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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 17, 2000 on GH
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Monday, January 17, 2000

Mac was in his office watching the video of Felicia and Luke when Felicia and the girls surprised him with a birthday cake and presents. Felicia said that she wasn't sure he would make it home for his party. Georgia grabbed the remote and started to turn on the TV and Mac freaked out and snatched the remote from her. Felicia sent the girls out to look for a knife to cut the cake and asked Mac what that was all about. He told her he'd been watching a video of a crime scene (very true) and didn't want the girls to see it. She told Mac that she and the girls loved him and needed him.

Laura answered the door and found Stefan there early for their dinner date. He explained that the charges against Helena had been dropped and that he feared she would strike back at him through Laura. Laura worried about Nikolas' safety and Stefan assured her he thought Nikolas would be fine. He also promised her that he would keep her apprised if he decided to poison or otherwise kill Helena since he knew she needed honesty.

Helena and Andreas toasted the success of her release.

Jax met Chloe at the Port Charles Grill and they had lunch together. He asked her to vote with him at the next ELQ meeting and she agreed. After they talked for a while, Chloe told Jax something he said had reminded her of her father. She told him that her father had been a playboy and ultimately had left her. He said her father was a fool.

Carly spoke with Jason and told him that she depended on him very much to always be there for her and wondered if she had ruined that. Jason told her he would always help her if he saw her in trouble. He did explain that he could not love her the way she wanted him to and that he would no longer be her "excuse for doing stupid stuff that hurts everyone, especially Michael." He said that seeing her and Sonny together proved to him that if he let her, she'd wreck him. He said they were the best friends in the world, but that was it and he hoped she found the man who could be more for her.

Hannah told Agent Ford that she had a list of possible accomplices in the Faison bombing. He told her she didn't have to bring him busy work, just follow orders and stay away from Sonny.

Stefan interrupted the birthday party demanding to know why Mac had let a murderer go. Felicia left to see what was keeping the girls. Mac told Stefan that unless he had new evidence, he had nothing on Helena. He suggested that Stefan speak with Luke Spencer if he wanted to know why Faison was in town. Felicia and the girls returned and Stefan excused himself. The lit the candles and Felicia and Luke traded I love you's.

Roy and Laura chatted at home. She told him that Lulu thought he was the greatest and she thought it helped her miss her dad less. She asked Roy if he knew where Luke had gone and he got very uncomfortable. She told him how hard it was to accept that she was no longer involved in Luke's life and to let go, mostly because she'd thought she'd never have to.

Liz and Jason got together after her shift and he told her he was leaving town, for good. Jason asked her if she was OK and she got a little weird, asking, "Do you want me to say that I am?" She told him not to ask her how she was feeling if he didn't want to know. He told her he was hurting people he loved by staying. He told her good-bye and she said, "No, see you later."

Carly bought a pregnancy test and was mortified when it read positive.

Jason came to tell Sonny good-bye and give him the paperwork for all of his accounts. He told him that he was trustee of all his assets. He also gave him a fat letter to give to Michael when he was old enough to understand and asked him to take care of his son. He assured Sonny it was not about what he did, but to protect the people he loved. He said that he hated that Sonny slept with Carly, but that didn't take away all the good things that had happened between them. Sonny offered to take out Sorel instead, but Jason declined. He said they got lucky with Moreno and that wouldn't happen again. Jason told him that Carly was using Michael again and Sonny wasn't at all surprised. Jason said that if he left, Carly would be forced to focus more on Michael. Jason asked Sonny to look after Liz and told him if Sorel didn't back off to take him out. There was a really touching scene where Sonny asked Jason how he could still trust him after what happened. Jason explained all that Sonny had been to him and how one betrayal did not define their relationship. They both started to cry and Jason left.

Jax and Chloe were making plans to get together when Helena showed up. She told them that the charges had been dropped and she was interested in the investments they had previously discussed. Chloe asked if that was before or after she'd tried to kill them in Greece and Helena chided her for intruding in matters that didn't concern her. Jax told Helena that he had nothing she wanted and the price of dealing with her was too high for him. After Chloe left, he told her that if she approached Chloe or Alexis again, she'd discover what a bad enemy he can be. Stefan stepped up as he walked away and they exchanged insults.

As Sonny was reading the papers Jason left, Johnny told him Hannah was there. He told her it was probably the worst time she could have come. She handed him his FBI file and told him everything the FBI had against him was in there.

There was a musical montage that showed Liz looking devastated, Jason starting up his motorcycle and riding away and Carly begging that this please not be happening.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Hannah explained to Sonny that she had taken his FBI file with "everything they have on you up until a half-hour ago." Sonny asked if she was supposed to believe her or what. She told him she could be up on major charges and lose her badge for stealing the file. Sonny told her that he had ignored people he loved who told him to watch out for her, but when he looked at her, everything disappeared. She told him that love was still there. He asked her if she really thought that FBI file saved him and asked if she had erased him from the computer database. She stumbled and said she hadn't, but she'd try. He told her that she insults him by showing up at his house, demanding that he forgive her and insisting she read the file. He asked if she didn't know what kind of person he was, that he knew about betrayal. He screamed in her face that she can't fix what she broke, can't get back what she thew away because she doesn't deserve it. He told her to take the file and get out and never come back...if she sees him in the street to cross. He then assured her that this was letting her down easy. He pushed her out the door and she beat on it, begging him to open it.

Bobbie and Roy ran into each other on the docks and had a couple of laughs. She mentioned that Luke had left a message on her machine saying he was leaving. When she realized that Roy knew where he had gone, she commented that some things never change. They talked about how back in the old days, the three of them would be getting ready to go out and paint the town. Bobbie wondered that they had all lived this long. She said that being out with him in the night made it seem like he'd never left. He said he knew what she meant, that it was like the record had skipped twenty years. She laughed and reminded him that no one plays records any more. She asked him if he ever thought he'd end up living with Laura and he answered, "Not and live." They laughed about how jealous they both had been and she said she never dreamed she'd be head surgical nurse and have children. "And a grandson," he commented. She said that having Michael was worth being called Nana. She told him that she had found some pictures of the old days and asked if he wanted to see them. He asked if he could bring his lighter. They made a date for day after tomorrow and said good-bye.

Stefan tried to pin Helena into admitting that she had employed Stefan to kill Katherine and God knows what else. She evaded like a pro then made a vague remark about bad children being punished. He told her that it was fine if she underestimated him, it made his job easier.

Alexis and Ned met for lunch and he told her to pretend that he was kissing the back of her neck. She said that was nice and thanked him. They toasted Alan's seduction of Gertrude. After leaving Helena, Stefan asked to speak to Alexis and she told him she was in the middle of an L&B business meeting. Ned excused himself and Stefan asked if Alexis had seen Luke or knew how he could be connected with Faison. Alexis told him she didn't have a clue and asked why he didn't ask Laura. He told her that Laura could be a target. She asked why, since Faison is dead. He said that Helena had put a grand scheme in place and he had to uncover it before anyone else got hurt. She told Stefan that she wished him the best, but Helena meant nothing to her now, that she had a different life, a husband, friends and people who love her. Stefan told her that they were still her family and that they only wanted the same things. She told him that she was only family when they needed something and he said, "Touche." He told her that if she had broken free of the Cassadines that she was the first. She asked him to wish her luck and he did.

Monica remembered saying good-bye to Jason as she looked at a photo of the two sons. Alan came in saying, "Gertrude, where have you been all my life" and Monica laughed. She asked him if he was really going to use that line. Monica asked him what he was reading and he said it was hospital stuff. She took it and saw it was, "Ten Steps to a Successful Seduction." She smiled and asked if he'd written it in his spare time and assured him he could have. AJ came in and asked if they had seen Carly. Both of them tried to talk him into just letting her go.

Carly called the pharmacist and verified the accuracy of the pregnancy test she had purchased. She was assured that the percentage of accuracy on the box wasn't just hype. She got herself to calm down by thinking about how Jason would take care of her. She went to the penthouse looking for Jason, but Johnny wasn't giving up any info. She asked if Sonny was home, but Johnny told her he was not to be disturbed. She said he would get over it and insisted that she be shown in despite his objections. She burst in and demanded to know where Jason was and Sonny told her he was gone and not coming back. She said he wasn't gone, that she had just seen him that afternoon and again insisted that Sonny tell her where he had gone. She persisted and he asked her if she had ever considered that Jason had been telling her good-bye. She said no, that she felt she and Jason had a real chance now. Sonny told her he was gone and she was going to have to get used to it, that he couldn't help her. She told him she was in real trouble and needed Jason's help. He told her Jason didn't want her to find him, that he left because of her. She said that Jason had just told her how brave and strong she was earlier that day and he asked her if she didn't recognize a good-bye when she heard one. He then outlined all the ways that Carly had destroyed Jason's life. She said that Sonny just didn't understand her and Jason. He told her that if not for her, Michael would be swimming on the beach with his daddy right now and so would she. He said that Jason left because of her and that he wasn't going to call today or tomorrow or at all. She told him that he needed to stop saying that to her. He said, "Ok, I'll give you had a little help from me." She told him he didn't know how much.

Edward asked AJ where Carly was and commented that she was a handful. AJ said that he had saved the European deal, so to please just go away. Edward told AJ that Carly had the makings of a find Quartermaine and AJ agreed. Edward told him he was impressed with AJ's quick damage control after the party disaster and AJ thanked him. AJ wondered aloud if maybe Carly wasn't worth the effort and Edward jumped on him, saying that women were the backbone of the family.

Hannah walked the docks and remembered what Sonny had said, crying. When she heard a sound, she was sure he had come after her and said, "Sonny?" Instead, Roy opened his arms and said, "It's me, Baby" and she ran into his embrace, weeping. She told him about stealing the file and trying to give it to Sonny. He threw the file into the water (whatever water, bay, river, that is off the docks). She freaked out and tried to get it back and when she couldn't, told him that at least now the evidence was destroyed. He told her it was a dummy file, that he had planted it in Ford's office and watched her search for it and steal it. She started fussing at him and said he'd do anything to protect his case and he stopped her short, saying he'd do anything to PROTECT HIS DAUGHTER! He told her she was his flesh and blood and that he wasn't going to stand by while she did this dance. He told her if the file had been real, she'd be on her way to prison right now. He asked her why she was acting like her life was over because of this guy after all the incredible things she'd accomplished and the odds she'd beaten. He told her what a privilege it was to live in the same place as her and that they couldn't throw that away like it didn't matter. He said nothing mattered more than she did to him. She said that all she ever wanted was to be like him, " FBI agent, the best." He told her no one got to choose who to fall in love with, but that she had to just walk away. She asked if he'd ever done that and he said yes, a long time ago. She asked how to do it and he said that you just do what you have to do, you do your job and don't get caught up in how you feel and treat every day as a blessing.

Carly came back home and AJ asked how Jason was doing. She glanced around for the pregnancy test and he asked what she was looking for. She said she was really tired and he asked if she'd had a tough night. She told him she couldn't do this right now and he asked if she and Jason had a fight because she looked awful. She thanked him and told him goodnight. He asked if this wasn't getting old and she reminded him that he knew what she wanted. He said she'd never get it and told her good-night. After he left, she picked up the bag with the pregnancy test in it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Jax was on the telephone at home when Alexis walked in. He told her about his plan to get a quick divorce in the Dominican Republic, and they joked about it a bit, but she was not especially enthusiastic at the prospect and, after he left, looked as though she were thinking it over. There was a knock at the door and it was Chloe, wanting to talk things over with Alexis. She explained that she wasn't sure the timing was right for her and Jax; she'd met all sorts of men like him in Europe and knew never to take them seriously, but here she was, getting serious, and it scared her. Alexis said that they had something in common - Fear of Intimacy - and Chloe countered that she didn't think Alexis was afraid of anything. Alexis laughed that off, explaining that it was just an act, and counseled Chloe to trust herself, be brave, and take advantage of every moment. Later, Chloe put Alexis' words into action. Jax was once again on the telephone when Chloe entered. They kissed, and she explained that she had cleared her appointment calendar to spend time with him even though she was feeling somewhat overwhelmed and scared. He reassured her that he wasn't going anywhere, and they kissed some more.

Tammy and Liz were working together at the diner. Liz explained her plan to return to the studio to live, and Tammy was not enthusiastic, wondering if Liz wouldn't be afraid after the bomb. Emily arrived to tell Liz about Jason's departure, but Liz clearly already knew. They commiserated over the loss of Jason, described his shining character and shared memories. They agreed that they suspected Carly was somehow involved in the decision to leave town, and Emily trashed Carly until Liz explained that she thought Jason left because of the bomb and his assumption that she would be in danger as long as he was around. Nikolas entered in time to hear Emily tell Liz that Jason's leaving was not her fault and they agreed that they would just have to learn to live with his absence. Nikolas came over to the table then and admitted that he had overheard part of their conversation. He confirmed that Jason was indeed gone and said he was sorry, as he understood that it would be hard on both Emily and Liz. Emily left, and met Juan outside. Juan was sympathetic about Jason, kissed Emily and offered to walk her home. Back inside, Nikolas explained that while he wasn't a big Jason fan, he doesn't want to see Liz sad, and suggested that they take that snowboarding trip they'd been talking about. She agreed, and Nikolas left after offering her a ride in his car, which she turned down. Tammy offered to let Liz leave work to go on the ride, but she declined.

At the Quartermaine residence, Edward complained about AJ's performance at ELQ and suggested that Jason may need to step in and negotiate the dockworker's contract as he did the last time, but Monica entered and told Edward the news of Jason's departure. Edward's immediate reaction was to want to bring him back, and he refused "to believe this has all been for nothing, damn it!" Monica suggested that Edward was only interested in what he can't have or control, and AJ shooed her away so he could speak to Edward alone. AJ demanded to know why Edward was so upset by Jason's leaving - could it be that Edward had a plan to lure Jason back to the family and train him to take over ELQ? He went on to explain that Jason has gone, Ned has gone, and Edward has no one left except AJ, ending "You need me and it's time you realize it." Edward admitted to having doubts about AJ's abilities, feeling that Ned laid all the groundwork from which AJ has benefited. AJ stated that it was impossible for him to do a good job, never knowing from one minute to the next if he would be replaced, and asked Edward for a chance to lead ELQ. Edward agreed, somewhat reluctantly, to give him full rein, and AJ responded with a big hug and thanks, and a vow to make it work for both of them.

Later, Alan and Monica discussed the reactions of Edward and AJ to the news of Jason's departure. Alan asked if Monica still had the films of Jason's third birthday party, and stated that he'd like to see them. He was disappointed, although not surprised, that Jason had left without saying goodbye to him, and mourned the loss of his son. They agreed that AJ must prove himself to Edward, and Alan decided that marrying Gertrude was a small price to pay for his son's survival. Meanwhile, Edward and Lila discussed Jason's departure. Edward said that he thought Jason's love for Michael would have kept him tied to them, but Lila explained that Jason thought that leaving would be best for Michael. Edward recounted Jason's recovery from the accident and regretted never having told him that he was proud of him, but Lila comforted him with the idea that Jason understood Edward perfectly. Edward vowed to "give AJ a chance, not that I think he'll succeed, but we owe him that."

At the Clinic, Tony agreed to take some of the caseload. Carly entered when he was out of the room and gave her name as Caroline Morgan, explaining that she may be pregnant. Later, she was anxious for the test results and as Tony entered reading them, he at first did not see that his patient was Carly. When he saw it was she, he read her the riot act for trying to stir up more trouble with yet another baby. Carly tried to explain that she was trying to fix a mess, not create one, that she and AJ hadn't planned another baby so soon, anything can happen in the first three months, etc. and asked Tony to keep her secret, but Tony didn't buy any of it. He said that it brings back every lie she told while pregnant with Michael, and that he's afraid she will do to someone else what she did to him. Carly suggested that perhaps Tony is jealous, as she and AJ have "something real" and he has nothing. Tony stated grimly that he has a duty as a physician to protect the privacy of his patients, so he would go along with keeping the secret, but added that he "will be watching you, Caroline." Later, back home at the Quartermaine mansion, Carly thought over conversations with Jason and remembered her night with Sonny. AJ entered and demanded her attention, wanting to discuss the ramifications of Jason's departure. He told her about Edward's offer, and suggested she could make a similar fresh start if she chose, or she could leave, with Michael, of course, remaining with AJ. Carly gave up, stating "Okay, you win" and AJ shot back "We could both win, here, baby - it's up to you."

Thursday, January 20, 2000

Hannah went to the diner counter to get some juice, but despite further apologies on her part, Tammy was rude and dismissive, refusing to speak to her at all. Bobbie watched the exchange, and after Hannah left went to speak to Tammy. Tammy asserted that Carly had been right about Hannah all along - she was a complete fake and took them all in - and predicted that Sonny would have real trouble recovering from his heartbreak. Bobbie pointed out that we all have disappointments and must move on, then half-heartedly stood up for Hannah. A horn sounded outside just then, and Tammy went to check on deliveries. Tony entered the diner and took a table, and Bobbie went to join him. They chatted about his work at the Clinic, but when Bobbie complimented him, saying he's "a wonderful doctor", Tony replied "Yeah, I used to be." Bobbie questioned this attitude, and at first Tony was defensive but then admitted that while he misses doing procedures himself, he tries not to dwell on the downside, and Bobbie agreed that she does the same. Next, Bobbie commented that Carly seems to be between crises, and then questioned Tony about his odd reaction to the remark. Tony mumbled and waffled, then asked if Carly really is all right, and Bobbie was pleased to say that she seemed to be.

Outside, Larkin pressured Roy to get something on Sonny that the FBI can use to put him in jail, then finished his speech by pointing out that if Sonny slips through the cracks someone will have to take the blame; it won't be Ford, it certainly won't be Larkin, but "we have a good candidate for professional disgrace and a stiff prison term - Hannah Scott." Hannah arrived at the top of the stairs in time to witness the next exchanges. Larkin told Roy that he has respect for his past good work, and cautioned him not to blow this case, but Roy countered that he'll do it in his own time. Larkin left, and Hannah came down the stairs, saying that Larkin seems obsessed, and Roy snapped that there are "worse things to obsess about than getting the job done." Hannah asked Roy to take himself off the case, but he responded that she's the reason he has to stay on it. She asked once again, saying that she can't watch her father take down the man she loves, and Roy replied "so don't watch." Hannah again praised Sonny's sterling character, and when Roy said he's afraid for her, said that she's afraid for Sonny. Hannah guessed that the FBI is threatening her in order to pressure Roy, and he again cautioned her to try to put this episode of her life behind her or she'll destroy herself. Roy then left for a meeting with Sonny.

Ned and AJ met in the hotel bar and proceeded to poke and snipe at one another about ELQ and Carly until AJ pulled his trump card: he's produced the Quartermaine heir, and with Jason gone is irreplaceable. Ned said that rather he's delusional, that messing up is his only true gift, and they went around some more with AJ suggesting that perhaps Ned is threatened. AJ left and later Alexis joined Ned at the table, asking why he seems so miserable. Ned explained that with Jason gone, AJ is the heir apparent, and while ordinarily he would be "waiting gleefully for the ELQ stock to plunge, and for AJ to prove his cluelessness and earn Edward's eternal disdain", this time he can't - while AJ may be clueless, Carly is anything but. Alexis pointed out that Carly doesn't even like AJ, but Ned explained that while that may be true, she does want him to succeed and she'll "strategize and manipulate until AJ shines." Ned suggested that perhaps he should go to Edward and get his old ELQ job back, but Alexis pointed out that "what you're feeling inside, that combination of rage and despair, is what ELQ does to Quartermaines - it eats its young", and that's why Ned shouldn't go back. Ned asked what he would do without her, and they picked up the wine and glasses and headed for Alexis' room.

Alan and Monica, at home at the Quartermaine mansion, told Emily that their falling out of love is an act to protect AJ, and tried to explain to her the whole scheme involving Ned and Gertrude. Emily, understandably, was somewhat doubtful, and asked why the groom must be Alan, but Monica and Alan pointed out that there are no other candidates and then proceeded to squabble about who gets to dump whom. This escalated into a disagreement about the Chief of Staff position, and then grew to include the topics of Juan and curfews. Later, Alan and Monica were alone again, happily planning the collapse of their marriage, and were seen kissing by AJ. Monica noticed AJ watching them and leapt up, pretending to be offended by Alan's kiss. AJ said that he has marital problems of his own and exited, leaving Alan and Monica to agree that this scam is going to be more difficult than they thought.

Liz brought Sonny some brownies, and explained that she feels responsible for driving Jason away, but Sonny disagreed. She told the story of how she and Jason met, and how he felt he had to keep his distance after the bomb scare, but Sonny said that people disappointed Jason and that Liz was probably the only friend he could count on. She shared a memory about an old family portrait of hers, and Sonny commented that "people come, people go - that's what life's about." He reminded her that he is only a phone call away and offered her a home-cooked meal any time she wanted one. She thanked him and left. Later, Taggert pushed his way in, wanting to know how to get in touch with Jason. They swapped insults, then Sonny convinced him that Jason had gone, and Taggert left after commenting "Good things come to those who wait - one down, one to go."

Next stop for Taggert was the diner, where he found Liz and told her that he'd just learned of Jason's departure. He guessed that she'd also been to Sonny's (by the presence of the brownies) and warned her that while Jason was bad, Sonny was much worse. She rebuffed his advice in a friendly way.

Roy arrived at the penthouse, and Sonny asked if he were still interested in a job. Roy indicated that he was, so Sonny told him to go to the casino, get a substantial amount of cash, and bring it back to him. He cautioned that if Roy were to be intercepted by anyone inside the government or outside it, he would be on his own. Sonny gave Roy a big briefcase and questioned why Roy, as an ex-con, would want to take such a risk, but Roy just replied that he couldn't see his future in lugging coffee beans, he wanted more. They shook hands, and Roy left, with Sonny gazing thoughtfully after him. Later, Roy sat outside on the steps waiting for Bobbie. When she arrived he explained that he would have to cancel their date to look at the old photographs. Bobbie was disappointed but accepted this without much comment and went on her way.

Friday, January 21, 2000

Liz arrives at the docks as Nikolas is there. He asks her if she wants to go to the movies. Liz says no that she has an art assignment. Nikolas says it's great inspiration. Liz chides him that it is procrastination, but she will go if she can pick the movie. Nikolas gives in just as Helena walks up and says, "How lovely to see my dear one smiling." Nikolas tells his grandmother he has warned her not to approach his friends or his little sister. She defends her actions thinking that now that the charges have been dropped he might have changed his mind. She continues that perhaps the police will look further into Stefan's role...after all, he did confess. Helena reminds Nikolas of the lengths his uncle will go to prevent him from being with an unsuitable woman. Nikolas tells Helena he won't be baited into a discussion with her. Helena longingly tells Nikolas she longs for the day when Nikolas realizes who has truly loved him since the day he was born. Helena excuses herself and bids the two a pleasant evening. She tells Liz how grateful she is for Miss Webber making her grandson smile again. Just then Stefan approaches the dock and says if Helena really wants to see Nikolas smile, she will leave. Helena tells Stefan she knows it upsets him to see Nikolas with her and Liz. She offers her sympathies to the two and warns of Stefan's lecture on the appropriate kind of woman for a Cassadine. Helena tells the duo not to let Stefan intimidate them. Before she exits she tells Liz not to be too worried because she doesn't think Stefan would kill 2 innocent women in a row. Stefan apologizes to Liz as Nikolas explains not to pay attention to Helena. Liz says she knows all about her from Lucky. She excuses herself to go back to Kelly's so she can get a heavier coat and she will be right back. Nikolas tells Stefan he didn't want to give Helena the satisfaction, but he will not tolerate Stefan not approving of Liz. Stefan says he is more concerned with Helena. He warns Nikolas that she will stop at nothing to get him under her control. Nikolas tells Stefan it will never happen. Nikolas tells Stefan that if he finds out what Helena is planning he will tell his uncle. Would Stefan do the same? He says yes. Nikolas tells Stefan he must let him make his own mistakes. He must do his own things, even if they are not what Stefan would do. Liz comes back to join Nikolas for the movies and realizes her bracelet is gone. Nikolas finds it on the dock. Liz is relieved and says she doesn't know what she would do if she lost Lucky's bracelet. She then announces to Nikolas that she wants to see an upbeat movie!

Sonny is on the phone with Benny at the penthouse making sure Benny makes the casino deposit. Mike arrives and is worried that Jason has disappeared. He wants to know where Jason is and if he is all right. He tells Sonny that Jason was a good friend and he is worried. Sonny tells Mike Jason has left and tells him to tear up any debts he owes to Jason. Mike wants a cell phone number. Sonny tells Mike just to go that he has a coffee meeting and that Jason wanted it this way. He didn't want to say goodbye. Mike tells Sonny that Jason would have never left unless Sonny asked him to or drove him away. Sonny won't say anymore and asks Mike to lock up. Sonny leaves for his meeting and Mike is left contemplating what has just happened.

Chloe arrives at the Port Charles Grill to meet Ned concerned something might not be going right. Ned says all is okay with the Monica/Alan scenario and that Emily is on board and is even going to improvise. He goes on to say that Emily wants to stage some outbursts of curfew violations and Juan violations. Ned confesses to his wife that he has invited her to dinner because they have been spending far too much time with the wrong spouses lately. He feels it is necessary to continue to convince people they are a happily married couple. Just as he leans in to kiss Chloe's ear, only for appearances, Jax walks up and tells Ned, "Try it and I'll kill you." Jax doesn't mean to interrupt but what is going on? An early dinner? He joins them and says he is thrilled he can do so. Ned reiterates to Jax that he is spending far too much time with his wife alone rather publicly. Ned tells Jax he deserves what he gets. Does Jax even know how many times he has kissed Alexis in front of Ned? It's time Jax suffer. Chloe feels this is a harsh sentence and plays footsie with Jax under the table. Jax tries to rush their meal so he can be with Chloe. Ned tells Jax he and his wife have L & B business. Jax says he will get his revenge. Just then Chloe spots Sonny in the Port Charles Grill and seems concerned. Jax turns to see his enemy. Jax assures the two of them he will be fine, but perhaps they should rush the check. Ned says no. Chloe excuses her self. Jax and Ned share intimacy issues. Ned tells Jax he knows he has been hit hard by Chloe. Jax says he has and he thinks it is going to get harder to hide. He also tells Ned that one thing he learned from Brenda's death was to not waste a moment. When Chloe returns Ned informs them of his disbelief that Jason left and he can't get any information. Chloe and Jax continue to be fixated on eachother while Ned goes to get some port. Chloe and Jax discuss how they will be able to resist each other. They both agree they will just have to be creative while continuing to play footsie under the table.

Carly is at the Port Charles Grill too. She is only there with her memories of her tryst with Sonny and hearing Tony tell her she is pregnant. Bobbie walks in and tells her daughter Reginald told her where to find her. She is worried about Carly. Carly explains to her mom that Michael has been fussy. Bobbie tells Carly she knows Jason is gone. How is she? Carly expresses her grief over losing him and now she doesn't have anyone to get her out of her messes. Bobbie says she will be there for Carly. Bobbie wants to know what drove him away. Carly tells her the usual tactics. She panicked and did something stupid. Carly says she won't look for other people to solve her problems anymore. She says maybe she will learn from her experience. Carly tells Bobbie she just has to do what is right for her child. Just then she spots Sonny at the Grill bar. They exchange approving looks. Bobbie tells Carly not to count on Sonny for information. Carly tells her mom she wasn't going to ask. Bobbie tells Carly she loves her and worries about her. Carly says it is nice to be worried about and kisses her mom goodbye.

Bobbie approaches Sonny and he tells her he isn't going to tell her where Jason is. Bobbie tells Sonny he owes her twice. Once for not owning up about Jerry and once for not turning in the information on Jason's gunshot wound. She wants to know if Roy is working for him. Sonny says yes and he is one of his best men. Bobbie asks Sonny to think of what a hard road Roy has come down and that he might not be able to resist temptation. Bobbie asks Sonny how many people would have been better off had they not gotten involved with him. Sonny says he knows and excuses himself.

Roy is taken into custody after picking up the casino deposit at the airport. U. S. Customs agents tell him he is in a lot of trouble. He claims he doesn't know what is in the bag and that it is a case of mistaken identity. He doesn't know whose briefcase it is. It just has paperwork in it. The agents open the case and find close to a million dollars in it. They tell Roy they have him on a surveillance tape picking up the money at Sonny's casino. They know he is an ex-con and if he doesn't pony up he will be back in the slammer. Roy tells them again he is on vacation and doesn't know whose money it is. He convincingly tells the agents that Sonny has nothing to do with any of it. Just then Sonny strolls in and says, "Hello Roy."

Edward walks in on AJ being assertive about an ELQ deal at the Q mansion. He tells AJ he has won and he doesn't have to compete with Jason anymore. AJ says he isn't. Ed says for AJ to lose the chip on his shoulder. AJ tells Ed he just needs confidence and a cheering section from his grandfather. Ed tells AJ he hopes he can control his wife. AJ tells Ed he has a plan. He thought his marriage would be like Ed and Lila's, instead it is like Alan and Monica's. He says, as much as Carly infuriates him, he wants her. He goes on to tell Ed he thinks she wants him too. Ed tells AJ he thinks it will work out. Just then Carly enters and tells AJ harshly that she has been at the Port Charles Grill with her mom and to call and verify if he wants. AJ says he wasn't asking. He asks Carly what it would take to call a truce to their war. Carly tells A. J. he has no idea how happy that makes her. Carly picks up a picture of AJ and Jason and quietly laments while AJ is out of the room that she can't even count on Jason to lie that it is his baby. She can't tell Sonny, so she will have to make AJ think it is his baby. Just then AJ walks by and Carly shows a picture of Michael that is one of her favorites. He revisits how happy Carly was to hear his truce talk. She gets closer to AJ and he tries to kiss her. He tells her no games. She asks what he wants and he says to go upstairs. Carly grabs his hand and leads him upstairs.

Helena is on the phone confiding to someone as she looks at Lucky's picture that he is making significant progress. She tells the unidentified person that she will be coming to see Lucky in person and that she can't wait to confront him face-to-face.

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