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Tony's final wish was to make Megan his wife, and he later died. Jill took a sudden trip to St. Louis to find Mac's mother. Victoria received flowers from her biggest fan. Dr. Reese worried about Olivia's stress level.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 17, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, January 17, 2000

Victor wonders why Nikki seems more surprised than pleased to see him. He wants to talk if she isn't in a hurry to leave. He tries to explain why he went to New Mexico, but Nikki is tired of listening to him and thinks this is a waste of time. Brad gives his letter of resignation to Victoria. He wants a clear playing field to fight Victor for Nikki. Ashley tells him that she hopes he is doing the right thing. Ryan calls 911 when he sees how bad Tony's condition is. Tricia is crying uncontrollably. Megan is waiting for Tony at the Justice of the Peace. She finally calls his cell phone. The nurse answers and hands the phone to Ryan who tells her to get to the hospital right away. Malcolm tells Nate that he and Callie are engaged to be married. Nate wants to know if he is going to have more kids.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Nikki and Victor continue to argue as she begins to leave the ranch. Victor tells his wife that she is as much to blame for where they are as he is, but it doesn't matter. What matters is where they stand now. He asks her if she thinks there is hope for their relationship. She admits that even though she had thought things between them were over while he was gone, she is confused now that she's face-to-face with him. She says that the past is over and she's just not sure what the future holds. Victor says that something has changed in Nikki and continues to push her to confess where she's going. She doesn't tell him her plans to move in with Brad. Instead, she agrees to stay at the house so that they can figure things out. In the meantime, Brad is again confronted by Katherine. As he is packing up his office at Newman Enterprises, Katherine visits and tells him that he is making the biggest mistake of his life. She accuses Brad of not really loving Nikki. She thinks he is just in love with the idea of stealing her away from Victor. Brad denies the accusations and tells Katherine that Nikki is moving in with him. Katherine says that she is just trying to protect Nikki and she knows that Victor is her true love. He will never be gone from her life and if Brad doesn't realize that, he will be the one hurt in the end. Over at Gina's, Jill runs into Paul and asks him if he will investigate Mac and try to locate her real mother. She explains that she doesn't trust her. Paul declines, telling Jill that she shouldn't sneak around to get to the truth..she should confront it head on. Jill considers the advice and goes to see Brock. He admits to Jill that she still holds a special place in his heart and she admits the same. She is happy to have their feelings out in the open, but Brock warns that her contempt towards his daughter could cause problems. Later, Paul returns to the office and is visited by Christine. Still on a high from her work with Victor, she admits to Paul that she is finding it difficult to get back into her work at legal aide. She asks her husband if it would be so bad if she wanted a more exciting and power-driven career. At the Brash & Sassy office, Sharon comes by to tell Nick about Tony's accident. She and Nick leave Cassie there and head out. Cassie admits to Vicki that she is scared and that she loves Tony...he was the first father figure she'd ever known. Back at the hospital, Megan clings to Tricia for support while she awaits word on Tony's condition. Still unaware of the fact that Tricia hit Tony with her car, Megan assumes his motorcycle skid on the ice. Before she can find out the truth, Olivia comes out and tells her she can see her fiancé. Alone with Ryan and Tricia, Olivia admits that she is very concerned about Tony's condition. When Megan sees him, he lies and says he's o.k. When he begins to have a hard time breathing, Olivia asks Megan to leave. Once his breathing is back under control, he asks Olivia to send Sharon in. Tony asks Sharon to be honest with him about the seriousness of his injuries. She tells him things don't look good and he asks her to do something for him. At the same time, a police officer comes to question Tricia about the accident. Nick overhears everything. Shocked at what he's heard, he tries to tell Sharon, but she stops him and says she needs his help with something. When Megan goes back in to see Tony, Sharon and Nick arrive with a priest. When she is confused about what's going on, a dying Tony tells Megan that the priest is there to marry them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Memorial Hospital:
Sharon brings the hospital Chaplain into Tony's room and introduces him to Meg. She freaks, asking why he is there. Tony says it's so that they can get married. He tells the Chaplain to start the ceremony, but Meg asks him to wait. Tony says they can't wait, it's got to be now. Tony is obviously in pain and Olivia asks him if he wants something for it. He says no and asks Meg if she's got the ring.

Paul Williams' Office:
Christine is telling Paul that she used to love her job, but she just doesn't get the same high from it any more. She needs more. Paul asks her if this feeling starting from being at the seminar in Hawaii. Chris says that she's felt this way for some time now. Paul says that it's obviously not as satisfying to her as it used to be. Chris says she needs a change and Paul says he hopes that she doesn't need a change in everything in her life. Chris reassures Paul that she is very much in love with him and that it's just work that she needs a change in. Paul says that if she changes her work, that it will change her too. Chris's cell phone rings ... it's Victor returning her call to him. She asks him how his trip went and he cuts her short and says he doesn't want to talk about it. When she gets off the phone she tells Paul that she has to get back to the office.

The Ranch:
Nikki is thinking about Brad's promises to her that they will have a wonderful life together. Then she thinks about what Victor said about it being a shame to lose each other after all that they have shared together. Victoria comes and is happy to see that her mother is finally home. She tells Nikki that she just came from seeing Brad and he told her that he had resigned his job at Newman Enterprises. Nikki has quite the shocked look on her face.

Brad is at a table waiting for Nikki. Jack comes in and asks Bradsky how he's doing. Brad says he was happy until he saw Jack. Jack starts bragging that Jabot's figures are doing better than Brash N' Sassy and Brad says he couldn't care less, because he quit Newman.

The Chancellor Estate:
Brock is telling Jill to get over her feelings about Mac. He tells her to open her heart. Jill says that is a nice saying, but she's selective about who she opens her heart to. Brock tries to tell Jill that Mac is a sweetheart. Jill just scoffs at that and Brock tells her he is going to leave it up to her to rectify the problem between the two of them. Jill says she'll try to establish a rapport with Mac. Brock reminds her that Mac is from a broken home. Jill asks Brock if he's thinking about looking up Amanda (Mac's mother), and reuniting with her. He says no, but it might not be a bad idea to get Mac and her mother back together. Brock tells Jill that there must be a way for her to get to Mac and he's sure she'll find it.

Back at Memorial:
Tony tells the Chaplain to start the ceremony, but Meg says she really wants Tricia and Ryan to be there. Tony doesn't look too happy about that, but nods his approval. Meg goes out to get them from the waiting room. Olivia asks Tony if he wants a painkiller and he says not too much, he wants to be awake for this. Meg tells Tricia and Ryan that they are getting married and they want them to be there. Tricia practically gags, but she says ok. They walk into the room and Tricia and Tony give each other the evil eye. The Chaplain starts the ceremony. They each say their I-do's and then Meg puts the ring on Tony's finger. The camera pans the room and everyone is in tears. Tony is in obvious discomfort and Olivia looks concerned about him. Then Nick gives Tony the ring for Meg and he has trouble getting it on her finger because he is so weak. The Chaplain pronounces them man and wife and Meg leans up to kiss him. Olivia tells them that they should let Tony rest now. Tony tells Meg to come back soon and then tells Tricia to stay -- he wants to talk to her. Olivia disagrees, but Tony says he wants to talk to his sister-in-law.

Victor Newman's Office:
Vic is at his desk when there is a knock on the door. It's Christine. She tells him that she thought something was wrong when she talked to him earlier and decided to come by to see is there was anything she could help him with. He tells her it's nothing he can't work out on his own. Then his secretary Connie comes in to tell him that she's booked a room at a hotel for the night. Then she realizes that Chris is in the office and apologizes for barging in. Vic says it's ok and she leaves. Christine questions his staying in a hotel for the night. Victor asks that she not say anything about it to anyone and she agrees. She tells him she's concerned for him. He tells her he doesn't want to get into it and that he'll solve his problems himself.

The Hospital:
Tony outright asks Tricia if she hit him on purpose. She adamantly denies this and says she just wasn't looking in her rear view mirror when she backed up. She asks him if he really believes that she would try to kill him. He says he wouldn't put it past her after what she did at the Colonnade Room on New Year's Eve. He says she tried to set him up with that kiss so she could tell everyone that he had tried to hit on her. She denies this and tells him she really doesn't know why she kissed him. He tells her that she'd better not tell Meg about it. He says that Meg will really need her sister now and that Tricia will have to live with what she's done. She begs him to believe that she didn't mean to hit him. He tells her to go get Meg. She tearfully tells him she's sorry and goes to get Meg. Meg comes and Tony calls her Mrs. Viscardi. She smiles at him and asks him if he's in pain and he say he's not when she's with him. He tells her that she's the best thing that ever happened to him. She tells him he must rest. He says he'll rest later ... he wants to talk about their future. They make plans for their honeymoon ... somewhere warm with palm trees and beaches and just being together. He asks her about kids and she says she wants 2 or 3. He says 2. She asks if he wants a boy or a girl and he says one of each. He says that he hopes they get their looks and brains from their mother and she says she hopes they get their strength from their father. She says they will have a wonderful life together.

The Ranch:
Victoria asks Nikki is she ran off with Brad. Nikki sarcastically says they "flew." She says she's not going to apologize to Victoria. Victoria tells her that she shouldn't have gone with Brad. Nikki says that when Victor does something like this that Victoria always sticks up for him, but when SHE does something, that Victoria thinks it's a sin! Victoria tells her to just wait till Victor gets home and they can straighten everything out. Nikki says Victor is already home but he chose not to stay there for the night. Victoria asks if she told him where she was and with whom and Nikki says no. Nikki says she's not going to discuss it anymore and Victoria says she hopes Nikki sticks around for a while and goes upstairs.

Jack says to Brad that he couldn't be happier that he got canned from Newman Enterprises. Brad bursts his bubble by telling him that he quit. Then devious Jack tries to interest Brad in another plot to get even with Victor, but Brad says no way. Jack just can't believe that Brad walked away from his job. Then Brad says that he's waiting for someone and indicates that he'd like Jackie Boy to leave. Jack asks who he's waiting for and Brad tells him wait around in a corner and watch if he's that curious.

The Hospital:
In the waiting room Tricia asks Ryan, "what if Tony dies"? Ryan asks her what Tony said to her when she stayed in the room. She tells him that she can't talk about it now. Across the room, Sharon is telling Nick she can't understand why Tricia is taking this so hard. Nick tells her that he heard that Tricia was driving the car that hit Tony. Back in Tony's room, the newlyweds are professing their love for each other. She says everything is going to be ok. Tony goes into cardiac arrest. Meg screams for a doctor, but Tony says he wants her to stay and hold him. She puts her arms around him and he flat-lines. Meg gets hysterical and Olivia and the nurses rush in with a crash cart. Olivia tells a nurse to get Meg out of there.

Chancellor Estate:
Brock is telling Katherine that he wants Jill to get along with Mac. Katherine says she doesn't want Jill to have anything to do with her granddaughter. Brock tries to calm her down. In another room we see Jill talking to herself saying that she has to convince Brock that Mac is not his daughter. She picks up the phone and calls a travel agent and books a ticket to St. Louis.

The Ranch:
Miguel tells Nikki that he's retiring for the night unless she wants anything. She says no, so he leaves. The phone rings and she senses that it's Brad and wonders aloud what she's going to tell him. She answers and he's surprised that she's still there. She tells him that she's not coming. That she just can't do this right now. He tells her not to do this and that he's coming to the ranch to get her. She tells him that she will alert the guardhouse not to allow him on the premises. She tells him she's sorry and hangs up on him.

Good bye Tony -- You will be missed:
Meg is in hysterics in the waiting room with Tricia and Ryan. Olivia comes out of his room and says she's sorry, but there was nothing they could do to save him. Meg runs into his room. A nurse is just about to draw the sheet over his face and Meg screams for her to stop. The nurse leaves her alone with Tony. With tears streaming down her face, she says that she never got a chance to say good bye. She says that she will always love him and then breaks down and says, "please come back Tony, please come back." ... as the credits roll.

Note: All of the hospital scenes in this show where absolutely excellent. Ashley Jones does a truly superb bit of acting here. This fan is truly upset at the departure of Jay Bontatibus (Tony Viscardi). I haven't read anything about this, so I'm not sure if he was let go or if he left on his own. However, I think he brought a lot to this character and I am sorry to see him go. Good luck to you Jay, in whatever your future brings.

Thursday, January 20, 2000

Still in shock over the events of the previous day, Nick and Sharon return to the ranch to break the news to Cassie that Tony is dead. After breaking the news to her heartbroken daughter, Sharon vows revenge on Tricia for killing her friend. Confused by his wife's harsh attitude, Sharon tells him about all the things Tricia had done to break up Tony and Megan...including kissing him on New Year's Eve. Over at Ryan and Tricia's, a distraught Megan tries to get some rest as Ryan questions his wife's suddenly rational behavior now that Tony is dead. Tricia says she's just focusing her attention on Megan and that her own problems will have to wait. She thinks they shouldn't tell her what happened until she has had time to grieve. Still unaware of her sister's involvement in the accident, Megan asks her to go somewhere with her. Knowing her car is wrecked from the accident, a reluctant Tricia is saved by Ryan when he offers his car and the two women leave. Later, they arrive at Tony's apartment to clean out his stuff. Back at home, Ryan is visited by Nina who is shocked to learn that it was Tricia driving the car that struck Tony. When Ryan tells her that Tricia now seems healthier than ever, Nina warns him that she is in need of serious psychiatric counseling and she needs it soon. John and Billy continue to argue. John is upset at his son's attitude of late and insists on knowing what is going on. Billy avoids his father's questions and jumps on the opportunity to leave when Ashley comes in. John warns his son that their conversation is not over. John confides his concerns about Billy to Ashley. She thinks it's just normal teenager behavior and nothing to worry about, reminding her father that Billy has had a rough year but has managed to make some good friends and is doing fine in school. John agrees, but, still unsettled by recent events, vows to find out what is really going on and decides to visit Katherine to discuss the matter. Having just had an argument of her own with Mac, the two friends begin to wonder if Mac and Billy's problems are one and the same. At the coffee shop, Brittany meets up with Billy who is cutting class and he tells her about his argument with John. When he expresses a need to get away for a while, Brittany invites Billy to join her and her family on a vacation to Aspen over winter break. Billy agrees and heads back to school just as Mac arrives. After he is gone, Brittany asks Mac if she knows of any past girlfriends of Billy's. Curious as to why she wants to know, Mac is shocked when Brittany tells her that she's considering sleeping with Billy! In the meantime, Malcolm tells Callie that he has reserved a church for their wedding on July 20. Concerned about whether or not her divorce from Trey will be finalized by then, Callie goes to see Michael. He says that although it's cutting it close, it should still be enough time for everything to be finalized. He informs his client that her advertisement for a divorce has been running in a Detroit newspaper for two weeks. An elated Callie can't believe she only has to wait one more week to get the divorce she's been waiting for. What she doesn't realize is that back in Michigan, Trey's friend read the ad in the legal section of his paper!

Friday, January 21, 2000

John continues his conversation with Katherine. He asks her if she thinks that Billy's attitude is because of his relationship with Mac, but Katherine informs him that they aren't dating anymore. John tells her about Billy and his friends drinking and that he thinks he should tell Jill. Katherine warns that it may be too hard on Jill to hear it...she's never gotten over losing her son, Philip, in a drunk driving accident. John agrees that it will be difficult, but if Jill wants to be a parent to Billy, she needs to know. When he tries to get a hold of her at Jabot, he is curious when he is told that she will be out for the day. At the coffee shop, Mac tells Brittany that she can't help her out and give her information on Billy. The two girls argue a bit and Mac tells Brittany that she's not impressed by her deciding to sleep with Billy. Not convinced, Brittany storms out. When Callie arrives after a visit with Malcolm, Mac tells her friend that she's sick of the clicks at her school and feeling out of place around the rich kids. Raul is the only one she can relate to. Callie tells her that she understands. She and Malcolm had their problems in high school, but look at them now. She tells Mac that things will get better...they always do. Back in Detroit, Trey's friend is still reading the ad Callie posted requesting a divorce, but decides not to tell him. At school, Raul and Billy argue again. Raul tells his old friend that he has changed. He thinks he's better than him and Mac. Billy's lost something and Raul doesn't like the new him. Nick and Vicki arrive at Malcolm's studio only to find that Gary has been replaced by someone else. An angry Vicki says that if they don't get Gary back, she will get another agency. On his first day back at work, Victor is visited by Ashley. They discuss his relationship with Nikki. Victor asks his ex-wife if she knows anything. Ashley lets on that she may know something, but tells him she doesn't want to get's to close to home for her. She wishes him luck, but tells him that it's between him and Nikki. After she leaves, Ryan stops in and informs Victor that Brad has resigned. Shocked by the news, Victor asks if there was any indication that this was happening. Ryan tells him the only sign was that he had just taken an extended vacation that he claimed was personal. Ryan assumes it was for an interview with another company, but Victor wonders when he realizes Brad was gone at the same time as Nikki. While he trys to put everything together, Nikki confides in Sharon that she is torn about what to do, especially since she knows that Victor was with another woman. Sharon says she understands what her mother-in-law is going through. She went through the same thing with Nick, but she loved him too much to let go. She stayed and fought for her marriage. Nikki agrees with her and promises to give her relationship with Victor a fair chance before leaving. At the same time, upon returning from her cruise, Diane informs a jealous and angry Michael that she is out to get Victor back!

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