this, thanked her, and left as Helena digested the news that the accident victim had been Chloe.

Tuesday, February 1, 2000

Felicia and Luke discussed the possibility of Helena kidnapping Lucky in retaliation for Luke killing Stavros. Felicia was skeptical with Faison as the only source of information. This led into the idea that perhaps Faison told Luke about Lucky to get back at Helena for a double-cross. Felicia asked what his first move would be and he said he would track Helena since the fire and see if there are any dots to connect. He told Felicia that Mac absolutely could not know about his plan. Felicia tried to encourage him to use Mac's connections and Luke said he couldn't take that chance. Felicia said that if keeping it from Mac was what they had to do, then that's what they would do. There was a knock on the door of Luke's office and Mac entered and said, "I thought I would find you here." He told them about Chloe's accident and offered to drive Felicia to the hospital. Felicia made some lame excuse about having left something at the club when they had been there before for dinner.

Leslie was surprised to find Laura still up at a late hour. When she questioned her daughter, Laura told her she had run into Luke outside of Kelly's and was surprised because she didn't know he was back from his trip. She told Lesley about the kidnapping and expressed her dismay that everyone seemed to know about it except her. She said that she never thought Luke would cut her out of his life, even through a divorce. Laura told her more details about the kidnapping and Lesley asked her if it was the kidnapping or the fact that there was another woman involved that bothered her. Laura admitted that it was both. Lesley asked if that was fair since Laura was seeing someone and Laura said that the concept of divorce was simple, but the actuality was so complicated. Lesley agreed that letting go was never simple and Laura said Luke was not the kind of man you could walk away from easily. She told Lesley how hard the last year of their marriage was, but said that when Lucky had forgiven them, something seemed to turn around. She said she felt that if he had not died, they would have found their way back to one another. Lesley brought her chamomile tea and said it always helped her sleep. She asked if Laura wanted to trade it in on coffee and they could pull an all nighter. Laura said no, that her problems would not be solved by staying up all night. Lesley wished her sweet dreams, then went to bed. Just after Lesley went to bed, the doorbell rang and it was Stefan, apologizing for coming at such a later hour. He told her that he had learned that Helena was leaving the country and knew she was up to something and would be tailing her. Laura worried about him and he assured her that he would not endanger his life or hers. She asked him to be careful. He told her good-bye and she told him to be careful. As he was telling her he loved her, Luke walked up and said he didn't want to interrupt, just wanted to see LuLu. Stefan excused himself and Luke asked if Cupcake was awake. Laura said she'd been asleep for hours. Luke apologized and said he'd lost track of the time, then asked if it was OK if he just sat by her bed and looked at her for a while. Laura said, "Of course." Laura asked him why she had the feeling he was going to leave again and he said because she psychic. When he came back down, Luke asked if it was possible that she was even more beautiful when she was sleeping. Laura asked him if she had said anything in her sleep and they talked about how Lucky had carried on full conversations with himself in his sleep at that age. She asked if Luke had found what he was looking for and he told her he hadn't yet, but that he would. They said good-bye.

At the hospital, Monica and Tony worked to stabilize Chloe to take her to surgery. Monica told Ned that they had to find Jax. She told him that Chloe had suffered severe internal trauma, especially on the left side and that her organs could be damaged. A few minutes later, Jax tried to get more info from Tony. He told Jax he would be in the OR as a consultant because the CT had showed an area of swelling and hemorrhage in her brain. Tony told Jax he could sit with her until she went to surgery. Jax apologized for the unfitting end to their evening and promised her that they would grow old together. Any came to take Chloe to surgery. She pressed him for any way he could contact Ned.

Bobbie was shocked when Carly confessed that the baby was Sonny's. She asked her how it could possibly come to be when Carly was so in love with Jason. Carly whined that it was all Sonny's fault, that he hates her and knew that sleeping with her would ruin her relationship with Jason. Bobbie observed that it takes two and asked what her story was. Carly told her about being ready to leave AJ, then finding Jason dancing with Liz. Bobbie reminded her that they were friends and Carly said that she had just gotten crazy and gone to Sonny to find out about Jason and Liz. She told her how Sonny had made it sound as though they were together and that Sonny was always daring her to go upstairs and this time she dared him back. The next thing she knew they were in his bedroom. Bobbie asked her if she had ever considered protection and Carly said if she had stopped long enough to consider protection, she wouldn't have gone through with it in the first place. Bobbie asked if this was why Jason had left town and Carly said she thought it was and that he hadn't even said good-bye. Bobbie told her knew was sorry she had to go through this and that she knew it was awful for her, but that now there was a child to consider. Carly said she thought the best thing for her baby was to not be born, but when it came down to it, she couldn't go through with the abortion. Bobbie told her abortion was a very serious matter and if she wasn't sure, she shouldn't have gone through with it. Carly told her how grateful she was that when Bobbie had been faced with choices while pregnant with her that she had decided to let her be born. Bobbie told her that although a lot of people disagreed with her decision, she had never regretted it. Carly pointed out that her situation was completely different from Bobbie's and was so complicated. Bobbie suggested that there were other choices and Carly said adoption was not an option. Bobbie said that Sonny needed to be involved in making these decisions. Carly freaked out and said "Absolutely not." She said that as much as Sonny hates her, he wouldn't let her raise their baby. When Bobbie said she didn't think Sonny would take a baby from its mother, Carly accused her of taking Sonny's side against her. Bobbie told her there were laws that would keep Sonny from just walking in and taking her baby away. Carly told her if she read the newspaper, she'd know Sonny doesn't care about laws. Bobbie told her it had been a long night and that they should save this decision for another time. Carly said that she had decided that she was going to make AJ think this was his baby. Bobbie was amazed that Carly would risk a repeat of what happened with Michael, but Carly insisted that this was different because she and AJ were married. Bobbie asked her if she and AJ had even been together and she admitted they had not, but said he was sure that he wanted to be with her and then she could pass off the baby as premature. Bobbie was shocked and said that if Carly didn't tell Sonny the baby is his, she would! Carly asked who the hell she thought she was, Robin? Did she have some moral imperative to set the record straight no matter how many lives it destroyed. Bobbie reminded her that lies are what destroys lives. She pointed out that this baby has two choices, either to grow up in the Quartermaine nuthouse, coming from an influential family and having two parents or being Sonny Corinthos' bastard. Bobbie said that they weren't going to get anything resolved tonight and suggested that she take Carly home. Carly told her she knew that whatever else happened, she knew Bobbie had come to the clinic because she cared about her and that she loved her for it.

Ned congratulated Alexis on her brilliance in orchestrating their evening together by offering Chloe her hooded coat. Alexis cell phone rang and she reluctantly left Ned's arms to answer it. Jax told Alexis that Chloe had been hit by a car. They went to the hospital and Jax briefed them on Chloe's condition and told them the details of the accident. Dara and Taggert arrived and told Ned that witnesses said the car had accelerated as it hit Chloe and asked if Chloe had any enemies. Alexis asked if this couldn't wait. Taggert said they needed to file their report and Alexis said, "To hell with your report." Ned said he'd told them all he knew and the rest would have to wait. After they left, Alexis told Ned and Jax that she thought she was the target, not Chloe. She explained how she had baited and goaded Helena and that when Helena had threatened her, she had laughed at her. Jax said there was no proof it was Helena. Ned said even if it was, Alexis was not responsible for Helena's actions. Monica arrived and told them that the surgery had gone well and Chloe would be coming out of the recovery room any minute. She told Ned he could see her, but she'd be sedated. Ned assured Jax that Chloe would make it. Later, Ned told them he'd seen Felicia downstairs and that she sends her best. A nurse told Ned he could go in at any time, but he sent Jax in instead. Jax told her that the surgery was successful and all she had to do was heal...and never go away again.

Helena asked her henchman how Lucky was doing and the man answered that he hadn't tried to escape in a while and thought it was possible he'd given up. Helena said he would never stop trying to escape. and that they should never take his loyalty for granted. She asked if he was awake and the man offered to get him up. Helena looked in a window and we saw Lucky's

Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Bobbie told Roy that Carly was pregnant with Sonny's baby and misinterpreted his indignant reaction on Hannah's behalf. Roy finally came clean and admitted to a surprised, but understanding, Bobbie that Hannah was his daughter. Felicia insisted on accompanying Luke on his search for Lucky even though that meant lying to Mac once again. Stefan followed Helena and closed in on Lucky's location. Carly's plan to seduce AJ was finally successful. Bobbie vowed to convince Carly to tell Sonny the truth about their baby.

Thursday, February 3, 2000

Bobbie, at the docks, thought over the conversation she'd had with Carly when Carly decided Sonny could never know that he was the father of her baby. Roy came up and asked if she were all right, and when she coldly replied that she was, he began to walk away. She called him back and asked if he knew where Sonny could be found, and when Roy asked why she wanted to know, replied that it was personal. Roy asked if it were personal to her or to him, and when Bobbie asked what that was supposed to mean, asked if she were still mad about the broken date to look at old photos. Roy assumed that she wanted to see Sonny to convince him not to allow Roy to work for him, and they argued about Bobbie's interference in his life. Bobbie asked if he really thought that every instant of her life was all about him, and told him to go ahead and self-destruct if he wanted to. Roy asked what that was supposed to mean, and Bobbie snapped a smart-aleck "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." Roy demanded to know what she meant by that crack, and she replied that she was worried "about somebody I might actually be able to help." Roy figured out that she wasn't referring to him this time, and apologized for jumping all over her. Bobbie said that she is afraid for Roy, and after he said that he wished she wouldn't be, she added that she should have been afraid for her daughter. Roy questioned her meaning, and she told him that Carly is pregnant with Sonny's baby. Roy, astounded, made her repeat it, then began to rant about Hannah and her two-timing boyfriend. Bobbie, confused and annoyed, said, "Let's get this straight. You're upset because Hannah's other boyfriend is cheating on her?" When Roy was puzzled, Bobbie explained that she'd seen him with Hannah and assumed that she was his girlfriend. Roy set the record straight and explained all about Hannah. Twenty-some years ago in high school he'd gotten his girlfriend pregnant. Her rich parents disapproved and the family had moved to Canada, but three years later the girl had called him and they'd met in Washington Square so he could see his daughter. They'd had a lovely day and arranged to meet regularly, and he'd sent money, but the checks began to be returned and he'd lost track of his daughter. After he'd gone to prison, he demanded that the Feds find his daughter if they wanted his cooperation, and they had done so. At first he and Hannah had been "pen" pals, but as she got older she'd visited him, and explained that it was better if no one in Port Charles knew that she was his daughter. Bobbie shared that Carly had always felt abandoned by Bobbie, and that it colored everything she did and made her hurt herself and others. Bobbie stated that a child needs to know who his father is, and Roy cautioned her to "stay out of this one", but Bobbie countered that she'd stayed out of the mess with Michael and chaos had resulted. She vowed not to make the same mistake again, and insisted that Sonny must know the truth.

Carly entered the Quartermaine house from the garden, carrying an armload of greenhouse roses. Edward was there, and after they flirted a bit Carly explained that she'd decided that "AJ is my husband and it's up to me to make him happy." Edward was pleased to hear that she and AJ were working things out, and commented that she'll be the making of AJ. He pointed out that this would not benefit only AJ - she'd have a good life also. Carly pinned a rosebud into his lapel and gave him a peck on the cheek as he exited, then got on the phone to call AJ home from work early. Later, Carly was wearing a great little red dress when AJ arrived in a rush. He thought something was wrong with Michael, but she assured him that all was well. He finally noticed the dress and her seductive behavior, and wondered "Just where are we going with this?" Carly replied that she had a surprise for him, took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom where she gave him a gift of silk boxer shorts. AJ at first resisted the idea, but she spelled it out for him and began to kiss him. When AJ was still hesitant, Carly explained that she felt they had a real chance now, and she insisted that she wanted to put Jason and her other mistakes behind her. She asked if AJ still wanted her, and he replied that he'd "try to remember" as they kissed. Later, in bed, AJ commented that he'd "dreamt of afternoons like this - that's why I never let you go. It's worth it", and as he started to leave, Carly pulled him back down and they began to make love again.

Downstairs, Edward asked Alan about Chloe's condition (unchanged but hopeful) and they bickered about the fact that Carly had called AJ home from work early. Alan pestered Edward about his treatment of AJ and insisted that Edward should be more encouraging. Edward pointed out that at least Carly was trying to make the marriage work, and Alan left the room.

At Luke's club, Luke was packing his suitcase when Felicia entered. She noticed the suitcase and asked if he were planning to go after Lucky right away. Luke admitted that he was, and she insisted that he not leave without her. Luke replied that it would be less complicated if he were to go alone and wondered about Mac, but Felicia said that he should let her worry about Mac. He agreed, but said that no one, not Laura, not Mac, not anyone can know about the possibility that Lucky might still be alive. Felicia left to tell Mac and get her things so she could go along with him, but first she made him promise to wait for her, and he reluctantly agreed.

At Mac's office, Dara presented the idea to Mac that Chloe may have been run down by a drunk driver whose identity may never be known. She pointed out that there is a possibility that the driver was Helena, trying to run down Alexis, but Mac was reluctant to pursue this and be involved in more Cassadine intrigue. Dara said that the Cassadines have started to hurt innocent people, and Mac agreed to help look into it by leaving Taggert on the case, but insisted that he have hard evidence. Felicia entered, and she and Dara chatted for a second before Dara left. Felicia told Mac that she had to go away that night, and he guessed that it was to research Lila's memoirs. She mumbled that she'd gotten far behind when Faison had held her captive, and Mac replied, with tone full of meaning, that he understood. He asked if she were sure she wanted to do this, and when she answered "yes", reminded her of her girls. She promised that as soon as the book was completed she would be spending a lot more time with the girls and with Mac, and after swearing that this would be the last time, kissed Mac and left. He got on the phone to arrange a tail, then changed his mind and hung up.

Back at Luke's, Felicia told Luke about the book ruse and Chicago destination, then admitted that Mac "knows." Luke thought she meant that Mac knew about Lucky, but she explained that he knew she was going somewhere with Luke. Luke suggested again that she stay home and take care of her family and let him take care of his, but she refused, saying that when they return with Lucky everyone will be so happy that Mac will understand. Luke was doubtful, but agreed. They later debated identities, and Felicia convinced Luke to go with Hiram and Orphey again. Luke pointed out that Helena won't just turn Lucky over without a fight, and that she's lethal - she'd probably planted the bomb in Faison's boat. They decided to head to the Cassadine compound in the Greek isles

At Lucky's hideaway, Stefan watched from the shadows as Helena went to talk to Lucky and told him how nice it will be to spend time together. She gave her compliments to the staff, but cautioned that there would be more work to be done to insure Lucky's full cooperation. She left, and Stefan peeked in the window, recognized the form lying on the bed, and whispered "Lucky!"

Friday, February 4, 2000

Chloe is sleeping in her hospital room while Jax watches her. Through the glass Monica and Alan are outside. Alan asks Monica if she thinks Chloe will be able to see again when she wakes up. Monica says she got to examine her first, but her vitals are good. They both comment at Jax being there and Ned and Alexis pulling their shifts. Monica says extended family is good at a time like this and events like these help put things in perspective. Jax touches Chloe's face and she opens her eyes and says his name. Jax asks her if she can see. No, she says, she knows the touch of his hand. Jax tells Chloe that he has her for the duration. Monica goes in to check on Chloe and says she is healing nicely. Chloe asks about the head injury. Alan and Jax are outside and Jax tries to get information from Alan. Alan says her not regaining her sight could mean many things and they really should wait for Tony's opinion. Alan says the most important thing is that they all remain optimistic so Chloe will. Jax goes back in to be with Chloe. Monica and Alan continue to marvel at Jax's devotion. They think they know something about why the Jax's and the Ashton's are joined at the hip. Monica tells Alan they really don't know anything they just think they do. Meanwhile Chloe pleads with Jax to go and get some rest. He won't hear of it. Edward storms in and demands from Monica he see Chloe. Alan and Monica both tell Ed she needs a calming influence and he isn't it. He will do anything he damn well pleases. He barges in to Chloe's room and dismisses Jax. Now family has arrived. Chloe can't believe that Ed would do that and she needs his help convincing Jax to go get something to eat and to rest. It works. Jax says he will be back and Ed tells him not to hurry. Chloe tells him to hurry but be rested. Ed tells Chloe that he is very concerned about her accident and that he is too old and Lila too fragile to lose her. He wants to apologize for being a pigheaded fool and aligning himself with Gertrude. Chloe makes him feel better. Ed says family is more important than ELQ and he is sorry. Jax comes back in and Ed tells Jax he is lucky that Chloe cares for Jax are he would be in a world of trouble. Chloe cries to Jax after Ed leaves that she doesn't know how much longer she can brave. Fear is fine but she has to fight back. Chloe says she doesn't think anyone knows how scared she is. Jax says it is okay and that he loves her whether she is laughing, dancing in the rain and that there is no one in the world for him but her. She tells Jax she loves him too and feels the same way.

Stefan is outside of Helena's hideout for Lucky. He peers into the window and sees Helena talking to the boy. Helena is inside telling Lucky (of course, we don't know who the actor is because we haven't seen his face), that she understands he has cabin fever and that when she returns she will let him go outside. She thinks they will end up being friends. Helena tells her henchmen outside the hideout that she is pleased with Lucky's progress and they should keep a close eye on him until she returns and then she will let him get some fresh air. Stefan is still looking at Lucky play chess through the window. He goes to the windowpane and touches it. An alarm sounds and Lucky gets up to go look out the window. Stefan retreats and the henchmen search the perimeter. It was a false alarm and they conclude that Lucky probably touched the window and set it off. Helena returns to continue to bait Lucky while he fingers a chess piece.

Liz is catching up on some schoolwork when Nikolas enters Kelly's. Can she take a break and go to the Art Institute? No, she has too much work, and her shift is about to start, but she would like a raincheck. Nik continues to press her saying it's not that busy and he is sure Bobbie wouldn't mind. Liz wants to know what is going on. Nik says he is worried because there is a guy outside. Liz says she knows and explains Francis is there on Sonny's orders. Bobbie is in the kitchen leaving a message with Leticia for Carly to call her when she wakes up. Liz is telling Nik that she is just being cautious and Nik continues to read her the riot act. He tells her this all started with Jason. Doesn't she think about her family? Liz fumes he better back off or she will regret confiding in him and never do it again. Bobbie comes up to ask how everything is and they say fine. Nik stands up to leave and says he will see her soon. Liz asks if it is a threat. Nik says it is whatever she wants it to be. Bobbie asks what that was all about and Liz says she wishes friendship came with a manual. Laura bumps into an upset Nik leaving Kelly's. He doesn't want to talk about it and leaves. Laura sits with Liz and they start talking about how people act when they have lost someone and how it changes them. Liz tells Laura she only wants Nik to love her as a friend nothing else. She loves Lucky and will never get over it or stop loving him and that is all there is to it. Liz tells Laura why Nik was concerned and Laura says she can't blame him.

Roy enters Kelly's and tells Bobbie at the counter he doesn't think Sonny should know he is going to be a father. Sonny is poison he tells her. What could he offer a child? Bobbie says she understands Roy's protectiveness of his daughter but that Sonny is a good and loyal man. Bobbie tells Roy that if Carly doesn't come clean with Sonny she may have too.

Sonny and Hannah literally run into eachother while she's jogging and he is on his cell phone. He asks her if he needs to get a restraining order. She tells him she jogs in this park everyday. He says yea and everywhere else he goes. Hannah asks him what is she supposed to do? She has tried everything to prove her love. He tells her he isn't going to get into now. He turns to walk away and she grabs his arm. He throws it off in anger and shouts, "Get your hands off me!" just as Roy walks up. Roy says, "What are you doing to her?" Sonny tells Hannah that he is tired of telling her to leave him alone. If she doesn't keep her distance he will sue her and the whole bureau. Hannah asks hasn't everyone been hurt enough and walks away. Sonny tells Roy it was unnecessary for him to interfere and that he "doesn't beat women." Roy said Sonny had his hand on her wrist. Sonny tells Roy she grabbed him. He tells Roy that Hannah is a fed and her assignment is him. His bed was her headquarters before he kicked her out. Hannah does her best work between the sheets Sonny tells Roy. Roy tells him, biting his tongue, steer clear of her. Sonny says it isn't as easy as it seems. Sonny tells Roy that if Hannah finds out that Roy works for him Hannah will be all over him like a cheap suit. Sonny walks away and leaves Roy fuming.

Sonny and Benny are in the park when they come upon Carly pushing Michael in his stroller and they say hello. Sonny tells Benny he can go. Carly tells Sonny she thinks that are pretty lame that he would use a 2-year-old to pick a fight with her. Sonny tells her that is her game he only wants to spend some time with the tyke if his mother will let him. Carly says okay and Sonny starts talking to Michael about the kite flying overheard. Carly looks on softly at the scene. Sonny tells Michael to watch the kite above. He tells Carly where she can buy Michael a cart. Sonny tells her he probably misses his real Dad, Jason. Carly says thanks for being so sweet to her boy. Sonny tells her that Michael is the sweetest thing he has ever seen. She looks guilt ridden as she watches Sonny make the boy laugh. Just then, Bobbie walks up and says she is sorry she has interrupted. No she hasn't, Reginald is waiting for them and Sonny tells Carly Michael's cheeks are red and he is probably freezing. Carly concedes and leaves Bobbie to talk to Sonny. Bobbie tells Sonny that she is glad to see that they are getting along so well. He says it is only for the kid. Bobbie is pleased that Carly told Sonny.

Carly and AJ are in bed together sleeping. Carly wakes up and tries to sneak out. AJ wonders if it was all a dream and where is she going. She says they will have many mornings to wake up, but that she promised Michael she would take him to the park. AJ says okay. They will see eachother later that night. AJ rolls over thrilled that his wife is his again. Carly goes down to breakfast and encounters Lila. Lila is concerned that she isn't taking care of herself and shouldn't she call a doctor? Carly assures Lila she is taking care of herself and will get some crackers from Michael's stash when they are at the park. Lila pleads with Carly to eat and take care of herself. AJ goes down to breakfast and tells Lila he is happy because Ed seems to be developing confidence in him and his marriage is on track. Lila tells AJ he must be thrilled about the baby too. AJ says, "I'm sorry, WHAT?" Lila, oh dear she has ruined the surprise. AJ asks Lila if Carly told her. No she assumed because of all the queasiness. AJ reflects and realizes she has only been sick in the morning and no other symptoms. Carly must think he is a moron. AJ says now he can give his pregnant wife the attention she deserves. AJ storms into Carly's room and begins tearing it up looking for something. He is pulling out drawers, lifting cushions. He finds prenatal vitamins under one cushion and throws them against the wall. He finds a picture in her dresser of Jason, Michael and Carly. He grips the picture and says, "LIAR." When Carly returns home she finds AJ in her destroyed room. She wants to know what has happened. He tells her she is smooth and good and when was she going to tell him that she is PREGNANT!!!!

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