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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 10, 2000 on GH
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Monday, January 10, 2000

Mac came into Faison's cell and let him know that they had evidence against him in Katherine's murder. Faison was adamant that he had not committed the crime. Later, he came back with Dara to review the charges. Faison was obnoxious and it ended up being an insult fest instead of anything remotely resembling a legal proceeding.

Luke dropped by Laura's house pretending that he and Lulu had an ice fishing date. He and Laura laughed about it and she told him Lulu was sick and couldn't go. They discussed Bobbie being at the house again and Laura told him how much she was enjoying having Roy around. In an interesting reference, Luke said, "It's like suddenly someone you'd given up on is standing right there in front of you." He'd better get used to that. He went upstairs to play with Lulu and was coming down again just as Stefan arrived, saying he couldn't leave things as they were. He saw Luke and suggested that perhaps it wasn't such a good time. Luke went to the kitchen to make warm milk and Stefan started apologizing for his early behavior and said he understood why Laura couldn't go out with Lulu sick. Luke created a ruckus in the kitchen, pretending to burn his finger. Stefan asked Laura to consider what she wanted in regard to their relationship and to get back to him. He left and Luke commented that "The Count" hadn't stayed. Laura said that she wondered why and smiled.

Bobbie hassled Larkin when she came upon him talking to Roy. She threatened to email her congressman about him pestering people who had served their time. He asked her, rather snottily, if she'd heard from Jerry and she fired back, "No, have you?" When he left, Roy asked her not to go around trying to protect him all the time. She started griping to him about working for Sonny and he made it clear that just because she cared about him didn't mean she could run his life.

Hannah came into the diner to bum a cup of coffee off of Liz. Liz told her she was just getting ready to throw it out anyway. The conversation came around to her and Tammy's relationship and Hannah admitted that Tammy was angry with her because she had lied to and betrayed Sonny. Liz was shocked to learn about this and wasn't really interested in hearing about how Hannah still loved Sonny and had protected him when push came to shove. She laid into Hannah asking why she was telling her this and trying to get her sympathy when she could at least see Sonny whenever she wanted to. She told her she didn't even know what missing someone was and then charged her a dollar for the coffee. Hannah left and Audrey came in and gave Liz is big hug and told her she was glad she had called. Audrey had misinterpreted Liz's call to mean that she was coming home and Liz informed her not only that she wasn't coming home, but also told her about the bomb in her studio. Audrey freaked out and asked if she was living with Jason now (all matronly, prim and curt). Liz told her that she was living with Bobbie and would be moving back into the studio. Audrey continued to try to persuade her move home, but when she hit a brick wall, she left, saying she'd leave the light on. Emily rushed in and told Liz she needed lots of chocolate, stat. She told Liz how she had set up Juan to sing for Ned and that now Juan was furious with her. Liz encouraged her and told her Juan had probably figured out by now that Em was just trying to help. They started talking about Jason and Liz told her sadly that Jason had broken off their friendship. Emily comforted Liz but warned her that when Jason makes a decision like this, it's for good. Suddenly Emily panicked, realizing that if Juan saw her here, he'd think she was waiting for him, so she beat a hasty retreat. Nikolas came in and asked if the ice cream was empty. She told him it was half full (this, my friends, is a metaphor). Nikolas tried to make amends, asking if she was moving back into her studio. Liz was really defensive and was on the alert for him to start trouble. Finally, he said that he'd see her around and she reminded him that he knew where she lived.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly came down the stairs in her best hooker clothes, acting like gutter trash. She called herself Carly-Babes, flirted with the European investors and with Edward. Even Lila warned her to watch herself. Carly continued to insult everyone, including Amanda Barrington, who she accused of being a drunk. After everyone left, Edward admonished Carly, saying she had showed so much promise as a Quartermaine and now she'd blown it. Monica started to rip into her and Alan interrupted, saying that AJ needed to be alone with his wife. AJ expressed his disappointment, telling her it was the most important night of his life at ELQ. He told her that she had burned her last bridge tonight and that she'd better not leave the house. She told him that she had done this to get Michael out of the mansion and he assured her that would never happen. She told him he had married her for better or worse and asked him how much worse he'd like it to get. He told her she was nowhere near worse yet. After he left, Sonny, who was still around, congratulated Carly on her performance. He reminded her that they would never give up Michael, but they'd take her to the curb like trash. Monica showed up and threw Sonny out. She then tossed a bag to Carly, telling her to pack it and get out. As they were arguing, Chloe and Ned snuck into the living room from that patio door everyone uses. Monica and Carly continued to fight over the probability of her taking Michael and ended with Monica saying she would not sit by and watch Carly destroy AJ. Carly told her to look the other way.

Monica sat down in the living room and Ned offered her a drink. She wondered aloud if anyone from the party would ever leave and they admitted they'd left and returned. They pitched the idea of Ned refusing ELQ if Alan could marry Gertrude and they were bantering it back and forth when Alan came in. He said, "Oh no, you didn't." Monica told him she thought it could work.

Hannah went to Jason to ask him to intercede with Sonny and convince him that she was sincere in her love. Jason told her in no uncertain terms that what Sonny knew is that she didn't matter to him any more and she'd better get used to that. Just as he was throwing her out, Sonny showed up.

Felicia was waiting in Luke's office and showed him a video that had come in the mail. Not knowing that Mac had already watched his own copy a thousand times, she worried about Faison showing it to Mac.

Meanwhile, Mac had problems of his own as he went to get Faison to take him to Pentonville, only to find that he had escaped and placed a dummy in his bed. Mac went into hustle mode and alarms sounded through the jail.

Ari II assured Helena that all was well, saying, "Master Spencer is in place and Cesar Faison is on his way." Helena allowed that it was sad that Cesar would not live long enough to enjoy his freedom.

AJ told Carly that she had an appointment with a psychiatrist the next morning and that some sedatives were being sent over right away, given their "emergency." Carly said she would not start taking drugs. AJ told her everyone had seen her bizarre behavior and that if she refused treatment, he didn't know how he could let her near their son.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Sonny told Hannah that he knew why she was at Jason's penthouse and mocked her by saying, "You came by to get Jason to help you get me back, tell him how much you love me, cry a little bit, say you're sorry, blah, blah, blah." Then he let her know that Jason was actually the person who told her she was FBI. Jason then let her know that all the times that she had gotten the impression that he didn't like her were right, and now she knew why. Sonny blew her off again and she left.

Carly let AJ know that if she was going to get counseling, she'd pick her own shrink. AJ told her he didn't know if he she was able to do that after her performance and that it was obvious she was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. She told him that she wasn't going to start taking sedatives just because a psychiatrist that he bribed was sending some over. She said she would go to see Gail Baldwin, but the only way he would get rid of her was to divorce her. He assured her most menacingly that a divorce would never happen. She said, "We'll see."

Alan was shocked that Monica was suggesting that he go through with Chloe and Ned's plan to divorce her and marry Gertrude to save AJ's job. She tried to convince him that AJ is more vulnerable that Alan thinks, especially with his doomed marriage faltering. She told him that the job at ELQ is all that is holding AJ together. Ned pushed the envelope by saying that if Alan didn't co-operate, that he would go to Edward and tell him he's ready to go back to ELQ. Alan countered that he knew Ned had no interest in going back to ELQ, that he was happy with L&B. Ned assured him that there were people to run L&B in his absence. Monica noted that all Chloe and Ned had to do was to stay married for a year, and they seemed quite happy, so why did they need this to happen? Chloe told her that they were very happy, but Gertrude didn't believe it and was driving them crazy spying on them all the time. Alan said it was a heartless thing to do, preying on a poor, lonely widow like that. Chloe assured him that Gertrude was a piranha in expensive pumps and wouldn't give him the time of day if he wasn't rich. Monica wondered about the effects of a divorce on Emily and Ned suggested that Emily was old enough to know the truth and said they should let her in on it. Monica and Alan told Chloe and Ned that they needed to speak privately. Outside, Chloe wondered if they were too hard on them, but Ned told her that emotional blackmail was all they would respond to and nothing less would make a dent.

Mac put out an APB on Faison and asked for a report of who had visited him in the past 24 hours. Dara came into his office and Mac gave her the bad news of Faison's escape and said he was pretty sure he knew who had helped him.

Helena sent Ari II back to the yacht and said that she wanted to speak with Faison. Ari II (whose real name, we learned, in Andreas) wondered aloud if Malloy would turn her in and she assured him that Malloy was safely in her pocket. Taggert showed up and took Helena in for questioning about Faison's escape, delaying her meeting with Faison.

One of Helena's henchmen led Faison into a cluttered office and he fussed about the "accommodations." The man bunted saying that Faison would have to speak with 'Madam' about that and assured him that she'd be there shortly.

Luke asked Felicia if there was a letter with the video and she told him there was not. Luke suggested that they just wait and see what Faison's next move would be, but Felicia disagreed, saying that Faison would then always have something over their heads. She felt the only thing she could do was to tell Mac the truth. Luke asked how much of the truth she would tell him. She said she would tell him, "Faison had us in a gas chamber, and we thought we were going to die and in that moment, two partners, two friends found comfort in each other's arms. But that's all. Nothing more because I could never be unfaithful to my husband because I love him so much." Luke agreed that it about covered it and asked if he thought Mac would believe her. Felicia was sure he would because she had never lied to him before now. Luke asked if she would tell him about the tape and she said she would and also would show it to him if he asked. Luke suggested that he go along with her so that he could accept the blame from Mac. At first, she declined, but he talked her into it and they left to find Mac.

Jason asked Sonny if he had come for anything specific and Sonny told him that Sorel's explosives guy had been seen in town the night the bomb was placed in Liz's studio, which pretty well locked in Faison was the culprit. Jason thanked him, asked if there was anything more. Sonny said no and left.

Juan knocked on Emily's window and then kissed and made up, then proceeded to make out. Alan knocked on her door and Juan hurried hit under the bed. Alan told Emily how proud he and Monica were of her behavior lately and said he thought perhaps Juan was not the bad influence they had thought he was. After he left, Juan asked Emily if he was sorry they had gone so far and she said no, but they should be careful. He bundled up again and left after kissing her goodnight.

Alan and Monica discussed the plan's viability and possible consequences. Alan thought the idea of him leaving her for another woman was terrible and Monica wryly commented that he had done it least this time was for a good reason. He still felt it was courting disaster, but she insisted that this time, it wasn't about them, but about AJ.

Felicia and Luke got to Mac's office just before he bustled it. He assumed they had heard about the break and assured Felicia that he had the girls under surveillance full time. He told Felicia to go home and stay there. Luke asked if someone had helped Faison escape and Mac said it looked that way. Luke suggested it was an inside job and Mac got a little defensive and said he was on it. An officer told Mac the only person not accounted for was Malloy and Mac put an APB out on him and asked that his bank records be subpoenaed. Helena was led into the office then and all the pieces clicked together for Luke. Mac questioned her about her connection to Faison and she said she knew him as a jeweler who provided her with some fairly expensive diamond pieces. Luke accused her of killing Katherine and using Faison to get to him. She made light of his accusations and told Mac she'd have her staff be on the look out for Faison. With no evidence, they had to let her leave. Afterwards, when they were alone, Luke and Felicia agreed it was not a good time to tell Mac the truth and discussed the connection between Faison and Helena.

Edward told Carly he had enjoyed her "performance" and that it had all the aspects of great theater...all it needed was a musical finale. He told her he didn't blame her for wanting to leave, that the family would exhaust anyone. He also told her he understood her problems with AJ, that he keeps tripping over himself. She said he didn't know the half of it. Edward told her he had always been a supporter of hers, but that she should be aware of his limits. She told him she'd had all the warnings she could take for one night and he quickly told her she could not dismiss him, that he was not AJ. He then softened slightly and told her that she reminded him of himself at her age and that he could help her focus her energy. He told her it was for the good of Michael. She informed him that she did not want Michael growing up in that house and Edward said that Michael wasn't going anywhere and neither was she.

Jason looked at the birthday pictures of Carly and Michael that Carly had sent to him and remembered when he had told Michael good-bye after he relinquished parental rights.

After Edward left, Lila rolled into Carly's room looking for him. Carly asked if she was mad at her and Lila asked if she should be. Carly apologized for ruining the party and flirting with Edward, but said she was just trying to make a point. Lila asked her what that would be and Carly said it was that she didn't belong here and neither did Michael. Lila asked her if she was sure of that or just doing what was best for her rather than best for Michael and left.

Helena came to check on Faison and he fussed about how long it had taken. She let him know that the police were following her and she had to take extra caution. He griped about the accommodations and she pointed out that the police had not found him. Faison told her that everything that she had done for him had been earned because he had given her the antidote. She agreed and said that the final stage of his escape would be in place tomorrow and that would make them even. He corrected her...they were not even because she still had Lucky Spencer.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Faison is at the hiding place when Helena enters. He's impatient to leave, accuses Helena of stalling and generally complains about the way he's been treated. She explains that it's true that she did frame him for Katherine Bell's murder, although "... after so many deaths, what's one more?" and she agrees that he did lose Lucky, but she feels that since he was so well paid and the kidnapping was on her orders, Lucky was never really his to begin with. She's paid for his rampage, Felicia's kidnapping, and now his escape - he hasn't done badly. She takes her leave of him, advising him that someone will come for him in a couple hours; he kisses her hand, but as soon as she is out the door comments "I'm not done with you - not at all."

Luke is at his desk in his office when Felicia enters. She's all upset - apologizes for being selfish and explains that she is concerned about Mac finding Faison and about the tape. They speculate about how Mac would feel if he saw the tape. She is afraid that Faison will get away and then, someday, send Mac a copy of the tape. Luke advises her to wait 24 hours for Faison to be caught, then if he is not, to tell Mac about the tape so that Faison can never use it as a weapon against her. Felicia approves the plan, tells Luke that if doesn't see her for a while to take care, and leaves regretfully. Roy enters a minute later and guesses that Felicia was just there by the look on Luke's face. Luke explains that Felicia is terrified about the tape, and tells Roy about the plan to tell Mac and to not see Felicia any more, and then they, too, speculate about Mac's possible reactions to seeing the tape. The phone rings and it is Faison - he wants Luke to meet him at Pier 39 and insists that he come alone. Luke hangs up and rushes out alone, despite Roy's offer to accompany him. Larkin enters next, and begins to harass Roy about the lack of information Roy has provided on Sonny and about Roy's relationship with Bobbie. He reminds Roy that the only thing he's done is get rid of Bobbie's fiancÚ, and demands to know if Roy thinks of this as an assignment or a romantic opportunity. This gets Roy's back up, and he reminds Larkin that he was the one to ruin Hannah's cover and then threatens to have Larkin reassigned. He warns Larkin to leave Bobbie out of it, and Larkin counters with a threat to have Bobbie visit Roy in Pentonville.

Mac, on the phone in his office, is orchestrating the search for Faison. Dara enters, but she has no news. Mac wants the governor to okay roadblocks to facilitate the search, but so far he has not agreed. Taggert and Helena enter, and Mac pressures Helena to reveal Faison's whereabouts by threatening to charge her with aiding and abetting. She insists that she had nothing to do with the escape, no idea where Faison may be, and threatens to sue the PD. Mac offers Helena a bargain of reduced charges for information, but Dara steps in and says that Mac has no legal right to make such a deal, and the DA's office will not honor it. Helena takes the opportunity to belittle and condescend to Mac, then leaves when Dara advises her that she is free to go. She passes Taggert in the hallway on her way out. He is on the phone, discussing the Corinthos case, and Hannah arrives on the scene in time to overhear. She immediately questions him as to what new info he might have, but he refuses to tell her anything. Back inside the office, Mac is furious with Dara, who in turn threatens to have Mac's badge if he doesn't get himself under control. Just then the phone rings, and news of a Faison sighting sends Mac rushing out the door.

Outside on the docks, Sorel approaches Liz. She doesn't want to talk to him, but when Sorel mentions Jason's name it gets her attention. He is just beginning to make insinuations and threats when Jason appears, tackles Sorel, and holds him while ordering Liz to leave immediately. She refuses, so Jason tells Sorel to leave her alone, threatens him and tosses him aside. He runs away, and Jason and Liz discuss their feelings for one another. She says that she cares for him, he agrees that he cares for her, too, and that is why he must stay away from her - to protect her from Sorel. She points out that that strategy isn't exactly working, and since she's willing to take the risk, why not still be friends? After some more back and forth, he agrees, and they go off for a motorcycle ride. Afterwards, she's happy and asks about his feelings. He tries to explain that he has good times and bad times, but that he never saw much point in looking back. She explains how bones are stronger at the point where they have been broken - maybe hearts are the same. They chat a bit more, then Jason warns her to call him right away if she sees Sorel again, and they part company happily.

At the hospital, Tony and Bobbie are chatting about Lucas and his riding lessons when Monica arrives. Tony goes off about his business, and Monica starts in on Bobbie about Carly's behavior. Monica begins to list Carly's many flaws and generally rant about the situation, but Bobbie manages to stay fairly calm and placate her a bit. She wonders why Carly and AJ don't just divorce, if the situation is as bad as Monica says, but Monica insists that AJ would never compromise on custody of Michael. Bobbie's opinion is that Carly will keep fighting indefinitely, and Monica asks if there is any chance that Bobbie could reason with Carly. Monica states that she won't allow Carly to destroy AJ and is beginning to sound threatening when Bobbie reminds her that they'd sworn not to take sides in their children's affairs. Monica isn't soothed, and stalks off. Felicia encounters Tony at the hospital, and tells him about Faison's disappearance. They hug, and Tony exits as Bobbie comes up. She and Felicia discuss the Mac/ Luke situation. Felicia concludes that she belongs with Mac and the children, and Bobbie advises her to do whatever she has to to make it work

At the Quartermaines', Carly enters from the garden to find Alan already present. He asks her why she married AJ in the first place, and she explains that it seemed like the right thing to do for Michael, but has since proven to be a mistake. Alan tells her how he used to feel that Jason was brave and kind and brilliant, and he could never forgive AJ for not being Jason, but now he realizes that AJ is special in his own way. Carly says that he was right the first time - Jason is brave and kind and brilliant. AJ enters just then, and sends his father out of the room so he can harass Carly in private. He wants to know if she's scheduled that appointment with the psychiatrist, and she states that she will only see one that the Q's can't bribe. He next asks if she's taken her medication, and she says she flushed it. Carly tells him all about her plan to ruin him, but he says that it will be worth whatever it takes to keep her, as that is what she deserves. Carly leaves the room, and AJ is on the phone when Alan reenters. They reminisce about snowmen and it leads Alan to tell AJ that he used to fight with Monica because he thought she only married him when she couldn't have the man she really wanted. AJ sees the parallel, but advises that he knows how to handle Carly, and exits. Next Monica arrives, and Alan tells her that AJ is determined to hang onto Carly. He says he fears that AJ may believe that "constant fighting and attempted murder are the hallmark of a successful marriage." Monica says that she loved Alan from the start, but that Carly feels nothing for AJ. Monica and Alan agree to stop Carly and Monica suggests a place to start - she and Alan could divorce.

Hannah and Roy meet outside on the docks, and Roy actually says, "we can't keep meeting like this." Hannah wants to know what the Bureau has on Sonny, but instead of giving her information, Roy tells her that she has to stop anguishing over Sonny. She is distraught, and Roy gives her a comforting hug as Bobbie comes around the corner just in time to witness it.

Luke and Faison meet on the pier next to Faison's escape boat, and Faison explains that he knows Luke is a worthy adversary, so he has something to tell him - Lucky is alive. He is just about to give Luke more information when Mac arrives, shooting his gun. Luke and Mac struggle over the gun as Faison gets away in the boat, and we hear the boat explode.

Thursday, January 13, 2000

Chloe arrives at Jax's and orders champagne from room service. Jax arrives shortly and they flirt and kiss. She shows him that she brought the ingredients for s'mores, but she sees Jax's face fall and immediately (and correctly) guesses that this is again something that reminds him of Brenda. He admits that it does, but explains that there are a million things that remind him of Brenda and he can't avoid them all and still have a life; now Chloe has made him love his life. They eat flaming s'mores and make love.

At the Quartermaines', Alan and Monica discuss the ramifications of Ned unseating AJ as head of ELQ, and what will happen if he loses his job and his wife at the same time. Monica vows to do something to help, and Alan replies "That's easy for you to say - I'm the one that has to marry Gertrude!" They tease each other about Gertrude, and it leads to flirting and kissing.

We are shown a replay of yesterday's explosion. Mac reports the explosion on his telephone and then demands that Luke tell him who was helping Faison and why Luke kept him from preventing the escape. Luke explains that Faison was more useful alive than dead, and Mac wonders if he really is dead - after all, he survived the boat explosion that killed Robert and Anna. Luke insists that Faison can't have survived the explosion and he had no time to jump, but he turns away and ponders the idea, then exits. Police are investigating the scene when Felicia arrives - she heard about the explosion on the radio and rushed over. She is concerned that Faison somehow survived the explosion. Mac assures her that it isn't possible, but she isn't entirely convinced. Mac tells her that Luke was with Faison when he arrived and stopped Mac from shooting him, then questions her about Luke's relationship with him. Mac's phone rings with the news that the divers must be brought in because of weather, and he repeats that Faison must be dead, but Felicia still is unsure despite repeated reassurances.

Luke arrives at Helena's and grabs Andreas from behind, holding a knife to his throat. Helena enters and demands that Luke remove the knife, and he does so after Helena agrees to answer some questions. Helena dismisses Andreas, who protests but leaves. Luke demands to know her connection to Faison, and she insists that she merely purchased gems from him. Luke accuses her of helping him to escape so that she could kill him, but she denies it. Luke is ready to leave and says that it is good to see her up and around, and she coyly answers that she is "lucky to have survived the ordeal." He turns to look at her again as an idea downs, then he exits. Later, she examines Andreas' throat for damage while commenting that "Luke is so annoying." Andreas says that Luke wants to kill her, but she comments that she is the only who knows that Lucky is alive and where he may be found.

Laura and Stefan meet outside at the docks, and they discuss their relationship. They acknowledge that there is a pull between them, and hug. She declares her love, and says that she doesn't know if she can stay with him forever but she wants to try again and asks how he feels about that? He kisses her in answer just as Luke arrives on the scene. He bumps Laura's arm, saying he's sorry to interrupt, and tells them the news of Faison's boat explosion. Luke exits, and Stefan asks if Laura is all right. She replies that there was something strange about Luke, and that she will always worry about Luke, the way she does about him - she loves them both. Next Dara arrives with the news that the charges against Helena are to be dropped. Stefan questions this, and Dara explains that they have the bank statements and the wig to implicate Faison, so there is nothing to pursue with Helena. Stefan insists that the DA's office is being set up, but Dara just shrugs and says it is out of her hands and exits. Laura worries that this leaves Helena free to retaliate against Stefan, but he vows that there will be no retaliation - he'll do whatever is necessary to stop it.

At Jason's, Carly arrives with Michael, explaining that he hasn't been sleeping and she is hoping Jason can work some of his "magic" and get the boy to sleep. Jason reads to him, and after a while the child sleeps. Jason scolds Carly about bringing Michael over, saying that it confuses him and accuses Carly of using the child as a way to get to him. Carly stands up to Jason, insisting that she is only doing this to help Michael, that the boy is unhappy at the Quartermaines', and she needs Jason's help. Jason states that she is just using Michael as a weapon, and they argue, but Carly holds her position that she is not being manipulative - just trying to do what is best for all of them. Later, back at the Quartermaine residence once more, she sits with Michael (awake) on her lap and tells him that Jason is angry but will help them because he loves them. Meanwhile, Jason writes a "Dear Michael" letter.

Roy and Hannah are talking outside, as Bobbie watches from a hidden spot. Hannah says she must know what the FBI is planning but Roy refuses to tell her, saying that she'll go straight to Sonny and that constitutes obstruction of justice. Roy says that while he understands what she wants to do, some damage can't be undone and in her case it would be a mistake to try as she may lose her career. Hannah apparently feels that her career isn't what it was cracked up to be, and insists that what she and Sonny had was real. She states that she won't leave him unprotected, and after another big hug from Roy (witnessed by Bobbie) she goes on her way. Roy turns to leave and then looks up to see Bobbie. She laughs awkwardly, and says that she wants to apologize for sticking her nose in his business the other night, but Roy tells her that he doesn't mind until she says things he doesn't want to hear. Bobbie says that she has to make room for him to be a different person than the one she remembers, but he insists that in the important ways he's still just the same. He offers to walk Bobbie home, but she declines, and after turning for one more long look, walks away.

Luke is back at the club, pouring himself a drink. He picks up Lucky's picture and hurls the drink against the wall just as Roy walks in. Luke rants a little, demanding that Roy "ask me what I want more than anything, what I'd kill for...I want my son back" and then tells him what Faison said - that Lucky is still alive. Roy asks if Luke can trust Faison, and Luke admits that he cannot, that it could just be Faison's ultimate revenge, and then explains about the explosion. He makes Roy promise not to tell Laura or Mac, and to watch the club while he goes to Amsterdam to trace Faison's steps and prove to himself that there is no chance that Lucky could still be alive.

Friday, January 14, 2000

Alan and Monica had a loving morning before putting their plan into action with the family. They staged an argument about the Chief of Staff position at the hospital and the family bought it, hook, line and sinker. Later, they discussed the details of the plan with Alexis and Ned.

Luke took off for his trip to Europe to retrace Faison's steps and find any information he can on whether or not Lucky could actually be alive. Before leaving, he said good-bye to his loved ones. He left Roy in charge of the club and gave him orders to fire Claude if he got out of hand and NOT to let him book any acts. Felicia came in and he also told her good-bye and she told him to take care. They agreed that with Faison dead, there was no threat of Mac learning about the video and what happened. Felicia was certain that if Mac had seen the video, he would have confronted her about it. Luke assured her it was all over.

Nikolas and Liz made up a little and he invited her to go snowboarding with him. Neither of them had tried it before, but Liz said that if he was game, so was she. Luke came in and asked to speak to Bobbie and Liz let him know that Bobbie had been called into the hospital and would be there.

Luke also went by Laura's house to tell Lulu good-bye. He told Laura he was going out of town to Europe and she knew immediately that something was up. The unspoken words and looks between them definitely affirmed that they are still hard-wired to one another. He told her about Faison's death and that the bomb squad was certain there was no way Faison could have survived. As she studied Luke, Laura's eyes brightened in that old way and she almost looked like herself for a while. When he told Lulu good-bye, Luke explained that he was going away to look for something and if he found it, she was going to be one happy little girl. Laura just looked on and wondered what he was up to. She made him promise that if it was something about her and Lulu that he would tell her. He thought for a moment and said that he would, but that it wasn't.

Sonny stopped in to get coffee from Tammy. They talked for a moment with Sonny teasing her about seeing Mike and asking what her intentions were toward his father. Bobbie came in and Sonny said he was sorry for what happened with Jerry and the wedding. He left, not even acknowledging Hannah sitting at a back table. Bobbie wondered aloud what had happened between the two of them and Tammy glibly said she'd have to ask them. Bobbie wandered over to talk to Hannah for a moment.

Jason said his good-byes to a teary Emily who begged him to stay. He promised her he would write and call. He then went to tell Lila and Monica good-bye. Lila was teary and wished him well. He and Monica had a touching conversation. He told her that after having Michael, he understood how she could love him no matter what and told her that he loved her too. Monica sobbed and held him close, telling him she didn't know if she could let him go. He smiled and warned her not to kidnap anyone and haul them to a hotel room. They remembered how he had saved her, despite his anger to the family at that time. Jason got tears in his eyes as well and she asked if there was anything she could do for him. He said that he wanted to see Michael one last time, but not where Michael could see him. He stood on the patio and looked in the french doors as Lila and Monica played with Michael. Lila caught sight of him and softly began to cry again. Jason looked on, started to leave, but was compelled to look back, then left. Afterwards, Monica shared her grief with Lila over his leaving. She told her he'd said he loved her and she said that she knew that she had never really lost Jason...that all the love, kindness and inner strength the old Jason had was still there.

Hannah reported to Agent Ford, but he had to leave his office almost as soon as she arrived. He asked her if they could reschedule and she said she would rather wait. As soon as he was gone, Hannah started looking through the files in his office, came across Sonny's and took it.

Carly was shown at Kelly's, counting on a calendar with a worried look. Later, as Jason was on the docks preparing to leave, Carly stopped him.

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