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Monday, January 10, 2000

Nancy is still in a lot of pain. Nancy talks with one of the nurses about her child. Craig and Chloe show up at the hospital, because Craig was beeped, and Craig warns Chloe if she hurts his wife again, she'll regret it. Chloe looks in on her mother through the window, and the nurse sees her and tells Nancy that her Chloe is standing outside. Nancy asks the nurse to send her in, so she does. The nurse tells Chloe that Nancy is in a lot of pain, and it is past visiting hours, so she can only stay for a few minutes.

Chloe goes in to see her mom and explains to her why she is here. Nancy is in a lot of pain and begins to cry after Chloe tries to raise the bed to help her relax more. Chloe apologizes and she gets the nurse to help Nancy. The nurse tells Nancy that it is her job to raise the bed, not Chloe's. Nancy yells at the nurse, who is new here and doesn't know who she is. The nurse says she doesn't care if she's Mrs. Clinton, her job is to get her well. Chloe feels guilty and thinks Craig is right, she'd be better off without her.

Nancy tells Chloe that she promised to stay and she doesn't ever want to lose her again. Nancy tells Chloe that her singing saved her, she gave her back her life. Nancy asks Chloe to sing to her again to ease the pain and help her sleep. Chloe sits down next to Nancy and sings her a lullaby. As she sings, some of the nurses hear her and says that Chloe might be weird, but she sings like an angel. Chloe's singing puts Nancy to sleep, so Chloe gives her a little kiss and decides to leave.

John and Roman decide to save Shawn. John climbs over the ledge, and Roman lowers him down to Shawn as Belle watches. John gets down to Shawn and keeps him from falling off. John tells Roman and Belle that Shawn is breathing, but he's freezing and is all banged up. Shawn asks John where his dad is? The paramedics show up and send down a stretcher for Shawn. John and Shawn make it back up to the terrace, and Shawn is examined by the paramedics before being taken to the hospital. Grandpa Shawn, John, and Belle all decide to go to the hospital with Shawn, and Roman and Abe stay behind to investigate. Roman tells Abe everything he knows, and how Bo blames himself. Abe says this is Stefano's fault, and when he finds him, he's going to make sure he is locked away for life!

Marlena is blaming herself for this, but Eric tells her that it is not her fault. "Hope" has flatlined and Lexie is working with the paddles to bring her back. Bo asks God not to let her die on him. "Hope" manages to survive, and Alice thinks that God is listening to their prayers. Lexie takes "Hope" out to the ambulance, and Bo decides to go with her. Grandpa Shawn tells Bo not to worry because they will find Shawn for him. Greta begins to cry, and Eric comforts her. He is shocked when she says that she can't lose her mother!

Eric tells Greta that "Hope" was shot, not her mother. Marlena watches them suspiciously. Eric tells Greta that they should go to the hospital and he wants Marlena to go too, but Marlena wants to wait to find out what happened to Shawn. Suddenly, Belle runs in and tells everyone that John rescued Shawn and he's being taken to the hospital. Marlena agrees to go to the hospital to be checked out, so Eric goes to get the car. Marlena then confronts Greta and says "You knew about this all along didn't you?" Greta tells Marlena that they are wasting their time and should be at the hospital with "Hope."

"Hope" is taken to the hospital and Lexie and Craig take care of her. Bo, Doug, and Julie all wait in the waiting room for news on her condition. Doug asks Bo how this happened? Bo says he doesn't understand himself, he didn't realize she was so far gone. Craig comes out and tells the family that "Hope" is worse than they thought and she is being prepped for surgery. Eric, Greta, and Marlena show up and learn "Hope" has been taken to surgery. John, Belle, and Shawn also show up. Eric asks if anyone has seen Bo? Alice says that Bo has gone off to be alone, but Marlena and Eric think Bo should know about Shawn.

Grandpa Shawn refuses to allow anyone else to add to Bo's pain until they know more about Shawn's condition. Lily shows up to comfort Greta, which causes Marlena to become even more suspicious of Greta. Marlena talks with Eric, and Eric asks Marlena if Greta said anything to explain why she is acting like this? Marlena tells him that she didn't. Marlena then hears Doug wondering how this happened to Shawn. Marlena wonders how she can tell them what "Hope" did. Alice tells Doug that they will get answers soon, and she suggests they all pray.

Belle sneaks into the OR to be with Shawn. She overhears Shawn mumble that he can't feel his legs, he can't move his legs. One of the doctors orders an MRI for Shawn. Belle thinks about her dance with Shawn and asks God to help him.

Bo goes off to be by himself, and he thinks about marrying the real Hope the first time. He also remembers other various moments, such as their balloon flight. Back in the OR, the doctors work on "Hope" and one nurse comments that she's a dead woman. Lexie is furious with her for saying such a thing, but the nurse says it is the truth. Suddenly, the monitors beep and a nurse shouts that they are losing her.

Stefano is still working on repairing his radio and tells Hope that she must be very proud of herself for ruining their only chance of getting out of here. Hope apologizes to him, but Stefano tells her to just stay out of his way from now on so he can try to fix this. Hope tells Stefano to hurry up because they have to get out of here. Stefano reminds her that she broke their only means to communicate with the outside world! Stefano tells Hope that he isn't blessed with her telepathic powers, so he would like her to shut up so he can continue to work. Stefano thinks he has fixed the radio, so Hope tells him to send the signal.

Suddenly, Hope hears something from behind the secret passage. She looks into the wall and shouts "You!" It is Kurt. He gives them some more food through the hole Hope dug, which he then covered with a metal plate. Hope asks for some oil of some sorts for her skin because it is very dry. Kurt closes the escape hatch and decides to go back to the kitchen. On his way down the steps, Kurt calls the princess' phone, but gets an out of access message. Kurt brings Hope her olive oil, and when he puts his hand through the hole to give it to Hope, Stefano grabs his arms and warns him to give him the keys or he'll rip his arm out of his socket!

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Belle continues to worry about Shawn, who said he couldn't feel his legs. Chloe watches Belle and sees she is upset because she spills her drink and asks Belle if she wants to talk? Belle says not right now, so Chloe grabs a magazine and sits down. Belle approaches Chloe and asks her how Mrs. Wesley is? Chloe says she is okay now and she's sleeping. Chloe tells Belle that she can see she's pretty upset, and if she wants to talk she is a good listener. Belle tells Chloe about her friend in the ER, and she was with him until she heard him say he couldn't move his legs. She fears he might be paralyzed. Belle tells Chloe that this isn't something you expect to happen to your friends, or even yourself. Chloe tells Belle that she knew a blind kid in one of her foster homes, and all his other senses were heightened to make up for his loss of sight. Belle thanks her for the talk and decides to go back and see Shawn.

Lily comforts Greta, who is worrying about her mother. Greta tells Lily that they shouldn't have let this happen. Lily tells Greta that there was nothing they could do about it. Eric tells Greta that they should go to the chapel and say a prayer, so they leave. Eric and Greta go to the chapel, and Greta tells Eric that she shouldn't have let her go through with it, she should have been stronger, she could have stopped her. Eric asks Greta what is going on? Greta tells him that he wouldn't understand, but Eric asks her to try him.

She tells Eric that that woman upstairs is not Hope, that woman is her mother, Princess Gina. Greta explains what she knows to Eric, that Hope is dead and her mother took her place. Eric doesn't believe her and says she is just emotional and upset. Eric says that Hope would never kill herself, but Greta says Hope wasn't Hope, she hasn't been Hope for over a year. Eric tells Greta once again that the woman upstairs is Hope, she has just lost her mind. Eric tells Greta that her mother could never have fooled them into believing she was Hope, but Greta says she can prove it to him. Greta shows Eric the rose her mother gave her, and he explains its history to him. Still, Eric says that Hope could have easily found the flower in the Paris House. He tells her that if this was her mother, would she had really given up on John? Greta says that her mother forgot about John and fell in love with Bo, but Eric says only Hope loved Bo, and that love was the last bit of Hope left in her.

Marlena and John talk to Doug and Julie about Shawn. Doug says that Grandpa Shawn went to look for Bo, but he still feels that he shouldn't be told about Shawn until they know more about his condition. Grandpa Shawn finds Bo sitting in the hallway. He tells Bo that Hope is still in the operating room. Bo realizes Shawn doesn't know what has happened. Grandpa Shawn tells him that Shawn is here. Bo says he has to find him and talk to him, but G-Shawn tells him to wait for a second. Bo ignores his dad and runs off to find Shawn. Bo shows up and finds Doug and Julie with Marlena and John. Marlena decides to ignore Grandpa Shawn's advice and insists they tell Bo about Shawn. Grandpa Shawn tells Bo about Shawn's bad fall. Before they can tell him what happened, a doctor shows up and tells Bo that they have been able to determine the extent of Shawn's injury. The doctor says Shawn will recover, he is just experiencing numbness in his legs due to swelling of the spine. Bo wants to see his son, so the doctor takes him to him. Bo sits next to Shawn's bed and thanks God that he's going to be okay. Shawn comes to and asks his dad why he's so upset? Bo tells Shawn that he's in the hospital, but he will be fine. Bo asks Shawn how he fell?

Shawn just says that he keeps falling asleep and waking up, and that everything is hazy. A nurse tells Bo that he has to go and let Shawn get some rest, so Bo leaves. Later, Belle shows up to see Shawn. The nurse tells Belle that it is okay if she sits with him for awhile, so she does. Belle tells Shawn that everyone is here for him, and everything will be okay. The nurse tells Belle that Shawn is lucky to have her for a girlfriend. Belle says that he's not her boyfriend. Shawn wakes up and asks the nurse to itch his foot for him. Belle realizes that Shawn isn't paralyzed, and the nurse tells her that Shawn just has some swelling in his spine.

Belle runs into Chloe later and thanks her for their talk. Chloe tells her that she's welcome, and then asks Belle to keep the stuff she told her about the foster home to herself. Belle agrees, and the two of them decide to go get something to eat. Back in Shawn's room, the nurse tells him that he had a visitor, a pretty little blond girl.

Doug thinks Lily might have the answers to why "Hope" has been behaving like Princess Gina. Julie tells Lily that she seemed to encourage "Hope" to pretend to be Princess Gina. Lily says she had no idea she was so unbalanced and that she believed her past would disappear if she married Bo. Lily cries that she only wanted "Hope" to have the happiness that had eluded her for so long. Marlena interrupts and says that "Hope" did a good job of fooling almost everyone. Lily says she is sorry, but Grandpa Shawn says it is a little late for that.

Lily decides to leave, but asks someone to call her if there is any change. John whispers to Marlena that he knows she knew the truth as well, but couldn't say anything. Bo comes back out and tells them that Shawn is fine. He also apologizes to his family, especially Doug and Julie, for what happened. Doug tells Bo that he understands what happened with the gun, but he doesn't understand why she would want to kill Marlena. Bo thinks he knows why. Bo says the person responsible for making "Hope" go crazy is Marlena! Bo tells Marlena that she knew what was going on inside "Hope's" head and that she was more Gina than herself, but she continued to push her to remember her life as Gina. Bo asks Marlena why didn't she tell him how nuts "Hope" was, if she had then none of this would have happened! John tells Bo to calm down, but Bo says that he just put a bullet in his wife and it could have been prevented if Marlena had told him the truth. Marlena says she tried talking to "Hope," and she couldn't break the rules. Bo tells her to forget the rules, she should have helped her friend. Marlena says she did what she could, but Bo says it wasn't enough. Bo says Shawn also knew the truth and tried to warn him, but she knew more and did nothing! Grandpa Shawn tells Bo to stop this, but he continues to attack Marlena. Marlena and John decide to go to her office, and G-Shawn tells Bo that this isn't Marlena's fault. Bo says it is, and he will never forgive Marlena if "Hope" dies.

In France, Kurt passes Hope's oil to her through the passage, and when he does, Stefano grabs his arm and threatens to break his arm out of his socket if he doesn't give them the keys. Kurt eventually agrees to pass them through, but stabs Stefano with the key and manages to get his arm free from him. Kurt yells at them to make the most of what he gave them because it will be a cold day in hell before they get anything else from him! Stefano finds a scarf to bandage his hand with, and Hope helps him. Stefano thanks her for helping him. In the secret passage, Kurt tells himself, and Stefano and Hope, that they can rot in that turret forever! Stefano returns to working on his radio, but one of the wires are too frayed to make contact. Hope offers Stefano her bracelet because she broke it, so she should contribute to getting it working again. Stefano thanks her and says once they are out of here she can return to hating him to her heart's content. Hope believes that the bracelet, which is a symbol of her and Bo's love, will help set her free.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Shawn D is up and eating apple muffins that Alice sent over. The nurse asks Shawn if he wants anything else? Shawn asks for his dad, so the nurse says she'll try to get him. Belle, who is at school, calls Shawn to check up on him. Shawn tells Belle that he really doesn't remember what happened, and hoped she could tell him. Belle tells him that she's not exactly sure what happened, all she knows is their moms got into a huge argument. The phone rings, so Belle has to go leave for class. After the call, Shawn remembers "Hope" ordering him onto the ledge at gunpoint and shooting at him.

Out on the terrace, Doug and Julie try to talk some sense into Bo. They tell him that Marlena tried to help him and "Hope," and she even tried to get them to postpone their wedding. Bo still won't listen to reason and says that Marlena cared more about her doctor- patient confidentiality than she did about "Hope." Suddenly, Grandpa Shawn comes out and tells them that Craig and Lexie need to talk to them. They go inside and Bo asks them to tell him how "Hope" is. Craig says that "Hope" survived, but her condition is grave. Lexie tells him that the bullet caused a lot of damage, and Craig says it would take a miracle for "Hope" to survive. Doug asks to see his daughter, but Craig says "Hope" has been asking to see Bo. Bo decides to go see her, so Doug decides to go tell Shawn the news. He also tells Bo not to give up on "Hope."

"Hope" is alive, but thinks Shawn is dead. A nurse tells her that Shawn is in the hospital and will make a full recovery. She remembers shooting Marlena, and wonders what she's done. Bo comes to see "Hope," and he sits by her bed. "Hope" asks about Shawn, but Bo says he hasn't talked to him yet. Bo tells her that Shawn will probably run down here to see her. "Hope" asks about Marlena, and Bo tells her that she is fine, the bullet just grazed her forehead. Bo tells her that Doug and Julie are here waiting to see her, and they are all here to help her get well. "Hope" looks at Bo and tells him that she's dying.

"Hope" tells Bo that she has something to tell him. She says that she knows how much he wanted his Fancyface back, and she tried to be everything he wanted. She goes on to say that taking her to the high school dance made her feel fifteen again, and he looked at her with such love in his eyes. She also says that by making love to her he gave her the most extraordinary gift that she will always remember. Bo tells her that they will have a long and happy life together full of memories. "Hope" then turns to Bo and says that he still has Hope. Bo says he married Hope Williams Brady, and she is a strong woman. "Hope" tells Bo that he doesn't understand. Suddenly, Gina starts going into shock.

Doug and Julie go to visit Shawn, as does Grandpa Shawn. When they mention his mother, Shawn tells them that woman is not his mother, she tried to kill him! Julie and Doug ask him what he means? Shawn explains to them what he remembers, how he investigated his "mother," the horrible things she said about him to Lily, and how she made him fall off the balcony at the Penthouse Grill by shooting at his feet. Doug breaks down, and Shawn gets out of bed to comfort his grandpa. Julie tells Shawn that he has to remember that "Hope" was not well, and Grandpa Shawn says God will see them through these terrible times. Shawn tells them that they are talking like she is dead. Doug tells Shawn that his mother is in the ICU. Shawn asks what happened to her?

Chloe goes to visit Nancy, who is still sleeping. Chloe can't wake her mom up, and she thinks something is wrong so she gets a nurse. Later she goes to see Craig, who tells Chloe that she was sedated. Craig once again blames her for all of this. Chloe tells him that she thought running away would make their lives easier, and it was sure what he wanted that day! Craig apologizes and suggests they go see Nancy. Chloe says no thank you, so he tells her to suit herself, but she's going to miss out on his surprise. Craig goes to see Nancy and gives her her surprise. He gives her a little silver box, which she knows is the earrings she wanted for Christmas. Craig says the earrings could be at home, but this is much better than those silly earrings. Nancy opens her gift, which is a set of keys. Nancy thanks him for the key ring, but he says the key is the gift. Craig says it is the key to their new house. Nancy begins to cry and gives Craig a kiss. He also brings in some wallpaper samples for her to look at. Nancy thanks Craig and kisses him once again. Nancy asks Craig to go get Chloe so they can share the news with her.

Craig finds Chloe talking with some nurses about Billie Holiday, and tells her that Nancy wants to see her. Then, he says, they have to get her registered for school! Chloe says she can't wait because all the kids in Salem are so warm and friendly. Chloe goes to see Nancy, and they look at the plans for their enormous house. Chloe says the house is beautiful, but what makes her really happy is that she is feeling better. Nancy tells Chloe that this will work out, and she asks Chloe for a hug. Nancy says that the last time she held her in her arms was in a hospital, and she is so grateful for this second chance.

At the high school, Belle talks with Mimi about Shawn. Philip shows up and starts questioning Belle about Shawn. Philip jokes around and asks if someone partied too hard, referring to Shawn falling off the terrace. Belle says that Shawn almost died, and so did her mom! Philip apologizes and says he didn't know what happened. Mimi feels bad for Belle, being at the hospital all by herself, but Belle says that she talked with Chloe. Philip laughs and says they met Chloe last night at Dot.Com and gave her the regular Salem High Welcome.

Belle asks them what they did to her? Mimi says that she suggested she get a make-over, which angers Belle. Belle says that Chloe is a nice person and she should have talked to her. Mimi says that unlike her, people don't talk to her, so until she knows what it is like to be her, than she should stop telling her how to live her life! Belle tells Mimi that she just feels like she doesn't know her when it comes to this Chloe thing, and that freaks her out. The final bell rings, so the kids head off to class. The kids get a pop quiz on chapter 14, which they were supposed to read last night. Some kids get Mimi in trouble by making a noise, but Mimi says it wasn't her. The teacher says if she hears that noise again, everyone gets an automatic F.

Thursday, January 13, 2000

At Sami and Austin's place on the Kiriakis grounds she puts on a new outfit hoping to impress him. She wants very badly for him to notice her. He doesn't...until she tells him that she got a new outfit. She asks Austin to go to lunch with her. He opts to go to the gym instead. She is disappointed but hides this fact from him. He leaves her home alone but tells her that he will be back by the time that Will gets out of school. Over at Titan Nicole pretends to be crying and acts like she is very upset. She only does this to get Eric's sympathy. Her manipulations are beginning to work him over he just doesn't realize it yet.

The excuse she uses for asking him to meet her at Titan is to help her pick out a picture for her first project as "Director of Imaging." He buys the lame excuse and helps her choose one. She spots a newspaper that Eric has opened up to the real estate section. She questions him about it and he tells her that he is helping Greta find a place to live here in Salem. He also tells her that he and Greta are getting very close. She smirks.

At Salem Place Brandon meets with a computer hacker and pays him to get any information on Abe Carver that he is able to attain. Also there... Greta and Lily discuss whether or not the woman in the hospital is Hope or Princess Gina. Greta believes the woman is not her mother... Lily is unsure. Greta says they must realize that Princess Gina has long been dead and that they have to get on with their lives. Lily suggests that they go home together...meaning back to Europe. Greta tells Lily that she doesn't consider Europe her home. She feels like Salem is her home now. Lily tells her that Europe is where her friends and all the people who love her are. That she can't live in Salem because of all the remorse she will feel due to her involvement in Princess Gina's scheme. In Europe Hope tells Stefano that he had better make contact with someone to get them out or they are going to die in the turret. Later he gets a response to his SOS signal.

At the hospital Bo tells Roman how frightened he is that "Hope " may die. The doctor and nurses are in her room working on her. Doing their best to keep her alive. In Shawn's room his grandparents tell him that "Hope" is in ICU. Julie tells Shawn that "Hope" shot Marlena. "Marlena is o.k. it was a superficial wound" she tells him. She tells him that their was a struggle for the gun and that it fired. She says that his mother has been shot. The doctor tells Bo that they stabilized "Hope." He says that the prognosis is the same...she is still critical. Shawn's grandfathers go to Bo and tell him that "Hope" tried to kill her own son... his son!! Bo is stunned. Shawn decides that he needs to go be with his father. Julie stops him. She tells him he must get his rest first. She won't allow him to leave she stays and talks with him. Bo has flashbacks of Shawn's birth and homecoming. He tells Roman about it and says he doesn't understand how they got from that place to where they are now. Roman tells him to keep the faith and be strong for "Hope." He asks Roman what type of mental illness could cause a mother to want to kill her own son...her proudest accomplishment? Roman has no answer. Doug offers to stay with her while Bo goes to be with Shawn. While Doug is in with "Hope" he remembers her birth and how he and her mother Addie chose her name. He tells "Hope" about it. He also tells her that no matter what has happened since that moment... she is his daughter and he will always love her. Princess Gina asks Doug to get Greta for her before it's too late. Bo reaches Shawn before he leaves his room. He apologizes for not listening to Shawn's doubts about his mother. Shawn asks his father why SOMEONE had to shoot his mother. Bo tells Shawn "It wasn't just SOMEONE... it was me." Both of them are devastated due to this chain of events and fall into each other's arms weeping. Bo tells Shawn that his mother isn't going to get well and that he should go and see her. It may be his only chance to say goodbye.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Nicole has returned home from the office. She's in the living room pouring herself a drink and talking to herself about how sick Greta makes her. Austin runs into her on his way home from the gym and makes a comment to her about drinking so early in the afternoon. Trying to give her some friendly advice he tells her that drinking only makes the problems in her life harder to deal with. Nicole tells Austin to mind his own business! She tells him that he is only acting nice toward her because he wants to get her into bed! He reminds Nicole that she is married to Lucas. She tells him that marriage didn't stop his wife from cheating on him. Austin tells her that he feels sorry for her because she is so unhappy with herself. He says that if she was as honest as she says she is than she would admit that she is miserable...despite all the trappings of the rich life.

Brandon brings Sami a magazine that belongs to Austin. He tells her that she looks great. She says she is glad that someone noticed. He picks up on this and starts in on Austin and how he doesn't appreciate her. He tells Sami that it's his day off and that they are going to go out and have some fun! He grabs her coat and they head to Salem Place for coffee. They enjoy each other's company with animated conversation. He then chases her around Salem Place tickling her. When he catches her in his arms they share a very HEATED look!! Also at Salem Place Eric meets up with Greta and she tells him that she has to accept responsibility for her actions concerning the situation with "Hope." She tells him that she has decided to leave town. He tells her that he is sorry that she feels this way but will support whatever decision she makes. She tells him that she is returning to Europe for good because their isn't anything keeping her in Salem. "WHAT??!!" he asks.

Friday, January 14, 2000

Austin says he thinks Nicole is miserable, but she denies. In fact, Nicole says that Austin is the one who is unhappy. Austin doesn't let this affect him. He tells Nicole that she could use a heavy dosage of hope in her life. Later, Nicole lets her anger emerge as she says that her mother was a firm believer in hope, and it certainly didn't get her very far... Sami tries to learn more about Brandon's past, but he doesn't let her in. He instead flirts with her, and the two end up on the ice skating rink. Sami teaches Brandon how to skate like a pro, but when he finally thinks he's mastered it, he crashes to the ground. Sami goes to help him, but falls down, hurting her leg. Brandon tends to Sami's injury, and she later presses him for information about his childhood... Julie takes Doug to the hospital chapel so they can pray for "Hope," but Doug doubts it will do any good. He vents his anger at God for putting them through so much. Julie calms him and says that "Hope" doesn't have much time left, and she needs their prayers. Doug breaks down in tears and prays for his "daughter." later, Bo shows up and as he prays, gets a surreal vision of Hope telling him that it's not too late...he can still save her... Belle is shocked when Roman tells her that "Hope" is on her deathbed. Belle knows this must be extremely tough on Shawn, so she hurries off to find him. Later, Belle finds Shawn and offers her comfort and support. But she gets quite a shock when he tells her that "Hope" tried to kill him. And he completely blames himself. Belle really feels for her friend, and tells him that none of this is his fault... Shawn visits "Hope" and she tries to tell him the truth... that she isn't his mother. But before she can explain anything, Greta enters. "Hope" tells Shawn she'd like to spend some time alone with Greta. Shawn is confused, and a bit hurt, but he leaves them. "Hope" tries to convince Greta that she is Princess Gina, but Greta has difficulty believing her until "Hope" tells Greta who her father is... later, Bo is at "Hope's bedside and just as she starts to tell him the truth about her identity, she flatlines...

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