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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 17, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, January 17, 2000

Barbara's house is cold and the furnace isn't working. She can't find Hal and Jennifer and Adam come in from their night at Java Underground. Barbara tells them not to take off their jackets and she explains about the furnace. She leaves the kids and goes downstairs to see if she can do something with the furnace. After she is gone, Adam tells Jennifer that he has done his good deed for the year and do not ask him to help them out anymore. Jennifer can't hear him because she is in heaven thinking about the days events with Georgia and Eddie getting married. Adam tells her that all that is a big myth, people don't fall in love and live happily ever after. She tells him that he shouldn't be so pessimistic. She adds that love is what brought her mother and father back together. Barbara walks into the doorway just in time to hear Jennifer say this. She gets a smile on her face and then she coughs to let the kids know that she has come back. Barbara asks Adam to go down and see if he can get the furnace going. After he is gone, Barbara has a talk with Jennifer about true love and how it will find her, she just has to be patient. Adam comes back in and says that he fixed the furnace. Barbara fixes them a snack and as they are eating she tells Adam that she forgot to tell him that after he left the Mona Lisa, Tom and Margo renewed their vows. Adam, with a surprised look on his face, asks if they got remarried. Barbara says that they did and it was so romantic. Jennifer sighs and adds that it is very romantic. Jennifer scolds Adam and tells him that he should trust love, love has brought his mother and Tom back together. Adam has had enough of all this love talk and he says that he is tired and goes to bed. Jennifer walks over and picks up a rose from the table. Barbara asks her where she got that and she tells her that when Abigail caught the bouquet, she gave her a flower from it for good luck. Barbara reassures her that her one true love is out there and he will find her, when it is her time. Barbara leaves Jennifer alone with her flower.

Lucinda is locked away in her study with a fire raging in the fireplace. The doorbell rings and Lucinda yells out that she is not available for anyone. She is holding papers in her hands and she is half crinkling them. Jake busts into the study and Lucinda tells him that she told him that he could come there anytime, but she thought that he would phone first. Lucinda tells Matthew that it is OK for Jake to be there. Matthew leaves and Jake grabs the papers out of Lucinda's hand. He sees that they are legal papers and then he sees that they are divorce papers. Lucinda tells him that she is being divorced. Jake asks her who she married, Paulo? Lucinda asks him what he has against Paulo and she grabs the papers away from Jake. Then Jake remembers, James Stenbeck! Lucinda says that after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find him, all he can do is send divorce papers. Lucinda wants Jake to leave but he can see that she needs company and so does he. He suggests that they play cards. As they play, Jake entertains Lucinda by telling her stories about when he was younger, before he met Vicky. Lucinda is amused with his stories and she beats him in every hand of Gin. Then it is Lucinda's turn and she tells him about James. At the end of the night, Jake leaves Lucinda to go home.

Andy is at Denise's apartment and Ben is there too. Denise is asking Andy if he has signed the papers yet? Andy wants to see Hope. Denise will not let him see her. She wants him to sign the papers. Ben tells Andy that they are on a time restraint. Andy asks if he has limited time? Ben says no, but they are getting married soon and they want all the paper work done before then. Andy is getting mad. He asks Denise to see Hope. Again she declines, telling Andy that Hope is asleep and she wakes up easily. Ben takes Andy side and he tells Denise that he thinks that Andy just wants to peek at her. Denise says no. Andy asks Denise if all she wants is for him to sign the papers and disappear? Ben tries to intervene but Andy tells Denise that she has known all along that Hope is his child and she never said anything. He adds that it is going to take some time for him to get used to the idea. He says that he is not going to sign the papers tonight and he is not going to disappear. He walks out the door. Denise looks at Ben and tells him not to say it. She knows that she has messed up with Andy. Ben asks her what she wants him to do, just tell him, he will do whatever to make her feel better. She says that she really just needs some time alone. Ben puts on his coat and kisses her good-bye and leaves.

Bob and Kim walk into their kitchen with John following. John is on the hot track to do something about the situation with Andy and Denise. Kim and Bob keep saying that it is Andy's decision to sign the parental rights papers or not. John is hell bent on stopping his son from giving up his daughter. Andy opens the door to the kitchen and the three turn and look at him. Andy asks what the big pow-wow is all about. John jumps on him and starts telling him how they are going to handle the situation. John tells him that they should go over to Denise's right now and tell her that she is not going to get away with trying to take his daughter away from him. Andy asks his father for the parental rights papers. John tells him not to sign the papers. Andy again asks for the papers. Bob reminds John that it is Andy's decision. John reluctantly hands over the papers and as he is leaving he tells Andy that if he signs these papers he will be sorry for the rest of his life. Kim walks over to Andy and gives him a hug. Bob tells Andy that they know that he will make the right decision. Andy says that he is tired and is going to bed. After he is gone, Kim says that he must stay focused on what is important....Hope.

John goes to Johnny's grave. He tells Johnny that he hasn't been to visit lately but he never forgets him, he thinks about him everyday. He tells him that he thought as time went on, it would get easier, but it hasn't. He tells him that his brother Andy just doesn't understand what it is like to lose a child.

The last scene of the day with music playing......

Jake leaves Lucinda and she goes and picks up a big book and a picture of Georgia and Eddie at their wedding falls out.

Jennifer looks at her flower and then at herself in the mirror, Barbara looks on.

Kim sits in the kitchen thinking and Bob comes up behind her and hugs her.

John at Johnny's grave, takes out a small truck and leaves it on his head stone.

Andy in his room looking through some photos. He finds the one that he took of Holden and Lily and Hope and stares at the photo.

Ben is tossing and turning in his bed alone. He looks at his clock.

Denise is pacing through her apartment. She sits on the couch and picks up Hope's bunny and hugs it to her chest.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Tom and Margo are enjoying their morning together and enjoying the peaceful house. Someone knocks at the door and they go to the door together. Jake is there and when he comes in the door he realizes that he has interrupted something. He says that he will come back but they tell him that it is OK to stay. Jake is there to apologize about not coming to their wedding. They tell him that it is OK, it was short notice for everyone. Jake explains that without Vicky, he just couldn't be there. He has brought them a wedding present. He gives them a gift certificate to Al's dinner for some intimate lunches without the kids. They are laughing about Jake being such a big spender and John come in. He tells Tom and Margo that they have a family emergency. Margo wants to know what is going on. John blurts out the whole thing with Andy and Denise and Hope being Andy's daughter. He tells them that they are going to have to come together and protect Andy from getting his daughter taken away from him. After John has given all the information, Margo tells him that they are not going to interfere with Andy's life. Andy can make up his own mind. Jake leaves and John makes a hasty exit. After John is gone, Tom asks Margo if she bought John giving up so easily? Margo says no. Outside, John catches up to Jake. They decide to got to Jake's office so Jake can interview John for the story about Denise Maynard.

Jack is at the farmhouse to see Carly. Before Carly comes down, Emma warns Jack not to interfere with Carly getting to the Lakeview in time for her wedding shower and it is a secret. Jack says, "Who? Me?" and then he laughs. Carly comes down from upstairs and kisses Jack. Emma goes upstairs to get ready for the shower. Carly has something to talk to Jack about. She wants to tell him what has been bothering her about Hong Kong. Just as she is about to tell him what happened, Emma comes back down and tells Jack that he has to leave. Jack and Emma leave together. Carly looks at the wedding dress that arrived from Hong Kong. She picks it up and says that nothing is going to stand in her way of marrying the man that she loves. She throws the dress in the trash and goes upstairs to get ready for her lunch with Molly.

At the Lakeview, Bob and Chris are having lunch. Bob tells Chris that he knows about Chris having feelings for Abigail. He tells Chris that he will say something to Holden and Chris asks him to let him handle it. Chris hears something and looks up to see a bunch of women coming in the door and Abigail is one of those women. They are all there for Carly's wedding shower. Chris and Abigail make faces at each other from across the room. Chris asks his father to excuse him. He gets up to see if he can steal a few minutes away with Abigail. As he gets out into the hall, Molly grabs him and accuses him of stalking her daughter. She is raking him over the coals and telling him to say away from her daughter. Bob comes up behind Molly and he asks her who she thinks she is? Bob gives it to Molly about not trusting Chris with her daughter. Abigail is looking for Chris and she can't find him. She and Jennifer go back to the table and realize that Molly is missing. Abigail thinks it is strange that Chris and Molly are both missing. Molly finally makes it back to the table and everyone gives Carly a gift and they take turns saying something nice about Carly. After they are done, Carly has to rush out because she needs to find out if this guy from Hong Kong is still at the Lakeview. She confides in Molly that she has a secret that could break up her engagement. She tells Molly about the money that she got was from Hong Kong and the wedding dress was from Hong Kong. Molly doesn't get it? Carly can't tell her the whole thing but she thinks that she has someone after her to blackmail her. They are interrupted by Abigail. She tells Molly that they have to go because she has to do those promos for the story that she is helping with at WOAK. Abigail hugs Carly and they leave. Carly finally makes it to the front desk to see if Mr. Phillips is still at the hotel. The desk clerk tells her that the computers are down. Carly tells him that it is urgent and he tells her she is free to wait. Jack walks up behind Carly and startles her. He is there to crash her shower. They go back into the dining room and as they are talking to the guest, Carly sees the desk clerk over Jack's shoulder. She excuses herself and goes out to talk to him. The desk clerk tells her that he found out that Mr. Phillips left the hotel and told the other desk clerk that he was leaving the country. She says thanks and he leaves. Jack comes out to get Carly and they go back into the dining room. As they are walking away, Mr. Phillips gives the desk clerk a wad of bills. Then Mr. Phillips goes over and watches Carly and Jack through the doorway.

Katie is at Holden and Lily's stables and she is practicing her interview for the horse show. Holden comes in and she says that she is never going to get all the terminology down before the interview. Holden tells her that it will come to her, she will be great with the interview. She tells Holden that she is so grateful to him for giving her this opportunity. If it wasn't for him, it would be years before she would get to be on camera. She turns to walk across the stable floor and she trips and falls. Holden runs over to her and asks her if she is OK. She says that she won't be doing the interview tomorrow. Holden checks her ankle and she jumps with pain. He helps her up to sit on a bale of hay. She tells him that it really hurts. He gets a bag of ice for her and she looks at him with those eyes. Holden tells her that she will do the interview tomorrow even if she has to be on crutches. Molly and Abigail come in and Abigail has her habit on. Molly tells her that she looks great. Abigail says that she is nervous, she hasn't been on camera like she and Katie. Molly looks over Abigail's shoulder and sees Holden tending to Katie's ankle. Molly warns Abigail about Katie. Abigail doesn't understand, Katie is nice. Molly says that she is not experienced and she doesn't want her to take any bad advice from Katie. Abigail says that she wouldn't do that and besides the scheduling problem wasn't Katie's fault. Molly asks, "Scheduling problems?" Abigail tells her about the horse show being scheduled and Lily had to leave without Holden for their vacation. Molly looks over Abigail's shoulder again just in time to see Holden help Katie up and Katie give Holden a hug. After Katie and Abigail do the promo, Holden tells Abigail how great she was and how proud of her that he is. Katie starts to walk toward them. Molly stops her and tells her that she shouldn't interrupt Holden when he is talking to his daughter. Katie says that she was just going to go up to the house and get something. She tells Molly that she is her biggest fan and she wouldn't want to do anything to upset her. Molly grabs her arm and gives her a warning, "I am watching you little girl."

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Ignoring Camille's protests, Isaac insists he's coming over to the hospital to pick her up. Lisa laments John's interview with the City Times to Tom. Lucinda is blunt in her criticism of John, telling him he's a "blithering idiot." Andy goes to Denise's apartment to visit Hope.

Denise reluctantly hands over Hope and watches as Andy reintroduces himself to his daughter. Before Lisa can fire her, Emily turns in her letter of resignation and says she sympathizes with Denise for getting involved with the Hughes family.

Lucinda nixes John's idea of doing a follow-up article, even though John points out she never gives up on her own family. Lucinda tells Jake he's taken a personal interest in Andy's case. Andy thanks Denise for being honest when she confesses that Hope had fetal alcohol exposure because she drank early in her pregnancy. Nervous, she asks him for his decision, and Andy replies that no matter what he decides about custody, Hope will always be a part of him.

After cleaning out her desk at the Argus, Emily warns Tom that when Daniel is old enough to understand what Tom did to his mother, he'll be out for revenge. Lucinda tells Jake she won't allow her paper to be used as a "bully pulpit." Camille defends Denise's actions to John and refuses to preach his side of the story to Ben. John and Isaac square off when Isaac arrives looking for Camille, with John insisting to Isaac that Camille is not for him.

In parting, Isaac reminds John that he always gets what he wants. A furious Kim pushes Isaac out of the way and asks John if he's "gone round the bend" by making such inflammatory statements about Denise before Andy had a chance to negotiate with her. You blew it, she concludes, declaring if she were Denise, she'd be preparing for war against Andy and his family.

Isaac spies on Ben and Camille as Camille shows Ben the paper. Ben worries how Denise will react when she sees it. Andy ignores Denise's hints about putting Hope back to bed and Denise finally takes the baby from his arms and advises him to get a doll. Andy tries to assure Denise that he won't take Hope away, that he stands by what he said earlier about her and Ben making the best parents. Denise calms down and reveals she's simply terrified of losing her daughter. The two agree to work things out between themselves and put it on paper, at which point Andy will sign over his parental rights, and Denise hugs Andy.

When Ben arrives and shows Denise the article in the City Times she throws Andy out, ignoring his claims of innocence. Kim warns John not to try to repair the damage he's caused but to let Denise and Andy resolve things on their own. On her way out, Kim advises Camille to lock John up. Camille is upset when she learns Isaac didn't stay around to meet her and vows to give him his walking papers.

Emily takes Susan to Java Underground to celebrate and swears she's rid of Tom. Isaac quizzes Susan about Ben and stalks off when Susan doesn't reveal any flaws. Isaac then demands payment from a client.

Jake is bleak when Lucinda proposes he channel his pain by doing a story on Denise's recovery, sneering that it'll give him little comfort to place the article on Vicky's (nonexistent) grave. Andy tells his mother he sympathizes with Denise and how she must feel cornered and powerless. When John walks in Andy blasts his father for destroying any chance at compromise. Denise tells Ben he's too nice and vows to fight dirty to protect what's hers.

Emily observes Isaac getting a large wad of cash in payment and enthuses to Susan that she's walked in on a great story about gambling in Oakdale. John apologizes to Andy but approves of the reaction it's stirred in Andy. When John tells his son he'll be there for him every step of the fight, Kim tells John to shut up--Hope is Andy's daughter, not John's. She's my daughter, Andy repeats to himself.

Thursday, January 20, 2000

Tom and Lisa are at the Argus reading Jake's article about Hope in the City Times. John drops by. Tom and Lisa both berate him for his actions behind Jake's article, and wonder what John hoped to accomplish with it. John tells them that he wants to know what his rights are concerning Hope if Andy decides to relinquish his parental rights.

Camille is at home writing in her journal. She starts flashing back to her brief, yet seductive, run-ins with Isaac on New Years and at Java Underground. There is a knock at the door, so Camille puts her journal down and answers it. It's Isaac, all full of smiles. Camille gives him hell for standing her up the night before, and tells them that they are now even. She tries to get rid of him, but Isaac tells her that he is not going anywhere.

At the horse show, Abigail admits to Holden that she is genuinely nervous about the up-n-coming competition. Holden gives her some reassuring words, and leaves. Abigail makes sure he is gone, and pulls out her cell phone. Katie watches in the background. Meanwhile, at WOAK, Kim is at the helm because Lily is out of town, and Holden is on location. Chris helps her bring in some papers, and Kim asks him if he has spoken to Andy lately. Chris is unaware of the events that have recently transpired. Kim doesn't fill him in, but mentions that she is glad she has to be busy at work to keep her mind off of other things. She turns on a monitor, and Chris is delighted to see Abigail on the camera feed. He sees her staring at her cell phone, and pulls out his own, waiting for it to ring. They talk while Chris watches her on the monitor. Abigail admits her nervousness to him, and he tells her that she looks beautiful. Katie overhears Abigail talking to "Christopher", and wants to know what is going on. Abby hangs up her phone, and pretends to not know what she is talking about. Katie throws the information she knows about them in her face, and demands to know the truth. Meanwhile, Chris observes them on the monitor and is afraid that Katie is going to spill the beans about them. Abigail agrees to tell her, when Holden walks in. Abby tells him that they were just having girl talk, but Katie starts to allude to something else, and urges Abby to fess up to her dad. Chris starts yelling at the monitor "What are you doing, Katie?" and Molly enters and wonders the same thing about him. Molly again starts berating Chris about Abigail. She didn't appreciate Bob's little tirade at the Lakeview the other day. She accuses Chris of putting Bob up to it. She tells him that he'd better leave his parents out of it, or she is going to tell Kim all. Chris goes back to the monitor after Molly leaves. Meanwhile, back at the horse show, Katie recognizes Abigail's nervousness, and backs off the subject. After Holden leaves, Abby tells Katie that she appreciates her not saying anything to Holden. Katie tells her that her and Chris are old buddies, and that she would not do anything to jeopardize that friendship. She also tells Abby that if she needs and ear that she will be there for her. They do some last minute spots, Holden gives Abby a quick pep talk, and she leaves for the competition.

Back at the Argus, John tries to get Lisa and Tom to see his point of view where Hope is concerned. John wants to know that if Andy makes a hasty decision and gives up his parental rights, what he can do to help him out. Lisa tells him the best thing that he can do for Andy is to stay out of it. Tom tells him that he thinks the best thing to do is to let Andy make his own decisions. He does tell him, however, that grandparents do have some legal rights where their grandkids are concerned. John wonders if he could adopt if necessary, and Tom lays into him about all the legalities involved, including both parents signing papers to that effect or deeming both parents unfit. John refuses to listen to reason, and tells them that he will go to any lengths necessary to have some rights to the child. Lisa is infuriated, and calls him a bully.

Camille tells Isaac that she knows that John told her he came to the hospital yesterday, but didn't wait around for her to get back. Isaac wonders if he also told her about the conversation between him and John. Isaac tells Camille that John gave him and earful, and that if she knows what is good for her, she will stop letting John into her personal life. Camille demands to know where Isaac was, and Isaac tells her that he saw her cuddling up to Dr. Ben in the hallway. Camille laughs, realizing that Isaac is jealous.

Isaac says that he is not jealous, but wonders if he has any reason to be. Camille tells him that her and Ben are just friends, but admits that they were once involved. Isaac wonders if old habits die hard, but Camille relays to him that Ben is engaged to someone else, and they have both moved on. Camille is upset that Isaac is so inquisitive, but offers nothing about himself. He then asks her to dinner, which she flatly refuses.

At the Oakdale Horse Show, Abigail's part of the competition is over. Abby thinks she did well, but that she had some problems "connecting" with the horse. Katie does a quick interview with Abigail, as Kim and Chris watch in the monitor. Molly watches the whole scene in the background. Kim comments on what a good interview Katie did. Molly makes a smart remark about the whole thing being a "puff-piece", and Kim tells her that it would be good for her own self-respect to allow someone else the spotlight once in awhile. When Kim walks away, Molly tries to blame everything on Chris. Chris tells her that the feelings that his parents have for her have nothing to do with him. She threatens him again with telling Kim the truth, unless he gets his mom to back off of her. Chris tells Molly that he tried to defend her to everyone once, but now knows that they were right about her. He tells her that the low opinion everyone has about her, she brought on herself.

Isaac tries to convince Camille to go out with him, when John drops by. Camille tries to get rid of him, but John keeps worming his way in. As Camille tries to get John to leave, Isaac discovers Camille's journal on the fireplace ledge, and pockets it.

Katie and Holden discuss the piece they did on the show. Katie expresses self-doubt, but Holden builds her up, telling her that it is only the beginning of her blossoming career. Abigail "makes friends" with a horse, and offers the horse a snack, when a man comes over and yells at her to stay away. He takes out a baton to whip the horse, and Abigail tries to calm him down. Katie comes over to get some footage, and is yelled at by the man. Holden wonders what all the commotion is about and Abby tells him that the man is just a little overprotective of his horse. They both eye the horse as a potentially good one for Abby.

Back at the station, Molly tries to suck up to Kim. She tries to relate to Kim on the mother level, and Kim gives her some advice. She should learn to trust her daughter. She can't believe that Molly won't even let Abby see Chris.

Isaac presents himself to Camille and John. He tries to charm Camille a little more, but Camille is not buying any of it. Isaac leaves. Once he is alone in the hallway, he reads about what Camille has written in her journal about him. Meanwhile, back in the apartment, John tries to tell Camille that Isaac is no good for her, and that she should be concentrating on her studies. Camille yells at him that he has no right to interfere in her personal life. John asks for Camille's opinion of him, and she tells him that he is over-opinionated, bull-headed, and is always sticking his nose into other people's business. There is another knock at the door, and it is a man with flowers for Camille. He also serenades her with a sexy saxophone tune. Camille is touched. She hurries John out of the apartment, telling him that she will see him TOMORROW. A few seconds later, Isaac comes back, telling her that he doesn't stop until he gets what he wants, and he won't go away. When she leaves to get a vase for the flowers, Isaac puts the journal back where he found it. He hastily leaves her with her thoughts. Camille wonders how Isaac could "know" her thoughts, and then realizes she left her journal in the room. She checks, and the journal was exactly where she left it. She wonders if Isaac knows more about her than she thinks.

Holden goes over to the man, and asks if the horse is for sale. The guy wants $10,000 cash upfront for "Flashdance". Holden wants to check the horse out some more, but the guy tells him that it is a one shot deal, take it or leave it. Holden gets the papers signed by the Vet, and the horse's credentials..and then hands the man the cash. The guy gives him the horse and leaves with the money. Abigail is thrilled with the horse.

At WOAK, Kim offers to go to bat for Chris with Molly about him and Abigail, but Chris tells her to stay out of it. Kim fills Chris in about what Bob told her about their lunch at the Lakeview. Kim tells him not to treat Bob like the enemy, and to give the guy a break She wishes Chris would just trust them, and confide in them. Chris is touched.

Holden's hired hand loads up the horse, with Abby following behind. Holden thanks Katie for all of her terrific work, and tells her that she may be his lucky charm. Katie is elated. As they leave, Isaac enters the stable. He encounters a worker there, and demands to know where Flashdance is. The guy tells him that the horse was just there a few minutes ago, but it is now gone. Isaac throws him up against the wall and tells him that he'd better find Isaac's horse, or the guy will end up in a glue factory.

Friday, January 21, 2000

Intending to give Abigail a pin, Molly is disappointed when Abigail exults over the real horse Holden bought for her. Ben arrives with flowers for Denise but she nixes his idea to get away by attending a medical seminar in California. Abigail agrees to meet Chris at the library and then backs out of hanging out with Molly, claiming she has homework to catch up on.

Lucinda is nonplussed when Holden asks her if he can keep Abigail's horse in her stable, wondering why Holden didn't just get his daughter a puppy. John goes to Andy's apartment and explains that he wants Andy to learn from his mistakes, that he regrets not being a part of Andy's life early on.

Denise lashes out at Ben when he tries to reassure her about Andy, pointing out that Hope is not his daughter and thus he doesn't have to worry about her. Ben accuses Denise of shutting him out and storms out. John meets Denise as she's leaving and he insists he was only telling the truth about her, warning her she owes him a chance to be in his granddaughter's life and he won't let anything get in his way.

Lucinda warns Holden that Abigail needs to be introduced to his life gradually, so nobody else feels neglected, including his wife. The mother and son-in-law share an uneasy hug and she speeds Holden on his way to Hawaii. In the midst of their embrace Chris and Abigail hear the announcement that the library is about to close.

Andy stops Molly and asks her for advice about becoming a part of his daughter's life. Henry advises Katie to dig up the incriminating pictures she has of Chris because Molly was busy telling Kim that Katie was unprepared to do the story on the horse show. Katie vows not to "play dirty" unless she has to.

Chris and Abigail realize they've been locked in the library for the night, and Abigail tries to call Holden on her cell phone but finds the battery is dead. She decides not to call him on the library phone in the hope he'll think she's just in her room asleep.

Denise brings Hope with her to Holden's and asks him to talk to Andy, to convince him to back off, but Holden tells her he can't do it. Molly admits to Andy she's constantly saddened by the realization of how much of Abigail's life she's missed and can't get back, that she regrets not fighting to raise her daughter. Andy hugs Molly and thanks her, explaining it's a side of her he's never seen before.

Holden explains to Denise that no one can stop somebody else from having their feelings, that Andy just needs time to sort things out, and decides to look for Abigail so he can say goodbye to her. Abigail and Chris dance together in the library.

Denise meets Andy and tells him he's holding everybody up--she needs to know Hope is secure in her future. They get into a war of words and Andy rips up the custody relinquishment papers.

Holden and Molly team up to find Abigail. Katie leaves the station to help Holden in his search. When Molly finds no one is home at Chris's, she fears the worst. Abigail falls asleep in Chris's arms.

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